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[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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Ara’s cheeks lit up at Klara’s suggestion. She couldn’t believe she would be asking Sylus of this. She’s only done it with Klara fully once, and the other times it was just shortly messing around. But both of them? Oh, her cheeks burned up. She kept in mind that iwas just for fun, and that was it. Sylus was hers, and she trusted Sylus.

Ara nodded lightly, [b “Um…she really wants to and she said it was…just for fun and…I trust you and you trust me right?” ] She felt she would be okay if it wasn’t just Sylus kissing Klara and she knew the reason for it. She felt a bit embarrassed saying it. Klara spoke up and half begged Sylus. Ara would nod when he looked back at her.

Her eyes widened a bit, they were really going to do this. She met Sylus eyes’ [b “Mmm…yes. That’s fair game. I’d like to keep that part to us too.” ] She gently smiled. She looked back at Klara and she seemed good with that rule.

“That sounds fair to me. I’m good with fourplay.” She nodded and then said to go to her room.
Ara looked back at Sylus and took a deep breath. “Okay, as long as those rules are set. Ready?” She asked Sylus. She saw Klara smiling like she won a million dollars, “I know I’m ready. We can take it slow, make sure both of you are comfortable.” She said and would go up the stairs to her room. Ara got up and waited for Sylus to get up, [b “I’ll be okay darling, I know you love me. We can do this, I love you.”] She kissed his cheek, feeling nervous and shy but she also felt they would be just fine, and it was just something fun to do.

If Sylus was still okay with it, they'd go upstairs into Klara's room. Klara would be sitting at the edge of the bed. Ara would kiss Sylus' lips softly, focusing primarily on them first.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 14h 56m 49s
When they got home, Sylus walked in and was greeted by his little puppy. Nyx had definitely gained more weight when Sylus took care of him and now he was a happy little guy and Sylus loved him so much. He hugged him and played with him and then he would pet QUeen, seeing Ara soon head outside to talk to Klara.

He was in the kitchen, making some food for them. He would plate it into a bowl and set it on the table if Klara wanted anything. Sometimes he felt bad that she was here and she wouldn't have anything to eat if he went out with Ara.

After he finished, he went to the living room, playing with Nyx as he turned on the TV. Nyx would roll around and play with Sylus, practicing some tricks and then running around the living room. It wasn't until he saw Klara and Ara heading back in that his eyes would fall on the two of them, seeing ARa's red cheeks and Klara looking anxious. [b "What happened?"] he wondered, seeing Ara sit beside him. He listened to her and then his cheeks burned red. [b "TOgether? agreed to this...but why?"] he looked back and saw Klara coming in "Please Sy. I want to make you both feel good. Just pleasure. Nothing else" she'd say.

Sylus could see it in her eyes how much she wanted this and then he'd look back at Ara. [b "You sure you're okay with this?"] he asked, seeing Ara agree. He didn't know how this would go, but he felt bad for Klara feeling lonely and having to watch them all the time. [b "Klar...If you really want this...and if Ara is okay with it, then fine. We'll do it once....but we're setting the rules"] he told her.

Klara walked over and she'd lean in, nodding her head "That's fine. Whatever you two want. I just want to make you both feel really good. So that we all feel great" she told them.

Sylus sighed a bit and looked over at Ara [b "Okay Love....what do you think. Touching and kissing is fair game? Um...I just be between you and me"] he also told her. HE would look back at KLara, seeing her look fine with those rules as well. [b " there anything else you want Klar?"] he asked.

"Let's do it in my room. You two can undress each other if you want. I just want to join in. I'll listen to whatever else you two want"
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 15h 32m 13s
Ara peaked over, and saw him sending the text to the girl. Ara smiled to herself and received a hug [b “Thank you.” ]

Ara take bites that Sylus gave her. She opened her phone and showed him pictures that she took of him and the one that she just took. Ara giggled [b “That’s okay Darling. My tongue can clean that up and I can take another picture.” ] She teased. She took a bite of the wafer too. The train ride wasn’t too bad, she got to rest on his shoulder, and rest until they got to the car.

There cute pets were waiting for them when they got home. She treat them with a lot of love, and smiled seeing Sylus hugging the little puppy and tickling him. Queen purred when ylus pet her. She kissed the top of Queen’s head and noticed Klara outside.

[b “Mmm, sure. But she might have ate Darling. Although, I think we could still use cooked food in the house.” ] She said, grabbing the door handle and letting him cook. She pulled the door open and would walk in barefoot toward the pool. She noticed Queen following along and then resting on the ground, looking around with ears up.

Ara only saw Klara’s back. She was in a bikini. Ara sat down beside her and then noticed where Klara’s hands were. Ara blushed, and instantly felt bad she just popped up. Klara turned her head and looked at her eyes, “’re here...” She mumbled and the moaned, “Sorry...I wasn’t paying attention.” She said and stopped touching herself even if she was craving for it. She looked at Ara and found her drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes fell to Ara’s lips, and then down her body, “Mmm, right we were supposed to talk.”
[b “I can...We can talk later if that’s better,” ] Ara said.
“No,” Klara said quickly. “Um...I mean. I wanted to tell you that I’m okay with you and Sylus-together and I’m not going to try to steal either of you. I think you’re good together and if you want me to tell Sylus that, so you can be a normal couple that’s okay...but...” ] She scooted closer and would brush her fingers though Ara’s hair.

Ara held her breath, and her eyes end up dropping slightly but she looked back up. Klara smirked and Ara blushed a bit, she didn’t look because of anything-but she didn’t think she should try to clear it up because Klara would just tease. [b “Thank you...I am sorry for the way I acted. But...what?” ] She asked.

“I want to pleasure you both...once at least. It’s just pleasure, nothing else. You two can set the rules,” Klara said and took Ara’s hand and would guide it on her leg. Ara’s face warmed deeply and she had to glance off [b “ I don’t...I’m not sure that would be okay.” ]
“Please...” Klara said and would kiss her shoulder, “I’ll ask Sylus. As long as you’re okay with’s just for fun, nothing else.”
Ara held her breath, feeling unsure but Klara kept talking and saying it would be okay, and that if they were too uncomfortable they could stop. Eventually Ara gave a little nod. Klara smiled, “Mmm, okay, let’s go ask.”

Ara pressed her lips together [b “ I’ll ask. I don’t want him to think I’m pressured into this.” ] She felt nervous, Sylus was into that the first time but he changed his mind too. She rose up and Klara dried off. Ara walked inside, and her cheeks were pretty red. How was she even going to say this. She sat beside him and took hold of his hand, [b “Um...darling... I was talking to Klara. And, she wants to make us feel good...together. We decide what can’t happen and it’s just a-thing to do out of fun nothing else. I’m okay-ish with it, as long as we do set some rules um...yea, um, what do you think?” ] She looked at his eyes. She did feel really shy about it, but she kind of also felt that she kind of owed it to Klara for being such a jerk... and like Klara said it didn’t have to ruin anything.

Klara would come in and wasn’t sure how the reaction would be but it thrilled her just thinking about it. She didn’t go to them because she didn’t want to overwhelm them and decided to leave them to talk.
  Ravenity / 35d 15h 48m 42s
They would take lots of pictures and eat a lot of desserts. THe date was going way better than he expected especially since he was having an argument with Ara earlier. He really hoped that everything was fine now, but right now he felt great. IT was warm and comforting being beside her and it all just flowed and felt natural. That love was easily there and it was so easy to just show it to her.

He'd help her eat more noodles, thinking she was adorable as he helped her. He didn't want to leave the restaurant with her feeling hungry because she couldn't eat well. He'd then kissed her and paid for the meal, deciding to send a text to the girl [i "Not interested"] he sent and then deleted her number. He hugged Ara [b "Okay, done!"] he smiled and walked with her back to the dessert shop.

After they made it to the train, he shared his dessert with her, seeing Ara taking pictures [b "Are you getting pictures of me that aren't good? I could have ice cream on my face"] he laughed and then he let her take a bite before they got home.

They drove back home and Sylus held her hand, feeling happy and relaxed [b "I think so good. Desserts will make her happy. I think today went great"] he smiled as they walked into the house. He was pounced on by Nyx and he would hug the little pup and tickle his belly. He then pet Queen, seeing her get snuggled in by Ara. He looked around, not seeing Klara, but then seeing the light outside. [b "Okay Love. I'll try to make something for Klara to eat for dinner"] he told her, going into the kitchen. He'd see Nyx following after him and he'd laugh a bit, whipping up some chicken katsu for Klara while they talked outside. He hoped that it went well.

Sylus would add the breading on the chicken and then he'd fry it up. He'd then make an egg and vegetable and rice mixture and mix it all together into a bowl. He then set it on the table and looked outside to see if they were done talking. He'd sit on the couch and have Nyx on his lap, rubbing his belly and then giving him a treat.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 16h 58m 16s
The pictures he took gave her a good laugh. She would send them to herself and send them to Klara too. She got a reply from Klara ‘You look like you’re having a lot of fun. I’m excited for the desserts’.
Ara half smiled, and knew she had to have a talk with Klara. She was kind of dreading it but, it had to happen.

She gently smiled when he said she was doing okay, “thanks.” Ara heard his chuckling when the noodles would just slide right off. She blushed, feeling quite embarrassed when she made a fool of herself like that. It was easy when Sylus fed her. She would take a bite of the shrimp. She got kisses, his leg wrapped around her. She wanted to continue kissing him and snuggling up to him. She was sucker for his affection. She was so into him, she spaced out until that waitress came over. It...made her upset because she didn’t think how any girl could possibly stand even a single chance if Sylus was next to her.

[b “I don’t want you to just delete it. I want you to reject her, and tell her it’s wrong of her to do that when you already have me.” ] She pouted, because she thought it was really wrong. Sylus paid for the meal this time. They were done eating. [b “Okay,” ] She smiled, snuggling up to his jacket. It smelled just like him. It felt so nice...

[b “mmm, let’s do that.” ] She nodded. She held his hand and they arrived at the dessert shop. She got distracted with the lights a bit, finding it all so beautiful. This really had been such a great peaceful date. She walked inside the shop with him and she purchased desserts, set in a box. They got to bullet train, she sat down with him and he shared a taiyaki with her. She took a taste of the ice cream [b “ good.” ] She mumbled and nodded, [b “I do.” ] She liked being fed. It was the cutest thing ever. She;d take a picture of Sylus biting into the wafer.

Sylus’ arm was around her and he allowed her to rest her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and rested, arm around him. She was so happy, and so lucky to be with him.

They finally arrived to there stop. She held the box of desserts and they’d make there way to their car. [b “I think these would make it up to Klara...” ] She mentioned. She let him drive them back. They arrived shortly, and Ara would bring the box inside. There cute pets came rushing to them. She giggled, [b “Hey babies, I will pet you soon enough.” ] Ara said and would look around the living room. Klara wasn’t here. [b “Klara! Hey, we’re home.” ] Ara called out and set the box in the fridge for now. She went to there pets and pet them. Nyx was excitedly trying to get Sylus’ attention. Ara would scoop up Queen and hug her little kitten, petting her behind her ears. Ara the noticed the backyard light open. She raised a brow and would peak through the door and saw Klara sitting by the pool side.

[b “Sy, I’m going to go talk to her. I promised,” ] Ara mentioned and set Queen down, but had a feeling she might follow.
  Ravenity / 35d 17h 12m 29s
He showed her through his phone the pictures he took and he'd end up laughing when she said they were pretty good. There was even one picture of Sylus looking like he was holding ARa in the palm of his hand. He chuckled and leaned into her, keeping he warm beside him.

[b "You'll be okay Love. You're already doing well"] he helped her eat more noodles since he would see some of them just sliding off her chopsticks. He'd chuckle and then he would finished up some of his food, feeding her some tempura shrimp and then kissing those soft lips of hers. He'd lean into her, look out at the view and then he would wrap his leg around hers and kiss her again.

The waitress came and she put her number in Sylus' phone. Sylus saw, but when Ara went to grab his phone, he looked her over and then he rubbed her shoulder [b "Love, it's okay. I'll just delete her number. It's fine, don't let it bother you"] he looked at his contact list and deleted the number. He kissed her cheek and then he paid for the meal as he got up. [b "I'm fine Ar. You wear my jacket"] he leaned into her and then he nodded [b "Let's stop by, pick them up and take the train back"] he smiled, holding her hand in his as he walked with her back to the dessert shop. The street was filled with lights and decorations as he walked back to the shop.

Sylus felt so calm and it was romantic as they walked. He entered the shop and he let Ara pick out something for Klara. He'd also buy another taiyaki to share with Ara as they walked. They soon made it back to the bullet train and he'd sit beside ARa again. He had a spoon in hand, holding a scoop of ice cream to her lips. [b "Want some more Love?"] he asked, feeding her and then biting into the fish shaped wafer.

THey train soon headed home and in about three hours, they arrived. Sylus kept his arm around ARa, letting her rest on his shoulder if she was tired.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 17h 30m 48s
Ara smiled, swiping through the pictures he took and looking through of them, seeing some good ones and some really funny ones. [b “You do have some pretty good pictures, and some really funny ones,”] She laughed. They went into the restaurant, and it was pretty sight. They were alone and it was beautiful. His jacket was over her shoulders. SHe felt much warmer and so well loved.

She placed her own order. [b “Really? I hope I am. I need to get better.” ] She nodded feeling pretty good about herself when he praised her. She liked getting praised.

The sunset in the distance was beautiful. She felt so refreshed and when she looked at him, she felt so close. She wanted to snuggle up with him, and not even do anything else...well She wanted to kiss him. So, she did, and he kissed her softly back. The food came in, and she’d take a bite. Sylus helped just a bit more and she’s lightly laugh, knowing she was still trying to get used to this.

[b “Me too... This place is beautiful, and you make me feel really calm.” ] She spoke, looking around and then he would lean into her, tilting her cheek. She met his eyes and was given a kiss. That warm feeling spread, [b “mmm, we will.” ] She snuggled into his side for a moment, and then continued to eat. She took the tempura he shared with her, admiring the taste of it. As she wa about to take another bite, she felt his leg wrapping around hers. She smiled to herself and continued with the bite. She’d let their shoulders touch.

The waitress came in. [b “Thank you,” ] Ara said and Sylus gave her his phone. She leaned into Sylus and the picture was taken but then that girl clearly was doing something else on the phone-typing something. Ara narrowed her eyes at her, and noticed her winking. That little hoe. Ara took his phone and would go into his contacts first, and there it was. Ara looked at Sylus [b “Sy, text her and reject her that she’s pathetic.” ] Ara said, nearly demanding. She thought a rejection from Sylus would be more effective.

She’d reach near the end of her food, and lean back [b “ohh, I’m so full.” ] She’d lean back, and caught how much darker it was getting...and she looked at Sylus [b “Darling are you cold?” ] She’d wrap her arms warmly around him [b “I don’t want you to be cold. We should get those desserts before it closes by the way.”]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 18h 2m 34s
He couldn't help but feel so giddy around her. She was so adorable and he wanted to see her smiling because of him all the time. He would glare at the guys trying to come close, other's he'd use his large size to back them away subtly so Ara didn't notice. He'd kiss her and feel her lips tugging back. He'd smile and pull her closer.

HE'd take a lot of pictures, mostly because ARa was so pretty today. He would take more pictures and then he would send the goofy ones to her so she could see. He would then laugh [b "I wanted to take some good pictures with you"] he chuckled and led her towards the restaurant, holding her beneath his arm. He went in and was able to get them a table by the window, putting his jacket around her shoulders as he saw her eyes on him [b "Mmm, of course Love"] he then placed his order and was proud of her ordering her own. [b "You're getting really good Love"] he leaned into her more and held her hand in his.

He looked out at the lights and the sunset as he felt Ara's soft lips. HE'd lean into her touch and then he would kissed her back softly, loving to see that look in her eyes that only she gave him. Their food came and he'd taste a bite, smiling in satisfaction as he watched ARa [b "Wow! YOu're so good"] he'd help her pick up more noodles with his chopsticks, helping her and then he'd kiss her cheek.

She admitted that she was hard on Klara and he was really glad she realized it. He felt bad because lately all she did was snap at her. [b "I'm glad you're good now Love. You know I'll always be here for you"] he leaned into her and tilted her chin to kiss her again. [b "We'll get through it together"] he then took another bite and let Ara try some of his soup. He'd then share some tempura with her, his leg wrapping around hers beneath the table as he saw a waitress come by.

SHe saw the two and could tell they made a cute couple. "You two are a good looking couple. Would you like me to take your pictures?" she asked, seeing Sylus give her his phone. She took a picture and added her number into his phone before giving it back. She turned around and winked before heading off.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 18h 23m 28s
[b “Aw, darling. You do give me the best.” ] She squeezed his hands. Everything felt so calm, peaceful, safe…she felt really nice. SThey walked together and she did notice a few guys coming in close but nothing had happened. Or maybe Sylus was doing something.

The pictures came out just the way she liked it. She met his amber eyes and always felt so in love with him. He kissed, her tugging on his lips. When he did things like that, it made her want to kiss him right there and now passionately in public. Instead, she would opt to playfully tugging at his lip back. They’d go through the gates, she was amazed by the view. She saw him taking pictures now and then. She’d peak at the pictures for a second and she laughed [b “Sylus, why are you making really funny faces you silly. But I love them…you make me smile.” ] She let him hold onto his phone right after.

Ara followed Sylus example,, thinking to herself how much she wished for the facility to be under her control and that she could have a happy life with Sylus. She had his arm around her, and she’d get really close to him. [b “Mmm, it makes me happy to know that.” ] They would walk back down. She almost wanted to race him but, she knew she’d fail at that. Resturants came in view, [b “Mmm, we should.” ] They got to the restaurant, getting a table by a beautiful view of the river. She looked out, and shuddered a bit, realizing it was getting colder. [b “Yea, it is. I should have brought something light ontop. I want to get the same then.” ] She giggled. She saw him take off his jacket and put it over her. She blushed a bit and looked at his eyes, [b “Thank you darling.”] She kissed his neck again. Ara tried to say her own order when it came to it. Then they began waiting together. She would nestle into him, seeing the sun falling.

[b “You really make my life worth it… It’s a beautiful day.” ] She softly spoke, looking at the scenary, hearing a few crickets and seeing other people coming in. She never wanted this trip to Japan to end. She felt so warm and good inside. She looked up at his eyes and then went to kiss his lips with love, caressing his cheek. They would make it happen. They would make there dreams happen. She parted from his lip but would still look at him like he was her world.
There noodles came in and she would give the chopsticks a try and was doing much better. [b “Look Sy, I’m doing it.” ] She said, picking up the noodles with the chopsticks and putting into her mouth, [b “Mmm so warm and good-oh wait, too hot.” ] She waved her hand and then laughed lightly. She’d take a picture of there food and send it to Klara. [b “I was being too hard on Klara…I know.” ] She sighed, figuring to mention it. [b “My head feels so much clearer. I’m thankful that you’re helping me. I’m glad I’m here with you getting through it.” ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 19h 6m 6s
He couldn't help but be sweet to her because she was such a sweetheart. She was his everything and he didn't want to lose her. [b "Well you are my girlfriend. You deserve only the best from me"] he told her, walking through the pretty pink trees with her. He held her hand and swung their arms, feeling pretty carefree. There were a few guys coming over to try and touch her, but he'd make sure he'd stay on her side to keep them away.

He'd look at the pictures with her and he thought they looked great together [b "We look so perfect. You're perfect Love"] he told her, kissing her lips and then playfully tugging it towards him as he walked with her towards the shrine gates.

They walked around, seeing how beautiful and simple the country was. He'd hold her hand and then slowly walk up the stairs, seeing the orange gates continue for a long way. He'd take pictures of Ara and then he'd do sneaky ones like make a face with her in the background. He would send it to her and chuckle as they made it to the top.

When he approached the offering table, he'd show Ara what to do and then he'd ask with a prayer. He wanted to be with her for a long time and he wanted her to get over her addiction. He'd then walk with her to the fortunes and he saw her luck. [b "I think so too. You make me lucky"] he felt her moving beneath his arm. He'd hold her close to him and he'd smile [b "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I always have a great time with you"] he'd walk with her back down and then they'd look at the incoming restaurants. [b "Should we get dinner here?"] he looked around and saw a nice open restaurant by the river.

[b "Let's go there"] he'd point and then walked with her, seeing some girls pass by looking at them. Sylus would smile, but he'd pull Ara closer to him. They then made it to the restaurant and Sylus got them a table outside by the river. [b "It's getting a bit chilly. I think I'll get some udon noodles"] he then took off his jacket and put it over her shoulders, kissing her cheek. [b "Here Love"]
  ellocalypse / 35d 19h 30m 51s
Sylus was such a sweetie with her. She loved thethings he said to her, getting kisses and hearing him turn that waiter away. Ara pouted [b “Awe darling, you are really sweet to me.” ] She lightly laughed. They were in a scene of cherry blossoms. It was beautiful and taking those photos and looking back on it on her phone screen made her smile. She wanted to print them out. She wanted to share it with everyone, it was too bad she couldn’t. Ara tilted her chin and met his eyes and giggled [b “I do? You’re so sweet.” ] She leaned up and kissed his lips very quickly.

They’d make there way to the shrine together, holding hands, she’d sawy it. She saw other couples around. She thought that her and Sy just made the best couple. She apologized and it made her smile. [b “I know…I’m so happy about that.” ] She took a kiss on her cheek. She squeezed his hand, and felt all bubbly when he said he loved her, “I do too.” ]

The two of them arrived to the shine gates. Japan really was beautiful. They took more pictures, and then they’d get all the way up the stiars. Ara watched Sylus toss a yen in and calp his hands. She looked at him curiously, wondering if that’s what they were supposed to do. SO, she followed his lead and di d the same.

[b “Fortunes, hmm… Well then, I hope so too.” ] She smiled, and wondered over. Ara took one and opened hers up. She’d glance at his and then looked at hers. She lightly laughed [b “We got the same. It’s okay. I think we’re pretty lucky we’re together.” ] She bumped her shoulder with his. She’d look around, seeing other people around. She’d lean against Sylus shoulder. It was a beautiful day… [b “I had fun,” ] She whispered [b “You’ve given me such a good time.” ] She breathed in relief, feeling the light breeze, and being aware of holding his hand. It was such a good feeling, it felt peaceful.

[b “Would you like to eat anything?” ] She asked, and would try to fit underneath his arm so he had his arm around her. She felt so content. She saw glances at them, a group of girls talking and looking at them. She glanced over and they would shyly look away. [b "Should we do something else after here?" ] She wondered.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 19h 43m 5s
He loved it when she was being cute like this with him. It was easy to smile because ARa was happy beside him [b "Your smiles make everything worth it"] he told her, glad she was feeling a lot better. [b "I know. I'm just glad you ended up with me. You're all I want you know that"] he kissed her lips and smiled as they ate desserts together.

Arguing with the waiter was worth it because the cheesecake that arrived was delicious. [b "We will"] he took the bite and smiled as she mentioned how attractive he was. [b "Maybe because I'm your big teddy bear"] he laughed, holding her hand as they walked outside along the streets. The weather was nice and breezy as they made their way towards the blossoms. They soon were in sight of the pink rose petals filling the street and it was beautiful.

He stood with Ara, taking so many pictures together, smiling and taking cute ones with her. He took snaps of Ara [b "You're so pretty Love. You make the focus you and not the cherry blossoms"] he chuckled and then he stood up and posed like how she asked.

After the pictures, he'd walk with her to the shrine [b "Yeah of course Love"] he would pass by some couples, but his focus was on keeping her safe. He heard her apologize and he'd meet her eyes [b "Of course you are. There's no one else I want to share my future with"] he told her, leaning in to kiss her cheek. [b "I love you so much"] he made it to the shrine gates and he'd take a picture of her and then they'd slowly walk up all the stairs.

Sylus led her to the shrine and then they would toss some yen in and clap their hands. He told her what to do and then they'd shake the bell [b "Let's go get some fortunes Love. I hope I'm lucky"] he smiled, walking over and getting two, handing one to her. Sylus opened it up, seeing the words poor luck. He sighed a bit [b "WHy am I so unlucky at these things"] he pouted.
  ellocalypse / 35d 20h 40m 29s
His words were the cutest. He made her want to kiss him every second. So, she gave him another deep kiss [b “You’re smiles is what I live for.”]
The dessert was amazing. She couldn’t wait to even bring some back to Klara, knowing she would like it. She shook her head thinking about how he really hurt her friend [b “I don’t think it’s okay you hurt my friend. But, it was awhile ago and I forgive it. But when you are rude to jerks who are trying to get in the way, I think it’s hot. I know you do. I love you so much too.” ] She giggled, kissing himand got a kiss back. She licked his upper lip after he licked the coner of hers. [b “Yea, you do, you’re very much welcome.” ] She smirked to herself.

Ara’s eyes widened at the fluffy cheesecake. It looked so good! She leaned in and took a bite from what Sylus offered, [b “So yummy…this place is really nice. We really need to come back here.” ] She said, taking some and putting it to his lips. Ara scoffed [b “How can I not find you attractive? Aww darling, it’s okay. I’m surprised they’re not scared of you.” ] She kissed his cheek.

They rose up and went outdoors into the warm weather. It was slowly windy but it was still a gentle breeze. Pink petals filled the street and it was gorgeous. It looked like something out of a painting. [b “These trees are beautiful.” ] She looked at Sylus and smiled. She took a selfies with him, one with a funny face, another with normal smiling, leaning onto his shoulder. They looked so cute. She always had to go on her tip toes a bit to actually get a better shot.

They got a couple to take a picture of them. Ara would intertwine there hands together, smile and he cutely kissed her cheek in one of them. She thanked the couple and would look at the pictures with Sylus. She let Sylus take a few pictures of her, standing, posing and returning to Sylus.
[b “Of course darling!” ] She took shots of him, [b “Pose that body.” ] She laughed and would look through the pictures, admiring him. [b “You really look good in photos.” ] She smiled an d would send two pictures to Klara with [b ‘ We’re going to bring you dessert when we come back! Promise.’ ]

Ara took hold of his hand, [b “Did you want to go to the shrine?” ] She asked. She decided, this day was going well and her mood was so much better. She did trust him, that he loved her, that he’d stay with her because he was always around her. She squeezed his hand [b “Darling…I’m sorry for doubting you. I do trust you. I am the only one you want to have a family and kids with,” ] She laughed.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 22h 8m 55s
He loved her and when he showed her the background wallpaper he had, he was smiling because ARa looked so sweet in the picture. THe view of the bridge in the background was stunning as well. [b "You're right. My smiles are only there when you're beside me"] he chuckled and kept his arm around her because he she was his and he'd never want to give her up to anyone now that he had her with him.

They ate dessert and were being the cute couple that they were. He thought about the time he harmed her friend and he felt like he really did deserve it. [b "You are mine....I'm glad you think it's okay. Either way, I love you"] he kissed her back and smiled as he felt her lick his upper lip. She was so sexy. [b "Do I? Thank you Love"] he looked over at the waiter and could understand what he was saying.

It made him upset, so he told him off. He smiled at Ara's words and they received a fluffy cheesecake on the house. He fed Ara some and then he would chuckle [b "Well as long as you find me attractive. I'll always get mad if someone tries to make a move on my girlfriend"] he finished up and then he would feel her lips on his neck. He'd smile and hold her hand in his [b "Me too"] he stood up and then they'd walk down the street to the cherry blossoms.

It was an entire street filled with flowing pink petals as Sylus walked with her. [b "Woah! It's amazing"] he'd look around and then he would meet Ara's eyes [b "Let's take a few"] he'd hold his phone and take a selfie together with the trees in the background. He'd then ask a couple passing by to get a few shots of them together. He would smile in all of them, in one, he'd kiss her cheek, the other, he'd lean his head on hers. He would then let Ara take a few and he'd snap pictures of her with the pretty background. She always looked so stunning.

[b "Should I take some too?"] he wondered, walking over and letting Ara take a few pictures of him, giving him pointers.
  ellocalypse / 35d 22h 47m 53s
Ara was awed by his words. She showed him her wallpaper, [b “We really do. What do you mean? You’re always smiling in pictures with me.” ] She giggled, kissing his cheek again. She’d lean into him, got fed and she fed him too. She loved being to the cute couple they were. She did the trick he showed him and she was smiling when he called her cute. [b “Thank you, that relaly worked.” ]

She still felt sorry about what happened to her friend. She didn’t like that Sylus still scared him away but it happened… Ara laughed [b “Sy…that’s crossing into creepy territory, but that’s okay. I’m yours now and I love you so much.” ] She pressed his cheeks and kissed him deeply. She watched him lean in and lick her lip. She blushed a bit, and would lean in and lick his upper lip [b “You got something there.” ] She fibbed.

The watier came in, Ara didn’t get it. Then Sylus explained. Ara frowned [b “Oh…that wasn’t very nice of him. It’s pretty obvious we’re together, right?” ] She leaned onto his shoulder. She stroked his hairs a bit, [b “Yea…they are. Don’t worry. I’d never say yes.” ] She smiled and fed him a bit. She felt his finger brush her hair behind her ear. It made her smile because hew as the sweetest. [b “It was kind of hot you getting angry at him,” ] She admitted, [b “Cherry blossoms, I really want to take pictures with you,” ] Ara grinned, feeling him rub the top of her head. She kissed his neck right after. [b “I’m so very lucky to have you.” ] She wrapped her arms around him, giving him a squeeze.

They were all done, so she rose up, and took hold of his hands. She’d sway there hands together and wake way to the cherry blossoms. IT was beautiful, the pink petals and the way they shook with the wind. [b “Wow…” ] She whispered and looked at Sylus [b “Darling, can we take pictures together? And could you take pictures of me too?”]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 36d 18m 27s

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