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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He smirked a bit, glad that ARa loved his hair and loved that it was Arly's as well. [b "You did?"] he laughed a bit and would watch the show with Arly, paying attention because it seemed like he wanted them to. [b "It's a good show huh champ"] he rubbed his hair and Arly would touch his head again, babbling. Sylus kissed his forehead and would see his little teeth growing in. [b "Aww, you'll be able to eat more good food soon little guy"] he really did miss cooking for them, but he figured if they had a chef, they'd be able to spend more time with Arly while they waited.

He wanted to help Ara pay off his amount, but he knew that was going to be rough. [b "I know...but I can still help out. I can pay you little by little"] he suggested, knowing he still made some money.

HE felt Arly grab on and he would hug him, soon seeing him fall asleep. He smiled, letting ARa take him to bed. Once he sat down with her laptop, he'd look through some information, reviewing some exam questions. When he saw the dinner, he'd thank Ara and start to eat a bit with her. [b "We can. It's not that late"] he told her, offering her some lasagna and then he'd kiss her lips. [b "Let me get through a few more exam questions before we leave"] he looked through a few more pages, remembering and studying. After about an hour, he'd close her laptop and then he would hold her hand in his.

[b "Okay let's go?"] he headed with her to the front yard and they had met up with Allister at the gate. Ara had a car and a driver again and after asking Allister to look after Arly, they went to the facility.


When they arrived, Sylus looked at the entrance and held his breath. IT's been such a long time since he came back here. He didn't want to be back. Even until now he'd get the chills up his spine from seeing the place. He'd squeeze Ara's hand and then walk inside with her, releasing it as they walked through the doors.

He'd stay at her side, acting like the guard that he was as they past through security, into the dorms.
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[b “Hmm, yes, I wonder where?” ] She played, and leaned in to ruffle Sylus hair and giggled. [b “I think I found out where.” ] She said. Ara nodded to him and kissed Sylus cheek [b “I love all of you and all of Arlus.” ] She felt content sitting with Sylus and Arly to watch some Spongebob. Arly was sitting on her lap, so she held him in by his small waist and enjoy it as much as she could.

[b “Yes, I see it.” ] Ara told Arlus when he’d tug at her and then would tug at Sylus. She remembered and she thought it would be a great idea [b “You should bring it down.” ] Ara said. She noticed something from Arlus, and she’d open his mouth and see the too teeth. [b “I’m sure he’s going to love it.” ] She said. She missed cooking together too. She would buy Sylus off if she had to. Ara half nervously laughed when he mentioned helping pay [b “Darling…I don’t that’s going to be possible. You’re worth… a lot of money.” ] After all, there was no one like Sylus, especially since he ranked so high.

It was cute when Arly grabbed onto Sylus. She would lift Arly up so he could hug Sylus too. They’d watch quite a bit. Soon enough, she felt Arly’s movement on her lap stop She peaked down and saw him dozing away. [b “You fell asleep baby?” ] She whispered. He was nestling against her chest. She kissed his forehead. She headed up to put Arlus in his bed, tucking him in and rubbing his little back. She’d watch him for a bit before finding Sylus on her laptop looking through some information.

Ara would bring the lasagna made by the cook to Sylus. She let him study, and she’d wonder about tomorrow. She looked back at Sylus [b “Do you think, we’ll have some time to visit the facility before bed? I wanted to say hi to a few people that may still be there.” ]
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He missed their little baby boy and he couldn't help but snuggle up to him. HE kissed his little cheek and would hear his little giggles [b "There's my little boy"] he smiled and would feed him in the kitchen, making airplane sounds as he fed him. Arly would open his mouth and take it in when Ara came into the room.

Arly would look up at her and would touch his head as Ara touched him. He squealed and would babble as Sylus wiped his lips and then would remind Ara that they had a chef and she looked really disappointed. [b "He does have cool hair. I wonder where he got it from"] he smirked and would look back at Ara [b "So are you saying you think my hair is cool?"] he smirked and would carry Arly into the living space as he set him down on the couch.

THey'd watch spongebob and Sylus would think about the test he had tomorrow. [b "I should be okay. I'll probably study up on some information. Is it okay to borrow your laptop Ar?"] he asked, thinking about it later. [b "The physical one should be easy. I've been training a lot back at Japan. Don't worry. I'll stay your guard for sure"] he smiled and would see Arly sitting on Ara's lap.

He would tug on their shirts and point to the screen, wanting them to watch too. [b "Me too. I want to spend more time with Arly"] he knew he did, but there was going to be a lot of preparation when it came to setting up their resistance. HE saw ARa snuggling in their baby boy [b "He loves spongebob"] he chuckled and would hear him say yellow. He was adorable.

[b "We should. I want to read him that book we bought in Japan. I didn't get to read it to him yet"] he smiled, seeing her opening up his mouth. WHen Sylus saw his two teeth, he chuckled [b "Wow ARly. You'll be able to try daddy's cooking soon"] he rubbed his head and would glance at Ara. [b "If you really have to buy me Ar, I don't mind. We'll have to. I'm sure there'll be a way for me to help you pay that off too"] he knew how much he costed and didn't think it was fair that ARa had to pay for him when he wanted to be with her.

Sylus saw Arly grabbing onto his arm and he would rub his back, finding him adorable. He'd hug him in his arm and would glance at Ara smiling. He missed being this close again. If only they didn't have to leave Japan.


When Arly was getting sleepy, he'd let Ara take care of putting him to bed. Sylus would borrow Ara's laptop and he'd read through some information on the basics once more and then other information about certain topics that he knew would appear on the tests. He wanted to make sure he did well tomorrow. He didn't want them to remove him from being ARa's guard at all.
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“We were really were.” Ara said, watching Arly so happy and content to see Sylus. She felt at peace once the three of them were sleeping. She passed out so quickly because hse felt so at home with them. She woke up, and found them in the kitchen.

Ara giggled back to Arly when he called for her. She kissed him, giving him lots of love, and even Sy a kiss on the cheek. She stroked ARly’s hair and saw him lean into her. “My baby is doing so good.” She whispered to him and saw him touch his head curiously. He was adorable, “You have really cool hair Arly.”

Ara was ready to cook dinner with Sylus, and when he pointed it out- she realized she had forgotten that she did. She was so used to being at home, cooking together and Sylus making food for them too. [b “Oh, that’s right, I do.” ] Ara said, even saying “I” felt weird, because she felt like she shared everything with Sylus now. She didn’t see what she owned as separate from him. SHe really got into the whole married family life with him.

[b “Mmmm…I’d like to play with him.” ] Ara said. She heard ARlus cheer out and she’d smile to him. [b “Yes, play time baby.” ] Ara said. She’d sit down with them in the living space. [b “Oh that’s right, … Written, I’m sure you’ll do fine. I can help you a bit too with Tanner. I know what the written exams are like. I had to take the same schooling when it came to knowledge.” ] She reminded and she happened to have a good memory. [b “ALtho…physical one…will you be okay?” ] She asked.

Ara watched ARlus reach out for his dinosaur. Sylus gave it to him. Ara rubbed Arlus little back. [b “I hope we’ll get more time like this…with Arly.” ] Ara said but knew that things would get hectic. They had to focus because the faster they’d work, the faster they could go back to being Arlus’ parents. She loved seeing Arlus crawl. He could walk and even run a bit now – never for long but just enough. She watched him sit on her lap and point. He was so precious. She wrapped her arms around his tiny waist. [b “Mmm I see it. He’s yellow isn’t he? Yellow.” ] Ara told him.
“awa” Was the closest he could get to ‘yellow’.

[b “I think he really likes this show.” ] Ara said, seeing Arlus would point out stuff and try to speak, then look at them as if he was checking if they saw that. [b “We should read him a book again today.” ] Ara suggested quietly. Arlus would squeeze his stuffed animal with one hand and use the thumb of his other hand to suck on. [b “Arly, you’ve been doing that more than usual.” ] Ara said. She’d get him to tilt over a bit and squeezed his little cheeks and noticed his two front teeth really poking out. He had a few already at the bottom [b “Awe, you’re getting bigger.” ] Ara said. She looked back at Sy and would take hold of his hand, [b “Darling…would it be okay? I know we said I wouldn’t spend to buy you off but, if my dad moves you away from me…I need to. Okay? More then ever.” ] She said and looked at Arlus [b “Especially for Arlus.” ] She had faith in him doing well in that exam, but her father always felt unpredictable.

Arlus reached out to grab Sylus arm and would just cling onto it instead of the stuffed animal. He'd tilt his head and rest his head on his arm, and ara's chest, while staring at the TV.
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Sylus was waiting in his room, wishing he could see their little baby. When Ara came in, he grinned and saw the excitement in Arly's face. He hugged him close and would give him kisses as he smiled [b "That's my big boy"] he brushed his fingers through his hair and he would smile. [b "Yeah I mean we were inseparable in Japan"] he grinned, seeing Arly looking so excited to see the two of them.

They all soon climbed into bed together and were able to take a nap. Arly was even fed as they all snuggled together. They took a nap, but Sylus was woken up by little Arly. He would pick him up and then head into the kitchen, putting him in his high chair as he fed him some pureed carrots and peas. Arly saw Ara come into view and he patted his tray table. "Ma Ma" he giggled and Sylus would look over and kiss her cheek as well. He knew he had an exam tomorrow, but he was keeping up with training, so he wasn't too worried.

Arly would lean into Ara's hands when she stroked his hair and he'd touch his head curiously. Sylus looked through the fridge [b "Ar, you have a chef. We don't really need to cook do we?"] he remembered that much at least. [b "I do miss our home. Let's just relax with Arly in the living room for now while we wait for dinner. I think he wants to play?"] he looked at Arly and he would smile "Pay!" he'd call out and then Sylus would wipe off his lips and then carry him in his arms after he ate.

[b "I need to research what's going to be on this physical exam. I know there's a written portion and a physical one, so maybe I'll have to study up a bit tonight with Tanner too"] he suggested, not wanting to be removed as her guard. Sylus took ARa's hand and they went into the living space. Arly had toys all around the area and he'd reach for his stuffed dinosaur. Sylus picked it up and handed it to him as he kissed his cheek. They'd sit on the couch together, turning on the TV.

Arly crawled around the couch and sat in Ara's lap, pointing to the colors on the TV. Sylus put on some spongebob.
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Ara could see the desire in Arlus to see Sylus. She wanted to bring him to Sylus. Watching Sylus holding Arlus warmed her heart. Arlus looked so cozy and comfortable in his arms. She gently smiled, watching the two of them and then would giggle to see Arlus squealing and calling on Sylus.

[b “He was looking for you right after he saw me. I think he expects you to be there if I’m around too.” ] She said. Ara yawned, feeling so exhausted from the flight. She had a strong headache but it was worth it, to stay up to see ARlus. Ara hugged them too when he came to hug her.

[b “Mmm, napping with Arly sounds really nice.” ] Ara said. She crawled in the bed, feeling so worn out. Arlus sat between them and she could feel him patting her chest. She peeked at his pretty curious eyes. Actually…that would do her good too because it ached sometimes not to. [b “Okay, but just because we’re alone.” ] She whispered to him. She sat up and would feed him. He was still so little… Then they all laid down together. She loved seeing Arlus xcitment.

[b “We missed him so much too.” ] Ara said. She had her head rested, seeing Sylus tickling his sides. It was so cute. Ara felt so relaxed with Sylus and Arlus in the same bed. She slept, and she slept for a long time because she was so tired. When she woke up, she woke up alone. Ara looked curiously around. Where did they go? Her brain still thought she was back at their home in Japan for a moment. But when she picked up the details of the room, she remembered they weren’t there. She didn’t feel at home anymore.

She got up, and would wash up a bit, trusting that Sylus and Arlus. She changed clothes into a oversized hoodie. She went downstairs and saw Arlus being feed by Sylus. It was cute and it felt like home when she saw that. [b “How are you two doing?” ] Ara asked. She kissed the top of Arlus’ head and Sylus’ cheek. Tomorrow, she had to have a medical checkup, and a meeting with her dad…and Sylus had to do this test. But for now, she wanted to breath.

[b “You’re going to be a good boy when we’re busy aren’t you Arly?” ] Ara asked, stroking through his hair. [b “Should we make dinner together darling?” ]

Allister came in and saw them in the living space, “Hey! It’s good to see you two back. Arlus seems a lot happier when you’re around.”
[b “Hey, thank you for taking care of him.” ] Ara said with a light smile [b “Allister… You can go out tonight. I and Sylus will take care of him. I’m sure dad will arrive late anyways.” ]
Allister nodded, “I will actually take you up on that. Just be careful.”
[b “We will.” ] Ara said and looked back at Sylus and then at the kitchen [b “Ahh, it’s not the same as our kitchen. I miss our home already. What should we make today?” ]
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Sylus met her father's eyes and he knew he had to show him that he wasn't involved with anything to do with Ara. If he did, he would ruin the relationship they had. He had to look like an emotionless guinea pig after all.

When they headed inside, he would tell Ara that she should go be with Arlus first. If he was caught, he'd be dead. It hurt so much to not be able to see their little boy, but he'd have to wait for her father to leave at least. WHen he entered Ara's old room, he remembered making love to her on her bed before. It brought back some old memories and it sure made him sigh a bit. Ara wasn't free here either and her father was here too. He'd slowly unpack a few things for her and would wait for a while.

He'd look out the window, soon seeing her father leave. Sylus wanted to see Arly so bad, especially when he heard his little giggles down the hallway.

When he headed to his room, he put his clothes away and heard the door. As Sylus looked to see who it was, he saw little Arly reaching out for him. [b "Hi little one!"] he smiled brightly and would hug him close. He'd kiss his forehead and would snuggle him in. [b "Daddy missed you so much"] he smiled, hearing Arly's sniffles and whimpers. He patted Sylus' cheeks "Dada!" he squealed and would lean into his chest as Sylus held him, kissing the top of his head. He looked at Ara and would smile, hugging her and then seeing her look worn out. [b "You should rest Love. Maybe we can nap with Arly"] he let her relax on his bed as he laid back as well. He let Arly sit between them and he would pat ARa's chest. "Ma ma. Foo foo" he'd call out and would look to Sylus with a huge smile, clapping his hands. He was so excited to see them again.

Sylus ran his fingers through his hair [b "You missed us huh Arly"] he chuckled and would tickle his sides, hearing those cute giggles. He sent Tanner a text to let him know Ara was napping and to warn them if her father was back. He'd lay back and play with him while Ara slept. WHen Arly got tired, Sylus would close his eyes as well and they'd fall asleep together.

A few hours later, Sylus felt something patting his cheek. When he opened his eyes to see Arly, he'd smile [b "Okay okay. I got you little one"] he'd lift him up into his arms and bring him outside for a while to let Ara sleep. Sylus made him a quick puree in the kitchen and would sit with him in his high chair, feeding him.
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Being face to face with her father made her stiff and frightened. He was the reason of so many nightmares. Arlus, or Sylus could be taken away. She needed them both. She defended Sylus because she was afraid of what it would look like, if Sylus would get hurt. It had been a while since he was back.

Sylus carried their bags inside, to her room. She still felt that anxiety looming over her. She wasn’t ready to go back to this life, to be trapped here, not be the normal couple she was with Sylus. It didn’t feel that long ago since Sylus and her got excited about her pregnancy. Going back to her room felt like she stepped into a past life.

She ached to hold Arlus but she worried. Tanner had just set some luggage for her in her room too. “You’ll adjust again,” Tanner comforted. She nodded but she didn’t feel like she wanted to. She was so exhausted, her head heard, her eyes hurt. She needed rest but all she could think about was her father being home and Arlus there. She looked back at Sylus. [b “Are you sure?” ] She asked. She nodded and saw Sylus going to his room. She felt her heart sink because she knew that Sylus wanted to see Arlus just as much as she did.

Tanner watched her, “He’ll get to see him too. You know he’s never home for long.” That was true, thankfully. She would drop her bag that was over her shoulder and went down the hall. She heard Arlus little babbles. She opened the door and saw Arlus in his new room. They already planned his room out to look exactly like the one they had at home, so he would still feel like it was familiar to him.
Joseph was with him. She didn’t see Allister but she assumed he was still in the house. Joseph looked back at her while he played blocks with Arlus. Arlus turned his head, and stared at her very alert. His blue eyes watered and he instantly went into a crying fit. He reached out to her, “Mama Mama. Up, up”

Ara pouted and her eyes went warm. She scooped him in her arms and rubbed his little back. She kissed his forehead, hearing him still cry but calming down slowly. He clung on tightly to her shirt. She met his blue eyes, drying his tears. [b “I’m here, Arly.” ] Ara whispered to him.
Arlus started to have a little snot bubble. Oh boy. She giggled, [b “I missed you.” ]
“Dada.” Arlus said, looking around, opening and closing his fist as he looked around the room for Sylus, but he couldn’t spot him. He whimpered, “Dada.” Generally where Ara was, Sylus was around too. She kissed his cheek. [b “Arly he’s here, don’t worry. We’ll see him soon.” ] She whispered. But he’d still whimper, he missed Sylus. Arlus started patting her chest and he knew what he wanted but oh she definitely couldn’t do that – not with the risk of her dad.

She looked back at Joseph, forgetting for a second he was in the room, [b “Thank you, for taking care of him, and playing with him.” ] She said because she noticed the block, [b “I never imagined you to play with a baby.” ] She admitted. Arlus kept looking around. She felt quite bad.

She wondered if she could just let Arlus say hi to Sylus, just for a minute. She opened the door with Arlus in one arm. Then she faced Allister and her father. She stood still.

Her father looked at Arlus than at her. Ara went stiff. She knew there was no way he’d be able to tell….but she still felt afraid.
Arlus was still whimpering.
“He looks comfortable with you,” Her dad pointed out.
[b “I looked…after him for a bit.” ] Ara said. Allister explained how dad was about to leave. Ara felt Arlus tugging at her hair trying to get her attention. She nodded and then she saw the strangest thing happen, her dad waved at Arlus. She had forgotten…that he had once treated her with love when she was very little.

Since it was all in the clear, she went to Sylus room and brought ARlus. Arlus went in tears again, reaching out for Sylus. Ara hand him over. SHe was happy to reunite them. SHe was also…so tired. She felt like she’d pass out.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 8d 20h 27m 57s
When they arrived at the house, it was slowly hitting Sylus the reality of it all. He couldn't just be as close to ARa as he was in Japan since here he was just her body guard. He also had to refrain from being too close to ARly because her father was around and if he knew that he was the father, his life was basically over.

As they got to the house, Sylus looked up at the building and felt a chill climb up his spine. Not only did this place not feel like a home, but he missed the freedom of being a normal human. Here he was nothing more than a guinea pig. He'd hold Ara's hand tightly until they got to her house and stepped at the front door.

WHen they were greeted by her father, he held his expression with no signs of emotion as he heard him speak with Ara. IT sounded so cold and the air around them felt eerie, but he heard him mention nephew and Sylus just held in his sigh.

When her father mentioned his skills, he nodded [b "Yes sir"] he spoke, facing him and agreeing to the terms. He knew that the assessments sucked, but he has been working out and training still, so he knew he'd be okay. He knew ARa was only trying to help him, so he'd keep quiet.

At the mention of Arlus, Sylus agreed with Ara. They've met him already so there was no need for them all to see him at once. Sylus carried their bags inside, bringing them to Ara's room as he set his in his own room. He knew that it was dangerous for him to go into that room with Arly there. [b " should go see Arlus. I'll wait until your father leaves"] he told her, setting the bags down. [b "Just tell him I'll be unpacking and scheduling my assessment for tomorrow"] he told her, heading into his room and doing exactly that. IT was painful not to see their little boy, but he couldn't expose who he was. He was also sure Arly would call out to him.
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August 4th

Three days passed since there Arlus’ birthday. Ara’s head rested onto Sylus left arm while the sat in the private plane. She watched the photos of Arlus he browsed through, and the cute little videos of him too. It had been hard emptying out their home in Japan. Sometimes she’d wake to go to Arlus room and remembered that he was no longer there. Life, wasn’t going to be same.

She spend the flight restless, no sleep and because she wasn’t built like Tanner and Sylus, she was downright exhausted. All she wanted to do when they got back was return to Arlus with Sylus.

1:30 PM, they arrived back to blazing heat. She was feeling a bit sick in the car. She’d snuggled by Sylus in the back seat, and watch the scenery out the window. They really weren’t in Japan anymore…and her and Sylus couldn’t be as affectionate as they were before. That reality only hit when the were inside of the front of the house and Sylus was stiff and acting professional. Over here, he was nothing more than her bodyguard.

Her father came to the door. From appearance, she could tell her dad was getting ready to leave again. Tanner and Sylus were alert. She was dead and she could feel the anxiety sweeping her away, remembering the horrible dreams she had of what her dad did to Arlus or even Sylus. She felt…downright scared. She did her best to conceal it but maybe her tiredness would hide that well itself.

“Welcome back.” He said to her, “Why are you restless?”
[b “I couldn’t sleep. That’s all. Long flight.” ] Ara said.
He looked at her and then said, “Take a medical check at the facility before tomorrow evening. We have a lot to discuss on what you’ve missed.”
Ara gave a slight nod.

“Allister must have told you, you have a nephew. Coincidently, it must have happened while he visited you in Japan.” He watched Ara and Ara gave a bit of a nod and then he looked at Sylus. Ara felt her blood run cold, because she worried that maybe he could see through there lie. Arlus, definitely had hers and Allister blue eyes…but so much of him looked like Sylus. If he grew a bit older, she did worry that her dad would be able tell right off the batt.

“We need to revaluate your skills, you’ll be tested tomorrow. I will assign Ara another bodyguard for the evening at that time. Agreed?” He said to Sylus.
Ara instantly reacted, looking upset, [b “He doesn’t need to be tested. He’s done many successful jobs, and has protected me. I don’t feel safe with anyone else.” ] She said, feeling so protective of Sylus. She knew that the tests could be brutal.
“Protecting you in a country where we have less enemies is not that difficult.” Her father stated, “Unless there is something I’m not made aware of.”
Ara grew quiet for a while, “Well, I was under the impression that I will be taking him permanently. You said you would give me anything as a gift for my birthday so I choose this.”

Her father eyes her, getting a bit agitated, “We’ll talk tomorrow evening. Evaluation still needs to be done. Our method of evaluation has changed and is more tame, no need to defend these guinea pigs. Anyways, let’s go visit your nephew upstairs.” He said with a smile. She knew her father didn’t really smile so she started to realize he might suspect something. They couldn’t control Arlus’ reaction if he called out to them.

[b “We’ve already met him. We took care of him when we found the mother was dead. Allister asked us to.” ] She covered quickly, looking back at Sylus to confirm.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 4h 28m 53s
When they were all sitting at the table, Sylus sat beside Ara and would listen to her introduce their plan about what they were going to do moving forward. It seemed like everyone else was on board.

It did make him smile to hear that Tanner was on board with it. They were be able to get through any barriers if they had Tanner on their team. He smiled a bit and then he heard Ara mention the server and using Ethan as means to make sure they had a secure network for comms. He would look at the others and was glad when everyone was on board.

Sylus was used to not killing unless he had to. Ara made him think clearly about the consequences if he killed without thinking. He hoped that everyone in their resistance learned that too. [b "People will be treated fairly and treated like a normal human being"] he nodded and would smile at Ethan. He was glad that they had some connections to start them off with.

[b "Yeah one of our main goals to take down the people that did this to us"] he looked back and Ara as she mentioned the roles. Sylus smiled and they all looked at each other and he'd grin [b "We can do this guys. Let's start up our secret resistance. Ara and I will try to find a home base where we can all gather and discuss plans. It'll also be off the grid and a safe place for us to stay. We can also have classes to help out the people from the facility learn the rules of society"] he looked over at Ara and nodded.


Over the next few days, Sylus and Ara were packing up their belongings and getting it shipped to Ara's house on the mainland. ONce they were at the airport, they got onto their flights together. Sy, Ara, and Tanner were on their ride back her father's house. They had their resistance plan slowly being put into action.

Sylus held ARa's hand, he was looking at a picture of their family on his phone, seeing little Arly. HE hoped he was doing okay. Allister called them a few times and they were able to hear ARlus' voice, but they missed their little boy so much. He couldn't wait to see him.

They arrived just right after lunch, bringing their luggage to the door when they were led into ARa's house. Sylus still looked around and kept in guard mode around Ara, but he couldn't wait to see their little boy. When they headed into the house, Sylus stood still, acting professional since he knew her father was around still.
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Ara brought out drinks for everyone while they sat down and talked. There was a lot to cover and introduce. She spoke about what Sylus talked about. Ethan seemed a bit too enthusiastic. She knew it wasn’t directly close to Ethan so he wouldn’t feel the same threat.
Tanner gave a nod “I’ve always been part of this, and you know I would never back down.”
Ara smiled at him. He’s been through this journey with her before anyone else. She didn’t doubt it he’d agree to this. She did trust this lot the most, and she knew they would all be very cautious.
[b “First step, we need to create a secure server where we can have conversation and send information. This is where I hoped Ethan would help us on. We need to recruit, grow funds by doing jobs, safe locations, provide medical assistance, weapons, punishments for when someone falls out of line – that are still humane.” ] She stated again just to clear it up.
[b “Recruitment will be people who the people the facility attempted to dispose of. Best method is only recruiting through messages to keep our identity safe. Our values are not to kill unless it’s a life or death situation, physically torture, or ever sexually harass.” ] She saw the hesitation in Tanner, Klara and Payton. She knew that they’ve been taught to torture and kill, so did she but she didn’t want that… She wanted to be better than her father. [b “No more facility values. No testing on other people, and no one below eighteen, pregnant, or the only family provider should ever be harmed. Outside of sabotaging the facility, we will only take jobs that require protecting people or making positive differences.” ] She knew that it would be hard but she didn’t want to start on the wrong foot.
Ethan smiled a bit, “I can help you score some jobs. I like the sound of it. Aside from excitement in being part of the resistance, I want to fuck over the people who did that to Payton too.” He looked at her and Payton still looked concerned. “Payton, we’ll be fine. No one will track it to us. We already started a server for communication, it’s two weeks from finalization.”

She felt good to have his support. She looked at Tanner [b “I trust you to manage the recruits.” ] She admitted. She looked at Klara [b “I’d like it if you could keep track of the information and make sure no one is suspicious. Sylus, will manage the jobs and I’ll be overseeing decisions and manage our connections.” ] Ara said. It seemed like everyone was okay with it. She held Sylus hand tightly, [b “We just want everyone and ourselves to live a peaceful life. That’s our goal.” ] Ara softly smiled.
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He loved seeing their little boy together with them and happy. He didn't want this day to end or to see their little boy go. Sylus let out a deep sigh and he would hold his little boy in his arms and would kiss his forehead. He smiled and took in his scent, his little giggles.

When he gave him to Allister and Joseph, they took him with them and the door closed. IT was such a heavy moment. They didn't have their little boy anymore and it really made him and ARa feel so devastated.

He held her and would head back inside and hoped that time flew fast until they could see him again. He already missed holding him and seeing his bright blue eyes. He only hoped that Allister and Joseph were also going to take good care of him.


Once they were all at the table, Sylus sat beside Ara and met up with everyone. They all had to talk about what their plan was and to see who was on their side or who'd help them. THey had already spoken about a plan before, but now they were going to try and make it a reality. To take down the facility and her father and to let the others live free lives.

[b "Yes. A resistance to put it into one word. Whatever we talk about here needs to stay here. No one will know about this plan and they won't see it coming. We'll need to plan things perfectly and discreetly. You know how thorough the facility is"] he told them, looking at Ethan's excitement. It wasn't a game, but if he was willing to help, that would give them access to a network where they could all communicate and keep things safe and hidden.

[b "Like we don't have to join us. We know it's dangerous, but Ara and I have been planning this for a while. This can't keep going on. If anything, we'd like your support and of course we'll keep your involvement anonymous if that's what you'd like"] he glanced at Tanner and hoped that was enough.

They needed more people to join in. People that were strong like them and could keep a secret. They couldn't do this if even one person was a rat. [b "We'll take them down slowly, first we'll start small and eat away at their resources, personnel, then slowly tear them down from the inside"] he suggested, thinking of how they'd even start.

[b "So who's in?"] he wondered, looking at them around the table. Klara put her hand in and would smile "Anything to help you guys out and bring down those jerks that did this to me" she spoke.

Ethan put his hand in, being all for it. Payton would look at him with concern and she would pull his hand back "We're going to think about this thoroughly but you have our support"

[b "Thank you guys"] he'd look at Tanner, hoping he'd help out as well. [b "We'll be careful....and with you on the team, we'd have a lot of experienced guidance"] he smiled a bit. [b "We need connections and we need to trust them. We can't do this without all of you"]
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Arlus giggles always lighten her up. It was hard to get out of bed, it meant that time would reach closer to letting Arly go. She wanted to keep him snuggled in her arms.
They all sat down to eat breakfast. She held Arlus in her arms for a while after. He was cute in his little clothes. He was snug and she knew he would be safe with Allister and Joseph. He’s been treating Arlus good from what she could see and it looked like Allister did love Arlus too. She felt a bit of regret for hating Allister for so long, when if it was the other way around she would have been just as oblivious.

She put Arly in Alliste’rs arms. Arly called out for Sylus. He was happy to be with in Sylus arms. He snuggled in and looked up at Sylus curiously. He clung onto him until he was brought to Ara. Ara kissed his little fingers, watching his blue eyes, his expression. He was so much like them. She let go of Arlus and heard him whining to reach out to them. Joseph distracted Arlus util they closed the door.

Ara felt the sinking feeling and her eyes become hot with tears. She felt Sylus arms hugging her in. She turned to him and hugged him tightly too. She pressed her head against his chest. [b “Yea, he will be okay. I know.” ] Ara nodded. It still hurt. Sylus kissed her forehead, making her eyes lift up to him. She went on her tip toes and kissed his lips quickly. She still felt so devastated that Arlus was gone and they would have to leave their home.

She’d wipe off any tears that threatened to appear. [b “Time flew so fast…” ] She whispered. She’d hold his hands and made a determined expression [b “Let’s get ready. Ethan, Payton, Tanner, even Klara, they’ll be up and we have to talk about our next steps. We need to speed up Sy. I want us to raise Arlus together while he’s still little.” ] She said.

Klara had came down, yawning and noticed Sylus and Ara already there. She looked at them and looked around for Arlus “I woke up late? He’s…” Klara paused and saw Ara’s expression and guessed that was true, “I’m sorry. I woke up late. I wanted to say goodbye to him too.”
[b “It’s…fine. They just left.” ] Ara said, [b “I’m going to change. Breakfast is made. When Ethan and Payton get here, we’ll talk.” ] Ara said.

She would head upstairs, and go into the shower. Even if Sylus came in there with her, she’d cry. Three days, she could withstand but life wouldn’t be the same. They’d go back to missions and Arlus life also depended on them. She’d change into a pair of jeans, and plain t-shirt. She put her hair up into a neat high ponytail. She was determined to work hard. Arlus, and the people she considered her family depended on it.

She waited for Sylus to finish all up. Then she’d head downstairs with him. Ethan and Payton would be coming n for lunch. Tanner had came down, still feeling a bit jetlag.

Eventually, they were all sitting inside at the table to talk. Ara had brought out her tablet. Klara had decided to on board a while ago because she knew that life wouldn’t get any better with her dad running anyway, plus she cared for them.

Ara looked back at Sylus sitting beside them. They talked about this a bit already, about growing the number of people of people to resist what the facility was doing, to counter act and take over. [b “I and Sylus discussed the idea of formulating a large group of our own to resist the facility and help us take over. That means getting other superhumans to be loyal to us, and some of their assets. We need a secure network to communicate and eventually perhaps a space, an extraction team and safe houses. Basically… we need to create our own crime organization and steal everything.” ]

Ethan slammed the table “You mean we’re building the resistance!” He gleamed. It made Ara jump.
“Oh god.” Payton rubbed her temple having a feeling he’d say it since he was such a nerd.

[b “But it’ll be very risky and dangerous so, I understand if any of you don’t want to take part of it but, I’m asking…begging that you don’t speak about it.” ] Ara said.
“I’m in. I always wanted to be part of the resistance.” Ethan nodded looking so excited to do it. Ara wondered exactly if Ethan understood the severity.

“Shouldn’t we talk about this?” Payton narrowed her eyes at Ethan.
“It won’t be traced back to me don’t worry.” Ethan said, “I got an idea. I can help you build the network, or well… I know a guy who knows a guy that could help me on it. It won’t be traced. I always wanted to created the dark web.”
Ara was surprised he was onboard so quickly but she’d smile a bit [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said, feeling relieved she had him on their side.

“Ara…if your discovered…” Tanner began slowly, looking concerned.
[b “I know. That’s why we got to keep it anonymous when we recruit someone. We need help setting that process. No one can know it’s any of us doing this – that we’re leading except us.” ] Ara said. Ara let Sylus add what he needed to speak too. After all, it posed a lot of challenges. Recruiting… then taking bits and pieces of the facility’s missions down without getting the person on the mission on death row.
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[b "IT'll only be a few days and we'll see our baby boy again"] he assured her and wanted to spend as much time with little Arly as they could. They've never been away from him for that long, or even let him stay with anyone else. He was still so small.

[b "I'm sure he'll be a good boy. He'll probably miss us a lot, but it's only three days"] he brushed her hair back and hoped it would be okay.


In the morning, he was woken up by their little boy on his face. He hugged him and would tickle his sides. [b "You're such a cutie Arly"] he chuckled and would tickle him in. When he heard his little giggles, he would watch him play with his feet, smiling as he brushed his hair back.

Once Sylus was up making breakfast, he would watch Ara feeding him. He made food for everyone else and would eat with Joseph and Allister.

Arly was soon dressed up and Sylus sighed a bit when Allister said they'd take good care of him. He nodded and would walk over and felt so sad. He saw Arly calling for his mom and then when he called his name, Sylus hugged him, giving his forehead a kiss. [b "Take care okay Arly. Mommy and daddy will be coming soon"] he felt Arly kiss his cheek and then then he would let Ara hold him as well. They said how much they loved him and then Allister picked Arly back up.

They waved and heard Arly whining. [b "We'll see you soon Arly"] he tried not to look sad, but when Arly kept reaching out and looking fussy, he felt bad. Sylus let Joseph take his toy dinosaur and when distracted Arly, the door closed.

Sylus took in a deep breath and he would look back at Ara, hugging his arms around her. [b "Don't worry Love, he'll be on a private plane with Joseph also protecting him. We'll be okay"] he assured her and would kiss her forehead.

They still had a lot of work to do and had to set up a few things before they left. They also had to finish their own packing. The house was quiet now. No sounds of little Arly crying or babbling. IT was sad, but they had so much preparation to do before going back to the mainland.
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