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"Why don't you move in with me?" The man suddenly asked, it was after two in the morning. According to several resources it was bad luck to do anything major at two in the morning. Perhaps that was the reason, there was no thinking, there was just the thought or action in the nude.

Cecil paused in his thinking before giving a small chuckle. "Wow, I have no idea where that came from. I'm sorry if you aren't ready. I just...I don't know..."

He might as well asked her to, well, move in and not be sure about the future. Well, the future was never certain.


It was amazing the depths of his talents. She had seen sketches, now this, and what he knew. He truly was a genius in that aspect. There was rough aspects but that was in all people. Looking back to him she gave a smile. "When did you start writing music?" She asked curiously looking to the new music. Attempting to not look to Don Juan and how similar it was.

Turning around she wrapped her arms around his waist kissing him softly. "It's beautiful, Erik..."

She didn't want to give up what they had, even if it wasn't exactly understandable but it was still something.
  Redemption / Faust / 76d 16h 40m 9s
Falling asleep with someone was beyond unusual for the man. But it was comforting and it was nice. For the first time it didn't feel like he was alone and he slept well. Probably the best he had in quite sometime. Or that was until he felt the bed beside him empty.

Slowly blue eyes opened and he looked around, shaking his head gently when he saw the young woman by his desk. Very slowly and quietly the man got up as he got his pants on. It was when he heard her humming his music did he slowly come up behind her.

[b "It's been a long time since I have heard another hum or sing it. It sounds lovely coming from you. Do you like them?"] His words were quiet as he spoke them. And there happened to be a genuine curiosity in his words.


The two had been eating and it had been in silence. She knew that Cecil would be graduating soon and she herself had a couple years still easily. But she was more concerned in a sense for the man as she didn't know what path he would be taken. In fact, neither one of them knew. And with the passion and fun of the evening having come to an end, those thoughts were enough to weigh on her mind and enough to bother her. God she hoped that the man she had come to love so dearly wouldn't catch it or ask her.

[b "Getting some sleep sounds like the best plan. And so does figuring this out later and together. For now tbough I juat want to be with you."] The young redhead said with a soft smile as she took both their plates to the sink and then went back to the man and took his hand.

She knew that she loved him and wantes to be with him. But she didn't know what their futures would hold.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 76d 17h 22m 59s
It was strange waking up next to Erik. She remembered everything and it felt amazing, it was just a strange feeling. Unable to stay asleep longer than a few hours at a time, she found herself rising early. Placing on one of his shirts, she used the bathroom before finding his desk. Most women would hate a man who wasn't orgnaized, she actually preferred it.

Spying some music, she looked to the first much older copy with the name Don Juan Triumphant compared to a new one. It was strange how similiar the handwriting was.

Humming the first song, she gave a smile. He was writing music again, and it was beautiful.


In just a few months he would have graduated and would be done with school. That would be when there would be a need for an occupation. It wasn't as if what he chose was entirely useful, it was nice, but it wasn't entirely useful. He had doubts about if it would actually help in any case.

Finishing the sandwiches he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. "Let's get some sleep. We can figure something out later, we can together."

It was time to ask, to do something serious, he wanted to keep her.
  Redemption / Faust / 76d 17h 53m 0s
How or why did they have to get into the deepeness of their conversation at that moment? The night had been perfect and everything had been like a dream. Both of them, or rather she thought both of them had admitted to something that had been left unsaid or a secret until that point? So why did they have to suddenly go from their light heartedness into a heavier topic? Quickly she shook those thoughts from her head and smiled faintly as they had decided on a late night meal of the omelets and the sandwhiches and still being naked. Of course that one thing happened to amuse her, though she had no intents to even say it.

[b "Right now I'm just not sure which way I want to go. But it means a lot that you'll be there whichever way I want to go...and both sounds good. Especially since it is late ans we both know we like having something with sandwhiches. Besides, this way I can help too."] Bea said, a small smile coming to her lips. She hoped he had taken her words into consideration. But she wasn't sure because he hadn't said anything. And honestly she didn't want to dampen their moods more and so didn't ask either. At least not for the time being.


Even he was astonished in his own words. But somehow he had felt she needed to hear those words. And somehow he thought maybe hearing them from someone like him might be of help. It wasn't that he didn't think she had suffered because the man knew that the young woman had. But he had done worse and been through worse and even if he didn't admit it or prize himself on it wanted her knowing that if he could do it then she definitely could.

[b "I do believe it. You know me by now and know I would not have said it if I didn't.. and perhaps we do need that...someone to remind us those things.."] Those words were uttered quietly as blue gaze was locked upon her.

When she left him to use the restroom, the man turned onto his back and stared up into the darkness. What had she done to him? She was changing him and in ways that he did not think possible. And even if it scared him, the man had to admit that maybe just maybe the changed were for the better.

As she was back and settled beside him again, Erik's arm without much thought went around the young woman as he listened to her words. [b "It has...and good night to you as well Olivia. Sleep well."]
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 76d 17h 31m 33s
It wasn't right to go in such a deep mood after such a beautiful night. The biggest secret of his life was revealed, they said they loved each other, made love. Now they were naked having a late night meal of sandwiches and...omelettes..

"Whatever you decide, I'm here with you, I promise. There's still time if you are wanting to go into the history program, I'll help you. Dancing if that's what you want to, as well. Omelettes it is then. Sandwiches and omlettes, or...both combined..."

Thinking on her words, he gave a her a smile though he wasn't sure what his choice would be.


Most didn't know, it was the secret trouble that she kept inside it's cage. Erik was different though. For every bad experience she had, he had ten worse. "You're really sure about that, aren't you?" She asked with a near astonished look. "Thank you, maybe we both just need to remind each other that every day."

Kissing him softly, she did go to use the bathroom before returning back to his side and settled down contently. "It's been a long day, then very active at the end. Good night, Erik."
  Redemption / Faust / 79d 16h 4m 32s
Her words were the last that he would have expected to hear. Very little was known to the man about her life other than she seemed nearly as broken as he did. That she closed herself off and tried not to feel. But when she spoke the words that she had, Erik was flashed back to his own life before and how he had never been wanted either. Quickly though, the man had to shake it off.

[b "I didn't know any of that. I won't say that I am sorry because sorry can't and won't fix anything.. But I will say that you have become a wonderful young woman."] He could not seem to stop the words that slipped from his lips. As she mentioned having to go to the bathroom, the man nodded. Something told him it was more an escape, but who was he to tell her no?


[b "That if I put my mind to it I can do more and be more than this..that it is my life to live and not my families.."] The young woman said quietly as she moved towards the fridge and gave a faint smile. [b "Want an omelette with that?"] She asked.

Bea qas paying attention to his words as he spoke them. So it seemed as if he was just as lost as she was. [b "It's an amazing chance for you..And maybe you should do it."]
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 79d 16h 50m 23s
Erik could have said anything, and it would not have hit her as hard as those words did this moment. Hell, he could have said that "l" word and it wouldn't been as profound. Taking a breath in, she moved off of her elbow before laying her head on his chest.

"They didn't want me. They were just two vain people enjoying sex and got pregnant. After I was born, she took off for some great life. He still acts like that...passing from one step mom to another...then leaving the only one that cared," Olivia said softly to him. It seemed strange coming out of her mouth. "I need to go to the bathroom."

Truth be told, she couldn't handle the emotions and wanted to compose herself.


"What people say and what you feel is two different. You are a spectacular dancer, and oh and you can move...and I'm starting to divulge...anyway, you know what I think," Cecil said as he started on a sandwich. It was the extent of his cooking skills was sandwiches and soups. "Not sure, just gotta get through this thesis and year. From there...who knows..."

It was difficult to decide to take a good research position in London. His family was for it, they were go getters, they did everything successful except for him.
  Redemption / Faust / 79d 17h 2m 36s
She had let her attention be distracted by the man as he had bent to look for the pots and pans. Her eyes never seemed to leave him because she was so mesmorized by him. It always made her wonder how she had gotten lucky enough for him to have fallen for her. And she knew that she loved him.

When he spoke, his soft words brought her out of her thoughts. [b "I've thought about it..but I don't know if it's for me... I've been told that being the dancer was the way for me to go..."] She said quietly as she moved over to him. [b "Did you decide if you were going to take up your program?"] Anything to get the topic elsewhere as she didn't want to explain her words.


Blue gaze met hers when her hand touched his cheek and spoke her words. So she felt very much the same way he did. That she was no a good person and had needed others to help bring her back from that darkness. It amazed him to hear it and to hear how similar that both of them truly were. But did the man dare tell her his thoughts? He thought to, but then she continued on.

[b "You are truly more special than you could ever know. You have helped me more than you know...and for that I can never thank you enough."] He whispered, letting her know that little bit of truth. She deserved it. And she deserved him explaining the rest as well, but not that night. Instead, his fingers gently combed through her hair and pushed it back as he kissed her forehead. [b "Never forget that you are special."]
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 79d 18h 3m 34s
"I don't mind the company at all," Cecil gave a small smirk. While searching for his pots and pans, he found some other items and looked towards her. That beautiful woman was his and loved him, that made him beam. "So, have you thought about that program yet?"

It had been brought up that there could be more than just dancing. It was a slow subject for him, he only wanted to see more for her. He was just about done with his final year.


Olivia propped herself up on her elbow looking to him. Placing a hand on his cheek she looked calm and assured. "It hasn't happened before because I haven't been a good person before, I'm just finding the way back because of you, Bea, and a small handful of people in Louisiana."

There was more of a point to that but she had to gather it. "Most kind people see someone damaged and give pity but nothing else. It takes a certain sort of person to find someone that's damaged and still help and care for them. That's someone special."
  Redemption / Faust / 79d 18h 19m 7s
Was it wrong to wonder how he had allowed himself to become so detached from emotion? To deny anything and everything he had ever felt? Probably it had been his best move and the easiest as he didn't think he ever could open himself up again. Never did he think anyone would be able to make him feel again. But he had been wrong as the woman he had just been with and was still laying with made him feel it all. And it was to such a degree that it scared him. But for the time being he decidee to keep his fear locked away and just let contentment wash over and through him.

[b "I can't imagine that no one has said that to you. It is merely the truth."] The man said, his fingers combing through her soft mane. Though when she had said her words of him, Erik merely shook his head. He could not and would not believe them.


When the man had gotten up, Bea slowly sat up and watched him. She hated when he did end up leaving her, but she had to admit she loved the view. And the fact that he had not even bothered to put anything on didn't bother her because God knew they had been all over his place.

Slowly the redhead shook her head and got out of the bed and made her way to the kitchen as well. [b "How about I help you? It gives us both something to do."] She said, giving the man a wink as she shamelessly let her eyes wander
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 79d 20h 31m 0s
The experience had been strange but wonderful. Somehow over the year she had detached any and all emotion and feelings in that act. Even with her ex, which she had thought she loved. Resting her head on his shoulder she gave a content sigh, deeper feeling safe. Hearing his words she rested her hand on his chest giving him a soft smile.

"Really? I don't think anyone has ever said that to me," Olivia said mostly to herself. 'Thank you, Erik. I think your the most kind person I've met."


" make this tough, woman," Cecil teased kissing her forehead before looking in the direction of his kitchen. "Can't perform on an empty stomach. Now, I'll go and make you a nice food and bring back something to drink."

Kissing her softly he stood up, walking out as he was. It was his place after all and he could walk how he wanted to. It wasn't like they haven't had sex in most places here.
  Redemption / Faust / 79d 21h 4m 41s
His words were amusing to say the least and even got a soft giggle out of her as she saw the teasing smile and nuzzled against him. [b "I'm sure you would have been the first to realize if I had anything of the sort."] The young woman purred softly, giving the man a gentle nip.

Bea knew his words had been meant, but sometimes old insecurities kicked in and she needed to hear it. She never wanted to let the man go and never wanted to be let go of either. [b "Can be gotten after...but I want you more for now."] The young woman whined cutely.

Of course she knew he wouldn't ruin the moment. And she loved their fun and games. But even she knew that at the moment they were in the "honeymoon" phase where it all seemed so very perfect. She knew too that it would be work and she hoped that both of them would be up for it.


The man's fingers combed through the girl's long and and beautiful hair as he laid in the bed with her. He had not regretted any of what they had done and overly it was even more special because it had been with her. It was not the first time, but to him it had been the best. He had shown passion and been shown passion. And none had been forced. It had been what they both had wanted.

[b "You truly are beautiful...and the most amazing woman I have met."] He whispered as blue eyes slowly came to look at her.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 79d 20h 40m 6s
[b "This is starting to feel like a setup. Is there a recorder somewhere that you're hiding?"] Cecil asked with his teasing smile. Running a hand down her side, he began to tickle her stomach and kissed her shoulder softly. It was nice to have fun time like this while also having a sweet moment. [b "I mean it, I don't plan on letting you go. As for food...yes, it is warm...but food..."]

He wouldn't, clearly, not in this moment. Not while he had her all to himself and after such a good time. Nuzzling her neck he gave a soft smile. He loved her, somehow she loved him, and it was perfect.

Staying perfect was another story but he had hope.


Keeping the past where it belonged, Olivia roamed where she could, the touching and kissing was remarkable. Looking up to him curiously she gave a half smirk. [b "For the last little while, I've been wondering what you hide,"] she said reaching up to chest to unbotton his shirt.

It was a good feeling, it was an amazing feeling. It wasn't like other times, she could already tell that, and it was with him.
  Redemption / faust / 87d 14h 12m 50s
Erik had once been a monster. A true terror and a horor. Mocked and hurt over and over. The man in his past had no love for himself or for others. But that had come from him never been shown any and in turn never showed any to another. It was as if he were incapable. Incapable and he had been filled with such hate for all the years he had been mocked and called monster. It was due to the many years of constant torment did he become what everyone had called him. Deep down he had never wanted to be that way. Deep down he had wanted what everyone else had. But he had gone to far. Become too far gone and there was no turning back.

The man was scared of love as he had known it only once before in his life. And even at that one time it had been him and his animalistic nature that had become him to have forced it on another. Truly he was not sure what he was doing. And he had become far more damaged than any would know. The only who did know was Cecil and even in that being the case, Erik found he was quite ashamed.

It was her words and her soft sounds that had brought the man back to the present. And gently did he give her neck anothet gentle kiss before he lifted her and took her to his bed. The two really it did seem were in it together. For even if he had seemed lost, the man had realized she herself was as lost as he.


A soft smile traced her lips as she heard his words. [b "Do you promise?"] She whispered, her hand going to meet his and playing with it. The woman was so very happy and so very content with him. Cecil was amazing in more ways than one and even if she did sound petty, Bea was happy other didn't know it in the way she did. For that meant that he was hers and for that the woman loved him even more. Though sometimes she didn't know why he had fallen for her when he could have anyone else.

Her eyes closed and she listened to the beating of his heart and the sounds of the city outside the window. Nothing too grand, but soothing in its way. Honestly though, she did wish it was raining as she so loved the pittering if the rain on nights like this one.

The woman let her mind wander slightly, but his voice called her out of her head. Out of wherever she was letting her mind roam to. [b "A little..but I don't want to leave your warmth."] Bea whispered with a cute pout as she looked up at the man. [b "Imagining things...but you are handsome."] She whispered and smiled.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 86d 23h 23m 9s
At the stupid age of sixteen, Olivia had been tired of acting like the bad ass she portrayed. Sure, there was minor shop lifting, mostly candy bars and funny gag stuff. There was also the ability to be kicked out of any school in the manner of months. True bad asses didn't care what happened to their bodies, so she shared hers, it had bothered her deeply. The woman knew it was deep to the root that love scared her to death.

In just that one attempt of becoming a full bad ass, it had spiraled out of control. Now when she thought she had a good grasp again, it was slowly slipping again. For now she wouldn't fight it.

Just that voice brought her elsewhere, followed by his lips, she gave a sound moving one hand to his hair. [b "Mmm, let's,"] Olivia replied. Somehow in him she felt that he was just as scared as her about a big move, and that made it actually easier. They were doing this together in many ways.


[b "This is just beginning...I don't plan on letting go of you ever,"] Cecil said stroking her soft waves lovingly. Knowing that she was completely happy both mentally and physically was a big badge of honor for the male. Females did not line up to be with him, nor did they say he was a god in bed. Not that there wasn't a lot of females in his bed ever.

Holding her lithe body close to his he closed his eyes. There was only the sound of the city through the window and the dull light of a street light. It was ambiance for a city. Granted, to be perfect he would have it with rain pattering against the window.

[b "I do, as well, though...It did make be a bit hungry. Are you hungry at all?"] He asked with a lopsided grin before drawing circles into her side. [b "You are so beautiful."]
  Redemption / faust / 87d 15h 9m 23s

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