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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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Sylus could see that her body was sexy and seeing her stretch was getting a little too sexy and even he could tell that it was hard not to look where he was supposed to. He helped her stretch out her legs, his hands feeling up her skin and then he would lean in and bring them up towards her head.

When he pulled her legs back, he could sort of see through her tiny shorts and it was sexy. His eyes would see the outline of her sensitive areas as he pulled her legs back, looking down and stretching out her muscles. He leaned in closer, not realizing that his buddy was near her face.

Sylus heard her and then he looked over at Ara beneath him as he held her ass, helping her lean back a bit [b "Huh? What do you mean Love?"] he was a bit distracted by her sexy curves to see what she was talking about. Sylus squeezed her butt and then he stretched out her legs again.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 10h 37m 45s
Ara laid back, and she’d look down to see his body. Sylus’ helping her stretch was helpful-but she was so distracted by his body. She felt his hands on her leg and she imagined him kissing her leg, all the way down… This was hard. She’d ask him to come closer and help her stretch her legs above her head. She felt him pull her legs above her head, holding her down. She grew so aroused by having him do that…but she could contain it-well until…

Her eyes dropped, and she blushed. [b “Darling…” ] She whispered, feeling a little too excited by seeing him. [b “Darling come closer…I’d like it if you kept stretching me,”] She whispered and wondered if she should tell him. Her small shorts were pretty tight on her. She’d end up just staring and decided she couldn’t contain it, [b “Mmm…you’re showing.” ] She mentioned quietly.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 11h 3m 11s
He was working out like normal and didn't think of anything special, but when he heard Ara, he would smile, watching her as she ran on the treadmill and stretched out as well. [b "I'd like that too"] he kised her and then he lifted her up into his arms, flexing a bit and then using her as a weight and then he'd set her back down. He saw her biting on her lip and he thought she was being really sexy right now.

He helped her stretch more, laying her against the mat and then he would hover over and help her stretch out her legs back and forth. He'd hold her position and then he'd work on the other leg as well. He would then hear her calling for his help. [b "Of course Love"] he'd lean down a bit more, pulling her legs above her head, then holding them down with his hands. He squatted a bit and didn't know that his buddy was slipping out of his shorts a bit. He held her legs and helped her out.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 11h 20m 35s
Sylus was eye candy to her. She made it to him, and she giggled when he said he loved kissing her. She watched him give back flips a shot. It was nice to see him do so well still. She came over and felt over his chest, noticing the sweat trickling down. She found it hot. She let her finger trail down his chest, admiring his body. [b “Mmm…I love watching you. I guess that means I’ll always be around so that you’re always very motivated.” ] She nodded, taking it as her duty.

Sylus kissed her and his lips were so perfect. She was lifted right up and she giggled. [b “Wow, my darling is so strong.” ] She looked down over at him. She was awed by him. She watced his arms flex and it was…just so sexy to see his muscles work. She imagined other muscles working to do other things. She nibbled at her lip. [ b “I like being carried by you.” ] She ruffled his hair. She was set back down, [b “OF course I am.” ] She kissed him deeply right back, pressing her chest against his.

“Okay, I could do some more stretching.” ] She laid down on the matt and she watched him lean over, holding her knees and stretching out her legs. Her eyes was glued onto his chest and then….oh my. She saw him, saw him down there. She couldn’t help but get aroused, and she stopped paying attention to stretching, and looked down at his shorts. [b “Mmm…darling… can you help me stretch my legs above my head and get a little closer?” ] She asked, and debated asking if he could stretch her in one particular place.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 11h 40m 7s
He loved seeing her eye his chest, making him feel like he was really hot if ARa thought so. His eyes looked her over and then he couldn't help but smile at her curves. She was sexy as it was. Seeing her do her flips...made him realize she was really flexible and sexy.

[b "Mmm, well I do love kissing my girl"] he chuckled, taking on her challenge of doing the backflips. He smiled and did the same, only using his hands. He did it and then he felt her hug. He was a bit sweaty and thought she might mind, but Ara didn't seem to care. He felt her hands on his chest and then he smiled [b "Of course I'll let you know. I love it when you watch me. It's extra motivation"] he said proudly.

He kissed her lips and then he lifted her up into his arms, holding her by her legs as he lifted her up, pretending she was a weight. [b "Yes I can. You're light as a feather Love"] he lifted her up and then his arms would flex, showing off his muscles as he set her back down. [b "You're a pretty good weight"] he teased, leaning in and kissing her again. [b "Come on Love. I'll help you stretch"] he let her lay back against the mat and then he leaned over her, holding her knees down and stretching out her leg for her.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 11h 57m 34s
She couldn’t help but get a little turned on when he mentioned his chest was hard. She saw him stretch, and she’d watch his ass… She couldn’t help herself, she admired her boyfriend physically too. She went onto doing the backflip and she got claps. She giggled and had his arms wrapped around her. [b “Thank you darling.” ] She felt a kiss on the back of her neck and then shoulder, [b “Mmm…your kisses are nice.” ]

She watched him lay on the floor, so she decided to sit. [b “IT’s okay, it’s a bit hard, and dangerous if you’re not careful.” ] She giggled seeing him doing one the floor-and her eyes fell to his legs again-where they always that muscular too? [b “Yes you can!” ] She watched him jump and do one, landing on his feet. [b “Darling you’re incrediable. That’s okay, that’s more tha enough.” ] She came in and hugged him and then-let her hand lower down his ass, pretending like she didn’t do anything. She looked up at his eyes, smiling. [b “You think you’re all done?” ] She asked, and let her hand feel over his bare chest. [b “Whenever you come done here, invite me, okay?” ] She said, wanting to see this perfect sight she has been getting since she was down here.

Ara kissed his lips quickly. [b “Oh, Darling, am I easy to carry?” ] She asked, since she saw him carrying those weights and that was way more heavier.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 13h 7m 47s
He watched her on the treadmill as he lifted more weights. When he saw her back on the mats, he headed beside her and tried to touch his toes. He reached them and felt so proud. He was laughing a bit and then he told her that he was hard for her, holding her hand in his.

When she asked if he could do the splits, he didn't know if he could. He tried and managed to get all the way down, but it hurt. He rolled onto his side and was glad he could do it at least. He sat up and would ask Ara if she could do a backflip. When she did, he looked so shocked [b "Wow! That was awesome"] he clapped his hands and then he wrapped his arms around her, giving the back of her neck a kiss, along with her shoulder.

[b "I don't know. I haven't really tried"] he laid on the floor and rolled backwards, doing a backflip but on the floor [b "I can do this kind!"] he teased her and then he showed her another one. He jumped back, landing on his hands and then pushing off and landing on his feet. [b "I can do that kind too, but not the one without hands. At least I haven't tried it yet"] he chuckled.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 16h 44m 46s
[b “Mmm, yea we don’t.” ] She smiled back at him while she was on the treadmill. She started of slow and then sped it up so that she was running. She came over soon and watched hi mreach for his toes. She commented how hard his chest was. She looked up his eyes, hearing his sweet laughter. That sounded so dirty in her mind and she can’t help but wonder if he purposely did that. She felt his fingers on her shoulders. She intertwined her fingers with his, holding his hand. [b “Thank you.” ] She said. She watched him stretch and she was amazed that he actually could do it all the way. [b “Ouch…” ] She saw him roll onto his side. She smiled at him.
[b “Show you what?” ] She asked and she raised a brow. A backflip. That-wasn’t going to be easy. She hadn’t done one since she was a teenager. [b “I’ll try. I haven’t done one in a long time.” ] She stepped back and then would jump a bit and tried to get her courage up. [b “Okay, I’m going to do it.” ] She said mostly herself. She jumped high, and tucked in her knees and then landed on her feet [b “Yes! I Did it!” ] She giggled, and looked over at him.
[b “You can’t do one right?” ] She asked. They were pretty tricky to do.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 18h 2m 8s
He was working out in the gym for a while, doing his upper body, his core, and his legs. He worked out for a bit and saw ARa looking over at him, her blue eyes on him. He wondered what she was looking at and realized she must be looking at the same thing as him. He smiled and walked over, feeling her hands on his chest. [b "Guess we don't have to go on that jog"] he chuckled and then he watched her run on the treadmill as he worked on his legs. He would see her curves working and he would smile, soon finishing up and coming over.

[b "Does it? I'm glad you like"] he met her lips and then he touched his toes, laughing a bit. He gave her a high five back and then he felt her arms around him, [b "Hard just for you Love"] he laughed and then he ran his fingers on her shoulders [b "You have some nice curves too"] he smiled brightly as he tried to do the splits. Sylus stretched out his legs and then he tried to do the splits. He managed to get all the way down, but it was starting to hurt. He did it and then he rolled onto his side [b "Ahhh"] he laughed and then he smiled [b "Can you? Can you show me? Maybe even a backflip?"] he wondered if she could do it.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 9h 59m 59s
He clearly couldn’t see In the mirror how hot he was. [b “To me you are,” ] Ara nodded, but she felt good about him finding her sexy. She came over, feeling over his chest for a moment. She liked the feel of him. Sylus helped her out, and she lifted over ten times before she paniced because it was felt heavy now.
Sylus helped her out and she breathed in relief. [b “I know…you always got me.” She said. She took a break for a moment, and then would get back up. She went on the treadmill for a bit. She stared at his muslces even from there. She stopped, and just stood there and watched him for a while. Sylus came over, and she happily felt his biceps [b “Mmmm…it feels nice. You’re so sexy…” ] She whispered. She kissed him right back.
Ara nodded [b “Can you do the splits?” ] She asked. She watched him reach his tose and she giggled [b “You did it!” ] She offered him a high five. She hugged him and got a smell of Sylus. Sh pressed her head against his chest, [b “Ohhh so hard and nice. I’m so lucky.” ] She whispered. She patted his chest and looked up at him [b “You stil keep really fit. Although I haven’t seen anyone form the facility not fit.” ] She admitted. She wondered if there bodies easily held up like that too.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 3d 10h 26m 55s
He was in the gym working on his arms and then his back, using the machines around him to tone his muscles and keep in shape. He needed to protect ARa really well, so he couldn't just go all flabby. He did a few lifts with ARa's help and then he grew tired, managing to put it back on the stand.

He stood up and then he took off his shirt so it wouldn't get sweaty. He then smiled, seeing Ara staring at him. He laughed a bit [b "Not as good as you though. You're curves are sexy"] he told her, watching her come over and touch his scarred chest. He helped her set up and when she lifted a few, he managed to put it back for her when it was too heavy. [b "I got you Love, don't worry"] he then saw her sit down and then he worked on his legs, using the rowing machine and then lifting some weights with his legs.

Ara was watching and he'd flex his muscles, soon walking over to her [b "Feel my biceps Love"] he flexed for her and let her touch and then he gave her a kiss. [b "Flexible? Hmm, what do you mean? far can I touch my toes?"] he sat beside her and tried to reach his toes. He managed to touch them and then he smiled [b "Ha!"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 10h 49m 12s
It was hot to see his muscles flexing. She thought of another situation where she saw muscles flexing. [i You’re so dirty.] She told herself. She felt she couldn’t help it. Her boyfriend was so hot and she loved him so much. She watched him fake pretend to do one. Ara giggled [b “I bet you could if you tried.” ]

She spotted Sylus, watching his muslces and seeing him getting sweaty… She sighed to herself, finding herself staring. She could imagine his sweat going down his chest. She popped the suggestion. Ara blushed a bit [b “If you want…it be easier for you-probably.” ] She mumbled. She noticed he got tired eventually. She helped him out a bit, but he still had to carry most of the weight. [b “No problem Darling.” ] She then carefully watched him take off his shirt. Oh damn. [b “Mmm, you looking good.” ] She accidentally said that out loud. She came in and patted his chest [b “So solid.” ] She looked up at his eyes [b “I could.” ] She came over to him after Sylus set it up.

[b “I think I’ll be okay.” ] Hopefully, with half of the drug. She beagn doing it the first frew times weren’t brutal, but after that-ouch. She struggled [b “Darling, too heavy! Help!” ] She called. She couldn’t help but flicker on a smile when he said that to her, [b “Awe, thank you.” ] She said and would soon get up. She decided to just sit on a mat for a bit [b “I need a break, that was tiring.” ] She admitted, and took the chance to admire his bare chest, [b “Mmm…” ] Perfect view. This was entertaining. [b "Darling, how flexible are you?" ] She wondered.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 3d 11h 1m 50s
He waited for Ara in the gym, already lifting a few weights. He did his best as he carried a few, his muscles flexing as he saw ARa come in. She looked cute in her active wear [b "My Love looks sexy. You're the one distracting"] he chuckled and then he saw her do a one handed hand stand [b "It is pretty good. I don't know if I can do that"] he put the weights down and tried, pretending he couldn't as he flopped on the ground.

He chuckled a bit and then he went over to the bench and began lifting the weights, feeling reassured that ARa was there. His muscles flexed and he was getting a bit sweaty. He could see her watching [b "I can if you want Love?"] he teased her and then he lifted again and grew tired. Ara helped him and he managed to put it back onto the stand [b "Phew. THank you love"] he stood up and took off his shirt, showing off his toned upper half [b "You're right"] he tossed his shirt aside and then he walked over to her. [b "Do you want to lift some weights? I'll spot you"] he put on some fifty pound weights on each side.

[b "If it's too heavy, I'll bring it down"] he told her, waiting for her to come over. His eyes were on her curves, a smile on his lips. [b "My girlfriend is so toned and fit. You don't even need to lift any weights"] he chuckled.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 11h 28m 7s
Ara swapped clothes rather quickly. She came down and saw Sylus I nshorts and a tnak. He was lifting. She wondered how easily he could lift her and then remembered him carrying her various of time-to do some fun activity. She smirked to herself a bit. She began stretching [b “I’m just stretching,” ] Ara laughed [b “That’s hardly impressive.” ] She said, and did show him that she could do a hand stand with one hand.

[b “Okay, I can do that.” ] She nodded. She went onto doing some crunches herself first, and a few other stuff. She’d glance at Sylus though, and admired his ass, his body…he was number one. [i Number one in my heart too. ] Sh smiled to herself. She saw him go to the bench. She came over and would watch him and was amazed at the weight he could carry. IT was all but normal at the facility but it still freaking scared her. [b “Jeez Sylus. Maybe I should just get you to carry me to places instead of walking.” ]

She was watching his muscles flex…. She sighed to herself, her boyfriend was good. [b “Your so distracting…” } Ara whispered, then added [b “Aren’t you hot in a shirt? It’s just us.” ] and eventually did see him look tired [b “Oh, darling…it got a little unbalanced there.” ] She’d try to help him even it, so that he could safely put it lower but, holy crap was it heavy. She could just barely help him-and she was half on that drug.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 3d 11h 36m 44s
He had so much fun playing games with her and he couldn't stop laughing. He'd run around and Ara would be exploring somewhere else, making him laugh. He would call her over and then he would see her playing sideways as she laid on his lap. He fed her some popcorn too and they both drank wine together. His eyes fell on hers and then he hugged her, soon getting up as he stretched his arms out. [b "Okay, I'll meet you down there"] he headed into the gym.

Sylus was already wearing shorts and a tank, so he started to lift some weights. He picked up a few and started lifting until Ara came in. He saw her in a cute outfit and he would smile, seeing her stretch. She was so flexible. [b "Wow. You're pretty good!"] he cheered, smiling as he did walked over [b "I'm going to do some push ups, crunches, do you think you can spot me when I lift some weights?"] he asked, going over and then doing a few push ups and crunches.

WHen he got to the bench, he put two 150 pounds on each side and then he laid back and held the weights. He waited for Ara and started to push up on them and then back down. He'd do that a few times and when it looked like he was getting tired, he had Ara spotting him so he didn't drop it.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 12h 30m 20s

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