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Yes, I have succumb to the dreaded search thread. I am looking for someone who can play both male and female. I am usually looking for a female character to pair with a male character of mine. I have several original ideas. I seem to be going through a phase with vampires and unique monsters. I am willing to be flexible with anything and my posts can range from 50 characters to 2,000. I prefer longer posts, but I am lazy sometimes and can't even keep up with 500. I like someone I can easily get along with and can add to the story line and have the story line make sense. Character development is something I struggle with and my characters' personalities sometimes change randomly. I understand that not everyone is able to get on everyday or forgets to get on. I have had an urge to do a literate type of roleplay.

My favorite roleplays often feature characters that are complete opposites or exactly alike personality wise. I enjoy longer roleplays with an ever changing speed. A slow down sometimes is necessary. Also I enjoy a complex plot line. Something that is planned and then twisted into something completely different. I love surprises and I enjoy having a plot "do a 180" on me.

*Note, my grammar isn't perfect, but it is understandable. I expect decent spelling and decent grammar. I'm not afraid to ask you to fix any of your posts.*

I am looking for someone that responses well to rapid changes in plot and always has a twist up their sleeve or a back-up

7/19/18- I'm looking for something to spark my inspiration so I can start to roleplay again. I'm thinking about doing a supernatural slice-of-life. I have several female characters that are currently undeveloped or are works in progress. I'd like to use them for this, I'm opening to pretty much anything.


Might Do's:

Generally Don't Do's:
Anything Cutesy
High school

*If you've read everything, message me with Govtch as your subject.*


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