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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He knew that it was going to be a whole new experience, but they had to start somewhere. Parent's always had to do things a certain way, so he knew that as long as he could do his beat, maybe it would work out. He'd definitely do some research and watch videos before hand. Sylus held her hand in his, wrapping his arm around her waist. [b "As long as you're able to do it, we can help each other out"] he was glad there were two of them.

After letting Tanner rest, they all met up on the couch and sat down, ready to play some games with one another. Sylus sat down and held Nyx on his lap. [b "I'll always be with you Love"] he wanted to marry her, but they were basically a married couple anyway.

[b "We're pretty much a mini family"] he smiled and then he wrapped his arms around her waist. He grabbed the controller and sat at the edge of the couch and played overcooked with Klara and Ara. Klara was getting really into it, telling them what to do and then being competitive. Sylus would accidentally slip on the ice and his food would fly into the water. He laughed a bit and then he heard Klara "Sy! Be more careful!" she'd order them.

He'd chuckle a bit, seeing Ara rushing over to chop the ingredients. They had some fun and Sylus would throw a pillow at Klara, chuckling. After they played a few games he kissed the side of her cheek and then he slowly got up and went to look at his phone. He picked out a restaurant they could eat at for dinner with Tanner and Klara.

Over the next few days, Sylus spoke with Tanner with Ara about some game plans and some ideas. THey had to come up with a checklist and make a gameplan. They both came up with some ideas for the next steps forward, such as finding another house in a safe location, coming up with some ideas for finishing up the mission and figuring out how they could get a year off with ARa.

Once Tanner left, Sylus planned out a meeting with Kiyoshi at their home. They were both heading over, all dressed up and Sylus would park the car. They headed inside of the house, greeting his mother and then seeing Kai as they were led to the table to have some lunch together.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3h 26m 30s
She was worried about how she would handle a baby. She’d half-smile when he told her she’ll be fine. She sure hoped so. She was nervous thinking about becoming a mom. She definitely knew she wasn’t ready but there was no choice now. [b “Mmm, we will,” ] Ara said, just worried that they’d do something wrong, but maybe even then it would be fine. The biggest concern was safety.

They let Tanner rest up. She sat in the room with Sylus. She’d lean onto his shoulder, feeling him lean into her too and hold he rhand tightly. She’d smile to him. She felt good that he was excited. [b “Okay, as long as you’re with me.” ] Ara spoke softly. She imagined what it would be like, the positive things. [b “We can’t even marry each other.” ] She sighed. But, that was fine, [b “We’re still family though.” ] She’d say, and their baby would really tie things up.

[b “You did?” ] Ara hugged him. She felt good to have him here. She always wished she could help him with work, nothing more she hated then not being able. But, she’s kept her busy doing her own work. She rose up the second he mentioned playing games. [b “Let’s do it.i” ] She said and went downstairs. She’d sit on the sofa and crossed her legs. She saw Nyx following around. Queen hopped onto her lap and decided to take a nap there.

Klara came over and grabbed the controller. “Definitely,” She said.
They were having plenty of fun. Klara kept giving the ingredients to fast though. They all got to laughing and Klara even got a little too competitive, demanding they need to get three stars.

“Get it right Ara, work faster,” Klara said, “Don’t’ fuck this up.”
Ara would just laugh and try to distract her, and Klara would give her a deathly glare. It was a lot of fun, and it felt good to be playing with them. It really calmed her nerves and she was back to her cheery usual self.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 8h 8m 19s
He didn't want to lose another baby and he didn't want Ara to have to go through that again. Anything but that. Still, Sylus made sure to help her out as much as he could, treat her well, and have the doctor check her once a month to make sure her and the baby were okay.

He really wanted that family with her and with Tanner telling him no was just like telling him that he couldn't reach his dream. Their dream. He would never let that happen. He held her hand and he rubbed the back with his fingers as he thanked Tanner for considering it and helping them. He faced Ara [b "You'll be fine"] he assured her, knowing it would be a new experience for both of them. They would go through this together and be okay. He just had a gut feeling.

[b "Tan's right. We'll figure it out together and take care of our little one together"] he smiled at Tanner's sweet words, but in reality it was weird. Sylus has never heard of anyone or knew anyone that had a family from the facility.

Tanner was tired, so he let him get some rest, helping him carry his luggage into his room. When he made it back to Ara, he leaned in and would hold her hand tightly. [b "I am too, but you have me and I'll be here through this with you. I'm excited to start our little family"] he hugged her and smiled [b "I took today off for you and Tanner. My work for today is already taken care of now that I've been moving up"] he kissed the side of her head and then he agreed to dinner [b "Okay. How about you and I play some games together? We haven't done that in a while"] he smiled and got up, holding her hand still as he led her downstairs.

He turned on the TV and waited for Ara, seeing Nyx following him around. [b "Hey boy"] he rubbed his head and saw Queen hanging onto his tail. He laughed and took a picture of them before sitting down and then starting up overcooked.

Klara was finished eating and she also took a seat. [b "Wanna play with us Klar?"] he asked, handing her a controller.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 23h 19m 57s
She knew the reality of it, but it made her sick thinking about losing another baby. She knew it wasn’t like it was born yet, but it still hurt her when she thought of the possibility. She could hear how much Sylus wanted a baby too. She was afraid of it…truly afraid. She knew she wasn’t ready. She knew nothing of how to take care of one, let alone raise one. Sylus held her hand and kissed her cheek. She smiled slightly.

Tanner looked fed up knowing this was going to be hard to handle. It was going to complicate already something that was complicated. Ara hugged him when he agreed to help her out. She didn’t like being called fat though. Sylus hugged her, “I know…” She pouted a little. She still didn’t like the idea of looking pregnant. It still scared her. She saw how much Sylus smiled. Ara felt her cheeks warm, [b “I’m not sure I will be…” ] Ara frowned, feeling like she’d just make the baby sick or something since she didn’t know much about taking care of one.
“If you had the time, you would be. You always treated us nicely and other kids.” Tanner reminded.
[b “But that’s different. You were already capable of eating, going to the bathroom and speaking.” ] Ara reminded.
“You two will be good parents, if you have the time to be with your…kid. Um…this is weird.” Tanner admitted because he never knew someone who had a kid. Kids were odd to him. He couldn’t picture it. He scratched his head.

Ara pouted a little, missing sushi but she couldn’t have anything with raw fish.
“Yea, we can go on later. I’d like to do all of that. Although, I think I need to sleep. The flight was long.” Tanner admitted, “And this news is hard to stomach.” It didn’t feel all that real to him. Ara would sit back down and half smile [b “You can go and rest. We have another room.” ] Ara said. Tanner would just nod, looking worn out. He’d leave and go on to sleep in a place that wasn’t a plane.

Ara would continue to hold Sylus hand. [b “I’m…really scared about all of this. But, you know, I really like hearing you getting excited about us having a baby,” ] She admitted. She’d lean her head onto his shoulder. Then she glanced at the time. [b “Mmm…did you have do something today or are you staying home?” ] She’d ask. She'd figure she'd teach herself a bit more today, play some video games if Sylus was busy. [b "Um, yea, we should bring Tanner outside for at least dinner. Maybe he'll slowly ease into this." ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 57m 34s
He knew that it was putting everyone's lives at risk, their own and their baby's life. It was a lot to risk for, but Sylus knew that he wanted it no matter what. Maybe he was being selfish, but when he thought about Ara wanting their little baby as well, he didn't feel so selfish.

They had to be really careful and they had to trust the right people. It did make him feel worried and afraid of making a mistake, but they just had to talk things through and plan out ahead of time before the baby arrived.

Sylus faced Tanner, unsure of how to answer him. [b "We'll figure it out together somehow"] he tried to tell him, but he didn't seem to convince Tanner at all. He watched him go upstairs to speak with Ara and he just let out a deep sigh. He didn't want to upset Tanner, but he really wanted that dream with Ara somehow.

As he headed into Ara's room, he sat down at the edge of the bed, wrapping his arm around her waist as he saw her eyes. He wasn't going to lose the baby, not after all the time, care, and effort they put in to get Ara this far. When Ara agreed to keep the baby, a smile appeared on his lips. He'd hold her hand in his and then he would kiss her cheek. He glanced over at Tanner [b "Please Tan. Just help us out. If you know of a good idea or better way, let us know"] he told him, frowning and then seeing his hard exterior break.

He agreed to help them out and then he lifted a smile and hugged him as well. He chuckled a bit when Tanner mentioned Ara being fat. [b "Don't worry Love, it is just the baby"] he hugged her and then he lifted a huge smile [b "Me neither, but I know Ara is going to be a great mom"] he told her, remembering how kind and caring she was to him when he was younger and how she acted around kids.

[b "Thanks Tan. We owe you. But now that you're here and the hardest news is out, let's relax. We'll take you out for sushi, maybe even go to a festival or aquarium. They're really pretty out here"] he smiled, holding Ara's hand and wondering if she felt better.

[b "Should we go out or sit in, relax and put on a movie. If you're tired Tan, we can always relax today. I can cook up some really good ramen"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 3h 13m 14s
It stressed him out knowing that they were putting their lives at risk. He valued them and he didn’t want any more tragedy. She listened to his plan but all it took was one visit from one person that would spill the beans, or Ara being called to come back when she was still pregnant. “Who? Whoever staying with the baby is in danger. It’ll be suspicious if you visit them often too. You even have to kill anyone who has any attachment to facility that sees Ara pregnant, unless you want to risk trusting them. Keeping a baby right now sounds selfish.”]

His eyes rolls when it didn’t seem anything was getting through. He went to go talk to Ara. He knew how she would feel but he didn’t want her to loose sight, or rmeme ber the reality of it.

Ara felt so overwhelmed. She didn’t think she was ready to have a baby. Plus, all the risks that followed. She didn’t want anything to happen to Sylus. She couldn’t do any of it without him. Her chest tightened. She knew she had to find where they’d leave their baby, where it would be safe and get lots of love. Sylus sat beside her. She looked at him, looking so emotional. She’d listen to him and realized just how much Sylus wanted to have their baby. She knew he really wanted a family with her.

She’d look down at herself and would take Sylus hand, [b “I’m going to keep the baby.” ] Ara said, and looked at Tanner [b “Please…support me. I know it’s going to be really hard. I need your help.” ] Ara said, half begging.

Tanner looked at her and then Sylus for a long time and then sighed. This was suicidal. “I don’t have a choice. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, Sylus, especially your kid.”
Ara smiled and got up and hugged him tightly, [b “Thank you.” ]
Tanner did not look satisfied but He’d rub her back, “You do know you’re going to look fat.”
Ara backed up and frowned, “No! It’s just the baby.”
Tanner shrugged, and shook his head and rubbed his head, “I can’t wrap my head around you actually having a kid.”
Ara blushed and could see what he meant. [b “Neither do I right now. I’m really scared.” ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 9h 35m 44s
He sat at the table, the momentum killing him because he knew he had to tell Tanner and he didn't want to keep any secrets from him. He was always there for him and Ara in the past, telling him how it is and never sugarcoating anything. He knew about the facility, knew what they went through and he was an amazing role model that Sylus wanted to be. Like a big brother he always wanted.

He broke the news and when he heard Tanner, he understood where he was coming from. He was being real and logical and Sylus was glad he was here to look after them. [b "We're going to raise the baby here in Japan for a few months before our next mission. Ara is going to take a break. AFter....we might have to leave the baby with someone trustworthy capable of taking care of them"] he tried to explain it to Tan.

IT hurt to hear that they should have stopped it. Sylus never wanted to stop anything because it was what him and Ara had dreamed about. It was under the wrong circumstances, but he still wanted to pursue their goals. [b "I know Tan... We've thought about it for a while. Both ARa and I....and we're willing to risk it. Ara and I will be fine. I'll make sure of it"] he shook his head. He would never have their baby be left for adoption. He'd smother them in the love he wasn't able to receive from his own parents.

Sylus saw Tanner getting really upset as he headed up, calling for ARa. Running his fingers through his hair, he sighed softly and would glanced over at Klar.

"I told you so"

[b "I know. I knew what he was going to say. I just want him to understand we really want this and are going to make it work somehow. We're not going to slack and we still have personal goals too"] he shrugged and then he slowly got up, heading upstairs to their room. Sylus opened the door and overheard ARa saying that if she couldn't keep the baby safe, she'd think otherwise. Was Tan trying to convince her out of it?

He frowned and stepped in, taking a deep breath. He walked towards the bed and sat at ARa's side. [b "Tan, we've thought about this. I've been taking good care of ARa and we're two and a half months in....we're not going to lose our baby"] he told him sternly.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 18h 50m 25s
Tanner still couldn’t wrap his head around it. He remembered how upset Ara got when she had a miscarriage and how it still effected her. He also knew that much worse would happen if she could have kept it. IT gave her a headache when he said he’d raise it. [b “Where? Where would you raise a baby? At the facility? That’s a great place to raise a baby.” ] He sounded delusional to him.

Tanner covered his face for a second and then shook his head. He’d look at Sylus, “You should have stopped it the second you knew about it.” Tanner said. It irritated him talking about no matter what they’d keep it. [b “Do you think it’s easy to hide it? How would this situation be any good to bring a baby in anyway? You’d be putting Ara and yourself at a huge risk, and a baby may not even make it either. You’re not doing a favour by letting it be born if has both parents dead or a bad environment. Or were you going to set it up for adoption?” ]

He rose up, getting angry because he didn’t want the two of them to get in trouble. Plus, Ara was the best shot they had in fixing the mess her father made. He’d slam his hand in, feeling frustrated. Klara glanced up and couldn’t help but understand his perspective more. She thought they were crazy too.

Tanner head upstairs and knocked on the door, “Ara…can I come in.”
[b “I don’t know if that’s a good idea right now…” ] Ara mumbled. Tanner came in and she’d peak over her blanket. He’d talk to her, and tell her he knew. Telling her why she couldn’t keep it. She was scared of having a baby, terrified more than before but, the thought of having an abortion, losing another potential living being that was part of her and Sy hurt. Her eyes would warm up and she’d tell him in near tears that she couldn’t go through that again. But she didn’t feel ready to be a mom either.
“Ara there’s a good chance that if you do have this…that they’d be living a very hard life, maybe even a short one. Is it really worth the risk of never seeing your dream of taking it all down happen?” Tanner asked camly.

Ara frowned, and she did want to reach her goal. She’d hear some people that were normal sound so sure she’d get pregnant young, not amount to much and not be taken seriously. She hated that… [b “Tanner, I don’t know. I think I can keep the baby safe and find a solution. If…I don’t, then okay.” ] Ara said but didn’t like that idea.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 22h 16m 13s
He knew that breaking that news to ARa wouldn't be a good thing. Any shot made at her appearance was a hard no no. He hugged her and told her she was so pretty, but he could see she was affected. Tanner was close to her and he told her things as they were. How could she not believe him?

He sat at the table with the three of them and Sylus broke the news. He told Tanner she's pregnant and he let out a deep sigh. [b "Yeah. I know. The first time was terrible, but I also wasn't there for her. We decided this time we're going to stay together and raise this baby"] he tried to tell Tanner and saw that his mood and appetite was ruined.

[b "She's two months pregnant, going on three"] he glanced at Klara, not wanting her to get wrapped up in Tanner's rage. [b "We've thought about the possibilities, but no matter what, we're going to keep the baby Tan. We're going to keep Ara's pregnancy secret, have the baby in a remote location and hide them later in the future with someone safe. We might even disguise the story as not our baby"] he tried to tell him.

[b "We've really thought about this. It's putting both of our lives at danger....we know. But Ara's not going to give up our baby and neither am I"] he didn't know if Tanner would punish them later, but he wasn't going to let him try to convince Ara out of it. This was their miracle baby, a second chance....he wanted to see it through with Ara and be there for her.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 9h 58m 40s
She didn’t feel any better about it because she realized that her body wasn’t going to be the same after. That terrified her, plus the whole giving birth part. She went upstairs and hid herself in her bed, contemplating if this was really a good idea. She didn’t feel ready to have a kid. She definitely wasn’t ready. She didn’t know much about how to take care of one and she didn’t have the time for it. Things could go so wrong…

Tanner was eating, talking to Klara. Then Sylus said something. He’d stop eating and stared. “What the fuck?” Tanner said, “Again? You got her pregnant again? Didn’t you two learn from the first time?” He felt the stress and anger shoot through the roof. It made sense now why her stomach was bigger. He could make himself eat anymore, “Now my appetite is ruined.” He looked at Klara and she looked guilty of holding the secret too. “When? How far long? She can’t keep it.” Tanner said, knowing it would be absolutely stupid and dangerous.

“They’re keeping it.” Klara whispered.
Tanner looked back at her and then at Sylus, “You can’t. He’s going to kill you the second he finds out. Where will you keep it? You can’t run away. I know Ara, and she wouldn’t want to run away either. They’ll catch you, and then we’ll lose all of you.” Tanner explained hoping to get it through his head on how bad this was. He remembered Ara breaking down last time from the miscarriage, and he hated seeing her like that but hew didn’t see how they could handle this.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 10h 24m 31s
IT was nice to see Tanner finally getting along with another animal. Sylus remembered going to the zoo and they always avoided him. Nyx walked around him, looking curiously and then he would head over to Sylus, pouncing on his thighs.

He smiled and grabbed some food for him and Klara as he set it down on the table. He overheard him asking about the two girls thing and he would chuckle. [b "I'm just kidding Tan. You know there's only Ara for me"] he whispered back and then he heard Tanner calling ARa fat.

He instantly saw the saddened look on her face and he didn't want her to be upset. He hurried over and hugged his arms around her [b "Ar....he's just being Tanner"] he tried to cheer her up, but he could tell that it was hurting her self esteem. No one held themselves higher than Ara did and she did carefully maintain her appearance and her looks all the time. THis situation wasn't avoidable if they wanted the baby.

Sylus watched Klara chatting it up with Tanner, remembering that she saw him in high regard. When he kissed Ara's cheek, she was turning pale. What happened? She went up and Sylus let out a deep sigh as he sat at the table with the two. Klara brought it up and Sylus just ran his fingers through his hair. [b "Ara's pregnant"] he mentioned, shaking his head as he glanced off. He was unsure how Tanner was going to take it, but Klara almost spit out her food. She took in a deep breath, not expecting Sylus to expose it at all. She thought he'd let Ara say the big news.

Sylus was afraid to look at Tanner, but he did hear the chewing stop. His amber eyes glanced over to him and he bit down on his lip. [b "She's pregnant with my baby"] he told him.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 19h 29m 30s
Tanner would pet Nyx once he moved around in circles, fascinated by the puppy. Usually, animals didn’t like him very much. Ara smiled seeing that they were getting along. Nyx was still a little cautious but he didn’t bother Tanner. Ara had taken off her coat and would hold Queen in her arms for a while.

Tanner laughed when he said he didn’t know the half of it but, for some reason, he wondered if he was really telling truth “What’s the half of it?” He asked.

She gave the suggestion of eating. Then…Tanner called her fat.

It upset her. Ara looked down at her body and wondered if she did gain weight elsewhere than her stomach and chest. She hated the idea of looking fast. [b “You don’t know that.” ] Ara said. Tanner rose a brow and wondered why he would think he was exaggerating.

“She has some extra fat in her stomach. I’m not exaggerating. We can exercise later together Ara.” Tanner mentioned and Ara looked so offended. She’s never been told that before and it hurt. But…he only talked about her stomach. And she knew their baby would take up space. Ara held her frown. Sylus tried to wrap his arms around her and tell her she was beautiful. [b “Am I? Because I look fat apparently.” ] Ara said.

“Not fat,” Tanner corrected, sitting down, “It looks like a pretty firm bump…” He’d pause for a second and meet Ara’s eyes. He’s never…seen her lose sight of her appearance. He squinted but didn’t want to dissect it right now.

Klara would sit down too next to Tanner, “She exercises.” She couldn’t help but wish to ask about his missions, his duties and see what more advise she could get from him. Ara had Sylus leaning to give her another kiss but she still felt quite down. She’d feel over her bump and knew in a few months that she would really look pregnant. And…it was hitting her and how that freaked her out. Forget about giving birth. She felt herself become pale at just how scary all of that sounded. She got a little dizzy thinking about it. She’d sit down and try to take it in again that her body was going to be accommodating a baby. How would she even tell Tanner? He’d be so angry. And how could she go through with this? This was terrifying.

She kept feeling overwhelmed, [b “I will be back in a few minutes.” ] Ara said, and head up stairs, trying to calm her nerves, and even from being called fat.

“Tanner, Ara’s sensitive this week… It’s best not to tell her,” Klara mentioned.
Tanner would release a yawn and wonder why, “Did something happen?”
“Something will…” Klara mumbled and ate with him because she could never get enough food.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 23h 40m 22s
When they picked up Tanner, it was clear that they were both really excited to see him after such a long time. HE looked like the same Tanner they'd spend so much time with. Sylus was pretty excited another guy from the facility was here so he could do some guy things with Tanner and have him show him some new set of skills and maybe work out together.

HE drove them back to the house, helping Tanner bring down his suitcase and then heading inside. He saw their pets rushing over and Klara on the couch as Nyx glared at Tanner, not knowing who this person was. He relaxed in ARa's arms, but when she brought him to Tanner, he licked his hand and then he relaxed a bit, but then he went over to Sylus, hopping up onto his leg.

Sylus rubbed his head [b "It's okay boy. It's a friend"] he rubbed his head and Nyx relaxed even more as he circled around Tanner and then allowed him to sit at the table. Sylus glanced back at his nudge and laughed [b "Haha, you don't know the half of it"] he winked and teased him a bit, not wanting to tell him about the threesome they had.

Sylus grabbed some leftover toast, eggs, and sausage, plating it for Tanner and then letting him enjoy until he heard him ask about Ara slacking. He saw Ara's frown and he knew for a fact that telling her she gained weight was a no no. [b "Ar, you're not. Tan's exaggerating"] he nudged Tanner's shoulder and then he walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist. [b "Love, you're beautiful"] he kissed her cheek, finding her attractive just because she was carrying their baby. He didn't know if they should tell Tanner though. It didn't seem like ARa was capable of telling him yet. THey should let him relax and get comfortable a bit more.

He asked Klara if she ate already, grabbing another plate for her as well. HE then set it down on the table and looked over at Ara, leaning in to give her another kiss, not wanting her to be upset by all of this.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 18h 21m 26s
They waited at the airport arrival. She’d talk with Sylus until she saw Tanner. She held him, feeling so good to see him. She led the guys say hello to each other. “Thanks man. I have missed you both.”

They went into the car. Tanner would put his suitcase back. Ara sat in the back and let them talk for a while. She was trying to come up with a way she could tell Tanner. She knew he’d be angry… Tanner would tell Sylus about how restricting it was, and how he had to be on guard at all times. He didn’t like it very much. “I miss bodyguarding Ara.” Tanner admitted and looked back at her, “You seem much happier.”

[b “I am right now.” ] Ara said.

They’d arrive back home. Ara opened the door and there two pets got excited. Queen recognized Tanner when Tanner bent over and let Queen sniff him. Nyx on the other hand seemed to be on guard.
Ara walked in and would pick Nyx up and snuggle him in, [b “Hey little one, calm down it’s just Tanner. You’ve never met Tanner before right? How about we say hello.” ] Ara said.
Tanner was interested in the puppy, “This is Nyx…” He’d reach out his hand and Nyx was still looking to be protective of Ara. But then he’d lean and sniff Tanner and lick his hand. Ara would give Nyx a kiss for being at least friendly for now.

“This house is filled huh,” Tanner laughed. Then he saw Klara, getting up and giving a half smile, “Good to see you again Tanner.”
Tanner smiled back at her, “Yea, are you doing well here?”
Klara nodded, “It’s been a lot of work but fun. We always eat good food.” Klara couldn’t help but watch Tanner in with admiration. He’s been so successful and she admired how he’d handle situations. Yet, he was still calm, and showed emotion when he was with his friends.

[b “Tan, you must be hungry. Why don’t you settle down and eat? We’ll get you something.” ] Ara mentioned.
“Yea, I am hungry,” Tanner admitted, stretching out his arms because it was a long flight. He’d look back at Sylus and nudge him, “Two girls in one house, you’re lucky.” He was only teasing. Then he noticed Ara’s tummy wasn’t as flat as it used to be, “Ara, maybe we should be doing some exercise to work that stomach out. Have you been slacking?” Tanner asked.

Ara frowned, and then realized he called her fat. She instantly looked really sad. Klara’s eyes widened and she locked her mouth shut because she didn’t know why they wanted to tell.
“No, I haven’t…” Ara mumbled “I can’t control it.”
“Of course you can. You need to stay in shape.” Tanner reminded.
Her eyes warmed a bit. [b “I am in shape.” ] She said, [b “Actually, I’m… I’m…um…” ] Ara decided she couldn’t say it. [b “nevermind…” ] Ara mumbled, feeling quite down now.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 3d 23h 12m 28s
He was close to her and couldn't help but smile. They had the same dream together and he knew they were getting one step closer to it. He held his breath, wrapping his arms around her waist, hugging her close as he smiled.

They spent time together in their bedroom, arms tangled around each other, bodies pressed close, and lips on each other. He was loving every moment he could spend with her like this without having to worry about someone taking her away. HE was more confident now that she wouldn't choose anyone else because they were having a baby together.

Sylus felt her lips and then he slowly woke up beside her. He went into the closet and then he changed into jeans and a shirt, putting on a jacket as he went down to make some breakfast. WHen he saw their pets, he fed them and worked on making some toast for all of them before they went to the airport.

Sylus heard Klara and he offered her some food. He finished up his food and then he got up. [b "We'll see you later Klar"] he got up and then he went to the car, getting into the driver's seat and then he took her to the airport.

When they headed inside, he waited with Ara and when they spotted Tanner, he grinned happily. They saw him and he hurried over, giving him a handshake and a shoulder pat. He smiled and was glad he was doing okay. [b "We are. We've been spending a lot of time together. You look great Tan. I'm glad you're doing alright!"] he smiled and then he decided to take a few days off for Tan's visit.

They headed back to the car and Sylus would ask about how his missions were guarding Ara's father and how his personal life was. He got back into the driver's seat and took them back to their home, feeling happy to see him.
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