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[center [raleway At ten, Sylus' mother sold him off to a company secretly experimenting on humans, to pay off her depts. He lives at a facility, along with many others as lab rats. If they survive the experimentation, they become soldiers for the company. ]]

[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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Klara watched as Ara get out there as soon as she can. Klara felt guilty, that she convinced Ara into it. She had thought that Sylus was okay with it, and didn’t realize it was possible for him to change his mind right after Ara agreed. He really wasn’t like other guys she’s ever been with. “Who said it’s a game? You used to love her, and you love me. I think it would have been fine Sylus…but it’s okay that you don’t want to. I just wish you realized you didn’t want to before I made Ara feel embarrassed.” She worried that Ara would be upset at her.

She was sittng on the bed, and looked back at him. “I don’t know. She seemed fine to me, she was just shy about it but it looked like she was open to it.” She shrugged. Klara shook her head, “It’s fine, you don’t need to apologize to me. But…maybe we should both apologize to her… It’s too late to tell her we didn’t mean it. I’ll go talk to her. I’ll come back to our room after.” She got up and head downstairs. She found Ara laying on the sofa.

“Ara…I’m sorry.” Klara said, sitting at the edge of the sofa, where there was some room.
Ara didn’t look at her, and kept quiet. She felt humiliated for having Sylus hear her say ‘yes’ to it when he didn’t want to do it the first place. She didn’t understand. Was this some messed up idea to get her to admit it and embarrass her? It felt like it right now.
“I thought he really wanted to. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you.” Klara said.
[b “Klara…leave me alone.” ] Ara whispered. [b “Both if you just leave me alone…” ] She turned around and faced the sofa, hiding her head in the corner. Now Sylus knew, and she didn’t think she could face him.

Klara rubbed her back, “I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed. Besides, you don’t have to be, I did it a few times. I’m not embarrassed by it… Anyways, Sylus went back into his room. You can have your room to yourself now.” She looked at Ara who didn’t move and didn’t say anything. Klara truly felt bad about it, but she didn’t know how to make her feel better.

“Make sure to head upstairs, okay? It’s not safe to have you downstairs alone.” Klara said before heading up and going up into Sylus’ room. She caught him trying to hide under the sheets. She lay down in bed with him and went under the covered with him, looking back at him, seeing him look embarrassed, “Sylus…you really don’t have to be embarrassed. Both if you were okay with it. Ara looks like she’ll sleep downstairs…I’ll stay up and make sure I pick her up after she falls asleep and put her into her room.” She leaned in and kissed his lips, and caressed his cheek and realized she made a mess of things. She kept her body near.
  Ravenity / 4h 5m 56s
He really did want to finish the old disney movies with ARa though. It made him smile to hear that she wanted it too, so he hoped they were able to watch some while he had the time.

They were all watching the movie and when Sylus got hard, he figured that he could try and hard it, but that wasn't working so much. It was out there and everyone knew what was happening. He felt so embarrassed that his cheeks were already burning up red.

Klara whispered something into his ear and he felt so embarrassed by what she said, he didn't know if he could do such a thing. Why was she so comfortable with it in the first place? He decided that it was okay as long as ARa agreed, but when she asked and ARa said yes, it made his cheeks burn even more. He couldn't have ARa doing that to him....not with Klara. He didn't want any of their relationships to be like that.

He told her didn't think they should do it and he told KLara that. [b "I don't think it's something we should be doing together. It's not a game and I don't want to mess anything up"] he saw Ara head back down and her words made him sigh softly. HE couldn't believe he even thought about that at all. He knew she was driven into a corner.

Sylus frowned [b "I think so too. We forced her into something she probably didn't want to do. I'm sorry....I didn't really want that"] he stood up and then he turned off the TV. [b "I think you should tell her that we didn't mean any of it....I'm going to hear into our room"] he felt bad that he caused all of this. Now Ara was upset again.

He decided to just walk back to his room and then he laid back in bed. He pulled the sheets over him and just decided to stay in the room for the night. He felt so embarrassed for even thinking something like that. What was wrong with him?
  ellocalypse / 9h 24m 20s
Ara lifted a smile when he talked about watching movies with her. [b “Okay, we should finish what we can while you’re here too.” ] Since she didn’t know how long they’d be together or how long it would take to see each other again.

Klara gave the pitch to Ara, and she could tell Ara was blushing so much, and she found it cute. She didn’t hear a no, and she figured Ara was just shy and it was something she never done before. She tried to convince her and she felt great about convincing Ara to do it.

Ara never imagined hearing that, but then she decided to nod. She looked back at Sylus, wanting to make sure Klara wasn’t just telling her a lie that Sylus wanted to, because there was no way she could do that if Sylus didn’t like it. And then it came out and she felt so stupidly embarrassed for saying ‘okay.’ She wanted to hide. She didn’t think she could look at anyone again for saying ‘yes’. She couldn’t look at Sylus.

“There’s nothing wrong with doing it Sylus, what changed your mind?” Klara said and now felt bad that she talked Ara into it too.

[b “I don’t want to watch anymore.” ] Ara mumbled, [b “I’m going down for a bit. You can have sex…or whatever…I don’t care,” ] She felt so embarrassed. She grabbed her phone, and took the stairs and sat on the sofa. She felt like she could die of embarrassment, and having Sylus even hear her say ‘Okay.’ Ugh, why did she even say that? What the hell was she thinking? She thought sleeping on the sofa would be a good idea. She didn’t think she could go back up there after making a fool of herself. She rested her head against the arm rest and watched some TV on her own.

Klara sat back, and watched Ara leave. “I think I should go apologize to her… I should have made sure you were a hundred percent okay with it before asking her. Or…do you think I should leave her alone for now?” She looked back at Sylus.
  Ravenity / 9h 51m 5s
Sylus hadn't seen this movie before, but he did see the first one with Ara a while back. He could feel Klara trying to start something and he knew it wasn't going to be good if he got turned on right now. He felt Ara press up to him and then Klara touching down his chest. It was too late.

He remembered promising to watch the old ones with Ara and he reached over to brush her hair back [b "Okay. I kept my promise, we can watch the ones you want to"] he smiled and then he noticed that ARa caught him and Klara knew too. She brought it out in the limelight so that everyone knew he was hard. He heard Klara's idea and he wasn't sure about that. IT sounded.....wrong. He didn't know if he'd like that, but she was suggesting it.

Sylus glanced over at her confidence and when he saw her asking Ara, his cheeks burned because he didn't know if he could do this. It felt wrong to have two girls at one time. He looked over when Ara asked if he wanted it. His cheeks burned and he didn't think he could do it anymore. What was he thinking. It looked like Ara was uncomfortable too. He bit down on his lip. [b "I don't think we should do this Klar. I'm with you and Ara has a boyfriend. Let's just continue watching the movie. I'll be fine on my own"] he decided. Sylus didn't want to be tampering in that mess and he didn't want KLara feeling like he had feelings for ARa still.

A part of him always wanted those moments with each other to be only with the person he was with. He didn't want to share those moments together. IT didn't seem right to him.
  ellocalypse / 10h 2m 35s
Ara kept her eyes on the TV for the most part. She did like this movie, even if it kind of made her sad because she remembered watching this while she was sad. She saw Klara whispering to Sylus, but she ignored it and continued ot watch the movie until she wanted answers to if SYlus watched the old movies…because she had wanted to watch them with him. She pouted a bit [b “Okay, I’d like to watch more this weekend. While we can.” ] She heard him yawn, and heard him talk about staying up as long as him and she remembered, she did not. At least…in the way she was thinking.

Klara could tell that Sylus wasn’t in the clear yet. She wanted to do something. She felt deprived, especially since it’s been over two weeks now and he’s been telling her not to. Then…there was Ara. They were both noticing him. She caught Ara blushing, and Klara thought it was cute. She whispere din Sylus’ ear, because it wasn’t something she hadn’t done before. She didn’t think it was that odd.

Ara sat up a bit. She thought she told Sylus not to do anything with Klara while they were in bed…but maybe it was jut Klara doing something. It…still dind’t make her feel great. They were whispering now too, and she felt that he might just go with her.

Klara smirked hearing what he had to say, “I can get her to agree.” She whispered to him back. She didn’t even care if he liked Ara, because she was realizing she liked Ara too. Ara looked back at Sylus and then back at Klara. “Um…okay?”

Klara went over to Ara’s side and spoke quietly to her, “Sylus would like us both to help him. I suggested it, not him, and he agrees only if you’re okay with it. We don’t want you to feel left out. I know you two might still have a thing, and for now it’s okay with me. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Can we do this Ara? No one will know. It’ll be fun, you’ll enjoy it and he’ll enjoy it.” She said.
Ara’s entire face burned up. What was she hearing? She spaced out entirely, wondering if she had already fallen asleep or something. “Ahhh.” Her voice became dry. She looked back at Sylus and felt Klara brush her hair one time.

[b “I don’t know Klara…” ] Ara whispered. [b “Are you really…okay with that.” ]
“We both are.” Klara smiled.
[b “Umm….” ] She kept on blinking. Sylus wanted this too?
“It’s natural, we can stop anytime you want. Promise,” Klara said.
Ara looked back at her and then gave a small nod, [b “Okay…Okay. You want this Sy?” ] But she couldn’t stop blushing like mad. She looked back at him.
  Ravenity / 10h 29m 45s
They were all relaxing and just watching TV when Sylus kept his arms around the both of them. He was feeling really good because he had two girls that he loved on either side of him. Something about it made him feel really lucky. His eyes went over to Ara, seeing her snuggle in, her chest against his arm was a turn on though. Then Klara was on his right touching his neck with her lips and then her tongue in his ear. It felt so good.

[b "Mmm"] he moaned softly, but kept it quiet enough so no one really heard. WHen he called out Klara's name, he wanted her to stop because she was making him hard. She said she had an idea....what idea?

[b "I didn't watch a lot of the old ones Ara...maybe like one or two. We can watch more this week if you want"] he did remember the promise of watching many of them with her and her only. He yawned a bit, but was only because he was feeling a bit tired. There was no way he was going to fall asleep with this hard on. [b "You've always stayed up as long as me..."] he told her, but he did notice she had a lot more stamina. He didn't know if that was a good thing or not, especially where did it come from.

He poked ARa's cheek and laughed, looking back at Klara and smirking. [b "She knows it too"] he laughed and then he noticed Ara looking down. Sylus looked at the both of them and then the jig was up. What was the point of hiding it now when it was clear. Sylus just laid there, looking at the raised blanket and he sighed [b "I'm sorry.....there was too much going on at once"] he listened to Klara. [b "Ara is right there? Do you think she'll agree. If you both agree....I think that'd be best....I don't want someone feeling left out and I don't want to leave ARa alone....otherwise....I'll just take care of it myself"] he whispered back to Klara.

When Ara asked, he glanced at Klara [b "Klara wants to ask you something.....if you don't want to, then I'll need to take care of some business"] he told them.
  ellocalypse / 11h 0s
Klara predicted that Ara would be the first to fall asleep, so, she wanted to kiss SYlus while she didn’ tnotice and maybe sneak out of the room with him. She didn’t know if he’d agree, but she wanted something. She felt frustrated with seeing Ara, and seeing him…it was really frustrating. She was enjoying being in bed with them a little too much… Her lips grazed his neck, to his hear, and then she’d lick his ear. She put one leg over and then she heard her name being called. She saw him tilt his head slightly down and look down at himself. She looked down too and realized that maybe she took it farther than she should have. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, “We could sneak off for five minutes and I can help you…or I got another idea…but I don’t know if you’ll like it.”

She listened to him reply to Ara.
Talking about Disney movies was a good distraction for Ara. She pouted when she saw some older oens without her. But that was expected. [b “Not all of them right?” ] She asked. She heard his yawn, and Klara and Ara joked about how he was tired.
[b “Sy, you look like you’re about to fall asleep. You can fall asleep, it’s fine. I guess I can finally stay up as long as you can.” ] She felt pretty proud of that.
Klara She was more concerned about doing something else with him.
Ara felt Syus poke her cheek, and it made her giggle [b “Did I? Are you a mushy teddy bear Klara?” ] She then poked Sylus’ cheek back, [b “I know you’re a mushy teddy bear with people you love.” ] Ara then soon felt something poke her thigh…and it couldn’t have been…so… Her eyes widened slightly and she blushed a bit. Uh oh… She looked back at him for a second. How the hell was she going to make Klara go away for now?

Klara noticed Ara staring back at Sylus and then the met eyes for a second. Klara wondered if Ara knew. “I’m sorry,” Klara said, “I…kissed Sylus neck and he’s kind of…”
Ara frowned. She didn’t realize…she did anything to Sylus while they were watching. Klara then whispered into Sylus’ ear, “Do you want me to help you out… or maybe I can get Ara to help you out, with me. Just…touching. Nothing too far.” She’s never had anyone say no before, so she assumed.

Ara raised a brow, not understanding what she was whispering about. She didn’t like the idea of…Sylus being taken away and then to sleep with Klara. Her stomach plummeted. She had stopped leaning into Sylus, giving him more space, because she felt bad that she may have contributed. “Sy will be fine,” Ara said, “What are you whispering?”
  Ravenity / 11h 13m 48s
He knew that it was a sad life as a soldier from the facility, but if Sylus hadn't met Ara, it probably would have been even more sadder than it should have been. He sighed softly and he kept his eyes on the two of them, seeing Klara feeding ARa the cake. He thought it was odd, but he didn't mind it too much since he knew they probably got a little closer.

Sylus headed up and then he changed, managing to kiss and hold KLara before going into Ara's room. He laid down between them, watching the movie and then getting to snuggle each one of them. He felt ARa pressing her chest, he could feel her warmth on his arm and it made him feel a bit embarrassed. He then felt Klara on the other side, kissing his neck and touching his chest. He was surrounded by so much love.

He was slowly getting turned on when Klara kissed behind his ear and neck. [b "Klar..."] he glanced down and tried to point it out. He tried to tell her stop, but then ARa would talk to him. [b "I saw a few older ones"] he told her and Klara admitted to seeing them with him. He yawned a bit, being a bit tired from all the sex and taking that man down, but he wouldn't fall asleep yet. [b "What do you mean? I'm still up"] he told them, glancing down to see that he had a hard on a bit. He bit down on his lip and pulled the blanket over, trying to hide it. LUckily it was dark in the room.

He listened to the two talk and then he smiled [b "Yes, thank you Ara for changing all of us into mushy teddy bears"] he faced her and teased her by poking her cheek a bit. He felt his hard poke her thigh and he hoped she didn't feel it. He just laid back onto his back and kept his arm around the two of them. [b "I think we all turned into Ara's"] he laughed, trying to change the subject as he gulped.
  ellocalypse / 11h 50m 26s
Ara sure didn’t like how they had to live like that. She never really thought about her last meal being a bad one. [b “I guess that is right… I really want to change how you guys live. I know technically my life is at risk at times, but I always have people protecting me.” ] They were much stronger than her. She didn’t know if she could live in constant fear like that. She lived in constant fear of plenty of other things but not her own life.

The cake was good, and she did feel abit odd about being fed by Klara, but she just assumed that Klara still wasn’t used to what was weird and not weird out here. Ara smiled when he said it looks pretty. Ara liked the gift. It was small and memorable, which made her feel worse about what she did…but she was still thankful.

They got into her bed. Ara did her best to ignore Klara really being on Sylus’ other side. She did want him to herself, but since she couldn’t right now, this was the best she could get. She had hoped that Klara would fall asleep first, and she would get some time to talk to Sylus, and snuggle with him before falling asleep. So, she made sure she kept awake. She pressed her chest against him, mostly because it was impossible not to from laying on her side near him. Klara didn’t say anything, so she kept doing it. She watched the movie, focusing mostly on that.
The second Ara looked like she’d turn back, Klara would withdraw her hand, and stop kissing, but while she wasn’t looking, she kissed Sylus’ neck and behind his ear. She didn’t mind this, just because…she got a sight of Ara in bed.

[b “You did…Did you watch the older ones you haven’t seen yet?” ] Ara hoped to watch more of them with him. Klara wasn’t too sure about Disney movies, it wasn’t her thing, the whole princess thing mostly, yet she felt like Ara could fit into any one of them. “He did, he made me watch some.” She admitted.

They both heard Sylus yawn. Ara saw his eyes starting to close and she felt a bit sad. Guess that meant, she couldn’t talk to him after Klara fell asleep. Today must have really tired him out, she wondered if it was the sex.

“Guess it’ll just be the two of us chatting then, since Sylus became sleeping beauty,” Klara mentioned.
Ara lightly laughed [b “He is a beauty.” ]
“Did you have fun today?” Klara asked her.
[b “I did… I haven’t really had another girl I can hang out with that knows my world…and that I can actually talk to. It was nice. You’re…so different then I remember.”]

“I changed a lot…since Sylus. I think Sylus mentioned to me once that he changed a bit because of you too. In a way you changed both of us.” She said.
[b “Awee,” ] Ara giggled, [b “You’re giving me way too much credit.” ] And she felt really bad about sleeping with Sylus behind Klaras back. Damn it.
  Ravenity / 12h 3m 38s
He was in the kitchen, trying to make sure everything was plated and taken care of for dinner. He put the pasta in the center and as he ate, he listened to them talk about how their day. Sylus laughed [b "She goes by that motto. Better to die with a good meal, which I can't argue with. She's right"] he shrugged.

He knew it was a sad life to live, but they really were only just disposable soldiers to the facility. Sylus had his eyes on the cake and then he took a plate and smiled at the taste. IT was delicious. He watched Klara feed Ara and he thought it was a bit weird, maybe because he wanted to be the one that fed her.

He looked at the gift Klara got and he smiled [b "It looks pretty. I like it"] he smiled and then cleaned up before going upstairs. They both changed and Sylus ended up kissing Klara back. [b "Me too"] he led her into Ara's room as they headed towards the bed. He laid back against the sheets and felt the two girls snuggle up beside him. He looked at the two and wondered if it was a problem. He kept his arm around Ara on his left and then Klara on his right. He felt her lips and he faced her, smiling and then seeing her hand touch his chest. He felt really warm, but he also felt like this was something he shouldn't be doing. Why were both of these girls okay with this.

Sylus enjoyed watching the movie, but when Ara asked, he nodded [b "Yeah I tried to see a few....of the newer ones. I showed Klara too how great they were"] he looked over at KLara, wondering if she loved them as well.

Sylus was getting pretty tired. He was between the two of them and was beginning to fall asleep. He yawned softly and let his hand caress Ara and Klara's back at the same time, wondering if they were asleep too.
  ellocalypse / 12h 33m 28s
Ara found herself feeling pretty happy, being in this house, having home cooked food. It was…peaceful and she felt safe. She loved Sylus’ cooking. The pasta, meatballs and sauce worked really well together.
“I know…but you know what I always say. Always better to die with a good last meal than to die eating something cheap and crappy.” Klara mentioned.

[b “I hate that you guys have to live like that.” ] Ara sighed. The cake came out, and she watched them eat. She was full, and she didn’t want to be eating so much. But, she took a bite of what Klara gave her anyway, since she wasn’t putting her hand down until she took it.

Klara half shrugged, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think of getting Ara something together.”
[b “It’s okay, really. I don’t need anything more.” ] She smiled, because she already had Sylus in bed. She felt pretty bad that Klara even gave her a gift. Klara smiled to herself, liking that Ara liked it. It looked pretty on her. She spaced out for a moment, but then snapped out of it.

They head upstairs. Ara went into her room. Klara went into Sylus’ room to change out of the clothes. Sylus wrapped his arm around her waist. She leaned in and kissed him a few times back. [b “I’ve missed you too.” ] She squeezed his hand. She then went on to removing the clothes and changing int-a t-shirt and a comfy pair of black shorts.

Ara changed into her black robe and turned on the TV. She opened the door and allowed the two of them in. Ara saw what he picked, and she remembered watching it when she was feeling really upset, trying to get over him. [b “That’s okay.” ] She said and lay on Sylus’ left. Klara went on Sylus’ right. “It’s fine with me.” Klara said, knowing this was better that she had a buffer. Ara leaned onto Sylus, resting her head onto his shoulder. She let the movie play, with the lights off. Klara couldn’t help but notice Ara snuggling up to Sylus from the side. Her mind travelled into a few thoughts. She wondered if there was a reason why Sylus wanted to be in the middle.

Klara leaned onto Sylus’ side too and while Ara was paying attention to the movie, she kissed Sylus’ neck, but made sure Ara wasn’t looking. She felt over his chest for a moment, wishing she could be at least intimate with him…or with…
[b “Sy, did you watch more Disney movies these past months?” ] Ara asked.
  Ravenity / 14h 57m 7s
He remembered the penthouse and painting those pictures that had been on his mind so it was nice to see it on paper. Instead of it just being inside, he could share it. He smiled and then he continued to finish up his picture of the house.

He didn't want to bother them with their girl time, so he just decided to let them have fun together. He watched them head up and then he went to continue monitoring the house after he finished cooking. He had the meatballs cooking in the oven and the pasta boiling, so when he stepped out, he knew he had some time.

Sylus took care of the man that was watching them and luckily he hasn't told anyone of their location yet. This was good. If anyone found out of Ara's location, they'd be in danger. Sylus learned not to take any chances. If it led to something later, he would regret that.

He made it back home and when they asked him, he just said he took a walk on the sand. He saw that the pasta was all cooked for now, making him smile as he headed to the table. He set it down and they all got a serving, eating dinner as he smiled. [b "It's getting late to swim. The water was a little chilly"] he told them and then he heard that they had chocolate cake for dessert. It got him excited.

He was happy with everything right now. The whole cooking thing he took on as a hobby was helping him out so much. He saw them smiling and was glad they liked it too. [b "Please don't die of starvation. You have to learn to budget too. I don't want to see you going hungry if I'm not on your mission Klar"] he told her.

He saw the cake coming out and when he got a slice, he took a bite and smiled so happily [b "Mmm, it's really good!"] he grinned, taking another bite. He saw ARa's face and he knew she wanted some. Klara fed her some and Sylus wondered how close they were getting. His attention came back when she pointed to her hair. Klara got her a gift? [b "No way? We should have planned something together Klar....I wanted to get Ara something too for all the help she's been giving us and all the clothes"] he sighed, but was glad Ara was happy.

[b "Yeah, let's head up and watch a movie"] he cleaned up and then Sylus went up to his room. He changed into some sweatpants and a tshirt, seeing Klara come in to change too. He walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her lips. [b "I feel like you and Ara have been getting a lot of time together. I missed you"] he smiled and held her hand. [b "Let's go?"] he waited for her to change and then he headed into Ara's room.

Sylus sat down in between the both of them as he turned on the TV. He looked through the movies and stopped and wreck it ralph 2. He looked at the two [b "This okay?"] he asked, leaning back and then looking at the two of them beside him. HOw lucky was he? He was able to sleep beside Ara and Klara. [b "Is this set up okay for you guys?"] he wondered, just taking the middle by chance.
  ellocalypse / 16h 11s
[b “We had a lot of fun painting together at the penthouse.” ] She smiled. She did feel bad about leaving him alone for a while.

Klara and Ara went to spend some time together, mostly talking and learning more things about each other. It made Ara feel more guilty by the second, but what was done was done…and she couldn’t help but want to take Sylus’ attention.

The two of them returned to the house, and Sylus oddly wasn’t here yet. Ara would look around and saw the door open. Klara moved in front of Ara, until they saw it was SYlus.
[b “Where did you go?”] Ara asked and smiled [b “yea, we had fun.” ] She saw Klara giving Sylus a hug and Ara tried to glance away. Klara smiled, because she liked being hugged back by him at the very least. Ara helped set the table up. They all sat down together.

[b “Ohh, makes sense. I’m surprised you didn’t go for a swim.” ] She said, and didn’t recall seeing Sylus, but she guessed they were loud enough to be heard from a farther distance. They all began eating and they were both impressed. Ara didn’t imagine Sylus would get so much into cooking. [b “I like it a lot.” ]
“It’s really good.” Klara nodded, stuffing her mouth right after.
[b “Chocolate mousse cake.” ] Ara said, [b “I think you’ll like it, since you like chocolate.” ] She watched him for a bit, lliking to see him look happy. He looked so satisfied with what he ate. She heard his confidence coming right out. Ara giggled [b “Good question.” ]
Klara glanced back at him and then at Ara, “I really can’t live without him. I think I may die of starvation,” She said.
[b “You really got to manage it better,” ] Ara laughed [b “But I’ll still put in a word to get you a better allowance.” ] Ara took a bite of the meatball. Yup, this was great. She was finished it all but realized, now she was feeling a little too full. She leaned back into the chair, [b “I think you’ll have to eat that cake without me this dinner.” ]

Klara shrugged [b “If you say so.” ] Klara opened the box and grabbed small plates and cut the cake, giving a slice to Sylus and herself, but debated on getting more. She looked back at Sylus, and wished she could just kiss him, could make out with him. It always made her happy when he cooked. But…she knew she couldn’t, not in front of Ara…maybe tomorrow. She took some cake on her fork and saw Ara looking at the cake.

“Ara just get some.”
[b “No…I’m really full.” ] Ara sighed.
Klara sighed and offered it to her lips “At least try it.”
[b “That’s okay…” ] Ara slightly blushed, but Klara wouldn’t put it down, so she took the bite. Oh…that cake was good. [b “I’ll eat some in the morning.” ] Ara said. Then she remembered, [b “Sy, look.” ] She pointed at the golden leaf clip in her hair [b “Klara got this for me.” ]

Klara shrugged “It’s not a big deal.”
[b “Not many people get me gifts, that or can’t…so it is.” ] Ara smiled. She got up and put the dishes in the dishwasher, [b “Time to hit my room?” ] She asked, [b “I want to watch a Disney movie but…I’m all open to others. Like Deadpool.” ] She said. [b “We should all change into what we’re going to sleep in.” ]
  Ravenity / 16h 16m 17s
He was only lying, but he really was having fun just playing with the paint and reflecting what she did with him. He painted his picture, enjoying how he saw the see translating into his canvas. He looked over at ARa's and it looked familiar. Where did he see that before?

[b "The memory of us painting at the penthouse together"] he told her and then they were splattered with paint. He laughed and then he looked back at Klara and decided they should have some fun together. [b "Yeah I don't mind"] he let them go off and then he ended up cleaning up the paint and then he went into the kitchen.

He was in the kitchen, making the meatballs, putting it all together and then putting them into the oven. After a while, he put the pasta in and then he headed outside, walking along the beach for a while, looking to see if there was anyone eyeing them. He saw something shining in the distance and when he noticed it disappearing, he headed up the hill to chase after it.

He managed to catch the man, seeing that it was another one of Corbin's men. [b "I told you to leave us alone. Who else knows of this location?"]

"No one, just me. I followed the girl"

[b "Good, then I'm sorry, but you're going to have disappear"] he shot the man in the head and then he got rid of the body. Sylus then headed back to the house, washing off his hands in the ocean water and then heading back into the house.

He met up with them [b "Hey. Did you two have fun?"] he wondered, feeling KLara's arms around him. He smiled and then he hugged her back in return when ARa wasn't looking. He mixed the pasta with the sauce and added the meatballs and then he set it all onto the table. [b "Me? Oh, I'm fine. I just took a stroll on the beach. I heard you guys playing outside"] he smiled and then he served a plate to each of them. His eyes looked over at ARa and then he grinned as he ate. [b "I hope you guys like it. So what dessert did you guys get?"] he wondered, taking a few bites of the food and realizing he did a great job with it. [b "Wow, I'm a pretty good cook. How can you beautiful ladies live without me"] he teased, taking a bite of a meatball.
  ellocalypse / 16h 45m 24s
Ara wasn’t so sure Sylus was telling her the truth. [b “Uh huh.” ] She began.
Ara felt pretty happy to be painting, even if her painting wouldn’t turn out the best. IT was just about the fun of it for now. She rested on Sylus, staring back into the painting. [b “What memory?” ] She asked. She then they got splattered with paint. Ara rolled her eyes and laughed [b “If you say so.” ]

She didn’t want to leave Sylus alone for long, and she did want to spend more time with him. [b “Okay… if you feel alone, just tell us.” ] Ara gently smiled. She looked back at Klara, [b “Let’s go? I have a game up in my room we could play. We could also talk some.” ] She said.
Klara looked back at Sylus, wanting to be with him more, to stop herself from wanting to be too close to Ara too. She nodded “Yea, let’s go. See you later Sylus.” She followed Ara upstairs. They played some games for a bit, and talked too. Ara let Klara list the languages she spoke, some of the things she’s done. They talked a bit more about their life. The more she heard from Ara, the more she believed that she was generally good and not as an idealist as she thought. They went into the backyard, staying on the deck for a moment, before grabbing a ball and playing with it.

Soon after, they made a quick trip to the bakery that was close by, and got some desserts again. Klara carried the box, her eyes falling onto Ara’s legs and then at the back of her head, her hair. She was kind… and she found herself often being reminded of the traits that Sylus had that was also in Ara. She took hold of Ara’s hand and walked with her.
[b “Oh by the way, Sylus will be sleeping in the middle.” ] Ara said.
Klara nodded, figuring that would probably be best, so that she wouldn’t try to pull what she pulled last night. “That’s fine. Wait… Why?”
Ara shrugged and then joked, [b “Maybe because he’s afraid we’re too close.” ] She laughed.
Klara didn’t laugh, but would smile.

They returned inside and Klara put the box on the table. They could both smell the food. [b “It smells so good. Sy, let’s eat.” ] Ara suggested. Ara grabbed the plates, and glasses. She helped plate the food and then took a seat, [b “Do you think we should watch a movie in my room before we sleep?” ] She asked. She couldn’t help but keep thinking about sleeping next to Sylus, and waking up to him again.

Klara gave Sylus a hug from behind first, "Good to see you again. And-I'm okay with a movie Ara." Klara grabbed a glass of water and took a sit down, "Hope you didn't feel too left out,' She said to Sylus.
  Ravenity / 17h 4m 25s

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