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You know all those stories you hear on the news, about the teacher student relationships?
Most of them are true, except it's never really love. It's just a teacher looking for some and a student who thinks they're ready.
Mikeru had never been in a relationship before, and she didn't really plan to while she was in highschool. That kind of changed when a new English teacher starts teaching Mikeru's class. It's not that she was the one in love. It was him!

So, basic rules.
No god mod, cyber, power play or controling other characters.
Swearing and violence is a big yes!
I guess if who ever wants to be the teacher wants to near rape Mikeru, thats okay.

I said this was not a one on one! I want other students that can be Mikeru's friends!

Mikeru- taken
teacher- open
friend 1- taken
friend 2- taken
friend 3-taken

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Roleplay Responses

<<Thanks Zerato ^^ I owe you~ We can start once we have a teacher o3o>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 117d 17h 38m 17s
ok im here
  Neku / zerato / 10y 117d 17h 39m 53s
<<Ooh~Nice o 3o she looks like.... a history teacher >:D thats it!>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 117d 18h 46m 42s

  Belle Redfern / QueenVictoria / 10y 117d 19h 5m 39s
<<Ooh~I forgot to mention in the rules that it was anime only xD>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 117d 19h 14m 33s

  Allison Cullen / QueenVictoria / 10y 117d 19h 17m 49s
I hope someone joins soon ^^ i'm utterly bored~
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 118d 19h 36m 36s

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