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[center [pic]
[font "Dotum" [center フォックス クラン]][font "Dotum" [center [size10 Fokkusu Clan]]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b History:] The Fokkusu clan has been around for centuries. It is the ancestor of all clans ever created in Japan. The clan was the first ever real established clan with numbers that could overtake a whole city. Members of the clan broke away seeking power of their own or seeking a new way of life outside the temple. Thereof creating new clans of their own.]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b Present:] The Fokkusu clan are extremely old fashion and stick to their japanese rituals. The clan takes up the untouched part of town and handle religious customs of the humans that come to visit and pray. Their numbers have since diminished and the population of the clan has grown quite small. The clan continues to fight and honor their ancestors who have long came before them.]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b Characteristics:]Members of the Fokkusu clan can easily be distinguished by their similarities of a fox. They contain both ears and tail(s) of a fox. The number of tails they contain determine their strength and magical power. The head family is always the strongest but when their offspring is born- power of their own is passed down along the lines until they are left with nothing. Families will usually only have one child, if two or more the children must compete among themselves to be the strongest and carry on the family line. The one who fails to win will usually be killed by the head family or by the stronger sibling.]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b Powers/Abilites:] Strength of ones power is determined by rank or family. They are considered independently stronger than the other clans due to their magic being the purest among lines from not mixing with clans of opposite magic. Their weakness is born from their traditional ways and refusing to use 21st century equipment. They can change their physical shape and features for a limited amount of time of 24 hours with 8 hours resting time. Their hearing is excellent as well as their seeing.]
[font "Dotum" [center バウンド クラン]][font "Dotum" [center [size10 Baundo Clan]]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b History:] The Baundo clan is one of the youngest clans created in town. It was created by twin siblings who could not dare lose one another over the mere idea of power.]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b Present:] The fox traits have been lost after mixing with clans who have also lost the power as well containing different types of magic. They are a clan that constantly battle with poverty as well as living among the humans in the town. They live in an apartment complex completely opposite to that of the shrine in the hills. Their power is dependent on numbers and therefore rely on large numbers of young to be produced. Their beliefs of being a strong family unit completely oppose those of the Fokkusu who believe in individual strengths which lead to common disputes and territory battles.]]
[center [font "Dotum" [b Powers/Abilites:] Their powers are much weaker than those of the Fokkusu but rely on 21st century technology to make up for the loss in strength. Most have the ability to read minds in the 30 mile radius while those who lack this ability can know if a person or lying or not. Due to mixing with a Eurpean clan, many of the strongest members have the ability to regenerate in seconds and heal deadly wounds in seconds. This of course can only be done for so long, long term battles lessen the healing ability and can expose the user to death after a minor hit.]]

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