Delinquent Behavior or Premeditated Murder?

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[center [b [size16 Delinquent Behavior or Premeditated Murder?]]]

[center [b [u Audio Message from Juvenile Hall Received:]]

[center [b Welcome to City of Mercy!]]
[center Hello, this is an important message from the juvenile hall branch of your government. If you are receiving this message, it is due to a violation of the law committed by a juvenile within your care. All violations of the law committed by juveniles are to be dealt with in an orderly and timely manner in the form of behavior rehabilitation. Within the secure walls of Mercy, your juvenile will learn correct behavior techniques and be allowed to once again enter normal society fully rehabilitated at the age of twenty-one.]

[center [b Warning:]]
[center City of Mercy does in no way guarantee the safety of your juvenile, however due to the law, you have received this message because your child has committed a juvenile act and has no other choice but to be placed within the secure walls of City of Mercy.]

[center Twenty-five credits have been charged to your household account. Thank you, and have a nice day.]

[center End Message]

[center [b [u Historical Background of City of Mercy]]]

[center Fifty years ago, an entire city was built and put in place to house all juvenile offenders as crime rates by youth spiked to an all-time high. Within the electric fence covered twenty-feet tall concrete walls of City of Mercy, juveniles from age ten to twenty must find their own way of survival. They are only provided with an identification number, a designated room within one of the buildings, and a food drop once a month in random places. Other necessities allotted such as utilities are provided to those who can pay the monthly fee for them either out of pocket or via bank accounts provided by the juvenile offender’s family or guardian.]

[center [ Inspiration 1 For City of Mercy]]
[center [ Inspiration 2 For City of Mercy]]

[center [b [u Information on Behavior Correction Technique]]]

[center Six months out of the year, all juvenile offenders must perform an act of good behavior by attending Mercy Academy. Within the walls of Mercy Academy, there are no teachers, no guardians, and no watch dogs. Students are to show a leap of good faith by using the honor system. They do this by showing up in a timely fashion, performing their provided tasks, and building connections with one another just as anyone outside City of Mercy would. These connections may very well better their survival rate within the walls of City of Mercy and allow them to make it to their independent graduation days from “Juvenile Hall”, where upon their twenty-first birthday, their records will be wiped clean and they will be permitted to leave City of Mercy if they so choose despite their actions leading up to their release day.]

[center [ Inspiration for Mercy Academy]

[center [b [u Graduation from Juvenile Hall]]]

[center At twenty-one, a citizen of City of Mercy is officially free to reenter society outside of the city limits. Not all rehabilitated men and women may choose to leave a city they have come to love and care for, however. If one chooses to remain within City of Mercy after their twenty-first birthday, they are expected to take on some form of useful role within the community. They are provided with funding from the government in the form of a government paycheck for their contributions to the community monthly. Annual inspection of their performance occurs to insure they show proper behavior techniques.]

[b [u Role-play Rules]]
1. Follow Basic ES Rules!
2. Semi-literate to literate role-play. Quality over quantity.
3. Artistically Realistic Pictures [i This does not mean real life pictures.]
4. PM Skeleton with "Smooth Criminal" as the title

[b [u Character Skeleton]]
Identification Number: [i Two numbers, two letters, any order]
Character Name:
Age: [i 10 – 20 years of age]
Criminal Violation: [i Title says it all here, be creative.]
Theme Song for Personality Reflection:
Background History:
Picture: [i Link]

[b [u Accepted Characters]]

Username: MakiOnyx
Identification Number: J1C9
Character Name: Jackson Cadwell
Nickname: Jax
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Criminal Violation: Charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a federal officer at the age of fourteen.
Theme Song for Personality Reflection: [ Jax’s Personality]
Background History: Jackson was orphaned a few days before he turned fourteen after four years of being the adopted son of a faceless politician. The man had given Jackson his last name, his wealth, and his complete and utter lack of a loving relationship in return for healthy publicity when kids like Jackson were being filtered into City of Mercy faster than one can blink. However, Mr. Cadwell wasn’t running the cleanest campaign or life-style in the last two years of his life, having joined with several friends who ran a more black-listed community. In fact, it was due to a deal gone bad that ended with Mr. Cadwell finding himself fried to a crisp within his own limo one night after being brutally beaten and then locked within the trunk. When the death of the politician reached Jackson, he simply turned the page of the novel he was reading without even looking up to the child services representative standing in a nice tie and suit in his bedroom. Later, after psychological evaluation, there was a confliction of interest in Jackson’s assault case upon the child services representative, and later on the FBI agent who had thought to try to get Jackson to make statements about the less than socially acceptable actions and fetishes his adopted father had taken an interest in. One psychologist deteremined Jackson had had a psychotic break due to stress while the other ran from the then fourteen year old’s observation room as though the boy had attempted to steal his very soul, claiming Jackson Cadwell was a sociopath and would never survive mundane society, making him a threat. Either way, Jackson Cadwell was labeled with the identification number J1C9 and placed within the walls of City of Mercy to survive or die based on his own abilities and later with the trust fund he discovered he was entitled to.
Picture: [pic]

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