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“Of course.” Arora nodded to Lucien,”Thank you. I’ll see you later.” It would be good to see that the dead were not left where they had been slain. It was a large task for one person, but she was sure Lucien could handle it, and it would be good to keep the group moving, and more importantly get Mozume away. Staying would probably just distress her.

Arora led the group away from the attacked village, and to her relief soon enough they were far enough away to not see it. They were making reasonably good progress, and she felt pretty satisfied with how far they had made it when they stopped to set up camp.

That was when Lucien finally caught up to them. She was glad to see him, and that it hadn’t delayed him any longer. He was in time to help set up and eat. Arora laid down to sleep at the same time as the others, but didn’t fall asleep right away. The burning village was still in her mind, and that Mozume was the only survivor. How many more villages like that would they see before they could force peace? Could they save more in the next one? She wasn’t sure, but the only way to end it was to find a way to end the [i real] reason for the fighting. Arora eventually drifted off to an uneasy sleep.
  Arora / Yavanna / 15d 32m 31s
She looked week in the knee as she wiped her eyes listening to Arora. Her face red and heavy with the weight of what had happen however she listened to everything she said without interrupting. Once she was done she took a long look around at what use to be her home. It was gone everything and there was nothing she could do about it. “I guess.” She finally said. “There nothing left for me here but I plan to come back and rebuild once I get some money.” Her voice wasn’t fully into it but everyone could tell she was ready.

Lucien walked up to Arora and tapped her on the shoulder. “We should get moving it would be best for her not to stay here much longer.” he said looking down. “Grab everyone and head back to the path I will stay behind and take care of the body.” Mozume was led back to Subaki Pegasus were she ride as everyone walked away. Once everyone was gathered he picked up the body of the villager and moved them into a neat pile next to each other.

The faceless body had mostly disappeared into dust not leavening anything to get rid of. Lucky for him as he didn’t want to have to move such heavy body around just to burn. Once all body had been lined up and made to look as comfortable as possible he stood in the middle of them all and lowered his head.

“Grandmother Naga guide these souls to rest and let them know that the they death will be avenged. Don’t let these souls have any regrets as they pass on to you and your grace.” He said as his body glowed green and coved all the body's with a since breath they all lit into a greenly fire that would only burn for a few seconds until nothing remained of the body but ash. He didn’t know if Naga watched over people in other world but he still owed them at least some peace and not to rote away in some field.

Picking his head back up he transformed and head to catch back up to the rest of the group. By the time he did the sun was on it finally decent coving the sky in ornge light. He found everyone starting to set up a small camp for the night. Landing just at the edge he turned back into his human form. “Hope I'm not to late set up.” He said. Infact he wasn’t as he help set up tents for everyone but himself.

Mozume was the first to fall asleep as the day event had been hardest on her. However, everyone else was a bit slower but one by one each did until Lucien was left watching over the camp much on his mind after the event at the town. “How many?” he asked himself. How many villages were just like this attack for no point. Was It Nohr doing this or someone else. They had a very risen feeling to them but at the same time they didn’t. Plus, why would he warn him if it was him. He had no idea.
  Lucien / Mended / 15d 23h 53m 45s
Arora looked glad to have found one survivor, but her face turned more somber on actually seeing the girl. She had survived, but she’d lost everything but her life. The village was gone, and likely everyone she knew.

Her heart broke hearing the girl talk about her mother. Arora was reminded of losing her own mother, and remained silent. A strangers comfort wouldn’t do much, they could just let her have a few moments.

Only once she was ready did any of them speak, which Arora figured was for the best. Everyone turned to her for an answer. Arora paused a moment before answering,”We’re here to try and bring a more peaceful end to this war. To make both sides listen. We;re coming this way to try and talk reason to those in Nohr. I’m Arora.”

She considered introducing herself as a princess of Nohr, but given how they thought she was a traitor at the moment it didn’t seem to fit. Likewise, those in Hoshido seemed to think of her as a traitor too, so being a princess of Hoshido also didn’t feel like it fit. Just Arora would work for now. She continued,”I know there’s a lot to take in, but if you’d like you could come with us for now. I won’t pressure you to join us or stay longer than you want, but I do want to make sure you’re alright.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 25d 21h 12m 13s
Lucien regrouped with the other just in time to see the last Faceless cut down. Everyone seemed to be okay only a few minor wounds that Sakura could heal with Jakob. In fact, Jakob had already tented to everyone wounds with his staff. Jakob was able to heal cut or sprained muscle. Sakura could fix broken bones and stop heavy bleeding. “Everyone is fine my lady nothing I can't handle.” Jakob said walking up to her and checking for wounds. “Sadly, I can't say the same for the villagers. Seem we were too late.”

“Not compactly.” Subaki said helping the girl off his Pegasus. Lucien also turn back into a human taking a second to look himself over he saw he was fine. “Found her fighting off a few Faceless. She seemed to handle herself very well.” The girl face was turned down tear in her eyes. She was dirty in her rages but her spear was very well made. She didn’t look up but everyone could feel her pain in her eyes.

“Poor thing.” Azura said looking sad. “She lost everyone and everything.” It was true the village was mostly burned down with only a hand full of building still standing. The field weren't much better and would take months to replant but for one person it was impossible. “They are all gone.” the girl final said. “Everyone gone I couldn’t save them. Mother was right there but I couldn’t...” her face was full of tear now as she couldn’t hold them back anymore.

No one moved no one said a thing they just watched at the girl cried her cries echoing load and long. What could they say the poor girl need to grieve so every let her be lowing their head in respect. After several minutes she slowed down and stopped. Standing up she looked at everyone. “Im sorry.” she said.

“It okay kid.” Valentine said. “No one will juge you after what just happened.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“What your name dear?” Azura asked.

“Mozume” she said looking at everyone. “Who are you all and why are you here?” Everyone turned to Arara to answer and to see what they should do with the girl.
  Mended / 27d 22h 38m 30s
Arora rushed into the fight to help keep the faceless occupied. They were surprisingly resilient foes, and she quickly figured out wounding blows did almost nothing. She had to kill them to stop them. She was soon focused on her area of the fight, taking down the faceless and protecting nearby allies.

Even with some initial trouble with how tough the enemies were they made a pretty effective team. Kaze was very good at making openings Arora could take advantage of, and the number of faceless was slowly but surely dwindling.

Once they had finally defeated the last of them Arora could finally look around to see how everyone else was, and see if anyone needed help. She’d been too busy holding off the faceless to hunt for survivors, she she was looking now for any. There were so many dead. She wished she could have gotten here sooner,”Is everyone alright? Any survivors from the attack?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 32d 5h 56m 19s
Lucien nodded as they dived in and landed letting those on his back dismount. “That was different.” Kaze said pulling out two shuriken. “You get use to after a while.” Lucien said staying in his dragon form. “We need to move fast let split and cover the girls you two mostly fight at range so cover them from counter attack.” Roger was the reply as each split up to cover as he took to the sky.

Kaze cover Azura and Arora as they started their attack. While Jakob worked with Valentine and Hana. Lucien work with Subaki to dive and hit the enemy in the back. Lucien used his fire to also cut off any troops that would try to flank around. He however didn’t count on the ferocity of the creator as most would walk right into his fire without a care in the world. “Be careful everyone they don’t seem to feel pain.” He warned. This would make the battle harder as they would need to land a killing blow to stop these monsters.

Kaze had trouble as his shuriken didn’t quite have the size to hit anything vital. He made up for it in well place shoot to the monster hand and legs giving opening to Azure and Arora to strike deadly blows. He would as jump in and block attack that the girls couldn’t see. Jakov had better luck on his end and his throwing dangers hand the punch to hit the heart or neck of the creature. His shot however didn’t always make it and would just stick in his enemy. Hana speed made up thought as she would dash in and cut down the faceless.

Lucien was having some trouble as he couldn’t quite over power them as anytime he did another on would jump at him causing him to fall back. Subaki would dive in and out trying to cut them but he had as much trouble as he did. “We need a new plan.” Subaki said looking around. “I agree what do you suggest?” Lucien asked. “We should move closer to town and help anyone for now as this is a ground battle.” He said. “Agreed let start looking you take west and I got east meet on the south side.”

Lucien took off as fast as he could taking out any Faceless that was alone with his powerful talons to rip them apart without the hassles of having to talons attacks from other faceless. He sure around but only found body of the villagers. No solider, and not even a well-armed man. Why would they attack a village like this. What was the point. After flying around and not seeing anyone he gave up and head to meet Subaki. He didn’t show up for almost a few minture almost making him worry but when he did he had someone with him. A girl in a brown cloak and and spear. Her face was down cast and she body shaking. “Sorry about the wait found her fighting a few of those things pulled her out just in time.” Nodding he let our sigh at least they had found someone.

“Well let get back to the other hand check on them.” Lucien said taking off again.
  Mended / 33d 5h 18m 34s
It would be good to make some progress before they had to stop for the night. Afterall, they were all well rested at the moment, so they could make the most of the few hours they had. Even with that their pace wasn’t quite as fast as Arora might have liked to since they had to be cautious. It payed off, apparently, since no one found them. Instead they found someone, in a way.

Lucien had noticed smoke, and they needed to go help whoever they could with the fire. “Right, I can do this.”

Arora had a decision to make. She couldn’t take all three, so one would have to catch up later. It was a tough call. She nodded to Azura and Valentine, deciding to take them. Both of them knew the real fight. None of them could speak about it, but she wanted them there in case somehow there was something that could help them get to the root of the trouble.

It was a silly hope, but her decision was made. She looked at Sakura,”Look out for Gunter, and I’ll see you later.”

She didn’t want Sakura thinking she didn’t choose her because she didn’t think she was capable. There was only so much time. She shifted to her dragon form and let the other two on her back.

Flying with them was harder than flying alone, but Arora managed. She figured between this and whatever they would need to do at the source of the smoke she would be plenty tired tonight.

Arora didn’t hesitate. They needed to help whoever had survived. “We land and help. We need to stop the attack and see if anyone else survived. Prioritize keeping survivors alive.”

She was also curious about why they would attack here. What was the reason? Arora landed a little harder than she would have liked and let the two off her back before changing to her human form.
  Arora / Yavanna / 37d 1h 19m 36s
Lucien smiled at her small speech. He had to get her use to talking in front of other as it would help farther down the line. Everyone seem to be smiling and nodding their along. He gave her a thumbs up as they walked into the portal. Lucien was the last one waving off to Lilith as he did.

Only an hour had passed since they had last been there, which meant they only had a few hours until sundown. “We should begin as we won't have a lot of time before sundown.” Kaze said nodding. He led the way as he had been in this area this most. Everyone stayed close and watched the area around them as they walked not want to get attacked or caught off guard. Lucien took to the sky a few times to see what he could see. For most of the walk he didn’t but as evening came he noticed smoke back ground.

Landing he said. “I think we have a problem. I see fire in the distance and it looks like a village. If we fly I think we can make it in time to help but not on foot. Arora I know it early but you will need to carry two people with you while I carry another two. Subaki can also take one so that only leaves one person and Gunther with his horse and he can catch up later.” He said everyone nodded as Hana got with Subaki. Kaze and Jakob got on Lucien leaving Valentine, Sakura and Azura. “You will have to pick witch one to leave behind and what two will got with you.” Lucien said

After she made her choice they took off and headed to the flaming village. From the sky they could see faceless running around attacking building. He could only see body and no people alive. That when he noticed one person running with a spear. “Arora I see two large groups and only one Survivor what are your orders.” Leaving the plan up to her. He could see that one seemed to be in charged and if he fell it would probably brake the other into running. However it was her call on how to deploy her team.
  Lucien / Mended / 41d 5h 41m 12s
Arora couldn’t help but laugh at the way he woke her up, spinning her around. It definitely made her more cheerful that morning,”Alright, alright. I guess you’re right, as usual.”

She followed him down to have breakfast, and accepted Valentine and Sakura’s invitation to eat with them. It would probably be their most relaxing meal for a while, since here there was no need to worry about attacks, but out there was another story. She liked being able to spend time with Sakura and getting to know her.

Once they were done eating Arora walked with them to meet with the others to prepare to leave. Everyone had gathered before too long, and it was about time to leave. Words of wisdom?

Nothing came to mind right away. She looked at the people following her, friends and family. The picture wasn’t complete though. That’s what she thought to say,”Only that… I’m so glad all of you are here, and I hope we can bring everyone together like this. It won’t be easy, but we will end this war without needless bloodshed. We will make everyone see that peace is possible. Thank you all.”

With that Arora walked with them through the portal, trying to hold onto that confidence and assurance. Sakura had seen hope in their cause, now she had to hope some in Nohr would also see that hope.
  Arora / Yavanna / 41d 18h 38m 34s
Taking a long yawn, he nodded. “Morning.” He got up and started stretching to walk his muscles. “You are the one that said we should move our today.” He laughed at her. “Plus, if we don't do it today we may never.” He picked her up in his arms and swung her around the room in his arms. Kissing her forehead, he placed her back on the ground. “Come now I'm sure breakfast is ready and the other are waiting for us.” He then leads the way out and down to the kitchen.

Only a few people were missing but he was told there were reading some back to travel with. Valentine and Sakura invited Arora to eat with them while Lucien met up with Jakob and Kaze. Both had been packing up food and supply for the walk. “We will spend the next few days in our world as it would look odd if we crossed that much area in only a few hours.” Jakob said hand off on of the packs to Lucien.

“True would be bad if people picked up on our quick movement. Kaze added.

“We will just have to use this place to rest up after battles.” Lucien said. “I’m use to camping so I don’t mind.”

“Most of us are so it shouldn’t be too hard.” Jakob nodded in agreement. “Thought I worried about some of the other.”

“Why will be fine.” Kaze said. “You will get used to it after a while.” They would have any horse to help. It would be hard but after a week a so he would think that most would get used to it. After every think was packed each had a quick bite to eat and headed to meet up with everyone else. Soon everyone was gathered around the portal. “Any word of wisdom before we go Arora.
  Lucien / Mended / 43d 5h 53m 5s
Sleep came easy to Arora. The day had tired her out, and left her with vague dreams she couldn’t recall in the morning. When morning came Arora was still half asleep when she felt a little shift from Lucien. She opened her eyes and yawned, then buried her face in the pillow,”Morning.”

It came out a little muffled, but she continued, half joking,”Do we have to get up?”

Part of her wanted a nice, lazy day. It would be nice, and she could put off any confrontation in Nohr. The other part of her was in a hurry to get to Nohr and see how everyone there was doing. Even if her reception was likely to not be especially warm.
  Arora / Yavanna / 46d 4h 11m 35s
Lucien just smiled as he took his ring back. "I mean I should, you are my little one." He then leaned back on the bed. "Okay sleep well." He said as he closed his own eyes.

Sleep came easy as he listened to Arora sleeping close by. He dreamed of home his family friend and sibling her left behind. However, something was different people from his life now where there. Everything seemed safe and sound everyone was laughing and talking. His friend from Nohr where talking with people from his home land. Even a few of the Hoshido people were there. Luna and Arora both stood their side by side smiling and talking each holding a bundle with a small child in it.

"This is your dream is it not?" A voice said from behind him. Turning around his father form stood there however he knew it was as the glowing purple aura around him. "It nice but highly unlikely." Grima said his face blank. "And why that?" Lucien asked "Do you plan to take this from me like you did everything before?" Grima just shook his head side to side. "No, I told you already my hatred is dead the anger is gone and I now feel nothing."

Lucien face did not change from it frown at seeing this man. "Sorry if I don’t believe that." Grima just shrugged. "Believe what you will my child." He said before he was cut off. "I am not your son I'm the son of Robin a man you murdered." Lucien yelled at the ghost. "Robin and I are one in the same no matter how much you deny it you are my son. Now listen to me well the war you are in is bigger than you realize there is another dragon like me somewhere in that world. You must be careful as plan to control the world." Lucien looked confused. "What another fell dragon? How do you know this and what is his name." Grima look to the side as he answered. "Not quite he is known as the silent dragon. His named is cursed and any mention of it will kill the speaker unless in his realm. I know as I feel his power growing around us every day."

Suddenly the room around them started growing dark around them. "Our time is up boy. If you wish to protect that dream you must grow stronger and teach that girl well or she will fall to the silence." With that last echo he awoke back in bed it was now morning as her looked around till he saw Arora
  Lucien / Mended / 48d 5h 53m 58s
Arora let him pick her up, only muttering,”Of course, I’ve grown up a lot.”

It was comforting to have him there, and she laid down like she used to. Her eyes closed as he pet her hair, and she noticeably relaxed. It was familiar and nice, and it made her think of when things were simple and safe.

Arora listened to Lucien talk about Luna and smiled. She felt him shift and looked up, then took the ring carefully when he handed it to her,”Really?”

It was a bit odd thinking of it that way for her. She’d been jealous of Luna before whenever Luna had been around. Not because she really disliked Luna though. She looked up at him as he told the story and smiled a little. Arora held the ring back up to him,”Thanks, Lucien. I’m hoping we can find her soon. And you know… you always seem to know how to cheer me up.” She closed her eyes again with a yawn,”I should get some sleep.”

She peeked up at him and added,”And I guess you should enjoy sleeping in the house for now.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 48d 21h 54m 1s
Laughing he hugged her again. "You will always be my little one no matter how big you get." Smiling he picked her up and carried her to her bed. "Your heavier then you use to be but I don’t mind." He set her down on her bed and sat next to her letting her use us lap as a pillow. He slowly petted her head as she laid there like they had done for so many years. He missed the old simple days when she was small and so cute.

"I'm sure she right where we left her right next to Camilla." He answered. "She a lot like you. Loyal to the core she won't leave Camilla side until told. She fine and waiting for us to return to Nohr. If anything, I'll be the one in trouble. She many end up kicking me out of the house a few days and keep you for herself. You haven't really noticed but she cares for you a lot too. She probably worried just as much for you as me." He leaned back and pulled out his ring and handed it to her. "We are always with each other no matter how far apart we are. Don't tell her I said this but she said she couldn’t wait till she had that feeling with you too."

He remembers the day they had first talked about it. "Let me tell you how this all came about. I had just finished training for the day and Camilla had dragged you off for a bath. You had just turned seventeen and Luna came to me commented on how fine of a lady you grown into. I agreed and add how much you reminded me of her when she was growing up. Luna had laughed and denied calming she was never that cute. We argued a bit about it but then she said to me. 'You know I think she likes you.' Laughing I knew it but thought it was just because I was your guardian but she explains how you looked at me with the same eyes she did. I was shocked at the time but then she said something that shocked me even more. 'You know I wouldn’t mind if she joined our little family.' And after that we talked about it and both agreed that it would be nice." He looked down at her and smiled. "So, don’t feel nerves about it okay. Just do what feels natural she won't be mad and nether will I."
  Lucien / Mended / 49d 5h 47m 31s
Arora blushed,”I’m not so little anymore, you know.” She looked over at the wall and mumbled,”You could stay for a little while though. If you don’t mind.”

She looked at him, then quickly looked away again,”I was sort of wondering… Do you think we’ll find Luna when we go to Nohr?”

It was something on her mind a lot. Even with everything he’d told her, she wanted to hold back on anything until Luna was here, but at the same time was nervous about how things would be if Luna was here.
  Arora / Yavanna / 56d 2h 38m 3s

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