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Arora was surprised but happy to see Lucien was awake. She ran up to give him a hug,”I believe you. Glad you’ll be able to join us for lunch, though I’m surprised you’re awake.”

Arora looked back to Sakura, debating a little on what she should say. “Sakura’s going to have lunch with us. Hinako had things to go do, buuut, she’d like to race us sometime on her Pegasus.” Tilting her head up with a proud grin she continued,”I told her you would win. You’re the fastest.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 8d 11h 27m 39s
Sakura face went a little red. "Um that fine." She was dabbling her hair with a towel. She then lead the way back up the path. Lucien for his part mostly walk. Mostly as every time he dozed off another person came by to gawk at him. That had been the nice thing about living in Nora no one ever bugged him. Not in Hoshido everyone wanted to see the dragon while it slept. All morning maids, buttlers, and even the guard had come to chat about him and get a look.

'I forgot how annoying this was.' He thought to himself. The one time he had dozed off was plague with nightmares. He always seemed to have them when Luna or Arora wasn't around. So when Arora did come by, he was more than happy to join them for lunch. "Hope you brought a lot I could eat a whole horse." He joked.
  Lucien / Mended / 10d 17h 35m 40s
Arora had fun with her sisters. It was a short time, but it felt like they had too much time to make up for. Hinoka had things to take care of, and Arora understood that as she told Hinoka she would see her later. Still, Arora was sad to see Hinoka go.

Sakura was still there, so Arora enjoyed her younger sisters company. It was time to eat, and when Sakura asked Arora nodded with a smile,”That sounds great. I’d like that.” With a laugh Arora added,”I can see if Lucien is awake yet. Probably not. He can sleep for a long time.”

Arora climbed out of the water and went to change back into her clothes. They were more familiar, but also reminded her of Nohr and her siblings there. Would she see them again if she stayed with these siblings and her mother? Not wanting to make Sakura wait too long Arora finished changing and came out, tugging tangles out of her hair with her fingers.
  Arora / Yavanna / 12d 12h 28m 11s
"I would like to see you that." Hinoka laughed. Hinoka play for about an hour before having to excuse herself. "I would like to stay longer, but I need to attend to things. I will see you tonight." She then left. Sakura stay until she got hungry. By that time it was about lunchtime.

"Um would you like to get lunch together." She asked her voice sounding a little shy. "I could get someone to bring use lunch in the garden."
  Lucien / Mended / 14d 12h 46m 24s
Sakura? Arora looked at Sakura, a little surprised. She wanted to sink in the water like Sakura. Help Sakura talk to Lucien? As a friend, maybe, but… Hinoka was right, he was handsome, but he was also married, not that Arora was going to say anything.

She was glad Hinoka started talking about racing, and started swimming around a little,”Sure, we could race. Lucien would win though. He’s the fastest.”

Arora tilted her head, still swimming around at a lazy pace, but enjoying moving through the water,”I do a lot of training too. So, you ride a Pegasus, and you’re a healer. That’s really neat.” Arora smiled,”So, do you want to play some games in the water? We could try diving down as deep as we can, or tossing rocks and trying to catch them before they reach the bottom or get too deep to get.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 19d 15h 27m 19s
Hinoka smile at Arora. "Yes, you are finally here and we are so glad. I'm surpised you're not. You two seem very close. Well I guess you got a chance then Sakura."

Sakura face lighted up bright red. "Whaaa..ttt" the poor girl stammered. "Wwwhhy wwwould you say sooome thing likkke that Hinoka."

Hinoka laughed at his younger sister. "I've seen the way you looked at him since he first saved us. You haven't taken your eyes off him. I mean he is quite handsome, and I would try if I wasn't already taken."

Sakura sunk into the water trying her best to hide her face. "It's not like that."

Hinoka just laughed harder. "Just talk to him later Arora could help you. You won't be noticed if you're always so shy. Anyway it amazing that you get to ride him. You should race me and Pegasus some time. She is the fastest in all the stables."

"We swim when we can which for me is about once a week. I train most of the time I'm also the captain of the Pagasus riders. Sakura does a lot more than I do." Sakura nodded from her spot in the water. I love to train and spend time with my Pegasus."

"I like to play the Koto" Sakura said. "I also practice my healing most days or just study."
  Lucien / Mended / 21d 12h 13m 54s
Arora smiled, hugging Hinoka back. She was glad for their warm welcome, even though Takumi seemed suspicious. “It’s alright. I’m here now, right?”

Hearing Saukra say they were both nice gave Arora a warm, happy feeling. Then Hinoka started with her questions. By the end, Arora was a little flustered. Dating him? “Oh, no, I’m not. He’s my friend.” Arora ruffled her hair, straightening it out a little,”I met him when I was little, he saved me and he’s been my friend ever since. I do ride him, though I can’t say I’m much good fighting on his back. I’ve gotten pretty good at just flying with him though.”

She moved her hand through the water, deciding to shift the topic a little if she could. Of course they were curious about her, but she wondered about them too. “So, do you both get to go swimming often? It’s really pretty here. What are your favorite things to do for fun?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 30d 14h 20m 33s
Hinoka was happy when Arora joined them. "I had always hoped that one day I get to spend time with you again." She smiled hugging Arora. "I failed you the day you were taken. I failed as a big sister but I won't any more."

Sakura smiled. "It is really nice to meet you." She bowed her head a little. "You and Lucien are both very nice."

"Yea how did you get a dragon as your friend. Do you ride him. Do you also fight on this back. Where he from. How did you find him. Are you dating him. What he like come on tell us." Hinoka pressed for answers.
  Lucien / Mended / 31d 21h 14m 20s
“Thank you.” Arora smiled, looking to the shack and then to Kaze, only to blink when he disappeared. She wondered if the ninja got any sort of amusement from watching people being surprised at their little trick. She knew she would, if she could do something like that.

Hinoka was calling, so Arora ran to the little shack to change,”Coming!”

Once she was changed Arora was running again, from the shack to the edge of the water where she finally slowed down before wading into the water. She figured she would relax and get to know her sisters, and if Lucien hadn’t woken up and found them by the time they were done she would go check on him.
  Arora / Yavanna / 39d 22h 52m 35s
Kaze handed over the one he had gotten earlier. "Hear you are my lady," He said. "There is a small shack that you can change into over there." Point to one a short distance away. He then turned and bowed." I should take my leave." before he disappeared. "Hurry up Arora." Hinoka yelled you're going to love the water.

Kaze returned to the castle to see both Saizo and Kagerou standing near Lucien. They seem to be arguing about something. "Is there a problem," He asked as he walked up to them.

Saizo made a gruffled noises. Kagerou turned to answer. "Your brother wish to try to imprison Lucien while he is sleeping."

"He too strong to let him run loose. If he chooses to attack we wouldn't be able to do anything to stop him," Saizo said.

"He has saved my life twice as well as the lives of the princesses. He is loyal to Lady Arora he won't cause any problems." Kagerou retorted.

"I've seen him fight as well he is very honorable he wouldn't attack without just cause," Kaze nodded.

"If he attack anyone it on your hands" Saizo said storming off.
  Lucien / Mended / 40d 14h 39m 50s
Arora looked back at Kaze and gave him a smile,”Thank you. Although I don’t know if I’m really all that strong willed or not.”

She was trying to take it in stride like Lucien suggested, but whenever she thought about it she felt conflicted. She loved her family, and did not want to have to choose. She heard others approaching and stood, brushing grass off herself. So her sisters were joining her. She smiled,”Is it? It’s lovely. I’m so glad you both could come. And all ready for the water, too.”

She would get to swim with these two sisters, but looking at them she couldn’t help but wonder. Would she ever be able to do something like this with all of them? Hinoka, Sakura, Camilla, Elise, and even Azura? It would be interesting, that was for sure, but she thought she would like it anyway. She pushed the thought away to focus on this afternoon with these two,”Is there one for me? I know it’s a bit short notice.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 52d 11h 7m 18s
Kaze stay quiet until Arora sat down by the lake. "If you don't mind me saying my lady. You have taken this whole thing quite well. Be told that your life has been a lie can't be easy." He stood slightly behind her with his hand behind his back. "You are quite strong willed to take it all.

He had never meet anyone like that. His bother had shown a little of it, but his revenge is what truly drove him. Would she have been the same if she had been raised in Hoshido. His thought where interuped when a voices could be heard coming down the path.

Hinoka and Sakura both appeared from the bath both in what looked to be swimming attire. "So you found one of the best spot in the castle," Hinoka smiling.
  Lucien / Mended / 55d 11h 13m 35s
Arora just nodded at Azura about father being cold. She was right, but Arora hoped he still cared in his own way. Maybe he had a hard time expressing it was all. She wasn’t sure, but she gave them a smile,”I see. I wouldn’t mind all the help I can get. It was nice meeting you both, and I hope to see you later.”

Azura seemed so sweet, and so did Valentine. Arora liked both of them immediately. She had hoped they might join her, but figured they had things they had to do. They lived here, and probably had responsibilities.

When they left Arora looked out at the lake and found a spot to sit and wait, watching the water. It would be nice to spend time with her sisters and get to know them. Thinking about it Arora knew even with a choice to be made she wanted to know her family, both sides.
  Arora / Yavanna / 56d 7h 37m 37s
Both Azura and Valentine smile faltered at Arora story. "That sounds like him.' Azura finally said. "I remember that he was always so cold to everyone. Especially to his own children."

"Well then we will have to show you how to live in the big old world then." Valentine joked. "Hoshido great. Hope you like fish and rice because it almost with every meal."

Azura blushed at Arora comment. "Thank you, but I not that good."

"That good?" Valentine laughed. "I've seen people stop fighting when you start singing. Heck I bet a week pay that you could come down a dragon with that voice of yours."

Azura blushed harder at the comment. "Well I must go." she bowed. "I hope that we can talk more later.
  Lucien / Mended / 56d 12h 6m 4s
Swimming with her sisters sounded wonderful to Arora, and she hoped they would want to join her. Kaze vanished, and Arora suppressed a laugh at Valentine’s expression. “Do they?”

She turned when she heard Azura, and gave a smile. So Azura had heard of her. Arora thought most people probably had by now, and nodded. Her face turned to one of surprise when Valentined explained that Azura was a princess from Nohr. Arora had never heard of her at all, and blinked at Azura. Another sister.

“Oh, well. I can’t say I saw too much of Nohr actually. It rains a lot. When I was little Father sent me to live in a castle away from everyone else, and I wasn’t allowed to leave. When I was finally summoned back I was sent out almost immediately and found my way here.”

Despite finding out she had been kidnapped Arora still thought of the king of Nohr as her father. As cold as he was, she still wanted to believe he cared about her after treating her as one of his daughters. At the same time she did believe the queen of Hoshido was her mother and did believe her mother cared for her. Arora was quiet for a few moments, contemplating how impossible it seemed to choose. Then she tilted her head and forced a smile,”So, how is Hoshido? Also, your singing is beautiful.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 62d 16h 56m 40s

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