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“I’m glad you’re doing well.” Arora was glad Sakura seemed happy. It reassured her that things might still go well, if she just kept working at it. “I’m sure you’re right about the others. I was training, mostly. I’m doing pretty well, but I still have a long way to go.”

Longer than she’d thought, since now she had to master fighting in an entirely different body. Arora told Sakura good night once she was done with her food and left to go to her room. Tomorrow they would make a move. Sakura wouldn’t have been missing long. It seemed the time was right to try and go to Nohr.

The idea made her more nervous than going to Hoshido. She had more history in Nohr, plus the knowledge she’d gained from her trip with Azura. Then there was Luna. Could she really get Luna back, convince her to join them? She was loyal to Camilla, so she’d need to convince her sister.

Arora opened the door to her room and found Lucien there. She shut the door behind her,”Hey. How are you doing?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 8d 23h 3m 54s
Sakura smiled as she watched Arora walk toward her. "Hello big sis." She bowed. "I doing so very well. Im very shocked by something like this. I remember mother talking about them before but I never imaged that I would ever see one." She was eating some stew that Jacob had cooked for dinner. They would soon have to start setting up days for everyone to cook as with move people that meant more jobs. Sakura seemed to happy then early that day. "I just glad that I'm hear with you and once we find that other im sure they will join us if we talk about it." She then smiled and finished her food. "So, what have you been up today. I was able to settle in really nice room."

Lucien finished his food then head off to Arora room and started setting up a map and a few other things that let them talk about a plan of attack for moving bad to Nohr. After reading the map for a bit her noted that the fast way would be to go up the endless stair case and thought the wind tribes village to read a port that would take them to the port of Nohr. After setting drawing a plan up he took a seat to wait Arora. As he waited his mind drifted to the past again as he pulled out his rings and looked at it. Looking at the simple ring always mad him smile. His sister was right Luna and him had talked about a wedding but never had time. He would need to find her first and hope she didn’t kill him.
  Lucien / Mended / 10d 19h 3m 58s
Arora was flustered by the teasing, but really was happy to have the company. People comfortable enough around her to tease her. The warm water was so soothing, Arora took her time washing and relaxing in the water. Her body ached a little from her effort training.

Once washed she went to change her clothes into something clean and comfortable. It took her long enough that it was dinner time by the time she managed to get back. At that point she wanted to make sure to check on Sakura and see how she was doing, so she found her and went to sit with her,”Hey. How are you settling in?”
  Arora / Yavanna / 14d 20m 22s
Lucien looked away laughing a bit. His shoulder felling a bit lighter than before. "Then I will see you at dinner my lady." He bowed. Valentine how didn’t let go and followed Arora out teasing her the whole way. Once they left Lucien collapsed on to the bench again. He didn’t think this would be how he see his sister again. He knew she be mad but he didn’t think she would have found him so quickly. However, he was glad she did as every night it bugged him that had left and missed them. His twin the most as she had been they had always been closed and it was rare to see them apart. He wounded how she would like Arora and what she been up to.

He stayed like that until it was dinner time and people started coming in. At some point someone had come in to start cooking. I was a nice thing really as everyone settled in and talked as they ate. He didn’t say much as he was mostly reminiscing about his family. Tomorrow they would have to travel and start moving to find more of Arora sibling. He would talk to her before bed about a path but for now he let her enjoy her time with everyone else.
  Lucien / Mended / 17d 20h 11m 42s
Arora understood the desire to return home. Even though she would have liked to get to know Morgan better, she was still glad to have met her and told her she was welcome to come visit any time.

She was a little surprised to hear that Lucien and Luna had never had a ceremony. She just assumed that they had at some point.

Then Morgan was gone, and Valentine put her arm around her. Arora blushed,”Oh, well, I… I um, suppose… A-anyway, I really ought to go bathe before dinner.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 18d 23h 43m 30s
Morgan shook her head side to side. "No sadly I been gone too long and need to return home." Her small smile forming. "I have my own duty to return to and I can see he is in safe hands. Just be careful out there. All of you." She turned to Valentine before returning her look back to everyone else. "However, once you find some free time you have to come home for a short trip and let mom and dad now you are okay. Plus see how Mini us look they are so cute." Standing up she smiled hugged everyone before pulling out a book. "Sorry but if I don’t leave soon I don’t think I will.

Lucien hugged her one last time and smiled. "I promise as soon as we get Luna back and things calm down we will visit promise." He said takin a few steps back.

"Good." Morgan said. "Also, while you too are back you should finally have your ceremony. You two only ever tie the knot in name and I think it would be nice."

Lucien blushed a bit and nodded. "I'll talk about it with her when we find her. Good bye sis."

"Bye bye Lu" she said as a bright light flashed and she was gone."

"Well that was cute." Valentine giggled wrapping her arm around Arora. "You got to meet your future sister in law."
  Lucien / Mended / 22d 3h 49m 39s
Arora was glad to see both of them looking more or less better. She nodded and smiled at Morgan saying she just needed to knock some sense into Lucien. They seemed to be getting along better now, which made Arora feel a little better.

While Lucien told his story, Arora kept quiet and sipped her tea. She knew, or had guessed, most of it already. She nodded to Morgan,”Of course. I’ll look out for him.”

She set her nearly empty cup down,”Are you staying long? You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 23d 22h 13m 11s
Soon after Lucien and Morgan walked into the dining area. Both still had red eyes but both looked much better. They both took seats across from Arora. Morgan seemed back to her normal bubble self. "Sorry about that. I just had to knock some since into my lightly brother he has too much of our father in him." Lucien just laughed as he smiled. "Well I don’t know where you get all your energy from as both mom and dad are kind of laid back and lazy." He said pushing her. "I get it from grandma. She high spirited.' She giggled.

Valentine then came over with the tie as she placed it down in the middle of the group and sat next to Arora. "Well seems like every one feeling better."

"Yep yep." Morgan giggled. "So, I have to ask how did you all meet?"

"Well that a long story." Lucien said looking away.

"Well we got time." Valentine said pouring herself tea. "And I must say that I am most interested to hear this myself."

With a heavy sigh he started his story about what happen between that last time he seen his family and how he came to be Arora guardian. He told them how he went into the deep realms and spend ten years wondering around before coming to save Arora and her sibling from being attack. He then told of how he watched over her until Luna showed up and almost killed him before she became Camilla retainers. He then led up to everything that happen until then.

"I see so that what happen to Luna and the other." Morgan said as she finished the last of the tea. "Well then I guess going home will have to wait a bit." She turned to Arora. "Please do take care of him please. I know he dosnt seem like it but he younger than most." She said
  Lucien / Mended / 24d 58m 52s
Arora followed Valentine, leaning against her at little. It was comforting, and Arora needed it,”Tea sounds nice.”

A good cup of tea always made her feel better, so she appreciated Valentine taking the time to make her some. She felt Valentine rub her back and looked up. She smiled at the reassurance. Somehow Valentine knew what was bothering her. She supposed she was just that obvious,”Thank you. I really hope so. Sakura listened, so maybe the others will too.”

She looked back at the table. There was the other, possibly bigger problem Azura had told her about. Even if she stopped her siblings fighting, there was still Anankos. If they didn’t find a way to stop him, he would find another way to make Nohr and Hoshido fight. She still needed a way to figure that out without causing problems with the curse. That would have to wait, she supposed. She realized she was frowning and tried to wipe the concerned look off her face.
  Arora / Yavanna / 58d 16h 20m 19s
Valentine looked sadly she could quite understood how everyone felt as she didn’t have any sibling. However, should knew when someone need a shoulder. "Yea we should give them some time." She grabbed Arora round the shoulders and pulled her along. "Come on let me get you some tea. They can join us when they feel like it." She pulled her away and move them back to the eating area. Setting Arora at a table she put some water on to boil to make some tea that her mother would make her to feel better. As she waited she went back over and rubbed her back. "Don’t worry you'll see your family again. If I seen anything in that last few days is that you are full of surprises." She believed that it would only be a matter of weeks before one or two more people would join them.
  Lucien / Mended / 58d 19h 14m 48s
Arora just kept an eye on them as Morgan chased Lucien around. If it weren’t for the situation it would have been a perfect scene of siblings running around. It wasn’t really a game though, and Arora tensed slightly when Morgan finally caught Lucien.

She bit her lip as she watched them. It was clear they were both hurting, and she didn’t feel it was her place to step in despite the urge to comfort them. He just seemed so… so much like her. Young and scared. Morgan didn’t seem so old either, she could relate to looking after a younger sibling.

Even as emotional as she was feeling, she was a little surprised when she noticed tears falling down her cheeks. She wiped them away quickly. She didn’t want to bother any of them with the aching in her own chest. She missed her siblings, but right now it was about Lucien and Morgan.

She saw Valentine looking at her, and cleared her throat quietly, hoping Valentine hadn’t caught her crying. She spoke quietly, hesitant to interrupt the moment the siblings clearly needed and that was long overdue,”Maybe we should give them a minute.”
  Arora / Yavanna / 60d 15h 48m 30s
Morgan chased him around for about ten minters before Lucien tired our and Morgan was able to catch him. The small girl was barely out of breath as she tackled her younger brother to the ground. They wrestled around a bit before Morgan was able to pin Lucien to the ground. Her face full of anger as she looked down on her brother. She raised her hand ready to strike him. However, as it came down it stopped mere inch from his chest. Instead tear feel from the girl's face. "Two dam years." She sniffed. "You been missing two dam years. No letters, no word to let us know that you doing okay. Nothing at all just a note that said I'm sorry." He eyes now filled with tears as the threated to spill over. "Do you know how worried we been. How worried I been. YOU PROMISED THAT WE WOULD NEVER LEAVE EACH OTHER AFTER MOM DIED." She finally let her tears go and she cluched his chest. "YOU PROMISED YET YOU STILL LEFT. WHY LUCIEN TELL ME WHY."

Lucien looked away his own face filled with is own tears. "It was better this..."

"BULLSHIT." She smacked him across the face. "A hundred year and you still can't lie. You left because you were afraid of losing them against wasn’t it."

He looked ready to protest but he arm hooved threating ready to smack him again for another lie. "Yes." He finally said his own tears spilling out. "I couldn’t stay in fear of losing mommy or daddy again. I lost them once I couldn’t do it again so I ran I'm sorry" Morgan hugged him as he cried.

"It okay they are fine that you are worried but that doesn't give the right to run away and worry everyone." She said petting his hair. Suddenly Morgan did look so small as she cuddled her younger brother. It truly was a scene of a big sister taking care of her younger brother.

Valentine watched in utter shock at the whole thing. She never imaged she would see something like this. Every time she had talked to Lucien he seemed so calm and seeing this she truly saw how young he was. She looked at Arora to see how see was reacting.
  Lucien / Mended / 61d 18h 44m 5s
Morgan wasn’t going to wait. Arora whimpered a little as she was pulled along by her ear. She pretty much had to follow.

Arora breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that they hadn’t caught Lucien at too bad a moment. The relief was short lived, because the siblings clearly had issues, and Lucien wanted to run from them.

Arora rubbed her ear, stunned. Valentine’s question pulled her attention back. “Uh…” She watched Lucien run, and the apparently murderous rage of Morgan. He only seemed old to them, but that was his older sister. “Only if things look like they’re getting out of hand…”

She looked at Valentine,”Not sure I want to get between them, but I don’t want anyone hurt badly. So… if we have to, I’ll try and stop them, and you get help.”

Arora didn’t much like the idea of having to do that, but she wasn’t about to send Valentine to get between two dragons. She walked out slowly to follow the two, and watch them. She wouldn’t let Morgan hurt Lucien, but she also wasn’t going to let Lucien run too far.
  Arora / Yavanna / 65d 10m 13s
Morgan turned to Arora her eyes cold and black. "No, I looked two whole years for him." She said darkly "Shower or not your leading me to him." She then grabbed the larger girl ears and stated dragging her behind her. "Now point and lead me to that scum bag brother of mine." Valentine eyes went wide as the smaller girl pull Arora around like it was nothing. She wanted to help but she didn’t want to anger the girl anymore then she already was so instead she mouthed. 'I'm sorry' as she followed a bit behind them.

Luckily for Lucien he had just finished up and was mostly dressed but for his shirt and coat. He had no idea that his older sister was about to burst throw the door and burst she did. "YOU!" She said her eyes filled with anger as she noticed him. Lucien eye went just as wide as he saw his older sister standing in the door. "me." Was all he said as he felt the murderous intent of hers. Not stay around to see what she was going to do Lucien bolted out the other door. "Really running?" She cried out rushing after him.

Valentine who was now standing next to the freed Arora watched as Lucien ran from the much smaller girl. "Should we do something?" She asked a little shocked as she never seen the man act so scared of so thing so small. "It wired to see him act so young like." She then remembered someone saying that Lucien was very young in dragon years.
  Lucien / Mended / 67d 6h 20m 38s
Arora nodded. Valentine was right, she seemed pretty mad at Lucien.

Letting her just barge in on Lucien showering wasn’t something that Arora really wanted to let happen. Arora scratched the back of her head while a blush creeped into her cheeks,”Um, he’s… sort of showering now? I’d rather not… you know. Even though I really do think it was awful to just leave a note.”

She could understand Morgan being angry. Arora would be quite upset herself if Lucien ran off without saying anything, even if he left a note. Still, she’d rather not have him cornered in the shower, and would prefer if Morgan were a little calmer first.
  Arora / Yavanna / 76d 1h 18m 22s

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