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[pic http://www.fanboyplanet.com/derek/images/sd.jpg]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 18h 42m 45s
Jay Gatsby

[pic http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s399/Crystal_Ice98/Decades/leonardo-dicaprio-great-gatsby_zpsfb82d82d.jpg]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 18h 44m 26s

Name: Andorra Marie Kingsley
Nicknames: Andie, Dora, Marie, Nora, Ara
Age: 24
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: European
Color: #ef5cf5
Personality: Sassy, Sweet, Sensitive, Loving, Bitchy, Sarcastic, Loyal.
Songs: Fighter. Don't Stop Believing. Miracle. Teenage Dream.

[pic http://data1.whicdn.com/images/170327884/large.jpg]

[pic http://data1.whicdn.com/images/99343961/large.jpg]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 18h 46m 52s

[b Name:] Alana (Lana) Jessica Anderson
[b Age:] 21
[b Gender:] Female
[b Hobbies:] Reading, Writing, Singing, Sometimes Shopping, Swimming, Dancing, etc..
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual
[b Biography:] When she was nineteen, Lana decided that she wanted to leave home and go for a study abroad program that has kept her away for the last couple of years. She knew that neither of her parents had taken the chance and she didn't want to live with the regret of not taking the chance herself as she had always wanted to travel. The young woman wanted to see some of the world, and learn who she was as a person. She wanted to "take chances and make mistakes". But in leaving home and all she knew, Lana found she made a mistake and now after getting a phone call from an old friend has decided to return home to try and reconnect with those who at one point had been her world. She's changed and knows they have too, but still hopes that they can rekindle their lost friendship. She also hopes that she has the chance to tell one of them how she truly feels, but had always been way too afraid of the outcome and wrecking a friendship.
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 18h 51m 1s
[b Italian Name:] Fiorella Emilia
[b English Translation:] Little Flower Emily Belmonte
[b Age:] 24
[b Basic Idea of Personality:] The sort of girl who can be sweet, maybe seem a little shy sometimes but also a bit sassy and likes to party and dance. She loves helping others when she can, but to be careful when you cross her or those she cares about. She's also the sort who loves a good story and wants to see it through, a hopeless romantic, but keeps her thoughts to herself. 

[pic http://www.alllatesthdimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Nikki-Bella-wwe-diva-1.jpg]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 19h 1m 8s
Pictures thinking to maybe use one day

[pic http://imagecache.roxwel.com/images/artists/Lastfm_Lauren_Alaina.png]

[pic http://egotvonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Katharine_McPhee.png]

[pic http://www.leonalewisdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Leona-Lewis-2.jpg]

[pic http://d13pix9kaak6wt.cloudfront.net/background/users/a/m/e/ameliawarnerbr_1408603413_97.jpg]

[pic http://ilarge.lisimg.com/image/485175/968full-amelia-warner.jpg]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 19h 4m 14s
[b Starter for Her Secret, His Heart]

[#81e66b "With all due respect, Headmaster I would rather not have you lurking in doorways. If you have something you wish to tell me, please do so so that I may get back to my work."] The man said, not even turning around to see the man in the doorway but knowing from experience and just the vibes that were given.

[#2ddef1 "Severus, it is almost time for the feast to begin and the sorting ceremony as well. And it would do you some good to come up from the dungeons and to be in the company of others. Besides, Severus you do know it is customary for all Professors to indulge and be present at the beginning of the new school year. I expect to see you shortly."] And with that, the elderly wizard walked away without leaving Severus any chance of refuting his words.

How he despised being around others and much preferred to be left to his quarters and left with his potions. The nonhuman contact and loneliness allowed him time to reflect upon his thoughts and also to create new works that could be of help to their kind or those in need. But even he could not help the thoughts in the back of his head that perhaps the headmaster was right and being among people might be a good thing for him. And it was with those thoughts did the man stop with the potion that he had been working to perfect and make his way briskly up the stairs from the dungeons and into the main part of the castle.

As he was walking and nearing the Great Hall, the man was not paying attention and was again going over the gentle lectures he had been given over the years about things happening the way they had for a reason. And it before he knew it, the dark haired man dressed all in black found himself walking into someone, a young woman.

He was about to 'snarl' at her but then remembered he had been the one to walk into her. [#81e66b "My apologies, I should have been better paying attention to where I was walking."] Severus found himself saying and soon fell silent. There wasn't anything else the man could think to say or do as he seemed to create an awkward situation.
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 276d 21h 25m 6s
Name: Fiona Jessica Wolfe
Nicknames: Fi and Jessie
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Too young
Relationship Status: Too young
Parents: Erin Krista Wolfe and Bradley Joseph West
Siblings: Preston Alexander Wolfe
Aunts&Uncles: Elisa, Elizabeth, Emmett, Earnest, Elric
Race/Species: 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Fairy, and 1/2 Human
Likes: Flowers, Dresses, Colouring, Teddy, Kitties, Puppies, Butterflies, Sparkles, Rainbows, Swimming, Dancing, Singing, Candy, Family, Disney
Dislikes: Bugs, Dark, Thunder, Lightening, Broccoli, Peas, Her Daddy
Fears: Being Kidnapped, Scary People, Being yelled at, Loud Noises, Losing her mommy and family
Wishes: To have a complete family with two parents
[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/88/04/7e/88047e808d2906aa7bce9a78e21c558e.jpg]

Name: Preston Alexander Wolfe
Nicknames: Prezzy, Pres, and Alex
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Too young
Relationship Status: Too young
Parents: Erin Krista Wolfe and Bradley Joseph West
Siblings: Fiona Jessica Wolfe
Aunts&Uncles: Elisa, Elizabeth, Earnest, Elric, Emmett
Race/Species: 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Fairy, and 1/2 Human
Likes: Mud, Super Heroes, Puppies, Bugs, Hot Wheels, Running, Climbing, Swimming, The Park, Candy
Dislikes: Vegetables, Sister Following him around, His daddy
Fears: Clowns, Snakes, Losing his family
Wishes: For a normal family and pet dog
[pic http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/girlmeetsworld/images/d/dc/August_Maturo.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130820204652]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 316d 14h 14m 15s
Name: Geoffrey King Wolfe
Nicknames: Geoff, Frey , and King
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Too young
Relationship Status: Too young
Parents: Earnest Kody Wolfe and Janelle Fransseca Emelia Roman-Wolfe (deceased)
Siblings: Kelsey Rachel Wolfe and Ginger Annalise Wolfe
Aunts&Uncles: Erin, Elise, Elizabeth, Elric, Emmett
Race/Species: 1/4 Fairy, 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Angel, and 1/4 Siren
Likes: Hot Wheels, Super Heroes, Playing with his cousins and sisters, Family, Animals, Running, Jumping, Riding his bike, Watching TV, and Trying new things
Dislikes: Having to do "girly" things, Arguing with his sisters, Yelling, Vegetables
Fears: Pretty much nothing
Wishes: Have a mommy, new bike, a puppy, and more time with his daddy
[pic http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/51304/51304,1315942164,1/stock-photo-portrait-of-cute-yr-old-boy-outside-wearing-blue-plaid-jacket-with-red-shirt-and-necklace-84582268.jpg]

Name: Kelsey Rachel Wolfe
Nicknames: Kelly, Kelse, Rae, and Lee Lee
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Too young
Relationship Status: Too young
Parents: Earnest Kody Wolfe and Janelle Fransseca Emelia Roman-Wolfe (deceased)
Siblings: Geoffrey King Wolfe and Ginger Annalise Wolfe
Aunts&Uncles: Erin, Elise, Elizabeth, Elric, Emmett
Race/Species: 1/4 Fairy, 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Angel, and 1/4 Siren
Likes: Singing, dancing, reading, flowers, butterflies, cats, dogs, wolves, animals that are cute, family, the colours blue, pink, red, black, and purple, Disney, sweets, playing dress up, getting her way
Dislikes: Vegetables, Mud, Anything gross or smelly, Bugs, Yelling, Her siblings not doing what she wants
Fears: Losing her family, Jelly fish, Sharks, Scary movies, People she doesn't know, Being all alone
Wishes: She had a mommy and for daddy to be home more often
[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/da/eb/c1/daebc1be159a5086dabbfb85327e3291.jpg]

Name: Ginger Annalise Wolfe
Nicknames: Ginny, Anna, Lisa, and Ginge
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Too young
Relationship Status: Too young
Parents: Earnest Kody Wolfe and Janelle Fransseca Emelia Roman-Wolfe (deceased)
Siblings: Geoffrey King Wolfe and Kelsey Rachel Wolfe
Aunts&Uncles: Erin, Elise, Elizabeth, Elric, Emmett
Race/Species: 1/4 Fairy, 1/4 Vampire, 1/4 Angel, and 1/4 Siren
Likes: Colouring, dollies, playing house, family, animals, flowers, candy, sea shells, shiny objects
Dislikes: The colour black, Siblings being mean to her, Not getting time with daddy, Being around people she doesn't know, Vegetables
Fears: The Dark, Scary Movies/Shows/Pictures, Thunder, Loud noises, Losing her daddy and family
Wishes: She had both a mommy and a daddy
[pic http://iloveupak.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/copy-of-cute-little-girl.jpg]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 308d 3h 28s
[center _________________________________]

[b [size12 Basics--]]

[b [size12 Name:]] [size12 Danielle Alexa Morgan]
[b [size12 Nickname:]] [size12 Dannie or whatever people want to call me.]
[b [size12 Birthday:]] [size12 October 22, 1996]
[b [size12 Age:]] [size12 Twenty-One]
[b [size12 Gender:]] [size12 Female]
[b [size12 Sexuality:]] [size12 Straight]
[b [size12 Species:]] [size12 Human]
[b [size12 Height:]] [size12 5'7"]
[b [size12 Weight:]] [size12 135 lbs]
[b [size12 Piercings/Tattoos:]] [size12 Ears Pierced/Star On Lower Back]
[b [size12 Likes:]] [size12 Animals, Reading, Meeting new people and many other things.]
[b [size12 Dislikes:]] [size12 Too Many Things]
[b [size12 Fears:]] [size12 Spiders and Losing Loved Ones]

[b [size12 Favorites--]]

[b [size12 Favorite Color(s):]] [size12 Black, Red, and Blue]
[b [size12 Favorite Animal:]] [size12 Dog]
[b [size12 Favorite Music:]] [size12 Country]
[b [size12 Favorite Movie(s):]] [size12 Blade Trinity Series, Underworld Series, Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, and Blood and Chocolate]
[b [size12 Favorite Mythical Creature:]] [size12 Vampire]

[b [size12 Relationships--]]

[b [size12 Friends:]] [size12 Tiffani, Drake, want to make more]
[b [size12 Lover:]] [size12 None:]
[b [size12 Family:]] [size12 Drianna Hailey Matthews-Morgan |Mother|, Oscar Brian Morgan |Father|, Sally Nicole Morgan |Little Sister]
[b [size12 Family Adopted Into:]] [size12 Drake Rhoan |Adoptive Brother|, Leslie Ann Rhoan |Adoptive Mother|, Adrian Charles Rhoan |Adoptive Father|]

[b [size12 Personality--]]

[size12 I can seem bubbly and fun but that is the side to me I want people to see because I want to make new friends and to be able to have friends. Admittedly sometimes I am quick to anger and can be a little bit of a hothead or jealous. But once you are my friend/friends I am loyal and love you. However, cross any limits I might have and more than once or hurt anyone I care about you'll have a real bitch on your hands.]

[b [size12 Biography--]]

[size12 I was born in New York and lived the first five years of my life with my biological family. Both my little sister and I were taken from our parents because they could not get along and were always fighting. I don't know what happened to Sally, but I do know I was adopted by the Rhoans and came to have an older brother, Drake who for some reason hated me. Growing up, the two of us didn't see eye to eye on anything and were always getting the other into trouble. As I entered my teen years and him into his early twenties we started to get along a little better and even both moved out to California where it is mostly warm and sunny. Now Drake works as a teacher, though he really wants to get into being a mechanic and I work in a small cafè. Oh and I've met the love of my life, Nathan who has really helped me out of my shell. He is truly amazing.]

[b [size12 Extra Pictures:]] [http://i.imgur.com/SVxgA4Z.jpg [size12 1]] [http://data2.whicdn.com/images/96998926/large.jpg [size12 2]] [http://i.imgur.com/FNkhcaU.jpg [size12 3]] [http://i.imgur.com/S9HOSW8.jpg [size12 4]] [http://i.imgur.com/BxTnss8.jpg [size12 5]] [http://i.imgur.com/keVNXmW.jpg [size12 6]]
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[center ________________________________________]

[b [size11 Basics --]]

[b [size11 Name:]] [size11 Tally Lynn James]
[b [size11 Nicknames:]] [size11 TJ]
[b [size11 Birthday:]] [size11 January 5, 1688]
[b [size11 Age:]] [size11 327|But appears 15|]
[b [size11 Gender:]] [size11 Female]
[b [size11 Sexuality:]] [size11 Bisexual|Leans more towards girls|]
[b [size11 Virgin:]] [size11 Yes]
[b [size11 Species:]] [size11 Demon|Water&Ice|]
[b [size11 Height:]] [size11 5'5"]
[b [size11 Weight:]] [size11 125 lbs.]
[b [size11 Piercings/Tattoos:]] [size11 Ears pierced. Wanting to get rose on shoulder]
[b [size11 Likes:]] [size11 Reading, Writing, Listening to music, Movies, Shopping, Swimming, Snow, Animals, My sisters, My girlfriend, Trying to meet new people, and many more.]
[b [size11 Dislikes:]] [size11 Thunder and Lightning, People who are scary and Mean, Feeling alone, Not being around those I feel close too]
[b [size11 Fears:]] [size11 Sharks, Snakes, Losing Those I care about, Loud Noises]

[b [size11 Favorites --]]

[b [size11 Favorite Animal:]] [size11 Tiger]
[b [size11 Favorite Color(s):]] [size11 Lime Green & Neon Pink]
[b [size11 Favorite Food:]] [size11 Chicken Wings]
[b [size11 Favorite Book(s):]] [size11 Circle Trilogy or anything with supernatural or romance.]
[b [size11 Favorite Music:]] [size11 Anything that doesn't make me feel sick.]
[b [size11 Favorite Movie(s):]] [size11 Tuck Everlasting, The Notebook, Titanic, Blood and Chocolate, and Disney of any kind.]
[b [size11 Favorite Song:]] [size11 Never Alone by Lady Antebellum]
[b [size11 Favorite Job/Dream Job:]] [size11 Becoming a Teacher]

[b [size11 Relationships --]]

[b [size11 Friends:]] [size11 Tiffy, Dannie, Emma, Drake, Elliot, and Randy.]
[b [size11 Lover:]] [size11 Single]
[b [size11 Family:]] [size11 Pearl Ann James|Older Sister|; Ruby Brynn James|Older Sister|; Daniel Alex James|Older Brother|; Samantha Emily James|Mother|; Aaron Jacob James|Father]

[b [size11 Personality --]] [size11 I am a really sweet and shy girl by nature, but I do love to try and make friends. At first I will not talk much, but if I get to know you and feel comfortable around you then I am all giggly and chipper. I love to laugh, sing, and have fun. If you show me kindness and the want to be my friend, then I will be your friend for life. But treat me and those I care about badly, then I will be one of the meanest people you can meet.]

[b [size11 Biography --]] [size11 I was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1688. And for the first four years of my life everything seemed good..but my family was not normal. We were demons, each controlling a different element. My mother and father told me and my siblings we could use our abilities while at home, but not outside the house. But when I was four, I wandered into the woods beyond our small town and played with my ability...I had no idea that anyone would see it. And it was the next day an angry mob formed outside our home. My mother and father told me and my siblings to run and get as far away as we could. Pearl, Ruby and I managed to get out, but Daniel, mother, and father weren't lucky. They under went a trial and were burned that day, while me and my sisters were forced to watch from where we hid. Since that day, Ruby blamed me for what happened and Pearl had to grow up quickly and look after us. Since our parents and brother died, we moved and would continue to move from place to place. Pearl stopped aging at nineteen, Ruby at seventeen, and me at fifteen. And it was for that reason we took jobs we could get and even repeated school MANY times. We have stayed together and have watched the times and people change, seen many wars and have met many people. Because we didn't age, we decided not to get close to people. All of this brings me to the present. I still live with my sisters, but I have broke from not getting close to others and so has Pearl, but Ruby hasn't and STILL blames me for nearly three hundred years ago. But I have met Tiffy, Randy, Elliot, Drake, Dannie, and Emma. I also hope to be a teacher one day.]

[b [size11 Extra Pictures:]] [http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s399/Crystal_Ice98/RP2/Tally_zps6e2cb8b2.jpg [size11 1]] [size11 |] [http://i.imgur.com/xLyKOCe.jpg [size11 2]] [size11 |] [http://i.imgur.com/qRMVidT.jpg [size11 3]] [size11 |] [http://i.imgur.com/jcpp3VC.jpg [size11 4]] [size11 |]
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[center [font "century gothic" Hey]]

[center [font "times new roman" Hey]]
  Danielle / SheDevil / 3y 322d 22h 42m 21s
Name: Tracey Eve
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Half-Genie; Half-Shifter
Appearance: [pic http://d3ui957tjb5bqd.cloudfront.net/images/screenshots/products/10/108/108875/gxa6vjesy6zbhe7qpb4r7nvwxixbeac7n2pqatdyo5ra8cvwsxptjnlccjtdzn4b-f.jpg?1399669195]
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[b Emma Elizabeth Black]


[pic http://data3.whicdn.com/images/17726294/original.jpg]

[pic http://premierguidemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/JACKIE-EVANCHO.jpg]


[pic http://i58.tinypic.com/2vwdzzt.jpg]


[pic http://www.autumnsongphotography.com/images/content/ACF1DC1.jpg]


[pic http://jenniepyfferoen.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/toddler-baby-child-photography-franklin-tn-pinkerton-park-bridge-chair-rustic-props-old-girl-photography-1(pp_w950_h633).jpg]

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With each Dawn she found new Hope that someday her Dreams,
Of Happiness would come True.. ~Cinderella
Tiffani/Tiffy | Female | Twenty | Loved Friend | College Student

~More Darlings~

Moon Demonic Fal
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