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[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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Ara walked toward the car, but paused and looked behind her. She waved at him again, "Bye everyone." Her eyes watered but she didn't dare to cry. She knew she would miss him and felt really said that she didn't know when she'd see Ethan and Payton again too. Tilla gently pressed on her back to get going. Ara went into the back seats and she was flooded with questions by Tilla on how her wound was and the possibility of getting caught. Ara knew the time she would get home it would be no more than a mare bruise.

Payton yawned and closed the door once Ara left with them. "I only slept for an hour." She added, wanting to crash down and fall back to sleep. She knew she could push through it if need be.
Ethan nodded, "I think I will take you up on that. I'm exhausted... It's too bad that they left. Ara was very nice, she's like a little sister I never had." He mumbled the last bit and looked at Payton, smirking with tired eyes, "Sleep with me?"

She gave him a look, "You're not funny."
"Sleep in the same bed as me..." He corrected, "Not that."
"Oh..." She sighed and then shook her head, "No. You're not in danger." She then head upstairs to head off to bed too because she felt she could use it.
Ethan scoffed, "What does it take to get a little love around here?" He mumbled and looked at SYlus, "Thanks, I might wake up in a few hours." He added and head up to fall asleep too.

Payton would woke up at 1pm in the afternoon. She crawled out of bed and the first thing she did was go knocking on Ethan's door. If he didn't reply, she'd peak in to make sure he was bed-and he was, sleeping away. She went down the hall and called, "Hey, Sylus, where are you at?" She called out as she went downstairs.
  Ravenity / 48s
He didn't want to lose and he didn't want her to leave his side, but sometimes he didn't like the words coming out of her mouth. It was as if she wanted him to get taken away and to forget about her. He couldn't do that though. He'd find a way to be at her side because he loved her so much. IT just wasn't fair.

When they spoke about it, he just said that he wouldn't get himself killed and promised that he'd stay alive. That was the most he could promise her, but he wasn't going to leave if he didn't have to. Either way, he'd try and find his way back to her somehow. He kissed her warm lips before they got into the car and then headed to the house.

He didn't want her to go, but when he got a little moment with her, he hugged and kissed her again. As they headed towards the house, he smiled, seeing that Ethan and Payton were okay. He looked at the item he was giving to Ara....what was that? He wasn't sure exactly, but he figured it was something really important if people were after them.

Sylus saw that they were going to leave. He said his goodbyes to Tanner and Tilla and then he smiled and waved at Ara, not wanting to see her go. "See you guys later. Be safe" he told them, feeling that sad, lonely feeling ache in his chest. He didn't want her to go. A part of him wanted to run up to her, hold her hand and ask her to stay with him, but he couldn't do that. THey had a mission.

He sighed and watched them head into the car, making him bite his lip as he took in a deep breath and tried to look normal. Sylus turned around as they left and then he looked back at Payton and Ethan. [b "You both look tired. Get some rest. I can keep watch"] he told them.
  ellocalypse / 11h 28m 39s
Time was shrinking. She was so wrapped around losing him. “That’s not what I meant-I meant I would. I did… I meant, put yourself in my life for a moment. I don’t want to lose someone like I did before.” She shook her head, her expression weakening. He hugged her close and she didn’t think he still fully understand. But he agreed-sort of. She figured once he was out, that maybe he’d get used to being away from her anyway. Which was good… She felt like she’d always miss him. She missed everyone, and she felt like the only one that couldn’t let go.
Either way, she wanted Sy to let go if he had to even if he somehow out of a billion chances he couldn’t let go too. She hugged him tightly. Her phone rung and this was it. It was time to hea doff. She looked upat him and he kissed her. She kissed him back. She nodded, “Mmm…I will.” She said and walked out with him. “Ethan called,” She declared. Tilla and Heath went forward and Sylus held onto her hand. She smiled when he kissed her cheek, making her smile when he did. He was really good comfort. She couldn’t believe she grew to trust him not to turn her back on her, even when it was pretty rough. He never said he’d leave.

Ara held his hand tightly, not realy wanting to let go. She kissed him quickly while pushing the door slightly closed and then went out the door. Tanner locked up and she slowly released his hand. They went to the car, and Tilla drove them there. She sat in the back, mostly watching Sylus. They arrived at the door and Payton was there to get it. She was in shorts and a long t-shirt, looking pretty tired.
“You’re here…” She whispered, “Come in…” She opened the door and yawned, rubbing her hair. It was a rare sight for Ara to see Payton tired, “Thanks…” Ara said and Ethan came down the stairs and held this box in his hands, “I got it to work.”
Ara smiled, “Thanks Ethan, really.” She remembered getting that call from her father earlier, “We have to get going…right away. But thank you for allowing me to stay, it was really nice to see you two again.” She meant it.
Ethan smiled and placed the box in her hands, “No problem, I’m sorry that you got attacked here. If you ever need anything-“
“-Payton wouldn’t like it,” Ara laughed, “Thanks.” She looked back at Sy, feeling her chest ache, “I’ll see you later Sy.”
  Ravenity / 18h 15m 41s
He saw her step in and when he faced her, he didn't want to argue with her because he knew he only had a few hours left with her and then he wouldn't see her again in such a long time. Sylus sighed and when she spoke, he just shook his head [b "I'm not going to kill you Ara. I'll find a different way"] he told her, shaking his head. He felt her against him and he hugged her close.

[b "I can promise that I won't come back, but I'm going to make sure I find out where you are at least and I'll try to reach you somehow"] he told her.

He saw her looking at her phone and when he sighed, he hugged her tightly and leaned in to kiss her lips once more [b "I will soon okay? I'll see you at the facility"] he wanted their departure to be at least a little happy. [b "Come on, let's go"] he walked with her back down and then he smiled at Tanner, helping him out with bringing their things down to the car.

He stowed them all in the back and then he waited for them to all head down before they drove towards Ethan's house. Sylus stayed in the back with Ara, wanting to kiss her cheek and hold her hand, but he couldn't. He just let out a soft sigh and then he would look at her with his amber eyes, wanting to leave her so soon. [b " guys are leaving after this right?"]
  ellocalypse / 1d 17h 17m 16s
She slipped into the room with Sylus. The door closed behind them. She didn’t want to argue with him either, but she was filled with that fear she knew so well. She stood in front of him and heard him out. “I want it to work out but…think… If you were forced to kill me, and did kill me-would you really want to take a risk with someone else you end up loving?” She asked, “You are a different person but the situation is still the same Sy.” She took hold of his hands and pressed her forehead against his chest.
“I love you. Please…promise me if your taken away that you won’t try to come back. If things change then I’ll find you.”

She looked back at his eyes and then her phone rang. She sighed and pulled it out, seeing a text message from Ethan, “That was Ethan, he stayed up late to finish what I needed. We have to go.” She said. She knew when they got there, that she wouldn’t be able to kiss him goodbye.
“I really hope that you’ll return soon-to me. I hope we get to do something together again.” She managed to lift a light smile.
  Ravenity / 2d 2h 49m 7s
He didn't want to be fighting with her right now, but it didn't matter what she went through. Right now, he wanted to be the one on her mind, the one she was willing to risk everything for because he would. It upset him to hear that she wanted him to stay away from her, to leave her be if he was taken away or sold. He wanted to come back to her...

He sighed and just finished eating breakfast, sitting beside her and biting down on his lip. He didn't want this tension to be the last thing they left on when they already had so many problems to still discuss. He heard Tanner and glanced back at her and then he stood up. Luckily Tanner was there. Maybe he sensed the tension in the air.

Sylus stood up and walked with her to his room. He looked back at her and just closed the door behind him. [b "I don't want us to be arguing before you have to leave. I'll keep myself alive okay, you don't have to worry. I know it'll be tough and I know you don't believe that I'd made it work, but we will. I won't be killed, so don't think that it's gonna end up the same as your past. I'm a different person and I'll make sure we get back together"] he tried to tell her.
  ellocalypse / 2d 17h 58m 52s
Ara’s lips wavered. Her eyes lifted up seeing those beautiful amber eyes that she couldn’t bare not to see again. This time… She knew she wouldn’t be able to escape the torment. “I wish I believed that… Sy, if you…die, I can’t do it this time. I won’t be able to pick myself up. If you’re taken away, stay away, and then do what it takes to survive. If I somehow fix this shit mess, then it’ll be fine.” She was afraid of him being gone from the world more than anything. She didn’t want to be away from him either, and it hurt thinking about it but having him being completely gone was unmanageable.

When he held her, she held him tightly. She wanted to fight every part of her that wanted to run off with him, or want him to come back to her. That would be a stupid mistake. He stepped out, and soon enough so did she. She at down and ate breakfast with everyone, standing pretty quiet. She was glad that at least Sy was beside her. She turned her head when he spoke. Did he want to talk?

Tanner sighed, “Ara, did you give it and discuss it with Sy yet?”
Ara turned her head and was confused for a moment and realized he was trying to get them some extra time alone. “No…” She said and looked at Sy, “Should we talk in your room?” She asked.

“You can say it front of me,” Till said.
“No, they can’t. It’s regarding information you’re not clear of,” Tanner said.
Tilla raised a brow and then shrugged.
Ara looked back at Sy, and got up after she finished eating and whispered, “What did you want to say?” On the way.
  Ravenity / 3d 2h 3m 7s
He couldn't understand why she wanted to break things with him right now. After such a good night together, why was she pushing him away like this. All he wanted was to be with her....he'd do anything to stay with her like this. Sylus could tell that it was upsetting her though the more he talked....why? Was he saying something wrong? Wanting something wrong? [b "I'm not going to come back dead Ara....I promise"] he told her, hearing how scared she was.

It made him upset to hear that if he was sold, she wouldn't be with him anymore. He didn't want to hear it, but she kept saying that she wanted him to be alive. He wanted to be alive with her and he wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize that, but it was clear that since it happened before to her, she didn't believe him. Sylus sighed and could feel that heaviness....that feeling of broken trust. She wouldn't be with him if he wasn't her guard or with didn't seem fair.

He didn't want to be like her past boyfriend and he sure didn't want her to be thinking about him, but he didn't want to show his anger when they only had less than a few hours together before she was leaving. He stepped out, hearing that they were going to Ethan's house later...maybe he should stay. Sylus didn't know if he wanted to stay right now...but when was he going to see her again. He soon heard her voice and then he just walked over and sat beside her. There was no time to just talk to her alone right now.

He looked at the cart with breakfast and then he just helped serve them the food on the plates, giving Tilla and Tanner a plate of eggs and bacon. He gave one to Ara and then he just sat with her, eating slowly. He would glance over and then he just sighed softly. Now he was going back to Ethan and they weren't on good terms. Sylus bit down on his lip and finished up, [b "Um...Ara can Nevermind"] he told her, knowing Tilla was there and he didn't want to make it obvious that something was wrong between them.
  ellocalypse / 3d 15h 12m 6s
She didn’t want to ever forget what happened in the past, the memories and how it ended. If she forgot, then stupid things like that would happen again and she’d lose Sylus. Sylus held her so close and at the moment he reminded her so much of him. Saying things like he’ll always be with her, come back to her. She went down that rabbit hole and she knew how it ended. “No…No, if your taken away you can never come back. He’ll kill you. I don’t want you to come back to me dead.” Her voice cracked. She didn’t think he understood just how unlikely any of that was to happen.

“I don’t want you to find a way to be with me if you’re sold. If you’re not my bodyguard or always be around me somehow then it’s over. I’m not doing it. I want you alive,” She stated and then shook her head, glancing off, “The stuff your saying is exactly what I was afraid of. He talked like that, and he died. I’m can’t be with you if you don’t think about staying alive first.” She was deathly worried about the future, about losing him.

She remained quiet. She had to give up on him if he was sold off. It would be the right thing to do. He headed off. She got dressed and sat on the sofa. She occasionally glanced at Sylus and wished for just a quiet life with him. She didn’t want him to go.
“We are, Ara wants to pick something up from Ethan,” Tanner mentioned, yawning, “Are you leaving now? You could go back when Ethan gives us a call or after we eat breakfast.”

Ara picked up her phone and then there was a knock on the door. Tilla went to go get it, and their breakfast came in. Ara wasn’t feeling hungry anymore. She was filled with hatred of returning back, not being with Sylus. Why…? What was so wrong with dating one of the guys? She didn’t get it. Why was it wrong? Why couldn’t she? It wasn’t like she was enitrley not modified either. She tried to cool herself down. He was here with her now…maybe she just needed to focus on that. She’s been having these days like this lately. “Eat with us,” Ara said, looking at Sylus, “Sit beside me and eat with us.”
  Ravenity / 3d 17h 50m 16s
He knew that Ara was probably feeling lonely and didn't want him to leave and was probably saying all of these things. He didn't like the words coming out from her mouth though so early in the morning. IT made him really sad like she didn't think they could make it together. HE knew she's been through a lot and that her past boyfriend also went through it and ended up dead. HE didn't want that to happen, but he didn't think they'd be that careless either. [b "You know I'll always try and come back to you ARa. No matter what"] he frowned and then he held her close.

[b "I have high hopes that I've done a good job at being your guard and they'll see that. If anything else happens, we'll deal with that later, but even if I leave, or even if I'm sold off, I'm going to still come find you or find a way to be with you"] he frowned, wishing she believed that they could make it work. If she didn't believe it...what would happen. Would she give up?

[b "Just don't give up on me okay? Even if we are apart"] he kissed her and then he headed off. He went to his room and then he quickly gathered his things and then he stepped out to see Tilla. [b "Yeah, I think that I'm going to have to head back. I have my mission too. I'm glad Ara's okay though"] he stepped into the living room, seeing Ara watching TV. [b "Are you guys going back to Ethan's before you leave?"]
  ellocalypse / 3d 18h 28m 35s
It stung inside to say it. Ideally, she just wanted to be with him, and believe he wouldn’t be sold off even if she knew that was the most likely to occur. And what if he was kept? She still may not see him. She felt him growing near from behind as she finished dressing. “No…I’m not saying we can’t. I know that we could but at what cost? It’ll hurt you, and it’ll hurt me too if your taken away and if you are-then you can never come back. We’ll make dumb mistakes and when…when I kept dreaming about going away and living a different life-that’s when we were caught-and I had to kill him.” She didn’t want that to happen to him. “I want to be with you too but realistically, do you really think that would happen with everything?” Her memories, guilt were eating her up.

She didn’t know what making it work meant. She worried about him all the time and when she thought about it, she would probably be worried no matter what. She sighed, and felt his arms around her, he pulled her close and she felt warm, at home with him. And it scared her. Her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t speak for a moment. He kissed her forehead, saying he’d think about it. “I don’t want to either…just we both know that if you’re sold we have to break up anyway.” He headed off.

Ara wiped her eyes and went to clean her face. She put on some makeup to add some warmth. She came out and Tilla had returned and said, “Turns out-we could call from our room to get breakfast. They’re coming up with it soon,” She said, pulling up her hair and glancing over at Ara who whispered a ‘thanks’ and went to turn on TV to check the news and weather in the meantime. It was still early, she figured she’d wait for Ethan’s call.
“So, Sylus, are you heading back to them?” Tilla asked.
  Ravenity / 3d 23h 15m 13s
Ara gently smiled back at Sylus, wanting to hold him, hug him and show how much she loved him. [b "I love you so, so much. I'm so lucky to have you as a boyfriend." ] She was laying down and she followed his hand rubbing her inner thigh. It felt nice...and it had her a bit excited, imagining that hand... She lifted her eyes up at him, feeling his hand reach up to her breasts. "Mmm..." She relaxed back,"That feels nice..." She felt guilty if she couldn't do anything for him now. She wanted to. She wanted to make him feel even happier.

[b "Thanks Sy... I'm happy to be beside you too. I want to do at least one thing for you." ] She met his eyes and felt Sylus rubbing her bare sides, her back. She felt down ontop of his pants, and gave him a gentle rub, while he gave her amazing kisses. She smiled and felt his tongue on her lips, he pulled her closer. She pressed her lips harder against his lips, another hand feeling down to his ass, and tried to give it a squeeze. There was nothing like spending time with her loveable boyfriend. She kissed down his lips and she dug her hand inside at the front of his pants and felt around.
  Ravenity / 48d 21h 29m 50s
He really did want to become her body guard. All he wanted was to be able to stay by her side. Sylus weight in the pros and cons and if he truly wanted to be happy, he wanted to be with ARa. There was no guarantee that he'd be with her, but he wanted to try anyway.

He bit down on his lip and then he sighed softly. [b "I'll do anything for you, don't worry"] he rubbed her inner thigh and his hand touched her bare skin, avoiding the wound as he reached up to touch her breasts. He massaged them gently and then he could see her smile. He loved that smile so much.

[b "You don't have to do anything for me. I'm really happy to be here beside you right now. All I want is to spend some time with you like this. As long as you're okay that's all I want"] he laughed and then he leaned into her, his hands rubbing her bare sides and slowly tracing down her back. He kissed her warm lips, feeling her hands touching down his chest as he licked her lips, his arm pulling her in a little closer, wanting to be close to her.
  ellocalypse / 52d 17h 55m 8s
IF he became her bodyguard, and if he remained her bodyguard. [b “Yea..” ] It did scare her to think that Sylus would be sold off one day and she would never see him again. It broke her heart a little to think that would happen. Sylus brought her a pain killer and she took it right away. He TV was turned on and she wished to have had that night she planned with him. But…at least she could be with him right here, even if she was bed ridden. He kissed her cheek, and he rubbed her thigh. She loved his touch, and felt his hand crawl up her shirt. She was worried he’d brush up near the wound but he didn’t. Ara gently smiled [b “Thank you…” ] She relaxed back her hands going on his chest, feeling low.

[b “It’s okay, I want to do something for my boyfriend,” ] She whispered, her hand felt over his thigh too stroking down making her softly moan. She looked up at him, loving being kissed and how gentle he was with her. She really wished she could do more to him. As if her stamina wasn’t already an issue, and now there was a wound she had to deal with. She always wanted to keep Sy satisfied, to keep up with those girls that were like him. Although, that was probably what got her in this mess in the first place, trying to attack that guy, fight when she didn’t need to. Sylus was massaging her breast, and it was relaxing to her, like getting a massage and it also felt really nice.
  Ravenity / 52d 18h 10m 57s
The way she thought of him sure made Sylus smile. Never in his entire life did he believe that he was so important. She made him feel really important and that was all that really mattered to him. He did miss being able to wake up beside her at the penthouse, heading down to make breakfast for the two of them and then leaving their notes for one another. Even just painting or relaxing in the jacuzzi was so much fun. He wished he could go back.

[b "Yeah I know. Maybe we'll get another chance once I become your guard"] he told her, knowing he really wanted to be her guars. He wanted to be there for her birthday to cheer her up and have fun afterwards. That didn't change.

After Sylus brought up her pain reliever, he headed back beside her and let her take some before laying back down and turning on the TV on. He was sad they couldn't really have a date night, but he'd rather be here with her than without her. He kissed her cheek and then he let his hand rub down her thigh, looking at the door and then he heard her speak. He nodded and slowly let his hand crawl up beneath her shirt, avoiding her wound as he let her relax. [b "Just stay still Ara and relax. I'll take care of you"] he laid on his side to face her and let one hand cup her breast, slowly massaging each one before leaning in to kiss her again, feeling her warm hands on his chest.

[b "You don't have to do anything to me if it hurts okay. I don't want you spending too much effort"]
  ellocalypse / 53d 14h 22m 19s

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