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Angel Sky Price
Sky, Angie, Red

European Mutt
Can seem playful but her peronality depends on her mood and who she is with
Originally from Georgia
Grew up on a Peach Ranch

[b Friends:] Kammie and Molly
[b Parents:] Walter and Annalise Price
[b Cousin(s) :] Nathaniel

[pic http://c.wallhere.com/photos/fe/f5/women_model_redhead_portrait_face_freckles_green_eyes-26027.jpg!d]


[b WIP]
  Ryan / SheDevil / 157d 14h 7m 45s
[center [b Vanessa Leanne Raleigh]]

[center "Adult"]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/2s4Xm6S.png]]

[center http://i.imgur.com/2s4Xm6S.png]

[center [#3b39f3 [b ××××××××]]]

[center [b Klaus Mikaelson]]

[center [pic http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vampirediaries/images/a/a1/93a38eb25815b9e25a613032fba425b3.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141227014021&path-prefix=es]]


[center [#3b39f3 [b ××××××××]]]

[center [b Rebekah Mikaelson]]

[center [pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/427f82821ffd30c266784b416a796557/tumblr_migkrsakDb1rfoeczo1_500.gif]]

  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 131d 3h 56m 39s
[pic http://armstreet.com/catalogue/small/medieval-black-cotton-dress-lady-hunter-4.jpg]

[b Name:] Mirena (Mina)

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/474x/32/5f/38/325f384f4444d8ebedc7c4de5a592daa--mens-pyjamas-indian-fashion.jpg?b=t]

[b Name:] Mallius (Mal)
  James (Jamie) Fraser / SheDevil / 162d 5h 22m 42s
[center [pic http://imgur.com/KBUNUlr.png]]
[size8 [right Piccy was done by Belle, thanks dear!]]

[center Elsa Leanne Tyler • Siren • Female • 21 • Bisexual • Can be sarcastic but loyal/ sweet when she likes you or cares • Younger sister of an annoying as hell older brother named Shane • Talking to Azariah]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/SIXeD7j.png]


Joseph Holtman

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/f9/aa/44/f9aa4487420670f7b9fccfba456ec537.jpg]


Demetra Morrigan Malfoy

Parents: Bellatrix Lastrange and Severus Snape

[#e995c6 Speech:]



[pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/95/95/50/95955085e9639fa0aace2cf3df2df9ab.jpg]


Name: Everly Wilde
Type of witch (animal): Panther
Age: Nineteen
Height: 5'3"
Hair colour: Raven Black
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Hair type: Mostly straight but with a soft wave
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Tanned
Build: Petite
Pic Link: http://i.pinimg.com/236x/3f/1d/d3/3f1dd379b79d9e0fe4e891df380ac0d4--black-women-dating-odette-annable.jpg

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/3f/1d/d3/3f1dd379b79d9e0fe4e891df380ac0d4--black-women-dating-odette-annable.jpg]
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 174d 13h 56m 39s
[b Vampire Male]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/3wg7mDl.png]

[size8 [b Name:]] Noah Charles Radcliff
[size8 [b Nickname(s):]] No, Charlie, Cliff, Chad
[size8 [b Age:]] Ancient ; Appears 23
[size8 [b Gender:]] Male
[size8 [b Sexuality:]] Bisexual
[size8 [b Species:]] Vampire

[#e515cc [b Human Female]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/Ksdwh8k.png]

[size8 [b Name:]] Willow Nevaeh Quinn
[size8 [b Nickname(s):]] Willa, Evie, Quinn, Q, Lilo
[size8 [b Age:]] 18
[size8 [b Gender:]] Female
[size8 [b Sexuality:]] Bisexual
[size8 [b Species:]] Human


[b Frankie]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/siCs1E7.png]

Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/siCs1E7.png

Username: SheDevil

Full Name: Franklin (Frankie) Edmund Vandabolt

Age: Three hundred but appears twenty-three

Gender & Sex: Male/Male

Species: Fallen Angel

Pronouns: He, Him, They, Them

Duty: Earth Expert

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 210lbs

Background: Will be revealed, just be patient

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Bunnies, Pixie Sticks, Men, Sometimes Women , Drawing, Helping People, Photography, Being a Smartass, and tons of other shit too

Dislikes: Crowds, Arrogant People, Onions, People with no humour, Being corrected, Being belittled, Assholes in general, and a whole lot of other shit too

Personality: Sarcastic, Stubborn, Loyal, Helpful, Basically whatever as long as you don't get on his bad side

  Angel / SheDevil / 131d 3h 55m 24s
[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/55/c8/3d/55c83d01aa9414b355301ac84dbc0a48.jpg]

[b Name:] Harper Ruby Pierce
[b Nickname:] Piper, Harp, Ru, Har
[b Gender:] Female
[b Age:] 16
[b Species:] Neko

[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

[pic http://cdn.wallpapersafari.com/16/32/ygHiPd.png]

[b Name:] Michelle Brianne Rydre
[b Nickname:] Chelle, Bri
[b Gender:] Female
[b Age:] 19
[b Species:] Vampire

[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

[pic http://pm1.narvii.com/5760/32213ece662486b868b2dad138acd8275267a95f_hq.jpg]

[b Name:] Kaleb Flynn Walker
[b Nickname:] Kale, Flynn
[b Species] Snow Leopard Shifter
[b Gender:] Male
[b Age:] 17
  SheDevil / 200d 23h 4m 20s
[b ♡Baby_Love]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Allura]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Forum]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Markazi+Text]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WQ431NA.png]]
[center [size16 [Markazi+Text The Layout was made entirely by Eli and the only ones with permission to it are Megan, Trisha, and myself. The pictures in here are made either by my babies or their lovers so DO NOT touch or steal ANYTHING from here. The only ones with permission to the content in here are Megan, Jasmine, Manny, Eli, and Emmi! Copying or stealing isn't cute, so please don't do it.. Thanks!]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WQ431NA.png]]

[center [Forum [size24 [u Stitch]]]]

[center [size24 [Allura Jarvis & Ann]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/PBoPFDN.png]]
[center [http://i.imgur.com/XkYvZ4f.png 1]

[center [size24 [Allura Jayden & Rain]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w9Foytv.png]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[center [Forum [size24 [u Cherry]]]]

[center [size24 [Allura Randy & Roxy]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Drake & Rose]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Ari & Elliot]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Pearl & Adeline]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Nathan & Kana]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Kendall & Belle]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Seraphina & Harley]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Alara & Wyatt]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Ashley & Victoria]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Charity & Emilio]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Sapphire & Ivy]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Brielle & Donella ]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Faith & Tyler]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Jace & Munro]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Aj & Georgia]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Chez & Amelia]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Sadie & Aaliyah]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Scarlett & Aurora]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Grace & Priscilla]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Karmin & Blake]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Chloe & Lupe]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Casey & Daphne]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Terrance & Pandora]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Salem & Violet]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Elise & Delaware]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Katherine& Lyle]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Matt & Addilyn]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Stephen & Erin]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Gretchen & Elric]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Greer & Earnest]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Emmett & Grace]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Nessie & Cara]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[center [Forum [size24 [u Flower]]]]

[center [size24 [Allura Lavender & Arizona]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UjPmUiF.png]]

[center [size24 [Allura Belle & Esmeralda]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/zggJSeU.png]]

[center [size24 [Allura Verona & Anika]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WNIiw0X.png]]

[center [size24 [Allura Venice & Annie]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZYTTYbt.png]]

[center [size24 [Allura Reagan & Charlize]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/R6BdeKL.png]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[center [Forum [size24 [u Grace]]]]

[center [size24 [Allura Selene & Katie]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Tara & Luka]]
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[center [size24 [Allura Jake & Josh]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura MandaLynn & Ed]]
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[center [size24 [Allura Ebonie & Amaliah]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Ardith & Ruby]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Felix & Miranda]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Evangeline & Luther]]
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[center [size24 [Allura Autumn & Zach]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [size24 [Allura Rachel & Michael]]
[center [pic Photo]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[center [Forum [size24 [u Elmo]]]]

[center [size24 [Allura Tyson & Gypsy]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ToguFb9.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[center [size24 [Allura Kanton & Laci]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/YlsSAiM.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]
  SheDevil / 200d 23h 10m 23s
Name: Katerina (Kat) Elise Lukas

Age: 15

Species: Wolf Shifter

Voice: [#fb3cb0 Kat] #fb3cb0

[pic http://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/girl-wolf-red-cloak-260nw-1073773466.jpg]



Name: Annabella (Ella) Hope Carlson

Age: 16

Species: Succubus

Voice: [#19dd0e Annabella] #19dd0e

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/736x/ff/22/3f/ff223fdcd587a60a0b3c2381360239e2.jpg]

  SheDevil / 131d 3h 54m 9s
[b Puppet Master & Link] SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
[b Picture Link :] http://i.imgur.com/kFHaQF7.jpg
[b Name in Real World :] Callie Annalise Landon
[b Story Character Name :] Alice Pleasance Liddell
[b Nickname ] Allie and Anna and Ali and Kitten
[b Age :] Twenty-One
[b Short Bio:] Ever since she was a little girl, Alice had always harboured feelings for the man known as The Mad Hatter. He had been her first friend in Wonderland and the one to save her life. He also taught her that "some of the best people are completely bonkers". Quite literally she fell for him but had always been afraid to tell him. Or she was until the day came when she found it would be her last chance. Her last trip into Wonderland based on her age and "being too old". She was going to meet with him and they were going to have a talk. But before she could get to him, a fog overtook her. She blacked out and woke in a strange world. And it felt..well she was so very alone and something was missing. Someone...the only problem, she can't remember what or who. She's still the daydreamer and the storyteller.. but she wants to find what is missing before it's too late and it's lost to her forever.
[pic http://i.imgur.com/kFHaQF7.jpg]


[b Puppet Master & Link] SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
[b Picture Link:] http://i.pinimg.com/originals/55/6a/ce/556aceb0c6068892b995bb23d1bf3377.jpg
[b Name in Real World :] Jaxon Elijah Hunter
[b Story Character Name :] Adam
[b Nickname ] "Beast", and "The Master" (Story) and Jax, Hunter, Lijah
[b Age :] Twenty-Five
[b Short Bio:] Spoiled and bad-tempered when growing up, Adam became very vain. He was cruel and unfeeling but that in its way had been because of his past. A past he wants to forget and bury deep within himself. One night, his birthday to be exact, there was a party and he was rude to the wrong woman getting himself and those in the castle that night cursed along with him. Many long years passed and soon a young woman comes to rescue her father. Trade places and become his prisoner herself. At first, Beast hates her because she is so stubborn and he CANNOT connect. But in time while watching and getting to know her, the ice around his heart starts to melt and he falls for her. The day he wants to tell her, is the day a strange fog covers the land and the castle sending him into a slumber. Upon awaking, the man is "human again" and has NO idea who he is or where he is. All he knows is he is lost in more ways than one. Now he needs to find the missing pieces and get home. Oddly enough though, the only one who can help was the one who was meant to help him before.. But can they overcome the "curse" or will they be lost forever?
[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/55/6a/ce/556aceb0c6068892b995bb23d1bf3377.jpg]


[b Puppet Master & Link] SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
[b Picture Link :] http://i.imgur.com/MkEQti7.png
[b Name in Real World :]
[b Story Character Name :] Eric
[b Nickname ]
[b Age :] Twenty-Six
[b Short Bio:]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/MkEQti7.png]


[#1bd515 [b Little Mermaid]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gamja+Flower]
[Gamja+Flower [size15 [b She saved her prince and he saved her. The two were married and had a bright and beautiful life. All was happy and all was well. They had their perfect ending their first story and were ready to move onto the next.

Both were in the meadow walking, talking and just enjoying the bright and sunny day. And it was on this particular day did something strange happen. The land became covered in...smoke? Or was it fog? Either way, Ariel and Eric became separated. They tried to find the other but before they could, all went dark.

Upon waking, both Ariel and Eric are miles apart. What's worse is, the two don't know where they are, how they got there, or even who they are. They are completely alone and confused.

Taken in, the Disney characters are given new names and taught how to live in this new land. And day by day they begin to take on the new identity, but through dream and sleep their old memories begin to unfold.

Will the little mermaid and her prince find the other again? And will they even make it home?

The journey and how the story unfolds is based on you and what you decide to do.]]]


[#0cbae9 [b Alice in Wonderland]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gamja+Flower]
[Gamja+Flower [size15 [b As a little girl, Alice loved to daydream and was what some would call aloof. A girl who had her head in the clouds and did not want to pay attention to her lessons. And it was because of this did she come across a world full of magic and so very different than her own. One she could even call home. Or she would have had the land not decided she was a threat.

He was "crazy" and a little "mad". But as it is often said, the best people often are. Meant to be a hatter like the rest of his family, the man who became known as Hatter didn't want to be. He loved tea parties and his freedom. And above all loved his home and his friends.

It was a fateful day these two met. Hatter saved her from the Red Queen and her cards. Years later, Alice saved him from himself.

There had always been a closeness between them. A link and in the words of some "they were simply meant to be". Their problem lay in the fact that they were literally worlds apart.

Twenty-One and considered "old", Alice was on her last visit to Wonderland and she and Hatter were going to talk.. But before the two could meet, a smoke..? Fog like nothing they had ever seen before covered the land, covered them.

Upon waking, the sun was bright and so was the sky. But neither knew just where they were. Even better still, they were so far apart with no memories of how they got there or who they even were. By chance, people who found them took them in. They gave them names and even taught them about the world they found themselves in.

Was it days, weeks, or even months that passed in their new lives? Alice and Hatter didn't know but one day came across the other again. And it was like a connection was formed. One they didn't know. Since that fateful day, the two slowly start to see flashes and remember other days...other lives.. their lives.

Learning the truth can they be them again? And can they get home? If they get home..what will become of them? Their bond and love they share?]]]


[#be65fb [b Sleeping Beauty]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gamja+Flower]
[Gamja+Flower [size15 [b When she was a baby, Princess Aurora was taken away from her father and mother by three fairies who promised to protect her. During her christening, an evil fairy wanted revenge against the king and queen and so cursed the baby girl. On her sixteenth birthday she was to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and to fall into a sleep like death. They all thought if she wasn't there, the spell would have no affect. And so the girl grew into a beautiful young woman in the woods raised by the three fairies. But she NEVER knew that they were fairies and who only friends were the animals of the forest.

He was a prince who was a few years older than she was. His father was a good friends of the princess' and they were arranged to be married when Aurora came of age. Of course being young, Prince Phillip did not like that idea. He even pleaded with his father to get out of it. But he had no luck and the marriage was to happen in the years to come. So he grew and learned to be the prince expected of him. The day he was meant to meet with his father's friend, Phillip's father became ill and he was to still make the journey alone.

It was on his way through the countryside and woods did he come across a maiden more fair than any he had ever met. And she was singing with her animal friends. The young man joined her and the two hit it off. Little did either know that they were the one that the other was supposed to marry.

On her sixteenth birthday, the princess returned to the castle and the spell took its course. The prince had to save the princess and not long after the two were married.

Years passed and the two become the new king and queen of the lands. Fair to their people and beloved as well. Their lives could be described as the perfect storybook ending. That is until one day, a fog comes up out of nowhere and claims the king and queen, taking them both far, far away.

When they wake, it is in a land they do not know. And they are completely and utterly alone. No memories of anything or anyone. By luck, both king and queen are taken in and given names. They also happen to be taught how to fair in the new world and lives they find themselves in. But both still feel so lost and so empty. Like this is NOT how things are supposed to be.

Weeks later and by some form of luck or fate, Aurora and Phillp happen to meet. It is brief but there was a form or knowing and familiarity that had been missing. And since that brief meeting, things begin to come back to them. Memories of who they had been and their lives.

Will they fix their relationship and be able to get home? Or will they be stuck forever apart in a world that they do not belong in? Only you can help their story unfold.]]]
  ☆Disney☆ / SheDevil / 213d 9h 40m 6s

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/5d/d0/45/5dd045030b1540b1e08913ef62935973--male-elf-art-pics.jpg]

  SheDevil / 213d 15h 47m 36s
[b Hidden]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/4R0BJ5v.png]
User: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
Name: Jezabelle Marie Hart
Age: 23
Gender: Cis-Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Light Weapon: Staff
Personality: Generally Sweet, Can be a little Shy/Reserved, and Sassy at times
Bio: Jezzy always knew she was different to an extent. She always had some magical abilities but was told to be very careful. It was when she was twenty-two was she chosen as one of the Light God's fighters for peace. Since she has watched friends and those she loved die. But she knows in the end it will be worth it and she can't give up.
Photo: http://i.imgur.com/4R0BJ5v.png

[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/6mSdGIG.png]

User: SheDevil http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822
Name: Isaiah Kenneth Edwards
Age: 27
Gender: Cis-Male
Sexuality:  Bisexual
Light Weapon: Twin Handguns
Personality: A bit of a smartass, Can seem a little cold at times, Exceeding loyal if you make him your friend BUT beware, Saiah can have a bit of a temper too
Bio: Isaiah has watched friends and family both fight and die for the side of the light. It was when his twin sister was killed and he couldn't stop it did he decide he wanted to just drop everything and say "fuck this fight" because he blamed her death on the god of light, Lucia who chose them both as warriors when they had been twenty-two. Being in hiding for about a year, Lucia came to Isaiah and more or less dragged him back into the fight. Now he does so because he doesn't want to watch others losing their friends and family in the same way. He also wants to in a sense from from his past and his guilt and this is the only way he knows how.
Photo: just the URL http://i.imgur.com/6mSdGIG.png
  SheDevil / 221d 6h 29m 26s
[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/5e/77/d1/5e77d12f559367934de025fc6332e6ff.jpg]

Cassandra Leanne Rivers
Cassie, Lee Lee, River
17 almost 18
Red Hair/ Blue Eyes

[center ~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~]

Tim Adams

[pic http://st3.depositphotos.com/12985790/16524/i/450/depositphotos_165240720-stock-photo-handsome-young-man.jpg]

[center ~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~]

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/d2/fa/2f/d2fa2fb13e729c3589722c3d1d85119b.jpg]

[center Devynn Marie Ryan
Devy / Dev
Upcoming Singer/Amatuer Actress

[center ~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~]

Pepper Brianne Scott

[pic http://hd.wallpaperswide.com/thumbs/shakira__hot_love-t2.jpg]

[#f1be0e Pepper's Voice]
  SheDevil / 221d 16h 52m 55s
[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/1f/8a/f2/1f8af2f302b182845f667931becd9088.jpg]
  Jackson Maine / SheDevil / 269d 2h 12m 35s
Intro for Night School

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/vptRV5U.jpg]]

The redhead slipped into the old, dark house through the window just as the sun was rising. She had been out the night before doing only god knew what and honestly didn't care if she happened to be caught or not either. For after the day, Bridget Rose Lincoln wouldn't be in the small town of Winterstone and would be in London England attending some school she had been mailed a letter from. A letter which was still left on the desk next to her iphone, notebook, and coloured pencils and pens. Yes, she had packed everything but those few items as she wanted to make sure she would have a few things to keep her at least partially sane as the flight would be her first flight and to a different country at that.

[#e614d2 "Cloud, are you ready to be going to the Night School?"] She whispered to the pure white ferret who came out from under the bed and hopped onto her shoulder, chattering and nuzzling her cheek. It seemed her little friend knew just how scared she was and was trying to calm her down, which the young woman of nineteen was more than grateful for. [#e614d2 "Thanks for this....you help more than you know, cutie."] Bri whispered after a few minutes of just softly stroking her ferrets fur and listening to the small clicks that were made off and on.

[b "Bridget Rose Lincoln, are you up?!"] Came the shrill voice of Madam Winters, a voice which very much sounded like nails on a chalkboard to the young woman.

[#e614d2 "Yes, Madam!"] She called, sarcastically in answer because she had not been to bed at all. But because she didn't want the woman to come to her room, she quickly put her pet into her carrier and grabbed her suitcase and started to head down the stairs. It was as she was passing the elderly woman did the woman grip her wrist and give her a glare.

[b "I have let you stay because you have had nowhere else to go. Understand this, since you are going off to this school you are no longer welcome here."] The woman hissed, causing Bridget to merely nod and mutter something under her breath which sounded a lot like "good, I hate it here anyway."

She knew that she was being smart with the woman, but she honestly hated her. Yes, Madam Winters had taken her in when she had been sixteen, but she had been the worst that she had lived with. The woman had constantly yelled at her and slapped her and had even always told her how she was cursed. Told her what a dark and evil being she was. And it was because of all of that did she pull back as she did and often get into the trouble that she did. All of the sneaking out, drinking, and occasionally one nightstands. And it was with those thoughts in mind did she flip the house off and speed out of the driveway and off down the highway towards the airport since she was running a little bit later than she had been intending to.

Upon getting to the airport, Bridget parked the car and looked to Cloud, who she had set on the seat next to her. [#e614d2 "I know... I did behave badly, but she...well I've told you she isn't a nice person. I mean she was nice enough to get you for me, but only because she didn't want to deal with me and thought you would hate me and attack me."] She whispered as she picked up the carrier, got out of the car and grabbed her other suitcase to go and check in, finding out she had just made her flight.

[h1 [b On The Plane]]
On the plane, Bridget mostly watched out the window as but soon got bored as she found that she couldn't much see anything. And since she was bored she took out her notebook and found herself writing poems of anything that came to mind. It was just something that gave her pleasure and simple distractions.

As she was writing, one of the male flight attendants came over to her, coughing slightly to get her attention. At first, the young woman refused to look his way, but then blue-green eyes snapped up from the notebook and she gave a fake smile, praying that it seemed real enough. [#e614d2 "Can I help you?"] She asked, head tilting to the side as she looked at the man who seemed in a trance as he looked at her.

[#f90120 "I was wanting to know if I could do anything for you, miss. ANYTHING."] The man said as he moved closer, causing Bridget to scoot away and shake her head. [#e614d2 "No, but you can go and assist others."] She muttered, thankful when the man backed away and nodded, leaving her to herself and her notebook one more. The young woman REALLY did hope no one saw or noticed what had happened and she more than wanted to forget it too.

[h2 [b Hours Later]]

When the plane finally landed, Bridget grabbed her carry-on and was one of the first off the plane. She didn't much like to be around people, but more because she was afraid of what she was and the things that happened. And that one flight attendant from the flight had made her even more nervous than she already was.

[#e614d2 [i 'Where am I even meant to be going? This place is....']] But her thoughts all but trailed off when she saw a woman with a sign that said her name. With nothing better to do and not knowing ANYONE, Bridget went towards the woman whom offered her a warm smile and motioned her to follow her. Without much though, the nineteen year old did and was led to baggage claim and was also able to get Cloud while she was at it.

[#9251c1 "You are probably wondering who I am.. well I am one of the teachers up at the school and was sent to get you. There is absolutely nothing for you to be nervous about."] The woman stated as she helped Bridget grab her suitcase and get her ferret, since those attending the pets didn't look at all happy.

[#e614d2 "Yeah, I had been wondering...and thanks for helping me get Cloud back... I don't know what I would do without her. She really is like my baby.."] The young woman couldn't help whispering as she walked with the woman out of the airport and out to a shiny black limo. And as she saw the car, blue-green eyes nearly popped out of her head as she looked to the woman at her side, who chuckled and nodded.

[#9251c1 "Yes, this is the car...so are you going to get in or are you going to continue to just stand there and stare?"] The woman asked, teasing the girl slightly as she moved forward and opened the back door, motioning that the redhead get in. And with the woman's motion, the girl of nineteen did. What did she have to lose at this rate? She was already tens of thousands of miles away from home and pretty much on her own aside from her ferret. Sooo this wasn't the worst of her decisions and so far the woman seemed nice.

[h3 [b The School]]

The girl had put her headphones in and watched the unfamiliar landscapes seem to rush by the window. And whether it was minutes or hours later, Bri wasn't sure but the limo pulled up a long drive and to...was it a castle? Well it made her think of the stories she had read and all those movies too, particularly Harry Potter. God she was such a dork. But she was quick to pull her headphones out and gather Cloud as the woman led her inside and explained that there was a note at the front desk for her and the others. Keys too.

[center [#81e66b "Welcome To The Night School. This is going to be your home for as long as it takes, for you to get your powers, under control. The room's are as is, I have chosen who would be staying where, because I don't want people who know each other in the same room."

"The Girl's Dorms; Room One; Skye and Bridget, Room Two; Lydia and Chero"

"The Boys Dorms; Room One; Caspian and George, Room Two; Chen and Adrien"

"If you have any question's ask one of the teachers, and they will help you. Welcome home my children, I hope you enjoy your stay. Remember classes start on Halloween, you have a week so get to know everybody."

"Head Master Stone."]]

She read the note that had been written and green gaze fell on six others. It looked like she and one other were the last to arrive but almost all seemed engaged in some sort of interaction with another, which had her feeling awkward. She wasn't exactly peoply and so stood off to the side, a hand moving to stroke over Cloud as she watched and observed.

[center ~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~☆☆☆~]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/YEFJhnI.jpg]]

The door slammed and brown gaze came up from the book he had been reading. It was still early, or rather late for his roommate who just happened to stumble in from god knew where. The two males didn't speak or hardly seemed to know the other existed. Which in truth was almost fine with George. The last person he had even let in had been the same as everyone else. She had judged him and called him a freak. It wasn't his fault that he was half black dog and half dream walker. And it sute as hell wasn't his fault particularly that he couldn't seem to get a grip on his powers and abilities either. Up until a week ago, the young man had NO one who would even think about helping him learn about who or what he was. Or that had been until that strange letter had arrived with an application to a school he had never even heard of. But anything seemed better than the life he was leading.

"Earth to Ollie, got any food in here? I'm starving and it WAS your turn to do the shopping." Came the words of Edgar, his pain in the ass roommate he had been trying to avoid. And since an answer was not given quickly enough, George found a hand being waved in front of his face.

[b "If you looked in the fridge, maybe you would have your answer. But as always you have to snap off at me because supposedly I didn't do something. What are you going to do on your own?"] He shot at the man as his timber wolf puppy, Shadow came darting in with a crash being heard from the room he had come from. Not even staying to hear a retort, George picked up his pup and went to see what had been knocked over. Luckily it was just his suitcases that he would be taking with him to The Night School.

[b "Gotta be more careful, Shad."] The man of twenty-one uttered as he picked the case up and put the pup in his carrier. He was actually one who was lucky and lived in England and so could take the train to a station nearby. Which reminded him that he needed to get his ass moving.

Twenty minutes after a near fight with his roommate, the man and puppy were sitting in their own compartment on the train. Dark eyes were watching the lush hills and green grass race past and he almost longed to be out there. It would be much easier than being on the train where so many had long rides and were falling asleep. It was the dreams around him that called to him. That made him curious and want to roam them. The only reasons he wasn't were one he had to watch Shadow and keep his little monster out of trouble and two they were going to school and he could not miss that stop. Well there was one more reason and that had to do with the fact that he didn't want to be a freak yet again or to scare people. That had been his life story up to this point and something he was wanting to change.

One stop, two stops, three, god only knew how many more but finally his own came. He had been getting bored and motion sickness. The best mix in the world, or so he told himself sarcastically. And it was with the stop did get Shadow back into the carrier and get his cases that would be going with him to the school did he see an odd man with a sign that said his name.

[#f90120 "I'm a teacher up at the school. The one who was sent to get you. If you come with me we can get to the cab and back to the school in the next hour or two."] The man said, offering Ollie a faint smile and taking one of the cases from him when he had walked over to the man to ask who he was. But the question had been answered and so he walked with the man to the cab that had been mentioned.

An hour or two later just as had been said and the cab was pulling up to a castle that looked like...well to him all the rest he had read about. Though even he could admit it was beautiful. And soon he was told of a letter and of keys that would be waiting for him. All he had been allowed to take with him was Shadow as his stuff would be taken to the room he would be sharing with one of the other students. That wasn't weird, right?

But he walked up the steps and to the letter that he had been told of and read it.:

[center [#81e66b "Welcome To The Night School. This is going to be your home for as long as it takes, for you to get your powers, under control. The room's are as is, I have chosen who would be staying where, because I don't want people who know each other in the same room."

"The Girl's Dorms; Room One; Skye and Bridget, Room Two; Lydia and Chero"

"The Boys Dorms; Room One; Caspian and George, Room Two; Chen and Adrien"

"If you have any question's ask one of the teachers, and they will help you. Welcome home my children, I hope you enjoy your stay. Remember classes start on Halloween, you have a week so get to know everybody."

"Head Master Stone."]]

It took him two or three reads to get it. And then he looked around the room to see that there were others, seven other in the room. He was the last, but what could he expect? Honestly George would be surprised if he made it to his own funeral. But like the redhead who seemed to be leaning on a wall he noted the others seemed busy and took to a different wall. He was trying to guess who was who and who Caspian was.
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