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"How do you get them want to be with you? Well, some do dates, or in my case it doesn't seem like a date but you do what they love even if you hate it. Then again, I didn't ask Bea out and now, well...I'm not the best person you go to," Cecil responded before giving a thoughtful smile. "Of course, you have a barrier of a teacher which adds another layer of complication. Perhaps you could try to meet her on her level and she might for you."

Time was running out and he noticed the change in both of them. It would be hard road for both of them. Finishing with his hair . "Well then, let's go." He hoped to get Bea to himself tonight.

Taking in the people, he looked for his favorite redhead before spotting her and approached with a wide smile. "You look stunning."


Bea's question made her pause. Was there anyone? She wasn't sure but she knew that there had been someone. "Yeah, there was someone. The first time I heard him play and saw that dazzling smile I had only eyes for Julian. But now...I'm sure that if I attempted again, I'd screw it up again so it's better to focus elsewhere."

But Erik, he was different, he made her pause and she felt her complete self around him good mood or not. That was a good thing but she wasn't exactly thrilled with it.

"Well, speaking as someone who isn't deathly afraid of this crap...go for it if he makes you feel that way," Olivia smile before holding her arm out to her. "Shall we turn heads?"

If there was any joy, it was gone when Bea was taken by Cecil, and then her step mother approached. Cruela de Vile, as Olivia called her, was a tall beautiful woman but always looked sour. This time it was worse, her father was already cheating and she was suspecting.

Taking the berating, Olivia felt her face grow blank, but eyes become hard an cold. "I would feel sorry for you, but I don't. You knew who he was when you married him and now you are just in line of him cheating. There isn't any need on taking it out on me. I already know all of this." She muttered before walking away to take a deep breath. She was going to enjoy this night...she was going to...

On the way out, she nearly bumped into Erik. "I'm sorry," she said offering a half smile.
  Redemption of the Angel / Faust / 349d 17h 48m 59s
Things had been nice. She had been spending time with Cecil and the two got on easily when it came to the history lessons. And even she could admit that she felt drawn to the man. But she did also like Lawrence and had been seeing him. Both of them were well...both were amazing in their ways if she was to be honest. Between them, classes and work, Beatrice had really forgotten that there was to be the holiday party and so was VERY grateful to Olivia when the other woman had found her a dress for it.

A blush came to her cheeks as it seemed Olivia had been in her thoughts on the two men. "Umm...well I like them both. On a professional level Lawrence is nice and knows what he is doing...more confident I guess you could say.. But Cecil..he is..well he knows how to get you to see things differently and is sweet. Like he's easier to talk to and connect with...makes me laugh too." Bea couldn't help her words and bit on her lip.

"Which one would you? And...well have you a guy who has your eye?" If Olivia was going to ask her what she had, the girl with the long red locks that cascaded down her back in soft waves was going to ask the same thing.

As she was waiting for her answer, the young woman moved across the room and took the light blue, jewel studded dress out of the closet and slipped into it. When she had it on, the dress came to her knees and seemed to fit perfectly. Almost did she think to ask how Olivia had know, but instead didn't as she found her white shawl and got into a pair of matching white wedges, going back to the bed and watching her roommate, curious of what would be said.


It was almost amusing in its way to see Cecil struggle with attire that he himself was so used to. And for a few tries the man did let the other as he was quick to be able to get his suit on and hair slicked. Eventually it did come down to him helping with the cuff links and everything else, but oddly he had not minded it as much as he once might have

Ever since he had been spending so much time with Olivia there had been small changes in him. Though by no means was he what one would call nice he was a bit more tame. A little easier on students but not by far.

"It was the fashion of the day. If one did not wear what was deemed proper you would be shunned...but for me, I suppose it was trying to gain favour of sort." The man answered simply as he went to the chair he had left his jacket on and pulled it on, eyes going back to the other man as he spoke his words.

For a while, Erik was silent and contemplating Cecil's words. "Perhaps she may be. Never had anyone gotten this close before with me not wanting to try and scare them off...but how do..." His words trailed off as even he wasn't sure what he was thinking. What was he thinking?

The bells on the clock in the room chimed and he gave a look that said he wasn't particularly pleased with having to go. Still he hated parties but had promised to go and so was keeping his word. "If we do not go now we will be late."
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 350d 4h 44m 2s
Life was going well, maybe too well thought Olivia. Whenever her life was going where she wanted it to something always happened. The lessons became longer and in depth, it was easy to say that in her week she spent a good deal of time with Erik. Slowly she was getting more and more curious about him and finding a level of atraction that made her uncomfortable.

Her holidays spent working many hours to distract herself from the pain of her terrible family life. It did not stop her from finding that perfect dress for Beatrice. Before the party she placed the last minute touches on her hair.

"Now there we go. If this dress and look doesn't get whatever guy you want to bed, then I failed. You'll be turning heads, my dear," Olivia said happily before going back to her own preening.

The black dress went to her ankle but had a slit up to her mid thigh. Black sequence decorated some of it. The dress was strapless instead had black lace with patterns on it. Placing the last bit of hair into the messy bun she was content.

"Which guy do you want to take you back anyway? I know you've been out with Lawrence but Cecil is soft on you," she asked curiously, pulling out the shoes. Her step mom didn't think she was elegant or talented but she had a lead position and was set to kill tonight.


Cecil had fumbled more than once with the formal wear, in reverse Erik ended helping him with the cuff links and all that. He was content in the end though he was sure he looked like a monkey. Slicking his hair back he looked in the mirror. "How did you dress like this everyday? It seems like such a lot of work."

Spotting some paper that looked like it had musical notes on it he gave a grin but didn't ask him anything. He was glad to see that he was writing music again. "Erik, I have to ask. Do you think Olivia is going to be able to help you break this curse? I don't know how much time you have left. I like having you around and like you. And if you do care for her then maybe it's time to start showing that."

He was sure that there was something there, there had always been something since they had met and he would help as much as he could.
  Redemption of the Angel / Faust / 1y 5d 18h 42m 17s
Erik couldn't help his smirk at Olivia's words. Clever, very clever. "Yes, well it would depend on a person and his outlook would it not?" The man asked the young woman before him as he gave a pointed look. He was amused and honstly didn't care if she did happen to see it within his eyes or not. Far too long had it been since he had had even the slightest bit of challenge and though the man did not speak the words it made him feel alive.

"Perhaps it is lucky for me. It means that I can help you with this and have the freedom of not having to figure it out for myself." He said with a smirk as he watched Olivia go.

The next couple of months, the man formerly known as the Phantom had given the young woman no mercy. She had come to him for help and that was what he was doing, though it was MUCH more stern and criticism than he normally gave but he had promised not to go easy. Oh he knew that he infurriated the young woman and to some extent she did him as well.


A man stood against a table as the young woman took a seat and took her shoes off, rubbing her feet. Brown eyes stayed locked upon her and as she spoke, the man, Emery moved closer. It had been so long since he had last seen her and he was surrpised to see that she had not changed since their "lapse of judgement" as she had called it. If anything, she had only grown more beautiful, though colder as well.

"Well I was called back. It seems that there is a deal that they want dealt with and of course I would be the one called. Or did you forget?" The Frenchman asked as he looked at her. Though his words were not at all bitter, more playful than anything.

"And I thought by now you would have forgotten that. Was almost hoping that we might be able to grab dinner sometime and catch up? Start as friends may?"


Cecil gave looks on life which she would not have considered before. He would never scold her or make her opinions seem as if they had no value. Instead, the man kindly debated her thoughts. It appeared he was more stuck on some thoughts and she was more humanistic, but it came to be something she admired about the man as the two worked together and got to know the other.

On the particular outing they were on to the archives, Bea stopped and looked to the man who approached them. It seemed he were more uptight and business like. A light smile traced her lips as she took the man's hand to shake. "It is a pleasure to be meeting you.."

Her eyes slowly went to the two men and a blush came to her cheeks. Quickly she used her hair to try and curtain her cheeks and to hide it. "Soo..what will we be looking at tonight?" She asked, a slight eagerness etching her words.
  Emery Chapman / SheDevil / 1y 31d 14h 6m 18s
"Some people call that being opportunitistic. They say it's a terrible trait to have but if it gets the job done, I suppose," Olivia gave a small shrug at this omission without the slightest trace of guilt. Giving a small chuckle she looked away with ease to her phone. Returning her eyes back to him, she smiled. "Good for you I'm very good at juggling and terrible at relationships."

Taking her leave, she lessened her work hours just to the weekend when it was busiest. The lessons were almost impossible and that man infuriated her so much more than she cared to admit. Still she was learning more than she could on her own.

A Saturday a month later, she sat down. Taking her shoes off to rub her feet. "I think my calluses are giving birth to more, we never see you anymore, why are you here? Not that I don't mind. I just thought it was too awkward since our lapse of judgment."

Almost sleeping with him on rebound had been a wake up call. And sometimes she found her thoughts going to the man teaching her.


"That's a very sweet thought. I'm sure people would appreciate that thought. I do," Cecil gave a smile before showing her more of the work to be done. Through that time he grew to love her insight, he was so particular on certain thoughts while she was sweet and humanist.

On this particular trip to the archives he saw Lawrence and gave a small chuckle. "Back from the rainy hell of London? Good of them to spare you. Beatrice this is Lawrence, and you know the rest."

"Yes, they wanted me to give you a reason to not slack. It's nice to meet you," the Brit said.holding his hand out to her. She was beautiful, and that hair, it was so lucious. Maybe he would ask her out sometime.
  Olivia Newlin / Faust / 1y 42d 18h 44m 7s
His words and excitement, it was more emotion than she had seen given over such thing. Cute in its way, though she could not or would not say it. And just the mention of those times made her wish it would have been possible to see it as she had always had an appreciation and love of old things and places. "What would make your friend so reluctant to be in an area with such a rich history and alluring beauty?" She asked, as she leaned her head on her hand, it clear she was vert curious and would love to hear anything that was said about that.

The question he soon threw her way took the young woman off guard. It took her a moment as she had to think it through before she could answer. Beatrice found she wanted her answer to be thougtful and meaningful in its way.

"Honestly I am not quite sure how to answer that. On some level, I believe people aren't always inherently evil but lose their way and are misguided and the way they are treated play a role in how they treat others...With that being said, I think they do..that perhaps they could use the chance to make corrections and to prove they are not the monster that they were thought to be..."

This girl was an interesting one to say the least. There was a fire in her heart and eyes that he had not seen in so long. One that regrettably seemed to draw him in more and more. He very much knew that her words were true the moment she spoke them. All of them and once more the smirk graced his lips as he kept her gaze. It was by now clear he was not one to shy away from eye contact.

"Ah, but I would not expect anything less from you Miss Newlin. You are not the type who yields unless she is sure it is what she really wants or it can help her. And from what I have seen from the night I saw you work and from how you are in my class that you do not take kindly to nonsense." His words were quiet as he spoke them, keeping the handshake as firm as her own.

"This will for lack of better words turn into 'no rest for the wicked'. You have to want it and you will have to figure out a schedule that will work for you. In that I will be no help."
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 44d 15h 52m 22s
"Oh, I wish I had. From the Resistance, Medieval mines, and Roman architecture. It would be a dream but my friend who knows the land down there is reluctant to go," Cecil spoke in an excited tone, as he folded up the plans. "They wouldn't like this...but I'd like to show you whatever you are interested in looking at."

It was a sweet answer. He smiled at that, leaning on his elbows he looked to her curiously. "Suppose a soul had done terrible things such as murder and coercement does he deserve a second chance?"


This man enjoyed locking eyes. She had seen it with his friend, trouble students and especially her. Especially her. Was that creepy at all? She honestly had no idea. Only this time she couldn't look away and found herself swaying to that power. That could never happen, hell no.

"I only yield when it's in my benefit," she responsed without shame. Shaking his hand, she kept the handshake firm. "But to what I want nothing can deter me. My schedule is crazy, but who needs sleep. Suppose we will have to work that out."
  Cecil LaMont / Faust / 1y 50d 16h 43m 20s
As his eyes were locked to hers, Erik could see how much she wanted the role. There was definitely hunger and drive, a pure wanting. He had never seen that look in her eyes and it was strangely alluring. It made him want to help her, though he didn't know why. He hated helping or doing anything for another unless somehow he benefitted. Those of the past had made him far too guarded and so he barely would help. But still, this young woman made him soften a bit on normal policy.

"Know this, Miss Newlin it won't be easy. And even when frustrated you cannot give up." He said slowly and stood, offering Olivia a hand to shake which let her know that he would head her request and and help her.


"Have you ever been to the underground and seen it for yourself?" Her quesrion again slipped her lips without much thought. But she could not help it.

When he took longer to answer her next question, her eyes stayed on him and studied the man. It seemed like he were trying to choose his words and she wondered why that would be. But before she could ask, Cecil answered and she gave a thoughtful look.

Slowly a hand came up and brushed her hair back. "Well..maybe we are all lost souls looking for a new chance."
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 1y 50d 17h 1m 7s
Olivia wanted that role more than she could stand. It was a perfect role for her talent and personality. When she realized that she had only hints of talent for occasional amusement she had faltered in her stubborness.

It would be hard to do that. It was not her skills whatsoever but what choice did she have. "I agree," Olivia said slowly, oddly feeling like defeat but for a good cause. "I can't fully see it, but I know sometimes it's not transparent as others would like."

God knows she was this way too often.


"It all exists. The tunnels, upon restoration they found this lake, what looked like an old lair. And even more. It's really amazing what's under our feet," Cecil answered before thinking on the next reply.

He knew the truth, but it was stranger than fiction. Cecil had to think deeper on that. "I don't know. We really don't know much of this man. Only in those days to be disturbed or disfigured would have you end in a house or poverty. I'd like to think those poor souls get second chances. What do you think?"
  Olivia Newlin / Faust / 1y 50d 17h 17m 37s
His words had her almost instantly captivated and wanting to know more. By nature she was curious and she happenes to love old tales and myths. So when he began to explain her eyes stayed on him and she seemed thoughtful. "Isn't it said that he disappeared from his soul still wanders?" The young woman asked as she slowly looked from Cecil to the papers that were laid out.

Her eyes continued to scan the papers and old maps. "Do these palces still remain beneath the Opera House?" Bea found herself asking. Perhaps she would ask Olivia if she knew anything about the so called Phantom of the Opera.


Erik listened to the words spoken by the young woman before her and studied her. Usually she took no interest and seemed robotic. But with the request made it honestly looked to him as if there were life in her eyes. A real fire and drive that showed him she really wanted to learn.

"Ah and if I am to help.. you will listen? Take the criticism and try and learn from it? You do know how I tend to teach and to help." The man said slowly, bright blue orbs locking on Olivia. He was giving her the chance to back out.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 50d 17h 50m 44s
While it wasn't truly what he was working on what he was going to tell her, he found some interesting stories. Looking to the lovely young woman he was glad to lead her through the tombs of old papers.

"Well, I'm not working on it, per say...though I did find something curious when I was working on research on the Garnier," Cecil began before laying out some of the papers. "Many believe that the Phantom of the Opera is a myth but he existed. There is a lake under the opera house as shown here and recent finds. Finally, there was a man named Erick a very long time ago who was genius. A genius that became obsessed with a young soprano."

It was exciting laying it all out for her. Maybe she would relay it on to Olivia.


There was odd consisticies with this man. He was playing the piano more, and he was truly talented
It made her wonder if there was more talent to this man than met the eye. Unfortunately for her she was rather a curious person.

"It's more of a request, really," Olivia responded slowly. Playing with the ring on her index finger she wasn't able to hide that yawn that came quickly. "Anyway, uh, there is a production at another theatre that I'm very interested in. I never had been taught, simply..did. I'd like for you to teach me how to sing properly. I love Jazz but even as unpredictable it is I still need help."
  Cecil LaMont / Faust / 1y 50d 18h 42m 35s
It actually surprised the man when Olivia was on time to class and performed as she had promised that she would. Of course he could see it to be robotic and as if she had no real interest, but he was more than amused and amazed that she too had held her end up. So she wasn't completely bored, Erik had her helping those who still had not quite mastered what the class was to be doing and because he simply did not muster thr patience to deal with the feebleness.

When the first production had finished and he was starting work on another the man sat behind the piano during the class. He had announced it and even played a bit for them. Something told him that it might strike some of their fancy, but there was one he had been hoping to lure into it. And a small smile did find its way to his lips when the one student he had hoped to draw in did take the bait.

Slowly blue eyes came up from the keys of the piano and fell on her. She seemed more nervous than was usual and it was definitely interesting. His head canted and he gave a faint nod. "Of course. What is it you wish to talk about?"


That night had been one of the nicer ones she had had. She had even gotten Cecil's number so that he they could work together. But Bea had waited to call because Erik had kept them busy with practice and the first of his productions.

As soon as the priduction was over and the class had been let out, the redhead called the man and even arranged to meet him. When she did, a smile crossed her lips at his words. "I'm glad you could find the time. And I would really like that."

She took the pass he had given her and walked with the man. "So what exactly are we looking into?"
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 1y 50d 23h 52m 33s
"Touche," Olivia gave a small laugh. "Well, back to work. I don't know how late I'm going to be. So, I'll see you tomorrow morning. And I will be on time and hopefully mostly awake."

Standing up, she moved back to the people. Unsure when she would get off but she hoped soon. It really was a terrible state of unrest but she was relentless.

Cecil offered to take Beatrice home, figuring that Erik would either stay or go with. Seeing her back he gave her his number to contact her for this.

Olivia was true to her word and was on time, performed as she ought to, and was a model student though it was almost was robotic like. She figured he had been a good sport and did well, so she was good that week.

At the end of one production there was announcement for another, a play she absolutely loved.

After class, she stayed back and looked to Erik a little awkwardly. "I, uh, was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment."


Cecil was glad when she called. He figured to help it might be good if he was helping with this research as well as maybe throwing in some Easter eggs about the Phantom of the Opera.

He met her and smiled. "Glad you could make it. I'll show you the archives."

Handing her a visitors pass he guided her to the basement.
  Olivia Newlin / Faust / 1y 73d 18h 24m 15s
The young woman was almost in shock when Erik began to sing. Of course she had paid attention to Cecil when the man had said that their dance instructor was talented, but hearing and watching him was of something she could not have fathomed. She was truly at a loss when hearing him because it seemed that music and singing was were his true talents happened to lay.

"He...he is remarkable. Why does he waste his time with dancers if he can sing like that?" Bea asked quietly.

Also during the whole time Erik seemed to have his gaze upon Olivia. There was definitely a draw, a very WEIRD draw that passed between them and she couldn't help but wonder about it, clapping when the man had done and come back to them.


Erik had wondered why he had gone through with the little deal. He could have ducked out, but something about the "spirfire" young woman had made him determined to keep to it. And since he paid none attention but Olivia, doing the singing was not completely horrible. He might have even gone as far as to say he ALMOST missed music and might want to go back to it. ALMOST.

It wasn't until he had done did the make seem to click back to reality and quickly left the stage. The attention had not been something he had wanted, and clearly something he had not thought through either. But it was too late now and for lack of better wording it was time he "face the music".

"Ah, well is that a complement. Thank you. As even you said, it would seem that like you I too have some surprises." He said, tone lighter than the one he usually used.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 76d 41m 18s
Cecil hadn't personally heard him sing before, he knew he could sing. It was the story of what happened. Since he was seemingly and magically revived, Erik had seemed to have lost his music. A tragedy, really, Cecil had thought and now it was worse since his voice was outstanding.

His entire focus was on Olivia and Cecil had to wonder if this spitfire was the true way to get to Erik. Still, at the end Cecil couldn't help but applaud but watched the two curiously.

Maybe if the two had time to talk alone then they might have a chance. He'd wait till Erik joined them and invite Beatrice away.


As if under some spell, Olivia wasn't able to pull her eyes away. The style wasn't normally what she'd like but his voice was strong and powerful, the gaze was proving to be equally powerful. It was impressive, really she was blown away by his true talent.

At the end she gave a smile almost unwillingly. That had been amazing. Everyone there had taken notice, too.

When he approached, she gave a small chuckle. "That was quite a show stopper. But really, that was amazing."
  Cecil LaMont / Faust / 1y 93d 17h 12m 39s

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