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Roleplay Responses

Well. Hiya guys. I'm Mae. I decided to use an OC for this RP since I'd seen plenty of TV and game based characters.
  Corrine / TheFaultInOurScars / 5y 42d 8h 8m 20s
[size10 || Mehhh I posted. Also my character is pretty much shoving her face full with candy. XD
  [EMILY V WILKINS] / SenpaiSickle / 5y 53d 3h 30m 38s
I don't want to sound like I'm rushing but who should be next to post? If it's me I'll get right on it
  Fox McCloud / Carbon / 5y 54d 7h 9m 19s
Finally had the guts to make a first post as Link ;-;
  Natsuki Shinomiya / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 55d 18h 48m 4s
The only thing that's killing me is my computer killing me with my own rage. Stupid thing won't stop sticking, lagging or freezing. Ugh. I'm on my phone currently.
  -Serenity- / 5y 61d 19h 43m 50s
Finals are killing me x_x' I don't know if anyone else feels this pain but just...ugh
  F I E / TaroTanaka / 5y 61d 20h 31m 1s
I chose a cannon character whose incapable of speaking by normal means. Which is exciting.

And I tend to have loads of writer's block. A lot. >.>
  Iolite / 5y 64d 6h 12m 5s
I get what you're saying. And that makes sense :0 that'll work. xD

Writer's block is so terrible. ;-;
  Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 64d 10h 37m 52s
I can roleplay as any cannon character if I make some sort of connection to them. Even if it's a tiny one, I can play them.

Well. That would kind of defeat the purpose of the thread being an anime/movie/book/whatever based thing. It would be a lot of mix up and confusion on the true idea the thread is based around.

Now, if it's an OC that is created for a story that someone is writing, that might be an exception to what the thread is originally meant to be about.
  -Serenity- / 5y 64d 10h 43m 13s
[size10 || ;~; I suck at roleplaying as canon characters to be honest. I would like to try with this roleplay, but I might hold off until this writer's block goes away.

Link is awesome though! :0

Hmm I was also thinking that maybe if OCs our from our world and aren't fancharacters for an actually series that they can regconize the canon characters as being from anime and video games. : I might've worded this wrong, but hopefully y'all get what I'm trying to say.
  [EMILY V WILKINS] / SenpaiSickle / 5y 64d 10h 55m 40s
Yea. I was second guessing putting him in, since I'm not the best with canon characters because sometimes I can't grasp their personality, I decided that the only way I would get better is if I practice. ;-; So sorry that you all have to experience it with me.

Hahaha. Sometimes I still feel like a baby writer. xD
  Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 64d 18h 9m 9s
Yeah. I came up with the idea a long time ago but it was too soon for me to be starting groups. I was a baby writer back then.

Oh cool. I might stick with Vash for a while. Just to see how things go. I might add more at a later date but I'll stick with what I have for now.
  -Serenity- / 5y 64d 18h 17m 39s
yea. It would give you more freedom with the character than you normally get. xD

Link from Legend of Zelda ^^
  Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 64d 18h 25m 57s
Yeah. It was a really fun idea though. The thought of altering cannon characters from their past to their looks was really fun.

  -Serenity- / 5y 64d 18h 36m 10s
That sucks :/ I've had a couple roleplays flop too...

Hahaha, no one special. Do you want me to tell you??
  Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 64d 18h 39m 16s

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