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[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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Their baby boy was always the center of attention because he was the cutest. Seeing him in his little hoodie and then his messy hair and ocean blue eyes was so adorable. He would lean in to kiss him, seeing him babble and touch his face. He felt pretty lucky ARly loved him so much. [b "I can't wait. You love mommy and daddy don't you Arly"] he rubbed his cheek and would then finish making his food.

WHen he fed Arlus, he could see his eyes being so focused on the spoon. He'd giggle and get really excited when Sylus brought it close to his lips. He rubbed his hair and let Ara feed him as he helped his mother set up the table with all of the dishes she cooked.

He'd watch Ara feed him with the airplane technique and when he would open his mouth, he'd chuckle. [b "You're so good at it Love"] he smiled, seeing him finish and still look for more. They had one hungry little boy.

He saw ARlus put the bowl on his face and he laughed [b "He's going to be a comedian"] he smirked and then would take a seat at the table when his mother finished preparing everything. When Sylus looked at all the food, his eyes would widen to see all of it. IT looked so amazing.

[b "Wow mom. This is great"] he took a seat at his bento and when he saw Arly looking, he smiled [b "Soon little one"] he heard his mother talking about how great they were doing and Sylus would grin. [b "Yeah, we're trying. Arlus is happy and that's all we want"] he took a bite of the rice and meat and would smile at the taste [b "Mmm"] he loved it all. Sometimes when he ate, it did bring him back to when he was a child. HIs mother cooked food with a distinct taste sometimes.

When he heard Ara, he looked over [b "Remember? You've had my mom's cooking before?"] he asked, wondering when.

His mother smiled [b "I'm glad you two like it. Eat as much as you want. I'm so glad Sy picked up cooking. Make sure you cook some really good food for them"] she smiled and Sylus would nod his head [b "Of course. Only the best for my family"] he took a bit of the fish and then would sip on his miso.

[b "Mmm, If only we could have a feast like this everyday"] he ate up a lot of the food. IT was really good. Soon enough, Klara came in and saw the table. [b "Hurry up Klar, you're going to miss out"] he told her, wanting to finish as much as they could.

Arlus was sitting in his high chair, nibbling on a stuffed dinosaur as he kicked his feet. He watched them all eat, so he pretended to eat too.
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Arlus was so adorable in his cute outfit, messy hair, big blue eyes and warm cheeks from waking. She adored there baby boy so much. She was happy to bring him downstairs. She grinned to see Sylus interacting with Arly. Arly really liked the attention. [b “Soon enough, he’ll really be able to kiss your cheek.” ] She said. She adored Arly’s reaction to dessert.

Ara recorded it all, Arlus reaction to the food and even Sylus’. She wasn’t sure who was more excited, Arly or Sylus. It was adorable. She giggled and nodded [b “He does love it.” ] She said. Arlus was opening his mouth each time, getting more and more happy.

[b “I think he does. ] Ara laughed seeing how he kept trying to reach out. Ara went to feed him too while Sylus helped set the table.

[b “Here comes the airplane.” ] Ara told Arlus and saw his eyes following the spoon until it went into his mouth. He was so cute. She kept feeding him, and had to keep the bowl at a good distance. Eventually, the bowl was all done. [b “I’m so proud of you ARly. You finished it all. You’re such a good boy.” ] Ara coed. He was babbling to her and wondered where the bowl was. Ara showed him the bowl was empty. He kept reaching, and whining. She gave it to him and he tried to eat the bowl. [b “No baby, that’s not food.” ] Ara told him but he kept trying, eventually he had a bowl against his face.
Ara laughed and took a picture for a second before, she pulled it back for him and set in the kitchen sink. He looked around for it but couldn’t find it. Ara returned and gave him his toys to keep him distracted.

[b “Wow this looks amazing. ] Ara said noticing all the food that was made set up on the table. It looked delicious. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said. She sat down with hem. She smiled seeing Sy kissing Arlus little forehead. It was nice to see him being such a good daddy. He made her melt. [b “The food looks good, I can’t wait to try.” ] Ara said. She admitted. Ara looked back at Arlus. She always worried that she wasn’t being a good mom because even though she read a lot on it, she wasn’t too sure about it. [b “I hoped we were. As far as we know Arlus is happy, healthy and really clever. Thanks” ] Ara said. “Itadakimasu.” She would try some tempura and it tasted really good. [b “Mmm, it’s as good as I remember.” ] Ara said because she’s been with Kai to his house plenty of times and ate there. He didn’t remember if Sy knew that or not but it wasn’t something she purposely hid.

[b “You’re a really good cook. ] Ara said and looked at Sylus [b “Guess…Sy got that from you…” ] Ara softly smiled at Sy. She'd rub his arm, looking at him wtih love. She felt happy again, being able to sit down with her family and have good food. This wasn't all too bad.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 13h 22m 14s
He hugged his arms around her waist and gave her a kiss. HE loved her so much and wanted to put an end to her insecurities. He smiled and would slowly release her as he headed down to help his mother with the cooking downstairs. He knew she was going to try and make a feast since she was here, so he helped her out with the prep work. He even kept an eye out on how she would cook so he could get some experience cooking some Japanese cuisine.

IT was odd, but it felt really nice to be able to cook with her in the kitchen. She was his mother after all. He'd watch her technique and he'd ask some questions. His mother didn't seem to mind, but she was impressed with Sylus' cooking skills also.

His mother apologized and he was glad Ara took it well. The food was cooking and when he saw Ara baking the cake, he'd smile and see her go get Arlus.

When their little boy came down, he was a little bundle of joy. He looked so cute. [b "It's okay. He looks really cool. Right Arly?"] he smiled and would feel him give him a kiss. [b "Awe"] he laughed and would give his forehead a kiss. Seeing his reaction to the dessert, it made him grin [b "You like that huh Arly"] he helped him into his high chair and would feed him slowly. He saw ARlus take in the first bite and then he giggled, looking so excited. Sylus held the bowl back and then he would feed him another bite. He squealed and Sylus would laugh [b "Love, look! He loved it!"] he smiled and would feed him, smiling when ARlus opened his mouth each time. He was so smart.

[b "You want more Arly?"] he saw him watching the bowl, reaching his arms out and Sylus would feed him again. [b "Looks like he likes the food"] he let Ara feed him and he would rub his head.

HE'd watch ARlus eat more and then he finished up the bowl pretty fast. Sylus would then help his mother plate a few things and start setting up the table. He'd set the dishes down and would lay out the bentos as well. His mother made them some fresh sashimi, bento boxes with a salad, rice, and tonkatsu and tempura. There was also a bowl of udon in the center. [b "Mom, this is a lot"] he chuckled and would also set out the steamed fish.

He would then move Arly's high chair towards the table and would give his forehead a little kiss. He giggled and patted his tray as Sylus sat down. His mother came over "I wanted you all to try some good homecooked food" she looked at Arlus and would smile. "You two seem to be doing well for being first time parents. Arlus looks like he's taken care of very well"
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 14h 49m 9s
It made her happy that Sy was so responsible and promised to take care of them too. It made her feel safer to hear it from him.

[b “Thank you.” ] She pouted, in awe when he hugged her. She held onto him, so tightly and warm. She loved his warm chest, his arms around her small frame. She lifted her head and looked up at his eyes. She smiled brightly [b “He will be. I bet he’ll love it. ] Ara said.

Soon enough, she went downstairs to bake the cake. She made the batter and poured it onto the try. She looked over her shoulder hearing her apology. Ara frowned and then nodded, [b “It’s okay.” ] She decided to forgive it, since Sylus warned her not do that again.

Ara put the cake into the oven. Soon enough the kitchen would also smell like chocolate. She picked up little Arly, he was dressed in fox onsie with a hood. He was absolutely adorable, especially since he was waking. She loved holding him in her arms, seeing him snuggle into her. She knew that he was hungry.

[b “Just like daddy.” ] Ara repeated in a sigh [b “I tried to set it down, it won’t.” ]
Arly reached to touch Sy’s cheek when he kissed his cheek. [b “Give daddy a kiss too.” ] Ara told Arlys, pressing Arly’s lips to Sylus cheek. She thought it was cute. Arly lit up. Ara giggled[b “HE heard dessert.” ] He heard him cheer and then ARly looked at her,. She looked at his eyes [b “Ah hmm, dessert. You’re going to have banana today baby. You’re going to like it a lot.” ] She told him. He babbled to her and put his finger in his mouth again.

Ara showed Arly the baked cake and he’d reach out [b “One day you’ll be able to eat my cake too.” ] Ara told him. She helped Arly into high chair [b “In we go Arly.” ] She told him. She looked back at Sylus mother [b “Thank you for making dinner.” ] Ara said before, she pipped the cream on the cake. It was a rather small cake but enough for them and Klara when she came. Although Klara said she would be coming in late.

Ara moved back to see Sylus putting the food in front of Arly. Ara took out her phone and went to record it. She heard him giggle and clap. He looked so happy. [b “He loves it.” ] Ara giggled. Arly tried to reach out and dip his hand in it, so Sy had to pull it away and feed him bit by bit. He squealed, patting the table. He’d open his mouth for Sylus every time. Ara got a good recording and would come in and kiss the top of his head. “mah” He said-at least that’s what Ara thought. He probably did by accident so she let it go. Arly reached out for the food again. It made Ara so happy to see this interaction, [b I think we’re going to get him addicted to this. ] She laughed. [b “I’ll continue to feed him Sy, finish up with dinner. Klara said she’d come late by the way.” ] Ara said. It looked like they did a lot of work too.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 15h 28m 41s
He didn't like to see her in a bad mood at all. All Sylus wanted was for her and little Arly to be happy. [b "I know, but I love you guys so much. I love how much you love me too Ar"] he smiled as she cupped his cheeks and he kissed her back warmly, brushing her hair back. He loved seeing her smile.

[b "I'm glad everything is okay. Arly will be safe and I'll keep you safe too Love"] he hugged her and would kiss her cheek. [b "I'll make him something really yummy"] he then kissed her neck and shoulder, seeing her blue eyes looking at him with love. [b "Me too. He'll be my taster when I make us all dinner"] he said proudly and he would help her up as he headed down to help his mother with dinner.

He would help his mother prepare dinner, putting some fish in the steamer. He also chopped up vegetables and would do the prepwork, handing it to his mother.

She would work on cooking the main dishes, having their dinner set up. Sylus would see Ara in the kitchen, making her cake and he'd wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her cheek. His mother would glance over "I'm sorry about earlier Ara. I didn't mean anything by it" she told her as they cooked.

He then took the cake out of the oven when he heard the baby monitor and he'd set it on the counter. Sylus then helped his mother put other dishes on the stove and the oven as he looked over to see their little boy. [b "Hey handsome"] he smiled and tried to fix his spikey hair, but it wasn't going down. [b "Just like daddy huh?"] he laughed and then he kissed his little cheek. [b "We're going to make something yummy for you. Want some dessert?"] he asked, seeing ARly's face light up. "Da! Da!" he cheered and would look to Ara, sucking on his thumb again.

Sylus pulled out some bananas and he added a bit of water, some of of his formula. Sylus would blend it together really finely and would add more milk to make it as consistent as his current food. When he finished, he placed it into a bowl and then he would walk over. [b "Want to try a little babyboy?"] he asked, bringing the spoon up to his lips. He let him have a taste, seeing him eat the spoon and then he would giggle, clapping his hands excitedly. [b "Ar....I think he really likes it"] he smiled, giving him another spoonful. [b "You like it Arly? Your first real food?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 17h 20m 16s
[b I know, I just keep having bad dreams.” ] Ara pouted. She nudged his shoulder [b “It’s not just because your my guard.” ] She reminded. She cupped his cheeks, looing into his pretty eyes. She smiled and gave him a kiss with love. She loved how he looked at her eyes too.

Bit by bit she was feeling better, with his arms wrapped around her and being pulled in close. He was cuddly. She loved the attention, his fingers through her hair. His smile made her smile. His lips were so sweet to kiss. [b So am I.” ] Ara said to him.

[b “Mmm…I bet Arly would like it.” ] She giggled. She felt better, being held like this. Ara nodded [b “Ah hmm, just the way you like it.” ] Ara said happily. She closed her eyes while his lips went on her neck and shoulder. She felt so loved by him, cared for. SHe released a light moan. She caressed his cheek again, admiring his pretty eyes. SHe felt that warmth there, that safet with him. [b He was… I noticed.” ] SHe giggled [b “I can’t wait to bake with him. He’s going to help me out and taste it.” ] She dreamt. She imagined it already and thought it was the most adorable thing in the world.

They snuggled a bit more. SHe was feeling better now. Ara nodded slowly [b I’m Okay. Okay darling. You can go help her. I’ll make chocolate fudge cake after. ] SHe said, enjoying his hands brushing her hair behind. SHe kissed him back too. [b “Thank you.” ] She said to him. She got off his lap and let him go. Ara would get up and peak over Arly again, seeing him roll over, and then giggle in his sleep. She rubbed his little back gently, [b “I love you.” ] She whispered.

After a while, she went downstairs too. She stayed out of there way but still was working on baking her chocolate cake. If the oven wasn’t used she’d pop it in and get it baking, while she made the cream. She heard the baby monitor go off, realizing Arly was awake.

[b “Sy can you take the cake out of the oven,” ] Ara said. She had tried not to be too bothered about what his mother did. She knew she probably didn’t mean harm, it just hurt. She head upstairs and said hello to Arly. She scooped him up and kissed his cheek. [b “I and daddy are going to make you something special today.” ] She told him. He babbled to her. His hair was a little messy. Ara tried to fix it but it wasn’t really budging…Ahhh…
She brought him downstairs with her, [b “Arly is up.” ] She told him and his mother. Arly was sucking on his finger. [b Should we make him some dinner too?" ] Ara asked.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 17h 53m 16s
He ran his fingers through her hair to comfort her, not understanding why she was so upset. He knew his mother made a mistake, but why talk about her mother so much as if she wished her mother was alive instead of his? IT wasn't like she could change that? It is what it was. IT was unfortunate, but his mother was here.

He really wanted to lift her mood up, trying to comfort her as best he could. He would lean in and would press his lips on her cheek, looking over at their little boy wanting to protect the two of them to the best of his ability. He really wanted to prove that to her so she'd feel safe. [b "I'm glad you know. You don't have to be so worried"] he smiled when she said she loved him and he'd hold her close. [b "Well I am working as your guard"] he chuckled and would feel her cup his cheeks. He'd face her pretty blue eyes that were only ARa's and his son's. He'd kiss her warm lips and then he helped her sit on his lap.

Sylus wrapped his arm around her waist and would pull her in closer as he smiled. [b "I love you too. I'm glad you're feeling better Love"] he liked her fingers through his hair, making him smile up at her as he kissed her lips again. He loved her so much and for her to feel safe and protected with him, that was all he wanted.

[b "I can make him a puree of bananas. I bet he'd like that"] he rubbed her back, running his fingers over her skin and then smiling [b "Oooh, extra chocolately"] he liked that. Sy would press his lips against her neck and would kiss her shoulder softly. HE'd kiss back up to her cheek [b "Arly was really adorable today. Did you see how smart he was when you said we should order dessert. He's going to love dessert. I can tell already"] he smiled and would let her relax more.

When she calmed down enough, he would wait for her to get up and he would too. He knew his mother was making dinner downstairs, but he also didn't want to leave her to cook on her own. [b "You okay Love? I should probably help my mom downstairs. I think there's too much she has to do before dinner, so I can help her out"] he brushed her hair behind her ear and gave her another kiss. [b "You can come down when you feel better"] he smiled and would soon head downstairs.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 10h 15m 39s
Ara frowned because it made it sound like he was making it about him. Ara shook her head in disbelief. She didn’t understand why he was comparing it to her, and why he was saying she was lucky to have a dead mom compared to him. It didn’t make her feel nice. Then again, Sy was raised at the facility and he wasn’t always perfect at emotional stuff. She decided to not say anything more, not wanting to upset herself even further.
At least she liked it when his hands run through her back or hair. She loved snuggling up to him, feeling that love from him. His lips were kissing her cheek. She held onto him too, arms around him. She was calming down slowly, bit by bit. His warm hand caressed her cheek and his smile made her smile a bit. [b “Thank you…I do know that.” She said quietly. Sy would keep her and Arly safe. He could handle it, and she’d help too. [b “I love you darling.” ] She snuggled underneath his chin. [b “You make me feel safe,” ] She whispered.

She asked to snuggle more. She smiled gently. She cupped his cheek, the tears in her eyes drying up. She gently and lovingly pressed his lips on his, planting him a kiss. [b “Okay.” ] She said, [b “But I want to sit on your lap.” ] She said. She wanted to held. She helped herself, holding onto him, feeling him nuzzle against her cheek. Ara nodded [b “Mmm..okay.” } She whispered. She felt his fingers through her hair. It was calming. She felt soothed.

[b “I love…you…so so much.” ] She whispered [b “I trust you…and I’m feeling a bit better now.” ] She said. Ara stroked through his hair too and planted a kiss on his cheek. She tilted his head and kissed his lips again, not for a sexual reason, it was purely out of showing her love.

[b “We need to make Arly some baby food.” ] She reminded, giggling [b “pureed fruit maybe?” ] She asked, still resting her head by his shoulder, [b “I’ll still make you that chocolate fudge cake…” ] She wanted to see him happy too.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 10h 56m 0s
Sylus could tell that Ara was freaking out so much and he didn't like to see her so worried. He wanted her to feel safe with him and he would do anything to protect little Arly. He told her that she was luckier than he was because she actually had a mother that loved her. Moreso than his own.

[b "I know. My mom is alive, but you know I can't forgive her for what she did to me. She's just there, trying to fit back into my life, but thats just it. She's just there"] he told her, sighing a bit. He wanted to calm her down more.

He'd run his fingers along her back, brushing her hair and then kissing her cheek. He held her close and would let her rest against his shoulder. Sylus shhhed her. [b "IT's okay Love. I'll make sure to keep you both safe. You know that"] he caressed her cheek and would smile a bit. [b "I'll never leave you two, so you don't have to worry. IT's also my job to protect you, so I won't let anything happen"] he assured her.

When she asked for him to stay, he hugged her. [b "Of course Love. You can rest on my lap if you want. You know I love my two favorites"] he kept his arm around her and would nuzzle against her cheek. [b "Mmm, you don't have to stress okay?"] he whispered, letting her rest on his lap as he brushed his fingers through her hair slowly.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 16h 59m 33s
Ara huddled into herself. She didn’t like the idea of her being viewed like that. It wasn’t fair. His mom did bad things to him and she was alive but her mom had to be gone. She rested her head in her arms. She never would get to know, so Sy wouldn’t know. [b “Lucky? I barely had her in my life. I only remember a few things and everything else I know is from what I heard. She was murdered. She’s dead. Your mom is alive and she get’s to see Arly, she gets to make you dinner. I don’t feel lucky.” ] She shook her head and looked away. SHe still kept her voice ow because she didn’t want to wake Arly.

She felt Sy’s hands running along her back, brushing through her hair. It was a comfort, even when he wrapped his arm around her waist. She snuggled into his side again. She closed her eyes, feeling a kiss on her cheek, hearing his words. [b “Thank you… Sometimes I worry that something will happen to me too and Arly and you…are alone.” ] She whispered. She heard it was supposed to get better after a few more months, maybe these thoughts weren’t be so intrusive.

She was calming down a bit more, feeling him rubbing her back and pulling her in. It was warm. [b “I know…but it stll made my heart race and panic.” ] She said. She took a deep breath, [b “I love you and Arly…”] SHe spoke softly. She held onto him tight. She wanted a few more minutes of just cuddling. She looked up at him , “Give you give me more hugs and kisses for a few more minutes?” ] She asked, missing being held by him.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 18h 10m 42s
When Arlus went missing, Sylus was in full panic mode. HE rushed through every nook and cranny of the car, but couldn't find their boy or his mom. Sylus ran through and found Ara taking Arlus from his mom and heading upstairs.

He spoke with his mother about what not to do and tried his best not to threaten her, but made it clear that if something happened, he wouldn't hesitate to harm the person responsible, no matter who they were. IT wasn't like he's forgiven her at all. She could claim the title as his mother, but she never was a mother to him.

HE went upstairs to see if Ara was okay, but when he sat beside her, he could see how upset and freaked out she was at the same time. [b "I know she wasn't Ar. She's my mom, even if she was never a mother to me"] he sighed, knowing she really wanted her mother back even to this day. [b "It's not something we can change, but I know your mom is proud of you Ar. And you're lucky enough you had a real mother. I don't have one"] he hoped he could make her feel better.

He saw Arly fast asleep and he felt really glad he was okay. He would run his fingers along ARa's back, brushing her hair back as he wrapped his arm around her waist. He tried to calm her down, but she was freaking out more than he thought she would. [b "Hey hey. It's okay. I know it's scary. I don't want to lose our boy either. We'll keep him safe okay? Promise"] he ran his fingers up and down her back slowly. [b "Take your time okay. You can let me know what's on your mind. I'll make sure to ease those worries as best I can. Nothing will happen to me or Arly. I'll make sure of it"] he kissed her cheek.

HE stayed with her for a while, just wanting to calm her down as he let her rest against his shoulder, pulling her in. [b "Arly is okay. She wouldn't dare hurt him or do that again. I've scared her enough"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 8h 39m 12s
It didn’t seem like Sy was on her side. He didn’t say anything either. She didn’t want that guy to keep bothering her. She made it clear she didn’t want to be talked to either. Sy's reaction didn't make her feel so great, especailly since she had to handle it herselve and he got upset at her.

When they got back, she got so stressed about Arlus being missing. She had enough nightmares of that. She felt relieved to see Arlus in bed. She didn’t want to leave his side. She wanted to keep an eye on him, so that he’d never go missing. She couldn’t stand that pain, even the slight scare of him being missing. She didn’t know how Sy warned her, probably a ‘don’t do that please’ and that was it.
[b “Normal grandmother? How is she a normal grandmother? She wasn’t even in majority of your life by choice and sold you.” ] She reminded. She felt Sylus wiping off her tears. She had so much going on her mind. [b “I’ll never get to know. She never got to know that I grew up and I had Arlus. It’s not fair… That I don’t’ get my mom but you get yours-who hurt you anyway.” ] She expressed but realizing that Sylus wouldn’t understand that.

She peeked back at Arlus. [b “Yea…he did.” ] Ara spoke quietly. He was safe… and she never wanted to let sight of him again. She felt Sy brushing her fingers through her hair, and hearing it just to let it go made her upset. [b “I can’t do that right now…You have any idea how much it scares me? Arlus missing for a few min makes it feel like I really lost him. I’m always having nightmares. I’m always afraid if someone will take him away from me, or something happens to him…or you. I can’t go downstairs right now.” ] She said, covering her face into her hands. She felt like she needed an entire hour or more to settle down.

[b “Yea…it will be. But right now I’m upset….” ] She said quietly, and just stared at Arly sleeping. [b "You can...go downstairs. I'm going to stay here." ] She whispered, resting her head in her arms that rested ontop of her knees.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 3d 12h 6m 9s
He didn't want to cause a scene and he's learned how precious Arlus was to them. It was easy to provoke people and even though he knew that he could take on this man, he didn't want to to risk Arlus' safety even a little.

They got home and Sylus couldn't find Arly or his mother. WHen he called for Ara, he could tell she was freaking out. He hurried throughout the house after unloading all the food. When he spotted Ara taking Arly upstairs from his mom, he let out a deep sigh and went to speak with her for a while. He warned her that if this happened again, he wouldn't hesitate to end up harming the person responsible.

HE helped his mother prepare some ingredients and showed her where the dishes were. He let her cook as he headed upstairs to make sure his wife and child were okay. When he entered Arlus' room, he saw him asleep in his crib. He looked okay.

He wrapped his arms around Ara's waist [b "He's okay?"] he wanted to make sure. HE didn't think his mother would harm ARlus, but with everything that's happened to them and with Ara having a miscarriage, he knew how important it was to keep ARly safe.

[b "IT's okay Love. I already warned her not to do this again"] he promised her and kissed her cheek. He rubbed her arm and would take a seat beside her as he sighed a bit. [b "She said she just wanted to hold him. I get that a normal grandmother wants to play with their grand kid, but she shouldn't have done that. She knows now"] he promised and would see the tears in her eyes. Her words were easy to understand. SHe wanted her mother to see their little boy, instead of his. Sylus would wipe her tears as well. [b "I'm sure your mom is proud of you Ar. Everything your doing for all the people at the facility. And I'm sure she knows Arlus is as cute as can be"] he assured her, wanting her to feel better.

[b "He had an adventurous day getting to go out"] he smiled, looking at their boy. He was fast asleep.

[b "My mom didn't mean anything by it okay? When we have dinner, just let it subside for now"] he brushed her hair back. [b "I basically told her if she did that again, she wasn't allowed to see him anymore"] he held her hand in his and would smile. [b "She's downstairs making us a big dinner to make it up to you too. It'll be okay"] he promised.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 15h 35m 39s
She pouted and wished he wouldn’t lecture her on what she did. [b “How else was I supposed to make him go away?] Ara asked. She thought ‘accidently’ running his foot over was a good solution.

[b “Okay, I’ll make chocolate fudge cake.” ] Ara gently smiled. She imagined little Arly trying food for the first time. SHe was sure it would make him happy.

They arrived back, and Arly was…missing. She hsook her head and frantically started to look around their home and couldn’t find Arlus. She was so panicked and frightened. She felt like she would crumble and break down. Then she eventually checked the backyard and her sweet Arly was there. SHe took Arly back into her arms, with a few tears.
She hid in Arlus’ room where she set Arlus down in his bed. She covered him in his blanky and he was falling asleep again, snuggling and looking cozy. She sat down on the small sofa, watching Arlus. Her heart was still pounding against her chest, her body still shaking a bit. She saw the peek of light come through the room, Sylus coming in.

Ara nodded [b “Arlus is okay. Hes sleeping… Im fine… Now I’m fine.” ] She said quietly. She frowned and tried to hod herself together. Sy kissed her cheek. She would reach out her hand to pull him in to sit wit her. Then she’d snuggle her head onto his shoulder, holding onto his arm [b “I was so scared. Why did she have to do that?” ] Ara said weakly and quietly [b “Why did she have to take him to the backyard of all places?” ] She gre quiet again and then wiped her eyes with her free hand.

[b “I wish…I wish it could have been my mom to hold Arly, or my mom I could talk to. It’s not fair…” ] She whispered, wiping her eyes again. A least Sylus was here, she was happy he was here. [b “What did you tell her?” ] She asked.
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He would smile because he remembered always anticipating ARa to come and stop by to his room. He was always so much happier and brighter when she came. It always made his day and he had so much fun with her.

His mother could see how much the two loved each other. It was amazing to see that little boy she raised before letting him go. Sylus was so sweet as a child and when he was with Ara, she could see he was being drawn back to that again.

Sylus saw that a man was bothering Ara and he'd quickly hurry to her side and try to keep the man away from her and Arly. Sylus would tell the man he was sorry, mostly because he didn't want to start any trouble when Arlus was around.

[b "I know Ar, but I don't want to start anything. I'm not risking anything around our boy. It's better to leave peacefully"] he told her, wondering what he wanted for dessert. [b "I like the sound of the chocolate fudge cake. Mmm"] he started getting pretty hungry.

Once they finished up the shopping, Sylus took them home and they would unload the bags [b "I know Love, I can't wait for him to be able to eat the foods I cook"] he brought the bags in and then he noticed that ARly was missing from the car. He assumed that Ara had him.

[b "No? You don't?!"] he soon looked around the car, then to the street and the front yard. He started to panic. Who could have taken their little boy? His mom?

Sylus would run around the house until he saw His mom with Arly in her arms and then Ara taking him. Sylus walked over [b "Mom, you can't just do that. We're trying to keep him safe. You'll freak out Ara and I by just taking him like that"] he warned her with a strict tone.

"But I just wanted to hold him. I carried him for a bit while you guys unloaded?" she wondered why he was so upset. "I won't do anything to harm Arlus Sy"

[b "Still. We're not risking anything. You're only allowed to hold him in sight. I need to know where our son is all the time. We're not going to lose him and I'm not risking you taking him out like that"] he warned her.

His mother saw how upset Sy was and she could see in his eyes that he was serious. If anything happened to their little boy, she was sure he'd do anything harmful to the person who caused it.

"Okay okay Sy. I won't. Only in front of you and Ara" she promised and Sy would narrow his eyes. [b "Good. Arlus is also not leaving this house without us. Not even to the backyard"] he warned her, soon heading inside. His mother would help him unload in the kitchen and the two would start prepping for dinner.

Sylus would soon take a break and then head upstairs into ARlus' room, seeing Ara. [b "You okay Love? Is our little boy okay?"] he asked, looking to see little Arlus fast asleep in his crib. Sylus would kiss her cheek [b "I told her not to do that again. She gets it now"] he assured her, rubbing ARlus' back.
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