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[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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That one thing was lingering in her mind, to get closer to him and touch him. It was a real struggle to not think about Sylus when he was there in front of her, so attractive and he had done all of this for them. It was hard not to want it when she's done it before, and he was doing so much. Ara smiled, adoring to hear what he said. Today was for them. It made her feel really special to him.

[b "It is. I'm glad it's just us." ] She tool hold of his hand, giving it a squeeze and meeting his amber eyes, until they dropped on her dress. She had so much thoughts about him, and wondered if he had very little or around the same. She fixed her hair a bit and smiled gently, [b "Really? I'd love to know what your thoughts really are like." ] She wasn't really afraid of what he imagined with her. She wanted to forget that night entirely, and so far he hadn't behaved like that. He hadn't forced her into anything or snuck up on her.

Ara laughed, [b "Yea, you were. ] Her face lit up, and she avoided his eyes [b "Well..I mean...I...uh...sort of. I had to, and yea." ] Oh, she couldn't hide her embarrassment. She really did enjoy seeing him, even if she was using it for good purpose, and not for the sake of looking at him.

She buckled up her seatbelt, and had to thank him again, "[b "I'm glad you had fun too. Mmm, well after all you've done, I wanted to. I like being your girlfriend." ] She smiled. They got up at the penthouse and she didn't want to go get dressed. She didn't want him to get dressed. She wanted to have her fingers work on dressing him down. She stepped ab it closer, kissing his lips softly and pulled back slowly. She wanted him, wanted him so bad.

Ara smiled slowly when he talkeda bout kissing her, and he even asked if he'd let him do all of it. She felt his warm arms wrap around her. She found his lips again, feeling them press harder. She kissed him over and over again, licking his bottom lip and then parted from his lips. She nodded, [b "I'll let you. I want you to have me tonight," ] She kissed him deeper, and harder, [b "I want you... Sy, I really want you." ] She tugged him closer to the sofa, wanting to just go forward and take off his pants, but unsure if he wanted to take it slow. [b "Do you want to take this slow? ] She decided to ask to find out.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4h 37m 20s
He shrugged because Ara was his first everything. He's never really experienced dating before her, or ever been with anyone else besides her. In truth, Sylus didn't even know how well he was doing because he's never had anyone else to compare it too. He was really glad that Ara still wanted to be his girlfriend though and stay with him.

He continued to eat his cheesecake until it was all gone. HIs eyes hovered over her and then he wondered if she wanted to go home. Of course Sylus waited until she was finished with her food before asking anything, but he did like the idea of not having to worry about public places and just being alone with her.

[b "Me too. I would go, but not today. Today is for you and I"] he held her hand and then his eyes went to her dress. She was being honest with him and he wanted to be honest with her [b "You're not weird. I think the same things all the time"] he held her hand and led her back towards the car.

[b "I guess I was already naked....but I bed you enjoyed looking at every inch of me"] he laughed and then he parked the car and led her into the penthouse. He headed inside and then he smiled brightly [b "I'm glad you had fun Ara. Thanks for giving me another chance and still staying my girlfriend"] he wanted to lean in and hug her, kiss her, but he didn't know if she wanted that. Then she mentioned changing and he was going to frown, but then she stepped closer and kissed his lips. He closed his eyes and kissed her softly, seeing her pull back. [b "I...I want to kiss you more and touch you more. I want more of you too Ara....I just....will you let me?"] he asked, leaning in more and then wrapping his arms around her waist as he kissed her lips again, pressing his a little harder. How much he loved her, wanted her right now. If she really didn't want it, he'd stop though.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 5h 12m 33s
Ara shrugged, [b "I wouldn't really know. I mean...not to this extent, more like, just kissing." ] He was the first person she's ever gone past a little bit of touching and kissing. Sylus finished his cheesecake before she did. It sure tasted amazing though and she did want more. But, he suggested that they'd eat more at home. She didn't know why he wanted to go home right now. She wouldn't have minded eating more cheesecake here. But...he was right, they did have a TV at home. Ara nodded [b "We could do that." ] She lay her fork down, but imagined taking off his clothes. She didn't want him to change out of it. She didn't want to waste this chance.

[b "I agree, I'm not into a party mood but I didn't want leave the suggestion out if you wanted to go." ] She lightly smiled and noticed his eyes on her dress. She blurted out something, without too much thought. Instantly, his face turned red. Oops. Ara leaned back, [b "Oh really? I guess I'm the only weird one. Sorry." ] She lightly laughed and took his hand when he stood up.

Ara laughed, but her cheeks were warm, [b "It's more than thinking about your naked," ] Ara spoke quietly but couldn't help but laugh a little at how pathetic she could get in her mind. She probably really was only thinking about these things. Well, at least that meant that tonight wouldn't be a problem. But his words made her feel a bit more embarrassed, [b "No... I didn't have to because you already were naked, and I was focused on drawing." ]

They took the elevator down, and she got into the car. She leaned against her seat, [b "Umm, we could do that. I really want to eat more cake. ] She wished she cared more about that plan. Well, she knew when they got down to it, she'd have fun. [b "We could even look through the pictures we took today," ] She smiled back at Sylus, [b "We're almost home. Thanks so much for today Sy, it really felt like a dream." ] She wanted to hug him again but he was driving. When they got there, she stepped out of the car, got up to their penthouse and opened the door. She decided, the second she would change, she would try harder to uphold her rules. By then, it wouldn't be as hard anyway. She turned on the lights, [b "I guess we should change, right..." ] She sighed. She wanted to do anything but that, but she wasn't so sure if Sylus even wanted to push it, and why would he. She faced him and couldn't help but step a bit closer. What harm could one kiss do anyway?

She leaned in and kissed him softly, wrapping her arms around him for a moment and hesitating to step back. [b "Sy...I want...more than kissing. I want more of you." ] She met his eyes, wondering what he'd say.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 5h 52m 49s
He did have a smile on his face when she told him that she was thinking about him. He didn't know what she was thinking about, but he was really glad that he was on his mind. He felt her leg moving up his leg, but he didn't mind it much. Ara loved him and was affectionate, while he loved her, so he thought this was perfectly okay.

[b "Yeah, I'm glad we are. I think every couple goes through this right? They always think about the other person?"] he wondered and then he finished eating his cheesecake, licking his lips and then seeing the bag for the one they would take to go. He didn't know what else to do, so he wondered if she wanted to head home now.

[b "Okay, we can eat a bite more at home, maybe watch a movie or sit on the patio and watch the stars?"] he suggested and then he saw her pay. He thought about the party and he didn't really want to go somewhere to get drunk when Valentine's day was about them.

[b "I don't really want to go to a party today. Today is about you and I"] he kept his eyes on her dress and then he heard he her saying what he was thinking. His face turned really red and then he bit down on his lip. [b "No! Not at all, but now that you put that idea in my head, it won't go away"] he frowned and then he stood up and offered to hold her hand in his. [b "Come on let's go, but as payback....I bet you're thinking about me naked too. Maybe that time when you were drawing me back at the penthouse"] he stuck out his tongue and then he walked with her back down the elevator to the car.

Sylus sat in the driver's seat and then he headed towards the penthouse. HIs eyes would glance over at Ara and wonder what she was thinking. [b "So we can....set out a blanket and eat our cheesecake on the patio?"] he smiled.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 14h 48m 55s
She said it. She told him she had been thinking about him. Would he be able to tell that her thoughts weren't all that clean? Would he get a little upset that she even mentioned it, or riding her leg up. But Sylus smiled, removing her fears.

Ara's tense shoulders rested, a smile forming on her lips [b "Oh, then... I guess we're going through it together." ] Ah, so he was thinking about her too. She had to wonder though, if her thoughts more out there then his. At least, she knew she wasn't the only one having a little trouble. It must have been normal. [i You can get through this. ] She took another bite of her cheesecake, enjoying the amazing sweet taste of it. When the rest came, Sylus spoke, and she picked on her wallet on his call. She wouldn't have mind staying a bit longer but Sy did say they could eat more at home.

[b "I do want t eat more cheesecake at home." ] Ara brought out her credit card, and gave the server a tip. She closed her wallet and pressed her lips hard together, in wonder. Was there a place they could go before they head back? THen she began to wonder... If they were to go home-it still felt early enough that she wouldn't fall asleep and that only meant one thing...oh the temptations. But where else would they go?

[b "Well Kim did say one of her friends were hosting a party. But it would be a big downgrade from this restaurant and crowded. Do you want to..." ] Her words dragged out, spotting him staring at her dress. For a second there, she wondered if they'd make it past the car. [b Do you want to go straight home? I don't really have much ideas." ] She couldn't think of a place where it would be any easier not to be close to him. Home seemed like the best option.

All the sudden it came out. Ara released a laugh, [b "You're imagining me without my dress on aren't you?" ] And she couldn't blame him.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 21h 44m 30s
He knew that she was afraid of going into the water, but he wanted to ease her through it because maybe if she got over her fear, they could enjoy the water together. Maybe they could go painting at a beach one day. He smiled at how willing she was, glad she was giving this a chance to get over her fear.

He finished his food rather quickly without trying to. He was just really hungry and noticed that there was nothing left on his place. He didn't mind it at all though because it did fill him up. [b "I'm okay. BUt you don't have to rush really"] he told her, feeling her leg ride up his. He shifted a little and just kept her leg wrapped in his. Sylus was doing his best not to think of things that could lead to him in her bedroom, but it was so hard. He really wanted to be there tonight.

He then saw her daydreaming and then he called out her name. He asked her what she was thinking about. Was it someone else? Was something more important their date right now? COuld she be thinking about Tanner?

He held his breath and just took a bite of the cheesecake, seeing her take in his offering. He was in the middle of chewing when he heard her say she was talking about him. Sylus looked up at her and then he ended up smiling. [b "No no, it's okay.To be honest with you, I'm thinking about the same thing. I can't help but think about you too Ara"] he smiled and then he ate more of the cheesecake, seeing the waiter bring the other one to go. [b "Come on. We can eat more cheesecake at home if that makes you feel better"] he suggested, seeing the check being brought over. Maybe she couldn't contain herself at the restaurant?

[b "Did you want to go somewhere after this before back home? I mean we could?"] he suggested, thinking maybe they needed to clear their minds....but then his eyes went back to her dress and he started thinking about holding her, kissing those soft lips of was too hard.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 4h 16m 19s
The whole pool situation worried her, but the guys went through so much, forced to face the nightmares any human being would have. It felt unfair, that she didn't face hers. Ara smiled gently, [b "Okay, very slowly. Yea...I am definitely not comfortable in deep water." ] She laughed a little. She was surprised to see Sylus finished eating so fast. She was only half way but she decided to speed it up. [b "You can order something else if you want, if you're still hungry." ] She knew his appetite was definitely larger than hers.

[b "Sounds like a good idea," ] They ordered the cheesecake and waited. She kept looking at him and accidently move her leg up and he shifted. She lowered her leg, and backed up. She shouldn't have done that. Why was it so hard? But...she didn't know if it was right to sleep with him, and she still wasn't past leaving her door room open when he was in the penthouse. Her name being called made her lift up her eyes back up at him. [b "Hmm? What is it?" ]

Ara took her fork and took a bite of the cheesecake. It tasted good. She smiled when he offered her a bite, even though they had the same one. She leaned in and took it anyway. She took a long pause at the question. [i Lots of things. Lots of things that won't be so clever to tell you. ] She didn't know if she wanted to get images around his head. She wasn't so sure if there was any to begin with. But...she didn't want to lie to him either. Her cheeks warmed up, embarrassed by her own thoughts of him. Was it even normal to think of a person that way, or was it sadistic or something?

[b "You." ] She shrugged, and sighed, [b "I can't...stop thinking about you. You're...really distracting. I'm sorry about...the whole leg thing, if you didn't like it." ]] She laughed a little, and hoped that she didn't bother him or anything. She took another bite of her cheesecake. [b "This is really good. ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 4h 52m 34s
He knew that no one should find out about their relationship. The only one who really knew were Tanner and Clyde. They wouldn't say anything because they all have gotten so close already being here in London. He slowly ate his food, taking sips of the wine and smiling because he was on a date with the girl he loved. He finally did it. Finally won her back as his girlfriend. Today was just supposed to be a normal friend's date, but now they were a couple again.

Sylus did want to be able to get a little closer with her today, whether that be cuddling tonight or just getting to hold and kiss her. HE wanted more, but didn't know if he could get more. Instead of thinking about it too much, he heard her words and then he laughed a little. He told her he'd let her at least.

She was willing to go into the pool and that made him really happy. [b "I'll teach you slowly. We won't even have to go anywhere deep"] he promised her and then he finished up his food quickly. [b "Well I was...a bit hungry. We can eat some here and then take a whole one home"] he suggested, ordering the cake from the waiter, one to go and the other for here.

He saw her eyes looking down and he wondered what she was thinking. Sylus felt her leg move up and then he shifted a little. [b "Ara?"] he called out to her, seeing her distracted. THe dessert came in and they were each served a strawberry cheesecake. He leaned in and offered her a bite [b "What are you thinking about Ara?"] he asked, seeing she was distracted.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 17h 59m 3s
No one should know. It was dangerous otherwise but she knew that Soren knew that by now. Today, was really a lot of fun. The food was so good, and the view was incredible. Ara really savoured the food in front of her. It put her in such awe to hear him talk. [b "Thanks, it means a lot to hear that." ] She wanted to bring happiness to him. She adored seeing Sylus smile like this. She hadn't seen him like that at the facility, and now here he was-so lively. To think, that he would have had his life taken away on his birthday and never be able to see this, or experience this with her.
Never...fall in love with her.

Ara held a smile, feeling a bit warmed. She couldn't imagine going to bed without kissing him or touching him some more. She didn't know what path was right. If she would regret it if she didn't or would regret it if she did.

Her grew wide as plates when she realized that she had said it out loud an dthat he heard. Her face burned red. [b "Oh, well I..." ] Oh god. She couldn't believe she said that out loud, but she went for it. [b "Maybe I will." ] She whispered, finding his comment and laugh so damn sexy.

Ara nodded, [b "Yea. I'll try anyway. Mmm...very slowly." ] She felt like it would take some courage just to step into a pool again. He feared that burning feeling in her lungs when she was deep into that water, alone, and couldn't rise to the top no matter how much she clawed for it.

She was only half way, and Sylus already finished it. She giggled a little, [b "You ate it so fast. I love that idea. Go ahead, order it." ] She finished up her steak and drank more of wine, warming up her body. She let Sylus order the cake. [b "Should we...have dessert here, or at home?" ] She raised a brow, and her eyes lurked down his eyes. She wanted to undress him. Her leg ride up his without thought. She wanted to enjoy him, and Sylus to enjoy her in other ways too. [b "Mmm..." ] She got lost in her thoughts, imagining more of him. Imagining him run his fingers through her hair, holding her and telling...
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 18h 24m 39s
He didn't know what she was thinking about, but he knew what he was thinking. There was only one thing he wanted to do and that was to give her a good day and a memorable Valentine's day at that. He kept his eyes on hers and just felt his heart beating in his chest. All of the worry to know if she was having fun or not just made him nervous.

He did keep his leg wrapped with hers though, wanting to be close to her. Sylus smiled from her amazing words and he let her take care of the bill. She did say money wasn't an issue for her, but it was all his plans, so he felt bad.

Soon enough, they took a picture and when Sylus saw it, he was amazed. They really did look good together and he wanted that picture. He wanted to see what he had right now, even when he went back to the facility. [b "No one else needs to know"] he took a sip of her wine and saw their food.

Sylus took a bite of the steak and licked his lips. IT was as tender as butter and he really enjoyed it. [b " wouldn't be a happy day without you enjoying it. You made me really happy coming along. It's easy for you to make me happy and you've done it so many times already"] he smiled and then he thought about how this night would end. Would he just say goodnight and go to his room? Would she at least make him sleep with her? He didn't know, but as long as ARa was happy, what was the big deal?

He heard her say she'd lick him and he ended up laughing so much. [b "Oh? Well unfortunately I'm not edible, but you can if you want later. I'll let you"] he laughed and then he took a bite of his potato and then he grinned. To think that she was willing to try and get over her fear of the water. [b "Really ARa? Okay! I...I can teach you how to swim, we can do it slowly"] he told her, not wanting to scare her off or anything.

He finished his meal rather quickly and then he wiped his lips, his hand reaching over to hold hers. [b "What do you want for desert? We can see if they can split a cheesecake into three flavors?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 18h 53m 20s
[b "Me too." ] Ara gently smiled. It made her wonder what was crossing through his mind. Was it similar to her? She didn't want to stick her mind to just that though. She really was loving being here with him. It felt romantic, and at the same time it felt like she was fighting a sneeze, by fighting not to get to him. She smiled a little when he kept her leg wrapped.

Ara brushed her leg a bit more against his, not being able to help herself.
She shook her head, [b "You've already repaid me, by giving me a beautiful day, by giving me hope, and being alive. That's worth more than a bill." ] She never thought buying things for others was such a big thing. It was what the people in the facility and Sylus deserved. They were robbed of their lives, buying things for them now and then couldn't add up to what they've had taken away from them.

THey were up on their feet, taking a picture together that she always wanted to keep with her .It turned out amazing, sweet. The picture of them kissing warmed her. She showed him the pictures and smiled, [b "We do." ]] She took her phone back.

[b Sure, but don't send it to anyone else." ] She sent him the image and took a sip of her wine. She let him take a sip of her, and took a bite of the truffle. She put her phone away, not wanting it to be a distraction. There steak came in, Ara also got of salad. She dug into her salad a bit first. [b "Okay? Sy, you did way more than a person could dream for. I'm so happy. You're creating one of the most happiest days for me. I...always tried to do that for others, even if I can't." ] She cut into her steak and took a bite. It tasted so good. But...what would happen tonight. Could she walk into her room tonight alone and not...

She watched him carefully again. [b "Ah, you look so attractive, I could lick you" ] She whispered, not realizing she said that out loud, and continued to take bites of her steak. [b "You know... I know you love a swimming a lot, and I know I can't stay scared. So, I was thinking, instead of Tanner, could you help me step into a pool again? You've been trying so hard to take part of what I love, and I want to do the same...even if it's hard." ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 19h 20m 9s
He was really excited about today and he really just wanted it to work out in the end. To have Ara really fall for him and just enjoy all that he did was all he really wanted. [b "I hope so. I know it's only one day of the year, but I'm really glad that we get a chance to experience it"] he smiled and tried his best to keep his eyes up on hers. He didn't want to make it seem like he was only after one thing tonight.

He kept her leg wrapped in his and then he saw her eyes moving too. Were they thinking about the same thing? He wanted her. When she said she'd pay, Sylus felt bad about it because she always paid. This was supposed to be all his idea, but he couldn't say no. She had a point. [b "Okay Ara. But I want to repay you back somehow because you're always buying me things...."] he told her, before they stood up for a picture.

When he kissed her, he sat back down and then he saw her phone. [b "We look good together"] he liked the one of them kissing. He wanted to keep it and put it up in his room, but he couldn't. [b "Can you send that one to me"] he asked, taking a sip of the wine and then he leaned in to take a sip of hers. [b "Mmm, it's good"] he took the other truffle and took a bite, licking his lips and then seeing their steak coming in.

Sylus was already hungry from the day and he hoped Ara liked it too. [b "I think I did okay for someone having Valentine's day for the first time? What do you think?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 20h 12m 13s
He was right. They deserved to experience a day like this. [b "Yea... We won't, but maybe one day again we could. I don't even think this is a normal valentine's. Kim says this is very common," ] She giggled. She was lucky to have him, that was certain. She noticed him looking at her dress, seeing his eyes struggle to lift up to her eyes. it didn't matter because she was struggling all the same.

Ara bit down while smiling on her red lips when he had her leg trapped between his. She couldn't deny it to herself, that just a brush of his leg made her dream. She met his eyes, but they'd waver off her eyes. The price for all of this was high and either way, the money that was given to him as allowance was from her dad's horrible organization. In one way, her dad would be paying Sylus to take her on a date. That amused her a little. But, Sylus and everyone else deserved a lot more than money after what they put them through.

[b "Exactly, you planned all of this and gave memories way more worth then money. You can at least let me pay. I want to. I'd rather you spend the money on clothes or stuff you can bring back with you, or something else you can enjoy." ]] Money wasn't a big thing to her, so paying wasn't a problem. Ara got up, and had to take a picture with Sylus.

Her heart raced when his arm wrapped around her waist, and then their lips met. She smiled back at him, not wanting to break away from his lips but needing to. She took a seat and swiped at the two photos of them on her phone. [b "We look like a billion bucks." ] She hand him her phone and allowed him to see the picture, [b "What do you think? How do we look?" ] She found the picture of them kissing so sweet. It looked like something out of a movie.

She took a sip of her wine, while waiting for their food to arrive. [b "Mmm, this is sweet. Do you want to try?" ] She offered hers. There was two chocolate truffles in the center. She took a bite of one, [b "Mmm, so good. Chocolate is melting in my mouth." ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 1d 20h 56m 16s
He told her that he found her to be beautiful because she really was. Ara was so pretty to him, maybe it was because it was a mix of her being so attractive, or the fact that he's loved her for such a long time. That girl that rescued him, made his time at the facility less miserable and loved him unconditionally.

He saw her amazing smile and then he sat with her viewing the city. Sylus saw her looking at him and then he kept his eyes on her, still amazed at the amazing dress she wore. She was sexy....he wanted to just touch her, slide that off, maybe ask her to go to the restroom with him...NO. [i You can't ruin this for yourself Sy] he thought to himself and then he shook his head.

He shook his head [b "I think we really deserve this Ara. You and I both deserve a chance to experience a normal Valentine's day because when we go back, we can't"] he told her, looking through the menu as he decided on getting a steak and a baked potato. He thought about dessert and maybe bringing home a cheesecake would be nice too.

He felt her leg and wrapped his own around hers, his eyes on her blue ones as he tried to keep them above her chest. When he thought about how much this would all cost, he didn't want her paying. She always paid for him and it just didn't seem fair. [b "I mean...if you want Ara, but I planned this date, it should be me"] he told her.

IT was a lot, but he's been saving for this day. He smiled at the thought of a picture and then he stood beside her, his arm around her waist as he felt her lips press against him. He hugged her and kissed her, thanking the waiter and then taking a seat again. He peeked up at her [b "How does the picture look?"] he asked, wanting to see because he knew they were both dressed nice today.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2d 41m 31s
It always pleasant to hear those sort of words come out from him. [b "You're all I want too." ] Ara smiled back. Never had she thought that Sylus would take them to a place like this. She knew a place like this didn't come cheap. Ara waited for a wine by watching Sylus and couldn't help but notice how he was looking directly at her dress. Maybe, it was too much. Soon enough, he met her eyes and she smiled right back.

[b "I feels like it's more than I deserve," ] She held onto his hand, and then peaked into the menu. She wasn't too sure, but she felt that it would be a good idea to get a steak. [b "Then, we'll both get steak." ] What would she have for dessert was still a question, but then Sylus ran with it. Get one to go seemed like a good idea, [b "Mmm, I actually like that idea. Maybe even different flavours of cheesecake." ] Her leg brushed against his, and when it was about to retreat she felt him wrap his own around hers.

[i Forget the cake. I want you.] She faze out for a second, imagining what she could discreetly do, under the table. It took a while for her to piece up what he said. [b Oh no, no. I can't let you pay for all of this Sy. I'll pay, and if not that, at least let me pay half." ] She didn't want to make a huge dent on him, since the facility gave him very little money. [b "We should take a picture together while we're here too. I'll get the server to take a picture of us." ] When the serve passed by, she gave him her phone and she took Sylus hand, [b "Come on, let's stand in front of the view." ]

She stood up and wrapped leaned into him, holding his hand. Then she got him to face her, she wrapped her arms around him, pressed herself against him and kissed his lips. Ara took her phone back, thanked the server and sat back down. [b "I officially love valentine's day thanks to you." ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 2d 1h 44m 50s

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