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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He loved the way Arlus interacted with Ara. It was cute to see him being all cute with her and it showed how much he loved his parents. He seemed so content. They finished eating and Sylus would watch Tanner ruffling his little head. He would stare at Tanner and gave him a confused look, but he liked it.

They talked about Allister and it was odd to hear him being so excited. He must have really wanted to be a part of Ara's life. He's never really had siblings before, so he wasn't sure what that was like, but he was glad someone also cared for Ara and worried a bout her. [b "I hope he's excited. I mean, he'll be with ARlus for a long time"] he looked at their boy, seeing him drool a bit. Sylus wiped his cheeks and then they readied for the picnic.

When Tanner asked about Klara, he didn't think he knew about all of that. [b "I mean, we both love Klara. She's great. I think you should at least give it a shot"] he nodded and then he carried Arlus into the kitchen as they got ready. Once the food was cooked, they all headed outside. [b "I hope he likes it all"] he loved hearing those words from Ara. He wanted ARlus to grow up as a good boy. Well loved and as kind and caring as they were.

They had the picnic area set up and as Sylus put the food down, he let the pets out. He thanked Tanner and then then he played with Nyx, tossing a stick for him to fetch as Queen just walked over to the blanket and nestled in.

When Arlus was placed on the blanket, Sylus watched him, laughing as Tanner would try to get him to fist bump again. He would take a seat with them [b "You like the outside little guy?"] he poked his tummy and then he felt ARa wrap her arms around his waist. He would face her and kiss her lips. [b "Me too. I'm glad he's enjoying it. He has so many people to play with him too. He's sure going to miss Tanner"] he glanced over and saw Arlus playing with Tanner's shirt, trying to go underneath. He'd bite on his shirt and Sylus would laugh, seeing Klara come out. [b "Was breakfast okay Klar? You seem so tired. DO you need any help with your missions?"]

"I'm okay. Just haven't really slept. I'm almost done with it. There's just been a few complications, but nothing I can't handle. You two should spend more time with I don't have to" she mumbled the last part and took a seat on the blanket, petting Nyx and then tossing a frisbee around for him.

Sylus hugged Ara back and kissed her cheek. [b "Doesn't Arlus look like me?"] he smirked and Arlus would peek up and babble, his spikey black hair sticking up and his blue eyes looking at Ara. [b "See, he agreed"]
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“I know darling but still” She laughed. She ate with them and watched Arlus too. It was a beautiful morning. IT was all smiles, love and good food. She felt content.

She thought about Allister and she knew he should see Arlus. She hoped that Allister would give Arlus a lot of love. From talking to Alister, she always could tell he was excited to meet him [b “he always sounds excited.” ] Ara mentioned.
“He is, at least when I talk to him. I didn’t like him much at first but I can tell that he still loves you like family, and feels sorry that you had to go through so much.” Tanner said. Ara shrugged, she knew that. Allister still didn’t know the full truth but it was probably better that he didn’t. It was a lot of weight to bare and he couldn’t be of any help at this point. It would be better if she had someone normal around Arlus.

Tanner ruffled his hair, “Not sure if I should. I’m always on the go. Only see her whenever I run across Ara. Not even sure If I see it that way yet. Haven’t you both been with her?” Tanner did think Klara looked real hot, and even pretty for a girl coming from the facility. But also knew the history with Sylus and Klara…and Klara and Ara. Which made the whole thing pretty odd.
Ara blushed and wondered how he knew and then she realized he couldn’t have known. He just only knew it separately. [b “Worth a shot to go on a date right?”] Ara mentioned. Tanner shrugged, feeling a little puzzled on what he should do.
Ara baked and they let Arlus watch. IT was so cute. She watched Slus carry Arlus too. They were adorable together. Ara giggled, “Thank you.” Ara said, hearing Arlus babble back to Syus. So freaking adorable. She would come to him, squeeze his little cheeks and scope him up. She spoke to him, hearing his little giggles and seeing him smile at her.[b “Oh darling me too. I’m sure he’ll love chocolate brownies too. He’ll probably take after you, right Arly? You’re going to be just like daddy, loving chocolate, being kind, and loving.” ] Arlus giggled because Ara looked so happy.

Ara let Sylus set things up, while she helped change Arlus into new clothes. She put him in a cute blue hoodie, that was short sleeves and bear ears. Klara was up and had ate. Tanner was helping Sylus set up the back yard.

“Ara what did you tell Tanner?” Klara asked, while grabbing the bowl of brownies for them. Ara lightly laughed, “Nothing…nothing really. Nothing he doesn’t know…although I might have told him it looks like you have a crush on him.”
Klara groaned and Ara opened her mouth to ask questions but Klara put it to a halt, “I am not talking about this.”

They went all outside to the beach. Ara let ARlus down on the blanket. She went to grab the drinks she made too. Tanner was playing with Arlus, holding him on his lap. He looked so happy.

Ara placed the drinks down on the basket. Arlus was enjoying all of it so much. Ara came to Sylus wrapping her arms around him and pecked his lips, “Looks like Arlus loves the fresh air, and so do I.”
  Ravenity / 4h 57s
He glanced over at her and wondered if she thought they were weird. [b "Well we've been eating a lot since we were raised!"] he laughed and then he continued to eat a few servings of the casserole he made with tanner. THey munched down three full plates as they finished up. Arlus was watching them eat, looking at his toy and then trying to reach out for the food.

Once they cleaned up, he would listen to Tanner and he didn't really want him to leave. [b "I bet he'd want to see his nephew"] he agreed with Ara, all of it being really risky. He sighed a bit and hoped that Arlus would be happy when he was with Allister and Joseph. He wanted their baby to still remember them though.

He faced Tanner and wondered if he should tell him. [b "Maybe you should ask her before you leave?"] he told him and then he smiled as he got up and went to making their picnic lunch. He cooked up the chicken and Arlus was watching the two of them. He would finish up and place the food into their basket and then he'd carry ARlus and show him to mommy. He'd look to see what Ara was making and he would point. [b "She is. She's very cute"] he smiled and would hear Arlus babbling back in return, like him and Sylus were having a conversation.

He gave him to Ara and then he smiled at her words. [b "I can't wait until he gets to try my food and your desserts. I hope he loves chocolate brownies like I do"] he kissed his cheek and then he nodded excitedly [b "I'm pretty excited actually"] he then carried the basket outside, setting it up in the yard as he put out a blanket. HE let Nyx and Queen out as they ran around the yard, onto the sand at the beach. He would set the food down, along with a bottle and blanket for Arlus. [b "Come on little guy, take a breath of fresh sea air!"] he smiled, waving Ara over as he held her hand in his and walked with her out to the sand.
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[b “It still amazes me on how much you all eat,” ] Ara added. She only grew that hungry when her body was trying to heal. She still felt worn out from being away for that long. It was brutal, and she was so happy to be at home.

[b “New boardgame, okay,” ] Ara smiled. She loved how he looked so happy about it. They all ate, well except for Klara who was still sleeping for some reason. Although Ara started two wonder if she just didn’t come because she was embarrassed. Who knew…

“I’m scheduled to leave after a day. I talked to Allister before I came, he really wants to come over and see the new baby. I told him to wait a bit since I just visited.” Tanner said.
Ara smiled, “Thanks. I’ve talked to him. I didn’t send him any pictures yet though because…it’s risky.” She sighed. She knew that her brother would take care of Allister after. She was thankful. She knew that wasn’t an easy thing to agree to do. Afterall, a baby needed so much work, attention and raising. At the very least, her and Sylus were able to see Arlus whenever they didn’t have missions outside of the country.

Ara adored seeing Sylus make Arlus giggle. It made her smile. Tanner half laughed, “She doesn’t…actually have a crush on me does she?”
Ara sighed and decided to leave it be and let them figure it out. She wasn’t sure how Tanner felt about it. She knew he could be pretty dense.

Ara went onto making the brownies, making them with chocolate chip too. She knew how much Sylus loved chocolate flavored desserts. Ara felt him bump into her and it made her smile and kiss his cheek. She put the brownies to bake and even made brown sugar milk tea for all of them. Ara glanced back and giggled, “I am?” She went over and kissed the back of Slus neck, and then kiss Arlus cheek. “I love you both.” She said and noticed Arlus babbling, “What are you saying cutie? Hmm?” She tickled him and picked him up, giving him kisses. “One day we’ll be able to bake and cook as a family. You’ll get to try daddy’s food and my desserts.” She told him, seeing him just smile at her, and latch onto her hair. He was drooling a bit. “You’re excited aren’t you?” Ara giggled and looked at Sy. “Can you imagine? Him helping us get ingredients?” She looked at Arlus pretty eyes again. She felt so in love with Arlus and Sylus.
  Ravenity / 6h 20m 47s
He jumped in the kitchen to Ara coming over and tickling him. He faced her and would grin [b "Mmm, I do miss them. You make great desserts!"] he grinned, leaning in to kiss her lips softly, enjoying having her back home. He would spin her around and then he smiled, setting her down. [b "Mmm, brownies sounds really good. I'll make some chicken katsu sandwiches and some potato salad"] he decided and then he set up the food.

[b "I always make extra since there's another big guy eating"] he teased and then he suggested a few things they could do today. HE didn't want them to stress out. They must have been tired from the mission.

[b "OKay! I have this new board game. It's called survival"] he grinned, helping to serve everyone some of the casserole he made. He saw baby Arlus looking content in his high chair as Sylus leaned in to kiss him [b "How's my baby boy?"] he ran his fingers through his hair and he smiled, hearing ARlus giggle.

IT was sad to hear that Tanner had to leave again. He missed having him here and staying together all the time. [b "Yeah, me too. We're happy we got to see you and hopefully they assign you to help guard Ara more often"] he smiled, hearing ARlus speak in return. [b "Feel free to visit anytime. I'm sure Klara would miss you too"] he teased, knowing Klara was still asleep.

He finished eating and would help Ara clean up. He would see her taking Arlus to watch her cook and Sylus also went into the kitchen to work on making the food for the picnic later. He would fry up the chicken and then he would toast the bread and add some slaw as he build the sandwiches and worked on the potato salad.

HE then would bump into Ara in the kitchen and then playing a bit with ARlus and his toy [b "Look at mommy. She's pretty cute in the kitchen huh?"] he pointed and Arlus would look curiously and babble as if talking with him.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 9h 31m 45s
She giggled seeing him sqirm and react to her tickles. She hugged him so tight, “I miss you eating them.” She adored the way he grinned at her. IT was so kissable. She kissed him softly and then gave him kisses everywhere else. She adored his laugther. Sylus pulled her into a hug. It was so nice and warm.

“Awe,” Ara kissed him back. She was surprised when he spun her around, it made her giggle. Ara tilted her head, [b “Mm, let’s do it. A picnic sounds nice. Do you think I should make brownies?” ]She suggested. She turned her head and saw Tanner coming down.
“Hey guys,” Tanner stretched his arms out. “I’m always ready to eat.”

Ara winced a little at scary movies [b “I’ve lived through a scary movie yesterday, I think I’m more in the mood for something light hearted. But Boardgames sounds fun.” ]
“Ditto,” Tanner said and would grab a glass of water. “Where’s Arlus?”

[b “Arlus is still asleep.” ] Ara said and would glance at the baby monitor at the kitchen and it wasn’t giving any alerts, so she knew Arlus was doing good. Once the casserole was done, Ara helped set the table up. She noticed Klara was still asleep buts he didn’t want to bother her. Ara would make sure the pets had food. Soon enough, she heard Arlus on the baby monitor. She head upstairs and took hold of him, fed him and let him join them for breakfast. He was in his high chair. They all started to eat.

“It looks like I’ll have to going soon,” Tanner mentioned, “But I’m happy I got to see all of you and this little guy.” Tanner grinned at Arlus.
Arlus blabbered back.

[b “I’m so happy you came too. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without you there by my side and we missed you.” ] Ara smiled. She had a good feeling that she’d be reassigned two bodyguards now and then too, and most likely it would be Tanner. She sure was happy that they came out back safely. [b "Well, I'm going to make dessert." ] Ara said and would rise up and clean up. She then kissed Arlus cheek, "Want to help mommy Arly?" Ara asked, tickling his little tummy, hearing his giggles. He reached out to touch her hair, but she didn't let him have it.
  Ravenity / 10h 9m 33s
He worried so much because he didn't want anything to happen to her or Tanner. HE wanted ARlus to always have his mommy and he didn't want to lose her. As her guard and lover, he'd be failing two things at once. [b "Yeah, okay"] he wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep together.

In the morning, he would wake ARa, kissing her cheeks, her lips and then her neck all over. He loved hearing her wake up to him and it made him smile as he headed down to make breakfast for everyone. Sylus chopped some potatoes, ham, onions, and peppers and put it all into a pan and threw it into the oven. HE fried some eggs and toast and set it on the table, ready for all of them.

HE felt tickles and it made him squirm a bit and move, but when he heard her voice, he relaxed and he smiled [b "Mmm, I definitely missed your desserts"] he grinned, facing her and then he kissed her soft lips. He felt her lips kissing his cheeks and nose, making him laugh as he pulled her into a hug, loving to see her in that robe of his. [b "I love you. All of you"] he lifted her up and then he kissed her lips once more as he spun her in a circle. HE smiled and set her down [b "Let's have a picnic today? In the backyard. Arlus likes the fresh air and Queen and Nyx can run around"] he held her hands in his and then he saw Tanner heading down. [b "You ready to eat? Today you two should rest. I'm down for scary movies or more board games. Of if you guys want to sleep, it's cool with me"]
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Ara caressed his cheek while he kept his eyes on hers. From his expression, she could tell how much he worried. She hated to make him worry like that. [b “Me too… We won’t let him be found. We’ll come up with a plan if something like that were to happen."] She held onto him and she found him doing the same. He was her comfort. She fell asleep with him, finally being able to sleep next to him. It wasn’t the same without him.

Morning came strolling in. She’d feel over his arm, his back. She kept her eyes closed. She was still partially asleep. Ara smiled hearing his voice in the morning, sounding like music to her ears. [b “Mmm…morning darling.” ] Ara felt his kiss on her forehead. She hugged him even more. [b “I love you.” ] Ara said. She began giggling feeling his kisses on her cheek, neck, shoulder, all over. [b “Mmmm…..” ] Ara was still dozing back off to sleep. She was snuggled in. She had been exhausted from all that had happened.

Later on, she woke up. She saw her bed empty and knew Sylus was downstairs probably making breakfast. It made her smile. Home. She got up, showered, dried her hair, and put it up into a cute high bun. She would dress up, and wear the robe Sylus got her that said ‘Sylus’ love.’ Because she missed him so much. She would check up on Arlus first, and he was still asleep, his blue blanky over him.

Ara went downstairs, seeing Sylus putting something in the oven. She would move behind him and tickle his side a little. She then wrapped her arms around him, kissed the back of his neck. [b “Morning my sweet hubby” ] She kissed his back too, hugging him tight. [b “I missed your cooking. I think…I should bake today too. I want to give you something sweet to eat.” ] She decided and knew she would have to make it chocolate flavoured. She let him face her. She went on her tip toes and kissed his lips, cupped his face and squished his cheeks. [b “I miss your face. I miss your lips.” ]She kissed his lips again, “I miss your cheeks.” She kissed his cheeks, “Your nose.” She kissed the top of his nose. She giggled, [b “Your voice…everything about you.” ]
  Ravenity / 15h 57m 23s
He was really worried about what could've happened to her. The last thing he wanted was to get a phone call or a message saying Ara was badly hurt or that she wasn't coming home. The thoughts almost gave him a heart attack. The three days away also didn't help. They just got his mind going on more crazy ideas while having to take care of a baby.

He let out his thoughts and would hear her sweet voice comforting him, telling him that she knew what he felt. [b "We will. We always do"] he loved her so much and just being this close made him feel like she's been away for weeks. He would kiss her sweet lips, meeting those pretty eyes she had and then he leaned into her. [b "I hope it's all done. I wouldn't want anyone knowing where we are and that we have Arlus. I don't want him to be found out or known by that part of the world just yet"] he sighed and then he would relax into her, holding her close.

Having the love of his life back in his arms was the best thing ever. HE missed every second of it. Her warmth had him comforted, making him slowly drift off to sleep. He passed out quickly and wouldn't even wake up until late in the morning. He'd feel Ara's touch and when he opened his eyes, he smiled. It was another day where he got to see her. [b "Mmm, morning my sweet love"] he kissed her forehead and would hold her close again. HE felt like it was a dream. That if he let her go right now, she'd be gone again.

He kissed her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, spreading soft kisses on her. He missed the feel of her skin on his lips and waking up beside her. He'd watch her sleep for a bit before shifting out of bed. HE wanted to make breakfast for everyone now that they were back.

Sylus headed down the hall, entering ARlus' room. He saw him fast asleep in his crib. He must have been really tired out too. He smiled and headed downstairs, going into the kitchen. Sylus pulled out some potatoes, cheese, and some ham, making a breakfast casserole as he threw it into the oven.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 3h 2m 51s
She could understand how worried he must have been, which was what stressed her out so much too when she was on locked down. [b “I know darling, I know…” ] Ara caressed his cheek, and would even kiss his forehead, [b “Nothing will happen to me. We’re here, together… We’ll always find our way back to each other and Arlus.” ] She loved the way his skin felt, his expressions, the sound of his voice. [b “One day…felt like a week of being away. I’d imagine your voice when I’d fall asleep.” ] She nodded to him. She kissed him softly, to show him love and felt him respond too kissing her once more. It felt good, she missed his kiss.

She pressed her forehead against his. [b “I know you can’t and I would never want you too. You know I had Tanner…we’re okay.” ] She could understand some of his worries and pain from not hearing from them. She released a soft sigh, [b “I sure hope so. He didn’t have anyone else here that could do it as well as I do, so he made me take the exception. The last thing we would want though, is someone from the facility and coming over. So, it’s better I do it anyway. We should be clear…I don’t think he’ll break what he promised me except for this exception.”] Ara said. She felt his arm around her waist, nuzzling his nose into her neck. She felt so good…He felt like Sylus always did, his mannerisms, his hold. She'd close her eyes too and she felt in peace. She fell asleep so soundlessly with him.

She heard Arlus’ cry in the very early morning. She rose up, and helped Arlus up. She fed him and gave him lots of love. She played with him just a bit, seeing daddy’s hair on him, spiking up. It made her smile. She put him back in bed when he got sleepy again. She crawled back into bed with Sylus, kissed his cheek and fell back asleep until morning. When she slowly woke, Sy was still next to her. She’d rub his arm back and forth, and take in that she was next to him, but she still kept her eyes closed.
  Ravenity / 1d 3h 14m 35s
Arlus was a little cutie and it was clear that he missed Ara. He didn't want to leave her warm arms and he knew that comfort that only she brought. Everyone was safe and at the table after the situation was explained. Klara threw him under the bus about being frantic and panicked, but he would just shrug it off. HE had to know where his wife and the mother of their child was. If anything happened to her, he knew he was capable and that inner guard wasn't backing down.

They all ate and Tanner said a few words, but he hoped Arlus didn't hear a thing. He was only a month and he was already doing things a three month would do according to web pages and videos he watched on babies. He would help ARa tuck in Arlus, heading to their room and then crawling into bed beside her.

He was still really upset, but at the same time, he understood there were certain actions that needed to be taken in order to make the mission successful. [b "I get it. I was just really worried. I don't want anything happening to you. I can't lose you Ar"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and would lean into her touch. He missed her embrace, the smell of her skin, holding her close and having her touch him. [b "I'm glad the mission went okay and things are back to normal"] he met her lips and it felt so satisfying. He missed her, leaning in to kiss her once more as he nodded.

[b "Yeah.....I felt it too. I felt like I could come and save you two, but I couldn't leave Arlus. I had to argue in my head and make myself believe you two would come home safe. It was a struggle"] he sighed, laying back against the pillow and finally being able to relax. [b "So is your father happy? Is he willing to give you the rest of this year off? Or are there more missions we're going to have to do with Arlus?"] he wondered, reaching up to wrap his arm around her waist, holding her close. He nuzzled his nose into her neck and just relaxed. Having her here felt so soothing and with his lack of sleep the past few nights, he knew he'd be able to get some rest this time.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 3h 31m 44s
Arlus was being a little silly and it warmed her heart. The pets were near her, Nyx gave her greetings too. She heard Sylus chuckle and she felt home again. Safe…and sound. She appreciated being home so much more. Her sweet baby boy kept wanting her attention it seemed. She was in awe when Sylus said he missed her. [b “Did you Arly?” ] Ara asked, snuggling him in and giving him so much love.

All of them ate. They had a conversation, and it all felt like things were back to normal. She lectured Tanner. She didn’t want ARlus to hear those words. Ara nodded [b “Very smart.” ]
Tanner said what he said because he was exhausted and didn’t think twice, just trying to make a joke. He learned a few things with talking to Ara, how Klara possibly had a crush, she loved food-no surprise there and that she like to experiment.

They talked there Arlus in bed. She got dressed for bed, and crawled into bed. She snuggled into his side. She felt relived to be holding him, to take in his smell. He was home… She wasn’t going to let go of him either. She looked at his eyes, seeing how much Arlus resembled him. It made her smile because he really was the love of her life. Ara frowned a little. [b “I was worried too. I didn’t want to do that but it was risky to call you. I didn’t want to take that risk.” ] Ara said, figuring he’d understand that. It killed her not to contact him. Ara shook her head, [b “No, I’m okay. We did, I couldn’t wait any longer there and let them solve it. So, I worked to solve it and that’s how it end up to. I’m safe…Tan is safe…we’re okay.” ] Ara kissed his lips, and held his cheek. [b “It was torture being away. I don’t want to live like that again…being apart and doing what I could to get back. It was different… I felt like I would do anything…anything to just to be home again.” ] She said, remembering the feeling, being that desperate.
  Ravenity / 1d 3h 40m 2s
He knew Arlus smelled really good after his bath. He had fun playing with him in the tub and letting him play with the bubbles. He wanted to show Ara when she came back that he was capable of taking care of their baby boy. As he held him, it was clear he wanted ARa and missed her so much. [b "He definitely has been waiting for you to come home, just as much as I did. We were both kind of restless"] he admitted and then he let her snuggle him in.

Queen and Nyx looked really happy to be together once again. They pounced all over and would stay near Ara and Sylus. He would see Arlus moving beneath her shirt and it made him laugh. [b "Silly boy"] he chuckled and would listen to Ara explaining about what happened. His amber eyes looked her over and would see if she had a scratch or anything, but she looked fine.

It was upsetting not knowing where she was for the next three days, but he couldn't be mad if they didn't have a choice. At least Ara was just as upset. He didn't want to lose contact with her like that again.

He set up dinner on the table and they all came by. When Arlus was being whiny in his high chair, he smiled [b "He just misses you Ar. He knows mommy has been gone for a while"] he watched her struggle a bit more, but even Sylus has learned a lot of new things about Arlus in the past few days.

They all ate together, seeing Tanner enjoy it all. When he cussed, he also didn't want to hear that in front of their baby. [b "He's a smart boy"] he told him and then he finished eating up. Klara and Tanner were put in an awkward place when Tanner spoke. He grabbed the plates and let Ara take care of them before tucking Arlus into bed, kissing his forehead. He looked more content now that Ara was here.

He headed into their bedroom with her and then he felt her warm arms that he missed so much. He was so glad he had her back here. [b "I do too"] he let her chance and he crawled into bed, laying on his side. He would face her, but he didn't speak at all. He looked over her blue eyes, the same as Arlus' as he let out a deep sigh [b "Don't do that to me ever again. You don't know how worried sick I was.....I couldn't anything....focus on anything. I [i had] to know that you were safe"] he shook his head and glanced down. [b "You're not hurt are you? Tan told me you two got into fights?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 1d 4h 2m 56s
She could tell by the way that Arlus smelled that Sylus gave him a bath. She was certain he would take good care of Arlus but she missed them. She was so happy to have Arlus back in her arms. He was clinging onto her and looked content with being in her arms. Had he always held on so tightly? She kissed his head and spoke to him quietly. She loved his little voice, and the way he looked at her. She kissed his tummy, tickled it and let him snuggle in.

There pets were happy to be reunited. Queen looked really happy to be pet by Sylus and would purr too. They would all sit down. Ara explained It thoroughly. Somehow Arlus got himself under her shirt. Guess he was taking pointers from Queen. Ara pulled her shirt slightly up “What are you doing there baby?” Ara lifted him up into the hair and kissed his cheek again. She looked back to Sylus. “I know…I ‘m sorry. I wish I could have contacted you. I missed you two, and itw as really had for me. No, you deifniltey didn’t need to do anything.” ] Ara said and looked at Arlus again [b “You did what you had to do, keeping Arlus all taken care of.” ]

Ara smiled and nodded, feeling much more relaxed to be with her family.
“We are, Ara did well. She was really upset being away though.” Tanner said.

Ara was glad everything wnet okay here. “I know, I’m sorry Sy.” Ara said. She listened to Klara and frowned, figuring he would have. She couldn’t imagine how worried he’d feel, not hearing from them and days passing. “Sy…” Ara pouted. She saw him roll his eyes too. Was he upset? [b “Thank you so much. We’ve been eating some pretty horrible food and resorting to vending machines.” ] She said and would help Arlus in his high chair. He whimpered when sh put him down. He started crying. Ara frowned, [b “What’s wrong?” ] Ara lifted him up, tried to smell him but he was fine, he actually stopped crying when she held him.

]b “Arly, you okay? Hungry?” ] Ara asked, “I’ll be back.” Ara said, going up and trying to feed him but-he seemed okay and only would take a little bit. She went back downstairs and he wouldn’t cry but he didn’t look so happy sitting alone. She put him on her lap instead, while eating. Arlus would try to reach too. Tanner ate so much and looked so thankful, “This is amazing Sylus. Fuck, I missed your food.”

Ara gasped, “Tanner! Not around Arlus.” Ara narrowed her eyes.
Tanner paused, “Oh-but he can’t understand can he?”
“He will be able to. No swearing around Arly.” Ara warned. Arlus was looking at Tanner curiously. Tanner started to look slightly guilty.
They finished all eating. Tanner was tired from staying up to watch Ara and not getting enough food. He really did look exhausted and would say goodnight to them and joke around with Klara about not jumping him when he’s sleeping. Klara’s eyes widened and he glanced at Ara. Ara shut her mouth and realized that she may have…leaked something while together.

“Anyways, I’m…really tired too.” Ara said, getting up, helping Arlus into daddy’s arms. She cleaned up, and insisted since Sylus did all the cooking. Arlus was yawning. Ara kissed Sylus cheek, “Let’s get him for a bed… will you go to bed with me too?” Ara asked. She missed falling asleep next to Sy. She spent those nights imagining him next to her to fall asleep easier. They put Arlus up in his crib. Ara would speak and hum a little too him. He watched so attentively until he grew too sleepy. He was all asleep and looking adorable. She missed this…

Ara faced Sylus, taking hold of his hand and feeling her eyes warm. She wrapped her arms around him and held him so tight. “I missed sleeping next to you, or waking up because of Arlus.” She said quietly. Ara caressed his cheek soon after, “Let me get dressed for bedtime too.” Ara said. She went into their room, going into the bathroom and then changing into a pair of comfy clothes. She waited for him to snuggle up in bed together.
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He held onto little Arlus, trying to keep him calm. He felt him crying and no matter what he tried to do, it didn't seem to be working right now. It made him frustrated because he wanted him to be a happy baby, but since he was so worried about Ara, he kept getting distracted from their little one.

He did his best to calm him down enough to give him a bath before mommy came. Everything seemed to calm down after he got the text though. Sylus' heart rate was calming down once more. He didn't know what he'd do for the rest of the week if Ara didn't answer or send a text. He'd probably have Klara do some investigative work.

He finished washing up ARlus, kissing his cheek as he held him. They headed downstairs to meet Ara and Tan, feeling so happy they were back. He let Ara hold Arlus, giving them both a hug. HE loved how Arlus knew his mommy was home. He was clinging on so comfortably and it was cute to see him relax again. THey were both on their toes the past few days. [b "Me too. I'm glad you're both safe"] he held Queen and pet her, setting her down to play with Nyx again. The two pounced around the living room.

Sylus would help bring their luggage and then he would sigh a bit [b "I figured. Still, it had me panicked. I thought something happened. I thought....maybe I needed to do something"] he admitted and then he would sit down with them as they explained what happened. He listened to Ara and it sounded like they got into some trouble.

[b "I'm glad you two are okay"] he told them, knowing that he really shouldn't have worried. He watched ARa stroking ARlus' hair and seeing him nibble on her shirt. He would meet her eyes [b "Yeah. I'm good. I was just really worried"] he told them, seeing Klara step out and smiled to see them back.

"This guy was panicking like crazy. I told him to just relax and that you were probably in a situation where you couldn't contact him" she said.

Sylus rolled his eyes a bit and shrugged, [b "We're fine. Everything is good now. I made some dinner if you guys are hungry"] he went into the kitchen and placed the pot on the table. HE cooked up some beef stew and some bread for them.
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