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“Thank you.” Arora smiled, looking to the shack and then to Kaze, only to blink when he disappeared. She wondered if the ninja got any sort of amusement from watching people being surprised at their little trick. She knew she would, if she could do something like that.

Hinoka was calling, so Arora ran to the little shack to change,”Coming!”

Once she was changed Arora was running again, from the shack to the edge of the water where she finally slowed down before wading into the water. She figured she would relax and get to know her sisters, and if Lucien hadn’t woken up and found them by the time they were done she would go check on him.
  Arora / Yavanna / 4d 13h 6m 34s
Kaze handed over the one he had gotten earlier. "Hear you are my lady," He said. "There is a small shack that you can change into over there." Point to one a short distance away. He then turned and bowed." I should take my leave." before he disappeared. "Hurry up Arora." Hinoka yelled you're going to love the water.

Kaze returned to the castle to see both Saizo and Kagerou standing near Lucien. They seem to be arguing about something. "Is there a problem," He asked as he walked up to them.

Saizo made a gruffled noises. Kagerou turned to answer. "Your brother wish to try to imprison Lucien while he is sleeping."

"He too strong to let him run loose. If he chooses to attack we wouldn't be able to do anything to stop him," Saizo said.

"He has saved my life twice as well as the lives of the princesses. He is loyal to Lady Arora he won't cause any problems." Kagerou retorted.

"I've seen him fight as well he is very honorable he wouldn't attack without just cause," Kaze nodded.

"If he attack anyone it on your hands" Saizo said storming off.
  Lucien / Mended / 5d 4h 53m 49s
Arora looked back at Kaze and gave him a smile,”Thank you. Although I don’t know if I’m really all that strong willed or not.”

She was trying to take it in stride like Lucien suggested, but whenever she thought about it she felt conflicted. She loved her family, and did not want to have to choose. She heard others approaching and stood, brushing grass off herself. So her sisters were joining her. She smiled,”Is it? It’s lovely. I’m so glad you both could come. And all ready for the water, too.”

She would get to swim with these two sisters, but looking at them she couldn’t help but wonder. Would she ever be able to do something like this with all of them? Hinoka, Sakura, Camilla, Elise, and even Azura? It would be interesting, that was for sure, but she thought she would like it anyway. She pushed the thought away to focus on this afternoon with these two,”Is there one for me? I know it’s a bit short notice.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 17d 1h 21m 17s
Kaze stay quiet until Arora sat down by the lake. "If you don't mind me saying my lady. You have taken this whole thing quite well. Be told that your life has been a lie can't be easy." He stood slightly behind her with his hand behind his back. "You are quite strong willed to take it all.

He had never meet anyone like that. His bother had shown a little of it, but his revenge is what truly drove him. Would she have been the same if she had been raised in Hoshido. His thought where interuped when a voices could be heard coming down the path.

Hinoka and Sakura both appeared from the bath both in what looked to be swimming attire. "So you found one of the best spot in the castle," Hinoka smiling.
  Lucien / Mended / 20d 1h 27m 34s
Arora just nodded at Azura about father being cold. She was right, but Arora hoped he still cared in his own way. Maybe he had a hard time expressing it was all. She wasn’t sure, but she gave them a smile,”I see. I wouldn’t mind all the help I can get. It was nice meeting you both, and I hope to see you later.”

Azura seemed so sweet, and so did Valentine. Arora liked both of them immediately. She had hoped they might join her, but figured they had things they had to do. They lived here, and probably had responsibilities.

When they left Arora looked out at the lake and found a spot to sit and wait, watching the water. It would be nice to spend time with her sisters and get to know them. Thinking about it Arora knew even with a choice to be made she wanted to know her family, both sides.
  Arora / Yavanna / 20d 21h 51m 36s
Both Azura and Valentine smile faltered at Arora story. "That sounds like him.' Azura finally said. "I remember that he was always so cold to everyone. Especially to his own children."

"Well then we will have to show you how to live in the big old world then." Valentine joked. "Hoshido great. Hope you like fish and rice because it almost with every meal."

Azura blushed at Arora comment. "Thank you, but I not that good."

"That good?" Valentine laughed. "I've seen people stop fighting when you start singing. Heck I bet a week pay that you could come down a dragon with that voice of yours."

Azura blushed harder at the comment. "Well I must go." she bowed. "I hope that we can talk more later.
  Lucien / Mended / 21d 2h 20m 3s
Swimming with her sisters sounded wonderful to Arora, and she hoped they would want to join her. Kaze vanished, and Arora suppressed a laugh at Valentine’s expression. “Do they?”

She turned when she heard Azura, and gave a smile. So Azura had heard of her. Arora thought most people probably had by now, and nodded. Her face turned to one of surprise when Valentined explained that Azura was a princess from Nohr. Arora had never heard of her at all, and blinked at Azura. Another sister.

“Oh, well. I can’t say I saw too much of Nohr actually. It rains a lot. When I was little Father sent me to live in a castle away from everyone else, and I wasn’t allowed to leave. When I was finally summoned back I was sent out almost immediately and found my way here.”

Despite finding out she had been kidnapped Arora still thought of the king of Nohr as her father. As cold as he was, she still wanted to believe he cared about her after treating her as one of his daughters. At the same time she did believe the queen of Hoshido was her mother and did believe her mother cared for her. Arora was quiet for a few moments, contemplating how impossible it seemed to choose. Then she tilted her head and forced a smile,”So, how is Hoshido? Also, your singing is beautiful.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 27d 7h 10m 39s
Kaze thought for a moment. "If you wish to swim your more than welcome too. Although you will have to ask one of your sisters for something to swim in," He said look back toward the castle. "If you wish it I could find her, and ask as well as bring it to you. She may end up joining you."

"What a great idea Kaze." Valentine said. "You should also tell the cook and have them pack a lunch."

Kaze nodded. "Consider it done." Vanishing in the blink of an eye.

"I hate it when they do that," Valentine said annoyed. "All the ninja do that and I can't figer out how." She then turned to Azura who had stoped singing and taken notice of them.

"O I'm sorry I didn't hear you approached," Azura said shocked to see another person.

"You get so lost in your singer you wouldn't notice a dragon behind you," Valentine laughed.

Azura puffed her cheeks out at the comment. "Don't say that." She then looked at Arora. "I'm sorry what your name. O so your Arora"

"Azura was a Nohr princess kidnap shortly after you were. In hopes for a trade. How every they never noticed." Valentine said. "So after a while your mother took her in."

Azura seem a little off put by that. "Didn't your parents teach you manners." She huffed.

Valentine shrugged. "Mother was too busy and I don't know my father. So no plus she has a right to know."

Azura sighed. "I guess your right. Any way tell me how is Nohr?" After a while Kaze returned with a swim suit for AroraArora.
  Lucien / Mended / 28d 2h 50m 57s
Arora followed, making a note of the path in her head so she could find it later. The lake, when she glimpsed it, made her gasp and she picked up her pace. It was lovely. “It’s beautiful.”

Swimming there would be fun, and she definitely wanted to try at some point. But they weren’t alone, she heard someone singing. She had such a pretty voice, that Arora was slow to follow Kaze for fear of interrupting her.

So the girl singing was Azura, and the other one was Velentine. Arora smiled and gave a little bow,”It’s nice to meet you.”

She waved her hand as if to dismiss Valentine’s concerns,”Oh, it’s quite alright. I’m afraid I don’t remember much about what happened myself. Thank you though. Everyone’s been so kind.”

Almost everyone. Arora’s smile faltered a little, remembering how Takumi had been at dinner the night before. She wondered if maybe he just needed some time, or if he might never like her. The thought of having to choose came to her again, and she shook it off. She thought she would have a few days to think it over at least, but for now she should enjoy things here.

“So, you said something about swimming, Kaze? Would we be able to do that today, or save that for another time?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 31d 9h 56m 28s
Kaze lead Arora down a path out a back gate of the castle. The path lead thought some woods until it opened up on a huge lake. On one end was a small cliff that reached out over the water. The water itself was clear blue. The sun shined off the water giving it a shine look.

"Your sister use this whenever you wish to go swimming as well as a few of us retainers on are days off," Kaze said. Suddenly a voice could be softy hear from down the shore. "You are the oceans gay waves," came a sing voice.
Kaze smile as he look over seeing two people standing near the water. "It would seem that Lady Azura and Valentine" He said walking over. Azura was a tall woman with long blue hair. While Valentine was talk younger looking girl with light green hair.
Valentine smiled when she saw Kaze apporaged. "Master," she smilled waking up to them. "Who is this person with you?" she asked tiling her head. For almost half a second she made a wired face but the covered it up so fast Kaze didn't noticed.

"Valentine this is Lady Arora our lost princess. Lady Arora this is Valentine the only outside to be a retainers for the royle family. She quite skill in the way of the blade."
Valentine just smiled. "I still have a lot to learn in the ways of fighting and Kaze has been teaching me in the way of the ninja." Valentine looked over Arora it looked like she was tring to figure somethink out. "I sorry but I don't much about you or what happen year ago as I'm still new. But if you ever need anything let me know"
  Lucien / Mended / 34d 1h 13m 38s
“An event? Oh. Speak to people? I could do that. Yes. If you think it will help.”

Arora knew she probably sounded a little nervous, and she was. She wondered what sort of rumors were going around about her, and what she could possibly say. That was for later, for the moment she let herself enjoy breakfast and pushed thoughts of that evening aside for later.

Then breakfast was over and Arora nodded to her mother,”Of course. Until this evening, then.”

She was just wondering what to do next when Kaze showed up, startling Arora,”Oh. You startled me. Thank you. The lake sounds nice.” She smiled,”I’d like to see it. Also, how are you doing? You made it out of Nohr alright, was it very hard?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 36d 9h 36m 11s
"You were fine dear," Mikoto smiled. "I was just planning an event this evening. I plan on address the rumors about your return." She then took Arora hand. "I hope you don't mind, but this evening I want you to speak to the people and let them know you have returned."

She then led her to breakfast where she told Arora what had happened in the last few years in Hoshido. After breakfast Mikoto had to dismiss herself. She was called to deal with her every day duty. "We will speak again this evening." She smiled before leaving.

Kaze appeared out of no where shortly after. "Lady Arora," He greeted with a bow. "I was asked to guild you around the castle. "And if I may make a recommendation the lake is a great spot to start."
  Lucien / Mended / 39d 3h 45m 22s
Arora was tired enough that it was later in the morning when she woke. Later than she’d meant to sleep. She slipped out from under Lucien’s wing. She knew he was a heavy sleeper, but still liked to be careful to not wake him just in case.

Out in the sunshine she saw Kaze waiting for her. “Oh, good morning. Yes, of course. Thank you.” She was a little surprised someone was actually waiting for her, but as she followed Kaze inside she realized that wasn’t too unusual. If she wasn’t in her room, her mother would have figured out where she was, and her mother also probably wanted to spend time with her.

The throne room was still breathtakingly beautiful even after seeing it before. It was just so different from the one in Nohr. And her mother looked much kinder and softer than the man she called father who ruled Nohr. Arora gave her mother a smile and approached a little shyly,”Good morning. I hope I didn’t sleep in too late.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 40d 7h 12m 3s
Late morning came around before anyone screamed at the dragon laying in the garden. A maid had seen what she thought was a rock until it moved slightly. It had most of the guard jumping for weapon before Queen Mikoto settle everyone down telling them that it was one of her guest. It took a while, but everyone finally settled down.

Lucien had slept thought the whole thing. Being so tired made him dead to the world. Not even Queen Mikoto shook him, did he stir. She hadn't found Arora in her room so she had left a maid close by if Arora had slept by Lucien. She had wanted to have breakfast with her daughter, but she could understand if the poor girl was tired. She had been thought a lot in the last day.

Kaze had chosen to wait in place for the maid. When Arora finally did emerge for under Lucien he greeted her. "Good morning my lady," He said bowing. "Your mother has asked me to lead you to her when you awoken." He led the way back to the throne room shortly after.
  Lucien / Mended / 42d 22h 32m 25s
Arora snuggled up against Lucien, glad that he would stay at least. “Thank you. We’ll figure it out later. And I’ll spend more time with everyone here tomorrow.”

She wasn’t sure how much time she would have here. She wished the families could get along and she didn’t have to choose. Father was stubborn, she knew that much. He wouldn’t agree with a truce with Hoshido easily. And Takumi seemed to hate Nohr so much. With a sigh she closed her eyes. Worrying too much about it tonight wouldn’t help. Lucien was right, she could deal with things as they came.

The day had been more draining for Arora than she’d thought. She got comfortable against Lucien and dozed off to sleep without actually deciding to sleep there. She had half assumed she would wander back inside after a while, but she didn’t.
  Arora / Yavanna / 43d 31m 9s

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