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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He didn't mean to make it seem like she would leave him, but it was on his mind and he blurted the first thing he was afraid of. She made it clear he needed to think about his questions. Sylus just end up silent and went with her into the haunted house.

They both came out and liked that she was close, that she needed him. He held her hand and it seemed like she was hesitant. [b "I like clingy"] he told her and then he went towards the games with her. She was really good at aiming and shooting, so when she got him the keychain, he felt really lucky. Getting gifts from Ara always put a smile on his face.

[b "I'd like that. It's nice learning a lot more things about the world and not being so cold and one tracked minded"] he put the keychain on his key and then he held her hand and led her to the perfect firework spot. His eyes looked up at the sky and then he would keep his arm around her. He leaned in to kiss her and he felt her lips kiss him back. [b "Mmm, I'm glad you're here with me"] he saw the fireworks boom and he rested with her.

Sylus had never seen them before, so he was really curious. They were beautiful and he could feel each burst pound against his chest. He felt her warm hands on his cheek and he faced her, leaning in to kiss her warm lips again. IT felt so good to kiss her, feel her warmth, and have her love him. [b "I like them. I can't wait to go on more dates and have more firsts with you"] he went in for another kiss, licking her lips and then holding her against him. He smiled and held her hand as the show finished.

[b "I'm glad we got to see the fireworks. I've never seen them before"] he smiled, thinking about how great she was for planning an amazing date. [b "So where to? I'm excited to see where we're going for dinner?"] he asked her, feeling so giddy inside. The fireworks were amazing and watching them with her made him really happy. He was falling for her so much and he didn't know if he could try and stop it this time. She was so....perfect to him.
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It didn’t feel great being asked if she’d leave. Klara wasn’t the only one she did stuff with…and she never thought of getting into a relationship. [b “You can ask questions…but think about them before you ask them.” ] She released a deep breath.

She couldn’t help but take in his hug after the haunted house. She pouted when he talked about clinging. She stopped clinging onto him-physically and backed up, [b “I am not clingy.” ] She folded her arms. He went to reach for her hand but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to, she didn’t want to be clinging onto him. But…it was hard to fight it. She fell back into the whole liking affection, and holding hands.

Ara cocked a smile when he talked about not letting them go. [b “I know, I have some scary people looking after me.” ] She laughed, walking with him to play those games. She was set in awe, and looked at his eyes, [b “Awwe Sy.” ] She hugged him tightly, giggling [b “I definitely will warm you up.” ]

He got her the stuffed puppy and she loved it. She loved carrying it around. She giggled again when he said his looked cool, [b “Yea, you would. You can put it with the penthouse key,” ] She reminded. He held her close anld she was feeling pretty happy to spend so much time with him.

They went up the hill. It was a nice view of the park. She continued to hold his hand. Then he went in for the kiss and she kissed him so softly back. She craved to kiss him more, so much that it hurt not to kiss in bed and get tangled up with him. She felt the warmth spark in her chest when he said he was happy. [b “I’m happy to go with you here too.”] She softly spoke. She felt that amazing feeling of falling in love, and it also scared her. Sylus rested his head against hers. Fire works shot up and scattered into sparkles.

It geniually made her happy. She’s hardly seen fireworks so, it felt romantic to watch them together. She leaned her head into him too. She faced him again and cupped his face and had to kiss him again, wanting to be intimate…wishing. Maybe he was afraid she was just…being lustful then, because she had been. Well she has been for the past few months. She drew her lips away, hearing the fireworks and seeing it shoot up into the sky. [b “These dates have been fun.” ] She whispered [b “I guess we shared another first today. Our first trip to the amusement park,” ] She giggled and held his hand, and couldn’t help but notice how much bigger his hands was compared to hers.
  Ravenity / 10h 8m 44s
He knew that it wasn't really fair to ask her if she'd leave him, but when when she turned the question around, he sighed softly [b "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that"] he didn't know why he suddenly felt insecure, but he did. He didn't like the thought of Ara choosing someone else over him, but if she did there really wasn't much he could do. Just like how he let her be with Joseph.

They watched the show and went through the haunted house. It was funny to see Ara clinging onto him so tightly. He liked this side of her, the one that needed him. [b "Yeah, It's a good thing because you cling all over me"] he chuckled and held her hand in his, walking around the games. [b "Well if they're harassing you, I'm not going to let them go"] he wondered why the people at the facility scared everyone. [b "If I get cold, you can warm me up"] he told her, turning the conversation another way.

He won her a stuffed puppy and Sylus held onto the cool keychain she got him. [b "Yours is cute, but mine looks so cool. I'll be reminded of swimming with the dolphins"] he smiled, holding her close and enjoying the date. He saw the sign of fireworks and then Ara said they could watch it. He grinned and then he led her up towards the hill, his arm around her waist as they found a good spot to watch the show.

There were others at the top of the hill, couples sitting on blankets and others just getting ready. Sylus stood beside her and then he leaned in to kiss her lips softly [b "I'm really happy you brought me here today. I had another great day with you"] he rested his head against hers and then the show started, fireworks shooting up into the air, filling the dark sky with color.
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[b “Then you have your answer. If anyone should be concerned about you leaving me for her, it would be me. She was your girlfriend.” ] She couldn’t help but get defensive. She already said it twice to him that it was all sexual. She watched him shrug, and so she said [b “If you have, and I’m not questioning you leaving me for her, than you shouldn’t question me about leaving too.” ] She said, not finding it fair to mention what she did with Klara and make it seem like she’d do something wrong. She felt shy about mentioning that she had, because it made her feel a bit embarrassed

The haunted house had her scared. She clung onto Sylus and he told her about how she was cute. She wasn’t sure how. Well, as long as he saw it as a positive thing she didn’t mind being found cute. [b “Okay.” ] She giggled [b “That’s a good thing right?” ]

The show was amazing. She looked back at SYlus when he questioned if he had creeped her out. [b “Mmm, you have. You’ve really tortured-what’s his name-the one who kept harassing me. And…you guys get so cold sometimes. Then again, I’m not the one to talk.” ] She sighed. The show game into an end and they played the games.

She held the stuffed puppy, snuggling it because it was so cute. She couldn’t wait to show Queen this little puppy. She wondered if Queen would be afraid. She really didn’t want Queen to ruin it though either…because SYlus got her this. [b “So cute…I want to buy Queen a little costume too now. She would look so cute like this little puppy.” ] She looked at it’s eyes and smiled to herself.

She went to play a game herself and got SYlus a blue dolphin key chain. She loved how he grinned at her, it made her heart leap. [b “You’re welcome-it’s not a big deal. I think this one is cuter.” ] She felt his arms hug around her and it made her feel so bubbly happy. She held him back too, one hand still holding the puppy.

[b “Mmm, when we go back I had somewhat of a plan. OH-fireworks? We can watch it.” ] She nodded, and noticed it was getting a darker. [b “We can stay for the fireworks and head back for dinner.” ] She suggested, bumping her shoulder against his playfully. She would look around [b "Let's go up at that hill," ] She pointed at the green space [b "To watch it." ]
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He couldn't help but ask her if she'd still be with him if Klara was here. He still felt a bit insecure about the whole her and Klara getting together. It worried him because she turned red when he asked and he couldn't help but wonder if they had a thing. She turned the question on him and he sighed a bit [b "Of course not"] he heard her say sexual, but he still didn't know. [b "Well....of course I have. We were a couple"] he told her and shrugged a bit and decided to just let it go. There was no point in asking about what happened int he past. She was with him right now.

He led her through the haunted house and that got their minds off of things. Ara was clinging onto him and he liked it. It was nice to feel depended on [b "Yes you are. You don't have to do anything special. I just think you are"] he told her and then he led her towards the show to relax.

The show was cool with the tumbling rocks and the fire. [b "Me? I've creeped you out before....well I guess we are superhuman. IT would stun anyone in the norm"] he told her. They then headed to the games and Sylus managed to win her a stuffed puppy. He handed it to her and smiled, seeing her light up. He grinned and thought she looked adorable again [b "It's a puppy and he's wearing a little costume. HOw can it not be?"] he laughed and then watched her play the balloon game. She knocked off all the balloons, winning him a keychain. He saw the dolphin and had a huge grin on his face [b "Wow. This is so cool. Thank you Ara"] he hugged his arms around her and felt like the day was going great.

He held her hand in his [b "Me too. I think I'm good with the rides. I just want to spend the rest of our time talking, getting to know each other again"] he asked, soon seeing someone handing out tickets to watch the fireworks show. [b "Do you have more plans for us? It looks like they have fireworks tonight?"] he pointed out, wondering if she wanted to watch some.
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It seemed like a long pause before Sylus blurt out a question that upset her. He meant it. It wasn’t appropriate. [b “Would you leave me for her?” ] She returned the question, [b “I’ve told you. I’ve never even felt anything romantic for a girl. And I already said that it was just sexual. It’s not like you haven’t slept with her.” ] She couldn’t help but get offended at the question. If anything she felt like she had more right to worry then him. He did sleep with her as soon as they broke up after all.
The haunted house scared her. She clung onto him even near the end. She was held, and kissed. She liked the comfort. [b “Cute?” ] She repeated [b “You keep saying I’m being cute but I don’t know what I’m doing.” ] Ara said, swining their harms and then taking a seat with him for the show. She lightly laughed at him talking about hurting someone [b “I really hope you didn’t. You throw a mean hit.” ] She watched all the stunts, and fake explosions. It was really cool.

Sylus comment about touching her made her smile. She leaned over into him too. The two of them watched the show. She’d laugh [b “You haven’t ever creeped me out. Well…I mean besides how violent you can be-or anyone at the facility. I forget sometimes.” ] She said. She watched the stunts taking place and she really doubted she could do those stunts. [b “You have way more faith in me than I have in myself…” ] She said slowly but it made her smirk when he said she’d be pretty sexy, [b “If it means I’m looking sexy to you, I’d try those stunts.” ]

They got up together and they went to the stand. She let SYlus go ahead. She watched the stuffed puppy fall. She giggled when he cheered. She took the stuffed puppy in her arms. [b “It’s so cute!” ] She beamed. Lifting it up and looking at it’s adorable little costume [b “How can it be this adorable?” ] She hugged the stuffed animal [b “Makes me want a puppy too. Thanks Sy.” ] She smiled up at Sylus.

[b “Let me try that one.” ] She pointed at the darts and balloons. She went over and started popping the balloons easily. She grinned when she did it [b “So easy. ] She said. She knew Sylus couldn’t carry a stuffed animal with him on his travels, it would be to big. But. She found a dolphin key chain and got that, [b “Here, it’s for you.” ] She said. Since she knew he could keep that hanging around the key she gave him to the penthouse.

She held her stuffed animal and was smiling to herself, [b “I’m having a lot of fun. Looks like we really passed some time. Do you want to go onto any other rides?” ] She asked him.
  Ravenity / 1d 9h 21m 54s
He didn't know if had something with Klara or not, but it sounded like they did things together and she enjoyed it since she was blushing. Did they have a thing? Was his break up with Klara not just one sided and Ara wanted that too? He listened to her and she said it was nothing more than lust. He nodded [b "Oh okay"] he wasn't sure anymore and he didn't want to bring up the past, but it worried him. Would Ara leave him for Klara this time? He looked over at her curiously [b "It does. If Klara was your guard again, would you leave me for her?"] he asked in an honest tone.

They went into the haunted house and Sylus found it really entertaining. He couldn't help but laugh a few times and chuckle to himself because the costumes were gruesome and funny. It was cute though when Ara clung onto him like she truly needed him. He held her close and kissed her before taking her hand and leading her to the show. [b "No I'm not laughing, you're just being really cute right now"] he admitted and then he took a seat with her at the show. [b "I think I hurt someone too"] he shrugged, not caring too much. THey were purposefully trying to scare them.

The show started and there was a main character doing some stunts on stage. He dodged fire and fake explosions and pretended to beat up someone without actually hurting them. Ara said she didn't mind him touching and he just leaned into her, smiling at her kiss and then he relaxed more. Maybe everything was fine. [b "I hope I don't creep you out too much"] he didn't know if he'd ever be creepy towards her.

[b "You think so? You can do those stunts too you know. You'd be pretty sexy and badass too"] he smiled. The show came to an end and then he nodded as he stood up and took her hand in his. [b "They're gonna be amazed"] he followed her to a stand and then he looked at the prizes. Sylus smiled and then he took hold of the toy gun. [b "I got this!"] he stood and aimed his gun at the stuffed [ puppy]. Sylus fired and knocked the prize down.

[b "Yes! I got him!"] he cheered, giving the stuffed doll to Ara, hoping she liked it. He thought it looked really cute.
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From what he said it sounded like he thought she had a relationship with Klara. [b “No…well… Breaking up with Joseph made me more daring. AndIt was just…sexual.” ] She felt a little shy mentioning it. Ara felt like she was still figuring it out, but she felt pretty sure she’s only felt romantically attracted to guys-from experience. Plus, she was angry at Sylus at that time for not contacting her, so in a messed up way she thought if he could sleep with Klara, than she could do things too.
[b “Does that bother you?” ] She asked. She didn’t want to upset him. She knew that he broke up with Klara because…well Klara kissed her. Although she also felt like most of it was because the two of them cheated on Klara. [i Wow, it’s messy. ]

The haunted house scared her. She did not like it one bit. They were outside and Sylus was hugging her. She was thankful for all the hugs and kisses he gave her. She saw him smiling to himself [b “You’re laughing inside because I got scared aren’t you?” ] She pouted.

She huffed [b “I know but…I almost hurt one of them, badly.” ] She mentioned. She smiled when he agreed no more creepy things. She let him lead the way toward the show. They sat down and the show was kind of funny. He had his arm wrapped around her and she continued to watch it with him. It was nice, relaxing. [b “Yea, this is much better.” ] She was about to make a comment about him touching her but he made it first. She giggled [b “I don’t mind being touched by you.”] She leaned in and kissed his cheek, [b “Just don’t creep me out…too much.” ] She laughed. This day was turning out pretty fun.

[b “I think you could do some action stunts.” ] Ara said [b “But you’re more badass.” ] She said. The show came into an end, [b “Games?” ] She suggested, [b “Let’s go shock some people on how damn awesome our aim is.” ] She thought and then remembered [b “Oh they have prizes too! That’ll be fun.” ] She got up with him and the first thing she noticed was one with a toy gun. [b “Do you want to go first or you?” ] She asked.
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He wanted to always protect her and keep her safe. IT was his goal from a while back and now that he got the chance again, he wanted to work hard to try and reach that goal. He just hoped the facility saw his skills and made him stay her guard more permanently.

IT didn't really surprise him that she was close to KLara. He really wanted Klara and ARa to be good friends, especially back in Greece, but things changed. He couldn't believe that Klara told Ara about what happened. He was a mess the first few months and Klara brought him some comfort, but when he was stationed elsewhere, it stopped. He shrugged a bit and couldn't blame her when she admitted they did things. They weren't together and she could do whatever she wanted. As long as she wasn't doing something while being with him.

He nodded [b "Ahhh, bet Klara was happy you returned her feelings"] he mentioned and then he led her to the haunted house. He was a little curious as to why she did all that with Klara. Lust? Another reason he couldn't just allow their relationship to be all lust.

He shrugged and then he went thought the house with her. Sylus was a little jumpy at first, but he got everything into perspective. None of it was real. He walked with Ara and tried to go through without anything happening, but she was freaking out. He felt her gripping onto him and held on tight, holding her close and then leading her out, smiling a bit because she sounded so tough earlier.

[b "That's their job though. They're supposed to scare you"] he hugged her and then he nodded [b "Yeah no more"] he led her towards the first show they were near. He held her hand in his and then they took a seat in a theater. There was a short acting film going on about action stunts and how they film action movies. Sylus wrapped his arm around her and just relaxed [b "See, this show is much better. No one will touch you or creep you out, except maybe me"] he teased.
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[b “Good.” ] She dropped the weight of her head on his shoulder. There was always a risk but as long as he did his best…

Ara sent that picture to Klara to keep her updated. She didn’t want to build upon new lies, so she decided to tell him that she was close with Klara. It wasn’t like it was a bad thing. They were really close friends now. Maybe gotten…a little too close two months ago but that didn’t matter. It wasn’t like he hadn’t slept with her. [b “Mmm, I heard. She tells me everything.” ] She said. She worried about talking too much about this, because she didn’t want to have to tell him. She got a little promiscuous since she broke up with Joseph.

Sylus said the question she was hoping she didn’t have to answer. Klara taking her hand to bring her into the bedroom, kisses, her body and the sound of her voice moaning popped in her mind. Ara couldn’t contain her visibly warm cheeks. [b “We did…” ] She whispered very quietly, clearing her voice a bit.

The two of them went into the haunted house. Ara thought she’d be fine, it was all fake, and then some thoughts dropped in her head and now she was scared. [b “I know, I’m nos tscared.” ] She said firmly and then she screamed. She shuddered and She heard him tell her she wasn’t scared and she wasn’t sure if he was making fun of her. [b “I’m not. I’m just startled that’s all.” ] She cleared her voice.

Then she got scared from the fake body hanging. She sprinted and herad SYlus calling out. Wait, he wasn’t following He caught upto her and she had gripped onto him, looking so spooked. She wanted out. She stared at the person chains at them moving so weirdly-going pale and almost nearly attacking. She decided to close her eyes entirely, clinging onto him until they were out. She heard Sylus’ laugh just before then. How was it funny? She didn’t like being purposely scared.

She could tell it had gotten lighter and opened her eyes. They were outside, she breathed in relief. She was pulled into a hug, and it was nice. She shuddered a bit again. She did like being hugged and have her forehead kissed. She looked up at him, [b “They shouldn’t to touch me.” ] She said, [b “Or jump at me.” ] She could feel him rubbing her back, and it was so nice. She realized she was still clinging onto him too. She slowly drew back but she liked having his fingers brushing through her hair. It was relaxing. [b “I’m not going into one of those agains…” ] She whispered.

She would nod [b “Okay, a show. Then games.” ] She said quietly, squeezing his hand tightly. [b "I hate being creeped out." ]
  Ravenity / 1d 14h 29m 23s
He knew that she was amazing at her aim and she rivaled everyone at the facility. Even Sylus knew that she could beat him so easily if she focused. Sylus had seen her practicing her shots at the facility sometimes and hard work really paid off.

He didn't want to make any mistakes with Ara because he really wanted this relationship to work. He didn't know what sleeping together would do. Would it ruin his chances or would it help him? He left it alone for now. She said they wouldn't do anything and he was glad she respected his decision, but at the same time, he felt bad. He wanted to do things with her too.

HE saw the fry smack her face and he was chuckling. He caught it when she tossed it back and then he just finished up his food and ordered them some dessert. Spending time with her like this made him realize he still really liked her, probably still loved her. HE wanted to start over though since this Ara had changed too. [b "Of course I'll be alive. If you're alive, I'd want to be also"] he saw her texting someone a picture and he guessed it was Klara.

They were close? How close was close? He knew that Klara still had a thing for her and if she was her guard for a while...could they have? He shook his head. [b "That's really cool. I text Klara once in a while too. We've gotten to being friends, so I'm really lucky for that"] he was glad she admired and was able to speak to Tanner. But when she brought up hooking up with Klara for a while, he sighed a bit. He wanted that to be a bit private. [b "I did the first few months because she was in the same country and it was a bit painful at first"] he told her and he wondered if. [b "WHen Klara was your guard, did you two do anything?"] he wondered since she brought it up.

They soon finished up and headed to the haunted house, lining up and then entering the creepy house. They walked through narrow hallways and when he held Ara's hand, he jumped at the first scare. He realized that it was just people in costumes, so he did his best to just make sure Ara was okay and that he didn't accidentally break someone's nose.

[b "It'll be okay Ara. I'm here"] he saw ARa scream and jump and he'd hold her beside him. Sylus stared at the ugly face, but he didn't seem to find these people in costumes scary. [b "I know. i know you're not scared"] he told her. He followed her down the hallways and when he heard Ara yell out in fear, Sylus looked up at the body and then he tried to catch up to her when she left him [b "Ara! Wait!"] he felt her come back and grip onto his shirt and then he turned around, seeing the creature walk towards them creepily. He continued through the house with her, [b "Just cover your eyes, we're almost out"] he told her, holding her beneath his arm against his side as he led her outside. The monsters would try and scare him, but he'd just have a serious face on and not look impressed. He laughed at some costumes just because he found it funny.

He then walked ARa outside and then he pulled her into a hug, thinking she was really cute when she was afraid like this. Earlier she acted all tough. He kissed the top of her head [b "I think I hit a guy by accident. I saw that you did too. Hopefully they don't mind"] he rubbed her back, letting her relax and catch her breath [b "We're alright. You can open your eyes now. IT's over"] he told her, brushing her hair back.

[b "Come on, let's see a show and relax for a bit"] he offered.
  ellocalypse / 1d 21h 43m 37s
It made her feel so encouraged when he talked about her aim. And she didn’t even need those drugs to get a perfect aim. She wasn’t so sure that maybe it was all her though, since she knew even she had been tempered with…her dad told her. Her brother didn’t came out so healthy and they were scared she was going to be the same, so she was given some altering drugs when she was young to prevent that entirely.

It did bug her, that he may not want to do anything with her. Maybe he didn’t trust that this would go well either, or that things would go wrong if they slept together. [b “Okay, we won’t.” ] She nodded, making a mental note not to do anything too suggestive. She still wanted to respect his choice.

Sylus threw a fry at her. She raised a brow to what moment he was talking about. She half laughed, remembering Joseph doing that, and almost getting upset at him. Then her smile dissipated because she remembered how much she missed him too…but they could never make it work. They had too many contradicting thoughts. She felt the dull ache, and remembered why she was so afraid of doing this all over again.

She sighed, [b “He shouldn’t have done that.” ]
She let those thoughts escape, and focused on the moment. He fed her some ice crema, and they continued to share it together. She loved how he smiled when she said she trusted him with her life. She did…she felt like she could count on that he would keep her safe. [b “As long as that anything includes you in a picture alive.” ] She set and put more ice cream in her mouth. [b “I’d like that. You didn’t seem that distracted to me.” ]

Ara sent the text to Klara. She looked back at Sylus, setting her phone away. Ara nodded [b “Oh-we’re actually really close now. We’ve text each other nearly everyday. Usually it’s just a short text, but it’s still something. Although, I do feel bad because she likes me…and I lead her on. But we’re okay now. She was insanely interested in Tanner when she was around-kind of like a fan girl.” ] Klara was gave her a bit of a reality check…because she was about to just crawl back to Joseph. Then she remembered [b “Oh-and I know you two hooked up for a bit during the break. Just saying-so you don’t feel like you have to hide it.” ]
Then she wondered a moment if…Klara said anything to him. [i Nahhh. ] She knew they hadn’t seen each other for the past two months.

Ara paid for their bill and they were up. Ara walked outside with him and she had to roll her eyes at him talking about gripping onto his shirt. She laughed [b “You can hide behind me too if you want.” ] Ara nudged him [b “Just don’t hurt someone okay?” ]

They lined up together. They gained nentrance and the space felt so tight. She hated tight spaces like this. It was dark, and it made her really comfortable. For all she knew some murder had followed them here and was using this as a way to killer. Suddenly, she felt this was a HORRIBLE idea. She didn’t want to seem like a wuss and grip onto Sylus shirt though. She tried her best not to shiver, or look horrified.

She heard the noise pounding, and it reminded her of the pounding on the door when someone tried to break in. She swallowed and held onto Sylus’ hand tightly. She saw something move [b “If someone jumps out of us, I think I might just hurt them-“ And then she screamed when something jumped out of them. The face was so ugly. She shuddered [b “I screamed by purpose.” ] She mumbled [b “I’m not scared.” ]

She saw some signs directing which direction to go. Then she felt something touch the top of her head to her neck. She looked up which was a big mistake. She saw a body hanging with her arms dangling. Her face paled, [b “Fuck I’m out!” ] She yelled. She ran and then suddenly something jumped at her with a loud growl. On pure instinct she punched, thankfully the person had moved quickly away. [b “Sylus, get me the fuck of here.” ] She mumbled quickly, gripping onto his shirt. She dared to look behind and saw something chasing them in a weird way.
All she thought was how much she wanted to kill it. [b “Sy…Sy…” ] She tapped and heard thunder. Great. She wanted to run but had a feeling something else would pop up and she’d end up actually punching someone.
  Ravenity / 2d 9h 38m 5s
He was telling her the truth. He's seen her challenge Klara at the shooting game and saw her beat her. It surprised everyone, but Sylus. He knew she was really good because he's seen the effort she's put in before. Her words made him smile brightly [b "I know you will. You always do when it comes to shooting"] he smiled and then he brought up the whole not wanting to move too fast.

He admitted to her that he didn't want to screw it up because he really wanted this to work out, but when she put it that way, he felt bad for even bringing it up. They should have just done what they felt naturally. [b "I want to....I'm just worried"] he sighed a bit and decided to just leave it up to face.

He threw the fry and he nodded [b "Yeah remember. We were eating at that restaurant by the water in Greece with JOseph. Oh....right. He's the one that smacked me in the face. Nevermind"] he chuckled and then he saw the desserts coming in. He fed her some and when she said she trusted her life to him, he smiled [b "I'll do anything to protect it"] he liked the idea of being permanent like Tanner [b "I'll teach you more tricks and make sure you won't be distracted. Somehow. I always used to get distracted by you too"] he finished the ice cream with her and smiled into the camera.

He saw her texting. [b "Klara? IT's nice that you two are getting much closer"] he liked seeing Ara have a friend like Payton or Klara. She could have some girl talk once in a while.

Once they finished, he stood up and let her pay the bill. He held her hand in his [b "Yeah let's go. You can grip onto my shirt or my arm if you get too scared"] he smirked a little. He led her to the line and soon they were allowed in.

The large old looking house was dark and dimly lit. There were noises down the hallways and sounds pounding against the walls. Sylus would walk slowly with her, going down and then seeing someone walk passed the hall door. He gasped a bit only because it surprised him. He focused and kept walking down the halls. When someone jumped out at him, he didn't get scared, but he almost punched a guy. He had to refrain himself. He would hold Ara's hand, not wanting to lose her and he still wanted to keep her safe.
  ellocalypse / 2d 11h 43m 18s
She loved being flattered, and hearing it coming form him, well it made her feel even better because he was ranked high [b “I’ll focus.” ] She decided. She kissed his neck and then he brought he whole no real physical interactions with him until later on. [b “It’s not lustful…not really…not this time. If you don’t want to, okay.” ] Ara said. She didn’t want to pressure him It was his decision to make. Maybe she’d make the same decision too but it frustrated her that he wasn’t the one that wanted it. In a way, it was kind of sweet.

Ara got smacked with a fry, [b “I hit you in the face?” ] Her eyes widened, trying to even remember that happening. Ara peaked into the dessert menu and let Sylus pick it out. She noticed him leaning into her. She turned her head and lightly smiled. [b “I hope so. I’m glad…you still want to be my bodyguard. I trust you with my life you know.” ] She said to him. The ice cream came in and he took the first bite and then offered her the second.

[b “I’m a little worried that.” ] She lightly laughed, putting more ice cream in her mouth [b “That you being my bodyguard that I’d get really distracted. But…I know I’ll be happier.” ] As long as he stayed. Then she thought about those drugs in her bag. He…might change his mind if he knew.

She finished the ice cream with him and would take another picture of them and send it to Klara, [i ‘ Look. Sy’s my bodyguard again. How’s your day?’ ] She sent to her. She’s been chatting quite a bit with Klara.

They reached the buttom of the ice cream, she would fight with her spoon with his -for fun. Ara waited for the waiter to come by to pay the bill. She noticed him looking at her a little carefully. She thanked him and then got up with Sylus [b “I guess…haunted house?” ] She reminded. She assumed that it would be only scary enough to scare kids. She held his hand again, feeling so full.
  Ravenity / 2d 15h 20m 19s
She felt like home whenever she was with him. Coming back to the safehouse and seeing her and Tanner felt like he really belonged there. He liked having her beside him, his eyes only focused on her. HE warmth and her touch made him feel so special when he wasn't anywhere else.

He knew that once they started playing games together, she would win at the marksman one [b "Maybe, but you're a much better shot than me when you focus"] he felt her lips on his neck, but he didn't want to get too into it here at the restaurant. He asked her to save it for later, but she seemed disappointed. Sylus wanted it as well, but he didn't want it to come from lust and he wasn't sure of that yet.

[b "I....I'm just worried. I don't want to make mistakes again and I want you to fall for me because of the me now. Not because of the lust we share together. If we do get that far....I guess I can't really help it if I do it too. Maybe I'm just thinking too much"] he admitted and started eating the food he had in front of him. HE turned his mind away from all that and tossed her a fry. IT smacked her in the face [b "Payback when you hit me in the face in Greece"] he chuckled and then he thought about dessert.

Sylus didn't mind getting dessert at all. He nodded [b "Okay, let's share an ice cream"] he told her, looking through the menu and ordering a Neopolitan from the waiter. He leaned into her again and hoped that he didn't ruin anything by saying what was on his mind [b "I can't wait to graduate and hopefully be your guard permanently"] he told her, seeing their ice cream soon come in and he offered her a bite after he got a taste.
  ellocalypse / 3d 1h 38m 52s

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