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[Pic http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/37700000/-INFINITE-EEEING-five-nights-at-freddys-37777906-450-450.gif] Wilfred, yes bong smoking Wilfred has been put onto a dare by his friends, more like forced to apply at Freddy Fazbears Pizza as a guard, mostly for some extra cash, that is is he survives even the first night. Those suits better be comfy
That is all
Character can be anyone, now I shall go mix some tracks

Guard: Jake the Del Taco Cashier
Freddy: Hal0
Steve the fox:
Mangle: Shadow-storm
Puppet Bruh:


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Roleplay Responses

Freddy sits on a couch, in front of the camera, words flashing "Was it me?"*
  Nightmare Freddy / Hal0 / 5y 40d 10h 52m 28s
* springtrap starts moving to the gard at a fast pace*
  springtrap / shadow-storm / 5y 40d 10h 58m 3s
* I start moving from my spot and starts walking to you*
  mangle fixed / shadow-storm / 5y 43d 11h 22m 7s
Nigbone walked around wearing a hat that said security while also using his flashlight to light up the area "Freaking cotton candy teddy bear things that's right Freddles I'm talking bout you!" He said throwing half eaten pizza at monitor with the cotton fluf bear before thw lights flickered What the fuck, I don't like this flickerin' lights in this haunted house, man, god! Why does it say "Living Room" and "Bedroom", that doesn't make any fucking sense! I did not get this job to be a fucking electrician in this bitch, man!"
  Detective Nigbone / Askredsamurai / 5y 43d 11h 35m 54s
The grand opening of the faviorite pizzaria reopens, better than ever
Family pizzaria for all ages, in need of night security
Strange things have been happening at night.
Moniter the cameras and go around checking on the many new pizza friend faces
Any disaperance of thy person will be fucking terminated and disreguarded, yet a higher pay of 100 per night. Join now, and be killed by the fucking rapist animals.
  Hal0 / 5y 47d 10h 13m 28s

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