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"You have to always be ready for an attack," Lucien laughed get off of her. "You must understand as well as I have two sisters and most of my childhood was doing this with them." He could still remember the day of him and his sister playing in the tree with his mother watching over then. His father coming to visit everyone an a while form his adventures with the shepherds. Simple time before the war took everything from him.
He then took a few steps back. "Okay then let's move onto fly okay." With that he took off and settled himself onto a wall a few feet away and ten feet up. "Come on try to move up to me." He said as he watched. After spending an hour on work on her fly. He chooses to call it a day. "Well let's call it a day. I don’t want to overdo it on your first day." He turned back to his human form and was cover in a thin lay of sweet coving him. "I'm going to go bath for a bit. You should too when I'm done." He then gave a cheeky grime. "Unless you want to join me I'm not against it." He laughed walking off to the bath house.
  Lucien(Dragon) / Mended / 5d 2h 19m 56s
Arora shook her head, just getting used to how it felt. She was so high up, but still on the ground. Lucien for once actually looked small. It felt so weird to look down at him. She did as he suggested, shifting her wings up and down. It felt a little odd since she wasn’t used to even having wings. She spread them out and pulled them in a couple of times, then tried moving them like she would to fly, but slowly. She could feel the air her wings pushed even at that slow pace. She knew she would be able to fly, but as for how gracefully or for how long, she couldn’t guess.

Lucien jumped at her before she could process what he meant about getting used to her new body. A play fight. She laughed, struggling to try and get him off her. It wasn’t too hard for him to knock her down the first time, she was a little clumsy and he clearly knew what he was doing. She pushed herself back up,”Because you caught me by surprise.”

The play fighting was a good tactic. While she didn’t have the experience to really beat him the first few times, it got her focused on trying to win. Without worrying about how odd it felt she was letting her instincts guide her and was quickly getting used to how to move comfortably in her new skin. The clumsiness she had at first was lessening as she got used to her larger body. It was taking longer for her to eventually lose. After yet another loss to Lucien she huffed,”You’re too good at this.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 7d 22h 56m 55s
"Don’t worry," Lucien said "After a while your instinct will kick in and take over." He couldn't get over how much taller she was then him. She was longer then him to. She looked some much different then him. He couldn’t get over it as she was like no nother dragon from back home. "First we must learn to use your wings. Can you feel them on your back? Try by moving them up and down. After you get use to that trying flapping them in a slow beat. Try to feel the wind under wings and push." He watched as she tried. He was hoping that she could do it without much trouble but she might need to time train her wings to life herself.
"For now, let use help you get use to your body." With that he jumped at her. Playfully he jumped on her back and tried to take her to the ground. She maybe bigger then him but he had year of train on his side. After a while he tried to knock her feet down under her. He kept at it until he had her pinned under him. "Come on try harder this is to easy" He teased .
  Lucien(Dragon) / Mended / 13d 22m 57s
Jewelry wouldn’t change. That seemed odd, but Arora nodded and checked for any jewelry she might be wearing. She didn’t usually wear much, jewelry had never appealed to her too much, especially with the training she’d had. A lot of jewelry could get in the way in a fight.

There was one, a ring on a chain tucked under her shirt. Lucien had given it to her, so she’d kept it close. She pulled it out and tucked it into a pocket and pulled out the dragon stone.

“You make it sound simple. I hope it is.” He seemed to shift from one form to the other effortlessly. He’d been doing it since he was young, and she’d only just discovered she was capable of it. She took a deep breath and thought about what he said. It wouldn’t be too different from talking to him.

At first it wasn’t too different. Reaching to the stone she felt something, something inside her. That power. The change was different this time. She was still in control, but her body was unmistakably the same odd dragon form she’d taken in Hoshido. Her head tilted, she she sort of shuddered, trying to adjust to the sensation. She felt so big. She assumed she might feel more strange, and while it was odd it also seemed normal. She reached for Lucien’s mind, relieved and pleased with how things were going so far,”So far so good. I feel a little like a newborn horse. I hope I won’t be as clumsy as one.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 19d 18h 28m 9s
"Not moving for a week really leaves a crick in the neck," Lucien said to himself as he exited the house. Roling he neck he did a few striations to help loosen his body. After a few minutes he stated doing sword attack moves. Slowly at first but pick up speed as time went on until he heard Arora door open again. He looked over at her before answering. "Well first remove all jewelry for some reason they down like to transform with us the rest of us. Clothes are fine as well as anything in them. Don’t ask me why I don’t know. I just know they don't." He then pulled out his neckles with is two marriage rings on it. It used to be three but he gave his mother to Arora for safe keeping when they first met.
"I keep my rings in my front pocket when not around my neck." One was bright red while the other was black. Both he had gotten after the color of his wife's hair. Luna for red and black for Say'ri. Him and Say'ri may have gone down their own path but he still had feeling for her. "After that take, out your dragon stone then forces. Reach out into the nothing like when we talk with our mind to the stone. Push into in and release the power into yourself and transform." As he said this he did it himself turning into his dragon form. He waited to see if she could do it. Most could do it easily but that was because they did if form birth she hadn't done it before so he didn’t know how it would go.
  Lucien(Dragon) / Mended / 23d 22h 52m 1s
She doubted she was a particularly good leader. She was aware that she lacked experience, but it was still nice to hear. It was praise she hoped to live up to. She smiled slightly, until he looked away.

Of course he had mixed feelings. She did too, and wasn’t sure which was the main one. She was worried and shocked. Arora felt a little excited, but it was dampened with grief. Her first transformation had not been a pleasant one.

His talk about the burden of a long life left a weight in her stomach. Growing older hadn’t been something she liked to think about to begin with, at least after it settled in that she would grow and Lucien would age much slower. Now there was the prospect of her not aging while everyone around her except Lucien did.

The kiss on her forehead was warm and reassuring. It made her feel better right away,”Mhmm. I’ll be out in a minute.”

After he left Arora finished her tea. It seemed being part dragon was a burden, but it seemed like it would be one easier to bear with company. She had Lucien to help her, and she hoped he would find some comfort in having her instead of just worrying.

She set the cup down and left the room to go follow Lucien, deciding she would trust him and Azura to be there in case anything did go wrong. She needed to take that risk now and learn control, otherwise it sounded like it was likely she would lose control later. She went up to Lucien and held the dragonstone he’d given her. She had kept it with her the entire time since he’d given it to her. “Alright. Where do we start? How to I change and make sure I don’t… lose control?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 28d 21h 10m 7s
Lucein smiled as he listion to Arora lay out her plan. "Not a bad plan Hoshido is closes anyways and I think that they will listen more than anyone in Nohr." As much as Nohr was her homeland most of the people he had met had been hard headed or scared of their king. No one had ever spoke out against him as it most serenely meant death. Hoshido was different as still a little closed minded about Nohr they seem more open to talks. "See you don’t anyone to help you come up with plans. You will be a fine leader and I will be glad to stand by your side."
Her next question made him think for a minute. "I can't really tell you to be honest." He finally said looking away. "Angry, happy, sad, glad are only a few ways I feel. I'm angry at myself no noticing what you are. I'm happy because it means our species isn't as dead as I once thought. However, I'm sad that you now half to live with the burden that is being a dragon. Our lives are not easy once. We live long lives. That means we will outlive most human. You will watch them grow old and die while you stay the same and this will continue for hundreds of thoughts of years. My mother 2000 years while she has lost many friends during that time. She tells me it like a pain she can't explain. A 100 year is nothing for us but it a life time for humans." He finally looked back at her. "It not something I wanted for you."
He sighed "But let not talk about that at the moment. Sorry for sounding so depressing." He then stood and walked around the table. He placed his head on her check. "Don't fear what I think of you. Because I will always care for you my little one." He then kissed her on the forehead. "When you done come out side and I will start teaching you how to fly." And with that he left.
  Lucien / Mended / 33d 2h 31m 19s
Arora flinched when he fell, concerned about how disoriented he must feel. She shook her head,”No, no, you just slept.”

Nothing too weird. Arora picked up her tea again, looking at him taking a seat across from her. She could tell he was checking on what she’d done while he was asleep. She couldn’t let him find out about Valla, and hoped he wouldn’t ask. She didn’t know how to explain that she couldn’t tell him. He didn’t ask though, instead he wanted to know about what they were doing now.

Attack men? Arora blushed, realizing what he meant. “Right. I wanted you to be here. To help make sure I don’t lose control. I… I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, I guess.”

She shifted in her seat,”You were asleep for a few days. We’re getting ready to go to Hoshido to try and talk. It may not be a very peaceful talk, but we need to try for peace, or at least to convince some of the others to try for peace with us. The more of us there are the easier it will be to get everyone to listen, right?”

Arora sipped her tea, looking over the cup at Lucien. There was something she hadn’t asked yet, but wondered about the past couple days,”Lucien? I was wondering, how do you feel about finding out I’m like you? Especially after all this time.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 35d 19h 14m 0s
Lucien felt warm as he woke from his sleep. It took him a minute to notices that he wasn’t in dragon form. "hhmm" He said sitting up. 'I must have crawled in bed with Luna again.' Suddenly he remembered what had happen before he when to sleep and heard Arora voice. Forgetting that he was lay sitting on a bed he quick stood up causing him to lose his balance and fall face first onto the ground. "Ouch" He said lay there for a minute. "I didn't do anything creep, did I?" He had been told that something his urges would take over when he slept for long period of time.
Getting up he took a seat in the chair across from her. "How long have I been out and what has happened." He had looked into her memories but she was blocking part of her memory from him. He didn't push or ask about it. He didn't want to invader he privacy. "So what is our plan now. Also I noticed you haven't been training as your dragon."
"It won't be any easier if you don’t at least take the time to get comfortable with it. Don't let your fear or anger cloud your judgment. As a young dragon your emotion have a large impact on the way you act. It will also impact other thing this time of year so try no attack any men." This was only half a joke. Arora seemed more human then dragon unlike himself, so he didn’t know if she felt the same thing that female dragon felt around the spring months. "But anyways you do need to be careful about losing your anger like you did early. Fear and anger can lead people like us down bad paths. It happen to my father and would have happen to my mother had they not put her to sleep for over 1000 years."
  Lucien / Mended / 41d 7h 38m 21s
Lucien hadn’t woken when Arora got up from her nap, so she’d slipped away to talk with everyone and get a feel for what they thought. Arora had found Jakob cleaning up tea, and explained very quickly that Lucien had wandered in sleep walking and she thought it best not to move him on the reasoning that he was probably subconsciously worried about her, and might just come back after a while.

It was two days before Lucien woke from when he’d come to Arora’s room. Arora kept an eye on him, and slept next to him like she would if he’d been in his dragon form. While doing that she’d also planned and trained, but hesitated about using her dragon form. She’d have felt better if Lucien could watch her, making sure she was doing alright. She was a little worried about losing control again.

She was sitting with tea and a paper, looking at some information on Hoshido that she’d gathered. Hoshido seemed like a better place to start, knowing what she did about King Garon. She would try to talk, but she wanted a better understanding of the terrain in case it did come to a fight. That was when Lucien woke up. When she heard him stirring she looked over and set down her tea,”Lucien?”

She hoped he was awake this time and not sleep walking. If he slept much longer she would get more worried. She couldn’t recall him sleeping quite so long before, but she’d also never seen him so exhausted before.
  Arora / Yavanna / 55d 18h 59m 14s
Normally when Lucien spell this long he would dream. Dream of home of his family and what they might be doing. What the younger him was doing and how he was growing up. He Dream of his mother both past and present. He had always regretted leaving without saying good bye. However, he also felt like he didn't belong. Luna had felt the same way after he had left. His dreams also turn to his sisters. What were they doing. His twin Lilly and his older sister Morgan. What had they become, did they start family? He knew Morgan was pregnant before he left and Lilly was in a relationship with one of his older friend. Last his dream turned to his father. Now that he had defeated his other half did he ever come back? Or was he still lost somewhere in the void. So many question that he didn't have answers to.
Then at some point his dream took a turn for the worst. Like a shadow over mind he found himself in darkness. After what felt like an eternity the darkness lifted. He found himself in a burnt forest. A light rain fell around him as he looked around. What he saw chilled him to the core. On the ground several feet away, a person laid face down. He ran over the them to see that a sword had been stabbed straight through them. Rolled over the body he dropped them in panic. It was Jakob. Look around more body littered the area. Most where people that he knew form Nohr and a few from Hoshido.
"No no no no," he said to himself as he continues to look around. Then he saw it but he didn't want to believe it. A girl with long red hair shielded a small child with the same color hair. "Naga please no," he said rushing over to them. His fear came to light as it was Luna shielding some unknown child. But that wasn't all Arora was on the other side laying in a pool of her own blood. "No no Naga why," He cried his eyes filling with tears.
"HAHAHAHA," a voice came out from the shadows. "YOU COULDN'T PROTECT THEM AND KNOW THEY ARE DEAD." A shadowy figure appeared out of nowhere. "THERE LIVE NOW BELONG TO ME AS WELL AS YOUR." The figure raised a sword to cut Lucien down but suddenly another blocked with their own sword. "No son of mine will fall to a trick so simple." The voice said.
Lucien was shocked to look up and see his father. But it wasn't it was Grima. With a quick slash he cut down the figure. Slowly Girma turn and looked down at him. Lucien looked down and all the body where gone. Standing up he looked a Girma. "How are you alive and why save me." Grima tilted his head and didn't answer for a few seconds. "The anger that I once felt is gone. My better half help me remember that we are not just hate and rage but I am a dragon and a person. I remember it all and the sadness I caused. I want to try to make amends and the first place is with my family or what left of it."
Lucien look skeptical at his father. "Do you truly expect me to believe that?" He asked. Girma shock his head. "No, I never expect forgiveness from you just know what I will help you if you ever need it. When you sleep just thing of me if you need my help and I will come. Now you better walk up sounds like you family needs you." And with that everything Lucien opened his eyes.
  Lucien / Mended / 59d 20h 49m 43s
Arora had been surprised to find a note with her tea instead of Jakob, but after reading it she understood. This place bought them time, but a lot still had to be done. Arora sat with her tea and mulled over what she knew. Father, King Garon rather, was being manipulated. It may be dangerous to go to Nohr too quickly. Both sides considered her and everyone here a traitor, so neither side was really safe. They needed to be able to stop the fighting between the kingdoms. There was Anankos too. If he was manipulating everything and wanted Nohr and Hoshido to fight, how to stop him? She knew she would need to for any long term solution. Stopping the fighting would only be temporary if Anankos continued to urge the fighting behind the scenes.

Stopping him seemed impossible, especially since she couldn’t even talk about it outside Valla. Valla wasn’t a safe place to go either, so it would be difficult to tell anyone that way, and it could be reckless to put too many people at risk of dying from the curse. No, only a few of them would know about Anankos for now, until they had some way of countering the curse.

What to do for the next step. That was what Arora wanted to figure out, but when she set down her empty cup she still didn’t have a decisive course of action. She thought some sort of meeting to hear ideas and lay out all the possibilities would be best. The door opened, and she looked over.

“Lucien?” At first she assumed he was awake, but his eyes were closed. Sleep walking. “Talking will have to wait then.”

She wasn’t sure what she expected, but him picking her up wasn’t it. Let alone snuggling with her in bed. Her face was bright red. He wasn’t even awake. His ability to function half asleep was nothing short of amazing. She had no doubt that if someone were to attack he’d likely be able to fight them asleep and not remember it after waking. She didn’t move for several seconds, waiting to see if he might wake up or leave. Apparently he found this a good place to sleep, since he was back to sleeping peacefully. Arora shook his arm,”Lucien? Lucien?”

He wasn’t waking up. He wasn’t really squeezing her either. She could slip away, and he’d probably sleep through that. Arora didn’t move though. As mortified as she was by the thought of Jakob or anyone else walking in just then, she liked him holding her.

She relaxed a little with a sigh. Reasoning it over, she really had slept cuddled up with him before. He’d just been a dragon at the time. Besides that, what he’d told her before going to sleep. She shut her eyes and sighed again,”A short nap, then. If you’re not awake then, I’ll have to leave you here.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 63d 18h 41m 48s
Lucien had awoken form his nap to find food. To say he was truly a wake would a lie. His eyes hadn't even open, yet he was walking to find food. He could never truly remember when he did this after he awake. However, Luna once told him he would just smell his way to food then return to his bed. She also claimed that he would try to find her and sleep with her. He remembered that his mother did the same with his father. Also waking up in not the same place he when to bed help prove his sleep walking tendency. However, this time Lucien subconscious could not find Luna presence. So, after eating a large male that Lillith had made for him prior that morning he start his way back to the next close thing his conscious felt save around.
Jakob had made tea for Arora in her room and had left it on her table. Also, had left a note that said he would be out for the rest of the day to clean some cloths as well as help in the fields with Valentine. Shortly after Arora had finished her tea Lucien walked in his eyes still closed. After a second of not moving he moved over to Arora and picked her up bridal style and carried over to her bed. He then laid down with her. He held her around her waist and chest like one would a teddy bear. He wasn't holding her hard, leaving enough room for her to escape. "Hhhmm warm," Was what he said before falling back into a deep sleep.
  Lucien / Mended / 64d 19h 3m 53s
Arora was glad for the tour, and that Lilith was happy to give it. She walked and listened, occasionally complimenting how well Lilith had done. It really was impressive. It had everything they needed, including a merchant, though Arora wondered a bit about that. Identical sisters seemed odd, but she took Lilith’s advice and didn’t dwell on it or ask.

When they were done Arora thanked Lilith, and told her how wonderful it was. “It’s a perfect base for us to work from.”

With the tour done, Arora decided to go find Jackob and have the tea he’d have ready. A cup of tea would help her relax, and give her a chance to think. She still needed a plan, and would want to talk with the others to get their suggestions. She mulled that over as she went to her room where she expected Jakob would likely have the tea already waiting for her.
  Arora / Yavanna / 66d 1h 48m 51s
Lilith made what sounded like happy chirping noises as she nodded her head up and down. "O yea I'd love to." She spun around on her little ball. For a dragon she was a lot smaller then Lucien. Only a fraction of the size yet her happiness could be felt by the whole group. "I'll get some tea ready for when your done my lady." Jakob said with a bow. Valentine and Azura waved goodbye as she left. Gunther had left for the barrack but said goodnight before leaving.
Lilith led Arora to the edge of the castle walls. "So, I will start from the beginning. The castle was cover our entire safe zone. It has three entrances. One in the east, south and west. Outside the walls our portals to other realms and areas like this. I don’t even know where all of them lead but do be careful. Should you leave the area and enter another portal I don’t know what you may encounter." With that she led over to area with several buildings. "This is the shopping area. You can buy and sell weapons for Anna. Her and her sister come and go all the time. I don’t know how they found this place but they seem nice another. Also, Anna sister are all named Anna and look the same. I can tell them apart most of the time but somehow, they can somehow though." Lilith shook her head. "It wired I know just don’t think about it too much." With that she led her to another area that had several farms and cattle. "This the farming side. I mostly do this with magic but the other said they would start to help. And that most of our castle at the moment. The only things left is the barrack and your house with you already been to. Most rooms are pretty large for each person and they can custom them how every they want to."
  Lucien / Mended / 67d 6h 41m 10s

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