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Three lives, raised in different social environments, will find themselves drawn together and left with a choice that could change everything. What side will they choose?

Humans - From the watery planet known as Earth. Mundane, though growing in their own way with technological advancement.

Ensolini - Alien race from a planet known to them as Oasideen. Oasideen is a desert planet for the most part, with large oasis that speckle the land providing close-nit resources while land farther away provides more raw resources that Earth has never seen, such as the mineral material used to make their ships and weapons. The Ensolini are actually humanoid in appearance, though their anatomy has an almost reptilian formation in nature. The Ensolini all have a psychic link to a various degree, those with closer social bonds forming a more powerful link than those who are distant from one another. The Ensolini also have telekinetic capabilities and a primal drive that can lead to heavy aggression. The Ensolini are a male-dominated race in both numbers and cultural hierarchy.


Ensolini are searching for a way to save their people, as a sickness has spread over the planet, rendering them unable to keep a stable ratio between genders. Looking for a close speices with a planet that is not toxic with disease, the healthy board ships and send out scouts. One such scouting team found Earth, crashing in an undisclosed location and then immediately being taken for study. They were experimented on, many of the group not making it through the first stages of testing. The final one was placed in a chemical coma and samples were taken from him so that their DNA could be studied. This DNA was used to make more, though splicing was done between alien and human genetics to form a crossbreed version.

When the Mothership intersects the beacon from the scout team's ship, they begin to try and contact any Ensolini who may have survived.


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I wasn’t sure what to do. Tasha had been missing for a week now and every time my father brought me near Sasha he always reacts the same – as in wanting nothing to do with me. He was wasting away to nothing, allowing himself to fade because his brother wasn’t anywhere to be found, at least not by either of us. I wish we could find some trace of Tasha. Sasha may not understand me, may not like me, but we both missed his brother dearly. That smiling face, excited nature… I didn’t like that it was missing from my life.

In the short time I had come to meet those two, they had managed to crawl right under my skin. In fact, any time Sasha was really depressed I would know and beg my father to take me to him, even if it was just to feel his anger and irritation crackle against my body in waves – anything other than his drowning depression. Today was no exception, and I was willing to take whatever emotions Sasha was suppressing to pull him from himself.

Entering the room, I ignored my father trying to talk Sasha into eating. Instead I edged around him carefully until I could crawl next to him, my arms wrapping protectively over his thin form and my face rubbing into his chest despite his reaction to my sudden behavior. I had never tried to get close to him before and now I was invading his personal space on a whole new level. A perk of this seemed to be a sharp buzzing sound in the back of my mind, as though someone was trying to talk to me through a thick wall. Closing my eyes, I ignored my father and Allan arguing, instead I focused on that buzz and gripped Sasha tighter.

[size10 [i OOC: Sorry it was short. I've been a little busy this week and I didn't know where to go with it because you didn't place Tasha anywhere.]]
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 110d 15h 58m 40s
I watched as Sasha struggled against me, realizing he was looking for his brother. I wanted to help him, wanted to comfort him, but somehow I knew my offered comfort wouldn't mean anything to Sasha. If anything, he may take out his aggression on me.

Moving, I went to pull my father out of the rubble, not even realizing Sasha was crying or that I was crying along with him. The tears running down my face left streaks through the soot from the explosion that had come to rest on my skin. [i 'Tasha... Where are you?']

My father took hold of my upper forearm and moved to stand on his own feet, a gash running down one side of his face.


"Stupid woman!"

The venom in my father's words had me back-stepping right into Sasha, my father's face a contortion of rage.

"I sent Allan to make sure she didn't do something foolish and still - Still!"

A sign escaped my lips as I realized he wasn't speaking about me, however now that I knew my father was cranky and normal despite cuts and scrapes, my mind went right back to Tasha.

"Tasha!" His name passed my lips as I yelled for him, praying he would respond to me, hoping he would come coughing but smiling, curious about the explosions.

[center ~*~]


Allan was getting tired of Beatrice yelling at him to get the beam pinning her to the floor off. He had tried and didn't have the strength to lift it alone. Besides, she wasn't an important concern in his book. The creature was gone, roaming what was left of the facility. They had to find it before it found the half-breeds. No one could figure out how the creature would react to the others, and honestly it was something he had never hoped to find out, especially in a time of crisis such as now.

"Shut up! I've got to get to the specimens as you call them. The creature is missing."

"Screw the specimens. Once we find the creature we can always harvest more DNA-"

Allan wasn't listening, he had seen something move in the corner of his eye and suddenly the sound of the spacecraft coming to life once again filled his ears. "Ciel..."
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 118d 11h 57m 37s
I felt like pouting as my father took away the fruit Tasha was enjoying. I couldn't understand why our food had to be different - after all we weren't all that different. If we were enjoying the food then we should have been able to continue eating it. However I didn't argue it, seeing as Tasha would be hurt in the process if I didn't agree to behave as well and eat off my own plate.

I did frown at Sasha though, something wasn't right with his lack of interest in his food. I wanted to reach out and touch him when suddenly my skin felt like it was being pricked with sharp needles causing my eyes to water. I cried out as a light engulfed the room, the feeling of something grabbing me just as an explosion knocked me off the table bench and into whomever was holding on to me for dear life.

Blinking, I felt my throat tighten at all the dust surrounding the cafeteria space. My eyes had been temporarily blinded due to the bright light that had filled the room just before the explosion. Now, barely able to see and having difficulty breathing, I couldn't even call out for the others. Instead I groped for the body I had collided with, my hands grasping thick clothing telling me it was one of the boys, just not which one.

"T-t-tash T-t-tasha?"

Gripping tightly to the body, my heart began to pound in my chest as panic set in, the sounds of more explosions filling my ears while at the same time my father groaned somewhere to my left. Yet even hearing him, I felt as though I couldn't leave the boy I was gripping between my fingers. If anything, I felt as though I had to protect the boy from my father, a territorial hissing sound leaving my lips, my arms wrapping protectively around the boy's body.

[center ~*~]

Allan coughed, his lungs burning from the smoke inhalation. Out of no where the explosions began all around the underground base. The creature on the table had gone still just before the onslaught. Beatrice was screaming from where she lay pinned under a beam from the ceiling, but he couldn't bring himself to help her. Instead he began to worry when he found the table the creature had been sitting on empty.
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"Originally my room was white, but I've tried to cover the walls in pictures. My bed is attached to the wall, it folds up against it to allow me more space if I want and sometimes I like to hide under it like a tent- Do you know what a tent is? I've read about them. You sleep in them out in the wilderness."

Picking at my fruit, I eyed the brownish chunks on the boys' plates, wondering what they were eating and if it tasted good. Reaching across the table I stabbed a piece off of Tasha's plate and put it in my mouth, my eyes closing as I chewed the strange textured substance.


A strange sound found its way up my throat as I swallowed the substance and opened my eyes, my father's face seeming ashen as he stepped away from me. "Ciel... Could you not eat-"

I tuned him out. His voice was getting on my nerves and I was sick of hearing it. Always telling me no, always telling me what to do but acting like I was some kind of pointless thing to him. Stabbing another chunk of the substance from Tasha's plate, I chewed slowly, my taste buds reacting differently than they had to the fruit I had become accustomed to eating. I actually found the strange unappealing looking food pleasing.

"Do you want to trade?" Tilting my head to one side, I pushed the plate filled with fruit towards Tasha, willing him to eat it if he wanted to.

[center ~*~]

"Beatrice... Please don't do this." Allan looked at the older woman, his eyes begging her right along with his mouth, but he could tell she didn't care.

Instead, Beatrice gave the order and the body laying at rest, now fully thawed, was hooked up to several wires and then had several volts of electricity run through it's body. "I understand you don't want this to happen, Allan, but we have never been able to understand their technology. The spacecraft seems to be active and we need to know why. He is our only way."

Allan swore as he watched the creature on the table begin to stir, pushing at it's restraints as its reptilian eyes slid open to peer at them all.
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 120d 46m 10s
I didn’t understand why the twins couldn’t eat like me. Granted there were things I couldn’t eat either… But still! They couldn’t try anything? I felt terrible about it, but glumly took a tray and went over to the fresh fruit. Truth was, I would love to eat different available foods as well, but I had found my system didn’t like the artificial chemicals that could be found in a lot of it. My father had suggested an organic diet, but then said they weren’t going to waste budget just because one person couldn’t stomach certain foods.

Placing fruit on my plate, I turned back to where the twins had gone, watching as Allan suddenly rushed away. There was an odd sensation tingling at the back of my skull, a need to follow after Allan, but I didn’t want to squander what was no doubt my last day with the twins. Forcing the urge to follow away, I skipped over to the twins and sat down, my eyes flickering over both their faces to the food coming out for them to eat.

“Do… do you like the cafeteria? I’m sorry you can’t eat the food offered. Truth is… I can’t really eat it either. I do like to smell it though! And the colors can be very exciting. I love vibrant-“ My eyes flickered over to Sasha’s face, zoning in on the scales by his eye.

Feeling embarrassed for staring, my eyes went back to the colorful fruit on my plate and I cleared my throat. “I love vibrant colors. They can be very comforting and give me a sense of belonging…”

[center ~*~]

“Stop! Don’t unthaw him yet!”

“What are you talking about, Allan? We need to do this before the ship does anything else.”

“Not right now, the twin specimens are having lunch with Ciel and they’ve already reacted to what you are doing!”

Beatrice glared at Allan suddenly. “The three specimens are not to be around one another right now. Their pheromone levels show they aren’t mature to breed yet. You may throw the female specimen into Tasha’s cage when the time comes. He has less physical weakness-“

“Ciel isn’t a tool you can use. Unlike the twins, she was actually raised around everyone. What will you say if she died in your attempts to breed her?”

“That a specimen died.”

Allan shook his head. “You are heartless Beatrice. Be happy you didn’t get selected for the original breeding tests.”

“It was an honor for those women to carry evolution. It was just a waste with the lack of results. We had hoped the offspring would have the telekinetic talents the originals had displayed, but all we have seen is mutated fingers much weaker that the original species has and enhanced emotions when they are close to one another.”

Beatrice tapped her chin a moment. “If Ciel doesn’t survive as her mother didn’t, at least it won’t be a waste. We can study her remains to see if we can find better answers.”

Allan wanted to protest, however Beatrice turned to stare at the creature on the table, it’s body like a humans in form, however covered from head to tail in the literal since in shiny vibrant red scales.
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 121d 21h 12m 37s
They were there in the cafeteria dressed in the same clothing I now tugged at. When I saw them, I thought about everything Allan said all over again. About how they were dangerous, how they were different from me. But when I looked at them staring around the room in awe, I just couldn’t see it. Instead I suddenly felt very excited, my heart beating a little more rapidly and my feet spurring into action as Allan yelled at me to stop.

However when he reached for me, I was already gone, running straight at Tasha and throwing my arms around him, tears streaming down my face without my consent. Being around these two boys was affecting me differently, causing my emotions to spike. Did I empathize with them because of our shared condition? Tightening my grip on Tasha, I realized that I was sad. I was sad that we wouldn’t see much of one another after this that he wouldn’t ramble on about things I didn’t understand and seem so full of life.

I felt a sharp tug on my arm, Allan demanding I let go and step aside before I upset the boys with my behavior. Pulling away from Tasha, I murmured an apology to him, my eyes trained on the floor until the tears stopped.

“This is why they weren’t supposed to meet, Pierre. The board decided it would be too emotional for Ciel. Their chemical make-up, or pheromones, pushes them to amplify their emotions around one another. It’s almost like they feed on one another psychically if what we have seen from the twins is true.”

Allan was lecturing my father, but I didn’t care. Dragging my hand across my eyes, I forced a smile, grabbed Tasha’s right hand then without thought grabbed Sasha’s left hand and dragged them over to the food line so that they could look at all the different foods available to them.

[center ~*~]


Somewhere deep in the facility a sleek onyx spacecraft came to life. It had been in storage since the last of its occupants had gone into cyrostatis. The scientists near frowned at the sudden activation as they hadn’t been able to figure the device out for years. Top scientist in the division tapped a pencil to her chin, debating on how they should go about the sudden activity.

Already Pierre had allowed the three test subjects to meet one another. In a genetic trial of ten pregnancies, those had been the only ones to survive the birthing process. Even then there had been complications with Ciel’s birthing… The second twin had not survived. It would appear the alien species did not adapt well with the human genetics and it had taken splicing more of the alien DNA into the growing fetus through the pregnancy. The results had been… Hideous in her opinion.

“We may have to wake up the specimen to understand what is happening with the ship. Originally we had thought we would come to understand it, but the ship doesn’t react to us.”

“Perhaps… We could bring the twins down and-“

“No. I don’t want them around it. I’m not sure what Sasha would do.”

“Begin the waking process of the specimen.”
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 122d 1h 2m 14s
My stomach growled a little as I redressed, my fingers splaying out across my stomach a moment, wondering what had happened to me- more like why does it happen to me? Why do I get so hot that I can’t control my body and faint? I’ve asked my father before, back when it first started to happen. He just changed my room location, gave me new clothing to wear, and has the temperature constantly freezing if I go unclad in my nightgown too long.

Glancing over at Allan who stood watching me, I began to wonder if he knew anything about the condition I had, or even the condition those boys had in conjunction to my own. “It’s nice seeing you again Allan. I was going crazy these past two weeks.”

“I bet. No one likes being locked up for long periods of time.”

Biting my bottom lip nervously, I tilted my head debating. “What about those boys… They were in cages.”

I watched as Allan ran his hand through his hair, his eyes looking at something to the side of my face rather than looking me in the eyes. “Ciel… don’t get too attached to those boys. They aren’t like you.”

I frowned. “What do you mean they aren’t like me? They have something similar to this condition,” I waved my hand in front of me, implicating my body.

“They are similar in nature to you, I can’t deny that… Their mother had the same sickness yours caught. But unlike you, they don’t function well around others and even around themselves. They are aggressive and can be violent. I don’t want you getting that close to them in case they become violent towards you.”

“But Tasha didn’t seem all that violent… He seemed really nice, curious. He didn’t even know what the cafeteria was.”

Allan closed his eyes and rubbed his temples as if something I had said gave him a headache. “Listen Ciel, you need to leave some things alone. The boys don’t know about things you do and giving them too much information may cause a problem with their violent tendencies. Sasha in particular shows very negative reactions when it comes to his brother or him.”

“In other words this will be the last time I have lunch with them won’t it? This is the last time I will see them in any environment that isn’t that room dad took me to.”

“It’s for the best. Honestly your father isn’t supposed to take you anywhere near them. He isn’t the head of the project they are associated with anymore.”

“But… Why not? I get it that they can be aggressive, but they’re still people. They still need contact with others. They said they had never been up close with a girl before, Allan.”

“It’s just safer that way, Ciel. Come on now, their probably already in the cafeteria confused and wanting to go back to their rooms.”

I frowned, but followed Allan out of my room and to the cafeteria. The entire time, my mind zoned in on Tasha’s bright nature, thinking how I wouldn’t get to see him again after this from the sounds of it.
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 122d 12h 12m 45s
My eyes narrowed on my drawing as Tasha talked, but I wasn’t focusing on it. I was focusing on what he was saying about dad. About… drills. Was dad experimenting on them? My humming stopped as I caught glimpses of the boys in exam rooms, in test rooms, moving things…

I blinked. Tasha was close to me now, leaning over my shoulder. I tried to recall what he had just been talking about, something about a plant. A smile touched my lips, I could feel it tugging the corners of my mouth. Plants were really nice to have. I loved the ones that were vibrantly colored, just like the red of the twin’s scales.

Looking up from the drawing to peer at Tasha in close proximity, I raised an eyebrow. “You’ve never… seen the cafeteria? It’s were people eat. I go there to eat when I’m not in trouble. Allan, Dad’s assistant, often eats with me. Dad is always too busy anymore-“

“Ciel, maybe you should go back to your room. I think you’ve talked enough with the boys.”

Standing up, I frowned, glancing through the glass to see my father’s sudden nervous expression. Something wasn’t right about his sudden fearful look as he stared at me then glanced over to the doorway at something or someone I couldn’t see.

“But… I like them. Can’t I stay a little longer?”

I watched my dad glance back at whatever I couldn’t see then nod and sit back down. “A little bit longer, then you have to come out and go have lunch. Allan has missed you, you know, Ciel. I’m sure-“

I frowned more at my dad. He was being nice, talking nice, but he doesn’t do that with me. He hasn’t done it in a long time. Shaking my head, I turned and smiled brightly at Tasha.

“Do you want to come eat in the cafeteria with me when I go-“

“Ciel… They can’t go eat in the cafeteria.”

Whirling back around, I glared at my father. “Why can’t they? Why are we so different to you?! Why do they get to spend time with you all the time? What the hell are drills, is it some sort of test? Sport? Why can’t they eat with me in the cafeteria, why can’t they sleep in normal rooms? Why-“

My skin was getting hot as I yelled. Two weeks of anger at my father’s lack of attention and caring on top of this strange loyalty I felt towards these two whom seemed to suffer from the same condition as me. I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest and my fingers shift from clenched fists to pulling at the turtle neck that was part of my daily wardrobe.

“Ciel? Ciel!” My father’s voice cried out as my world tilted and I heard the locks on the door release as he rushed in to pick me up, forgetting about the other two in the room.

All I could think about then was that my dad loved me, he was there for me. In the background I heard the familiar voice of Allan yell at Tasha to get out of the way and something about overheating followed by the sound of cloth tearing and something freezing being pressed against my abdomen causing me to hiss, literally hiss, in irritation before spots danced in front of my eyes.

“G-get it off,” I whimpered as the cold sank deeper into me, Allan’s voice muffled as I was laid down on the ground, my head hitting my sweater.

“You shouldn’t have upset her, Pierre, you know how she gets-“

“Just look at her skin… So vibrant, flushed with blood, heat. They aren’t this color normally, you know.”

“Are you even listening to me, your daughter could have-“

“Not in front of them. We will talk-“

“C-can Tasha and Sasha… eat lunch with me?”

Dr. Pierre Bijoux sighed and looked at me, his eyes holding something I couldn’t read. “Very well, because you got so upset at the idea of them not being able to eat, they may go into the cafeteria. Now allow Allan to carry you back to your room. You will need to apply a fresh shirt. The boys will meet you in the cafeteria shortly after they go to their rooms and change into something warmer.”

I nodded and looked towards the boys with a small smile before Allan picked me up and carried me out of the room.
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 123d 13h 34m 44s
I puffed out my cheeks in irritation as the two boys spoke. It was obvious Tasha was talkative, but he was also shortsighted when it came to something entertaining. He really seemed like an action now personality whereas the other was just aloof from it all. They were really different, yet they seemed familiar.

“Don’t worry, I won’t eat your food. I don’t eat that much.”

Crossing my legs on the floor, I pulled my binder to lay in front of me, opening it to display different types of paper, pens, and even photos of those around the lab. Digging through everything, I gripped my sketchbook and closed my eyes, inhaling the familiar scent of paper, ink, and charcoal. A warm and comforting feeling filtered over my body as it relaxed, my eyes opening again.

“You don’t have to draw… or eat. You don’t even have to talk to me. It’s just nice to be around people again. As far as you never being close to a girl... I can’t really help you there. There are women – older women – here, I’ve seen them, but I don’t know why they don’t interact with you. To be honest this is the first time interacting with people my own age. Normally I interact with Dad’s assistant, he visits me every couple days. Two weeks of isolation within my room… it was very lonely.” ‘Not to mention my dad seems to even like you two more than me. All he ever does is spend time with you two anymore,’ I thought bitterly.

Thinking of my dad, I stood and stretched, peaking out to find him sitting in a chair just watching with a curious expression. I didn’t understand him anymore. He used to spend time with me, used to want to be around me. Now it seems like he is avoiding me.

Glancing over at the two boys as I sat back down, I took in how they looked again. Was whatever we all seemed to have fatal? Was dad avoiding me because it hurt more?

“I wish my dad would spend more time with me,” I murmured softly, flipping through my sketchbook, my eyes sliding over the different scenes I had drawn in the last two weeks.

There were scenes of rooms I’ve never seen before, smaller than my own, emptier. Then there was a repeated scene of a door I had never come across in the lab, but the hallway leading to it looked the same as any other. And finally there was a scene where I had woken from what seemed to be a nightmare about me being trapped in ice of some kind – only the figure trapped in my drawing had come out older and male, and he looked more like the boys than he did me.

Coming to a fresh page, my favorite childhood rhyme slowly twirled around in my head as I began to draw, not realizing I had begun to hum.
  Ciel Bijoux / MakiOnyx / 4y 123d 15h 2m 9s
Tasha drew back, startled, at the newcomer's response to being put in a cage. Wasn't he used to it? The cells were a little small, but they were more comfortable than the chilly, cold-floored lab.  He'd rather be in here than out there; at least in the cells no one prodded them or bothered them at all--aside from when Sasha wasn't eating again. Then things could get uncomfortable. But for the most part...

Ciel reached through the bars at him, and he shied away instinctively,confused more than anything. Didn't everyone look like this? The researchers had never said anything about it, so he'd thought it was just something they'd grow out of. 

"There's nothing wrong with my nails," Tasha replied indignantly. It hurt when they clipped them; why would he want to keep them short?

And then, suddenly, the bars receded into the floor, creating a huge open area through the three cells. Sasha looked up at that and climbed curiously to his feet; Tasha adjusted so he could keep an eye on his older brother in case he tried a sneak attack. But Sasha was more curious than furious, and he drew closer quietly, peering at Ciel with half-lidded eyes. Dr. Bijoux's daughter, huh? A girl. He'd read about them, but he'd never seen one before. She was a little disappointing. Girls were supposed to be beautiful with long hair, but mostly she looked a lot like Dr. Bijoux.

"Disappointing," he muttered to himself.

"Draw? That sounds boring. Like something Sasha would do," Tasha replied.

Sasha looked up sharply, eyes slitting. "I'm boring?" he asked, a dangerous undertone in his voice.

"Well, all you do is mope all day," Tasha replied light-heartedly. "Oh, are you hungry, Ciel? Sasha didn't finish breakfast again."

"Leave my food the hell alone, I don't want to give it to some boring woman like her," Sasha snapped.

"Woman?" Tasha asked, looking back at Ciel. He leaned forward and breathed deeply, tasting the heat of her body. She was...different from him or Sasha, her heat distributed differently. Oh! He smiled. So that was why she was lumpy!

"We've never seen a girl before, not up close like this," Tasha told her.  Sasha sighed heavily and glared over his brother's shoulder. Tasha really would get excited for anything, wouldn't he?
  Sasha and Tasha / kaitoXi / 4y 123d 17h 57m 26s
I leaned against the wall my father had told me to stand near, my attention wondering from my position to the large window-like plane my father went to stand in front of, his finger hitting a button on one side and his voice rambling on. However what got my attention wasn’t what my father was saying but how he was acting. His voice was almost laced with underlining laughter, something I haven’t heard from him in a long time. Whomever he was talking too, it sounded as though their relationship wasn’t a negative one, even with the grumbly conversation.

Brow furrowed, I moved into view when my father called me to the window, my eyes blinking from the glare coming off the lights filtering through the glass pane a moment. When they finally adjusted, I tilted my head slightly to the left, taking in the two figures in the cells on the other side.

[b “Why’s he lumpy?”]

‘Lumpy? Was I lumpy in some way?’

Confused, I began to pat myself down, uncaring what they thought of the behavior, too curious to see how I was in fact lumpy. By the end of my search, my mouth had set into a thin line and my eyes flickered over the two figures once more, really taking each of them in. Unknowingly, I had pressed myself against the window to stare more and more at them in confusion as they looked so familiar and so different from anything I had ever seen before.

Suddenly, my father’s hand pulled at my shoulder, tugging me to a door that lead to the room on the other side of the glass pane. There he gave me the strangest look before turning around and shutting the door behind him, the sound of an automated lock sliding into place, drawing me from my attention on the two. Pivoting on my left foot, I glared at my father, hurt filling my face as he simply watched from the other side as though I too were like his...

“You said I would be free,” I screamed at him, slamming my hands up against the window pane again. “You promised! You promised that if I was good I could come out of isolation! I could go back to wondering about! You promised no more locked doors!”

Slouching over, my breath came out harsh, my throat sore from yelling. I wasn’t usually loud, and having been in isolation for two weeks with no one to speak to can really have an effect on one’s vocal cords when they are finally used. The familiar feeling of wetness began to trail down my face, fueling my anger at myself for being this pitiful being, for being trapped in this… this horrible body.

Slamming my fist into the glass one last time, I turned and slid down until I sat on the strangely warm concrete floor. In fact, now that I thought about it, this strange room seemed to be much warmer than the rest of the facility I had been allowed to wonder about in. Grabbing the bottom of my hoody, I pulled the outer layer off and leaned my head back against the glass ignoring my father now as I again tried to get a complete look at the others in the room, my eyes taking in their cage-like cells for the first time, registering in my mind that they were experiencing the same thing as myself. Being trapped.

Sighing, I let my eyes roam over the talkative one, I believe his name was Sasha? No, Tasha, that’s right. The one who said I was lumpy. Frowning at him, my eyes roamed over his form, noting for the first time that there was something wrong with him.. His skin…

“Like mine,” I whispered, moving up to Tasha’s cell, my fingers reaching through the bars as if to touch his skin, my eyes focused on the strange color of it, bronze with brilliantly shaded red oval scale formations on the back of his arms.

“Ciel,” came my father’s warning tone, but I didn’t acknowledge him as I strained to touch the person on the other side, my hand falling only to land on his scaled feet.

“They haven’t cut your nails,” I said out loud, glancing at my own covered feet, my hand moving from the boy in front of me to them, tugging gently at the soft material until it gave way, revealing a small foot with five toes, the nails trimmed. However, as I moved to put the slipper shoe back in place, the hem of my pant leg moved unnoticed by me, revealing pale skin with a delicate oval pattern of peach colored scales, much smaller than the ones on either of the boys. Realizing what I was doing, I jerked back and fell right onto my back, a gasp passing my lips before I heard another clicking noise, the sound of locks falling.

“If you are that daring, Ciel, I will allow you to get closer.”

My father’s voice wasn’t the same as it had been when he had spoken to the two in the cages. It held no kindness, no laughter, no friendly manner. It was cold and calculating. It was what I had become use to over the last few months.

“I understand, father,” I replied, my eyes moving from the one boy to the other, both their cell doors sliding into the floor allowing them to leave if they wanted. I was curious about them, they seemed to have something akin to my skin condition, only it looked much more severe from what I could see.

“Tasha, Sasha, do be nice to my daughter, won’t you,” my father’s voice had taken on that friendly tone again with them, causing me to crane my head only to find that my father had other doctors in the room with him watching.

Turning my head back towards the boys, I decided to try. “Do… you like to draw?”

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[i “London Bridge is broken down, broken down, broken down. London Bridge is broken down, my fair lady. Build it up with wood and clay, wood and clay, wood and clay. Build it up with wood and clay, my fair lady. Wood and clay will wash away, wash away, wash away. Wood and clay will wash away, my fair lady…” A child’s soft alto voice filled the corridors, bouncing off the smooth white walls. The sound of skipping feet seemed to give the voice a continuous rhythm that synced in harmony with the song.

In a room down at the end, in the direction the child was headed, a man sat viewing two monitors, his brow furrowed in confusion as the experiments on display did nothing but rest against the wall that separated them, ignoring the comforts he had arranged for them. They had been like this since they were separated into their own rooms, sitting idly by. The only time reactions rose from them was during their testing, to which both were present. The man just didn’t understand it. Before, when they had been in the same room, they had shown some interest in what was around them. Now there was nothing.

“Daddy, what are you doing? Did you miss me, daddy?”

The singing that had filled the long hall before announcing the upcoming presence of the child looking up at the man with strange vivid aqua blue eyes had died down as soon as the child had come to the doorway. Now the child stared at the man a moment longer before glancing towards the monitors suddenly.

“Daddy who are they? Can we play daddy, can we?” The child glanced back at the man, those vivid eyes seeming to light up with the idea for a moment he thought they even glowed.

Shaking his head, he glanced at the monitors, a slight gasp passing his lips suddenly as he saw the experiments had both shifted, their glowing eyes staring directly at the security cameras for a moment, as if they could see right into his office.

“Maybe someday, Ciel,” he replied to the child, his eyes never leaving the monitors, observing how the experiments went back to ignoring everything around them.

Pouting, the child hopped from the man’s lap and headed towards the doorway to his office. “Bad daddy, separating brothers like that. Their lonely without one another.”

With that said the child slipped from the office and headed back down the hall.
“…Silver and gold will be stolen away, stolen away, stolen away. Silver and gold will be stolen away, my fair lady. Set a man to watch all night, watch all night, watch all night. Set a man to watch all night, my fair lady…”]

[center ~*~]

Opening my eyes, I felt a yawn pass my lips and fill the silent void that had taken over the atmosphere. It wasn’t a bad silence, though after dreaming of a memory of the past it left the feeling of loneliness clinging in the air. ‘It was just a memory.’ I tell myself this over and over again, attempting to clear away the image of those lonely boys staring back at me on the plastic black outlined monitors in my father’s office. I have done this for the past week, each night the same dream assaulting me, the same two pair of eyes haunting me.

‘The isolation is finally taking its toll. Next time I defiantly won’t behave that way again.’

Sighing, I stretched my arms up over my head before one hand dropping back to rub the back of my neck, as if it could get rid of the stress accumulating in my muscles in the form of tension. I had been in isolation for the past two weeks, grounded to my room because of my less than appropriate behavior during one of my father’s important meetings. He had promised to lift the grounding when I could behave properly, and so far he has been too busy dealing with his work to come see me.

Trying not to grind my teeth in irritation at my father’s lack of interest in me and overabundant interest in his work, I slid out of my current position, curled in a thick blanket, and whimper as the cool air caresses my bare skin, chilling me instantly. Shaking off the cold, I strip out of my night shirt and into my usual attire, pulling on the long sleeve black turtle neck that even encased my hands, though only reaching past the second knuckle of my fingers. After that, I tug on the looser purple-based white striped hoody and slide into black fitting slacks. The last thing I do is slide my feet into black slipper-like shoes with built-in soft sock-like material.

Clothing complete, I clip some of the wilder thick strands of hair up, attempting to smooth the rest of it so that I appear somewhat decent despite not being able to leave what has become more a cell than a bedroom. Glancing in the mirror, I try to smile, try to see myself in a good light, but all I see was what I saw before the clothing came on; the strange patterned skin due to a skin condition.

A short knock came from my door before the sound of the automatic lock releasing and my father entered dressed in his usual white lab coat. A slight smile touched his lips as he stared down at what was no doubt data spread sheets before it vanished as he looked up to give me a calculated look.

“Have you learned your lesson, Ciel?”

I nodded, my fingers fidgeting at my sides.

“Very good. I know two weeks was a bit harsh, but starting an argument with others to get my attention is childish. I hope that you can understand my predicament. Now, I have a surprise for you. There are two young men I would like you to meet for breakfast. Don’t be alarmed by them, they simply haven’t had much interaction with a gir-… With someone their own age.”

One eyebrow raised, I began to follow my father out of my room curious about who my father wanted me to meet. Before I stepped out into the white-walled hall, I snatched up my drawing binder to take with me in case this turned out badly, at least then I would have something to do. Strangely I found myself singing that same old nursery rhyme from my dream.

“London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down…”

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