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Yes, I have succumb to the dreaded search thread. I am looking for someone who can play both male and female. I am usually looking for a female character to pair with a male character of mine. I have several original ideas. I seem to be going through a phase with vampires and unique monsters. I am willing to be flexible with anything and my posts can range from 50 characters to 2,000. I prefer longer posts, but I am lazy sometimes and can't even keep up with 500. I like someone I can easily get along with and can add to the story line and have the story line make sense. Character development is something I struggle with and my characters' personalities sometimes change randomly. I understand that not everyone is able to get on everyday or forgets to get on. I have had an urge to do a literate type of roleplay.

My favorite roleplays often feature characters that are complete opposites or exactly alike personality wise. I enjoy longer roleplays with an ever changing speed. A slow down sometimes is necessary. Also I enjoy a complex plot line. Something that is planned and then twisted into something completely different. I love surprises and I enjoy having a plot "do a 180" on me.

*Note, my grammar isn't perfect, but it is understandable. I expect decent spelling and decent grammar. I'm not afraid to ask you to fix any of your posts.*

I am looking for someone that responses well to rapid changes in plot and always has a twist up their sleeve or a back-up

-7/3/17- I have an idea for a literate roleplay: Looking for male/female, I don't really care which though I will be playing female. My idea is that the government has created a secret agency to track and hunt "supernatural" occurrences. This often includes hunting vampires, werewolves, witches, mutations and experiments. Anything my partner can think of this agency hunts. The basic outline for the roleplay is that in a tiny town in Northern Michigan there are a string of murders. The apparent cause of death is missing heart and the spinal cord has been removed. Most of the victims are male, but there are a few females and animals. "Your character" will be a member of the agency and sent to find and kill whatever is killing people/animals. "Your character" finds a young woman with two children, one a six month old baby boy and the other looks to between 6 and 8. After some investigation "your character" finds that the woman/creature is killing to feed her children. Also "your character" finds that the victims were not innocent and often were horrible people. The animals are what the woman really wants to feed her children but they are too young to digest the animal blood. "Your character" Has to decide on whether to kill the woman and children then hunt down the rest of them, or to help the woman hide from the agency. I also have a few ideas on how this roleplay could twist and turn. PM if interested.

9/17/17- I'm looking for an emotional roleplay with characters that have a strong back story. I'm trying to write a novel and I'm trying to change my writing on her to match what my writing style would be for the story I'd like to write. I have an idea for a roleplay that involves angels and demons and saving the oblivious human race. PM me for details. I'd like to play the female for this one, it can be either MXF or FXF, but at least one character has to be female.

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*If you've read everything, message me with Govtch as your subject.*


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