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Roleplay Responses

[b -Sapphire]

[#9251c1 [b Ann Marie Halls]]

[i Ann's model I got permission to use from Megan, she was the original who first used the model. Have problems with it, talk to her]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/B5iHaLJ.png]

[b Puppet Master:] SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
[b Name]: Ann Marie Hall
[b Nickname(s) :] Ana, Marie
[b Age]: 22
[b Gender]: Female
[b Species]: Demon
[b Birth Place] Versailles, France
[b DOB]: Unknown
[b Sexuality:] Straight
[b Parents]: Dead as far as she knows ; adopted by Byron and Clementine Hall
[b Siblings]: Scarlett
[b Powers/Abilities]: Still trying to figure them out
[b Info]: Ann was adopted by Byron and Clemetine Hall when she was two years old and grew up being treated as if she were their own. The young woman was never really good around others but had a few close friends, which in her mind was all she really needed. As she was growing up, she always knew she was different but never knew how much so until she gets a letter from a school she has never even heard of. Wanting answers and curious, she decides to go.
[b Picture :] http://40.media.tumblr.com/044a37490da13f835111801c62461298/tumblr_nsm3u5O2HC1u2bwk5o3_1280.jpg

[#e995c6 [b ☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆]]

[#f1be0e [b James Kenneth Ryan]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/w24H6FQ.jpg]

[b Puppet Master:] SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
[b Name]: James Kenneth Ryan
[b Nickname(s) :] Jimmy, Ryan, Ray
[b Age]: Appears 23
[b Gender]: Male
[b Species]: Vampire
[b Birth Place] Bonn, Germany
[b DOB]: Unknown
[b Sexuality:] Straight
[b Parents]: Adopted by Paul and Hannah
[b Siblings]: Twin brother but he's dead
[b Powers/Abilities]: Shapeshifting, Biokinesis, and Animation
[b Info]: Being a vampire has always actually come as something kind of amusing to James for the fact that he rather enjoys the gifts he has. Being adopted by Paul and Hannah had actually in a sense saved him from himself because there was a time where he was very cold and distant from all. But as they showed him love and compassion, he slowly let his walls down. He's not the kindest person out there but if you can befriend him he will show that he cares and be loyal. The reason he chooses to go to Sapphire Hope is to learn more about his past and to just get away and see how many more like him there really are.
[b Picture :] http://i.imgur.com/w24H6FQ.jpg
  SheDevil / 2y 94d 20h 38m 34s
[b Alexander Cade Snow]

[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/88/8d/66/888d66b45258e964fe7c424e99f8f779.jpg]

Username: SheDevil
Picture: http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/88/8d/66/888d66b45258e964fe7c424e99f8f779.jpg
Name: Alexander Cade Snow
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Origin: Manchester England
Blood-type: Half-blood
Wand: Cherry Wood, Unicorn Tail Hair, 11inches
House: Snakes 
Pet: Snow white Persian kitten named Iris
Owl: Black Barn Owl named Shadow
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Personality:He's a bit snarky and can seem cold, but that's because he has a hard time trusting others. Most times he might seem as if he doesn't listen or doesn't care, but he can be one of the most loyal and helpful when given a chance. The boy is also very 'brainy' and a hard worker and is kind of like a loner who wants to be with people, though he has a hard time showing it.
  SheDevil / 2y 94d 20h 39m 58s
[b Lawrence Edmund Bennett]

[pic http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s399/Crystal_Ice98/RP2/Josh_zpseellxkmp.jpg]
  SheDevil / 2y 94d 20h 43m 32s
[b 》D.A.R.K《]

[right [b Lynn]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/N3AUi8u.jpg]]

Twenty-Two || Pansexual || Female Fae || Mischevious

[center ~■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■○■~ ]

[b Shane]

[left [pic http://rs1377.pbsrc.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/oie_JLeCIYs6Vh39_zpsnvxtojmt.png?w=480&h=480&fit=clip]]

Twenty-four || Homosexual || Male Siren || Exasperating
  SheDevil / 2y 94d 20h 45m 13s
[b Sully-]

[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/37575966/large.jpg]
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 9h 42m 16s

[#13ddec Blue]


[#ec13e3 Pink]

[#13ec63 Green]

[#be5cf5 Purple]

[#5cf59b Sun]

[#5ca8f5 Moon]

[#e84a70 Panther]

[#8a2caf Plum]

[#a4d1ff Sky]

[#faa4ff Cotton]

[#631ea9 Dark Purple]

[#f90120 Red]

[#31b50d Clippy]

[#8114b8 Pie]

[#13f6ef Book]

[#bcc4cd Grey]

[#777d83 Fifty]
  SheDevil / 2y 22d 16h 15m 52s
[b ☆Nightmare☆]

[b [i ☆ Arizona]]

[pic http://rs1377.pbsrc.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/oie_EU8Is7PHwrS3_zpsve6n9maq.png?w=480&h=480&fit=clip]

My Face: http://rs1377.pbsrc.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/oie_EU8Is7PHwrS3_zpsve6n9maq.png?w=480&h=480&fit=clip

My Name Is: Arizona Chlóe Mandel

I am a: Female

Time Alive: Seventeen

My Worst Nightmare: Her exboyfriend coming back for her and... You get the idea

I prefer: Both

Short Bio: Arizona rathers to be called Zona and isn't much a people person. It's not that she is mean or anything but ever since things with her ex she has been more shy and less trusting. Part of the reason for going to Maultberry Resort is to try and meet others and learn to connect with others.

My Puppet Master: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822

[b ☆~~☆~~☆~~☆~~☆~~☆~~☆]

[b[i ☆ Emmett]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/J0AEXvP.jpg]

My Face: http://i.imgur.com/J0AEXvP.jpg

My Name Is: Emmett Kristopher Wolfe

I am a: Male

Time Alive: Twenty-four

My Worst Nightmare: Watching eveyone he loves die and not being able to do a damn thing to help them.

I prefer: Women

Short Bio: The man has had his ups and downs and because of that isn't nearly so outgoing. He can be nice, but mostly treats others how they treat him. He decided to go to Maultberry Resort because he thought it would be an interesting place to go to get away and to meet people.

My Puppet Master: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 9h 44m 38s
[b Darcy]

[pic http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s399/Crystal_Ice98/RP2/Darcy_zpsg93cm7e0.jpg]

Full Name: Darcy Marie Beckette 
Preferred Name: Marie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Body Modifications: Rose tattoo on her left shoulder, nose ring
Sexuality: Bisexual
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities and/or Disorders: Dissociate Identity Disorder
Phobia(s) : Spiders
Family: Mother and little sister
Color Code: #e515cc
Other: Her twin sister died when she was twelve because of a drunk driver
Roleplayed by: SheDevil
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 13h 19m 37s
[b ☆HP☆]

[center [size32 [#3b9216 S]] [size32 [#d6d9dc L]] [size32 [#3b9216 Y]] [size32 [#d6d9dc T]] [size32 [#3b9216 H]] [size32 [#d6d9dc E]] [size32 [#3b9216 R]] [size32 [#d6d9dc I]] [size32 [#3b9216 N]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/fa1o05I.png]]

[center [size10 [b Name:]]] [center Margret Rose Wright]
[center [size10 [b Nickname:]]] [center Maggie]
[center [size10 [b Sibling:]]] [center Twin Brother: Avery]
[center [size10 [b Born:]]] [center London England]
[center [size10 [b Lives:]]] [center London England]
[center [size10 [b Birthday:]]] [center 15 January]
[center [size10 [b Age:]]] [center Seventeen]
[center [size10 [b Gender:]]] [center Female]
[center [size10 [b Sexuality:]]] [center Bi-Sexual]
[center [size10 [b Relationship Status:]]] [center Single]
[center [size10 [b Year:]]] [center Seventh]
[center [size10 [b House:]]] [center Slytherin]
[center [size10 [b Blood Status:]]] [center Pure Blood]
[center [size10 [b Pet:]]] [center White Ferret named Snow]
[center [size10 [b Animagus:]]] [center Wolf]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Animal:]]] [center Dolphin]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Classes:]]] [center Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Charms]
[center [size10 [b Least Favourite Classes:]]] [center History of Magic, Herbology, and Ancient Ruins]
[center [size10 [b Type of Wand:]]]
[center [size10 [b Patronus:]]] [center Panther]
[center [size10 [b Bio:]]]

[center ☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆]

[center [size32 [#f90120 G]] [size32 [#f4eb34 R]] [size32 [#f90120 Y]] [size32 [#f4eb34 F]] [size32 [#f90120 F]] [size32 [#f4eb34 I]] [size32 [#f90120 N]] [size32 [#f4eb34 D]] [size32 [#f90120 O]] [size32 [#f4eb34 R]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ci7VTqE.png]]

[center [size10 [b Name:]]] [center Avery Bane Lewis]
[center [size10 [b Nickname:]]] [center Bailey]
[center [size10 [b Sibling:]]] [center Twin Sister: Maggie]
[center [size10 [b Born:]]] [center London England]
[center [size10 [b Lives:]]] [center Manchester England]
[center [size10 [b Birthday:]]] [center 15 January]
[center [size10 [b Age:]]] [center Seventeen]
[center [size10 [b Gender:]]] [center Male]
[center [size10 [b Sexuality:]]] [center Bi-Sexual]
[center [size10 [b Relationship Status:]]] [center Dating]
[center [size10 [b Year:]]] [center Seventh]
[center [size10 [b House:]]] [center Gryffindor]
[center [size10 [b Blood Status:]]] [center Pure Blood]
[center [size10 [b Pet:]]] [center Black Raven named Ashes]
[center [size10 [b Animagus:]]] [center White Mouse]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Animal:]]] [center Dog]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Least Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Type of Wand:]]]
[center [size10 [b Patronus:]]] [center Shark]
[center [size10 [b Bio:]]]

[center ☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆]

[center [size32 [#3d77e6 R]] [size32 [#cea636 A]] [size32 [#3d77e6 V]] [size32 [#cea636 E]] [size32 [#3d77e6 N]] [size32 [#cea636 C]] [size32 [#3d77e6 L]] [size32 [#cea636 A]] [size32 [#3d77e6 W]]]

[center [pic http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/Possible_zpslrtdg4fw.jpg~original]]

[center [size10 [b Name:]]] [center Anitra Grace Barman]
[center [size10 [b Nickname:]]] [center Tia]
[center [size10 [b Sibling:]]] [center Two Younger Sisters: Lily and Daisy]
[center [size10 [b Born:]]] [center Paris France]
[center [size10 [b Lives:]]] [center London England]
[center [size10 [b Birthday:]]] [center 11 March]
[center [size10 [b Age:]]] [center Fifteen]
[center [size10 [b Gender:]]] [center Female]
[center [size10 [b Sexuality:]]] [center Pansexual]
[center [size10 [b Relationship Status:]]]
[center [size10 [b Year:]]] [center Sixth]
[center [size10 [b House:]]] [center Ravenclaw]
[center [size10 [b Blood Status:]]] [center Muggle-Born]
[center [size10 [b Pet:]]] [center Black and White Tuxedo Kitten named Socks]
[center [size10 [b Animagus:]]]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Animal:]]]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Least Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Type of Wand:]]]
[center [size10 [b Patronus:]]] [center Fox]
[center [size10 [b Bio:]]]

[center ☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆]

[center [size32 [#f5eb32 H]] [size32 [#191915 U]] [size32 [#f5eb32 F]] [size32 [#191915 F]] [size32 [#f5eb32 L]] [size32 [#191915 E]] [size32 [#f5eb32 P]] [size32 [#191915 U]] [size32 [#f5eb32 F]] [size32 [#191915 F]]]

[center [pic http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/fumdn9DoRUfz_zps8womsokn.png ]]

[center [size10 [b Name:]]] [center Taylor Anthony Jackson]
[center [size10 [b Nickname:]]] [center AJ]
[center [size10 [b Sibling:]]] [center Older Brother: Andrew]
[center [size10 [b Born:]]]
[center [size10 [b Lives:]]]
[center [size10 [b Birthday:]]] [center 28 October]
[center [size10 [b Age:]]] [center Sixteen]
[center [size10 [b Gender:]]] [center Male]
[center [size10 [b Sexuality:]]] [center Pansexual]
[center [size10 [b Relationship Status:]]]
[center [size10 [b Year:]]] [center Sixth]
[center [size10 [b House:]]] [center Hufflepuff]
[center [size10 [b Blood Status:]]] [center Pure Blood]
[center [size10 [b Pet:]]] [center Black Pit Bull Puppy named Smokey]
[center [size10 [b Animagus:]]]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Animal:]]]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Least Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Type of Wand:]]]
[center [size10 [b Patronus:]]] [center Bear]
[center [size10 [b Bio:]]]

[center ☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆~~☆☆]

[center [pic http://rs1377.pbsrc.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/oie_YhTJfe0hSoHL_zpsywqjpomi.png?w=480&h=480&fit=clip]]

[center [size10 [b Name:]]] [center Devyn Michelle Hartman]
[center [size10 [b Nickname:]]] [center Mara]
[center [size10 [b Sibling:]]] [center Two older sisters: Quincy and Rachel]
[center [size10 [b Born:]]] [center Yorkshire England]
[center [size10 [b Lives:]]] [center London England]
[center [size10 [b Birthday:]]] [center 15 November]
[center [size10 [b Age:]]] [center Fifteen]
[center [size10 [b Gender:]]] [center Female]
[center [size10 [b Sexuality:]]] [center Pansexual]
[center [size10 [b Relationship Status:]]]
[center [size10 [b Year:]]] [center Sixth]
[center [size10 [b House:]]] [center Hufflepuff]
[center [size10 [b Blood Status:]]] [center Half-Blood]
[center [size10 [b Pet:]]] [center Black and White Spotted Rat named Spot]
[center [size10 [b Animagus:]]]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Animal:]]]
[center [size10 [b Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Least Favourite Classes:]]]
[center [size10 [b Type of Wand:]]]
[center [size10 [b Patronus:]]] [center Kitten]
[center [size10 [b Bio:]]]
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 13h 24m 11s
[b ~Salem~]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/htjR4kh.jpg]

My Face: http://i.imgur.com/htjR4kh.jpg

I am: Katherine (Katie) Rene Black

I be: Witch

Years Alive: Twenty-Two

My Gender: Female

My Preference: Bisexual

My House: DogLoyal

Bloodline: Half-Blood

My Wand: Cypress wood, Unicorn hair core10 ¾" in length, with Rigid flexibility

A Little About Me: Katie's father was a famous wizard whom she had heard little about but had never known due to his untimely death. The girl attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and though a trouble maker here and there, growing out of it by her sixth year was able to graduate with top marks. Now she is in America and has decided to got to Salem Academy to further her magic, but to also make new friends along the way.

My Puppet Master: http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822 SheDevil
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 13h 26m 14s
[b Hogwarts]


[pic http://i.imgur.com/fa1o05I.png]

Name: Margret Rose Wright
Nickname: Maggie
Age : Seventeen
Nationality: British
Hometown: London, England
Birthday: 15th January
Relationship Status: Single
Bloodline: Half Blood
Hogwarts House: Syltherin
Year: Seventh
Wand: 9 inches, Cherrywood , Thestral Tail Hair, Slightly Flexible



[pic http://rs1377.pbsrc.com/albums/ah69/gigglesdeelight/Characters/Possible_zpslrtdg4fw.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip]

Name: Anitra Grace Barman
Nickname: Tia
Age: Fifteen
Nationality: French
Hometown: London, England
Birthday: 11th March
Relationship Status: Single
Bloodline: Muggle-Born
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Year: Sixth
Wand: 8.5 inches, Chestnut, Phoenix Feather, Very Flexible
  ☆Hogwarts☆ / SheDevil / 2y 95d 13h 27m 54s
[b Romey]

[pic http://tattoomagz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/red-hair-girl-tattoo-red-roses.jpg]

My Face: http://tattoomagz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/red-hair-girl-tattoo-red-roses.jpg

My Name Is: Romey Sabine Maximoff

I am a: Female

Time Alive: 19

My allegiance lies: Villians

My Super Parent Is: Scarlet Witch and The Vision

I prefer: Both

My Dorm: Moon 1

My Power: Like her mother, Romey has the ability to use reality warping and chaos magic. She is a little skittish of her abilities that are like her mother's. From her father she has the abilities of Shapeshifting, Flight, and Regeneration. Admittedly she is more fond of what she can do from her father.

My Puppet Master: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 13h 45m 19s
[b Wicked]

My Face: http://imagecache.roxwel.com/images/artists/Lastfm_Lauren_Alaina.png

Name: Jasmine Victoria (Vix) Sommers

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Level: A

Addiction: Sex and Partying

Personality: Stubborn, Sassy, Kind, Loyal, mostly depends who she is around and how much she likes them.

A little about me: When she was just three years old her father walked out on her and her mother. Her mother for the next couple of years had to pick up a second job and was almost never home. By the time Jasmine was eleven her mother remarried her step-father who at first treated her really nicely. But as the years passed and at sixteen all that changed when her mother had her half-sister Natalia and all the attention went to her. It was also at sixteen that she discovered that she was a lesbian. Because to her it seemed no one cared, Jasmine found herself with the wrong group of friends and also became addicted to sex and partying. It seemed all she could do to get any form of attention and feel like she mattered. Her mother and step-father found out about her "extra curriculars" when early in the morning she sneaked in with one of her "girlfriends'. Since that moment, it seemed they disowened her and won't give her another chance until she finishes the Boot Camp and changes her ways.


Puppetmaster: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822

[b ~☆~]

[#f1be0e [b Andie]]

[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/1e/9d/a7/1e9da7073bfe2f6bba9f39d469195003.jpg]

My Face: http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/1e/9d/a7/1e9da7073bfe2f6bba9f39d469195003.jpg

Name: Xander (Andie) Luka Youngerman

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Level: A

Addiction: Drugs and Sex

Personality: Sarcastic, Hard-Headed, Can seem a Hard Ass, Stubborn, Loyal, Caring, Depends how close he is to a person and how much he likes them

A little about me: When he was two his mother left him with his father who became a drunk and very abusive. It was a neighbor who had noticed Xander's living situation and ever since he had been in and out of foster homes. His last foster home was when he was seventeen and he had been kicked out because they found out that he was gay and also into drugs and into sex. They first had tried to send him to a camp to straighten him out and to get Satan out of him and to make him a proper human being. It had worked for all of a week and then he was back to being his stubborn and sassy self. He was also more rebellious and even bringing men home for sex and doing drugs with them and selling them. Since they could not help him and Xander did not want to be "saved" he was kicked out, got a job as a male stripper and on his own. He was arrested for the posession of drugs and during his hearing had been given the choice of some serious jail time or trying the program at the camp, no shocker which he chose.

Roommate: Will be decided later

Puppetmaster: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 13h 58m 55s
[b Harry Potter]

[pic http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/harrypotter/images/e/e0/Deathly-Hallows-Part-1-Promo-harry-james-potter-26831261-958-1280.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150318152449]

[pic http://rs1049.pbsrc.com/albums/s399/Crystal_Ice98/Potter_zpsdb8a407f.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip]
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 14h 1m 53s
[b Rule Breakers]

Kody Aaron Kenneth. 23. Alcoholic
[pic http://i2.listal.com/image/1227806/600full-alex-pettyfer.jpg]

Lydia Gena Walker. 21. Sex
[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/25/c5/24/25c5249aa7723b2c74a7ec968436f04a.jpg]
  SheDevil / 2y 95d 14h 8m 11s

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