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"He watches us and knows if we do as he says. He already warned me no funny business or he'll give an extra two hours to the dance." She hissed as she just couldn't stand being around Olivia. It wasn't so much the young woman as it was the fact that she didn't care and that she herself took the dance and choral seriously. She actually wanted to be there.

Often, Bea caught herself wondering how the other even stayed in the class and even stayed in the programs. She was hardly on time and she didn't dress the part. And it was with those thoughts did she continue until once more their instructor called them forward. It was clear he wanted to make an example of them.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 291d 17h 6m 40s
Olivia was the girl who rarely did her hair up if she needed and only wore makeup for dates. Her nails were for stickers and bittng and her clothes ranged from cute and hipster to black tees and jeans. If she loved something she was dedicated or she didn't give a damn. This was personal though, she had a war.

"He always leaves after practice. I can do the cleanup so you get to practice more," Olivia said indifferently. Dancing was not her favourite thing but it was only for a while. The chorus part was only slightly more interesting.

If everything went smooth then this wouldn't be too long. Normally it was two hours even if she was late. Would that odd university student come by again?
  Olivia Newport / Faust / 1y 291d 18h 24m 17s
[i Late again, I swear if she doesn't get here soon I will go and drag her down here. I've already been yelled at twice because the lovely Olivia doesn't care enough to get here on time.] The redhead thought bitterly as pink manicured nails ran through her hair.

Blue eyes skimmed the faces and the others around the stage and rolled. She had been waiting for the last half hour and had been barked at as well because they had been meant to be one of the first pairs to show what they had been working on, but since the other was not there they were stuck on clean up AGAIN after.

"Finally decided to show did you? Oh and by the way, monsieur is making us clean since you couldn't get to practice on time." Hissed Beatrice just as Olivia got to her position and she too once more got into formation, waiting for the long hours they were going to put in.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 291d 20h 34m 26s
It was not by choice that Olivia was here. Two years of freedom, gone. Now it was time in a crampt room with a pathetic window and a roommate.

There were long hours here for what she didn't love, or so she thought. Then some hours at a bar. That was the only good time she had.

Opening her eyes after a two hour nap after the second job she groaned. Was it really already practice time, she slowly got up knowing Beatrice and that dour teacher would kill her.

Still, she didn't care. Maybe if she failed enough her dad would release her from the situation. Going down the stairs she put her bag down calmly ignoring the glares and went into position.
  Olivia Newport / Faust / 1y 292d 12m 33s

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