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[size10 Ω A new year has been born at the widely known Beacon Academy and with it brings both old and new students seeking to become hunters. Peace still flourishes within the world of Remnat, but groups such as the infamous White Fang seek to shatter that. However a ray of hope wonders aimlessly as a new group of students arrive at the academy. It is up to them, whether they know it or not, to help put an end to these peace murdering groups. Ω

[b S I D E N O T E:] For the most part, this will be a free world roleplay with our OCs. Plot twists are more than welcomed!

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✦[b Posting Limit:] Please post at least one complete paragraph with the best of your grammar and spelling abilities. Text talk, unless a character is using a cellular device in the roleplay, with no be tolerated as well as the usage of ** and -- in legit posts.
✦[b Posting Order:] I will not have a posting order unless ten or more people, not characters, join this roleplay. Please wait until at least two others of have posted before you post again to help keep the roleplay from becoming a 1x1 between two people.
✦[b Character Limits:] Characters must be at least seventeen-years-old for Beacon Students. Their names/nicknames must relate to a colour. Characters like Ruby who skip a year or two in training will not be allowed. I will place a limit on the number of faunus characters that can join if they out number human characters by a large amount. Faunus characters cannot be mythical creatures such as unicorns, dragons, and so on. Multiple characters are allowed.
✦[b Canon Characters:] Canon characters do not exist within this roleplay thus characters must not relate to any of them. A new headmaster will be created and will be a NPC until someone wishes to be the headmaster. Please do not copy any canon character or I will ask you to change your character.
✦[b God Modeling:] Although characters in RWBY do posses extremely talented and powerful fighting skills, please try to keep from god modeling all the time. Weapons must have their limits and weaknesses and characters must not be super powerful to were they can take down a Goliath from Mt. Glenn.
✦[b Teams:] Teams will be created once sign ups are closed and we begin to post our characters' arrivals. Right now I'll have it to where you may chose your teams. Team leaders will be picked by having a random generator select a number between one and ten and then having each team member PM a single number to me. Whoever gets the number or is the closest will be the team leader. Please [b DO NOT] complain about who gets to be the leader. If you do so, I will either yell right back at you or even boot you out of this roleplay.
✦[b Joining:] To join, submit a skelly(s) to me through PM with the title being "RWBY." If the title is blank or something else, I will ignore it without pity. Having the PM title will show that you have read and understand my rules.

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✦[b AGE:] +18
✦[b RACE:] Fanus or human.
✦[b ROLE:] Student, Teacher, Headmaster, or White Fang. White Fang members can also be others roles such as a student in the WF.
✦[b WEAPON(S):]
✦[b WEAKNESSES:] At least three.
✦[b STRENGTHS:] Try to limit this. If you have only three weaknesses, don't expect to get away with having ten strengths.
✦[b BIOGRAPHY:] Doesn't have to be super long, but at least a couple of sentences.
✦[b APPEARANCE:] Put the link to the URL so I can make sure the image is acceptable. Anime/illustrated only that are allowed by ES rules.

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[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=360590 Sini Livius] - STUDENT/WF - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=47001 SenpaiSickle]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=360992 πράσινο αστραπή] - STUDENT - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=43034 Targaryen_Born]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=361127 Igneous Myst Hawthorne] - STUDENT - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=32296 Akiho]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=323578 Nalani Sari Dabria] - TEACHER - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=41099 _Inspire]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=361171 Lyhna Lauren Liddell] - STUDENT - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=45221 Kaeleigh]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=361171 Venus James Lockhart] - STUDENT - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=45221 Kaeleigh]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=352609 Zero Sauron Dark] - STUDENT - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42317 LordGiro]
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[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=361425 James Paige] - TEACHER/WF - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42378 Crow37]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=361435 Clarix Kola Monroel] - TEACHER/VILLAIN - [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=32296 Akiho]

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When Sini winked at Lyhna, she felt oddly warm. The faunus's fangs glimmered in the sun when she smiled, and it reminded Lyhna of her Semblance. Venus looked down at Lyhna and sighed, "Well, Lyhna, how 'bout it? Let's go take a look at our new home."

Lyhna's face glowed with happiness as she smiled largely, laughing. She was one of the most optimistic and happy people Venus had ever met, but yet she wasn't obnoxious or an imbicile. It was nice. Lyhna was just... Sunny. It was the best word he could find to describe her demeanor. She grabbed his left hand in both of her's and started pulling him off the ship, practically running.

Now that they were mixed in with returning students, there were so many more people in the crowd. Lyhna continued to pull him through the crowd until they'd reached the front doors and Venus planted his feet. "Woah, Lyhna, come on, don't you want to walk around for a bit first? We just got here, and it's a beautiful day out." He suggested, hoping to see her let her Semblance really in action. The more he saw it, the more of it he wanted to see. It was always best when she layed down in the grass and just let it pour out of her. She was almost too bright to look at when she did it.

Just as Lyhna opened her mouth to say yes, however, an announcement over the loud speaker said that all first years needed to report to the auditorium immediately. The two of them sighed and followed one another into the auditorium. Lyhna immediately caught sight of Sini again, and by the puppy dog look Lyhna was giving him, Venus knew she wanted to go talk. He gave in and nodded, following her as she skipped over to the fox woman.

"Hey, Sini. I didn't have time to introduce myself. I'm Lyhna, and this is my friend Venus." She smiled brightly at Sini, and Venus decided that he should at least act friendly, so he followed in her suit, even bothering to shake the girl's hand. "I love your hair, by the way." The sincerity with which Lyhna said that seemed to take Sini aback, but overall seemed happy with the comment.
  Lyhna and Venus / Kaeleigh / 5y 23d 22h 58m 20s
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[size8 [b || ART BY ME ||]]]
[center ╔════════════════════════════════════════════╗
|| MOTHER - F U C K I N G - FOX ||]

[size10 Sini leaned against the fresh polished glass of the airship. Her slender hands swiftly brushed her long layered hair out from behind her back and replaced the white locks over her shoulders. She pulled a small, round pocket mirror from the pockets of her vest. The white plastic even had her "symbol" printed on the front. With a swift flick of her thumb, the mirror flipped open to reveal the circular reflective glass that shot Sini's face right back at her. As expected, her dual coloured lipstick was worn from the kisses she had given to the two boys. This annoyed her greatly. With her other free hand, the faunus pulled out her lipstick. It was double ended with each stick of the lipstick being a different colour. She pulled one of the clear plastic caps off of the dark blue and slid the colour perfectly over her bottom lip. She did the same with her top lip and the artic blue colour make-up.

She put both the mirror and lipstick back into her warm vest pockets. It was then that the fox noticed two humans pacing over to her. One was a female while the other was a male. Keeping up her false smile, the faunus waved at the pair.

[#1ac4c7 "Oh hey there,"] she said in a happy tone.

Sini started to say more when the intercom in airship signaled that the ship had arrived at the Academy. A hologram of one of the school's staff came on the windows an gave a short introduction. The staff member's words flew through Sini's only ear. Once they were done speaking, the students began to move out of the ship. The faunus looked awkwardly at the two humans.

[#1ac4c7 "Heh, well, I guess we'll have to chat later then. My name's Sini by the way."]

As she walked by, she winked at the female and gave a smile that showed off her fangs.

[center - - - ~~~~ - - -]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XzZCxIC.png?1]]

[center || AND - S I N I - L I V I U S - IS - HER - NAME ||
  [N.H] / SatanSenpai / 5y 30d 7h 33m 49s
After the long trip to Beacon academy was over Zero sighs and stretched his arms , Finally they had reach their destination.He grabs a sword case which holds Lilith inside his most favorite blade , He had share many battle and tribulations with it and considered it a partner despite the fact that it was clearly just a object.As he steps off the airship he stares at Beacon academy and gets a sense of excitement and adventure and thinks to himself ''I am sure I made the right choice coming here I can tell it''.He moves his way trough the front gate then everything becomes a labyrinth finding his class seemed impossible so takes out a piece of paper from his left pocket he had save the directions of his class in case something like this happened . He takes a deep breath and starts following it till he reaches the door to come in and wonders to himself ''I hope my fellow class members can figure it out ''. but then again maybe they din't at all need directions and were there already making him the only odd ball, With a bit of caution he opens the wooden door slowly and walks in where he sees the teacher its on the wait. He steps to the middle of the room and bows his head ''Zero Sauron Dark...pleasure to be in your class'' Zero says with a shy tone to his voice and then raises his head and waits till he its asked to sit.
  Zero Sauron / LordGiro / 5y 36d 3h 54m 55s
It was early in the morning when the Headmaster called James into his office. James arriving swiftly and closing the wood door behind him. Then standing in front of the Headmaster, straight and tall with his hands held behind him.

[b "James."]

[b "Yes, Headmaster."]

[b "I will be assigning some of this year's arrivals to your class. The usual conditions will be applied. Is this fine with you James?"]

[b "I understand. I shall train them as I have trained the others. There will be no differences in I how I go about it."] James turned towards the door and opened it, [b "All of my students will be trained as they have been before. If they drop out, it will prove that they are merely mediocre and will never reach their full potential."]

[b "Then I entrust them to you, James. If they cannot be persuaded to stay in your class by, then I shall call for our [i alumni]."]

[b "If it comes to that point, Headmaster, then I will personally thank you for your assistance."]

[b "Oh! And one more thing. You will be sharing a room with one of your fellow combat instructors: Clarix. We've already moved your [i teaching materials] to her room. She will be teaching the afternoon classes, you will be in charge of the morning lessons."]

[b "I thank you for your patronage, Headmaster."] With matters settled with the Headmaster, James left the administration building that is part of Beacon Academy. And then began to walk towards his newly assigned classroom.

Upon arriving at his classroom, he began to go about placing armaments about the room. Training weapons and armor began to sit about the room. All of it looking more than obsolete when compared to what could be used now; semblances and dust were now usable in the world and especially for combat. However, James believed that all of these improvements to technology and weaponry had made people far too dependent on them. True Hunters and Huntresses did not seem to exist in this world without having them endure the most grueling of training.

And because of this mentality, James had made the curriculum of his class focused on changing this. To destroy what students considered their basics and completely restructure them from the foundation up. To train them to be fighters with or without their semblances or dust. And James had a semblance of his own to ensure that this training was enforced.

However, as he was setting up the classroom with swords another person entered the room. She wasn't familiar to him at all. She actually seemed much newer by comparison to him. Though, perhaps it was just because he'd never seen the teacher he'd be sharing a room with, Clarix, until now. And she'd struck up a conversation with him, asking basic questions, such as what he was, what he'd teach, and how he'd teach it.

However, then mentioned that he was [i "that teacher"]. This confused James because he'd often just been addressed as "James", his surname, or "Sensei". Never [i "that teacher"].

But, this was for a reason. And the reason was that James taught the most rigorous, challenging, and trying class for anyone and everyone that had tried to survive it. And out of all the students that signed up for his class, there was almost always a 90% drop rate; sometimes higher or even to 100%, but there was a steady drop rate for almost every class. Then those who decided to stay with the program ended up not returning the next year because they could not survive all four years. They would be stronger than most second year students after a single year, but only by a well-defined amount.

Although, for those that could survive all four years and pass James' final exam, they became some of the most renowned Hunters and Huntresses. Able to take on missions right out of graduation that veterans would have difficulty with and complete the mission with absolute ease. James was known for creating the most elite graduates, but this was also what he was infamous for.

Over the many years he had taught at Beacon Academy, his courses had come to be known as the [i Demonic Trials]. And this tittle had caused many incoming students, for the last two years, to completely avoid his classes all together. Fearing for their lives that they might die, or criticizing James behind his back about his teaching method. But none saying it directly to his face out of fear that they might be forced into his class and be punished for their gossiping. This rumor even starting to affect the mentality of other teachers, afraid they'd be punished as well.

Most of the armaments had been set up before Clarix's arrival, and was finishing up. However, her comment had set off his curiosity. Why did she say [i "that teacher"]?

James turned to face her, straight faced and looking straight into her eyes with nothing but serious curiosity and nothing else in his mind. Then she responded to his question, [b "Well, before I answer that, mind giving me a name to call you by?"] She seemed to speak in an overly confident manner while sitting on one of the desks.

[b "James."]

[b "James, eh? Well, I'm Clarix Monroel. I'm guessing this is your first year teaching too, right?"]

[b "No, it isn't. I've been at Beacon Academy for the last five years and will continue to do so."]

[b "I see. Odd, I've been here for three and never seen you."]

James took the final box of armaments off of a desk and began to place them on the last weapon's rack. [b "My classroom was originally off to the side of the main campus."]

[b "I see...well,"] James heard her laugh and then open up her scroll.

[b "Do you find something funny?"] He didn't say anything that would be humorous in particular.

[b "Oh, just rich."] She then put away her scroll and held out a hand to him.

James had just about finished placing the weapons in their places when she spoke to him again. He turned around to face her once he was finished, [b "What's rich?"] James looked at her with one eyebrow cocked.

[b "I teach how to fight using your semblance and dust, and assist in helping students discover what their semblance is if they don't know what it is. Basically, the fun half of your class."] She continued to hold out her hand, [b "I'm the class the kids actually like to learn in."]

[b "Whether students like me or not is none of my concern. I teach them how to be Hunters and Huntresses. Not how to use the necessary."]

[b "Tell me, aren't you using your semblance right now?"] This time, she raised an eyebrow. James still didn't know what she was thinking, but just answering as he usually did.

[b "That is none of your concern."]

[b "Remember, I teach semblance use. So really, it's all my business."] Clarix then forcibly shook his hand.

[b "Why would you need to know that?"] In truth, he was and would be until after his morning training session with his new students ended.

[b "I never said I needed to know. All I'm saying is that I do. And a few other things."] She then smirked with her crimson eyes before letting go of his hand.

[b "What do you mean by that?"]

She only smiled knowingly before going to storage boxes of her own and began to pull out bottles of dust. Then started to fix up her part of the room while James finished his portion. This continued for a little while and the room would be ready for when the new students arrived.
  James Paige / Crow37 / 5y 39d 4h 37m 34s
Wind had never felt as good as it did when you created it yourself. Something about the idea that you were allowing yourself into the wind rather than it greeting you was so much more gratifying. Maybe that was one of the few perks a person could find in doing as she did all the time.

A skid could be heard from down the halls and a small entertained laugh. Two large storage boxes were stacked in her arms in front of her. Red eyes watched past them to make sure where she was going. "Let's see..Ah, this was it." With a turn, the girl came to a stop.

"Well, I suppose it's time to start another year. I wonder what this batch will be like..Oh, I hope that team YRDL is coming back this year. They were some of my best students. Summer break really pushes some kids away though. Oh well." She pushed open the door so it would lock itself open. They were so familiar.

[i ..I guess this was home for me..and family...at one point.] She sighed and began her descent into the room. Just before getting to the bottom, she spotted a brunette standing, organizing weapons on different sets of racks. She raised an eyebrow before asking, "Um, excuse me, who are you?"

He turned around, revealing a cold expression. "Why are you here?" Clarix nearly choked on her own breath.

"Well, last year, this was my classroom. I've come to set up. And you?" He raised an eyebrow with an expression only a confident person could have. She already didn't appreciate this person.

"The Headmaster assigned me to this room. I was making my adjustments as needed for when the students arrive for their first classes."

"Assigned..ugh, great, so I'm being moved? That's just perfect." She dropped her boxes onto one of the desks for students and pulled out her scroll before sending out a text to the Headmaster, asking for her new room assignment. Once done, she sat her phone in front of her and leaned back on the table.

The pair of scarlet glanced around the room, questioning the set up. The weapons lined up gave such an official feeling and this guy seemed like he couldn't change the straight line on his face. He went to a box of weapons and continued doing as he was before. How many weapons did this guy need? And why did he look familiar?

"I teach combat courses."

"Combat? You don't say?" She gave a sarcastic remark before huffing to herself. "What kind? There are different variations of combat courses here."

"I do not allow the use of semblances in my class."

She smirked. "Oh~" Her voice chimed. "So you're [i that] teacher." Clarix pushed herself up to sitting on the table.

"Dust is also prohibited in my class. And what do you mean by 'that teacher'?" He didn't stop his organizing as he spoke. Clarix could only shake her blonde head as she held back a chuckle. [i So this is who I'm sharing a class with? Well, I know which teacher the kids will like better, that's for sure. Things just got a bit more interesting with this one.]
  Akiho / 5y 39d 18h 17m 25s
[center [size12 [b [Font "Times New Roman" . : . A BROKEN DANCER . : .]]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/v1uoXg8.jpg]]

[size10 A single eye dawned at the interior of the aircraft. The brightly colour eye darted around briefly at the insides as well as the others within the plane. Compared to the others, Noir must’ve stood out by having one eye and being a faunus. Silently the black and white person drifted towards an empty part of the aircraft and sat down with their single duffle bag next to them. Noir was told before they got on the aircraft that this would be a decently long trip until the aircraft landed at Beacon. Because of this, the lone faunus began to take off their large and decorative boots by pulling down the zipper in the black of each boot. Noir tugged each one off to reveal a pair of robotic feet. White, glossed metal and black material that protected the joints of each piece of metal replaced warm, sweaty flesh. Toes did not exist on the fake feet which the feet a more shoe-like appearance. Several students stared at Noir, but they shook off the odd looks and pulled out a pair of black and white earphones, which Noir put on. Music began to stream into the faunus’ head.

“I hope this trip gets better,” Noir thought to themselves as they moved their feet to the beat of the song, “or else I’ll pass out from boredom.”]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/7vreeQg.png]]
  [N.H] / SenpaiSickle / 5y 31d 22h 8s
Zero was sitting at the back of the airship he had just one thought in mind ''even if i am gonna become a soldier again at least this time ill make some friends''. He glances to his surroundings kinda desperate to finally get to the classes proper than to waste his time sitting around, although there was not much he could do nothing else to do at this state The airship was the transport that led to Beacon Academy and as long as he was inside mobility and room to play around was gonna be rather restricted .He starts to close his eyes and lay back on his seat staring outside the window near him . '' I certainly hope...nobody minds the mask'' he ask himself , after all he had no reason to wear the mask but keeping his face away from the public was something that he was used to by now as a unofficial agent , well used to be agent . He its now a student of Beacon Academy where he will ''learn'' to fight . Of course he knew how to so maybe holding back during the first semester won't be a bad idea that way he can get to grow up with his fellow students , that its unless they know how to fight as well in which case there was nothing to worry about. Sauron adjusted his sitting stance getting straight when a girl with white hair and a red coat passing by .'' Gotta mind my own business''. He though to himself as he let out a sight after all the trip was already tiring him.
  Zero Sauron / LordGiro / 5y 42d 23h 2m 4s
As pale as the girl was, she blended in with the shadows of the corner. It wasn't that she necessarily hid from the crowd of students. Igneous simply wanted to watch out the window and didn't have conversations on her mind. The girl wasn't opposed to talking, but as far as the other students were concerned, she seemed to want to be far away from here.
Everything was so small from on the ship. You could look down and see all of Vale in the blink of an eye. To think this was what she's come to. [i I would much rather be on the ground..] Igneous crossed her arms, holding herself further back in the corner in safety. Heights weren't as much of a fear as they were a dislike. Being too close to the glass wall made it appear that one could fall within seconds, and this was quite unsettling.
Looking around, one could see the individuality in each of the faces. After so many years of people's attempts to break down the world's many varieties, it seems this place has really only grown stronger.
When others began to crowd about the window, Igneous found herself moving away from her corner and down the center of the ship. Again, she might as well have still been in the shadows. Yes, she got a few looks, but who wouldn't with stark white hair and bright red eyes? Especially when your coat reached out far behind you and helped to cover you from head to toe. Only, Igneous didn't see them looking at her as for vanity reasons.
[i They can't know..There's no way they know, after all, none of them are showing..] She kept her bag close at her side as her other arm gripped around her stomach. The huntress hurried to the other end of the ship, attempting to avoid the looks of others that she could only see as malicious. [i What am I doing here?]
  Igneous Hawthorne RWBY / Akiho / 5y 44d 7h 22m 13s
Lyhna pressed herself against the window of the airship, looking down at the ground so far from where she stood. "V, I still can't believe it, we got accepted into Beacon! Beacon!" Venus looked up at his friend from where he sat on the ground and smiled. The sun bent around Lyhna's perfect figure, making her glow.

He noticed some boys starting at her- no one was free from Lyhna's charm, especially when she stood in direct sunlight- and he stood up, looking out with her, and placed an arm around her delicate shoulders. She allowed it, not realizing why he was doing it. They may not have been saying, but Venus was sure as he'll going to make sure people thought so. Then he wouldn't have to scare anyone away.

He gulped, once again feeling guilty about past choices. Lyhna had only ever dated three people. And Venus had secretly ruined all three relationships. [i Someday, she'll realize we're meant to be together...] Venus thought hopefully.

"I can. We're good at what we do, Lyhna. They'd be idiots not to accept us." He told her, running his fingers through his white hair, wishing he could do so with Lyhna's instead.

Lyhna looked up at him and smiled. She could tell he was getting possessive- he always did around strange men- but she let him do it anyways. She didn't love him like he did her. She tried, but the spark just wasn't there on her side. The problem was that the one time he'd ever brought his feelings for Lyhna up to her, she'd been 100% honest with him and told him that she thought of him as a brother and want in love with him.

This had sent him into an aggressive depression. The few times he had talked over the next three weeks, it had been a snide, rude comment, and he'd even lost his temper a few times. She was terrified about what would happen if she stopped letting him do the little things like this.

She wanted to love him, but couldn't.

Lyhna turned around to scan the rest of the incoming students, and her eyes caught sight of a fox faunus kidding the cheeks of two boys. "Wow, she's beautiful..." Lyhna muttered to Venus.

"She's okay. I've seen better." He replied, looking down at Lyhna. She playfully pushed him away and the two simultaneously started waking up to the girl.
  Lyhna and Venus / Kaeleigh / 5y 44d 22h 6m 39s
πράσινο was cradling herself at the very front of the Airship, the trip hadn't been very pleasant for her and the only this separating everyone from her was Dragon also the fact she had built a barrier made from her bags so that no one would see her. People laughed when they saw her hair, she was born with her unique green hair and as many times as she told people it was natural they laughed told her to shut the hell up and just to admit it was a real good dye job. [+Green please be over soon] her mind moaned as she squeaked [+Lime I'm not going to make the trip without puking].

Thankfully no one heard her. She continued to take a lot of deep breaths not that it helped much. [+Lime we are going to die.] she moaned this time she didn't expect to hear someone respond [+Gray scared of heights? So am I] she looked up but couldn't see them but then again the barrier covered most of her view anyway as she took deep calm breaths she heard someone cancel an incoming call on their scroll and she
wondered why, she never did that she never rejected a call in case it was something important [+Lime I apologize you can't see me can you?] [+Gray no, no one can.] [+Lime what's going on who just rejected their call?] [+Gray some Fox Faunus] [+Lime oh] [+Gray well we are about to land so hang tight.] she groaned and gripped onto Dragon who purred she needed to stay calm before she had an attack.

No one knew why she had a fear of heights, some say it was because of the accident which was partly true and sadly because of it πράσινο absolutely hated her legs they were scarred and they were just so horrid that she was forced to smash the bottom half of her mirror which her father had bought for for her. Now she wore either tights,jeans or leggings nothing else. After the accident she trained so hard that her mother and father pitched in what they could to buy Dragon who now went with her
everywhere, it annoyed her whenever she went out because people would ask her for a fight or they would ask why she had such a dangerous weapon. She never answered she just walked on. Another thing πράσινο did was wear hoodies as she couldn't stand people questioning her green hair. [+Green I hope I belong here, I know I will if I have to kick their asses so be it] she told herself confidently. Hopefully her spirit was enough to get her through.

She was asleep when she heard the voice again, the voice of the fox. [+Green she's probably going to ask everyone whose bags these belong to. No one will be able to answer she'll tear my barrier down and the people will see me.] she shuttered at the thought and hoped someone would cover for her, though she doubt they would her bags were pretty much every shade of green you could think of and her symbol was a lightning bolt coiled around by a leaf. She saw one of her bags shift and she sighed before saying out loud [+Lime whoever the hell you are fuck off and don't touch my bags unless you want to get hurt.]
[center [pic http://orig01.deviantart.net/3b5f/f/2015/143/5/7/sini_small_by_aquariusnerds-d8ufme8.jpg]
[size8 [b || ART BY ME ||]]]
[center ╔════════════════════════════════════════════╗
|| MOTHER - F U C K I N G - FOX ||]

[size10 Long, layered locks of snow bounced and swayed up and down and side to side as a lone fox prowled down the insides of the airship designated to travel to the oh so famous "Beacon Academy." An inhuman aura cursed with the needle-like aching cold surrounded her like a posse. A smirked was perfectly formed by her multi-coloured lips that reveled a pair of large canines in a set of tiny, sharp fangs. Her sickish green eyes drifted here and there along the faces of the others as she stared each of them down with a dark, yet cockish look. Her appearance made her intimidating from the start, but her personality turned her into the devil. Although she didn't recognize anyone right away, she wouldn't be surprised if someone else did. Either way, she knew that eventually the other students would learn about her and how she acted.

The faunus continued to strut down the ship. Her curves moved in an almost memorizing way. Unlike the others, she didn't have the chains of luggage to carry around herself. The fox managed to manipulate two boys into carrying her two suitcases into the ship and wait for her by the windows near the end of the aircraft. Men, and even women, often fell for her looks and she used that for the better of her. True that it didn't work on all people and she couldn't get certain people to do some tasks, but it worked more than what she needed for small things. This "gift" would also fade away as those around her learned more and more about her, well, bitchy attitude.

[#1ac4c7 "Well aren't you two just sweet things!"] the faunus purred as she came towards the two boys, [#1ac4c7 "Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it."]

The two male blushed a bit before giving her the usually "It wasn't a trouble." To help keep her charm up, she gave the pair a quick peck on the cheek before they strolled over to join their friends with cherry red faces. She smiled until they weren't in her view.

[I "Fucking human shitbags..."] the words hissed through her mind.

Despite her sweet look for the moment, she had a raging fire against humanity. Still, however, she was traveling to a school where she would be outnumbered by the peevish species. For all she knew, the faunus could be the only faunus on her team. The thought twisted and turned in her stomach like a school of panicking live fish. Disgusting, dark, and chaotic were just a few words to describe it. Somehow she kept her feelings locked up. She was taught to do this over and over in her life.

Then she heard a ringing from her right and only ear. Unlike others of her kind, she wasn't born with an extra set of human-like ears. This was a major weakness for her and she did her best to live with it. She slid a hand into her vest's pocket and pulled out the small sized scroll. [I He] was calling, but with a grin, she slid her index finger across the device to cancel the call. For now she wouldn't answer any calls or messages since she was busy with the whole "student act."]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XzZCxIC.png?1]]

[center || AND - S I N I - L I V I U S - IS - HER - NAME ||
[center [size10 [b [http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/Scroll Scrolls are the phones of RWBY by the way!]]]]
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