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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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It was sweet when he kissed her ring and then her hand. He really could be such a prince charming. It made her happy, and at the same time, afraid to feel the same way as she did before. She smiled further when he leaned into her hand. She kissed him and enjoyed the kisses running down her neck. He always drew her breath away and got her excited. There kisses became more intense, hungry for it.

She moaned into his lips when his hands got to her ass. Her fingers felt over his chest and the fabric that separated her from it. She pressed harder down on his crotch. His jacket was off, and she felt that much closer to just seeing him. She giggled when he responded, “I know darling.” She licked his ear. She was unbuttoning his shirt, and got down to three.

The sound the com came up but Sylus kept teasing her that it made it difficult. She locked her eyes on him when he said the same very dirty thing she said to her. [b “It does…” ] She licked his tongue that he stuck out. She then found herself moaning quietly when he massaged her inner thigh. [b “Sy…what are you doing…” ] Ara mumbled, and kept quiet as she felt him tugging her underwear playfully. She had spread her legs slightly. Then he grabbed the menu. She sighed. He opened it up and started taking.

[b “If we don’t have to decide…then I’m good with that. No…I’m good.” ] Ara said and would began grinding into his lap slightly, [b “Are you good? Or do you want something more?” ] Ara asked, and then began removing his belt until it was mostly off. She’d unbutton his pants a bit and look up at his eyes, and then would reach just to tug his boxers. [b “Hmm…maybe we should get another drink?” ] She said, feeling he should share the experience of being teased.
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He was so in love with the girl sitting beside him that he couldn't stop showering her in love. HE wanted her to know that he loved her and would keep his promise to her again. [b "Mmm, you're just perfect ARa"] he ran his fingers over her thigh and then his lips would kiss hers deeply, feeling that head spread throughout his body. It was so warm and he was slowly getting hot with how sexy she was.

He felt her hands on his bare skin, sliding beneath his jacket as he licked her lips, his tongue wrapping around hers and nibbling on her bottom lip. He saw her ring and kissed it, knowing that promise still stood after all this time. If he could get the chance, he wouldn't think twice about marrying her. She was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with easy.

Sylus leaned into her hand and then he kissed her neck slowly, taking in her sweet scent and her soft skin against his lips as he held her on his lap. He would kiss her more intensely as he held her ass, his hands moving up her dress towards her thigh. He pulled off his jacket and felt her tongue o his ear [b "OHmmm, you're sexy. You tease too"] he smirked and watched her unbutton his shirt.

He touched her ass, slowly moving further up until he heard the com. HE would look at the menu on the table and then he would look back at sexy Ara on his lap. [b "We can, but doesn't it sound better if you had me in you?"] he stuck out his tongue to ease her, massaging her inner thighs as he playfully tugged on her underwear. Sylus reached over and grabbed a menu, setting it on his chest open for her to see. [b "It's sushi where the chef picks.....we don't really have to decide on anything, but if you want anything extra, just pick Love. Like another drink or appetizer?"] he asked, holding the menu against him as he kept his amber eyes on her.
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Sylus always made her feel like she was perfect. She’d lean and kiss his lips quickly, “SO are you…I love the way you are.” ] She was becoming so aware of his fingers going down her body, feeling over her thigh. She nibbled at her lip when she felt them go down her leg, just where her tights started. She’d kiss him deeply, enjoy being held in his arms. Her fingers went underneath his suit jacket, feeling over his abs.

The change in his expression when he saw the ring lit her up. She knew it meant a lot to him. It meant a lot to her. She looked directly into his eyes. She wanted the promise to be real this time. That he wouldn’t leave. She didn’t think she’d ever be okay again after the miscarriage and him leaving, but she was. Handling it again-wasn’t going to happen. [b “Me too.” ] She caressed his cheek.

Sylus was sending her the pleasure of his lips on her neck, going down to near her chest. She released subtle moans, and drawing closer to him naturally. Her body always melted to his touch. She wanted to give all of herself to him, and also give him all her love. She’d tug on his tie ad pull him in to kiss her lips again. She sucked on his lip after he licked hers. She was on his lap, making out with him, lost in only the two of them. Ara unbuttoned just one for now for him. He removed his jacket and she smirked. Ara brushed her lips up his cheek to his war. Shed give it a kiss, and his earlobe a lick [b “So perfect when you’re in me too.” ] She whispered. She unbuttoned one other and traced the exposed area with her finger.

Ara paused in sucking on his earlobe when she became aware of him lifting up her dress a bit, running down her bare thighs. She heard the com and she looked back at Sylus but he continued to kiss her. It felt so good. She stared back at him, but she was a bit dazed, and unable to think when she could feel his hand beneath her dress, massaging her inner thigh. She’d spread her legs a bit more, wanting the touch and she was unable to hide it through her expression.
[b “Umm…umm…We can order food at least.” ] She mumbled, “And then…kiss more.”
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 7d 2h 9m 25s
It was always a treat to be able to spend some alone time with her. He loved her and wanted to spend every moment with her, but there was always things to do, missions to complete, and they had to break free from the facility. Still, nothing really got in the way from the fact that they loved each other dearly and he wanted to do on this date to show her how much he cared for her, even until now.

They sat beside each other and he would lean in, his arm caressing her side as he scooted inches closer. [b "You're always perfect Love. Every time I see you, you couldn't be more perfect"] he'd slide his fingers down her side and then over her thigh, running his fingers down her bare leg. He'd meet her lips and wrap his arms around her more, watching her touch the layers of his clothes, pressing his lips against hers once more. He saw the ring on her finger and felt his heart melt. He gave that to her a long time ago and their promise still stood.

HE kissed her finger and then he would press his lips on the back of her hand, meeting her eyes [b "I've always loved you Ara"] he smiled, leaning in more as he kissed her neck, pressing his lips on her collarbone and then down her neck to where her dress started. He would feel her kissing his lips and he'd fall in deeper with each kiss, licking her bottom lip as he enjoyed her taste.

He held her on his lap, making out with her, his hands carefully running down her back and over her behind. He'd follow her lips, tracing them, his tongue playing with hers as he felt her touching his suit. Sylus slowly shifted and moved out of his jacket as he felt her fingers run through his hair [b "Mmm, you feel so nice Love. So perfect on me"] he'd lean his head back, feeling her warm lips on his skin, enjoying her attention as his hands slide down her bare thighs, crawling up her legs and then lifting up a bit.

There was a beeping sound on the intercom as Sylus pressed the button. "ARe you ready to order Sir? Please let us know" the message said. Sylus would continue kissing Ara's soft and addicting lips. [b "You hungry yet Love, or should we keep kissing more. I don't mind either"] he licked her bottom lip and reached beneath her dress, massaging her inner thigh.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 8d 8h 56m 21s
Sylus touch was always making her feel that much closer. She drew a breath and kissed his soft lips in return. His fingers felt so good running down her side, back. She kissed his neck and hear this soft sound coming from him. [b “I know darling, but today, for you…I want to look perfect.” She felt over his thigh and felt him glide his hand down to hers. She grew excited just from the touch going near. She kissed him sweetly back right after. She scooted closer and rested against his side. She his arm around her.

He looked amazing and she wanted to get her hands fitting underneath the layers of his clothes. She felt in the center and heard his words being shared to her. IT made her smile. She kissed him once more after he said he loved her. She saw his eyes drop and noticed him fixated on the ring he gave her. She believed it, that they would be together, and did promise to be one day in peace as a family.
She watched him bringing her hand up and gave the ring a kiss. Ara’s cheeks warmed. She looked back at his eyes, [b “I always have…I never stopped.” ] She said and kissed his cheek again [b “Because I love you.” ] She said with a smile, [b “You’re so sexy and perfect too. She giggled.

She moaned when his soft lips kissed her neck. It felt insanely nice. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of his warm lips and breath touching her skin, nibbling. [b “Mmm…sy.” ] She leaned back. She kissed him back deeply, sucking his lip gently and then licking. She got lost in the heat of the moment, and like always, she felt the world go small and the only thing that existed was the two of them. She always felt like nothing can touch her when she was with him alone.

He pulled her onto her lap. She hung her arms around him loosely and kissed his lips softly again, brushing her lips along his after, not kissing just touching. [b “Mmm…of course.” ] She kissed him harder, bust still with care, passionately, and sliding her tongue in. She moaned into his lips when he touched he rass. Her fingers gripped onto his suit, nails slightly digging in past it. She pressed harder down on his lap, without really putting too much focus on it. She naturally gravitated to being closer to him. She parted from his lip and stroked through his hair, looking into his eyes, [b “You make me so happy.” ] She whispered and kissed his neck, sucking on the skin gently.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 8d 22h 34m 2s
He loved the way she said she knew what he was saying. It was never a surprise, but he did love telling her how amazing she was and how attractive she was to him. Even if she was confident in her looks, she had every right to be. She was perfect to him.

When they were both ready to leave, he couldn't keep his eyes on her. She was so sleek and sexy. She always knew how to look amazing and even in nothing she was beautiful. He kissed her and held her hand, taking her to the restaurant. The ride over was so peaceful, just listening to how great their love was. He'd hold her hand in his and walked towards their seat once they got to the restaurant. Having her by his side always made him feel at peace and happy.

He sat with her and took a sip of the wine, his arm holding her close, feeling her bare skin and then caressing her side. He took a bite of the food and then he leaned in, giving her a piece. WHen she cupped his face, his eyes widened a bit and he smiled, kissing her warm lips as he felt her hand caressing his thigh. He knew she wanted him too as he slid his fingers down her back, feeling her lips on his neck [b "Mmm"] he met her crystal blue eyes and he smirked [b "You are always amazing in whatever you wear"] he kissed her cheek, his finger gliding down her thigh as he went in for another sweet kiss.

He knew that if anyone saw her, he'd get upset. Ara was his girlfriend and he'd make sure everyone else knew that. [b "I love you too"] he laughed when she mentioned pushing away others. He saw her touching his suit and then he spotted the ring on her finger. IT made his heart beat louder. To think she had that all this time. [b "You're perfect, sexy, and I love how you always think of me"] he brought her hand to his lips, kissing the ring he gave her as a promise to be together forever.

[b "Mmm, you always smell so good too Love"] he kissed down her neck and nibbled on her collarbone, smelling the vanilla scent she had on. God her skin was so warm, kissable, and so soft to his touch.

He pressed his lips back up to hers, tasting the wine she drank. He'd slowly pull her over his lap to face him [b "How about another kiss"] he wrapped his arms around her waist, his fingers holding her ass as he leaned up to kiss her once more.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 9d 12h 8m 43s
Ara giggled [b “I know darling, because you’re irresistible to me.” ] She said.

The two of them seperated to get ready. She saw Sylus and he was stunning. He looked so perfect in a suit, proessional and so sexy. She wanted to kiss him, to show him how much she loved and cared for him. She liked it when he held her ass. She’d moan and kissed him. [b “Let’s go.” ] Ara squeezed his hand.

She’d play romantic music in the car, about love, songs that she felt that suited them. She’d see him glance at her while he drove. She’d bump her shoulder against his. She loved him dearly. She wanted nothing more than to always be together, to have the dream they shared together. It made her feel not alone, but also…more scared of it being destroyed. That was the funny thing about having something.

The building was beautiful, and the interior had it’s own mood. She loved it. She felt proud to be the one next to him, to hold his hand. They sat down together, she poured the red wine in the glass and tapped his glass. She knew when he said words to her, that he meant it. Ara giggled [b “We are pretty sweet.” ] She fed him, watching him take a bite. She watched him grab another and set it on his lips. He wasn’t taking a bite. She raised a brow until he leaned in. She cupped his face, finding it so cute. He still made her heart flutter. She snagged tit from him and kissed him back in the process. Her eyes lingered on his and then to his smile. She’d caress his thigh and feel so much love. She could feel his fingers running along he rbare arm to her hips. She’d lean and kiss his neck. [b “Mmm…” ] She loved the compliment, [b “Thank you, I’m glad I have this dress. And you…you my darling look so good in this suit. I’m amazed always on how you look.” ]

Ara giggled at his comment and then realized, he might not be joking. She’s seen him get quite angry since they’ve gotten together at guys giving her attention. Especially…that friend. Well she didn’t mind [b “I love you.” ] She kissed his lips briefly again, her blue eyes holding on his, [b “I’m only for eyes underneath it all. I’m lucky too. I’d be pushing bitches away from you if they tried to come at you. We belong to each other.” ] She felt like if soulmates were real, that he was hers. She felt so connected to him. He looked good and her fingers would run along the center of his suit, [b “Mmm, nice material too.” ] She mentioned. She wore the ring, he had gave her a long time ago. She still smelled sweet with a hint of vanilla. She would wipe off a crumb off his lip with her finger, [b “You’re perfect.” ]
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He did love their pets and seeing them give each other so much attention would put a smile on anyone's face. He snuggled into Nyx and threw the ball for him until he started looking for a place to reserve for the night. He kept his arm around Ara and found the perfect place, leaning in as he felt her kiss his neck and lick his earlobe [b "You're so irresistible you know that?"] he chuckled and slowly got up and went to get ready.

He dressed up in his suit, having a surprise for Ara underneath as he opened the door was greeted by Nyx. He'd lean down and feed him a treat, working on his tricks again and then when Ara came down, she got his attention so easily. [b "Mmm, how lucky am I"] he held her ass and would try to avoid ruining her make up, but when she kissed him, he smiled and kissed her back. [b "Let's go on our date"] he held her hand and then he drove them to the restaurant. He listened to the music and just felt so in love with her right now. He had beautiful girl and they were on a romantic date.

Sylus would park in front of the high end restaurant that was on the tenth floor of the building. He'd lead Ara up the elevator and then enter the sushi place. Once they got to their booth, he sat with her, seeing the wine and appetizers on the table, making him excited for tonight. He saw Ara pouring them a glass and he'd put his arm around her waist as he leaned into her [b "Anything for my Love"] he held the glass and tapped hers as he took a sip. [b "Mmm, you're right. Still not as sweet as my Love"] he took a bite of the calamari and then he grabbed another one and held it between his lips. He leaned into her so she could snag it from him, while getting a kiss in the process. SYlus would smile and run his fingers along her bare arm, down and over her hips. [b "You look so pretty tonight in that dress Love. So sexy. I'm glad we're alone, otherwise I'd be beating up people for even laying their eyes on you"]
  ellocalypse / 9d 19h 10m 55s
Ara laughed when he talked about her hair, [b “I guess she does.” ] Ara pet Queen on the top of her head. Her hair always smelled nice. She thought about the mission and she knew it shouldn’t let it effect their personal life. IT was hard to do it though. [b “You’re right… It’s better if you do. It will.” ] She felt safer knowing Sylus wouldn’t speak. If he stood quiet than he wouldn’t get so involved-maybe.

[b “Mmm, okay. I guess me listening to the conversation as it’s running is out of the question too.” ] She sighed. She worried less about her situation. She trusted that Sylus would help her find a way to keep her the safest as she could be. The house was pretty secure, bulletproof glass, with a high end security system. Plus, she was a good shooter if they somehow managed to get inside-which would be very difficult.

Ara watched how he smirked. She loved it when he did. [b “I love it when you seduce me too. “ ] She would nod when he said out of view. Ara locked her eyes on him [b “We can discuss…certain topics.” ] She kissed his neck and licked his earlobe just to tease him.

She took her bath, and got dressed, in a dress, nude mesh tights, and nude pumps. Her hair down, and her makeup done. She wanted to look pefect and sexy to him. She saw him come in and she held his hand too. She loved his grin, and she couldn’t stop smiling herself. She never got used to seeing how handsome and sexy he looked in a suit. She giggled [b “I tried to be.” ] She promised and moaned when he squeezed her ass. She caressed his cheek, and called it as she saw it, fucking hot. She kissed him, not concerned about her makeup since she used products that were happily stubborn.

[b “Mmm, let’s go sexy.” ] She intertwined her fingers with his. She went to the garage and sat in the car. Ara connected the car to her phone, playing some romantic music. She would stroke his shoulder and look out the window.

The car parked. She stepped out of the car and he held her hand. She happily took his hand, following him, her heels making some sound as she walked with him. The place was beautiful, the calligraphy was what amazed her. She wondered…if she could learn to do that.

They went into there own booth, separated and concealed by others. Ara sat down next to Sylus, seeing the bottle of wine and some food already set for them. It was nice. Ara tangled her fingers with his as they sat down. She smiled to him [b “That’s most definitely okay. Aww darling, this is the best. I love it, and love you” ] She kissed his cheek. She took the bottle of wine and poured it into their glasses. She’d take a hold of the glass and tapped his, she took a sip. [b “Mm, this is a sweet one.” ] She set it down and [b “Almost as sweet as you.” ] She squeezed his hand. She took a calamari and offered to his lips.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 20h 21m 31s
He hugged Nyx on his lap, rubbing his belly and seeing Nyx pounce on him, licking his hands. Sylus thought he was the cutest pup ever. He kissed the top of his head and then would hold him on his lap as he watched Queen sit on Ara's head. He smiled [b "She really likes your hair. I like it too"] he chuckled and then they talked about the meeting.

[b "I think it is best that we just complete this mission and not let it affect our personal lives. I'll just observe. It'll be fine"] he assured her, knowing that there will be so many other leaders there. He had to be on his best behavior to just observe. [b "I have good memory. I'll keep it recorded and give you the rundown. I don't want to risk them catching me with anything"] he told her.

If Klara had something that day, he really would have to think of a way to take Ara with him or have her secured at home and monitored. IT would be difficult, but their house was pretty safe. [b "Yeah, I'll ask Klara and we'll figure out the safest way to keep you safe"] he assured her.

He wanted to go on a date with Ara, so when he looked for a place, he smirked a bit [b "Me too. I love seducing you too. Out of view huh....hmmm what are you trying to do to me"] he chuckled and then he let her go up for a bath. Sylus decided to shower downstairs and get ready. He grabbed his underwear, putting it on. It had straps to go over his shoulders and it looked pretty flexible. HE chuckled a bit, hoping Ara would like it later.

HE then put on his dark, maroon suit, his white shirt and black tie and then he put on his shoes. He fixed up his hair and then he headed outside, fixing his cuffs when he saw his sexy girlfriend coming down. Nyx was still beside him, sitting on the ground as they both looked at Ara.

[b "Oh wow Ar"] he grinned, biting down on his lip as he walked over and held her hand in his. He saw her sleek red dress, her amazing curves showing and her shimmering soft skin. God he wanted to kiss her. Sylus leaned in [b "Mmm, you're so hot Love"] he laughed and then he reached behind her and squeezed her ass. [b "SO so sexy"] he wanted to kiss her, but he didn't want to ruin her make up or hair just yet. [b "Let's go my beautiful girlfriend?"] he smiled, leading her to the garage and getting into the lexus.

He drove her towards the restaurant in the middle of town. It was an omikaze style restaurant but their table would be on the second floor in their own little booth. The food would be delivered up to them and they'd have a view of the city lights. Sylus would park the car, holding her hand [b "Come on Love"] he'd enter the restaurant, seeing the traditional Japanese decor, the paper lamps, the aquariums, and the calligraphy around the halls. There were famous sushi chefs preparing everyone's meal as the waiter led them up to their booth.

They were faced with a soft, red couch, a bottle of wine and two glasses. There was edamame and fried calamari already on the table. Sylus took a seat with her. [b "THe chef prepares us the best sushi that he can ever make. Four courses, all chef pick, me and you. I hope that's okay. Only the best for my best girl"]
  Soren / ellocalypse / 9d 22h 48m 45s
[b “Nyx is.” ] Ara giggled, adoring seeing Syus giving Nyx love. She loved there cute pets. She loved petting Queen. She seemed to do whatever she wanted though, climbing onto her shoulder and then the top of her head again, liking the height. Ara worried that she’d build a habit and make a mess of her hair more.
She understood that what he had to do was something he was trained to do. Those monsters train them to be monsters. They weren’t, but it sure looked like it from the outside. [b “I know… I understand that. I had to…get rid of…some of our friends after all. It was never easy. I really couldn’t do it when it came to you.” ] She took hold of his hand. She couldn’t picture her life without him. [b “Mm, I’ll try to be more…okay with it.” ]

She loved his arms, and his kisses. She felt good with him. [b “It’s probably better if you did just observe. I mean it would be good for us if we are able to record it or something. Or maybe it’s too risky. Who knows, that meeting might even get messy-they didn’t decide who leads and it might get bad.” ] She was worried that maybe someone else tried to sabotage that meeting, factors or people they didn’t know.

[b “Unless Klara has something really important that day. If that happens, I guess I’ll be around you-just not with you or, board myself up here and turn on security.” ] She felt either way, she would be safe, she was mostly concerned for Sylus.

She definitely wouldn’t mind going on a date. She gave him the affection, feeling his hair and hugging him. She giggled [b “I know. I love seducing you.” ] She kissed his cheek. [b “Okay darling.” ] She would peak over at his phone seeing him looking at places [b “Make sure…we’re out of view .” ] Ara warned and then would look at the tv. She decided she wanted to take a bath. [b “Alright.” ] She let him go off. She went upstairs herself and took a bath, she made sure her skin was very smooth. She used her lotion, and used a sweet smelling perfume. She let her hair down lose, in loose curls. She used a red liquid lipstick, curled her eyelashes to look thick, did a wing and used soft pink nude eyeshadow. It was all fairly subtle but it made a difference.

She stepped out of the room and found her silk red short dress. She wore her nude mesh lingerie, well most of it, and thigh high slightly glossy tights with a black visible inseam at the back. She wore a pair of nude pumps too. She grabbed her bag and she went downstairs, bending down to pet Queen. Nyx had been trying to follow Sylus this whole time.
Ara then saw Sylus come and she smirked, seeing all dressed up. Seeing in so much clothing made her want to make a mess of it. [b “Mmm, darling you like so handsome. Fuck you’re hot.” ] She blurt out.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 10d 4h 24m 38s
He had a smile on his face because Ara always made him smile. He was sitting on the couch with her, holding Nyx on his lap as he rubbed behind his ears. [b "Who's a good boy"] he snuggled him in and then he watched Ara giving Queen some love too. [b "Yeah, it's something you can never really get used to, but when they drill it into you head like's just something you have to do to progress a mission. You can't let it affect least during the mission"] he sighed a bit, but kept her in his arms, kissing her cheek.

[b "Yeah we can plan out some scenarios and what I should talk about, but I think I'll mostly be observing for the most part. I'll keep an eye out"] he leaned into her and then he thought about how she couldn't come. [b "We'll make sure Klara has the day off. Your safety is priority"] he brushed his fingers through her hair and then he teased her about helping her tonight.

He felt so much love for her and ever since she gave him another chance, accepted his work side, he wanted to give her all the love he had. He leaned into her, enjoying her fingers through his hair as he smiled [b "Mmm, I love it when you seduce me though"] he admitted, laughing a bit, hearing that she wanted him to look like a badass. [b "Anything for you"] he decided to wear something underneath too. [b "I'll surprise you then"] he rested his head against hers and then he looked at his phone, finding a five star restaurant that had secluded seating. If Ara wanted a fancy dinner, he wouldn't go any less.

[b "Done Love"] he felt her warm lips on his neck and then he would run his fingers against her side. [b "Okay. I'm going to dress up then"] he decided to use the spare bathroom downstairs to shower as well. He went up to their room and he picked out his outfit, heading back downstairs to get ready. He hid his [ Suit] and then he went back into his closet to grab what he was going to wear underneath.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 10d 13h 43m 49s
[b “So am I.” ] She said.
At home they had there cute pets to take care of. She had Queen in her arms, letting her rest on her lap. She was concerned about hwo this would go. They were doing well, which was really good and also concerning. [b “I know you know. But, it doesn’t mean I should avoid it . This is the world we live in…and I should be able to stomach it.” ] She thought that she should anyway. She didn’t know if she was right but that’s what felt right.

[b “Hmm, next week. We should prepare. I suppose I can’t come with you to that one.” ] She was sure they wouldn’t allow it. That meant she had to stay here alone or if Klara was free. OR maybe she could just be around and wait for Sylus to finish.

She watched him hold Nyx, rubbing him. It made her smile.

At first she thought he meant something like work and then…she realized what he meant. Ara nudged him [b “you’re such a tease. Into…clothes?” ] She saw him sticking his tongue and smiling. She knew what he wanted. She’s known him too long and lately he’s been really into her and she could not complain about it. She happily wanted to give it to him whenever he wanted it, or she thought he wanted it.

[b “I know.” ] Ara stroked through his hair and looked at his eyes, focusing on them, “AH hmm… you’ll be so impressed you’d think I was seducing you.” ] She stuck her otnuge out and then smiled when he talked about looking pretty, “Badass, I want you look like a handsome badass that you are.You always catch my attention too darling.” She kissed his lips when he smirked at her. She saw him looking off, and she figured he was imagining or thinking something.

Ara tilted her head and then gave a nod [b “Okay, underneath too then. Darling. If you wore nothing underneath, that would be fine too. Although, feel free. You’ll be on par, don’t worry.” ] She said and leaned her head on his shoulder, enjoying his arm around her waist. She started to think of what she could wear. She peaked at him looking at his phone [b “Make a reservation somewhere very private…high end. Don’t worry about the money.” ] She brushed her lips against his neck and gave it a kiss. She’d hug him tight and smile to herself, [b “I’m going to take a bath, okay?” ] Ara mentioned, wanting to just soak up in hot water and clean herself up probably.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 10d 14h 41m 52s
It still made him really happy she was working hard to get off of the pill. [b "Yeah. I'm glad you didn't take any chances and kept your head clear"] he was already really happy when ARa was safe and made the right choices.

They headed back home and then she apologized, he shook his head [b "I know it isn't something you'd want to see. It's probably best you didn't see the rest of it"] he told her, thinking back to what Kiyoshi said. [b "He said their monthly meeting. It takes place every fifteenth of the next week?"] he told her, scratching the back of his head. He held Nyx and rubbed the top of his head, scratching behind his ears as he told her what a great job she did.

When he said he'd help with tonight, she got the hint and he'd stick out his tongue [b "Maybe? Maybe you just need help getting into your clothes tonight. Who knows"] he smiled and then he thought about the bottle of wine [b "Oooh, that sounds really good too"] he sat beside her and felt her warm lips. It made him smile. [b "I love seeing you dress up. You always catch my attention"] he loved her enthusiasm. [b "Extra? Hmm, that means I have to look extra pretty for my love too"] he smirked and then he imagined Ara looking good underneath.

[b "I love seeing all dressed up. Over and under. Did you want me to dress up over and under too? I'll increase my handsomeness for you too so I can keep on par"] he kissed her cheek and wrapped his arm around her waist as he turned on the TV. [b "I'll make some reservations and we can just get our wine there"] he smiled, glancing at his phone as he picked out a restaurant.
  ellocalypse / 10d 15h 14m 27s
[b “I did…but I was also lucky. If I had less time, I might have acted like I was on the pill. I’m glad I didn’t, I’m glad I didn’t have to kill anyone.” ] She didn’t want to take a life if she had the choice. When she opened the door, they were greeted by their cute pets. [b “I know…I’m sorry I wasn’t there. He did? When is it?” ] She asked. She wondered…if all of this torture would get to him. Well he’s done it before, so it wasn’t like he would suddenly stop being the sweet kind Sy she knew. She bent down and scooped up Queen, petting her back and she looked down at Nyx, hopping on Sylus leg. She pet down and pet Nyx too. It was cute. She stood up with Queen in one arm.

[b “I do?” ] She giggled and then heard the last bit [b “With what?” ] She wondered if she was supposed to do anything tonight…oh did he mean? [b “Darling do you mean something dirty?” ] She laughed. She released a soft sigh when he hugged her and kissed her lips.

[b “I’m glad we were successful. Celebrate? Should we open a bottle of wine?” ] She asked and would follow him to sit on the touch with Queen who curled up in her lap. She raised a brow when he offered her a date. He was really into their relationship lately-especially sexually. [b “Of course we can go on a date. What do you have in mind darling.” ] She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek, [b “I’ll dress extra pretty for you.”] She smiled. She stroked through his hair, [b "Did you want me to dress up underneath too or?"]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 10d 16h 7m 49s

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