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[font "calibri" Mao smiled brightly when Dana decided to humor him. He was always cautious with new customers, because occasionally there would be a few who refused to give him the time of day. Most of the time it was because of his demon heritage, but frankly alot of the time it was because most nobles were stuck up prudes. It had been awhile since the male had had a guest he actually enjoyed talking to, so maybe today was a decent day after all.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Correct, my good lady. Mao is my name, though I could think of a handful of other things ladies tend to call me"] He teased lightly. [#c65877 "Though I think thats a story for another time."] A laugh escaped him as he peered over at the other two. They seemed to be anxiously awaiting him to speak with them, so it was better to get it over with. If Mikaela found out he was ignoring guests, he'd be hornless by tomorrow.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Ah...My apologies, I haven't caught the names of you two...lovely ladies yet."] Mao could feel the fake smile taught across his face. Ogling women was one of his least favorite things. It often brought up nasty memories, but more often then not it just sparked irritation in him.]

[font "calibri" [#87b224 "I'm Lady Delphine!"] the shortest one piped up, [#b2246d "And I'm Eudora Malkov."] the second said matter-of-factly. Mao just sort of blinked at them in response. He wasn't quite sure if he was supposed to know who they were or not. To be quite honest, the demon never bothered familiarizing himself with the names of noble families. He knew his regulars ' names and that was about it.]

[font "calibrbi" [#c65877 "I see...How wonderful."] Hoping that was enough to satisfy the two, he turned back to Dana. [#c65877 "So, Lady Dana. I've never had the pleasure of seeing you around the Teahouse before. Is this your first visit?"] Mao inquired. He took a sip from the cup he poured from himself and grimaced into the cup. Ren had picked and prepared the tea and it was far to bitter for his tastes. It was probably a favorite of Linnea, but Mao often preferred sweeter teas.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Well,"] He started, setting the cup back down, [#c65877 "I do hope you'll enjoy your stay here. We do our best to try and make every guest feel welcome and make sure they leave fully satisfied."] Mao was quite aware he was being sort of hypocritical as he was ignoring two guests, but they didn't seem too perturbed. At least not with him. [#c65877 "If there's anything you'd like to know of for me to do, please, do let me know. I understand that our business is a bit unorthodox, so don't hesitate to ask me anything."]]
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[#399d69 [font "calibri" "Mao, most of the guests have arrived. Come see them in with me."]]

[font "calibri" Still mussing with his hair and clothing, Mao's eyes darted over to meet Ren's. He hadn't bothered helping the other set the table for their guests, but that wasn't unusual. He was better at cleaning up messes then arranging a tea set nicely.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Fine."] The demon huffed, [#c65877 "It's your turn to deal with the clingy girls this time around though. I still have marks from the last girl who wouldn't let go of my arm."] Mao shuddered at the thought. One would think for being nobility, some of their customers would know how to behave in public.]

[font "calibri" With one last glance in the mirror, Mao and Ren left the tea room to make their way to the main entrance. Upon their arrival, they were greeted with at least a handful of men and women from a higher class. Mikaela stood chatting with a young woman with a dark complexion, most likely the one who made the appointment. A small flare of anger burst through Mao as the woman laid her hand on Mikaela's arm. He wasn't fond of women getting close to his friend, mainly due to the fact most often used Mikaela before vanishing forever. ]

[font "calibri" Mao brushed off his anger. This wasn't the time for that. He had guests to entertain, after all. Both him and Ren approached the group before bowing deeply. As if a pair of automatons, the two greeted the group in sync.]

[font "calibri" [#9b3b8c "Welcome to the Teahouse."]]

[font "calibri" As the two stood up, their work persona's surfaced. The usually cold and quiet Ren quickly bowed and kissed the hand of the first dark haired woman. [#399d69 "A pleasure to have you here, Miss Linnea. I was quite excited to hear it would be you who would be in attendance."]]

[font "calibri" Mao nearly rolled his eyes. Ren always was a kiss ass, despite the fact he hated entertaining guests. Still, he couldn't let him get away with being the only hospitable host. Turning to the rest of the group, a playful smile spread across his face. [#c65877 "I'm most honored to have all of you with us this afternoon! For those few of you new to our Teahouse, you may call me Mao and my friend here is Ren."] He gestured towards the mentioned, who gave a soft smile to the group in reply. His gaze scanned the group's faces, certain most had never stepped foot into the Teahouse. He was, however, quite surprised to see one of the members being non-human, like himself. Suddenly, his interest in this tea party piqued, as non-human nobles were quite rare. ]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Now, if you'll please follow us this way, let us get out of this stuffy entry way and sit and talk."] The two led the group back into their little tearoom, where they quickly sat the guests down at elegant couches and began serving tea. Ren had snatched Linnea's attention, along with another gentleman who fixed an angry look at Ren whenever he made Linnea laugh, so Mao took his hand at keeping the other three guests company. He was more than glad to take a seat next to the woman that caught his eye earlier and began to pour her a cup of tea.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Sorry for the quick rush in here,"] Mao started ,[#c65877 "its just that Mika hates when we take too long to get you all comfortable."] The demon poured the other two women tea as well, but his eyes narrowed as he noticed the ogling glances they kept sending both him and Ren. Desperate to avoid them, he turned back to the lady at his side. [#c65877 "Now that we're all settled, may I perhaps get to know your name? I'm afraid I wasn't able to learn them before you arrived, so I do hope you'll forgive me."]]
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[font "calibri" It was raining and gloomy outside that day as usual. The brief sunshine that had broken through the clouds the day before was quickly swallowed up by all to common grey of storm. While the Artolian citizens were long used to the storms, Mao had never adapted to the wet climate.]

[font "calibri" With a drawn out yawn, the demon stretched out on one of the Teahouse's main sofas. The day had been slow, with only one or two appointments booked for the day and nearly zero walk ins. Mao was incredibly bored, to say the least. He had hoped to go out into town and run some errands today, but Mikaela, the Teahouse's Owner, had requested his employee stay indoors.]

[font "calibri" Mao understood why. Lately some of the Teahouse's entertainers had gone missing. In the past month, three of the newest members to their dysfunctional family had vanished without a trace. Mao and the other top four entertainers were concerned for their well beings. While their sort of career was perfectly legal, there were many who despised the Teahouse and its workers.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "It's all going to shit anymore..."] Mao mumbled to himself. If he didn't owe his entire life to Mikaela, Mao wouldn't have been out of Artolia in a heart beat. He felt trapped in this town, and with entertainers going missing, panic had begun to settle in his chest. Would he ever be able to escape that feeling?]

[font "calibri" Before Mao could let his thoughts sink deeper, he heard the sound of thin heels upon tile. He peeked over his shoulder to see Dahlia, another entertainer, walking towards him.]

[font "calibri" [#4f6bba "Mao, dear, you have an appointment."] Her voice was smooth as silk, which contrasted harshly against her cold and sharp expression. Despite her expression Dahlia was a kind and responsible woman, and one of the few people Mao trusted. Despite that, he still groaned at the information.]

[font "calibri" [#c65877 "Since when? Last time I checked the book, I was clear the rest of the day."]]

[font "calibri" Dahlia tossed a note onto his lap. [#4f6bba "Since about twenty minutes ago. A group of young nobles are coming in for tea, and you and Ren were requested."] A small sigh escaped her lips. [#4f6bba "If I wasn't busy entertaining Sir Lionel this evening, I'd cover for you. Please just go and I'll convince Mika to give you a day off."]]

[font "calibri" Mao grumbled out an 'okay' before Dahlia disappeared quick as she appeared. Dragging himself off the couch, the male made his way towards the sitting room Dahlia had written on the note. His coworker, Ren, was already in the room setting the table in preparations for the walk in guests that would be arriving. He gave Mao a nervous greeting as per usual, which the other ignored in favor of peering at his reflection in the mirror. He didn't particularly care about his appearance, but Mikaela would have his head on a pike if he looked ragged.]

[font "calibri" He just hoped this little party wouldn't be a waste of his time.]
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Nestled deep in the rainy and grimy town of Artolia lays a magnificent teahouse. Pristine against the filthy street, The Teahouse stands as a beacon to lure in the rich and noble.

The Teahouse was an elaborate business set up to help entertain the rich who had time to spare in their travels. For a certain amount of gold, patrons can chose from a variety of activities from group tea dates with other patrons and teahouse staff, or even some more...private activities.

Known for its excellent staff, The Teahouse promises a perfect stay, no matter what the entertainment. Any guest that is not pleased is offered a full refund, and the next date free of charge.

However, behind its sparkling appearance is something darker. Very few staff members last long in their position. In fact, many a worker have gone missing, not without notice though. It is uncertain where they have gone, but the other workers know wherever it is, they don't want to be next.

[picc https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcREkO678v_3i_GjPYbCUhT-JK4aJ5Ln-nUP9s9SLKollxNSpSh0]

For this thread I am looking for a partner to play the role of the patron. I will play a corresponding worker depending on what sort of character my partner chooses to play. This is a fictional world, so non-human characters are more than welcome.

Despite this plot technically being a 'brothel' there will be no actual explicit content. If it ever comes to that and my partner wishes to continue along, we can move it somewhere else.

Illustrated photos only please.

I would like at least a post a week if possible. More is more than welcome, but not a requirement. Of course if things come up just let me know, I completely understand.

I would like at least 2-3 paragraphs minimum. Something to work with is all I ask, but I'm all for novel posts. I'll gush over them.

I have plans in my head for the plots direction, but if you have anything you'd like to add or even potentially change, feel free to ask!

If you're interesting in joining me in this mess of an adventure, please message me the following.

Character Name
Nobility Rank {Knight, Duchess, Prince, Baron, etc}
And anything you wish to add about your character.

If you've read everything, please title your PM with Jasmine Tea.
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[font "calibri" It was too sudden, when it happened. Like when you bump into you're coffee cup, and by the time you realize its falling, the liquid is already seeping into the carpet.]

[font "calibri" Olivia was the coffee cup.]

[font "calibri" It was a normal day when it started. Everyone was practicing as normal, for they had a show that coming weekend. It was nothing new, the usual routines for everyone. People tumbling, whirling, and being tossed into the air everywhere you looked. To the outside world, it might seem like magic. To Cherche, it was simply home.]

[font "Calibri" While the red headed woman could do her own fair share of acrobatics, her calling was tending to the troupes animals. No large animals would be found among them, but vast assortments of birds in every hue lived among the performers. On that day, Cherche was running her regular training regime for them around the stage, making sure each one would return when called and not disturb the other performers.]

[Font "calibri" It was only when Lissa yelled in a panic that she noticed a flash of pink tumbling towards the ground at an unnatural speed.]

[font "calibri" If she screamed, she couldn't remember. All she could remember was the feeling of dread and the blood freezing in her veins. Oliva had fallen, and nothing was there to catch her. None of them used safety nets for usual routines. They had been done so often it was like riding a bike. The fact that something like this could happen was a shock to all, but Cherche the most.]

[font "calibri" After the fall, a few days had passed and Olivia still hadn't awaken. While the fall was high, doctors assured everyone Olivia would recover fine, but that she did take some head trauma which could cause issues when she woke up. With no immediate family around, members of the troupe took turns in the hospital, anxiously watching their friend.]

[font "calibri" It was Cherche's turn, although she had spent most of her time in the hospital regardless. For years she'd been so close to Olivia, learning to love every aspect about the girl. Despite never voicing how she felt, being close to her was enough for Cherche. Now, seeing her in such a shape was like shoving daggers through her heart.]

[font "calibri" She was reading in the corner when she heard movement. Peeking over the top, she could see that Oliva was moving, only before suddenly waking up. Cherche felt her heart stop for a moment. Olivia was alright. Or, well, as alright as she could possibly be. The red head noticed she was panicking and quickly tossed the book down to rush to her friend's aid.]

[Font "calibri" [#d46e7b "Olivia, my dear, please take it easy."] Cherche soothed, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder lightly. [#d46e7b "You're in the hospital. You had a nasty fall during practice and hit your head. But you're alright now, okay?"] She reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the glass of water with a straw placed in it for when Olivia woke up. [#d46e7b "Here, try and drink a bit of water and I can explain anything else you need. But you need to try and take it slowly alright?"]]
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[font "calibri" Rhys couldn't believe his ears. Was the other tiefling actually believing his lie? He saw the other relax slightly, the once deadly anger now shifted away into something else. Rhys himself felt some of the tension in his body slowly unwind as the threat level lowered to a more manageable level.]

[font "calibri" When the bard tossed him something, he quickly caught it in his free hand and studied it. Gold? Not to mention a similar amulet to the one currently clutched in his other hand. With furrowed brows, Rhys tried to make sense of the situation. ]

[font "calibri" "Okay let me get this straight..." He started, pulling some of his scarf down from his face to be heard better. "You're just gonna give me this coin, which is a pretty fair amount, and then just offer to let me come back here?" He scoffed and tossed the first amulet onto the bed in its original place. "No offense to you, but is that really a good idea?"]

[font "calibri" The thief tossed the small bag up and down a few times, pondering his course of action. He didn't particularly care about the gold, but taking it wouldn't be a bad thing. He could give it to the real Myrion anyway in hopes of getting the other to try and better him for good or whatever it was he was always trying to do.]

[font "calibri" "Eh..." Rhys sighed heavily. Instead of pocking the bag, he tossed it back at the bard and shrugged. "Keep it. I might be a thief but I don't really need handouts. As for your other offer though, can't say its not up for consideration. You look like a fella who could keep a man entertained," He said slyly. ]

[font "calibri" After he did, however, another large clap of thunder hit, shaking the floors. Rhys groaned. He was already soaked from head to toe and going back out in the chilled rain sounded like torture. "I do hate to ask though, but would it be possible to wait out this storm here. I never did take kindly to the cold."]
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[font "calibri" At the sound of the door flying open, Rhys's heart began to pound loudly in his chest. It was incredibly painful, and he feared the sound might give him away. Never in all of his years of thievery had he messed up this badly. He took too long in a job that should have taken mere minutes to complete. Now he risked either attempting to kill his target- something he would rather not do, too messy- or bluffing his way out of this.]

[font "calibri" Rhys chose the second option.]

[font "calibri" He combed his brain, desperate to figure out a lie good enough to hopefully save his hide. At first, he considered saying he was trying to return the amulet after the Tiefling dropped it out in the streets, but judging by the anger behind the whip cracks, the other would definitely [i not] believe that. ]

[font "calibri" After a few precious moments, Rhys found his lie. It was a risky one, but it was the only one he could come up with that might give him a chance to escape. With a deep breath and chest full of pure dread, Rhys pulled his hood tighter around his face and quietly opened the door of the wardrobe.]

[font "calibri" "Alright, alright." He managed to rasp out, "Tone it down with the whip, will ya?" Stepping out of the shadows and into the room, he kept his hands raised. In one of them, he held the amulet he was about to get killed over. "I get that you're uh...kind of mad and all, but I ask that you let a poor guy explain." Eyes traced over the whip in the other's hands. In other situations this could be the start of a great time, but frankly Rhys didn't want that anywhere near him for fear of marring his face.]

[font "calibri" This is when Rhys began to lie through his teeth. He was quite good at it, so it prayed to whatever false gods there were that it would get him out of this mess. "Here's the deal. I was paid by a man named...Myrion, to come and kill you. See the thing is, killing really isn't my thing." It wasn't entirely a lie. He did know a Myrion, and he really did hate killing, so Rhys thought that might help his case.]

[font "calibri" "The deal was I had to bring back something close to you to prove you were really dead. Hence where you're little trinket here comes into play," he said, waving said object back and forth a bit. It was a good guess to assume the amulet was something the Tiefling always held on him and protected, judging his reaction to finding it missing. The lie was fairly believable.]

[font "calibri" "I didn't want to kill you," Rhys continued, "so I figured I could just snatch this from you and make Myrion believe you were dead, otherwise he might send someone a bit less...humane." Slowly, Rhys extended his hand with the amulet in his palm towards the other.]

[font "calibri" "Look I really don't want any trouble. I'm just a broke guy trying to feed his family, yeah?" He offered a nervous smile, praying the guy took the bait and he could book it out of here and be in the next town by morning. "I'll leave you be and tell Myrion you up and left and no one knows where you went, how about it?"]
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It was raining that night; the rain bounced off the rooftops and drowned out all other sounds. It was the perfect time for a theft, the sound of rain and thunder masking footsteps upon the roof. A figure crept carefully along the loose shingles, not wanting to risk a tumble into the alley below.

Rhys pulled his hood closer around his face to block the cold water that was falling harshly around him. Gritting his teeth, he made his way towards his target, a small window at the end of the alley. Earlier in the day he witnessed another Tiefling, a bard by the looks of it, enter the building but never exit. Rhys had spotted an amulet among the mans possessions, and he decided that he wanted it for himself.

There was really no reason for him to decide to steal from this stranger. He didn't seem particularly wealthy, nor was he someone of great importance from what Rhys could tell. No, the only reason the Tiefling had for robbing the other was simply because he wanted to. He liked taking precious objects from others and watch as they lamented at their loss. The gold he could get was only a plus, but he often didn't keep it for himself. He instead sent it back to his brother back home. A sort of olive branch after an incident in the past.

Rhys reached the end of the rooftop, and carefully lowered himself off the edge towards the window. Thankfully, it was dark inside, and there was no sign of movement. In fact, the room was completely empty, save for a few belongings here and there. [i Perfect,] he thought. Hopefully what he wanted was in the room and this job would be a breeze. He managed to get the window open without any trouble and quickly slipped inside.

Peering around, Rhys noticed the other's clothing laid neatly out on the bed, the amulet he was after tucked neatly on top. [i Too easy.] He reached out and grabbed the item, peering at it curiously. It was nothing special, as far as he could tell, but still he wanted it for himself.

While he was busy looking at the piece, he realized he heard footsteps right outside of the room. Rhys realized he didn't have enough time to get out of the window, so in a panic, he threw himself into the open wardrobe next to the door, cursing himself for not being more careful.
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[font "calibri" Back arched. Arms extended. Struggle to stand on both feet. Fall.]

[font "calibri" Hanzo focused his thoughts on his steps. His hand movements. His facial expressions. He didn't let them wander, for one distraction could mean losing his focus and showing an improper emotion. As far as he was concerned, he was a young woman, lost in the snow on her way home. He was afraid, and cold, and dying.]

[font "calibri" He wasn't Hanzo Shimada, the easily upset young Kabuki dancer of the Minami-Za theater in Kyoto.]

[font "calibri" He had performed this piece plenty of times. It was nothing new. Tourists of all kind came to watch, as Kyoto had always been famous for its ties to the past. Hanzo had little patience with them, however. The American tourists were the worst, most annoying, most obnoxious, and most idiotic of them all. Every batch he got made unruly comments, stupid remarks, and never bothered to learn the true history of Kabuki theater. It was almost comical, especially when they learned there were no female actors in Kabuki. Only men and their body movements to convey the other sex.]

[font "calibri" The piece was fairly short, a Shosagota piece. Hanzo was alone in performing it, and loathed the spotlight. When the final scene fell, and he slowly crumple to ground, frozen, his mind felt relief. This was his last time on stage for the evening. He wanted nothing more than to remove his makeup and kimono and return to his normal self. The only issue with that was he had to go to an 'after party' this time around.]

[font "cablibri" Typically the theater didn't host parties after the performances, however, this was an anniversary performance for the theater. Many big names had been invited, and important organizations. Hanzo had protested against going, as he despised crowds, but his father and brother had insisted he go. So go he would, though he knew ever waking second would be a nightmare.]

[font "calibri" [i Lord save me now.]]

[center [font "calibri" //I'm not a clever man how's that for not posting to something in over a year--//]]
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[font "calibri" It was early. Far to early for most people to be up and about, but here was Ophelia, a tiny girl, sitting at the flower beds of the school. The sun hadn't even begun to rise, but the birds were singing there arias none the less. The small female crouched among the flowers, lips pursed as she tried to determine the best flowers. She wished to give one to Rouen as she did on every special occasion. Despite her stoic nature, she adored the male more than anyone could ever imagine.]

[font "calibri" After a while of picking flowers and socializing with the lovely birds around her, Ophelia removed herself from the flowers and examined the delicate bundles of Forget-Me-Nots in her arms. The smallest smile played on the white haired female's lips at the thought. [i Memories], she thought [i We've formed so many good ones.] She longed for nothing more than to create even more wonderful memories.]

[font "calibri" Ophelia soon noticed that other students began to filter there way into the school grounds. Some familiar to her, some not, but the suspense of a year full of adventure waiting to happen caused her statuesque persona to break for a second as she bounced twice on her toes.]

[font "calibri" An all too familiar face graced Ophelia's dark eyes as she saw Juleka make her appearance. She wasn't too close to the older student, but she had spoken to her on many morning occasions as the two were always outside at the early times. Without hesitation, Ophelia marched up to her and bowed her head slightly in greeting as her hands were full of flowers.]

[Font "calibri" [b "Juleka."] She stated quite monotonously, [b "It is very good to see you again. I hope this year goes well for you again. It is your final year, is it not?"] The girl questioned, tipping her head slightly to the side. She wasn't the best at conversations, but until Rouen arrived, Juleka was her next favorite person to communicate with.]
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Oliver blinked slowly as Eli handed him back the blanket and jacket. Just as he feared, the other seemed to misunderstand his words. [#347954 "Oh dear...I'm sorry. That came off a bit wrong."] He waved his hand a bit in the air. [#347954 "I wasn't trying to...Or so to speak what I meant was..."] He huffed heavily. His way of speaking was often misunderstood by others, no matter how hard he tried. Owen always told him to really think out his words before he spit them out, but he still couldn't say anything correct.

[#347954 "I realize that may have sounded like a 'get out', but I assure you thats not the intended meaning."] He sighed, running a hand through his hair. [#347954 "I've never been good at...voicing what I really mean. What I mean is exactly what I said. No hidden meaning behind it."]

Seeing as the other still looked ill to no end, Oliver gently pushed his shoulder down to make him sit down. [#347954 "I'm genuinely concerned for your well being, so I just wanted to make it so maybe you would be more comfortable. I know Owen made me take him home when he was in this state a few times, so I thought you might like the same."] He shrugged quickly as he set the blanket back down next to Eli. He knew he would have to try and pick his word choices more carefully, so that the other wouldn't think there was any hidden meaning behind what he said.

He had always been anti-social, even more so since he was, well, 'frankenstiened', to be blunt. Since it wasn't a very common practice, especially around the area, some people found it a bit disturbing. They said it was 'unnatural', even though the process was very common many years ago as a way of preserving limbs if they were lost, or being able to detach them easily in case of emergency. To Oliver, it was normal. He was still alive. Still a regular person. It was just that others didn't see it that way.

[#347954 "I do plan on helping you,"] He insisted, [#347954 "Or my conscious would keep me up more than I already am."]
  ;Oliver / Loli_ / 2y 289d 18h 52m 0s
Oliver felt bad as the nymph vomited a few times. While he himself had never experienced a hangover, Owen had enough times that Oliver knew what to expect. He handed the water to Eli when he for sure seemed to be able to take it and gave a sigh.

[#347954 "I'm afraid Sofia doesn't usually...leave until the night hours. Though she might leave early if she has to take her other female friend home...though I don't recalling her ever having female friends...or being nice enough to take them home..."] Oliver mused his thoughts then shook his head. [#347954 "The poor girl probably got what ever was in store for you. Though I'm sure she'll be fine."]

The ragdoll slipped his hand away as Eli patted it. He wasn't really a fan of physical contact from strangers. Or anyone really. He only allowed it with Owen because frankly he'd like to keep his body together. This Eli person sure was strange though. It didn't seem like this was the first time he'd been in situations like this. Oliver wondered what it was like to live such a life actually outside and socializing. He wasn't sure he ever wanted to know.

[#347954 "I'm sure that won't be...necessary. And I would hardly call what I'm doing being nice. It's just simple common courtesy to help others in need. You've done me no wrong, so there is no reason for me to not assist you."] He gave a small shrug. He liked helping people. He wasn't doing it to be nice, but knowing other people benefitted from his assistance.

[#347954 "Is there anyone you would like me to call at all? Or perhaps help you get back to your home? I'm sure you'd rather be in a place thats familiar, instead of vomiting in some strangers home."] Oliver suggested this politely. He hoped the other didn't take it as a [i Get out who even are you,] as Oliver mainly just wanted the other to feel a little less miserable in this situation.
  ;Oliver / Loli_ / 2y 290d 23h 21m 19s
Once dawn had passed, Oliver had decided he might as well shower quick. He was covered in flour and his hair felt oily and he wanted to get it over with. He hated showering because the hot water burned against the stitches on his body, but it was just something that needed to be done.

He sat in the shower for as short of time as possible. He scrubbed his hair and body quickly before getting out and snatching a towel. The temperature difference was huge, but Oliver welcomed it greatly as he dried off and threw on some sweat pants and a shirt.

Before exiting the bathroom, Oliver wiped the steam off the mirror and and peered a himself in the mirror. His dark circles were starting to show more, and he knew Owen would give him hell for not getting enough rest. He also noticed the stitches and staples around his neck were looking a bit worn. He would have to have Owen redo those as well. They were the most reinforced, for obvious reasons, but it had been awhile since Owen replaced them.

Sighing, Oliver made his exit and went out front, where he noticed his guest was awake. He opened his mouth to say something, but then stopped. There was something off about him, and seemed a bit distressed. It took a second to process what was going on, but Oliver then remembered the few times Owen looked like that.

[#347954 "Oh dear, uh..."] Oliver dashed over and quickly started pushing the man towards the bathroom. He [i really] didn't want to have to clean anything up, especially after the last time his brother was hungover to no end. [#347954 "Here..Uh, I'll be..right back."] He shoved Eli into the bathroom before backing out and going back to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. He wanted to say he wasn't screaming on the inside, but frankly this was not what he wanted to be spending his time doing.

He brought the water back to the bathroom, where he set it on the sink and placed himself on the sink counter as well. [#347954 "I'll say you had a more exciting night than I did for sure. Granted at least I'm not regretting mine."] Oliver shook his head softly. [#347954 "Anything you'd like me to do for you? I wouldn't feel right just...leaving you to your own devices at this point."]
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Oliver nodded and turned back to the kitchen as Eli talked. A nymph made sense. He had to admit, he was surprised to see one this far out of the forest, but he wouldn't pry. He wasn't exactly a normal case either. In any case, he turned his attention to his work.

Once Oliver woke himself up in the night, he ended up not ever going back to sleep until the next night. Usually he would spend the night baking and trying to find new recipes...and new ways of keeping his fingers on. Tonight, he decided to make a few baked goods for the elderly banshee across the hall. She had been kind enough to help Oliver with his laundry one day when his brother took one of his arms for 'testing', or whatever it is he needed it for.

As he worked, he peered over at the sleeping nymph on the couch, wary of the stranger. He prayed his brother wouldn't visit tomorrow morning for any reason, because he [i knew] he would get the scolding of a lifetime if he did. Owen could be a bit...over protective, though it was probably more over his work than his actual brother.

After a couple of hours, when Oliver's baked goods came out of the oven, he wandered over to his guest, whom of which was asleep, and tossed a spare blanket over him. His brother always told him to put the heat up, but frankly Oliver would rather have it cold. He could still feel pain where some of his limbs came apart, and sewing them back together could get sore as well. The cold at least numbed some of that pain on the surface, or at least distracted him from it.

[#347954 "....I suppose a should mark down my hand fell off again..."] He mumbled, going back to his desk to work on the report his brother made him keep. Every time a limb came loose or detached, Owen wanted Oliver to right in detail what happened, and how the pain felt. Oliver did his best to, but sometimes it was hard not to write [i It sucked.]

Oh well. He had nothing better to do for the rest of the night.
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Oliver was grateful when the stranger offered to help him stitch his hand back on. [#347954 "Oh..thank you. I very much appreciate it. Maybe this time it will actually stay on."] He hummed quietly. Anyone's stitches could be better than his.

He listened as the stranger told his tale, and mused the thought. [#347954 "Witch witch witch...Oh..."] He blinked a few times as the name came to him. [#347954 "I'm guessing that must be Sofia from down the hall...Hmm, perhaps you did the right thing in leaving before she noticed you."] Oliver puffed out a small laugh. He had heard plenty from the other tenants on the floor. Sofia was known for doing things like that, then waking up confused and in a fairly foul mood.

Once his hand was stitched back on, Oliver flexed his fingers a few times. It seemed to be on properly if he could move it well enough. [#347954 "Thank you..And yes, the couch is shoved over against the wall...It's under all of the clothing."] He nodded towards the windowed wall, where a heap of clothing was. [#347954 "Just throw it on the floor. I don't really care."]

He eyed the other up and down. This guy didn't seem like a criminal, and his story seemed one hundred percent true, so Oliver shrugged and lightly grasped the others hand in a shake. [#347954 "I'm Oliver. No need to apologize. I should apologize for startling you with my hand."] He gestured to the limb in question, before turning to walk towards the kitchenette. [#347954 "I realize not a lot of people run into rag dolls like me. We kind of get lumped in with Ghouls, even though I'm one hundred percent alive."]

He just shrugged to himself and turned towards the cupboards. [#347954 "Can I offer you anything? Once I'm awake I tend to stay awake for awhile, so I'll probably just be baking. Sorry if it keeps you from resting."] He peered over his shoulder at Eli. What kind of person would he be to not offer a guest something to eat or drink, even if the guest was a stranger, or uninvited.
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