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Certainly Cecil had his reasons aside from being with a walking piece of history. He couldn't see much past what Erik would let him but he wasn't easily detered. He would help as his family descended from gypsies had vowed.

"Yes, because crushing souls is a healthy way to be," Cecil responded dryly. "Hey, this is for your own good. You have to be able to communicate in a healthy manner in order to have a healthy relationship of any sort. We are going to a bar. They have music and good drinks. Simple enough. Now dress casual and we will go."


It was monotonous work but she oddly enjoyed it. Between the music, movement and people it flowed. Despite her temperament at times she was good with people. If she liked someone shw could flow with them until her stubbornness came in.

She lost track of the time before seeing Beatrice. "Hey," she waved her slender arm. Telling Sylvester to watch over Beatrice she smiled. "What would you like?"

She was glad that she'd be the only one from the popilaire here tonight.
  Cecil LaMont / Faust / 1y 197d 18h 46m 36s
Maybe her roommate wasn't as bitchy and snooty as she had always thought her to be. But there was really no way for her to know that because the pair were never around the other and had completely different attitudes. However in that being the case, even Bea could admit that she was grateful to the other for what she had done and tried to do.

"Maybe not...but again, thanks." She found herself saying and taking the address from Olivia and soon going up towards the room herself to get ready for a much needed break and night to get her head straight.

Maybe it took her an hour or so to get ready and to decide if she really wanted to go out, but in the end she decided to go. Since she had been invited to the open mic night and everything by Olivia, the young redhead thought that she would at least find the other. Maybe, just maybe see if she would join her for a duet. Just for the night try and put aside the differences between them and to have a 'fun' night.


Blue eyes fell on the man before him and he could not help the slight shrug. "Perhaps you need not guess. But I cannot help the amusement as it is a refreshment of sorts." Those were the only words that slipped his lips as he fixed the cuffs of his shirt.

The man was much aware that the other was only there because of his love of history. And also knew that not much time was left before his curse would take it's full affect. But the words spoken next had a scowl come to his lips.

"I much rather not. You know I hate to socialize." Erik muttered, but knew that his words would merely fall upon deaf ears. One would think he would learn to be nicer to his dates so that he could avoid Cecil and his dragging him places. But it appeared now he had no choice and fell into step with the other male.

"And just where might we be going?"
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 1y 197d 18h 33m 18s
Raising an eyebrow she gave him a look. As if she would do that for him. Most knew this but was in it for other reasons. There were certain ones.

Feeling exhausted already she stiffled the yawn and shrugged. "I'm not that much of a bitch," Olivia said. "Alright, I'll give you the address. It's open mic night so feel free to come when you want. I've got to get ready though."

Within the short time she was at work on a busy night keeping an eye out for Beatrice.


Cecil had waited for Erik outside. Erik was punctual. Almost too punctual, and if he wasn't so interested in history he wasn't sure he'd be doing this. Seeing his expression he shook his head.

"Most people don't look happier when challenged. I don't need to guess what happened," Cecil said before straightening. "What happened to that date I set up? You didn't scare her off did you?"

He had only some time to reverse...well whatever was going on.

"We are going out tonjght to socialize," he told him.
  Olivia Newlin / Faust / 1y 208d 3h 17m 28s
Challenging was not the word to describe the young woman before him. Spirited and defiant seemed the better words, but the man kept the thought to himself as a faint smirk traced his lips at her answer. It had not been the answer that he happened to be expecting, but at the same time when it came to Olivia, Erik was constantly on his toes.

"Very well. And since you had been doing it so long, then perhaps you would like to help others who struggle. In the mean time, you both have a busy hour in the least." He answered evenly as he motioned to the room, soon smirking at hers words once more and leaving the young women to it.


Beatrice watched the exchange between her roommate and their instructor. It was interesting to say the very least and not at all what she had been expecting. To her, it seemed as if the two were challenging one another, which even to her was odd. She had never seen any try and brave Erik before.

As the encounter between the two was done and they were left to the cleaning, a sigh slipped her lips and she began on the task they had at hand. "Thanks for what you did...I didn't and don't have to.." She said, words quiet as she spoke, but a small smile did trace her lips at the prospect of a night out.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 1y 208d 14h 17m 9s
Olivia couldn'tn deny the annoyance of the answer. Since leaving New Orleans it had been one obstacle after another and this was the final hurdle. The others were ready to give he was the only one left.

"There isn't need to be on time to something I've learned over and over again since I was seven. Most of the people here do. They just don't want to tell you," Olivia answered levelly. She knew this battle was lost but she would not give into him. "Fine, only because I have more important things to do."

She casually turned around knowing she could do this room in hald an hour. Looking to Beatrice she shrugged.

"Just let me do most of it and you'll be free soon," she said already assessing what to do. Having a plan, she set to work. She was speedy at this. At the end she looked to Beatrice thoughtfully. "I can make up to this with free drinks and no creeps hitting on you."

She did feel bad but she was doing what she had to.
  Olivia Newlin / Faust / 1y 209d 18h 41m 20s
It was not that he really intended to save the "lost cause" as one may have called the young woman before him. Personally, Erik could not care one way or the other, but if she were to be in his class he was going to make her work just as he did all the rest. The man was not about understanding the reasons why they acted as they did. All he wanted was for them not to have his good name and reputation in theatre tarnished.

As she spoke, the smallest of smirks came to his lips. Of course she would want to be cheeky with him as she was the only who up to this point even dared break his rules. Icy gaze kept Olivia's as he heard her words. For a moment, the man seemed to think that over.

"That may be true, but I still stand by my ruling. If I were to break them for you and Miss Stone, then I would all the others. Besides Miss Newlin, this may teach you that if you do not want others to suffer then you will do well to be on time yourself." Once more his words were quiet as he spoke, eyes locked with hers, almost challenging her.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 1y 210d 3h 2m 44s
There was always that one that wanted to save the "lost cause". She encountered many of these people that it was beginning to bore her. Would anyone really understand her reasons for intentionally trying to get out without quitting? Most likely not.

Her own hazel eyes never moved, at his words her lips turned to a small smirk. There was every intention of seeming cheeky. She had this down to an art.

"That seems counter intuitive. She was early, for whatever reason. And I was late for a lousy reason. That seems to negate this action by punishing her," Olivia responded never seemingly phased. She was determined to win this even if it meant a match with him. "It would be usless wearing her out and not the one that was late."
  Olivia Newlin / Faust / 1y 223d 17h 4m 1s
The man had been watching the practice and noted every mistake. He even made it a point to make each known and to have it run again until it was to his satisfaction. Of course he was known to be cruel and a bit harsh, but it was also why his students were some of the top and that was one thing the man once known as the Phantom was quite proud of.

By the time the practice was over, bright blue eyes snapped to the young woman who had approached him. He had been keeping a particularly close watch on this student and knew she was much better than she played, but was just lazy and had no care. He also noted that she showed him no fear, which though he would not admit it was refreshing in its way.

"Your aim is admirable, but you know my rulings. You are all in pairs and if one is late, the other suffers as well. So, she is to be here just as you are." Came his quiet words, icy gaze never leaving Olivia as he spoke. He was more than curious of how she would respond.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 1y 223d 20h 42m 55s
This practice was grueling but at least it was a somewhat challenge. Of course perfection was the goal. Seeing Bea so frazzled she kept to the routine wondering if this bore him too.

"Just ignore him. You've got this..." she muttered quietly almost too calm.

Sore muscles and exhaustion was common but she had a few hours before work. Looking to Bea she wouldn't deal with the awkward cleaning. "Go on, I've got this. Or at least I'm going to try," Olivia said before approaching Erik.

This was a first time doing this to him but there was little that could be done. "She doesn't need to stay. I was late and she wasn't. Knowing Beatrice she was ten minutes early practicing."

It was worth a try as she kept herself assertive but also certain.
  Olivia Newport / Faust / 1y 232d 1h 36m 36s
Eyes rolled at the other's comment. It seemed that she didn't get that they were watched, but why should she care? And so with nothing more to say or that she cared to say, the young redhead fell back into their repetitive dance.

Because she did struggle here and there, she was almost crest fallen when she and Olivia were Erik's victims yet again. He ALWAYS chose them and when he did, the young woman gave a glare. She wasn't a miserable student as Olivia was, but she HATED that the man loved to point out the flaws and then make them do it again and again before finally letting them back into the group and picking a new pair. It was like he lived to torture them.

"I hate this man for this." Bea muttered as the music once more began amd almost right out he called her on a wrong move. And so it continued until his temper was lost and he once more had them back with the others.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 232d 14h 52m 50s
"So he wants you to think," Olivia said having observed this to a degree. He was hard to gauge though. He was a heart throb for looks but was a miserable teacher. She was a miserable student, though.

It was repetitive and mind numbing. The song was archaic. She would need to do with this for only a bit longer.

When called forward she did so, giving Erik a straight forward look. Almost as if to show no fear of him. Fear wasn't something she knew.

It wasn't hard to do the steps though there was hardly passion in it. At least the dance teacher didn't care.
  Olivia Newport / Faust / 1y 233d 16h 16m 14s
"He watches us and knows if we do as he says. He already warned me no funny business or he'll give an extra two hours to the dance." She hissed as she just couldn't stand being around Olivia. It wasn't so much the young woman as it was the fact that she didn't care and that she herself took the dance and choral seriously. She actually wanted to be there.

Often, Bea caught herself wondering how the other even stayed in the class and even stayed in the programs. She was hardly on time and she didn't dress the part. And it was with those thoughts did she continue until once more their instructor called them forward. It was clear he wanted to make an example of them.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 233d 18h 19m 54s
Olivia was the girl who rarely did her hair up if she needed and only wore makeup for dates. Her nails were for stickers and bittng and her clothes ranged from cute and hipster to black tees and jeans. If she loved something she was dedicated or she didn't give a damn. This was personal though, she had a war.

"He always leaves after practice. I can do the cleanup so you get to practice more," Olivia said indifferently. Dancing was not her favourite thing but it was only for a while. The chorus part was only slightly more interesting.

If everything went smooth then this wouldn't be too long. Normally it was two hours even if she was late. Would that odd university student come by again?
  Olivia Newport / Faust / 1y 233d 19h 37m 31s
[i Late again, I swear if she doesn't get here soon I will go and drag her down here. I've already been yelled at twice because the lovely Olivia doesn't care enough to get here on time.] The redhead thought bitterly as pink manicured nails ran through her hair.

Blue eyes skimmed the faces and the others around the stage and rolled. She had been waiting for the last half hour and had been barked at as well because they had been meant to be one of the first pairs to show what they had been working on, but since the other was not there they were stuck on clean up AGAIN after.

"Finally decided to show did you? Oh and by the way, monsieur is making us clean since you couldn't get to practice on time." Hissed Beatrice just as Olivia got to her position and she too once more got into formation, waiting for the long hours they were going to put in.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 233d 21h 47m 40s
It was not by choice that Olivia was here. Two years of freedom, gone. Now it was time in a crampt room with a pathetic window and a roommate.

There were long hours here for what she didn't love, or so she thought. Then some hours at a bar. That was the only good time she had.

Opening her eyes after a two hour nap after the second job she groaned. Was it really already practice time, she slowly got up knowing Beatrice and that dour teacher would kill her.

Still, she didn't care. Maybe if she failed enough her dad would release her from the situation. Going down the stairs she put her bag down calmly ignoring the glares and went into position.
  Olivia Newport / Faust / 1y 234d 1h 25m 47s

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