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The man was so much more than she had ever imagined. Made her feel so many thing, the most important of thing was being alive. Just everything about him from that soft voice she had come to love to his touch drove her crazy. It was crazy to think that she could or would fall for someone as deeply as she had for him. Never did she think anyone would catch her eye or her fancy.

[b "And I love you.."] She found herself whispering through a purr as her head tilted to allow the man better access to her neck. Her hands slowly running along him, massaging as they went. God did he make her feel so many things at once.


There was nothing innocent about the young woman. For the school girl was gone ans the her he had come to know and dare he think even come to love reappear. It was mesmorizing and amazing just how quickly she switched. Left him in even more awe of her than he usually was.

[b "Ah. But I do not think I want to imagine that. It would be terrible."] The man commented, his arm around her and the other hand wandering and exploring as much as it could as they walked. It was comfortable, but he was longing for more. He could even sense that she did as well. The night he hoped would be one that neither would forget nor regret
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 45d 14h 6m 19s
"If it was the movies I could carry you bridal style more than a few feet without the risk of falling and both of us getting hurt," Cecil gave a small laugh before taking her back in his arms and going to kiss her neck. Moving her hands down her body.

"I love you," Cecil said again against her skin, his hands drawing circles into her skin. Moving her closer to the bed he felt his heart pumping just through those words.

Those three words that was making him as giddy as a school girl. Who would have thought? This was really the greatest day of his life, thus far.


"You should see those dorms with two sleep deprived girls early in the morning. Our first fight was over the closet space," Olivia chuckled against pressing herself against him comfortably. This was a good feeling, and her body was very excited as well. It had been a year and a half since she had any contact like this - the body had been very upset with her no play time rule.

It was good for mind. Erik would not be just physical satisfaction, he would be more than that.

"Then let's go," Olivia gave that smile, all aspects of any innocence gone. There was little innocent about her. It was a nice walk back, always touching in some way.
  Redemption / Faust / 48d 17h 29m 27s
What he saw in the moonlight was a different side to Olivia. It was younger and seemed more free. And to his own amazement it only seemed to captivate him more as he found he liked the part that seemed so young. For a moment the true meaning of teacher and student relationship flashed through his mind and it made him feel things, strange yearnings if one would that he had never before allowed himself to feel. But all of that jad to be pushed to the back of his mind.

Faintest of smirks graced the man's lips as her hands ran up and down his chest slowly and sent shivers through him that he had only felt at one other time in his life. With sparkling blue eyes meeting her eyes he once more gave her bottom lip a gentle nip and tug as he was experimenting with just what she would allow. [b "I've seen how terribly small and annoying the dorms are. My place would be much bigger and allow much more room."] The once known Phantom said, arm wrapping around her waist as he moved back so that he could guide her on their way.


Gently she leaned against his hand and nuzzled against it, grey eyes locking to his. [b "Everything looks easier in the movies."] Bea said, giving him a wink. She took had taken the break to slip off her heels and jacket, but her eyes did never leave the man. He was just so handsome. Not just in looks, but his mind and just everything she had come to know about him.

When his jacket was shed, she like he knew the next steps. This was a common occurence for them. But one she loved and hoped would never end. Just she did hope that perhaps more would come from their relationship as she slowly moved back towards the bed with her arms wrapped gently about the man's shoulders.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 49d 16h 37m 46s
There was a strange feeling in her stomach. It was tickles, like butterfly wings against the wall of her stomach. Strangely enough she didn't want to throw up at such a feeling. What part was it? The arms or the kiss? Or both...Why was she acting like a stupid school girl all the sudden? Olivia was annoyed with herself for acting like that for Erik.

Much to her annoyance there was a small giggle that escaped her lips. "I would love to," Olivia said, attempting to excuse her giggle. Instead of focusing her thoughts on that she ran both her hands down his chest. "Your place might work best. Those dorms are stupid small."

Would they actually do this? She hoped so. She wanted all of him, she wanted to be with him.


Once inside the room, he gave a small chuckle smoothing her hair, taking the break to slip off his shoes. "That looks so much easier in movies than it does in real life," Cecil said before running a hand down her cheek. "God, you're beautiful."

She was beautiful and being a dancer gave her extra perks, it was her mind that he was most interested in. It was a kind and sharp mind. It was the first thing he loved about her.

Shedding the jacket he knew the next steps, it was fairly common at this point. They were comfortable with each other sexually and almost every other way.
  Redemption / faust / 50d 19h 3m 39s
Many road blocks had seemed to be a part of the relationship that the man shared with the young woman. At first both had been closed off and stubborn. It had been a lot of "push and pull" or as the more modern way of putting things "games". But all of that had changed when she had come to him for help and sincerely had meant she needed it. From then on, things had been different and a bond of sorts had been formed despite their so obvious age difference.

The once former phantom had learned from his past. Had become more guarded and careful to say the very least. But on this night he was far past his reservations. Just something about Olivia felt so very right. And what he had been told by Cecil after her performance was weighing heavily upon his mind. Should he have been more careful? More thoughtful of his actions? The answer was probably, but even he could see that the young woman with whom he was with was far beyond that care herself. What harm could one carefree night really do them?

Without thinking, Erik's arms wrapped around her waist as he returned the her kiss once more. [b "Perhaps a more private place would do us well?"] He whispered against her lips. The man wanted to for one night show her what she meant to him. No regrets, only hoping she would agree.


The young woman was lucky her parents paid for her to dance and study. They didn't agree with her choices, but they supported it. But the catch was when all was said and done she would owe them back. It was something she didn't tell Cecil or anyone. It was something she wanted to deal with on her own. For both she and Olivia had difficult home lives and as it seemed did not get on well with family.

But for the night all that was swept away from her thoughts as she and Cecil had finally told the other how they felt. Wiped from her mind as the two made their familiar trek back to his appartment.

Her arms were wrapped around him and lips pressed to his. Even she had to wonder how both managed to avoid the dangling fan upon their entrance and even in going to his bedroom
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 50d 18h 53m 13s
Cecil's family did well. His father was a banker manager and mother worked in the fashion industry. He had five older siblings, all of whom was making it around Europe. It was only Cecil who had found the call of history that much more interesting than fiance or anything that was guaranteed work. Cecil sometimes debated with himself why his parents supported him to a point.

Somehow he had gotten a studio apartment just two blocks away from the university, which wasn't far from his parents nice house. Cecil wrapped his arm around her waist, as they made their familiar trek, across the bridge to the third floor.

Cecil took her in his arms even before opening the door, wrapping one arm around her kissing her hard on the mouth. It wasn't a first, though it was the first 'I love you'.

Somehow fan dangling the door open he moved her in carefully.


There was many irregularities in this relationship. It wasn't a warm beginning, it was one of games, until she had asked for his help. Then it became friends, then something tangled with the hint at more while friends. During this time he was still her teacher and mentor. There was also an age gap to add to that.

If Olivia wasn't so desensitized and made horrible decisions this would have daunted her. Instead she felt this was right at the moment. Which was more than she could say for any other times.

A small giggle escaped her lips before she could stop it. "Good, I don't plan on stopping," she whispered back before wrapping her arms around his neck. Kissing again she didn't mind moving one hand to his hair happily.
  Redemption / faust / 66d 18h 41m 34s
Hardly did the man have any experience with women. The most he had had was with the one he had kidnapped back when he had been the Phantom. And he had done a lot of other things that he was not proud of as well. But he could not tell the young woman whom he now spent his time with. Or he could not tell her as of yet. So he was mostly clueless with women and hardly let them close. Olivia was the closet that he had let anyone.

The time spent with her was better than he would have expected. The fact that the whole time she had a smile upon her lips told the man that she enjoyed his company as much as he did hers. And in knowing that to be the case, Erik let his own guard down and was actually smiling himself when she led him to one of his favourite bridges and then stopped to lean against it slightly.

In the moon's light she looked like an angel. No, a goddess was more like it. But the man could not say those words as the more his eyes rested upon her Cecil's words came back to him. He was supposed to tell her the truth about him. And was supposed to try and see if she could save him from his curse since the time was nearing its end. However, those words and thoughts seemed only such as her arms were around him and she kissed him passionately.

It had taken him of his guard with his lack of experimce but he didn't push her away. She had such an allure about her and if he were honest with himself he had craved her kiss. Craved more actually. Erik found himself returnimg her kkss with one of his own and it was just as passionate as hers. [b "Don't be...I've been wanting to do this too..."] He whispered against her lips.


As always the man knew what to say. A smile came to her lips as she moved closer to him. [b "Right, he can't know. He'll make it hell for you...and terrorize me too."] Bea said, cringing as she thought of that death glare and the torture he could give during dance lessons. [b "Besides...this is on him..."]

For a moment, the man did seem frozen. And Bea found herself trying to imagine what he could ne thinking. The young woman was about to ask, but before she could the look on his eyes changed once again. It seemed his thoughts took another turn and the sparkle in his eyes was just amazing.

A soft, musical laugh slipped from soft rost pink lips at his next words. And the grin upon his lips cheesy as it was happened to be adorable. [b "I think that is an amazing idea. Maybe somewhere fun?"] She asked with a wink as she leaned over and kissed him again, the kiss being deeper and more passionate than their last. There was just something about Cecil that did drive her a little crazy but in all the best possible ways.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 73d 19h 16m 8s
There was too much experience with men for her years. Looking back she felt that as a blemish. It was the wrong sort until a two and a half years ago when she had tried for the right. Now for being in her early twenties she was jaded, even weary against the idea of romance. That seemed to waver when he said he meant those words, and she believed that.

Smiling in an almost stupid way, she enjoyed the walk among the sandstone buildings. It was nice with the glow from the lamp lights. She hadn't remembered the streets looking this ambient before.

Finding one of many of the bridges over the Sienne she stopped, leaning her back against the bridge to look to him. Hadn't Bea said something about a talk? That wasn't what she wanted to do right now.

"I'm not that patient, sorry," Olivia said before leaning up and kissing him passionately. It had been on her mind for the last few weeks.


"No, no, I like this reaction much better," Cecil laughed, his fingers drawing circles into his side. It was a weight off of his shoulders and freeing their relationship. "Though, really, he can't know. I'm sure he'd give me one of those death glares That was the first two months of when he first came back."

Hell, he didn't even know how that worked. He tried to imagine it in a less creepy light, but it wasn't working. It never had worked.

"Now...should we leave my parents house that new found love?" Cecil gave her a cheesy grin. It was the default mode for him, it was very exciting. The first I love you sex was great.
  Redemption / Faust / 74d 16h 55m 58s
With his words, Bea didn't know whether to feel pleased or insulted. Of course it was odd to take it as easily as she had, but what could she say? She had been a dreamer once upon a time and would have loved to believe in such tales. Besides, Cecil was a good man and anyone could see it. So what need would he have to lie about something like that to her? Especially since it seemed so very important to him?

[b "Well would you rather I not have?"] She asked with a soft laugh, a hand playing with his. [b "And family legacy? Another night can you explain that part to me?"] The young redhead asked as she had turned, returning a kiss and having her own fingers thread in his hair.

He had been amazing. Taught her so much, love included. Only an idiot would give the man up. And she had been referred to as one, but it would not be a mistake she would make.


For a moment, the man was almost taken aback. Almost did he think that he did not mean his words to her. But when she had assured him that she did, Erik let his state of mind calm. [b "I would not say something I did not mean. You know me well enough by now."] He found himself saying quietly as the two walked.

Her next words amazed him and had not been ones he would expect to hear. But in a way they were something he would not have wanted to hear from anyone but her. So he let it slide with no odd remarks.

[b "You want for us to get lost tonight, then we shall. I have heard that as well and no one would I rather be lost with than you."] Even as odd as the words may have been, as foreign even, Erik meant them as his hand was still in hers and he continued to walk with her. For the time being, the former Phantom was letting the young woman who he was with call the shots.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 74d 16h 39m 57s
"Really, you took that well. No proof or anything? It could just be a strange story with an old mask. Of course, you know that considering how he is. This isn't all about him, though. It's more about the family legacy I guess," Cecil explained, it was badly explained on top of that.

Hearing those words made him grin boldly before moving her closer to him. Without more needs of words, he kissed her deeply moving one hand through that long, red locks he loved so much.

Bea was something amazing that he'd never let go of.


"Music is one thing...I enjoy those compliments, Erik. They mean something. It's never been personal though like beautiful...Men say that all the time but they don't mean it. I'm certain you do mean that," Olivia knew that she was sounding almost flustered at this moment. On an impulse she took his hand and glanced up and down the street.

"Well, lovers have traditionally got lost in the streets of Paris for a very long time. Why not?" She gave a smile, looking completely happy. She wanted to be with him. Going about that was another story.
  Redemption / Faust / 81d 18h 10m 32s
Perhaps it was odd for him to offer the woman more than one complement in a night. But really what had she expected? He was not what might call sweet or even kind, but the young woman had come to mean something to him. And yes, he did not show it much but that did not mean it to not be true. So when she seemed a bit shocked and even had given her words of banter, the man could not honestly say he was shocked about it. After all, when had he ever been known to give more than a simple complement without it being nearly pulled from his lips and forcibly at that?

[b "It is rare, but I have been known to give more than one compliment. Particularly when deserved."] The man said, his words etched with his amusement at her words. Crystal gaze then did travel to the pair that Olivia spoke of. And he could see what was meant. They did seem like kind and genuime people. [b "For you to seem so fond and willing to help out like this I will take your word. Just watching them it is easy to see they are kind."] Erik said quietly.

A faint laugh, a sound almost never heard from the man slipped from his lips. [b "I think perhaps we both are. But, I stand by what I said. An angel of music you were tonight. You are very welcome."] And for a moment he fell into silence. But then slowly shook his head. [b "Wherever you would like to go. It is your night after all."]


Anyone in their right mind would have been in shock. Would have asked the man a million questions or thought he was completely and utterly mad. But that was not her style. Even though she seemed so level and down to earth, the truth of the matter remained that Bea was a dreamer. And she was really a sucker for the kind of tale it seemed Erik's life was. One of those have to learn to change before time runs out sort of deals. It ironically reminded her of Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version which had always been a favourite of hers.

[b "He must have been truly terrible. And I think I know why...because you do have a good heart and from getting to know you like I have you believe everyone has some good and deserves another chance.."] She whispered, her hand playing with his and her cheeks involuntarily lighting up with a soft pink. Oh how she hated when she blushed and had no control.

[b "No...neither of them will know you said anything. Also...that does show he has changed.. a true monster would show no shame..or embarrassment of what they had done."] Bea couldn't help the purr to her words as he nuzzled her neck, it being a more 'sensitive' spot for her and he knew it too. [b "I love you too, Cecil.."] The woman whispered and turned to gently pull him closee, kissing him. And she meant her words, all of them.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 79d 18m 41s
There was surprise written on his face when she mentioned she had wanted to help. There was no questions on if he was losing his mind, or upset protests of not mentioning this before. It was a true wonder. The words he had uttered bounced around his head.

[b "It was difficult to believe. Though, the clothing and insults, that was something. Honestly, I don't know why I started was a wonderful gift that came with this,"] Cecil gave her a quick kiss then her softly before stroking her cheek.

[b "He cannot know I have told you. Erik is sensitive to his past. You know...kidnapping, murder, accidentally burning some of the opera house. That would be wonderful though."]

There was a weight lifted off of his shoulders. He held her closet to him before nuzzling her neck giving a bold grin. Bea was amazing, and he was certain that she was the one.

[b "I love you, Bea,"] Cecil said softly against her neck.


At first she gave a motion of surprise before breaking into a relieved smile. It was true, there had been more than one comment to relax. Usually it was met with a mild glare, only diluted for her. The word 'beautiful' was what really astounded her.

There was really no time to comment because it was her cue. Perhaps it was the beautiful, loving couple or there was an old part of starting to emerge from it's bitter, cracked shell.

[b "More than one compliment in one day. I must have won the jackpot somewhere around here. Beautiful...that one is a first...I like it,"] Olivia smiled, some amusement but mostly astonished. [b "Thank you. They've both been amazing friends, and really are the sweetest couple ever. It was an honor to help him propose."]

Angel of music, that one was new, she both flushed and gave a laugh at that. [b "No, no...angel...too far gone for that title. But thank you. Anywhere you'd like to stroll?"]
  Redemption / faust / 89d 18h 11m 57s
The man was clealy uncomfortable around those he did not know, but truly it was no different how he felt around people in general. So when his drink had been given to him, crystal eyes found their way to Olivia when she spoke. Perhaps she was right and for just a moment did he consider a retreat. But then Cecil's words of the mask and what he should do sounded loud and clear in his head.

[b "Where would be the honour in leaving such a beautiful woman by herself? I think I will stay a while. Besides, aren't you always the one saying that I do need to 'loosen up' a bit?"] The man asked as he was TRYING to show her he could and would brave it but only because he was there with her.

Her cue soon came and she sang for her friend and his fiance as she promises. It was a sweet song in itself, but something in the way she sang it made it even sweeter. Even the Phantom could hear it. When she had come back to him, the man raised his flass to her. [b "Beautifully sang. Almost like an angel of music."] Erik said and then nodded when she mentioned a walk, slowly beginning to lead her through the crowd.


Grey eyes closed as she sat against the man as she listened to his words. And she was silent as she let them all sink in. It was definitely a lot to wrap one's mind around and she could tell why he would think it to have been a joke. It was almost like something out of books she used to read or out of the movies. So it didn't strike her odd that the man would not have believed it at first. Hell she would not have either.

[b "How were you supposed to know that it was real? But you have been trying to help him and teach him.. I honestly admire you for being able to put up with him...And I hope he does too. It is onvious the two of them feel for the other and make the other better...Even though both are highly flawed. Now I want to help too."] She whispered, her hands moving to his and squeezing them.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 90d 2h 37m 30s
It was almost adorable of how awkward he was at this moment, the other part felt as if she should let him go and let go tonight. It had been a long time since she had let go for an entire night and let the cards fall where they may. Ordering one of the more straight forward drinks for him she handed the drink to him before looking thoughtful.

[b "You don't need to stay if you don't want to. It's really fine,"] Olivia offered with a neutral expression. [b "Where's the tactics in that, there's merit in a hasty retreat sometimes."]

Seeing her cue she gave a bright smile placing her drink down. [b "This won't take too long..."]

On the weekends there was live performers, she volunteered for this one song. Waiting for Miguel to be in position on the guitar, the boyfriend to be close. He started strumming softly, and she sang softly, even sweetly [ 'Love you Too Much'].

At the end Miguel stopped going on one knee to his boyfriend, proposing in Spanish.

Olivia stepped back, watching the moment with a tender smile before sliding away. This was something that was difficult considering her fight or flight behavior. Returning to Erik she finished that drink. [b "Why don't we go for a walk. I spend enough time here, anyway."]


[b "I thought it was a joke. Someone coming back after so many years for a second chance. Everyone did. Then it happened...I should have told you's just what words do I say?"] Cecil rubbed his neck awkwardly. Now Erik was likely to fade away again unable to get past his old scars.

[b "I always believed in second chances,"] Cecil sat down and pulled her into his lap and thought on this. [b "When I met Erik, he had no social etiquette. Not a handshake or the right words. It was like a big, angry toddler. There was no one to teach him how to be with people, handle his emotions, he was left alone almost all of his life. When Christine happened- it was the first time feeling love or something of that sort."

Letting out a breath he rested a chin on her shoulder. [b "I don't know if he's going to make it. I really want him to."]
  Redemption / Faust / 96d 17h 43m 27s
The man was rather uncomfortable around the other cast memebers who did happen to be present. Still did he very much despise people and prefer his distance be kept from them, but he had said he would go. Had said that he would behave and do as Olvia wanted. Honestly given what he had been told, the man could not afford to hide away. He could not afford pushing the girl away anymore either.

[b "Yes..they were bound to. And it is what couples do. I just thought they would have let us know and done so properly."] That part of him was still very much alive. Erik still dod believe in common courtesies but also was a bit terrified to be left alone. He was afraid of where the night could possibly go.

Getting lost in his thoughts and how he wanted to make Cecil pay the man was brought out of them when he heard the soft voice beside him. The faintest of smiles graced his lips as crystal gaze fell upon Olivia. [b "Whatever you are having is fine with me."] He said, aoon watching her go.


At first she was confused what Cecil was talking about. And so very confused when they had left the bar and he had taken her to his home. Only one other time had he taken her to the place. And that time he had told her a little about his family but it had been clear gaps had been left.

As she listened to his words and looked at the mask, a chill she could not quite explain ran through her. [b "The's Erik isn't it? And your family has been meant to guide him and to's why you and he are so close even if he pretends it is toleration.."] The words slipped from her lips as she slowly looked up at the man.
  ~Erik~ / SheDevil / 96d 18h 42m 46s

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