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_____ was an incubus/succubus that was bored they had their puppets lying around and wanting to be toyed with however the puppets were boring. Humans they died to easily, Werewolves always wanted to be one top, Vampires always wanted _____ blood, Warlocks wanted to know history. One after the other. Don't get _____ wrong the feeds may be good but the company was shitty. That was until a mermaid/man had found its way into one of _____ parties. While most of the guest were already half naked either in the pool or the Jacuzzi the stunning creature avoid everything. So _______ decided to have some fun the problem was the mermaid/man was not so willing until ________ got them into a bathroom and splash them with some water. Then the games began.

-If you join try to post on the day you join please
-If you want to join but can't reply right away send me a PM you are interested and then another when you come back.
-This can be yuri, yaoi, or straight however if this is going to be straight I prefer you to be male I will be happy to double up as another character if you want to have your own female too. When it comes to feeding they will be simple kisses unless you tell me you are comfortable with other things. In which it will be taken to email.
-Also I am happy to make this a moral Instruments alternative universe however if you up for that I only do these pairings


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