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[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He couldn't ever forget the way he was loved by Ara. It was a lot different than doing anything with anyone else. Even if she was just a regular human, she took so much care in to just touching and kissing him the way she did. He loved her so much. Her lips were warm, they felt good against his as well. Her eyes and just the way that she looked at him, wanting all of him. He let her back up against the bed as he kissed her lips over and over, his tongue gliding past her lips to wrap around her tongue.

HE loved the feeling of having her hands in his hair again as he moaned out and then he bit down on his lip. He wanted her so much especially after having been away from her for so long. Sylus kissed her harder, his lips going down her smooth skin as he felt her removing his shirt. He lifted up his arms so she could pull it over. Once he was shirtless, he let his hands slide hers up and over as well before getting rid of it. He kissed over her chest, his hands touching her bare skin as he moaned out [b "Mmm, ARa. I missed you. I want you right now"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 29d 3h 27m 0s
She hadn’t forgotten the shape of his lips or the way he kissed. One kiss was too little enough for her. She found herself addicted to those kisses, to being seen with love and not hurt. His touch was gentle on her cheek. When she kissed, it was slow, trying to take him in for longer. Her chest ached, because she loved him so much, because of all the fear she had. She took steps back, sitting on the edge of the bed for a moment, enjoying his lips on her neck, down to her ear.

When he said ‘I love you’ she could hear it in his voice that h meant it. She locked her eyes on him for a moment and would lay back on the bed. She watched him come in toward her body. She ran her fingers up into his hair [b “I do too, I want to be back to the penthouse, I want to wake up with you… No one is in the way right now,” She drew her lips closer to him, kissing him before she felt his lips going down her neck, to her collarbone, “Mmmm….” She ran her fingers down his back, and she found herself sliding his shirt up when his hand slid down her side.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 29d 3h 44m 15s
He knew that what they both dreamt about should have been way far into the future, but seeing that they almost had a child right now was scary. Sylus knew that he wanted a family with her, but somewhere peaceful. Somewhere where he was free and ARa didn't have to live under the rules of her father. [b "We will"] he let his fingers glide through her hair gently, his smile lighting up the whole world because he loved her.

He was glad he had her here with him right now because she was within arms reach and he could hold her, comfort her. The last time he saw her was her birthday and they had amazing sex. He couldn't let what happened separate them.

He kissed her warm lips the way he used to. The warmth spreading as he closed his eyes with each kiss. HIs amber eyes watched hers and then he leaned in, caressed her cheek, letting her lips slowly move down his skin as he apologized. He felt sorry for leaving her so badly. It would have been easier if he was there the whole way. [b "Ara....I love you so much too"] he kissed her more deeply, feeling her lips respond as he held her hands, leaning in and letting her back up against the bed. He kissed down her neck, slowly along her jaw to her ear.

His eyes met hers as he let her lay back against the bed [b "Ara....I want to go on another mission with you. I miss laying beside you, waking up to you, and just being at your side. There's too many.....people in the way. I just want it to be you and I"] he spoke, kissing down her neck and then along her collarbone as he let his hand slide down her side.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 29d 4h 6m 55s
Ara nibbled at her bottom lip and nodded. She wished she wasn’t. [b “Okay, we’ll work hard for it.” ] Sylus fingers went through her brown silky hair to brush it back. She loved little gestures like that from him. Kissing him was amazing. She’s craved for more kisses from him ever since he left to guard Payton and Ethan. His pretty eyes were on hers. She loved getting all the attention fr herself.

Ara tilted her head and lifted a smile, filled up with such awe. [b “I’m with you.” ]

Ara nibbled at her lip. [i If only I could not be. ] She could picture that beautiful dream. A little toddler to dress up, play with and be proud of. She wanted to give it all the love in the world and she just knew Sylus would be so good at it. Such dangerous thoughts they were. [b “We’ll try.” ] She nodded with a smile. His warm finger tips brushing through her silky brown hair was such a comfort. His lips felt warm and the room felt like it shrunk.

Sylus pretty eyes watched her, in a much different way then he had when he was angry, hurt by her. She never wanted to hurt him, even if did. [b “I’m with you.” ] She kissed him softly, gently, feeling the heat of his lips, nearing her body.

[b “It does feel like a long time.” ] She felt through his cheek, his cheekbones, until her finger ran to his lips. He truly was perfect in every way. [b “It wasn’t your fault… It’s okay.” ] She shook her head. She wouldn’t forget the pain of feeling that alone or hearing that he didn’t want to come back-but she knew the circumstance so she didn’t expect him to take responsibility for it. She held his hand tightly when he held hers. She had to lift her head a bit since he was taller. [b “Just be with me… Hold me.” ] She knew he didn’t have to make it up to her, but she liked being held, liked being kissed, and loved kissing him. She nodded [b “It was…thank you for understanding that and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” She grew quiet when his lips drew so near. His kisses were deep and she replicated the same back. She then would kiss his jaw, his neck, soft little kisses. [b “I love you, I love you.” ] She whispered.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 29d 4h 29m 38s
He was curious now about why Klara turned her in. Now he was a bit afraid that she might say something about their relationship. He really hoped not. Maybe he'd ask her the next time he was with her. His eyes watched ARa say goodbye to Joseph and a part of him knew she still had feelings for him. There was no way she was going to forget her first love...because she was his.

He walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist, his eyes looking at her [b "Don't be upset. We'll make it happen okay?"] he brushed her hair back and just felt a huge wave of relief to know he had her here and now. It's been a long time since he actually had the chance to be with her like this, so he wanted to savor what he could right now as he kissed her warm lips.

Sylus' amber eyes met hers and then he shook his head [b "You're worth all of it as long as you're with me"] he kissed her warm lips again. [b "I missed you so much. I feel like It's been a really long time since I could hold you like this"] he smiled, his eyes looking at her blue ones, watching her facial features [b "I want to make up for not being there if I can"] he let his hands glide down to hold hers and then he looked down at her [b "Is there something I can do to start that? I know it must have been hard Ara....and I'm still really sorry"] he kissed her lips more deeply, letting those emotions push through.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 29d 5h 2m 56s
Ara nodded [b “It was when I was sixteen. I’ll spare you the details.” ]
She never got tired of hearing those compliments from Sylus.

Ara rested her bag down and felt a bit guilty for asking Joseph to give her some alone time with Sylus. She cared for him, cared for him alone. She knew it in her if she didn’t have Sylus she would be dying to spend time with Jose, because she had missed him and loved him so much. A lot has changed though.

She half smiled [b “Thank you. If anything pops up, come back okay? Be safe.” ] She watched him step out and picked out Sylus checking the window. She stood on her feet, facing his view and let him walk over to her. She stood near the sofa. She half shrugged [b “I’m…a bit upset but, it’ll be fine. It’s sometimes hard to see what I could have. It feels like I’m just annoyance or everyone thinks I’m like him…” ] She frowned. She took a deep breath and Sylus wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a kiss. She softly kissed him back, putting her arms around him, and then caressing his cheek.

She was glad to have him. She was glad he stayed. She hugged him and then kissed his lips again. [b “I’m so glad I have you. I know, I’m probably not worth all of the pain and not being able to really be free, but thank you.” ] She met his blue eyes, and hoped one day she really could have a family with him. [b “I asked him to be alone with you for no particular reason other than just to be alone together. I missed you.” ]
  Ravenity / 29d 5h 12m 18s
He knew that a lot of people thought that Ara was more on the superficial side and was probably just trying to get on their good side, but Sylus knew it was real. [b "She turned you in?"] he wondered what she meant by that. He wanted that future with her and sure there were stumbles along the way, but he really did want it.

He knew she liked being called beautiful and to him she really was. With or without makeup and all the clothes, Sylus loved her. Joseph said something and Sylus felt bad because he still felt like she blamed him for all of that. He just held her hand and then they headed towards her aunts house.

Joseph stood still at the door, looking around the area and making sure no one was near. He watched it unfold and Ara's aunt just closed the door. Since it was beginning to rain, he brought Ara back to the car and then they headed back to the hotel.

Sylus tried to cheer her up, but she wasn't having it. [b "Okay"] was all he could say because he didn't want to say anything to make it worse. His family was also affected by Ara's family as well, but he didn't blame her. He blamed her father for the reason why he was also living this life, but it was another reason he wanted to help Ara take him down.

Once they were in the room, he stepped inside and then he glanced back at Joseph. It was getting later in the day and he knew that Tanner would be there soon.

Joseph met Ara's eyes and then he shrugged "Yeah sure. I'll be downstairs okay?" he looked at Sylus and then he headed out, hoping he'd be able to protect her.

Sylus walked over to the window, making sure it was locked and the curtains closed. He looked over at her [b "Are you sure you're feeling okay?"] he asked, walking over and wrapping his arms around her waist, giving her lips a kiss.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 29d 6h 21m 33s
[b “Sometimes… Well, I know plenty who think I’m faking. I’m trying. I wonder…if she ever thought I was faking. Maybe that’s why she turned me in.” ] Ara squeezed his hand. She wanted that future they thought up badly. She thought it would be nice, to have little kids and make them happy. They would be so cute.

[b “No,” ] Ara pouted [b “I still loved being called beautiful,” ] She really did like hearing it. Ara narrowed her eyes at Joseph, [b “Yea-well-“ ] And she cut herself off because she nearly said something that she definitely should not say. [b “Whatever.” ] She mumbled.

She bought a few post cards before they end up at the front door of her Aunt. It went down, and she didn’t expect it to get any better than that. She was surprised she just didn’t get the door slammed at her face at the beginning. She felt the rain dribble at the top of her head. She stared at the door… Everyone in her mom’s side wanted to forget, she knew she was like a ghost to them…plus the risk. [b “Yea… I just needed an alibi that I came here. Mmm…” ] She nodded, feeling a pat on her shoulder. It must have been nice, to live in a home like this, and have a normal life.

She let Joseph take the keys and drive them back. She sat back with Sylus his arm around her. She rested her head on his shoulder. [b “Sy, thank you but don’t sugar coat it. She was angry. My mother’s side hate my father-with good reason- and don’t exactly like me or my brother either. We’re like the spawn of Satan to them. They’re not my family. You, Joseph, Tanner, everyone at the facility are my family.” ] It still hurt…but she expected this. She felt him massage her hand. Her knuckles were red. It had really hurt punching someone.

They got to the hotel. She sat her bag down and she nodded [b “I’m okay.” ] She nodded. She looked back at Joseph, “Thank you for asking me. I don’t need anything. But…Jose, can I have some alone time with Sylus?” ] She didn’t want to trick him and make him go out for no reason.
  Ravenity / 29d 6h 49m 33s
He thought about it and then he shrugged when she spoke [b "Well they all know how kind and caring you were to them when we were at the facility. I guess that's how Klara guessed"] he walked with her, holding her hand and then when they talked about having a family, he did like the idea of having two kids, just so the other one would have a playmate.

After they looked through the clothes, he tried not to laugh when Joseph said he'd boost her ego. Ara already knew how pretty she was anyway. [b "I mean....I guess you're right. You're pretty Ara we know"] he smiled and Joseph looked at her and shook his head.

"You didn't thaaat pretty all week" he teased her and then they headed to the gift shop. Joseph picked up a small keychain to put on his keys. It was a small pirate ship. Sylus ended up buying a lanyard and a keychain. He'd give one to Klara later.

As they headed to Ara's aunts house, Sylus was surprised to see who opened the door. She looked just like Ara, only older and she looked afraid. It seemed like she wanted nothing to do with her, but when he saw the puppy, he smiled. The conversation ended and Sylus felt bad because she couldn't even speak to her family normally.

Joseph patted her shoulder and then he told them to head back to the car before it rained "You showed your face. That's all that matters. Let's get back to the hotel? After it rains we can decide what to do after" he suggested and they headed back to the car.

Joseph drove them back while Sylus sat in the back seat with her. He kept his arm around her [b "It's okay. I'm sure she was glad to see you were alright"] he whispered, hoping to cheer her up a bit. [b "She wants her and her family to be safe and so do you. Don't worry about it. We're going to try and fix things soon"] he squeezed her hand and massaged it a little remembering that she punched a guy.

Once they arrived at the hotel, he headed up with her and Joseph inside. "You okay Ara? If you need anything, I can head out and grab it for you? It's much safer if you stay here"
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 29d 7h 22m 32s
Ara shook her head [b “But… not many people know you or even know how I really behave.” ] She held his hand once they were alone. She loved the warmness in his hand, the heat. She wanted to curl up to him, on a sofa, or in bed,. She didn’t think they could have the chance today but she hoped.

She thought a bit of the future. She smiled when he mentioned having a family together, having kids and a pet. She wondered what would that be like. Although, body was it didn’t sound fun. [b “I hope so.” ] She said and then giggled [b “Yea, I think I am.” ] She loved hearing him saying it though. They went through more of the museum and all the old stuff looked so neat, the history…a lot of it was very sad, things she never really knew.

[b “You think so?” ] She smiled and wondered how she would look like in them anyway. [b “I think I would wear something blue.” ] She said and would read more up on things. She looked back at Joseph, [b “I know,…what’s wrong with boosting my ego? I am pretty. Ah right, we do,” ] She sighed. She walked through some more and then laughed imaging Sylus in a Viking hat. They went further and saw some dinosaur bones. She went into the gift shop too and bought post cards and let the boys get whatever they wanted.

She saw the time and knew they should going, [b “I want to look through more, but we should go.” ] She sighed and made way out toward the car. [b “My aunt will most likely not let me in and ignore me, so-we can go back to sightseeing after and then go back to the hotel?” ] She suggested. She hoped to at least sit alone with Sylus for just a bit.

Ara had the car keys, so she drove them to the house. It was a bit farther, outside of the big city. She parked at the front of the house [b “Guys…I need you to act…how do I put this…just look relaxed, and normal. She really hates my dad, and probably me.” ] She admitted. She knocked on the door and noticed little drops of water coming down from the sky. It took awhile but the door opened. A woman that had the same brown hair as Ara, but brown eyes and shoulder length opened the door, smiling at first because she expected someone but frowned when she saw Ara.

[b “Hi,” ] Ara gently smiled. Ara felt her chest sink because, she looked just a bit like her mom.
“What are you doing here?” She said firmly.
[b “I just wanted to say hi. I haven’t see you a long time.” ] Ara shrugged.
“Leave my family alone,” She said and Ara saw a little puppy peaking in.
Ara looked down at the puppy and found it so damn adorable, “Aww, hi there little cutie,” Ara smiled and then looked back at her aunt, [b “I’m not here for any other reason than just to say hello. I got a painting back, that my mom made. I love it to death but, you’ve known her longer. Do you want the painting?” ]
“Mom, who is it?” A girl called behind.
“No one important,” Ara’s aunt called, and eyed Ara “Go. I don’t need it…You keep it. I can’t be talking to you Ara. IT’s risky.”
Ara nodded and half smiled [b “I know. ]
“You look just like her… just don’t fuck up like she did. Bye Ara.” She said before she closed the door.
Ara sighed [b “Well, that went well.’ ]
  Ravenity / 29d 7h 37m 25s
He thought about it [b "Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of me? I don't know...."] he smiled, feeling glad she at least liked him the way he was with her. He didn't want to change the way he saw and felt about her, or have someone influence him so that he stopped being lovey dovey. He never cared about people's opinions before about their relationship, so why should he now?

He wasn't too worried about Klara. She did say that she didn't see a reason that she should spill. He hoped she didn't though. Their relationship seemed at a point that he could at least call her a friend.

SYlus walked with Ara, his hand holding hers and then he wrapped his arms around her as they looked around and talked more about their future with each piece they saw. He smirked when when she mentioned the kids [b "We can have whatever we want. We just have to make it happen"] he smiled and nodded. [b "Of course I love your looks. You're beautiful Ara"] he saw the man come by and made sure ARa was behind so she didn't get hurt.

Joseph drove the man away and then they continued to look at some artifacts. He listened to Ara explain and he would look at the pirate ships and then he stopped to look at the old weapons. It would have been really cool to use those, but nowadays people just used guns and that was it. It was faster and easier.

Sylus would look around at the clothes and he would laugh [b "Yeah, but you would look really good in them anyway"] he told her, seeing she'd stay in one spot. He made sure to keep suspicious people away from so she could just do what she wanted.

When Joseph went back to them, he had already looked through everything and Ara was in the same spot "Ara....there's more to see you know"] he told her, looking at Sylus.

"If you keep talking about her looks, it'll only boost her ego. She already knows how pretty she is. Come on Ara, we still have to visit your aunt" he told her, trying to get her to move.

Sylus shrugged and just continued to glance at the medieval clothing and then seeing some viking hats and beards. There were so many different things about the world that he didn't know off. It was odd, but cool at the same time.
  ellocalypse / 29d 9h 48m 49s
Ara didn’t think she would have rubbed off of him that much. [b “I wonder if some of you rubbed off of me…” ] She whispered to herself. She lifted a smile [b “I like the way you are with me.?” ] She never wanted that to change. She did worry about Phoebe spilling. [b “Understanding?” ] Maybe things have changed. She decided to forget about it. As long as it was kept quiet, it didn’t matter…hopefully. She sighed to herself.

But, he called her caring and she thought it was so sweet. [b “Thank you Sy,” ] She quickly gave him a hug. She smiled back at Joseph too. She was glad they could tell that she really did care. Joseph left for the meantime and she got just abit more time with Sylus alone.

Her cheeks remained a bit warm [b “Yea… I saw some pictures of little kids and pets and they’re so cute. Ones…you want to have more than one with me?” ] She was glad. That was a whole future away-it was sad but also a good thing because she wasn’t ready at this age either way. Ara pouted [b “Awe, but you’ll still love my looks too right?” ] She really didn’t like the idea of gaining weight though. She wished she could just let someone else do that for her. She found his lips on her cheek and it made her light up. [b “Probably.” ]

Ara softly kissed Sylus, missing it and wanting to hold on that kiss for a little longer. They couldn’t but it was nice. Joseph came back and she rushed in there, not wanting something to happen Joseph-and mostly she wasn’t thinking. She felt angry-and she acted which was what got her in trouble before.

He held his nose and couldn’t help but look at Ara with detest because his nose hurt now. “You better be gone tomorrow. If you’re conducting a mission here, we’ll find out.” He said.

[b “I’m not.” ] Ara said firmly which wasn’t a lie. She truly wasn’t. She sighed and watched the guy head off. She shook her hand because-punching really hurt her hand. She pointed at a ship to Joseph, “This is amazing. Can imagine making that tiny ship or sailing that tiny ship?” She asked. She would go through some more pictures and artifacts, reading it through. [b “I bet those big dresses would have been such a pain to wear. She would keep looking around, really interested in reading, sometimes spending a little too long in one spot.
  Ravenity / 29d 10h 37m 30s
He really did love it when Ara smiled at him like that. It made him feel like she loved him so much that way and he didn't have to change. [b "Well I guess Ara just rubbed off on me. I mean I'll still do my missions, but I'm really only like this in front of her. I don't think there's a problem with that"] he walked alongside them and looked around the museum at the cool artifacts.

[b "I don't think that she'll say anything. IF she did, they would have found out by now, but Klara is actually pretty understanding"] he told her, smiling over at Ara. [b "Of course you are. You care about everyone and it's really sweet"] he looked over at Joseph and he nodded as well. "It's true. You do care" he admitted.

When Joseph left, Sylus was happy that he got some alone time with her. He looked at the pirate ships and then he smiled when she squeezed his hand [b "Maybe....but we do have to have a pet for sure, so our little ones can play with them too"] he liked the idea. [b "Ara...of course I'll love you. Just because you gain weight from a baby won't mean anything. I don't just love you for your looks you know"] he told her, his lips pressing against her cheek. [b "Isn't that the only way though?"] he sighed a bit.

He was really glad that she loved the way he treated her. [b "I'm really glad that you like it. You make me feel really good too"] he kept her close and then he met her lips, smiling as he kissed her back. When he saw Joseph coming back, Sylus tried to keep the man away from Ara, but she went and stretched forward to stop the man. He quickly rushed in front of her just in case and then he pulled her back.

The man spoke and when Ara looked at him as if she knew him, he let them talk. It seemed like he was wondering why Ara was here. [b "We have her protected. She'll be fine"] he told the man.

Joseph eyed him curiously "We'll be gone tomorrow. No need to worry. Just keep you and your suspicious men away from Ara" he stated, listening in. It seemed like he was the only one so far that was near. If there were more, he'd get ARa out of there. "Let's continue the tour. Show me what's so amazing about these kinds of museums Ara"
  ellocalypse / 30d 2h 30m 54s
[b “Yea, you are,” ] Ara lifted a smile. She liked it that way. She loved being loved in that way by Sylus. Joseph did have a point. She nodded [b “Yup. That’s true…Rare occasions they’re not super hardcore and cold.” ] She frowned, because she didn’t like being treated like an annoyance, and normally people at high rank usually did.

Ara could recall the little act she gave back at the apartment and she realized she wasn’t that convincing since she was so emotional about it. [b “I hope she doesn’t rat us out…it’s likely.” ] She didn’t think she could face another whole Joseph situation ever again. She lifted a light smile when he talked about worrying and caring. [b “You think I’m caring?” ] She tried to be. She wanted to just kiss him but she didn’t want to do that in front of Joseph. She wasn’t sure how much feelings he still harbored for her but she still felt it.

Joseph left. She felt worried but she liked getting a little alone timewith Sylus. She squeezed his hand and then giggled, [b “Right…Maybe we should make it a cat, or a dog…or maybe a tiger.” ] She snuggled into his arm when he wrapped his arm around her waist. She blushed a little thinking about making a family with him. One day… Maybe one day. [b “Too bad that I’ll be fatter.” ] She pouted, [b “Will you still love me even if I get fat? I don’t want to get fat Sylus.” ]

She shook her head [b “No. I love the way you treat me. You make me feel…loved. We…really need to be more careful. She might talk. I don’t want to lose you.” ] She said, and looked more at the swords, and would read onto some of them [b “I wish I had a sword. Maybe then…I could protect myself better if someone gets too close and I don’t have a gun.” ] She looked back at Sylus and she wanted to take the chance to quickly kiss his lips. She would look back then, wondering where Joseph went off to, and then she saw him, coming back.

Ara saw another person coming up from behind Joseph, rage showing through the man. Ara logically knew that Joseph could handle it, but panic struck.
She released Sylus hand and punched the man straight in the face. He hadn’t expected it at all, it caught him off guard for a moment. “Wait!” he called out.
“Stay away from him you ugly crazy man,” Ara said firmly. He backed up.
“I need to talk, I need to know why you are here,” He said, covering his nose that was bleeding thanks to Ara, “You shouldn’t be here.”
Ara then realized who he must be working for, “I’m visiting a family member, that’s all…and travelling. Leave us alone.” She said, and hoped to hell that this guy didn’t talk to his boss and that the message didn’t go to her dad. Her dad had agreed not to do any missions in New York, if they broke there promise…hell would break loose.
  Ravenity / 30d 4h 12m 27s
He was glad to be back and together with Ara again. He felt like it's been a long time since he was able to see her and be this close to her. He wondered what Joseph meant by lovey dovey though. [b "Mushy? I don't get it...I'm always like this to Ara"] he told him and then he saw Joseph looking at them confused.

"Exactly. You don't see a number one like that. They're usually hardcore and heartless" he stated and then he shrugged "I mean there's nothing wrong with it. I just don't see it often" he admitted.

Sylus nodded [b "Yeah I think she figured it out when you came over to our apartment. She's smart you know...but she kind of got it when she talked to me. I guess....I care too much? And worry about others like you. THey're not used to that"] he told her, a smile on his face because he really liked that about Ara. She made him feel warm and comforted.

Joseph headed off to take care of the suspicious guy and Sylus held her hand in his. He smiled when she spoke [b "Remember? We're supposed to be pirates and have a monkey"] he wrapped his arm around her waist and then he nodded. [b "We will someday when we take down the facility. Remember....we're going to start a family when we're free"] he kissed her cheek and then he thought about it.

[b "I don't really get what lovey dovey means....but if it bothers you, you can tell me and I'll try to stop? If not....then why should we care as long as we're careful"] he looked around the museum and saw the old swords and medieval weaponry.

Joseph headed towards the back, seeing the mysterious guy head to another room. He walked up to him and pulled him aside, asking what he was doing. The man made up an excuse, but tried to make a run for it.

Joseph took him towards the back hallway and took care of him before heading back to the two.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 30d 5h 27m 43s

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