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[CENTER [B [SIZE9 Please DO NOT copy this idea in any shape or form. This is an original idea by me that I created. It says a lot about your creativity and respect if you copy other people's roleplays and in a bad way.]]]



[size10 Deep within the reaches of time and space lies a special spot where those of different worlds come to meet. The collection of "guests" do not have the choice of being here or not. They're simple suck in at random times even if they have died in their own worlds. With this said, characters from our own world and those of others may meet with each other during their stay at the Town.]


[size10 The town is a simple yet confusing place between space, time, and many upon many universes. Plain white buildings in the smooth shapes of only squares and rectangles sit on the crust of a floating piece of rock while side walks that seem to be space itself but feel like glass pave a way around the endless town. There is no sun or moon in the sky and only solid blackness fills the air, but anyone can see as clear as day. Light sound waves that come from an unknown source can be heard from anywhere in the city and disappear when you're falling asleep. There is no way out of the town because even if you jump off the edge of the town, you just wind back at the center of the town, the fountain. The fountain is odd compared to everything else. Its pure white and glows a little while the water that flows from it is a mixture of pastel space. The water glows from the tiny clusters of stars and dust with the colours ranging from pink, yellow, blue, purple, and even green. This is also where you first arrive at when you come to the town.]

[size10 As for dying in the town, its impossible. If one were to get a lethal injury, caused by themselves or others, it will either heal up instantly or that injured person would fade away into nothing and then reappeared back to normal shape at the fountain. Sicknesses of any kind do not exist either nor does starvation or even tiredness, but guest in the town can still eat, drink, and sleep at their own will. Guest do not have to go to the bathroom as well while in the town.]

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[size10 If you haven't noticed, this will be a jump in roleplay which means I will try to keep the rules as simple as possible!

[b 1.)] One liners and text talk will not be allowed. Do not use ** or -- to show character action in posts. Try to use your best grammar and spelling so we can actually read and understand your posts!
[b 2.)] Canon characters from animes, video games, books, comics, and movies are allowed and welcomed. OCs are also allowed and welcomed. However, OCs can come and go as they please while if you want to be a canon character like Karkat from Homestuck or Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, you must make sure that they aren't used by someone else. I will have a list of canon characters that are taken!
[b 3.)] Skellies are not needed. In fact, there isn't a skelly to be filled out for this roleplay. The only thing I would like is if you put a message at the bottom or top of your post if you are planning to be a canon character. [It will help me out a hell lot with the list of characters taken!]
[b 4.)] Multiple characters are allowed! Also please use illustrated or anime pictures please. Fan art should be easy to find of characters from movies and books.
[b 5.)] Sex can occur but it MUST be taken to another site or time skipped. Other mature things like fights, cussing, drug usage, and alcohol may appear as well. [size7 Fuck ya, a fight between Naruto and Eren Jaeger.]
[b 6.)] HAVE FUN~ :D

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[size10 [b Chii] from [I Chobits] - Carousel
[b Vash the Stampede] from [i Trigun] - -Serenity
[b Kenshin Himura] from [i Rurouni Kenshin] - -Serenity-
[b Mugen] from [i ] - -Serenity-
[b Konoe Kikyo] from [i Bravely Default] - Iolite
[b Fox McCloud] from [I Star Fox] - Carbon
[b Link] from [I Legend of Zelda] - Triscuit_Biscuit
[b Scooby-Doo] from [I Scooby-Doo] - GoldenSpider666

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The kid with the bunny hood kept his head down on the sound of his footsteps and kicked a few loose pebbles in his path, there seemed to be nothing to do. He walked up to a random door and knocked three times softly. [+magenta "Hello??" ] He asked loudly to match with his knocks.

He was about to turn away and leave until the door burst open, the scent of sweet pastries wafted into the air. The creature looked like a large teddy bear, but with a pink frilly apron, it's presence was cuter than scary.

The cute bear pulled him in and sat him down in the window for what looked to be a bakery. Rei chuckled to himself lightly, his eyes watching the bear behind the counter, [i [+magenta More like bearkry. ] ] He laughed at his own bad pun and looked around the cafe.

It was large and somewhat plain, not too many colors it gave a nice homely, cabin like feel. The color palette seemed to be darker earthy tones, he tapped his toes to an invisible beat on the dark wood flooring. All too soon the bear walked back out to him, on it's haunches and put down a plate with a large cinnamon roll on it.

Rei smiled and licked his lips, [+magenta "Thanks!" ] His brain didn't even think to ask of how the bear knew that he want one, or even how the bear made them. He picked up the knife that was to the right of the plate and cut into the steaming bun the white icing on top melted from the heat and dripped onto the plate. [i [+magenta I think I'm gonna like it here. ] ] He smiled as he dug into the bun.
  Roux / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 49d 18h 50m 44s
OOC: I'll be going as my own original character. For more info on her, visit her character profile!

Corrine wandered the wide streets, looking around and smiling. She wasn't sure where she was. She'd seen a small city sign but it simply said "Welcome to The Town". She'd seen beautiful things since arriving. People conversing and wandering, dressed as TV and Game characters. They were sweet looking. She stepped up to a small cafe and pushed through the door. A quiet 'ding' sounded through the air. She breathed in the scent of pancakes and bacon wafting through the air. It seemed like this town had everything she wanted. Calm streets, with nice benches and small cafes. Cute, cobblestone apartments lined one street. A motel on a corner that actually looked nice and well kept. It was a change from home. She plopped herself on a stool up at the front counter and waited on someone to help her out. She wasn't sure what it was, but this town had a magic air to it. The pentacle tattoo on the back of her neck tingled and had a faint glow starting to show. She couldn't wait for Toki to get here.

'I'm going to like it here.. I think I'll like it a lot.' she thought to herself, feeling the warm glow on her neck.
  TheFaultInOurScars / 5y 50d 4h 58m 48s
Such a sweet smell. The creature raised her head slowly, lifting her snout and gave a few soft sniffs. The large animals rose to her feet on narrow legs. Her long white tail, like a banner, rose. Her strong neck pushed forward and she gazed nervously ahead. A girl was walking along, and she could smell a sweet, sugary perfume from something on her back. The wolf creature peered around the corner a bit more, to watch her moving. Carefully, Luka squeezed out of the ally, avoiding smashing her long, ebony antlers on the brick around her.

The white creature stepped closer to her, and she gave a lash of her lips from her tongue and she began to walk towards the girl. But, she slid to a stop. Would the girl be calm to such a strange creature. A mixture of canines and stag, with a fox-like body and wolf head. A long deer-like neck, and of course, her signature black antlers. More importantly, was the red markings, tribal and unique, on the creature's body. She backed up, swashing her tail yet again, and frowned.

She missed her home, suddenly, like an arrow to her heart. The warm suns in the forest, and the rush of a river between the giant mah-hamoti trees. Luka looked around for a few moments, her ears going back.
  Luka / CorruptLupine / 5y 50d 20h 27m 17s
Scooby walked over to the ever growing group standing a couple feet away from the fountain. after circling them a couple times while sniffing them he sat down and looked at them "Rello! I'm Scooby-Doo!" he said with out the customary giggle at the end, this wasn't a giggling matter. "Roo are you ruys?" Looking around Scooby was shocked by the utter lifelessness of the town. oh sure there were others, some passing by with nostalgic smiles as they remembered their arrival here. but it was bleak and dull with no sign of actuall life. no art, no music, no design. even the fountain as odd as it was had a bleak uniformity about it. as he looked around he came to a conclusion. there was, as Fred would say it, a mystery on their hands.
  Goldenspider666 / 5y 53d 1h 12m 58s
[size10 Emily took a few steps around the almost bare room. It was nice, but it didn't feel the same as her messy room back home. Also well as the fact that she was a wuss in the dark and even slept with a t-rex stuff animal wrapped in her arms.

[I "I wonder if there's any stores. Heck I wonder if there's a fucking currency considering that that weird penguin dude pretty much gave me this room for free."] she thought while walking back out to the hallway.

As she went to pick the key she had placed in her pocket after opening in the room, she felt her hand sink into an empty pocket. Surprised she slid her other hand in her second pocket, but only to feel a few pieces of lint. The key had vanished. Emily went back into the room thinking that she might've missed her pocket and dropped the key on the floor, but there was still no key in sight. However a single and small piece of paper had appeared on her bed that she knew wasn't there when she first came in. When she picked it up there were child-like drawings of her on it that moved. The odd animation showed her walking into the room, putting the key in her right pocket, and then walking out of the room. Next it showed the key fading away as she walked away from the door and the door locking. Once she was off the paper, a drawing of another person came by and tried to open the door, but with no luck. Once the person was also gone, the poorly drawn figure of her came back and opened the door without the key.

[I "So it only opens for me now? Huh, cool I guess."]

She placed the paper on the nightstand and went out of the room. She trailed down the stairs and out of the hotel to meet once more with the other plain buildings. As she walked back down the alley, Emily took the time to look in each building. She was a little freaked out that each building did in fact have a different sort of business in it despite looking lifeless on the outside. She even came across a huge candy store that was bursting with colours, flying toy trains that flew by her to deliver candy samples to the blonde. This time there was a white lion, similar to the penguin back at the hotel, that stood behind the counter. It stared at her with his lifeless, non-blinking eyes before signaling to come over to the counter. She was hesitant, but she walked over to the bipedal lion whose head turned to follow her. He sat a large sack on the glass counter and then pointed at a sign above his head that read:


Emily raised an eyebrow at this and carefully took the sack. However, she nearly fell over at the weight of the bag.

"Holy cats what's in here? Bricks or somethin'?" she said as she lifted the bag up to her chest.

She opened to bag to reveal as mass amount of all her favorite candies. Chewing gum, Nerds, Sweetarts, Peeps, Sour Gummy Worms, Gobbstoppers, Laffy Taffy, and even FunDip were all mixed up in it. A wide smile appeared on her face. She had a major sweet tooth for candy, especially tart and sour ones. The lion nodded at her smile and Emily left with the large sack in her arms. She threw a few pieces of candy in her mouth as she continued her little adventure, but even when the girl arrived back at the fountain to go down another street, the sack of candy seemed to not even have a dent in it. It was like it was an endless source of candy.
  [EMILY V WILKINS] / SenpaiSickle / 5y 53d 4h 3m 11s
[size12 The man smiled as he shook Gorthlak's hand. To his surprise, this strange creature was a gentle giant. The man had to be careful in a way too. His left arm wasn't exactly normal. The man grinned seeing the small smile on the creatures face and hearing him say 'friend'.] [b "Being alone in a strange world may be tough but friends can be found in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected people. You can call me Vash. Pleased to meet you."] [size12 He said with a smile as he let go of Gorthlak's hand. Or was it claw? Anyway, the smile became more strained and his body became stiff. A barrage of sweat drops poured down his face and the look on his face was nervous with a touch of fear but still rather comedic in appearance.] [b [i 'Please no one recognize me!!']] [size12 He yelled in his head. He stood stiff then slowly began to look around.]

[size12 Vash saw some new arrivals. A fox like creature, a talking dog, a pointy eared young man, and another woman. Normally, he would have been an idiot and tried to hit on the women with super cheesy lines but in situation like this, he was put in fight or flight mode. Flirting would have to be later once he felt safe no one was going to try to kill him now that his name was out.]
  .:Cannon:. / -Serenity- / 5y 55d 7h 21m 40s
[center [h3 Gorthlak]]
It watched as the male approached. The beast understood every single word. It was actually highly intelligent despite looking big and stupid. Though, it did have a problem speaking proper English.
The corners of its muzzle turned up slightly in a small smile. The beast nodded its huge head, clearly pleased to know these strangers were friendly.
[b "Friend. Gorthlak."]
As it said 'Gorthlak', the creature pointed to itself. Appeared that was its name. Gorthlak, as that is what appeared to be its name, outstretched its massive clawed hand to the offered hand of the man.
The creature was being extremely careful and gentle so not to hurt his new friend. Gorthlak turned his head, glancing towards the others who were soon gathering. He blinked his eyes, very curious.
So many new creatures. None were like those on his home planet. Though, Gorthlak appeared slightly happier, knowing he wasn't the only one lost.
  Gorthlak / Dragoncita / 5y 55d 17h 35m 18s
[i [+forestgreen OCC: I'll be going as Link from the Legend of Zelda ^^ ] ]

Link shook his head to clear his thoughts, he remembers falling after chasing after Navi. He tried to track what he remembered on his fingers and in his brain. He remembers falling for a long time then waking up here, sitting in a fountain. The blond elf noticed the others sitting and standing around, a dog, fox, quite a few people, and a tall monster. Link jumped and reached for his sword, when he realized that the monster wasn't causing anyone harm, but he kept an eye out just in case. He stood and got out of the fountain quickly and shook himself dry, wringing out his tunic with a small sigh.

All of the people seemed to be busy within themselves so he sat on the edge of the fountain and started to check through his bags and see if maybe he had found a map for this place. Placing small jars of potions next to his leg, he frowned when his search came up empty. His ears alerted him of someone talking out loud.

[+forestgreen "I just got here too." ] Link muttered in response to the fox. Talking animals didn't surprise him, this whole thing didn't really. It just made him a little upset that the same thing is happening again, and again, [+forestgreen "I have a princess to save." ] His mind wandered back to Princess Zelda. Who knows where she was at this time.

[i [+forestgreen Maybe she's around here. ] ] He thought getting a little more happy that he might be closer to her than he thought.
  Lonk / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 55d 19h 25m 33s

[b "Come in, anyone, doc, Falco, Slippy- anyone!"] The Fox kept saying to his headset, he held on hand on the right side of his head, clicking the speak button- this was insanity.

He was walking down the road of an all white town, just endless walking, horrified, not knowing how he got there. He kept on walking, [b "How is this even happening? This has to be an illusion, a bad trip or something!"] he huffed and sat down on the curb. [b "But, it feels like it's been a day."] the scared Fox said staring at the side walk.

He heard a weird voice off in the distance- something unlike everything he's heard while he's here. The space-animal looked over to his right to see a group of people standing around a fountain, an extremely odd bunch- mainly humans, and a couple. . . other things. [b "Well, this is my only chance."] he kept his hand on his side just in case he needed to draw his blaster.

His legs shook as he walked over to the crowed standing by the fountain, [b "Are you all, umm . . .real?"] the pilot instantly regret his statement. [b "Okay- aside from that, please, does anyone know what's going on?"] he looked at all of them. A human kid in a pink bunny hoodie, a young lady with a katana, a spikey haired guy with MUCH bigger guns then him, another lady with strange eyes, a dog who seemed to talk and a hulkingly large alien which made him a bit antsy, keeping his hand to his side. This truly was the oddest bunch he had seen, and he had even been in the Super Smash Bros tournament!

[b "I just really want to get out of here, I've got a crew who needs a leader right now."] he said towards no one specific. All were significantly taller then him, but it still was relieving to see some people around, real people.
  Fox M. / Carbon / 5y 55d 22h 53m 2s

A large brown dog appeared in front of a oddly shaped waterfall. He looked up and around "Raggy? Where are roo?"
  Scooby-Doo / Goldenspider666 / 5y 56d 4h 2m 31s
[size12 The man in red tilted his head, confused. So he wasn't the only one that was sucked into who-knows-where.] [b [i 'So, I'm not the only alien here.']] [size12 He thought to himself before stepping forward towards the creature.]

[size12 He stopped a few feet from the beast and offered a warm smile that made his jade green eyes shimmer. It's not often his smiles were truly warm.] [b "If is makes you feel any better, none of us are home. And I don't think there is a way out of this place."] [size12 He said before holding out his left hand to the beast. He hoped the creature would would accept. Although the man looked human, he wasn't. But no one here knew that. At least, he hoped not. No one seemed to know who he was since no one was trying to kill him like they always tried to do back on Gunsmoke. For once, he actually feels rather at peace. Sort of. In his mind, where no one can see, he is freaking out as if he was still getting chased down with a rain of bullets.]
  .:Cannon:. / -Serenity- / 5y 56d 8h 13m 16s
[center [h3 Gorthlak]]
The beast turned its head, seeing two rather odd beings. It had no idea what these were, this entire place was completely new.
It cocked its head to the side in a curious fashion as it watched the two. However, it made no move to attack, showing no signs of aggression. No, but the creature was clearly unhappy.
[b "Not home..."]
The creature took a few steps forward, but kept its distance. It could sense the unease it was causing these others. A frown remained on its muzzle.
[b "Friend?"]
It appeared to be questioning, well, anyone who would reply to it.
  Gorthlak / Dragoncita / 5y 56d 20h 44m 41s
Eternity had to be dead. She had died, but somehow here she was. Only...everything seemed weird. Why were all the buildings white? How are colors coming from this fountain that she had found herself near?

Slowly she encircles the fountain, well at least she thought she did. She was actually too shocked to move. It almost seemed as if she was unable to live. Surrounded by all of these people, and yet and emptiness like no other clouded her senses. Shaking it off, she walks somewhere but nowhere at all. All along the street, she can only see more buildings. Was this ever going to end?

"what's going on?" She asked a woman pushing a baby stroller. It wasn't that the woman had flat out kept walking. It was that she showed no sign of even hearing her. Maybe she was deaf.

Eternity had no choice but to get in front of the stroller and yell.

"What the he-" There's no baby in the stroller. And the woman's eyes look; vacant. Like she is looking out into nothing. Slowly Eternity reached her hand out to touch her but where her hand should have hit skin, it hit air. With that, the woman, and her empty stroller disappears. Left behind is a mist of unwelcoming white smoke. That's when Eternity starts to notice things.

No one can see, nor hear her. Everything was white. The sky....it was pitch black. like the kind of black that fades into nothingness, a nothingness like...death. Despite the Void of light, she could see perfectly. No sun. No moon. She was completely alone. Her killer was right, there are things worst than death...this.

"fountain." she says aloud, as she angrily heads toward it. That's where she woke up. She will either die there, or destroy it and everything in her path.
  Enternal_fire / 5y 56d 47m 45s
[size10 Emily continued to walk around the strange city. Tall buildings of simple white enveloped her small frame. Low murmurs of sound waves tickled her ears as she strolled around with no goal set in her mind. This place was weird, but yet she felt comfortable with it as long as she didn't run into someone.

The voices of the others back at the fountain soon faded away with distance growing between them and Emily. Her brown eyes danced around a little bit. They studied the environment that seemed to never change. Eventually she came to a dead end. A rectangular building that was slightly taller than the rest stood before her. Carelessly she entered only to meet face to face with a solid white... Penguin? She backed away a bit. The flightless bird stared blankly at her before waddling behind a desk and setting a single key on the desk. It didn't move or speak, it just stared at her until she finally walked over and took the key. It then pointed at a stairway next to the desk.

Emily felt confused and creeped out, but when she looked at the key, it simply had "R: 203" engraved on it. She raised an eyebrow at this as it took her a moment that it was a key to a hotel room. Feeling stupid, she walked up the stairs excepting to have to walk through the countless number of rooms in the 100s, but was greeted with another surprised as she climbed the first flight of stairs. Her room was right there.

[i "I swear I must be on some sort of drugs..."] she thought.

She used the key to open up the door. Inside it was simple yet homey. A twin sized bed with neatly tucked sheet the small colour of the building sat in the corner next to a window. A night stand rested next to the bed with a plain lamp on it. The lamp was turned on and provided the only source of light for the room. A closet was on the wall in front of the bed.

[i "Well, uh, I guess this is my room then."]

[size8 [b OOC:] The penguin looks sort of like [http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Prinny_the_Peg-Leg_Penguin_601.png this] but solid white except for the eyes, no wings, and no bag on the stomach.
  SenpaiSickle / 5y 57d 4h 54m 51s
Rei crossed his arms when he noticed that all of those people weren't able to see him. He started to walk over to the people, but stopped and turned around and started to run into the maze of buildings.

[i [+magenta I'm not quite ready to talk to people yet. ] ] He slipped back into the shadows and pulled his hood up the bunny ears flopping against the back of his head.

He slowed to a walk and jammed his hands into his pockets, kicking stray stones through the street he chewed the gum in his mouth with a small smack.

[+magenta [i How many people are here anyways? Seems like a lot more than the days before... ] ] He continued on his path ignoring the lack of sound through the air.
  Rei / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 60d 1h 55m 36s

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