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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He didn't want to mess up his first opportunity as being her guard, but there was nothing else he could do. He was getting so tempted by ARa that he couldn't really say no. A part of him wanted her too. To feel that familiar warmth and comfort. He'd never get a chance like this in a long time and he knew that.

They were both shirtless and it was making him want her even more and more. His eyes looked over her sexy curves and his hand touched her bare skin. He felt her touching him and he wanted her body on his. [b "I know. You're just so tempting. You can really persuade me to do anything. Sometimes I wonder if you're actually persuading me or just trying to get what you want"] he smirked and then he met her lips, kissing her softly and then pulling her to his chest.

He felt her pulling down his pants and when he removed them, he removed her bra as well, letting his hands pulled her in and kissing down her neck to her collarbone. He didn't think they'd end up doing this, he thought they were just going to watch a movie, but she was so irresistible. Sylus felt her trying to reach in places that he found odd, but when he wasn't laughing, he'd hold her hands in his and kiss them before kissing further down her chest, holding her hands tight. [b "WHat do you think you're doing Ara?"] he asked, smirking and then he slowly tugged on her skirt, wanting it off too.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3d 19h 2m 50s
She wondered if she was able to convince Sy enough to do what she wanted. She usually found her way around things...well unless they were like Tanner, which she found many of the guys and girls still were. She saw that hesitation, she ran fingers up his chest and smiled when he agreed to. [b "Then..." ] She removed his shirt and got to see Sylus again. She could tell he liked it when she touched him. She ran her fingers down his chest again until they reached his pants. [b "We will. I wouldn't ask you this if I wasn't sure that we wouldn't get caught." ] She felt that he could at least trust that. She would never put him in harm. She felt this was safe. No one has ever barged into her room, or cared when she locked it. She brought Tanner in her room all the time.

She enjoyed his hands wrapping around her bare side, being pulled in and being kissed by him. She wrapped her arms around him, and smiled gently when he said he missed her, kissing him back slowly, wanting sometime to spend with him as a normal couple. She zipped down his pants, and pushed them lower down his legs, [b "Kick them off Sy." ] She whispered, and closed her eyes, when hands rode up. She didn't met his eyes until he tugged on her bra, and soon feeling his lips go down her neck.

Ara never meant it to go far, but it was hard to resist him. [b "Mmm.."] She nodded, trying to remind herself not to make too much sound. She grabbed the remote and raised the volume of the TV. She ran her fingers through his bare back, and it felt so nice. She loved holding him, feeling his skin and being in the same place, close. She felt that she might have to hide what they had for each other her whole life, which sucked but this was better than not having anything at all. She still tried to search for at ticklish spot, even tried to reach the back of his knee to see if it would work.
  Ravenity / 4d 7h 6m 38s
He admitted to her that he had a ticklish spot, but he didn't tell her where. She immediately attacked him and tried to find it, but she couldn't and Sy didn't want to tell her either. HE smirked when she tickled him, but when she asked him to remove his shirt, he didn't know what to do. His life depended on keeping Ara safe, but what if he got caught. He'd be dead too.

He met her eyes and felt worried, but at the same time, it was so hard to say no to Ara. SHe was slowly convincing him and it really was working. His amber eyes met hers and then he gulped, nodding his head. [b "Of course I want to see you. You know I want to"] he saw her tempting him and then he gave him and decided to do it. He removed his shirt, seeing her smile and let her hands touch him. He missed having her hands all over him doing what she wanted. He saw her going to his pants and now he felt unsure. Should they even be doing this here?

[b "Um...okay Ara, but we have to be careful"] he told her, his hands wrapping around her bare side and then he pulled her in, kissing her warm lips. [b "I know. I missed you"] he kissed her lips again, closing his eyes, his hands riding up her bare skin, looking to meet her eyes as he tugged on her bra. [b "Can I remove this?"] he asked, kissing down her neck, pressing his lips.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4d 9h 45m 29s
She forgot Sy wasn't ticklish. Hold it. Her eyebrow rose [b "You do? Well now I have to find it." ] She tried to tickle his neck, behind his neck, behind his arm , his waist, behind his ear, just trying to search for it. She definitely wanted to find where his ticklish spot. But, she wanted to do also do something else. They barely got the chance just to be free with each other. She liked laying with him. She loved how he looked at her, she felt his cheek, and then she whispered to him. He looked...a little surprised. Was it surprising? She knew he might just say 'no.' She lifted the bottom of his shirt just a little.

[b "They won't come in." ] They never did. She could tell he wasn't too sure still. She kept her voice very quiet, [b "You won't get to see my body for who knows how long when you go back. Don't you want to see my body? I want to see yours." ] She tried to nudge him a little more into it. She met his eyes and lifted her shirt just a tad bit, to get started. She smiled when he said it was okay. She removed his shirt, and felt along his chest, [b "There's my Sylus' chest." ] She felt her own shirt ride up, she let him remove it, then she went to go to his pants [b "Can I remove this too?" ] She asked, feeling his hands on her skin. It was nice.

She leaned in and gave his lips a deep kiss, before parting. [b "It's good to be close to you again. I got so busy..." ] She knew that things would get busy again, and there was no telling what would happen next. When Sy would become her bodyguard, if he would become her bodyguard. He was perfect... She smiled and wished things would always stay safe.
  Ravenity / 4d 10h 27m 59s
He only wanted her safe because if she was safe, so was he. He was learning that as a guard, there was so much you needed to know, to be aware of, and to use the right skills at the right time. Ara knew how to defend herself, but he didn't want her to if he had everything handled. He could tell that she wanted to help, but he'd protect her regardless. The more unpredictable she was, the harder it was to make plans in his head.

IT seemed like her mother was an angel from the way she described her. He figured his father probably lied again, but he could see why he fell for her. He fell for Ara, but it wasn't fair that his own father left his own family.

As they watched the movie, he just tried to relax, feeling Ara attempting to tickle him, but it didn't work. He ended up tickling her and then he heard her laugh, making him smile and then he met her lips. [b "I do have a ticklish spot, but I doubt you'd find it"] he smirked and then he leaned into her hand more, loving the attention all on him.

He heard her whisper and his eyes widened a little. He wasn't sure how safe they were and if they were caught, he was dead. He knew the door was locked and the windows were covered....but would he risk it? He saw ARa taking the bottom of his shirt [b "You know I always want to see you. I'm just a little worried..."] he mumbled, thinking about how much he wanted to be close and feel her heat though.

He met her blue eyes and thought she looked so sexy right now. When was he ever going to get a chance to do this again in her bedroom like a normal couple? He bit down on his bottom lip and nodded [b "Okay Ara. Just cause we can't do it often"] he let her remove his shirt and then he reached down to lift her blouse over her head, his hands holding her bare skin as he smiled. She was so sexy.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4d 18h 35m 35s
She really hated being lectured about helping out. She hated to stay in the background like that. She wanted to more like them, strong... [b "I am safe. I can hold my own." ] Sy was realy acting like Tanner now, well Tanner would have actually been worse. She would got a whole earful from him, but she still wanted to be able to help. She let it pass for now, and showed him a picture. She felt that what she knew about her Mother to be true. Shawn lied about Sylus, saying horrible things about him, so she felt so certain that he was lying about her mother too.

They rested on the bed together. SHe faced him and kissed his lips, adoring his smile. THen she straddled him, wanting to tickle him but...Sylus didn't even crack a giggle when she was trying to tickle him. It was only until after. She didn't even notice him making the move to roll them over. Then she started laughin and trying to get away when he tickeld her sides. [b "Okay, okay! I know, I know. I shouldn't have tickled you." ] She watched him lean in and happily kissed his lips back. [b "You really don't have one single ticklish spot on your body." ] She looked up at his eyes and carassed his cheek.

[b "Sy..." ] She nibbled her lip and glanced away for a second, and whispered, [b "Will you...lay half naked with me? Not that I'm saying we should do anything. I just, want to feel that close to you, and watch this with you, like that since we can't do it when you're at the facility." ] She then took hold of the bottom of his shirt and smirked [b "I know you want to...wouldn't you. Wouldn't it be nice to see me?" ] If she were dating Tanner, Tanner would full blown say no because it was risky over here. But...she figured Sy would go for it, and she didn't think there was any real danger with the room being locked.
  Ravenity / 5d 2h 22m 6s
It wasn't like he was trying to tell her that she was wrong or anything, he just couldn't have her risking her life like that. Not when it was so precious and costed the lives of many. He wasn't even going to risk that because he knew she'd want him alive too.

Sylus knew that his life meant something to ARa. He couldn't deny that, but at the same time, he couldn't risk her getting hurt either because he wouldn't have the time to even think about it. They'd just send him to death the moment they found out something happened to Ara. He had to be just as careful around her as he was watching out for his own life.

[b "I'll keep myself safe, but you have to be even safer"] he stated and then he just tried to forget about it for now and enjoy the movie with her. It was sweet to see her talking about her mother. Ara must have really looked up to her, but Sylus didn't really know her. He only knew her as the woman his father went for. He did like seeing her talk about her though. She made it seem like his father was nothing more than a liar, which was true.

He rested beside her and when she faced him, he met her lips and smiled, seeing her straddle him. He laid back and then he felt her trying to tickle him. It didn't really work. Sylus ended up laughing and then he rolled them over, straddling her and then tickling her sides, knowing full well what he could do to her.

[b "Now you can't do a thing. Your tickles won't phase me, but mine will tickle you"] he leaned in to kiss her lips once more, just playing around with her.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 5d 19h 8m 51s
She didn't like hearing that Sy believed Mike was right. She wanted to be useful, to do something, be part of the reason why they could make it out of there. It boiled her blood hearing that it didn't matter happen to me [b "It does to me. Don't ever say that. If you can't keep yourself save at the same time, then we don't work. He was reloading Sylus, and we both know I heal quickly." ] She reminded. She found every bodyguard she had was the same about her stepping forward and it bugged her. Some got more mad than others...

Sylus had his arm around her. She didn't want to waste the time she had with him. She wanted to enjoy every second she had with him because who knew when they would get another chance. She wanted to believe that Sy would be assigned as her bodyguard, but she didn't want to get her hopes up either.

Ara displayed the picture of her mother, with her painting. It always ached a little. If she weren't gone, than things might be different. Ara couldn't forget the pain she felt after her mom passed, having only the staff watch over her when they were at the house, or Shawn. She was starting to understand more and was brought to work, and eventually used for her father's work. She remembered his exact words when she mentioned she made lots of friends and she didn't want them to get hurt anymore, and got slapped.
"I don't want you to make friends, do you understand? They're not human anymore, all they want is to kill others. If you befriend them, I'll treat you like one of them, understand?"

It scared her. He scared her. Even the kids at the facility scared her for a while, but they had always been nice to her.

She pushed it out of her head, and laid with Sylus, and smiled when he rest against her shoulder and kissed her neck. Still...she felt alone sometimes. [b "Me cuddle with me now or kiss me." ] She wished that he didn't have to go back. [b "And you don't right now." ] She squeezed his hand and leaned in to kiss his lips and ran her fingers through his hair. [b "We can do whatever we want in my room for a while." ] She then moved to straddle him, hovering above him, "We can play games, we can pretend like we're back in the penthouse." ] Then she tried to tickle him and remembered that he didn't realy have ticklish spots, [b "Shoot, I forgot your not really ticklish. So much for my plan." ]
  Ravenity / 6d 2h 22m 27s
He wanted to be back at their penthouse instead, but they couldn't really go back. They couldn't even say goodbye to their friends. He hoped they were all doing okay. Sylus looked around her room, taking a seat on her bed and just thinking about how she had all she wanted from the start. She didn't have to work hard everyday like her life depended on it. He was dying just for the sake of living one more day.

He told her about how Mike was right and did see the look on her face. That made her mad. Well he wouldn't change his answer. She should have stayed in cover if she really wanted both of them to live. He shook his head [b "It doesn't matter what happens to me. I'm used to this. I know your aim is good, but I'd rather not risk you sticking out your head when it could cost you your life"] he told her, seeing her frown. He kept his arm around her and just wanted to relax with her. THey almost didn't make it out today.

He saw the picture of her mother and remembered her from when he was a child. From when he saw his father leaving them to the point where his father was infatuated with her instead of their family. He realized that Ara probably had just a rough time when she passed. Still, it was nice to hear her opening up about her family. He wondered when she'd tell him the truth about her dad. He wasn't so sure about it just because ARa hasn't told him yet, but he had an idea.

HE sat with her, watching the movie. He like the dragons and the boy's dreams that he could never have, but his attention was also at the windows and doors. He didn't want anyone to catch them or hurt Ara.

[b "I just want to spend time with you like this. TO cuddle up, to kiss you. THings I can't do when I go back"] he felt her lips and then he faced her, resting his head against her shoulder and kissing her neck softly. [b "The movie is fine. I just don't want to leave your side yet"] he held her hand and just stayed close to her. Sylus remembered those days they just had a date, or play games. They'd have some fun in the hot tub and relax. He wanted more days like those, but he knew he couldn't have them anymore.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 6d 9h 53m 11s
Ara would rather be over at there penthouse than this place. There penthouse was filled with good memories, but this home was just filled with all the things that hurt her, and reminded her of what she could have, but can't. She sat at the edge of her large bed, and leaned into Sylus' shoulder for a moment, until he start talking about 'who was right.' It upset her. SHe shot a look at him [b "You could have killed someone too. You fired too. Does that mean I shouldn't? Sy, my aim is more than comparable at the facility. I'm at the top of the list. So, I think handle it. You could have been shot too." ] She stated, frowning and felt that he just thought what the others thought. That she wasn't actually useful, that she should sit back and do nothing. That's why she learned really well to use guns, so that she didn't have to sit back and do nothing.

SHe showed him a picture, and it was important to her. [b "She would have liked you." ]She didn't really share about her family with hers. It mattered to her, and Sylus was already learning bit by bit. She changed her clothes, throwing her shirt over her head and going into something comfortable. THen she went to bed, laying beside him. She stayed close, and played the movie.

[b "I know..." ] She smiled when he wrapped his arm around her waist. She ran her hand over his chest and watched the movie. Some parts made her laugh. She did remind him that they had to be careful. The windows were covered, so even if someone could somehow get to that height, that they wouldn't see anything.

She peeked up at his eyes [b "What do you want right now?" ] She sighed, [b "I know how that feels." ] She saw him looking at the door [b "Don't worry. They're used to me dragging Tanner in my room. You're allowed to be in my room, and I normally lock it. It's only when they fear for my safety that they knock the door down and that has never happened." ] She shrugged [b "I was just saying that, we can't be too loud." ] She kissed his cheek.
  Ravenity / 6d 12h 46m 4s
He didn't know why Alister wasn't told anything about what was going on at the facility. His father was clearly in charge of it all and if Ara knew, why didn't he know? He was in the middle of speaking, but when Ara covered his mouth, he held his breath and then he stopped. He didn't want to risk his life by saying something he wasn't supposed to say, so he just kept quiet.

He was dragged up to her room and they managed to dodge the fact that Mike thought it was a little suspicious. He made it to her room and then he looked around, smiling a little because it smelled like Ara. He walked over to the windows and closed the curtains. He wanted to lock the door, but would that be suspicious? He sat down at the edge of her bed and nodded [b "Yeah, our penthouse was nice"] he smiled and then he told her that she shouldn't be doing dangerous things like peeking her head out if she was the target.

[b "You were useful. But Mike is right. What if you accidentally killed someone or a shot fired and hit you? I'd be a failure as a guard and would rather have you safe"] he told her, sitting beside her and then he listened to her talk about her mother. He didn't know what was right, but he knew Ara knew her mother better than he did.

[b "I bet it would have been amazing to meet her"] he watched the movie with her, seeing her change and then he bit down on his lip. He really wanted to hold her close and be like how they used to, but he guessed he couldn't really do that anymore.

[b "Okay, that movie sounds good"] he felt bad he couldn't just be her guard right now and spend days like this. [b "I wish I could be your guard everyday"] he sighed and kept his arm around her waist, just relaxing and watching the movie. He still listened around for any noise and tried to make sure that she was covered by sitting closer to the window.

[b "I matter how much I want something, I can't have it"] he sighed, looking at the door and deciding that it was probably best if he kept some distance between her in case someone came in.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 6d 23h 57m 25s
She wasn't supposed to talk in detail on what happened at the facility with Alister. Her father banned her from talking about it a year ago, because he didn't want Alister to know. But a shooting happened in front of him, she wasn't going to try to stop him from figuring thigns out. Although, the second Sylus said comes to' she covered his mouth and whispered to him [b "You can't talk about it. You'll get in trouble." ]
Alister rose a brow, "What were you going to say?"

[b "None of your business..." ] She got up and got Sylus to follow her into her bedroom. She tried to make the space nice, but she still didn't want to stay here. It made everything so normal, and left her so haunted. She felt she didn't deserve any of it, she wanted to help the guys and girls in the facility. They were her family. Ara half smiled [b "It is... I just don't like coming here. No, our penthouse is much better." ] She closed the door, and Sylus wrapped his arms around her, kissing her. It felt good, to be here and be alone with him.

Ara lit up when he mentioned she was brave [b "Well, I have really good aim, remember? I figured I could be useful..." ] Ara sighed and stepped further into her room. She shrugged [b "I wasn't...I just wanted to help. I thought I was helpful since taking a shot with that gun you had was hard." ] Maybe he didn't see it that way. She hated to be standing back all the time.

She pulled out the picture, wanting to show him the person that meant a lot to her. She had little memories of her, but everything she heard from others had always been good. That she was different. That she had always been so kind and saw the good in everyone. She didn't believe anything that Shawn had to say about her mother. Then he mentioned it. [b "You really met her? She was... She didn't know about all of this, not for a long time." ] She didn't want anything to tarnish those memories.

[b "Alright, we can a watch a movie." ] She turned on the TV and was trying to pick a movie. [b "How about we watch How to train your dragon?" ] She asked, and decided she wanted to change her clothes. [b "One second." ] She changed into a pair of black shorts and white t-shirt. She went on the bed and waited for him, laying down, when he pulled her close. She laughed [b "I guess it does. ] She looked at the screen [b "Me too... Um, Sy, I locked the door but we still have to be careful. This halls are monitored, and security might pass. She felt right in place though, being here with him, just like how they were in the penthouse. [b "If you were my bodyguard," ] She ran her fingers through his chest [b "We could do this more often." ]
  Ravenity / 7d 2h 20m 11s
He was holding her hand when they got back to her house and when he noticed that she didn't want to let go, he released his hand so that MIke wouldn't notice. He felt like MIke was on to him getting close to ARa and that maybe their relationship was more normal than usual. He didn't want him to find out though.

He looked over at Alister and could see that he was still freaking about what happened. He'd probably end up staying at home for a while until all of this kicked in. It was just a shooting and it really was no big deal. Him and MIke were already completely fine.

[b "Yeah, your sister comes to the facility sometimes and looks after us. Many of the guys are grateful to her even"] he told him and then he was looking around at all of the portraits. He heard what Ara said and then he followed her up to her room, looking around. [b "You have a nice house ARa. I thought our penthouse was really nice, but this place is....amazing"] he told her and then the door closed.

He smiled and then he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her cheek. [b "Good. I'm just really glad you're safe. You were brave too shooting a guy. But Ara if you're the one being protected, I don't want you to be taking risks like that"] he told her, knowing that would cost him his life.

He saw her take out the picture of her mom and thought she looked just like Ara. [b "You do. I remember seeing her when I was younger. I bet she was a nice person"] he remembered how his father left them for her mother, but he wasn't going to mention that. He figured that when Ara was ready, she'd tell him everything.

[b "How about you and I just cuddle for a bit in bed? Maybe watch a movie like how we used to"] he looked around at how cool her room was. [b "I feel like one of those teens in movies, sneaking into their girlfriend's house"] he laughed and then he pulled her in close. [b "I want to go on another mission with you already"] he admitted.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 7d 3h 42m 31s
She only noticed when they were sitting on the sofa that she hadn't let go of his hand. It had brought her some comfort. It didn't effect Sylus, not even at the slightest. When something fell out of plan, or wasn't part of it, it made her extremely nervous. When they had missions, they planned it and nothing too unpredictable happened. Although...that time... She didn't want to remember. Ara knew that someone would be investigating what happened, it just wasn't going to be them.

When Ara looked at Alister, she could tell he was completely out of it. His hands were trembling, and he was spacing out frequently. A shooting, she knew it must have been the first one he experienced, since he's been held up often here.

Alister looked up and stared back at Sylus. This couldn't be real. He thought that security was just because they were rich. He glanced over at Ara, "You've really experienced things like this before."
[b "Yea, like I told you before. These guys, their life is always on risk everyday. Who'se delusional now?" ] She asked, and got up [b "Um, you look like you got comfortable with Mike, so I'm going to take Sylus with me. I'm going to head on my computer in my room. ]

Mike lifted an eyebrow and glanced at her and then glanced back at Sylus, "Are you sure you haven't gone comfortable with Sylus?"
Ara shrugged [b "No, I just wouldn't like sticking around me, so...I mean, unless you want to follow me instead?" ]
Mike shook his head "No, that's fine." And he looked at Alister "Quit shaking, I'll literary die for you sweetheart." Mike teased, laughing. Alister didn't find it funny.

Ara noticed Sylus looking at the portraits. They didn't have many, they were just for show, and she knew she sucked at smiling around her father and Alister. She couldn't. She walked up the stairs, waiting for Sylus to follow, they had a good number of rooms. They went down the hall and she walked into her room and locked the door behind her. She smiled back at him [b "We have some time together now." ] She went to close her curtains. Her room was big, it included a big screen TV, console, it's own couch, bathroom and a walk in closet that was big as the bathroom and her bathroom-was huge. Her room was a mix of contemporary and traditional, using pastel teals, whites and an accent of red. Her computer had three monitors, and a gaming chair. She had orginally tried to make this room amazing enough to make herself come back, but it was hard.

She took hold of his hand, "Thanks for...helping me." ] Then she tugged on him [b "I want to show you something." ] She went to her desk and pulled out a picture out of her drawer, and it was a picture of her mom, [b "This is my mom. She died young, but we look a lot like don't we?" ] She smiled [b "I bet she loved you. I bet if she were alive, she would have knocked my father in the head, and let me be with you and stop all of this." ] She set the picture down. She figured he was putting the pieces together, but she still didn't want to say it. [b "I think we got good time together, so, what do you want to do before the days? This room has everything we could really need." ]
  Ravenity / 7d 4h 37m 56s
He could see that if they didn't move fast enough, they were going to get shot at. There was no way Sylus was going to let Ara be taken in or killed. If that ever happened, he could see his life being over the next minute. He had to protect her with his life.

Once they were in the clothes shop, he tried to think of what they could do next. Not all of the people in the mall had evacuated yet, so when he grabbed a coat and hats for them, he walked with her out the door. All he wanted to do was make sure that she was safe. Sylus held her hand and walked in the crowd with her until they managed to escape to the car.

They soon drove off and Sylus kept peeking out. He sighed in relief when they made it back to the mansion. They stepped out and made it inside, the guards outside would do the rest. [b "Yeah, maybe they were getting impatient"] he told him and then led Ara to the sofa, letting her sit and telling her it was okay now, she could release his hand.

[b "It's what we're trained to do"] he told her and then he looked back at Alister. [b "We almost die everyday. Ara knows it. I think it's about time you realize the kind of danger your in too so you're aware"] he told Alister and then he decided to grab the remote and turn on the TV.

He let Alister calm down for a while as Sylus looked around the house. He saw family portraits of their family and didn't see Ara smiling in any one of them. Was it really that hard for her here? Is that why she always stayed at the facility?
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