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Lucien could feel Arora conflict as they landed. He had many of his own. However, he tried to push them aside. He knew that she didn't want to choose a side, but he also knew she had to at some point. He hoped that she would side with Nohr. He didn't want her to leave behind a family that he knew cared for her. One that had always been around not matter what she was going through. Even if it wasn't her birth family they had treated her as if she was. While Hoshido was an unknown. Sure they seem nice and he didn't feel hostility from most of them, but after what had happen today that could easy change. He didn't want her to jeopardize what she had for an unknown.

He stood behind her as she talked with her siblings. He was lost in his own thoughts. He looked over the field trying to see if he could noticed Luna out of all the other warrior. Lucky he couldn't he didn't know what he would do if she was there. He was obligated to her as her husband, but he was also obligated to Arora as her protetcer. 'Dam it all. Why did this have to lead to war? Why our human always fighting?' Suddenly he came out of his trance to hear. "We are your family" Xander said reach out his hand. Everyone was looking at Arora waiting for her choose.

"Arora" Lucein said softly.
  Lucien / Mended / 1d 4h 44m 24s
Arora took his hand. Having him there was a comfort. She knew she had to decide what to do herself. It made her feel a little sick to her stomach, but she knew she couldn’t break down and feel sorry for herself while everyone was fighting. She pulled herself together, and needed to keep going. “Thank you, Lucien.”

She went mostly quiet after that, nodding about getting the saddle and flying. It would be faster. As they rode to the castle, Arora tried to weigh the choice ahead of her. Nohr and her siblings from Nohr would expect her to fight with them, but could she really go back? She would never see her siblings from Hoshido again, except in battle. Then there were her doubts about father, King Garon. Was he responsible for her mother’s death? He’d also apparently kidnapped her as a child. She found it hard to hold onto any affection for him with those suspicions lurking in her mind. Hoshido and the siblings there surely hoped she would fight for them, but then she would only see her siblings from Nohr in battle. While she had her doubts about King Garon, her siblings had always been good to her. Was that what her mother wanted, though? It seemed her mother wanted peace. Arora wanted peace between the two sides as well.

They arrived at the castle too soon, her mind still felt scattered and divided. She had to get the saddle on, and get on his back. Arora shook her head,”No, but we need to go. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready.”

Despite her protests, she was physically ready to fly to the battle. She took in the scene below them, all the fighting. Seeing Xander and Ryoma together but fighting made the ache in her heart worse. Was this the only way?

When Lucien landed she climbed down and stood there for several seconds, watching her brothers fighting. She couldn’t choose.

“Hey, Lucien?” Arora took a deep breath. She couldn’t choose one and fight the other. She hoped she’d have the strength to stop the fighting herself. “Let’s make them stop.”

With that Arora headed into the battle. She didn’t want to fight her siblings, so she would avoid them. But from above she’d gotten a look at the battlefield and where the important fights and people were. If she could weaken both sides and make them both retreat a little, she hoped she could talk some sense into her siblings.
  Arora / Yavanna / 2d 9h 14m 41s
Lucein looked away. "I don't know," He said. He had to put h is own fear away for now he had to be strong for her. Swallowing his fear he turned to her, and offered his hand. "I can't answer your question all I can tell you is that I will stand by you no matter what." He couldn't even begin to guess what she was going through.

As they started walking two men with houses waited for them. He jumped on and said, "Let's get to the castle and grab the saddle and we will fly out." He then headed back to the castle. Pulling out his dragon stone he transformed. He didn't want her to tranform as she would be to tired after they arrived. He was tired, but he could push thought this he had been though worse. "Ready?" he asked after the saddle was on.

The field was filled on bothside with troops from Nohr and Hoshido fighter. The fighting had started on both sides as Lucien could see both Xander and Ryoma fight in the middle. Lucien landed no to far from them as he watched what Arora might do.
  Lucien / Mended / 4d 6h 3m 32s
Arora was nearly knocked off her feet when Lucien ran to her. She held onto him, her eyes shut tight. He was scared, she could hear it in his voice. She took deep breaths, trying to steady herself. She felt safer with him holding her, though she was also fighting an almost overwhelming urge to cry.

She heard Ryoma, and knew she couldn’t break down. Not now. She breathed in, holding Lucien a little tighter. Had father really given her the sword in order to kill her mother? She didn’t want to believe it, but at the same time knew he was a cold man. He might have. Even if that were true, could she really turn her back on her siblings from Nohr?

Arora felt Lucien push something into her hand, and looked down at it. It was a dragonstone, like his. She held it tightly in her hand and gave a nod that she understood. However he got it, she knew it was precious. And it would help her not do that again, she hoped. She didn’t want to lose her mind like that again.

Taking another deep breath she finally spoke, feeling composed enough that she was sure she wouldn’t burst into tears with the attempt,”I’ll treasure it. Thank you. I…” Arora hesitated, not sure what else to say. There was too much to say, and not enough time. If fighting had broken out, she had to go there.

She just didn’t know what she would do once she got there. How could she choose a side? She looked toward where her siblings had gone, doubtless to eventually fight her [i other] family. Her heart ached, and she asked Lucien quietly,”Do you think father is really behind this? Did he just use me to kill my own mother? We should go, but I don’t know what to do, Lucien. Even if father did use me, I can’t fight them. Xander, Camilla, Leo, Elise… they’re my brothers and sisters too.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 8d 5h 41m 36s
The three men had disappeared as Arora finally calmed down with the help of Azura. Her song had somehow reached her, but he didn't remember her song. One minute she was walking toward Arora then the next thing he knew Arora was back too normal. Pushing everything he had he stood up and rush towards Arora. He nearly knock her the rest of the way down and probably would have if he had pulled her into him. "Don't ever do that again," he said in a low shaky voice. "I can't lose you. I lost enough family so promise me that you won't ever leave." He held he tight against his chest wrapping his body around her. Protect her from the outside world.

That when Ryoma approached. "Nohr has invaded the war has broken out. That bastard, of a king gave you that sword to kill our mother. Can't you see Nohris evil. Come they aren't that fare from here. We will meet them on the battlefield." He then left taking the other with him. Sakura and Hinoka seemed like they wanted to stay, but Lucien gave them a nod say he would take care of her, and get her moving. He then pushed something into Arora hand. It was his mother dragon stone. "Keep this with you at all times. What every you do don't lose it. It will help your keep your power in check and help you transform."
  Lucien / Mended / 12d 11h 1m 50s
Arora was vaguely aware of the destruction around her. None of it mattered in the blind rage that had consumed her. She was tearing anything she saw down. It seemed nothing would stop her, until a voice pierced through her anger.

It was a song. She stopped, listening to the music of Azura’s voice. It slowed her, but didn’t extinguish her anguish. She was still for several moments as Azura approached, before lashing out again. Azura didn’t back down and despite lashing out at Azura, Arora could feel her mind coming back to her.

She came back to her senses, aware of pinning Azura down while Azura told her to kill her as herself. Something in her gave way, and she backed away. She shrank, the dragon form giving way to her human form. She stumbled back and then fell to the ground, feeling drained. She held her head in her hands, as if it hurt. Tears started streaming down her face, and she looked up at the people around her. More than anyone she wanted to see Lucien. She couldn’t formulate any words yet. She was too shocked and trying to pull herself together.
  Arora / Yavanna / 23d 11h 32m 37s
The man was fast. He match every blow that Lucien dished out. "Who sent you" he yelled as he locked blades with the hooded man.

"We are the children of silence." The man said in alow hissing voice.

"Well when I done with you I'll make you scream." He then kicked the man in the chest and cut him across the his face. The man screamed out in pain dropping his sword clutching his face.

"Aaaaa" he screamed "Get him" suddenly he was surrounded by three people. They seemed to appear out no where.

Lucien feel to one knee as ignis flicked out. He was panting heavy as he leaned against his sword. He wasn't fully recovered yet. His power was all but drained. Then something caught his eye it was a dragon unlike any he had seen before. "What in Naga." He said then he felt Arora aura coming from it. "That not possibly. I would have felt it." He could understand it. A thought then hit him. She didn't have a dragonstone with many that she transformed with her angry and that was dangerous. "Arora you need to calm down. If you let your angry take over there no comings back from that." For the first time in a long time he was scared. Scared of losing her to her own powers.
  Lucien / Mended / 27d 12h 7m 2s
Arora was surprised that her mother was suddenly there and it was time, but she was happy to see her anyway. “Of course, mother.”

A lot of people being there made her a bit nervous, but she kept that behind a smile and tried to at least act like it was fine. She followed her mother out to the fountain where people were waiting.

It felt to Arora like everyone was watching her. She thought her mother looked lovely talking, and people seemed to listen attentively and with admiration. Something felt odd, but Arora thought it was just her nerves. She wondered if people would accept her, or be distrustful like Takumi.

Then very suddenly, just as Arora noticed someone stepping forward wearing a hood, her sword flew to the stranger. Arora couldn’t stop it, and stood in shock as the man attacked and the sword father had given her shattered. She had enough time to flinch, sure the pieces coming at her would kill her, when suddenly her mother was in front of her.

“Mother!” Arora wasn’t the only one shouting. Arora tried to help, holding her mother up. It wasn’t any use, and Arora felt herself tearing up. Her mother was dying, but more worried about Arora.

She vaguely heard people shouting and fighting, but grief and rage drowned out nearly everything else. They killed her mother. She had finally gotten her mother back, and now she was gone and Arora had barely spent any time with her.

She screamed, or thought she screamed. It turned into more of a roar, a primal cry of fury. An energy swirled around her, and as she stood her body changed shape. She grew from a girl into a dragon. She might have been amazed or shocked, except she had a single focus and nothing else mattered. She had to kill the person who took her mother away. In a blind rage she struck out, looking for the hooded figure she’d lost sight of. At the moment she would level the town to find him, if that’s what it took.
  Arora / Yavanna / 27d 12h 40m 4s
As if on listening in Arora mother came out to meet them. A there you all are." She smiled. "Everything is ready for my announcement. If your ready to go."

Lucien looked questioning at Arora what announcement he hand't heard anything about it. He then nodded at her explanation. " I see so a lot of people will be their."

They then headed into town. Arora was brought to the middle next to a large fountain to stand next to her mother Lucien stay a little ways back and watch over. Many people had crowd into the square wanting to hear what their queen had to say. As she started her speech Lucien got a wird feeling. It felt like a felling he half long ago. One of angry hate and despair. But unlike last time it didn't feel like it was coming form him.

Then in a flash a man step out of the crowd where if a black robe. He reached out his hand and Arora sword came to him. Smashing into the ground it caused a massive explosion other killing or wounding any near it. The sword fragments the hover in air for a split second before it easing towards Arora. Lucien cried out to move but it was to late but before any peaces hit her Queen Mikoto step in frount of the pieces taking the shot. She then fell over.

Lucien felt an angry he hadn't felt in along time. He could feel the fire of Ignis around him as he drew one of his blades. "Die." He yelled in a voice that didn't sound like his own.
  Lucien / Mended / 30d 11h 29m 1s
So Sakura got to picnic with mother often. Mother was busy today, but Arora thought about how nice it would be to picnic with mother herself. It might be even nicer to have her siblings join them too. But Sakura was asking about Luna, and Arora stifled a laugh and took a bite of her sandwich.

Sakura was less surprised than Arora had been, or maybe she was hiding it better. Arora blinked, then shook her head,”No, not really. Mother seems to have something planned for later, but until then I really don’t know what to do.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 35d 14h 42m 38s
"It dose, dosen't it." Lucien said nodding at the picnic. He could tell something was up by the way Arora was talking. 'I should ask about it later.' He thought to himself as he grabbed a sandwich.

Sakura nodded. "Mother and I do. Sometimes the other do as well but most of the time they are busy." She the title her head. "I'm sorry to pry but who's Luna."

Lucien looked at Arora for a second before sighing. "Luna is my second wife."

Sakura looked a little surprised and confused. "Wait second? Like she your second wife after your first died or second as you have multiple?"

"Both," Lucien shrugged. "Luna was the second woman that I chose to marry during my time with my first wife. However after an event me and first wife choose that we would both go are own ways. It isn't uncommon for male of my species to have multiple wife's as we have low birth rates. That and we live such long live that we see all people in our life as special."

"So, polygamy is common in manakete," she asked grabbing another sandwich.

"It is although female will take a few husbands though it not as common." Lucien answer. "So Arora do you have plans for this afternoon then."
  Lucien / Mended / 38d 11h 40m 12s
Not wanting to worry her made sense, but now that he’d told her she was still worried. She closed one eye when he rubbed her head, smiling despite her concern. Then he whispered about having children as a dragon being hard and she went red and covered her mouth with her hand. He was laughing, and Arora elbowed his arm gently, as if asking ‘seriously?’ though she was a little tongue tied.

He explained more, and Arora looked a little more serious and nodded,”I see.” It was weird for her to hear him talking about Luna. Not only had she just recently learned they were married, but she’d always been a little jealous of him spending time with her. Something she felt like she shouldn’t tell him, at least not now. Afterall, Luna was in Nohr with Camilla. Arora had no idea when she would see her sister or Luna again, and wanted to do as Lucien suggested and get to know Luna. She hoped that might help.

Shifting a little where she sat Arora tried to change the topic,”The picnic looks nice. We shouldn’t let it sit too long. So, Sakura, do you have picnics like this a lot?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 38d 14h 35m 26s
Lucien wrapped Arora around her shoulder with his arm. "Because I didn't want to worry you. I know how you get when you start worrying." Then let go and rubbed her head. "One day it may happen and when does I will live my like it although I may try to keep my human form." He then lend in so only Arora could hear. "Plus having children while in being a dragon is hard." He laughed at her expression.
After calming down he turn to Arora again. "Any ways the reason why is the same reason why Luna can't have children. Saving her life used a lot of my magic. In the end she couldn't bare children and I lost a lot of my ability to use magic."
  Mended / 45d 13h 53m 49s
Arora couldn’t help but laugh a little. He was certainly drawing a lot of attention here, she wasn’t too surprised that people wanted to get a look at him. Arora shook her head. She hadn’t heard him explain too much about the dragonstone before. Not that she’d thought to ask like Sakura had. So that was it. She tilted her head, thinking a bit about what it must be like to change, and if it was uncomfortable for him to be in his human form.

Before she could ask, the picnic arrived and Sakura had another question, and the answer distracted her from her question. She sat down next to Lucien and looked at him, frowning in concern,”Really? You never told me it was getting harder. What happens if you get stuck in one form or another? Is there any way to make it easier again?”

Arora tended to fret over Lucien a little. She tended to fret over everyone back at the castle, really. Making sure no one was injured or sick, and quick to make them rest or bring them food or drink if she thought they were. She cared about the people around her.
  Arora / Yavanna / 50d 12h 56m 8s
Lucien turn back into a human and stretched. "You and me both. However, people keep coming over to look at me and I couldn't stay asleep." That what he got for sleeping in his dragon form, but it was more natural to him. "And before you say anything. It more natural for my kind to sleep as dragons because it is original form."

"Um then why do you need the dragon stone to transform," Sakura asked a little shyly.

Lucien nodded at her question. "A good question. I don't believe I haven't told you the reason either, have I Arora? To answer it because the amount of magic it takes to turn a dragon into a human is massive. Thus, we channel it thought the dragon stones. Dragon stone are made of a rare material that can only be found in one of two place that I know of. The first is my homeland, Valm. The second was never revealed to me. Any way not the point we have to use them to channel the magic to turn back into our original form. I was born into world as a dragon. My mother had to use her magic to make my sister and I into human babies. Easy to control she said to me when I asked why. When you turn around ten human age you get you first dragon stone and start your train to transform. I got it on the first try however, my sister had a little trouble at first, but eventually they got it."

At some point someone showed up with a basket and a blanket. They laid it out and returned to their other duty. "That sound amazing," Sakura said sitting down. "Can you use that magic for anything else?"

Lucien shook his head. "Some can. I used to, but can't anymore. I can't use much of my magic anymore. Its grow hard for me to even turn back and forth these days." A sad smile coming to his lips.
  Lucien / Mended / 51d 17h 22m 23s

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