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[b Extra Pictures]

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~Wit Beyond Measure, Is Man's Greatest Treasure.~

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I love you Lilo. <3

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Heya, I don't mean to be a pest to you.. But I was wondering if you still wanted the rp _ that we had srarted if not, that's totally fine. I just wanted to ask since it had been so long.

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Intro for Supernatural Beings

A groan slipped through parted pink lips as the shrill ring of his alarm went off. Oh how he wanted to pick the thing up and throw it, but he had already broken far too many and he couldn't afford to keep replacing them. So as the damned thing continued to shriek at him, a hand lazily began to flop about until it finally silencing the dreaded alarm clock. Oh how he wanted to go back to sleep, but even he as much as he hated school knew that he could not miss the first day of his senior year. He had been warned if he pulled anything like he had within the last few years as far as failing to show up he would not be graduating and would be stuck another year in the hellhole as he referred to the place as.

[#2ddef1 [b "Cameron are you even up yet?!"]] Came the voice of his grandmother since he had been living with the woman since he was twelve. His mother had decided to get herself locked up and none his other relatives would take him and like magic, the boy had ended up with Grandma Kassandra.

[b "Yeah....!"] The boy called through a yawn as he didn't even want to get the old bat on his case so early. Or at least he thought it was early until blue eyes found their way to bright red numbers upon his nightstand. And as soon as he saw the time, Cam shot out of bed and began scrambling around his room to get ready. It had only felt like a few minutes that he had turned off his alarm clock. How the hell had it been half an hour that had passed?!

The thudding in coming from the hall told him that his grandmother was coming up the stairs. Knowing that he didn't have much time, the boy got into the first pair of jeans and black shirt he found, shoving his feet into a pair of converse and ran his fingers through his hair. By the time his grandmother opened the door, blue eyes were on the woman and he shrugged faintly. [b "I'm ready to get going whenever you are."] He said and soon headed down the stairs and out to her car since the woman did not trust him to drive after the last time he had accidentally crashed the car.

Fifteen minutes later accompanied by a ton of silence the drive to school was over. Once it was, Cam hopped out of the seat and turned to his grandmother. [b "Thanks...and see ya later."] The boy said not giving the woman the chance to say anything. Instead he rushed into the hall and into the crowd. As usual his eyes were on the ground, so when he bumped into a girl, or at least he thought it was from the clothing.

[b "I'm sorry...didn't mean to run into you like that. I keep never paying attention."] He said quickly, looking up and realizing he had bumped into the "bookworm" as others happened to call her. Come to think of it, he had seen her round in classes but had never talked to her. And now that he had bumped into her, he felt awkward.

[pic http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/oie_EU8Is7PHwrS3_zpsve6n9maq.png]

[b 'Bry...I'm..I'm fine, okay. I just had another bad dream.."] The girl whispered as she looked down into her bowl of cereal and played with her spoon. She had woken to her brother shaking her a couple of hours because she had been screaming in her sleep again. That part she was starting to get used to and even kind of dealing with, but what she couldn't deal with was how anxious her brother was after and continued to watch her every move after.

Bright blue eyes slowly came up and she gave a weak smile. [b "I've got school in like half an hour...would you...would you drive me?"] Zona found herself asking as she stood and straightened her black skirt and light blue blouse before she took her bowl to the sink to rinse it, eyes going once more to her brother.

"Yeah, cool. I needed to get stuff to fix the sink anyway." The man said and just as he said it she turned on the sink, screaming as the water shot at her.

"That's what I was talking about.." Bryce said as he got a dish towel from the drawer and handed it to Arizona so she could dry off some. When she did, the blonde girl went to the table to get her bag and then went to the car with her brother, who as always opened her door for her, causing her to pout as she got in.

The drive to school wasn't long but during it, Bryce told her about some of the fixes he needed to do around the house and also about his new job and class shedule. It turned out he wouldn't be home right when she gout out of school and somtimes later at night and was going over how he wanted her to handle it. He repeated it a couple of times to make sure she got it, which made her all but run from the car when finally getting to school. Well run after she thanked her brother for the ride.

As soon as she got into the school, Arizona found her way to her class and took a seat. She didn't know what the year or day would be bringing, but she had thw feeling she would be meeting new people and that thought almost terrified her as she struggled with people.
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♧"I'm not your girl...I don't belong to anyone" --Angel Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure♧

I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.

♥ Tiffy ♥ 21 ♥ Female ♥ College Student ♥ Muse Holder ♥ Loved Friend ♥

♥ I Have Friends And They Mean The World To Me♥


¡ɥɔʇᴉʇs ʎɯ ʎq ǝuop ǝlᴉɟoɹԀ

Note: I am so sorry to those of you that I am doing RPs with and the slowness in posting. I promise I have not quit anything, just struggling a little with writing at the moment. I will try and post soon
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Just random Rp name ideas so I don't have to think up titles xD

Another Time ; Another Place

Dual Reality

Changes Made

The Upper Hand
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[pic http://pophaircuts.com/images/2015/04/Black-Hair-with-Blonde-Highlights-Best-Ombre-Hair-Color-Ideas.jpg]

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[b Shane's Intro for Multus]

[#e515cc "Oh dear, seems I've misplaced my favourite jacket again. And heaven knows I can't go anywhere without it."] Came the sighed out words from pink lips as the one speaking had gotten up before the dawn just so that he may be able to be ready to head back to school. And as blue eyes glanced around the unorganized room, hands came to rest on slender, yet slightly curvy hips as once more a sigh slipped from him. Shane hated that he was so scattered brained and disorganized, especially the day that he had to go back to Multus. But that had always been the case with the young man whom most thought to be female due to his 'girly' looks and the clothing choices that he chose to wear.

[#e515cc "MOTHER HAVE YOU SEEN MY BLACK LEATHER JACKET WITH THE DIAMOND STUDS ON IT?! LAST I SAW IT HAD BEEN ON MY DESK CHAIR!"] The brunette male called down the stairs as he peeked his head out into the hall to make sure that he could hear his mother IF the woman decided to answer the boy as she knew her husband hated how he was.

[b "ELSA WAS WEARING IT WHEN SHE LEFT THIS MORNING FOR CLASS. I THOUGHT THAT YOU LENT IT TO HER!"] Clara called up to Shane, causing him to curl his hands into fists and dig his freshly manicured nails into his palms. He would KILL his younger sister when he saw her next. The girl knew that he LOVED that jacket as it had been the last gift he had gotten from their grandmother. And the fact that she had taken it had his mood shift from happy to be returning to school to sour in what would seem to be the blink of an eye.

As soon as he got the answer from his mother, Shane pulled his head back into his room and slammed the door and began to pack the rest of his clothing, books, and everything else he would be needing while at school into the suitcase that was laying open on his bed. Once he felt like everything was in his suitcase, the boy double checked to be sure and then walked into the bathroom and closed the door, turning on the water to the shower. When the water was warm and to his liking he stripped from his short black shorts and white top and got into the shower, just letting the water run down his body and wash his ill feelings away and to help him to relax since he was a little bit anxious about going back and what the new school year would be bringing.

Twenty or so minutes later after he had washed his body and hair, Shane got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and padded out of the bathroom with steam following him into his room and over to the closet. Back and forth did he push the outfits on the metal railing making the hangers screech and hurting his own ears. He was about to give up going through his own wardrobe and about to go and steal some of Elsa's clothes when suddenly blue eyes fell on a pale pink button up and a pair of black skinny jeans that would hug his form and show off that he was almost girly gifted in the hip department and so quickly go dressed into the outfit, pulling long thigh lengthed black boots on to complete the outfit. When he looked in the mirror, the boy smiled and soon went to brushing his hair to make it fall down his back in soft brunette waves. After all, one could never look too good for their first day back to school could they?

[b "SHANE ARE YOU READY TO GO? YOU HAVE ABOUT AN HOUR BEFORE YOU ARE TO BE BACK AT SCHOOL!"] His mother shouted up to him, causing him to curse. He had hoped to have time to eat first, but seemed he had wasted too much time and had to get his ass moving. It was probably as well as he didn't need to be running into his darling father and fighting with the man because he didn't want to be following his footsteps and mostly wanted to do fashion or music. The ONLY reason he had agreed to go to Multus was to keep the peace in the house, end of story.

Without answering his mother, Ty went to his nightstand and grabbed his sunglasses and put them on his head, grabbed his keys and then turned and grabbed his suitcase from the bed. As soon as he got everything, he walked down the stairs from his room with his suitcase banging down the steps beside him and found his mother in the kitchen. The both of them said quiet good-byes and hugged the other before he walked out the back door and got into his car, driving the half hour to the school.

When he got to the school, he parked the car in the lot before it, tossing his keys to one of the staff whom he knew would take it where cars were typically kept. Soon after the male walked into the school and checked in at the front desk, being asked if he would like help with his things and getting to his newly assigned room of the semester. Politely, Ty declined and took the key giving to him and soon wandered the oh so familiar halls and to the room that he had been told about. Only when he got there did he notice another male already there.

[#e515cc "Well hello there, isn't my new roomie a looker."] He said with a whistle as he walked to the side of the room that would be his. He knew that there was still some time before mealtime and for them to meet the others. And so far he was already thinking this year might be a fun one.
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[b Intro for Rise]

Grey eyes rolled as she threw the glass across the room and then looked to her father. The brunette had been arguing with the man all morning and still had yet to get her way. She was meant to be going to some hotel and to be around the other fives power houses which if she remembered correctly were their enemies. [b "I don't see why I HAVE to be the one doing this! Karissa is much more willing to do this and to make deals with these curs."] The witch of nineteen yelled, a hand slamming down on the table as her icy glare did not leave the man sitting across from her.

"Avril, I have told you many times that Karissa is not the one meant for this. She is younger than you are and more naive. Also young lady, it is time you grew up and learned what being a house leader entails as you will one day be taking over." Her father said as if she were not throwing any form of fit and as if they were having a normal conversation. It was obvious that the man was more than used to his daughter's antics and not in the least bit phased.

A growl slipped Avril's lips as she stood abruptly, the chair falling behind her as she rose. [b "I never asked for this! I would so rather be off on a beach or spend the time at a mall seeing all the cute men and women I can! Not making some lameass deals because you and all the others think it funny or even smart to put this on CHILDREN!"] And with her last shout, the young woman bolted from the dining room and up to her room, slamming the door behind her as she leaned against it and sank down with her head on her lap.

[center ~☆~]

[#9251c1 "The harder you make this, the longer it will be. You may not be fond of this young Miss Pine, but your mother and father have me here to watch you and to make sure that you do not get into trouble."] A young blonde male with a crystal gaze said as he walked at the young woman's side as the pair had been dropped off at the front gates not even fifteen minutes ago after Avril had been all but dragged from her room.

Her eyes rolled and her hand moved up and down at her side, making small clicking sounds as she was mocking her bodyguard. The young woman was more than familiar with the procedures and the rules as they had been told to her over and over again. [b "Alfie, don't you DARE call me 'young Miss Pine', you are NO older than I. And you would do well to remember that."] The brunette hissed as they got to the big cherry wood front doors and she shoved them open as she walked over to the front desk, Alfie at her heels and watching the room around them keeping to his task of being the young woman's bodyguard.

She was quick to get her room and to even thank the woman who had checked her in . After she had, Avril gripped Alfie's arm and dragged him off up the stairs and to find the room that she would be staying in. Once in the room, grey eyes looked around, taking it in. It seemed an older Victorian styled room with a fine wooden desk and dresser, but also some modern alterations with a mini fridge, flat screened television and god only knew what. She would have looked around and gotten more acquainted with the room, but her body guard was tapping at the small golden wrist watch which he wore, reminding her that she had wasted a great deal of time as it was and so needed to go to the conference room where she was to meet the others who had been roped into the same arrangement as she.

So she fixed her hair so it fell in soft waves down her back, went into the bathroom and changed into a short black skirt and light blue top, resting a pair of sunglasses on her head as she soon walked out, tossing the old clothes to the side. [b "Say one word about me being late and wasting more time and I will turn you into a ferret. Actually..."] And as her words trailed off, the young woman did change her body guard into a ferret and rest him on her shoulders, making her way out of her room and making her way to the conference room.

When she arrived, four of the others were there and from the looks upon their faces she could tell they were as pleased to be in the hotel as she was. Trying to behave for the moment, a faint smile traced soft pink lips and she bowed her head to each in turn. [b "Avril Pine...it's simply a pleasure to meet you all."] And after she spoke, the girl walked over to a vacant seat, took it and leaned her cheek against a hand as she continued to watch and study the others.

[b [i 'Five here...one to go..And hell do I wish this was done with.']] She thought, the ferret on her shoulder becoming louder as he was telling her how displeased he was with her and her antics.
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[b Intro for Salem]

[b "Kat this is the third year in a row you've up and left like this. Are you sure you can't stay and work with me in the cafè longer? You know I worry because when you're gone I don't hear ANYTHING from you until you get back."] The red headed Sarah whined as she leaned over the counter, green eyes on the blonde who was at the door with her things.

[#e995c6 "Ara as much as I love you like a sister, I told you that I can't. This is something that I have to do for me. Besides, it's just school and you know I always come back. You'll be in school too and out to parties and everything as it is.. So it's better this way."] Katie said with a sigh, fingers coming up and running through her blonde hair as she stared at her roommate.

A sad smile did trace her lips as the other young woman had been the first person Katie had met when she had come to America at nineteen and had been so lost. Sarah had been the one to take her in, help her find a job, and had become like the sister she had never had. In truth, it killed her not to be able to tell her where she was off to again this year, but because the other was what they called a muggle she just couldn't.

[b "Kat, you okay? You're just staring blankly and it's freaking me outttt!"] The other girl whined at her.

[#e995c6 "Yeah, I'm good. Was just thinking how much I'm going to miss my 'sister'...but I have to be going...and PLEASE stay out of trouble."] Her words were soft as she she spoke them, setting her things down and giving Sarah a tight hug before she went back to the door and left the little house the two shared.

Once outside, grey-blue eyes fell on the clock across the way and she cursed as she realized she had wasted more time than she had been supposed to. This was why she had meant to leave before the other woke and with that thought crossing her mind, Katherine ran to the train station. She for only with the help of whatever god there was managed to get to the station on time and to catch the train.


After what seemed like forever, the train finally slowed into the final station and a shiver ran through her. It wasn't a shiver that was foreboding by any means, but one that was almost like "welcome home". For as much as she loved living among muggles, school and being around others like her was always much nicer.

As soon as the train stopped, the young woman got off and slowly began to walk, knowing her way between the station and the school. It was a small bit of a walk, sure but one she needed as well. It was as she walked did she smile a little and turn to see a small kitten following her and slowly knelt down, picking it up. [#e995c6 "I know...and I'm sorry... I probably shouldn't be taking you..but at least neither of us will be alone."] The blonde whispered as she stood fully again with the kitten curling into her as she finished the walk towards the academy.

Upon getting there, the young woman did notice others but she wanted to get to her room and set it up. So for the time being, Katie followed the long familiar hallway and paintings up to the room that had been hers the last couple years and slowly walked in, resting the kitten on the bed and putting everything away into the dresser and cabinets that were to be hers.

She did wonder if she would be having a roommate, but then noted that the door across the hall was opened. Slowly and without really thinking she walked towards it and leaned on the doorway. [#e995c6 "Well hello there. Don't think I have seen you around before, are you new? And if you are...it's easier to meet others in the main entrance to the school...or that sitting room. Did you want to join me in going?"] She asked as she remembered having seen a couple of others about. And as curious as she was, she didn't particular want to be on her own. Well she wouldn't be if she took the little black and white kitten whom she named Tux with her, but it just didn't have the same feel as human company did.
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[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/44555214/large.jpg]

[pic http://allythomas.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/10-22-2012-12-06-08-pm.jpg]
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This be so I don't lose it..
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