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[font "Times New Roman" [#003300 [i When I was 16, I got raped by my step-dad. I'd never been close to him before, but I never thought he would do that to me.

I tried to tell my mother about it, but she didn't believe me. She thought I was making it up because he was sort of a dick bag to my mother, so he kept doing it.

He kept doing it for almost a year, and he kept me quiet about it, so I didn't say anything to anyone. Not until I couldn't take it anymore.

One night, at a party, I got a little tipsy, and I let it slip to someone. Her name was Alyssa. She was my friend, or at least, I thought she was my friend. She let it get around the whole school, and I was unaware of this fact until the following Monday.

I walked into school, and everyone was staring at me. Some with pity, some hate. I was so confused. The counselor found me before I got into first period, and he asked me to speak with him. He told me what he had heard, and he asked me if it was true. I broke into tears as I ran out of there to the bathroom.

People were still looking at me. Everything started to make sense. Their stares made it seem like they thought I was infected, like it was my fault I was continuously raped. I even overheard someone say, "Now he won't die a virgin."

I ran outside, and I had a full blown panic attack after I made sure no one could see me.

My step-dad left when he heard about it. He just disappeared. No nothing. The police went on a search for him. They never found him.

My mom began to treat me like shit after that, mentally and occasionally physically abusing me. Before that, she'd just ignore me. I was only child then, thank goodness, so no one else had to suffer through that.

We had to move because I was getting picked on so much, so now I'm stuck in this hell hole called Opal High, and I won't talk to anyone. I don't really see a point.] ]

Baykal Luscia is an 18 year old high schooler, just trying to get through his last year without any trouble. He doesn't hang around anyone. He's always somewhere with one of his books because they are his escape from reality. He won't talk to anyone, not even the teachers.

He has to spend his senior year in Opal High, where your character notices him.

Where we go with this is to be determined. My rules are [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=356922 here.] Message me if you're interested c: -Enzo


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Neveah's eyes widened as Baykal spoke, she leaned forward and grabbed his hands, a smile on her face [b "I can see we are going to be great friends"] she leaned back, letting go of his hands [b "I'm sorry about all the people in this school, they can all be real shit heads."] she smiled again and pulled two books of the self and passed one to Baykal, a page already open, as a teacher walked passed. [b "Sorry"] she whispered [b "Didn't want you to get in trouble, you don't seem to like yelling or violence"] she said, looking down at her book, not even reading it. She remembered his reaction on the first day of school when she met him. His face when she kicked him so that he wouldn't get in trouble, flashed through her mind, she felt really guilty for doing it but if she didn't, he would of been yelled at, like she was.

She looked up at him and gave a slight smile [b "Don't worry Baykal, I will look out for you when I can."] she looked over at Qwerty who was arguing with a teacher that wanted them two to go to class. Neveah sighed [b "Mr. Asswipe wants us to go to class. Whats your next class again? I could walk with you..."]
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[font "Times New Roman" Baykal let go of Nevaeh when she thanked him. He never said anything, only offered a small smile. But he returned his arms to the position they were in when she hugged him. He tried to be as gentle as he could with her, but he kept a tight enough grip on her to hopefully make her feel secure. He knew she probably wasn't used to being held, and he wasn't either, not so gently. He liked it though. It felt nice to have someone hold him. It felt nice to be touched without brute force.

When she spoke, he snapped back into reality. He listened to every word she said, and he thought about it for a few moments, just absorbing the thought. He mouthed the word 'friend' with a confused looked. He hadn't had a friend in years. He looked to the floor and shrugged slightly.

[#003300 "Never had a friend,"] Baykal said a such a small whisper, his soft voice lingering. It felt weird to speak. He hadn't talked in over a year to anyone. He felt his body stiffen up. He let go of her, afraid of how she was going to react. The last time he had spoken was to his mother, telling her what happened to him. She knocked him out with her whiskey bottle. Baykal sat on one of the library tables and brought his knees to his chest, hoping she wouldn't have as bad a reaction.]
  Baykal Luscia / EnzoSnicket / 3y 48d 20h 27m 17s
Qwerty moved away from the two and went back to his work as Neveah shifted in Baykal's arms to look at him [b "Thank you..."] she mouthed, her eyes flicking to the drawing in her hands. She gasped as she saw some of her tears had gone on the paper, her bottom lip jutted out and started shaking. She had wrecked something, something her friend had given her, her first friend.

Neveah took a school book out of her bag and carefully put the drawing under the cover to keep it safe before she turned around and put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest. Her body pained her with every breath, every movement, every touch. They stayed like that for sometime before Neveah spoke [b "I know something happened to you... Like something has happened to me... I think you might have guessed some of mine due to yesterday... But I want us to be friends... And to help each other... Is that ok?"] she had said all of this speaking into his chest before she looked up at him to see his reaction from under her eyelashes. She knew he wouldn't tell her about it yet, but she was telling him that when the time came he could tell her.
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[font "Times New Roman" Baykal debated not going to school the next day, but he knew he had to. He didn’t want to be near his mom. She was having one of her moods where she liked to yell and drink. So he got dressed the next morning. He was on his way outside about 20 minutes early, wanting to get in some reading, but him being a bit of klutz, he knocked over his mother’s bottle of whiskey. It was half full.

[#7D7103 [i “Baykal!”] ] he heard his mother yell. Baykal’s heart began racing. His instinct was to flee, but he knew that if he did, he would only be scolded worse when he came back. His mother walked in, and a vein popped out of her forehead.

Everything was a blur after that, until he found himself lying in the glass of the bottle he had broken. The glass had embedded itself into his arm. It had been coated in some of the whiskey, which caused a burning sensation with the pieces that had broken his skin. Some of the glass had also got in his side. He looked at the time. He had roughly 10 minutes left to get the glass out of him, cover up, clean up, and get to school.

When he arrived at school, Nevaeh passed him by, and he poked her arm lightly, but it was hard enough for her to notice, he could tell. She ignored him though. He watched her make her way to the library, and he sighed softly. He followed in her footsteps and caught the door before it closed.

She had been looking at the thing he had drawn for her. She had been crying. Baykal dropped his stuff down before noticing Qwerty motioning for him to come over. He obeyed. Baykal wrapped his arms around Nevaeh softly and rubbed her back in as comforting a manner as he could manage.
  Baykal Luscia / EnzoSnicket / 3y 51d 14h 57m 2s
Neveah had left the school grounds for the day after Brad's friend said something. She slowly walked home after dark knowing she couldn't wait much longer. As she opened the door there stood her brother, he hit her and she fell, her mind quickly giving into the darkness from the pain.

[center [i ~~TimeSkip to the next day~~]]

Neveah slowly got up, her body aching as she stood and stretched. She listened out for anyone awake or home and heard no one. Looking around her room, at her big bed, her desk and her bookcase. It looked like any other teenagers room, but this was the only place she was free. She moved over to her closet and pulled out a long sleeve black jumper with black jeans. Her face and body was already starting to bruise, she sighed and put heavy make up on to cover the bruises on her face. Looking at the time she realized she was late so she quickly finished getting ready and ran to school.

She went to each class and kept her head down, she didn't even look up when Baykal poked her to get her attention. She moved quickly towards the library when the lunch bell rang and grabbed a new book off the rack, when she was upset she always picked a new book. As she was reading Qwerty moved over to her and placed a piece of paper on her book. When he had moved away she slowly picked it up and opened it. She read it and quickly started crying. This boy who had known her for such a short amount of time did this for her. Qwerty quickly moved over when he saw her crying and held her hands, motioning for Baykal to come over.
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[font "Times New Roman" Baykal kept to himself for the next few hours in his classes, as he usually did. He didn't like most of the people in his classes. It seemed this town was ridden with a lot of asinine fools. But when he got to lunch, he saw the one person who had talked to him at all and didn't act so mean, walking up to him as he was grabbing a drink from the poor selection. Milk, water, and juice were the only choices. He just grabbed apple juice as he listened to Nevaeh speak.

[b "Ummm... I was wondering if maybe we could hang out sometime... I saw your into books... Maybe you could show me some of your favourites…"] she had said. He instinctively smiled just a little at the mention of books and the fact that someone was interested in his favorites. He read and read and read books. His favorite things were reading, writing, and drawing. He hadn't been drawing or writing much since he had moved, mainly reading, but he still loved both.

[#7FFF00 "Hey, hey, hey, Little Lady. Making a friend or a new bed buddy?"] he heard one of the jocks that were there when he fought their ringleader. He watched her walk away, and his smile faded. His anger was a little on high because that was a shitty fucking thing to say, and he knew that. Baykal rolled his eyes and walked away.

He went back to his class, and he pulled out a piece of paper and began sketching. No one paid him any attention in his class, as per usual. He already knew what the teacher was talking about because the standards were different at his old school, and he had already learned it.

He spent the rest of the day working on it, and he finished it. It was sort of like a comic strip. The first part was a drawing of tall, slender, dark creatures, surrounding a boy balled up, crying in the middle of them. They were saying cruel things like, [#FF0000 "I bet your sister killed herself to get away from you,"] and [#FF0000 "There's a reason your parents always hated you."]

The next one was of the same boy strangling himself in his mind. The next, a girl, crying, with creatures saying mean stuff to her. [i [#7FFF00 "Hey, hey, hey, Little Lady. Making a friend or a new bed buddy?"] ] The next were the same words by a blank, where you could put 'True' or 'False', and he put false.

The next was the boy giving the girl a hug in attempts to make her feel better.

Baykal looked at his final work and fixed a few small details, and then he signed at the bottom. [#003300 [font "Courier New" -Baykal] ] He folded it up to where each box would have one of the pictures, and he wrote [#003300 [font "Courier New" -N] ] on it. He gave it to Qwerty and looked at him. Qwerty knew what to do.]
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Neveah had her eyes closed as she heard the library door open, her eyes opened slightly and she saw Baykal's green frog beanie. She sighed and sat up on Qwerty's lap and rubbed her eyes [b "Sorry Qwerty"] she mumbled. Neveah stayed in his arms for alittle bit longer then moved onto the seat next to him.

Qwerty called the office to state that Neveah was with him and helping him with the books that were to high for him to get while she wasn't feeling well. The office agreed after sometime but said she had to go to her next class. [#0000CD "Little one..."] Neveah looked up from the pile of books she was sorting, she hadn't spoken since she said sorry. [#0000CD "Do you have any friends at this school? I've never seen you around anyone and smile..."] Neveah nodded and pointed to Qwerty [#0000CD "Other than me sweetie... I'm an oldie compared to you."] Neveah looked down and shook her head then went back to sorting the books.

After Neveah finished sorting she picked up her book and started reading [#0000CD "Ok... Neveah look at me"] Neveah looked up at him and put her book down slowly [#0000CD "I will make you a deal... You make a friend by the end of this week and I will give you a key to the library so you don't have to be at home all the time."] Neveah smiled slightly, this would be her escape, she hugged Qwerty and nodded [#0000CD "You will do that for me?"] Neveah packed her book away [b "Yes Qwerty I will try, but I don't know who... Everyone bullies me here... and no one knows the truth..."] Neveah didn't want to tell Qwerty that most of the school did know and either didn't believe her brother would do that or knew he would and shared her with her brother... It sickened her but she couldn't do anything.

[center [i ~~TimeSkip~~]]

Lunch time came around and Neveah walked to the lunchroom for the first time in a long time, she looked around and saw Baykal getting a drink from the canteen line, she quickly made her way over there [b "Hey..."] she mumbled to him, she didn't have money to buy anything at the canteen so she grabbed her apple out of her bag [b "Ummm... I was wondering if maybe we could hang out sometime... I saw your into books... Maybe you could show me some of your favourites..."] By this time Neveah could tell he was mute and knew that showing would be easier for him. She smiled slightly then stopped when one of Brad's friends walked up to her [i [#7FFF00 "Hey Hey Hey Little Lady. Making a friend or a new bed buddy?"]] he winked at her then leaned down and kissed her cheek, her eyes found the ground before he even talked to her, her eyes filing with tears as she knew what this meant, she would be punished tonight for talking to another boy [b "Sorry..."] she said then quickly walked away.
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[font "Times New Roman" Baykal sat in the library, listening to Qwerty, obviously not saying a word. After a while, Qwerty had to deal with some stuff on his computer, so Baykal went to back to his book. He was about halfway done with it so far. He was a relatively fast reader.

He read for a while before someone came running through the door. He didn't look to see who it was because he was so engaged in his book, but he could hear the crying, and her voice... It was Nevaeh. Baykal stiffened up a bit and lost focus on his book. He pretended to keep reading for a few moments before closing his book and gathering his stuff as quietly as he could. He had a feeling she wouldn't want him around, not after he hugged her. She gave off the "I don't really like to be touched" vibe.

So he slipped out as quietly as he could. He really didn't want to go back to class, but he knew that was where he was safest. The assholes that had been harassing him couldn't beat him up with the teacher there, and they would get scolded by the teacher if they tried being asshats to him publicly.

So he went back to his hell of a classroom.
  Baykal Luscia / EnzoSnicket / 3y 69d 17h 13m 38s
Nevaeh walked into her class late, she was being stared at by everyone in the class. She quickly looked to the teacher and smiled sadly [b "Sorry..."] she mumbled as she walked past him and towards her seat at the back, Brad sat a few rows in front of her but she kept her eyes on her desk so she didn't know when he put his foot out and tripped her. She fell over dropping her bag on the ground, she tried to get up quickly but she heard the whole class laughing and the teacher trying to calm the class. Brad stood up to "Help her" he grabbed her bag and pushed it roughly into her chest [#6495ED "Guess that fag isn't here to help you now, or maybe even later"] he said smiling angryly.

Nevaeh jumped up and ran out of the room, she stood around the corner crying for sometime before she slowly walked to the library. She had to go she Qwerty, he is the only one who really knows what happened to her and made him keep it as a secret. Her slow walk picked up into a quick run as she made it to the library doors and ran in, dropping her bag and running straight to Qwerty, holding onto him tightly and crying now silently into his chest. She had sat on his lap without realising it and didn't even notice that someone was with him. Qwerty shushed her and quietly asked her book she was reading today. She didn't answer but stopped crying soon after but just stayed holding onto him and not moving.
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/3nNXnG0.jpg]

[font "Times New Roman"

As Baykal hugged her for a bit, and it kind of seemed like she wasn't even there for most off it, but what could he do about that? He just enjoyed the contact. It felt nice to be gently touched instead of rough like his step-dad used to do to him.

His grip around her was tight, but gentle. He wanted to make her feel secure because he wasn't going to say anything, even though he wanted her to feel okay.

Baykal let her go because the memories of his step-dad was just too much for him to handle. He wanted to ask her what was wrong because something was going on, but he didn't say anything, as usual.

After she left, he decided to ditch his next class. He didn't think he could handle going to class, so he rushed to the library, and as soon as he rushed in, he noticed the librarian was busy, so he sat at a table and pulled out his book and indulged himself in the world of his book, his favorite hobby.

[center [b .] ]

[#A9580E "Having fun?"] Qwerty asked Baykal, causing him to jump a bit. [#A9580E "Sorry, Baykal. I didn't mean to scare you."] He sat down in front of him, and Baykal closed the book. [#A9580E "So, if anyone asks, you were helping me rearrange some of the books. It'll keep you and me out of trouble."] That made Baykal smile a little bit.

They sat there and had a small conversation for the period, although the conversation was rather one-sided. Qwerty recommended a few books to Baykal, and he just sat there, sometimes smiling. It was rather unimportant.
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[center Nevaeh's eyes widened as he leaned down to hug her. She flinched from the contact to begin with and then calmed down slowly. It took her everything inside her not to scream when he hugged her, she wasn't use to these gentle, soft touches. These touches that she wished long ago that she could of had. She heard him sob and slowly reached around to hug him back, she realized he was hurting just as much as she was. Just as her arms touched his back in a light hug he pulled away and looked away. But his arms around her had bought back the memories of the first night...]

[center [i Flashback]]

[center [i Nevaeh sat on the couch with her older brother, their parents had just retired for the night and she was doing her homework as her brother watched some sport on the television, she thought it was Rugby Union but didn't know as she wasn't paying attention. Her attention was on her homework, some maths assignment that was due tomorrow and she had forgotten to do, she sighed and closed the book, putting it into her school bag next to the couch and smiled at her brother [b "I'm going to bed, ok? Hope your team wins."] she said standing up [#FF0000 "Wait... Wait..."] he spoke, standing up to and opening his arms, she smiled and hugged him back [b "Night bro."] she whispered before trying to pull away, but he held her tightly to his body [b "Anthony... You're hurting me..."] she tried to pull away again but he brought his hand up and slapped her, she looked at him shocked, he had always been so kind [b "What has gotten into you?!"] she spoke loudly and finally stepped back out of his arms [b "I'm going to bed, Anthony. Get your act together."] she picked up her bag and he pushed her to the ground [#FF0000 "Why don't you get it? Ok? I love you more than a sister, don't you love me?"] she shook her head, and tried to move away [#FF0000 "Then I will make you love me."] he said punching her roughly in the stomach and pulling her roughly towards him [b "No... No... Stop..."] she whimpered through the tears now falling down her cheeks, but everytime she moved away he punched or hit her again. After awhile she stopped moving [b "Please... Don't..."] she whimpered one last time as he removed her shirt and kissed her roughly, surely bruising her lips.]]

[center [i [u [b Timeskip]]]]

[center [i Nevaeh moved up the stairs, naked, her body aching. Who would believe her if she told anyone? She closed her bedroom door and sat against it, her head in her hands, crying into the early hours of the morning. She didn't get up for school that day, her parents not noticing or caring and he brother taking advantage of her day off. After that day she didn't take another day off school, even when sick.]]

[center [i End Flashback]]

[center Nevaeh looked down at the ground, disgusted in herself. Was she so stupid and ugly that no one was ever nice to her and when someone was she had to have a flashback. She reached up and wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes [b "I'm sorry... See you at lunch, maybe?"] she asked before quickly walking away, her eyes never leaving the ground at her feet as she walked towards her next class on impulse alone.]
  Nevaeh Brooklyn Cabernet / RavenDragonheart / 3y 205d 10h 16m 42s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/3nNXnG0.jpg]

[font "Times New Roman" Baykal suddenly spaced back into reality. The guy who he had fought with had run off, along with the crowd that had been watching them. The blonde girl was still there. She wasn't looking at him though. Baykal walked over to her, and he hesitantly tapped her shoulder.

When she turned to look at him, he began to take in her physical features. Her hair was the perfect shade of blonde to compliment her tan skin. He couldn't catch her gaze, so he couldn't really see the color of her eyes. She looked quite beautiful to Baykal.

He snapped back into reality when she began talking. Her voice... It was the only voice he had heard in a very long time that wasn't rude or condescending or hateful. It made him realize that there was some hope for him, even if it didn't feel like it sometimes. Some people could handle him, even if he didn't say anything to them.

She thanked him. [#003300 [i For what?] ] he wanted to ask her, but he didn't. He wanted to thank [i her.] She saved him, he assumed, and she rescued him from a brutal yelling, and she wasn't mean to him. It was the nicest anyone had ever been to him. He had really just fooled around with his friends at his old school, and his mom was always at work, so no one was really mean to him, but not nice either.

He looked down, wanting to thank her, but wanting to express his gratitude in a way other than words. He knelled down to her, and he wrapped his arms around her. He hoped she wouldn't freak out and hurt him.A hug felt nice. He hadn't made much physical contact with anyone since his step-dad...

Just thinking about it made him tear up, and before he could stop it, he let out a quiet sob. His body immediately stiffened, and he hastily let her go and turned away. [#003300 [i Fucking dumbass.] ] ]
  Dacian & Riley / nykolasandrews / 3y 205d 15h 17m 51s
[center When Nevaeh had come to, the hall way was full on with noise, her cheek was pressed against the ground and sweat fell from her forehead. She slowly started to get up and looked around, seeing a circle of students yelling and no one around her. Moving towards to students at a slightly quickened pace she pushed past the students to see Brad and Baykal in the middle. They were fighting, Baykal was getting in a few good punches of his own but he was losing, looking at him Nevaeh could tell he had shut of his mind. Nevaeh ran forward stepping in front of Baykal [b “Stop Brad!”] she yelled out just as his fist connected with her face, it took everything in her to keep standing and not fall to the ground crying. She got the reaction she was hoping for though then Brad stepped back and the students started to whisper [i “He hit a girl…”] Brad looked around before quickly taking off and after he was gone the students started to slowly go to their next class. As the last student left she knelt on the ground, holding her cheek with one hand and her other hand across her chest, almost to hold herself together.]

[center Nevaeh didn’t know how long she sat like that, staring into space before she felt someone touch her shoulder, she flinched back without even realising it and then froze looking up at Baykal, praying silently in her head that he wasn’t going to hurt her. She brushed her hair out of her eyes [b “I’m… um… Sorry that I kicked you in class…”] she said, she spoke to him but she never once looked him in the eyes. She slowly got up, making sure not to make contact with him [b “I’m sorry you had to be a part of all that…”] she said, looking at where her bag was and slowly moving over there to pick it up, and putting it slowly onto her back as not to cause her pain from this morning. She walked over to him and brushed her hair out of her eyes again [b “Thank you…”] she honestly didn’t think thank you was enough but she didn’t know what else to say. She still hadn’t looked him in the eyes but waited to see if he was going to walk off to next class which they were both late too.]
  Nevaeh Brooklyn Cabernet / RavenDragonheart / 3y 205d 16h 34m 32s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/3nNXnG0.jpg]

[font "Times New Roman" Baykal read until he felt the kick. He almost whimpered. Baykal looked at the girl who kicked him. It was the one who he ran into that morning. He was kind of mad about it, but then he realized that she was getting yelled at. He closed his book slowly and subtly.

He wanted to tell the teacher to leave her alone, but he got so worried about getting yelled at as well, and he wouldn't be able to handle it, so he kept quiet as he opened his textbook subtly. When she left, Baykal held his head low. He felt really bad for that.

She was gone for a long time. Time felt slower as he waited for her to come back. He was worried about her. When she came back, her sleeves were rolled up. He could see the cuts that were entangled with the skin on her arms. He understood then and there that she was like him, in a way or two. She understood, or at least, he hoped she did. He noticed her shaking, and he looked away. He couldn't bear to see her do that because it triggered a bit of panic in him.

When the bell rang, signalling class was over, Baykal closed his textbook, and he tucked it away in his bag, along with his book and folder. He walked out of the classroom after watching the girl he had met that morning rush off. He wasn't walking quickly, mostly due to the fact that everyone in front of him was being quite slow.

He then spotted the girl. She was pinned against the wall by some burly guy in a Letterman jacket. Baykal reacted on impulse, and he did something that he would only have done if he was at his old school. He forgot what happened for a split second, forgot about all of the anxiety he was feeling, and he rushed over there and pulled the guy off of her. Baykal pushed him to the floor.

[#887700 "The hell do you think you are?"] Baykal looked at the girl, his eyes pleading for her to run off before this guy jumped on him and started beating him. And he did. The jock tackled him back down, and Baykal fought him back. Baykal started to black out, mentally anyway. He was still there physically. The only thing he remembered before physically blacking out was being on top of the other and punching him a bit before the roles were swapped. That was it.

Everything went black.
  Dacian & Riley / nykolasandrews / 3y 205d 20h 17m 25s
[center Nevaeh looked around the room, seeing all the students looking at the new kid, Baykal, he was shaking under the desk and seemed to be close to a panic attack. She waited for a while to see if he would calm down and he did once he started to read. She smiled, he was a reader like her, maybe they could get along, he did seem like her, like he had been hurt with that haunted look in his eyes. She sighed as she looked down to her book and picked it up, opening it back up to the page she had been on. Her textbook sat in front of her untouched and she looked up in time to see the teacher storming towards her [#DC143C “Why isn’t your book opened?!”] he yelled at her, she noticed from the corner of her horror filled eyes that Baykal had his book still opened and she didn’t want him under the firing line to so she kicked his leg under the table, knowing she will say sorry later but for now she was trying to save him [#DC143C “I SAID WHY ISN’T YOUR TEXTBOOK OPEN?!”] he screamed in her as he grabbed the book in her hands and threw it to the front of the room. Her hands were shaking very badly and she hid them under the table, this teacher was one of the worst, the others at least noticed something was wrong and let her get away with reading and listening to music as long as she did the work, but this one didn’t care. Her slammed open her textbook, making her jump, the whole class was staring by now [#DC143C “We are up to here! Now listen or you will never learn. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!”] he yelled. Nevaeh nodded, she had completed his work a few days ago and was ahead of her class, she felt her eyes fill with tears [b “C-can I… I pl-please go to the bat-bathroom?”] she stuttered, looking anywhere but at this teacher. Finally he released her and she ran out of the classroom just as the tears fell from her eyes, she ran into the closest bathroom sat on the toilet, she felt tear after tear leave her eyes as she sat on that toilet, rubbing her eyes with her sweater.]

[center After about half an hour she left the toilet and washed her face, making sure before she did that to roll her sleeves up. She was thankful she had waterproof makeup on and walked back to the classroom, she didn’t want to go back but she knew she had to. She opened the door and quickly went to her seat [#DC143C “Oh thank you for gracing us with your presences, Nevaeh.”] the teacher said as she sat down in her seat, she looked down at her book and gasped. She had forgotten to pull her sleeves down and her cuts on her arms were showing, the new and old ones. She quickly, with shaking hands pulled her sleeves down. Her whole body was shaking as she rested her head in her hands and held back tears. She couldn’t wait for this class to be over.]

[center Finally the bell rang and Nevaeh stood up grabbing her stuff and leaving the room quickly, but not quickly enough. Brad, the captain of the football team had stopped her outside of the room. [#6495ED “Hey, Emo Girl. Where do you think you are rushing too?”] he asked, having her pinned against a wall, she didn’t know what to say or do. She had always stood up for herself at school but after this morning she just felt so weak. [#6495ED “Hey Emo! Are you deaf?!”] he called out laughing, she could feel her legs going weak and her eyes roll back into her head as she fell to the ground, Brad and his friends stepping back not going to catch her, laughing. She felt her mind being taken into a dark floating world of her own personal hell, where she could only relive what had happened.]
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