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[center [raleway Throughout the years he's only noticed one person that could come in and out of the facility as she chooses. Aralyn is normally quiet, kind and he gets acquainted with her as she always gave him some of her food or got him stuff that weren't normally stocked in the facility. Then Sylus discovers Aralyn is the one that kills them if they fall out of line, and getting too comfortable with her will hit some nerves up there, being that she's the daughter of the company owner. ]]

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He couldn't keep his eyes off of little Arlus. He kept watching him and seeing their pets looking at him so curiously. He knew he was safe here in the house with the security system they had. THey had bulletproof windows and the living room was centered in the house. Anyone outside wouldn't even get a chance to see them.

He soon saw Ara looking panicked, so he rushed over and helped her up, letting her lay on his lap. He would run his fingers through her hair and he would smile [b "Our little boy is safe. Nothing will happen to him"] he promised her and would snuggle in as they watched a movie.

As more weeks went by, Sylus was realizing how difficult it was with a new baby. Arlus was crying for what seemed like every hour. He would do his best to take care of changing his diapers, but the first time he did, he thought it was so gross. He held his breath and tried to relax, holding his little legs up as he cleaned him off. Now Sylus changed him without thinking, but sometimes it was harder since he squirmed a lot.

Him and Ara barely got any sleep, but they'd take a lot of turns to calm him down. He'd wake up early in the night to rock him in his arms. [b "It's okay little guy"] he'd smile and kiss his cheek, seeing his adorable blue eyes peek up at him. Sylus would grab a bottle of milk for him and would slowly put him back to sleep.

Other nights, he was out like a light, passed out from how little sleep they got. It was good they both were taking a break from any work because they only had time to take care of him. He even knew that the noise was getting to Klara since her room was still down the hall, so he recommended earplugs for now. Klara was used to it though. If she heard Arlus crying for a while, she'd gladly wake one of them up if they were both out.

The next morning, Sylus was passed out. HE didn't hear the baby monitor from being so worn out. IT wasn't until he rolled over and didn't feel Ara beside him that he got up. He went to check in Arlus' room, but no one was there.

He headed into the living room, seeing Ara falling asleep on the couch with the TV on. Arlus on her lap, tugging on her shirt. Ara's grip loosened and Arlus rolled onto the couch beside her. Sylus hurried over and he took a seat on the couch as well, putting a blanket over Ara as he kissed her forehead. He sat with her and cradled Arlus in his arms. [b "How's my boy?"] he asked, hearing Arlus' coos. He would rock him slowly, but Arlus would grip onto his shirt, putting it in his mouth as he wiggled around. [b "You're not sleepy Arlus? Mommy and daddy are sleepy"] he sighed a bit and felt Arlus patting his stomach.

He held his breath and stayed up with Arlus, watching TV. He would stay snug in Sy's lap, his arm holding him. Arlus would kick his feet and then cry again. [b "What's wrong?"] he asked, holding him against his shoulders as he patted his back, swaying back and forth to try and put him to sleep. Sylus could even see the sun rising soon.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 6h 7m 5s
Klara glanced over at the small crib, her mind dancing back into how tiny their baby was. She felt fear crawl over, that she would harm him, that he’d be too fragile. What if she made it cry? She couldn’t withstand the thought of making their baby cry. What if Sy and Ara would get upset? “That’s okay…I’m good watching.” She said.

A nightmare shook her awake. Panic surged through her. Her throat locked up and her eyes went warm. Arlus…their Arlus. She went down the stairs to see him in his crib. She felt such a huge wave of relief and would sit down on the ground, panting a little. She’d wipe her eyes. She saw Nyx and Queen by the crib as well. They seemed to tell she was troubled and would try to comfort her. Ara pet the top of there soft heads. She’d nod, wiping a few tears. [b “I had a bad dream. My dad send someone and took Arlus away and we couldn’t do anything.” ] She was embraced by Sylus. She held onto him. She’d take a look at Arlus resting. She reached out and touched his little arm. She felt good he was here and she also felt terrified…of something ever happening to him. There little one.

She took in Sylus comfort, feeling his fingers going through her hair. She laid her head on his lap and watched a movie with him. The panic was calming down, feeling safe with Sylus and Arlus here. Even Klara came to watch. They were safe…everyone was safe and no one would take Arlus. She wanted to hold him but she knew it would be best if he rested too. Until she heard him cry. Then she’d go feed him.

The next month, that’s all it had really been. Arlus crying every three to four hours and needing to fed, or diaper changes. It was exhausting her, and with little sleep left more nightmares. Sylus always comforted her. If it weren’t for him, she was sure she would lose grip but he was always there and she always settled down. They made trips to the doctor still and Arlus was developing pretty quickly. He was one month but he could already lift his head, lay on his tummy, move his legs, respond really well to voices, even make some cooing sounds, and he was starting to smile.

It was five am, when she heard Arlus’ cries from the baby monitor. Ara felt so worn out. She’d open her eyes, seeing the darkness of the room. She saw Sylus was asleep. She’d lean in and kiss the back of his neck. She rose up, and went to Arlus room. He was crying. He was a cutie with blue eyes. She picked him up, “Arlus what’s wrong?” Ara asked. She would close her eyes and rock him a bit. His crying eased but it was still there. She’d hum a bit and saw him starting to just look at her. Ara bumped her head gently with his and he’d make a cute little sound. She kissed his cheek and she saw him smile. But then he started to whine again. Ara sighed. Maybe he was hungry. She’d tried to find him and he took to that. He’d only take a bit. She’d put him back, but he’d cry. So, she picked him up and he’d stop crying.

Ara groaned, “Arlus… I need some sleep too.” She felt like crying. Sometimes she got overly cranky. She sighed and sat down, and heard him making some sounds, and moving around in her arms but doing nothing else. She end up falling asleep just sitting because she was that tired…until. “Ouch.” Ara felt the tug on her hair. Arlus looked at her.
“You know, you have your daddy’s grip.” Ara said. It looked like he wasn’t going to let her sleep. She didn’t want to wake Sylus. So, she head downstairs with Arlus, him in her arm because he cried everytime she tried to set him down. She put on something to watch and sat him in her lap. He’d stare at the TV like it was hypnotizing him, reaching his little fingers out. Ara slowly start falling asleep again.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 6h 26m 44s
They finally made it home and Sylus felt like it was a huge relief. He knew that it was going to be rough with Ara giving birth, but at the same time, he was really glad they were safe in their own home with Arlus. He settled ARlus down in his crib and he went to the table to eat up with ARa and Klar.

He was really hungry as well and he downed his food pretty quickly. He didn't really want to put Ara through anything else until she was all healed up, so as they ate, he wrapped his arm around her waist and tried to comfort her [b "She's right Klar, you can hold Arlus. I'm sure he'd love that"] he told her and then he would try to clean up, but Klara took care of it all. It was a huge relief too because he was pretty tired.

He would help Ara up to the room and then he would head down and sit on the couch, watching a little TV, but his eyes were on little ARlus. He was sleeping peacefully. Sylus would smile brightly and soon pass out on the couch as well. Nyx kept walking around ARlus' crib and Queen would follow.

It wasn't long until he heard Ara's footsteps, making him look up to see her in panic. [b "Ar?"] he rushed over. [b "You okay Love?"] he asked, helping her to the couch. [b "WHat's wrong? Arlus is okay, everything is fine"] he told her, hugging her close, seeing that it looked like she had a nightmare or something. [b "Want to watch a movie with me? You can rest on my lap if you want. Being close to Arlus should help right?"] he told her, running his fingers through her hair slowly.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 10h 4m 48s
When she sat back on their sofa, she felt such relief. It felt as if she’s been at that hospital for a week rather than one night. She felt so worn and yet happy at the same time. Arlus was here, and she felt at peace. She witnessed Sylus taking Arlus to his crib. She wasn’t so sure about putting him in the living room but it would do for now. Ara couldn’t contain her smile when ARlus wiggled and Sylus spoke to him. It felt so good to hear Sylus’ happiness too.

Ara closed her eyes for a moment, and then stretched out her arms and then legs. It felt so nice to stretch. Starting tomorrow, she wanted to get on plan to losing that fat she gained. She kind of wished Tanner was here so he’d be ruthless on her.

“No problem guys,” Klara said, sitting back, seeing Ara stretching with her eyes closed. Klara would massage her shoulder and Ara let out a groan. [b “Thanks…I still feel sore.” ] Ara said. She rose up and ate, seeing that they had sushi. How she missed sushi. She felt so thankful. She was eating so much that even Klara was surprised. “Did they feed you at the hospital?”
Ara nodded, and made a “AH hmm.” Because she had her mouth stuffed.
Klara looked back at the crib, “I still can’t believe it. I will protect you guys with my life. I swear it.” Klara said, saying it sternly. She never cared so deeply. She could see it, Sylus, Ara and Arlus being everyone’s hope. She thought so little of life before them, and she never realized that she wanted more than just following someone else’s words.

[b “Klar, you can hold Arlus too,” ] Ara mentioned, [b “I don’t mind and I don’t think Arlus will mind too. Just handle him carefully.” ]
Klara shuddered, “I don’t think that’s a great idea. I’ll just watch.”
Ara laughed and took some more food in her mouth. She felt Sylus wrap his arm around her waist. It made her smile and lean into him. After she swallowed she said [b “I’m okay. I just need some more time to heal up. ] She got a kiss on the cheek. She felt she needed it because it was a struggle to keep awake. She just felt so weak. She knew the reason behind it, so there were no concerns. It was just her body doing her thing. [b “Thank you darling. I think I will take that.” ] Ara said. She would get up after she ate and went to sleep in bed.
Klara cleaned up for them, and when Sylus tried to help she said, “Put it down. You’ve been through a lot. Let me.” She did want to do what she could for them.

Ara got this horrible dream of Arlus being taken from them in their own home, and hidden away from them. The anxiety shot up, and she started panting, and rolling around. Until she woke up, feeling in panic. She went downstairs and see ARlus in his crib. She felt such relief and just sat on the ground for a moment, “I have to make this house more secure.” She mumbled to herself, thinking of ways she could make sure no one could come in.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 10h 33m 33s
He already fell in love holding their little boy. He had come into the world and Sylus was extremely happy they were able to make something so perfect. He loved him so much already and felt lucky Ara gave him this chance to be a dad.

He held him and showed Klara, seeing her still look as uncomfortable as he was when he met Arlus for the first time. [b "I'm sure once he gets older, he'll love you too Klar"] he chuckled and then soon he set him back down and fell asleep on the couch.

In the morning, he was holding ARlus, still mesmerized by this tiny being in his arms that had his hair. He let him rest with Ara as she woke and then he would smile, seeing her stroke his little back, letting him rest and then feeding him. [b "He's so tiny, I can't get over it"] he grinned, slowly putting on his beanie.

After feeding Ara, he led them towards the car, feeling happy to be leaving the hospital. Once Sylus drove them home, they were greeted by their pets and then Sylus would set Arlus in a small crib they set up in the living room. He wiggled in his arms and his blue eyes stared into Sylus'. [b "What you peeking at Arlus? You happy to see your daddy's face?"] he smiled and tucked him in.

He walked over and hugged Nyx, seeing him soon go to the crib, watching ARlus as Sylus sat at the table with Ara to eat some food. He was also really hungry. [b "Thanks Klar"] he said happily as he ate up pretty quickly. [b "Can you believe we have a baby in the house? This is crazy"] he wrapped his arm around Ara's waist [b "Are you okay Love? YOu should eat up and get more rest"] he told her, smiling as he kissed her cheek. [b "I'll look after Arlus until you wake"] he promised her, knowing that they both needed to relax for now. He was just so content they were now home and able to show Arlus where his home is.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 11h 30m 19s
Klara watched the baby boy snuggling into Sylus, eyes closed, taking in breaths with some dark hair. That baby was Ara’s and Sylus’ and it was slowly hitting her. Sylus would be the first ever to have a family, a baby out of them. And that little thing, she felt like she had to make sure it was safe too. “When does he start talking?” Klara asked. She never felt a stronger urge to protect Sylus, Ara and him. She left them be, and would head back to take care of the pets.


Ara woke and saw Sylus rocking Arlus. It was an adorable sight. It felt like a dream. Arlus was in her arms and she was reminded of a small puppy or kitten, except it was a human being and he was all theirs. She fed Arlus, and it kind of hurt. She wa sin awe when he opened his blue eyes. [b “He is perfect…” ] Ara whispered, seeing him look up at her. Arlus seemed this perfect little being. She peaked up and Sy rubbing his eyes. She knew this was just an emotional moment for all of them. [b “Awe, darling.” ] She’d wipe off her own tears, [b “Yea, I feel the same.” ]

Arlus stopped feeding and rested. She’d stroke his little back and let him rest. [b “Thank you. Me too…he’ll get to see his first home ever.” ] She said. She watched Sylus come with a soft blue beanie. She wanted Arlus’ head to be warm, and his entire body. She’d watch his little balck hair and was reminded so much of Sylus. It felt good. He looked so cute in his beanie. Sylus kissed his forehead and Ara couldn’t contain her smile. She saw Arlus holding onto his finger. [b “His hands are smaller than a your finger,” ] She giggled.

Sylus went to get her food. She was feeling quite hungry. Arlus started to cry again. She tried to feed him again and it settled him down. Sy then even fed her soup too. She felt relived to eat since she felt so tired.

Arlus went to sleep again. Ara got helped out. She felt fine, just weak. Her body was trying to heal all the damage done,. Sylus got her a wheelchair, which she liked. She held Arlus and then they got to the car. She let Sy buckle Arlus up. They drove back. She ‘d get out of the car and she could walk just fine. [b “Mmm, I can walk. I’m just tired. I’m also just really hungry. I know I ate but…I’m still so hungry.” ]

They’d open the door and was greated by their pets. She smiled to them and bent down, petting them, [b “Hey there my other babies, how are you?” ] Ara asked, petting them. Nyx got a little excited by the little being in Sylus arms. He’d leap on Sylus leg and then follow him. Klara came in and Ara assured her that she could walk. She’d sit down with them on the sofa. Klara looked at the baby again, and still didn’ tknow how to deal.
“Ahm,” Klara cleared her voice, “I’m not a good cook, so I bought you guys food again.”
[b “Oh heaven, yes! I’m so hungry.” ] Ara said. She watched Sylus rock Arlus and it made her smile. [b “And like you.” ] She kissed Sylus and then Arlus. [b “Darling, we should put him in his crib. He’s better off sleeping flat on his back. For a little while all he’ll do is sleep and eat.” ] She said and felt like doing the same thing if she were honest with herself.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 13h 51s
It was an amazing feeling to be a father and when he held their baby in his arms, it felt so surreal. HE couldn't believe how tiny Arlus was and how much effort it took from Ara to bring him into this world. He was so thankful that everything and everyone was okay.

He let Ara rest and saw Arlus in his crib sleeping for the first time in the world. Sylus lifted him up when Klara came and showed him to her. He saw Arlus wiggle his fingers and yawn again [b "He is. Can you believe it Klar. It's really Ara and my baby"] he felt so shocked still, but he was really happy.

HE laughed when Klara said hi and they would talk about setting up the car seat in the car and how he had leftovers in the fridge for her. WHen she left for the night, he thanked her and let Arlus sleep again as he rested beside ARa on the couch. He passed out and tried to sleep, but in the morning, he heard cries and he tried to comfort Arlus.

He sat down beside Ara, rocking their little baby as he set him down her arms to be fed. When he opened his eyes, Sylus was in such awe, seeing those beautiful blue eyes of his. [b "That's our perfect little boy"] he smiled, seeing him gaze at Ara with the same colored eyes. He rubbed his eyes, feeling so happy that his two loved ones were okay. [b "I'll get you something to eat Love. I can't wait to take him home and get him settled in"] he grabbed Arlus' cute beanie and he placed it over his head [b "You have to stay warm little guy"] he covered his tuffs of black hair and then he leaned in to kiss his forehead, seeing ARlus grabbing onto his finger with his tiny hands.

[b "He will be. He'll be the cutest boy ever"] he smiled, soon heading out to grab ARa some food. HE sat down beside her and fed her some soup while she fed Arlus.

AFter a while, they were able to leave for the day. Sylus finished signing some papers, getting copies of Arlus' birth certificate and then getting a wheelchair for Ara. He made sure they were both settled before taking them to the car.

Sylus carried Arlus and gently had him secured in the car seat in the back as he helped Ara in. Once they were ready, he drove them back to the house, parking their car as he stepped out. [b "You feeling okay love? Can you walk?"] he wondered, going to her side and helping her up before unbuckling Arlus and carrying him in his arms.

They opened the door and were greeted by their pets who missed them so much. Nyx was pouncing and Queen was meowing by his leg. He chuckled and smiled [b "We have a new member of the family guys!"] he cheered, seeing Klara come out, hurrying to help Ara to sit on the couch for now. Sylus rocked Arlus in his arms and then he sat on the couch as well, keeping their boy nice and warm as he looked down at him. [b "He looks just like you Ar"] he smiled.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 14h 33m 43s
She gently smiled back into Sylus when he told her to rest. She felt so sleepy and it was so comforting to have his hands brushing through her hair. She saw Arlus was asleep too. She couldn’t’ help but fall asleep herself.

Klara came and over and she felt quite nervous. She saw Ara sleeping and then a baby in a crib. She was amazed how tiny it was. She felt afraid to get too close. She watched Sylus come over with there baby. She looked at Arlus, his fingers curled in. “That baby is yours,” She said, amazed that something like that could come out of Ara. “He’s really tiny.” Klara said and would just take a step back, worried she might harm the little thing. “Um, hi.” Klara said. The baby didn’t seem to respond but it did move. She knew nothing of babies. “I’ll put the seat in your car. Do you need me?” Klara asked. She felt nervous about being in front of Arlus. She couldn’t believe that was offspring of the two. She’d stare at Arlus and was fascinated that a human being could be this small. Klara left for the night, leaving the two be.

Ara slept for a long time. She’d have to be woken up. She saw Arlus in Sylus arms. He was calming down, but he’d let out little whimpers now and then. Ara yawned. She felt still worn but better. She couldn’t believe that was ARlus, there little baby. It felt like all a dream. She smiled, seeing ARlus. “Morning darling.” Ara said quietly, “Good morning Arlus.” Ara spoke softly. Sylus let her take Arlus in her arms. She held his small frame. She could hear him crying still and she could guess he might be hungry. She would put Arlus at her chest and try to feed him. She felt him and was amazed at this little thing. Then saw his beautiful eyes open, looking upat her. Ara’s eyes widened, seeing her blue eyes replicated in his. She fell in such awe and her eyes watered again. Arlus was theres. Sy and her… She smiled into him and kissed the top of his head. [b “He does.” ] She half cried. [b “You’re so perfect Arlus.” ] Ara said. She knew he would be such a cute baby.

She felt him wiggle in her arms. He was calm. She saw him just staring at her and it was cute. She rubbed his back and he’d close his eyes again, resting against her. [b “Mmm…I’m quite hungry too.” ] Ara said. She felt good to be able to take Arlus home today. [b “Arlus, I can’t wait until you get a little bigger.” ] She then remembered [b “Darling, can you get that little beanie I got for Arlus.” ] Ara mentioned, wanting to put on his cute head. [b "My baby boy is so cute, and going to be so stylish when he gets a little bigger."]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 14h 51m 11s
Ara giving birth was one of the hardest thing he's ever had to watch. He never thought that giving birth would be like this. It looked painful and he wanted to make the pain go away for Ara at the very least somehow. He stayed at her side and held her hand, feeling her squeeze it hard with each push as he soon heard the cries of their baby boy.

Sylus felt so overwhelmed with emotion when he was able to see Arlus. He looked so tiny. THeir little baby was healthy and doing well and the doctor assured that Ara was going to be fine. HE smiled brightly, feeling so glad for it all as he watched ARa hold their baby in her arms. He held Arlus and felt so happy and so in awe. He couldn't believe they were able to make a baby. It really was a miracle.

Once Arlus was taken away, he held ARa's hand, smiling that she was okay. He would kiss her cheek and nod [b "Rest Love. Your super hero powers really helped out"] he brushed her hair back and then he looked over at their baby, seeing him fast asleep as well.

The doctor would come over and explain what to do for the first few weeks, how ARa would be breastfeeding ARa for a while. THey told him what foods were okay for the first few months and Sylus was given a lot of instructions. He would walk over when ARlus was fast asleep and Sylus would peek over [b "Hi Arlus"] he'd whisper, looking over his face, seeing his black hair and small hands and fingers.

When Klara came, he let her in [b "Ara's resting. Thanks again. This is Arlus"] he walked with her towards the crib and then he smiled, lifting up baby Arlus in his arms and then showing him to Klara. [b "Hey's so tiny"] he he'd chuckle and then let her meet him.

Over the next day, Sylus would sleep on the couch as Klara went home to take care of their pets. In the morning, Sylus would hear little cries as he walked over and would hold Arlus. THe doctor showed him how to comfort him, to rock him gently and then he would set ARlus in Ara's arms to practice being fed as well. Little Arlus would soon open his eyes, looking up at Ara for the first time with similar eye color. [b "Love, look. HE has blue eyes. Your pretty blue eyes"] he said happily, peeking over as he watched Arlus wiggle in ARa's arms.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 16h 33m 19s
Once she got the epidural, she felt much better. She felt alert, and calmer to handle this situation. She felt a little shot of panic that hey forgot the seat for Arlus. Her shoulders slumped and she relaxed back [b “Okay…right, we have Klara.” ] Ara said. She’d rest back and would relax for the most part. They’d have to wait for a while until it really started kicking in. It took a while, and it felt uncomfortable. It was tiring her out. She heard and saw Arlus and couldn’t believe that little baby was theirs out in the world. She held Arlus when they gave her to her. He was so tiny and it made her almost cry. It felt surreal, to hold his small little warm body. He was so calm once she was in her arms. She felt a kiss on her cheek from Sylus. She smiled back at him, seeing him look so thrilled too. They really were a family, and it was such an emotional moment.

She felt his hands through her hair, him waiting the sweat. She blushed a bit when he said it. [b “Yea…Arlus is here.” ] She couldn’t stop looking at Arlus. His little hands, his closed eyes. [b “You must be all tired out too Arlus.” ] She felt his breathing and felt so good. She let Sylus hold him and her eyes filled up with tears. Seeing him holding Arlus. Arlus being alive. The tears kept flowing out of happiness. She’d reach out and take a picture of Sylus quickly too. She saw Arlus yawning in SY’s arms. Ara giggled, [b “I think he already knows you darling. Mmmm…he is very tiny.” ]

They took Arlus away and she felt anxiety seeing him being taken. She knew it was just for tests, so, she would try to lean back and relax.

She felt so tired…She was slowly regaining feeling down her waist. They would check up on her to see how she was doing, but her body seemed to close up any wounds on it’s own. Even her bruising was healing at a faster rate then a normal person would. She figured she’d give it a day or two…but that always came with side effects. She felt extremely tired when she healed like that, and weak. Sometimes it made her sleep for a full day.

Arlus returned, bundled up in a crib beside them. She felt her eyes water again. It looked like he was asleep. The doctor said they’d keep them for a day to make sure everything was okay. Ara had requested it before anyway because she knew her body wasn’t exactly normal and who knew if it would bring complications.

Ara squeezed Sylus hand, [b “Mmmm…I’m really tried. Sy, I think I’ll fall asleep. Just wake me up if I sleep to long… My super hero powers make me really sleepy and tired.” ] She warned and was falling asleep pretty quickly.

Klara had saw the text message. She had just finished dealing with a meeting hours after, and went back to the house, grabbed the baby seat and came over. She got the clear to gin and then knock on the room door. She’d wait for Sylus to enter. “Hey, is it still going?” She’d take a peak and saw Ara sleeping and a crib. She felt weird about it, that they had a baby. Part of her was scared but the other part wanted to see it. “How did it go? Um…I got the baby seat.”
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 17h 49m 57s
He saw Ara standing there with liquid running down her legs and he would gasp a bit. He didn't really understand what was going on, but he knew they needed to get her to the hospital, so he hurried. He was feeling a little panicky because he wasn't sure what to do, so he grabbed her jacket, placed it on her shoulders and then he helped her into the car.

They headed into the hospital and they were helped into ARa's reserved room. It was spacious and private, no one else besides the nurses and doctors were there. Ara was laying in bed and he would face her, watching the look in her eyes and holding her hand in his because he felt so worried. He didn't want anything happening to her. He bit down on his lip and then he rubbed the back of her hand, [b "You'll be okay Love. We'll be out of here soon"] he promised her, seeing the doctor soon come in to give her the aneasthetics. He kept his eyes on her and would rub her arm gently, hating to see ARa in pain. What were the doctors doing? THey needed to help her out!

Sylus got a little frustrated that he couldn't do anything about it. [b "Don't worry Love, we can ask Klara to bring it over"] he also sent Klara a text earlier saying they'd be at the hospital.

Sylus never left her side. He would feel her gripping his hands and squeezing tightly. Ara was going through her contractions and when she started pushing, Sylus would help her breath, guide her, and keep her eyes on him so she didn't stress out. It took a few hours, but Arlus finally was out.

His amber eyes were on their little boy. HE saw the doctors holding him and then taking him away to clean him up. Sylus would gasp in surprise at how tiny he was and how small he was. HE would lean in closer and kiss Ara's cheek, brushing her head back and then wiping the sweat from her forehead [b "Love, you did it! YOu gave birth to our little boy"] he smiled, letting her rest.

He really hoped that nothing happened to little Arlus. He hoped he was healthy as doctors cleaned him up and check him over. In an instant, he was in Ara's arms, seeing the site of her blue eyes lighting up at their newborn. He grinned and took a few pictures of the moment on his phone before leaning in and looking at their boy. He clearly ha black hair and it made Sylus grin so much. This little boy was half him.

[b "Welcome my son"] he chuckled and then he held the baby in his arms. He made sure to be as gentle as he could, unsure of how to hold him. THe doctors helped him out and he was all snuggled in as Sylus looked down at the tiny baby. [b "Hey Arlus. I'm your daddy"] he spoke, grinning so much as he looked at the baby who was yawning and taking in a few breaths for the first time.

Sylus couldn't stop smiling. He couldn't believe he was actually here. [b "Ara.....he's so tiny.....he....he's perfect"] he said, feeling so happy as he looked over at the tired ARa. The doctors soon took Arlus to finish the rest of the testing, finishing up his paperwork and let the two rest for now. He was bundled up in a blanket and kept in a small crib in the same room.

Sylus held ARa's hand [b "Love, just rest. I'll be here. You did great"] he said proudly as the doctors finished trying to patch up ARa, but it seemed they didn't find anything wrong. She was healing up nicely.
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[b “Mmm, we have. I really hope so.” ] Ara said, wondering how different in practice it would be verses in theory. She liked it when he talked to Arlus. She wanted to make sure he did that a lot because she wanted Arlus to feel comforted by Sylus voice. She liked getting the massage from him, it felt so nice.

She felt pain before but it was spread out and temporary, now it was getting shorter and stronger. It ached, and when she came back, she didn’t think she wanted to withstand it anymore. Then…she blushed. She felt it. [b “I um…my…water broke.” ] Ara said quietly. How embarrassing… She heard him gasp and went upstairs. Her heart rate beat faster. She felt so nervous. She went into the kitchen to grab some pain killers just in case. Sylus put a jacket over her. She took his hand and walked to the garage. While walking was a little hard, she could still walk perfectly fine. She sat down in the car and let him drive. “Ahhh…” Ara squeezed her eyes, feeling the pain coming in .The pain made the car ride feel slow. She’d play music to ease her pain.

She got into one of the rooms she had already requested when she’d have Arlus. It was a private, very nicely done room. She wouldn’t settle for less. She ‘d lay down down and tried to just focus on easing the pain for herself, trying to think of something else. The played the TV and helped distract, until they asked her questions. Sylus sat by her side, she held his hand. She couldn’t believe this was happening. They were really going to have Arlus.

Ara met Sylus eyes, [b “Ahmmm….it hurts. I don’t think I’m ready,” ] Ara said, groaning. Thankfully, she already requested an epidural. She definitely did not want to feel the pain of childbirth. If that didn’t work she had brought those pain killers from the facility.

They came in to insert the epidural to her. She’d then get to lay back and start to her waist and blow numb, the pain easing away until she didn’t really feel the pain. [b “Ohh, I feel so much better.” ] She rested back. She looked at Sylus and squeezed his hand…and then remembered [b “Sy, I think we forgot to get the car seat for Arlus.” ]

She started feeling the contractions again. It felt like a dull numbing movement. She felt so relieved that she wouldn’t feel the pain. They started to get closer. That’s when the doctor and nurse came. Ara would still hold onto Sylus hand tightly, feeling nervous overall. She pushed when she was instructed. It kind of tired her out. She felt the weird feeling, She’d lose her breath at one point because she held her breath from being nervous. She felt slight burning, and then they got Arlus out. Arlus was lightly crying. Ara looked at Arlus and felt instant love. She couldn’t believe that was him.

They were going to stitch her up and then the doctor made this confused look, saying he could have sworn she torn. Ara figured it was just her healing. Ara got to lay back while they cleaned Arlus up, and check for any immediate problems.

Ara looked Sylus and couldn’t help but smile and feel that happy fluttering in her chest. [b “Sy, we did it. We have Arlus.” ] Ara said. Arlus was back into the roo and she got to hold Arlus in her arms. His crying stopped. She saw his black hair and guessed he got that from Sylus. She held his little body in and felt amazed at how small and prefect he was. She’d rub his little back, [b “Welcome to the world Arlus. We’re going to love you a lot.” ] She didn’t want to let go of him. He was so tiny and theirs. She looked at Sylus and she saw that look in his eyes that he was craving to hold him.
She lifted Arlus and let Sylus hold him. [b “And here’s your daddy.” ] She smiled. She felt pretty good, she didn’t feel the pain, and her body was already healing up from the trauma. She still felt worn out though.
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He really was enjoying the time he had with her. She was the girl he fell in love with since he could remember and now that they were spending more time together again, he felt just like he did when they were in London. He could keep his focus on just helping her through with her pregnancy and looking out for her.

He felt much closer with Ara too. HE's been at her side and understood that this wasn't an easy journey with a lot of mistakes on the way. He wanted to go through all of this with her, even if he really was nervous about it. One thing was for sure, he wouldn't let anyone harm their family.

He sat on the couch with her, handing her a smoothie as he kissed her soft lips. [b "I know. Me too, but we've been reading up and watching videos, we're as prepared as we can be"] he assured her, leaning in to talk to ARlus. He would run his fingers over her tummy as if trying to reach out to their boy. HE then wrapped his arm around ARa's back, massaging it gently.

[b "Maybe he's excited to meet us soon"] he smiled, but when Ara got up and went to the bathroom, she looked like she was in pain. She's been dealing with a lot of pain recently and it did worry Sy. Maybe they should see the doctor. Was that normal? He looked back when he heard her and then he rushed over. [b "What's wrong Love?"] he saw her looking down and Sylus saw it too. What was that? Was that normal? He gasped a bit and then he nodded [b "Let's go to the hospital. Wait here"] he hurried upstairs and grabbed her a jacket, putting it over her shoulders as he held her hand, leading her to the garage.

Sylus helped her into the car and he drove towards the hospital, entering through the emergency entrance. The nurses came and helped put her into a wheelchair as they brought her inside and took her into one of the rooms.

When they laid her back against a bed, Sylus was able to stay at her side, holding her hand in his [b "Doctor....what's wrong?"] he asked, looking so concerned. Ara looked like she was in so much pain.

The doctor explained how her water broke and she was going into labor. She needed to try to relax and breath for now. Once the contractions started, it would only lead to the baby being born.

Sylus stared blankly at Ara [b "Already? Love, it's okay. Just hold my hand. We can make it through this"] he promised her, feeling really nervous. He wanted Ara to be okay.
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There were a lot of down signs of being pregnant but the upside was that she got so much time with Sylus which made pregnancy really not that bad. Although, she did wish she could help out more. She still helped with cooking now and then and still did a lot, just not some things. She sat down and was so happy with getting a smoothie from Sylus. It tasted sweet and fruity. She felt content. She watched him sit next to her. Sylus kissed her, so she returned the kiss and then kissed his cheek. [b “Mmm, he will be. I’m a bit nervous…” ] She read a lot and knew that it would require some hard work for the next few months too.
She giggled hearing Sy talk to Arlus. Ara sighed, and wondered if she should. She didn’t like doctors but she didn’t want anything to go wrong. Although she also knew that any time now it could happen. [b “I’ll let you know when it becomes un bearable.” ] Ara said. She felt him wrap his arm around her and then her back rubbed. [b “Oh do that, it’s sore…” ] Ara said. She watched TV with him [b “Maybe too excited.” ] Ara said. She’d watch and she’d feel it again. It ached… She felt Sylus rubbing her tummy again. She only liked it when he did. She didn’t like it when others tried.

[b “You hear that Arlus? Even daddy thinks you need to take it easy. He really likes to move around a lot.” ] Ara said. She rubbed her tummy too and then go on about watching TV and finishing her smoothie. She was enjoying it, relaxing and just watching. Then she kept feeling pain. Ara whimpered and felt the urge to go. [b “I’ll be back.” ] Ara said. She went to the bathroom and nothing would help, it hurt, and it was starting to hurt more than before. She’d walk back to Sylus and stop midway, [b “Sy…it’s really starting to hurt.” ] She felt it in her back and it was like a bad cramp. She could tolerate it but she didn’t get why. Then she felt something sliding down her legs. She blushed. [b “um…sy…um…” ] Ara cleared her throat [b “I think we should call the doctor or um the hospital.” ]
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He saw the look on her face and he knew they'd both try really hard to keep their family safe. Arlus wasn't even born yet, but he would already do all he could to protect their child. This first year with their boy was going to be so important in loving him and letting him know who his parents are before they send him off.

He wanted to celebrate the miracle of their baby boy when he was born, but he knew that would be tough. He had to be a little older in order for them to do all that. Still, Sylus was really excited and as the next few weeks passed, he was glad to see the sun a little more. Their little boy would be born in the summer and it would be warm and sunny.

Ara's tummy was growing as well, seeing that it was almost her due date. Sylus would help her as much as he could, doing the heavy lifting, cooking, and making sure she was comfortable. He didn't mind it at all since she was carrying their baby. Some days he'd see her struggling to get up or she'd complain about how much her back would hurt. He'd try to ease the pain somehow.

[b "Here Love"] he handed her the smoothy and took a seat next to her, taking a sip and then leaning against her as well. They cozied up on the couch running his fingers through her hair slowly [b "I'm glad. He'll be here soon"] he kissed her and would talk to Arlus, letting him hear his voice. He would look at her with concern when she mentioned pain [b "should we go see the doctor?"] he wondered, wrapping his arm around her and rubbing her back. [b "I think Arlus is excited to meet us already"] he held her hand in his, turning on the TV as he relaxed. He did worry about ARa's health and hoping that when she gave birth, there wouldn't be any complications. He wanted her safe as well.

[b "Arlus....take it easy. You'll meet us soon enough"] he'd rub her tummy, looking at ARa a bit concerned. [b "Just let me know if you need anything love"] he took another sip of his smoothie and watched TV with her for a while. Sylus had been reading the book Klara gave him on his birthday and he's been doing a bunch of research online about how to take care of a newborn. He really wanted to be the best dad he could be for when Arlus arrived. Him and Ara would always spend part of their day just trying to be prepared.
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