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Well, it made him feel better that he wouldn't have two pesky women poking around in his head without permission. Still, he's intrigued by the thought of a shapeshifter. Still, he doesn't continue with his questioning. If he starts again, she might just go off on another ramble session, and he'll never get her to stop. So, when she suggests they hurry up, he's more than happy to comply. Plus, the promise of food is too good to pass up.

The car isn't quite as large he he'd hoped, and he finds himself crunched in the backseat between Moira and Charlotte. The driver was some stoic-faced military officer who had refused all of them access to the front seat for 'safety purposes'. Most likely, he just didn't want mutants in the front with him.

[b "Do you have a plan on where to begin tomorrow?"] he tries asking Moira, who brushes him off with a wave of her hand.

[i "We will get to that tomorrow. For now, I've had enough with chasing mutants around God's country. I need a coffee, and for you to not mention Shaw for the next twelve hours."]

Erik grits his teeth and stares straight ahead, out the windshield. They don't arrive at the diner anywhere soon enough. He's grateful that it's at least empty when they arrive. Not waiting for the girls, he beelines to a table at the back with a booth. The waitress looks over her glasses at them, before sighing and wandering over to take their orders. [b "Just coffee and whatever is the largest sandwich you have,"] Erik speaks first, not even bothering to look at the menu.

[b "Where are we going for the night?"] he asks, figuring that was at least a safe question unlikely to raise a fit from either of them.
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Her face went blank as the steel-toes boots appeared, and at Eric's boastful smile the British woman was silent a few long moments before, arching a brow as he began to lace the footwear, she'd then mutter, [b "It doesn't matter that we've only just met—I am completely entitled to laugh if you get an athlete's foot from not wearing socks in those boots."] At his question about her sister she blinked, but then realizing he probably wasn't listening much before to her babbling facts, she decided it make sense for him to ask for proper information once more.

The way he asked for that information, however, made her shake her head with a small grin as she did indeed notice the twinkle of playfulness in his eyes. [b "She is indeed nosy, and the way she can talk circles around anyone is confusing enough to make you think she's in your head, but no she can't [i actually] do that. Blue skin, orange hair, yellow eyes; shapeshifter. Honestly, did I babble so badly that little bit of information didn't really stick?"] Her eyebrows arched her small grin morphed into a fully cheeky smile.

Her expression slowly softened and dimmed down, however, as he added that next bit. [b "It was easier... it's just unfortunate that me and her were alone for quite a long time before we found one another, though. She got far-more of her childhood back than I ever did."] Charlotte's words were honest, she shrugging lightly once and, without elaborating on her words, she turned and began to walk off, [b "Come along, Erik. I don't know my way very well around this city and don't want Moira to drive off without us. I bet you could use some food,"] She might have picked up on vague aches of hunger clouding his mind throughout all of their conversing, [b "And I could use both that and, like I said, I really wanna nap."] This called over her shoulder she continued to walk off in the direction that she knew both the mentioned agent and the federally-registered vehicle resided in.
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The woman spoke so fast, Erik could hardly keep up. As a matter of fact, he could feel a headache starting. It was most likely caused by the freezing water they were submerged in, but he's more than happy to pass the blame off on this tiny, hyperactive woman before him.

When she brings up the matter of his missing shoes, his toes wiggle almost on command. [b "I can assure you I won't be wearing bags on my feet. This ship is full of men, and one of them is bound to have the same size shoes that I wear. I'll just help myself to a pair when they're asleep."]

It would help matters greatly that regulation footwear aboard these ships are steel-toed boots. They'd come right to him. Actually, he might as well make work of it now. [b "Watch and learn."]

Holding his hand out slightly, he tries to focus his mind. It takes a few moments, but sure enough, two clunky boots barrel towards them, rattling against the metal deck as they go. Reaching down to pick them up, Erik smirks boastfully. [b "Problem solved."]

Sitting on one of the large containers, he slides his feet in to the footwear, tying the laces tightly. Best not lose this pair as well. [b "You've mentioned a sister once or twice now, but I've yet to see her. Is she like you? Will she be nosy and get inside my head?"] he sounds serious, but there is a playful glint in his eyes that tells her he's only teasing. At least for now. He'll decide his opinion later on when he's had the chance to meet the girl.

[b "The two of you are lucky, then. The fact that you were able to grow up with another mutant must have made things easier. You weren't left alone,"] while Erik is still civil, he can't help the bitter feeling that rises slightly in his chest. He would have killed to not have been alone for so long.
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She grumbled something inaudible to his first comments after her fall, continuing to lay there in her little moping heap. Her response to him just hoisting her up as if she weighed nothing had made her do something she only ever did in shock or minor frights, and that was to release a squeak of a yelp from her surprise.

Despite feeling a little flattered that he was concerned in any sense of the word, or just being a little formally kind by default, it didn't stop her from huffing slightly with the faintest of pink blushes coloring her cheeks. [b "It takes more than a little stumble to hurt me. Just because I'm about the size of a doll—at least according to my little sister who is unfortunately taller than me—doesn't make me as fragile as one."] The brunette murmured, brushing at the dirt that had smudged onto her clothes before, with a soft huff, she leaned back down to scoop up the thick-woolen blanket she had been given within the past half hour, and promptly wrapped it back around her shoulders. It was still very chilly after all.

[b "In fact,"] A thoughtful look sprouted to life on her face as she began to walk towards the exit-ramp about twenty feet away along the railing of the military barge. [b "I once fell twelve feet onto a hard surface and even then I didn't break a single bone."] She continued walking as she began her little memory of a story, she ignoring the wet sloshing of her soaking-wet-from-the-inside-out dress shoes she was wearing, [b "I was eight years old at the time, and I'd climbed up the tallest tree on my home's property. A branch ended up breaking when I was startled by something, and I fell into a sort of roll onto my parent's balcony bellow where the tree was, rolled across the would, through the screen door, and into their bedroom!"]

She had popped one of her hands out from the blanket cocoon she had basically made around herself with that woolen, thick fabric, and made a dramatic sweeping motion with that hand as she began a slow decent down the ramp of the boat. [b "All I got was bloody scratches, and I admittedly did twist my wrist, but I didn't break anything... but a part of nature and a part of my house."] Halting her steps just a couple feet from the bottom of the ship's ramp, she now firmly standing upon the wooden dock the barge was sided along, she looked over her shoulder to turn her gaze upon Erik.

[b "...We're gonna need to get you shoes sometimes before tomorrow morning. Otherwise it's either bags and rubber bands, or bare feet until after the flight. I'm sure you'd look dashing either way, though."] Her words were a little teasing in a lightly friendly way, she flashing him a small yet cheeky smirk before turning and beginning to walk off in the direction she knew that Moira was in and waiting with a federally-owned vehicle.
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Erik realizes that this Xavier woman must be exhausted, but he's not pleased at having to wait for the debriefing. He's grown accustomed to running on little sleep, so it was unlikely that he will be resting anyways. The more time they waste, the further Shaw gets. He grits his teeth, preparing to argue, but allows her this small victory, since she likely has more authority than he does with these people. [b "First thing in the morning, I will be waiting for the debriefing. If we let him get too far, he'll go in to hiding again."]

It irks him that Moira doesn't seem to hear him as she merely walks away, leaving him alone with Charlotte. This isn't going as planned, and they haven't even reached the base yet. [b "I don't care who's in charge, as long as I'm not disregarded on this mission,"] he answers her smoothly, turning to grip the rail as he notices the dock steadily approaching. [b "You should-""] he hears her hit the deck hard behind him. [b "Hold on to something."]

Looking at her crumpled form behind him, he raises an eyebrow. [b "You're really making me confident in your capabilities, Charlotte Xavier. Quite the reflexes you have."]

He lets her mope there for a moment longer before grabbing her arms and hoisting her back up to her feet. [b "Perhaps a little training is in order for you? Wouldn't want you to trip on an untied shoelace. Or thin air."]

Sarcasm has become his coping mechanism when he's uncomfortable. He flashes back to those two former Nazis he'd encountered at that tiki bar. Yes, sarcasm had become a third language to him. It always made toying with the victims more entertaining. Settling his eyes on the petite woman in front of him, however, he remembers that she is not his victim. [b "Any broken bones?"]
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[i Well I never!] The woman thought instantly in response to his threatening demeanor and demanding tone, the Xavier female instantly bristling and a glare slipping into place upon her face. But before she could snap at the metal-user is when they were joined by the McTaggert woman once more.

Despite Erik's threatening person he was putting on, and the way he towered over both of their heights, the FBI agent look completely unimpressed. Her expression became a mixture of blank and a silent 'Are you serious?' before, with an arched eyebrow, she'd look over to Charlotte.

[i And they have a nerve to even think of me in regards as a 'kid' or 'child' as far as my maturity goes?] The telepath thought. Huffing a sigh she'd pinch the bridge of her nose with her eyes squeezing shut for a few moments, but soon enough she lowered her hand and returned her gaze to both the agent and the fellow-soaked mutant of a civilian by her side. [b "We will debrief the mission [i tomorrow], Moira, during the plane ride. You've dragged me through far too many timezone in the past 48-hours, and in total I've only had 6 hours rest in three days now. I am very tired."] Her words were firm, she speaking with a tone of authority that she had picked up from her own teachers over the years but she also threw in the slightest undertone of a beg to match alongside the silent plead in her eyes that she was casting the other woman.

Moira made a sour face a few long moments, debating, but then sighed. The FBI agent gave a slightly wave of her hand at the both of them and she walked off to go talk with one of the other agents aboard the barge.

Charlotte would sag a bit, and then return her attention to Erik. [b "Moira isn't the one in charge, Mr Lehnsherr,"] She began, still a bit miffed by not only the way he had spoken to her minutes ago, but by the fact he had labeled her as 'Ms Xavier'. [b "It is a man by the name of Oliver Flemyng that we'll meet tomorrow who is the one in charge. He is a very nice man, so I'm sure if you're at least a [u little] civil and not as broody, he'll happily be persuaded into at least some–!"] It was with a shocked yelp her words were cut off for, as she had been speaking, the ship had reached dock and the abrupt halt caused her to stumble wet dress-shoes combined with the equally wet deck of the ship left room for near zero traction and she, quite painfully, would slam into the floor.

The brunette and blue-eyed female release a breathless groan, weezing slightly as she regain her breath from the aching shock and groan as she just continued to lay there. [b "Leave me here to rot or sleep—whichever claims me first. I don't even want go on a plane or sit in a car. Tell Moira to let the ship's crew now to simply mop the deck around me. I am not moving."] The first half of her words had been muffled against the metal panels of the deck but she had turned her head halfway through her words so now it was simply only her cheek mush against the deck.

And despite the near childish declaration, the expression upon her face seemed very serious. She most definitely would not be moving of her own free will any time soon and, if asked, the youngest-in-history-and-officiated professor would most definitely declare she'd only move if she was carried, or the world ended.
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As she rambles on, only furthering his belief in her personality, he simply raises an eyebrow at her, until she slows her own speech and realizes what she's doing. [b "Yes, not boisterous at all,"] he mutters, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

Erik tenses naturally as she approaches him, a habit formed over years of building barriers between himself and other people. She doesn't shy away though. Instead, she stares him down as she utters an offer that gives him a headache, just thinking about. Letting two young girls like them take down the man he'd been hunting all these years? He'd rather die.

[b "If I come to this base, I want control of how to go about this. I've known this man far longer than any government agent has, and they will not take my plans away from me. Shaw is mine, and I will kill him. I can't allow your people to ruin that for me,"] he knows he probably isn't in the state of power to demand these things, but he needs them to know that he's serious.

[b "I've tracked him all over this globe, and I've come far too close to let him get away again. If they can help track him, fine, but I have the honors of ending his life. Am I understood, Ms Xavier?"] his eyes lock on to hers.

He can see Moira approaching, and he can only hope that Charlotte takes him at his word. [i "A car is waiting for us once we dock. They'll take us right to the base, and you two can change before we debrief the mission."]

[b "I expect to be included in all planning and information regarding Shaw. You want me on this team of yours, fine, but I will not be treated as a juvenile recruit. That is the only way I will do this, Agent,"] Erik stares at her, as if challenging her to argue.
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[b "...I don't, and wouldn't, do that to you or anyone else."] Charlotte's words were quiet, only just loud enough to gain his attention, and whenever the Lehnsherr male might look over he would see that he expression had become sullen and reclusive. So much more different than it had been less than two minutes ago. It was as if a switch had been turned off and turned her mood form a natural brightness to a dimmed and dulled state. She looked offended in all honesty, but almost expectant. As if that sort of thought process wasn't that shocking to her. [b "At least, I don't read people's minds intentionally without permission, unless I think there might be a danger. The only reason I know you were [i something] like that about me and my powers is because of your surface thoughts—I can't shut my mutation off fully. It would probably roast my brain alive. I do my best to block of the thoughts of others, though. Mental shield, barriers, and other such things.... Your mind seems shockingly compatible with mind though, so it's harder to put a full blocking system up. The only reason I read your mind at all while we were in the water is because I was trying to figure out how to convince you to not die."] Her words were honest, she glancing down as she'd scuffed her soaking-wet shoes back and forth a bit against the metal deck of the ship.

There would be a few long moments of silence between the Xavier female and the Lehnsherr male, but suddenly she would look back up and, with a pouting expression, she would add, [b "And I am not 'boisterous.' Just excitable. My minds been going miles a minute for as long as I can remember, and my mouth does it often as well. The doctors thought I might had some sort of attention deficit disorder, but I assume it's just my mutation. ....Well, alright, it might be both. If I'm completely honest."] Her words had begun on a slight complaint, but then changed course. Her thought process went abruptly with her random explanation about the way she spoke and such, though.

Quite suddenly she'd break from her thoughts, wear a sheepish expression after realizing she'd just proved her own words. [b "The point is that, yes, my sister can be pestering but she's learned when to back off most times. Moira? I don't know much about her, but she seems good heartened. And as for your coming to the base? Well,"] Charlotte would push off from the all, and would move to stand in front of the male who was practically a foot taller than her, [b "You want Shaw, and the government wants Shaw. As far as I can tell, now that they know me an Raven exist, they plan on sending people like you and me after that monster. Now you can either come along, or leave the fate of that man in the hands of a sixteen-year old and a twenty-three year old."] Her words were bluntly honest, but a little goading all the same. As if daring him to try and find a better circumstance to practically guarantee himself the option of getting his hands on Shaw once and for all. As if challenging him to come up with a better scenario he could potentially find himself in.
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[b "You can speak to me telepathically, and you have an agent with a gun accompanying you. Forgive me if I don't swear my allegiance to you right away,"] he says wryly.

Something she said captures his attention though. The government is after Shaw. He's not sure he likes the idea of someone else getting to that bastard before he does. He's made very careful plans for how he's going to end Shaw's life, and he doesn't want the government getting in the way of that.

[b "How do you know that I'm just going to go with you to this base? We've just met, and I'd much rather work on my own. I can't say I have fond experiences with other people,"] he looks past her shoulder to the agent speaking to one of the barge's workers.

As much as his instinct is telling him that he needs to run, and this isn't a good idea, he can't say he isn't intrigued by the idea of meeting more people like them. Decades of loneliness had played havoc on his mind, and a small part of him is still desperate for human contact that won't result in betrayal.

Stepping away from the wall, Erik begins to pace. [b "Wenn ich dir vertraut, wäre ich verrückt,"] he speaks under his breath, arguing with himself.

This is a bad idea. A very bad idea. If Charlotte is this boisterous at all times, and she had a teenage sister who could only be just as much of a handful, plus the agent, he'd be surrounded by women who could only get him in to trouble. He can already imagine the pestering to spill what's on his mind, though he's sure the telepath would make herself right at home in the centre of his thoughts, without even telling him.

[i Translation: If I trust you, I would be crazy.]
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At the inquiry about her professions she would give an undignified snort of amusement, she biting her lip to fight off a smile. [b "Technically? That both is and isn't my job. I very, very, [i very] recently was officiated as a genetics professor by Oxford. Those are the types of things I wanted to look for in hopes of finding others though, and yet here you are. Never thought I'd find anyone like me just two days into my profession."] This time she practically giggled, but then fell into a solemn silence as Erik seemed to begin voicing a more serious question.

Charlotte arched an eyebrow, and then huffed a sigh. [b "And people wonder why the Germans and the British don't get along? So suspicious. You could probably drop-kick me over the edge of this ship like an American's football if you want. So relax, alright? I promise I'm not trying to abduct you."] Her words were a little bit teasing, but completely and utterly sincere and (hopefully) soothing as well. She'd take a few moments to allowed that reassurance to sink in, before she'd speak once more. [b "The government isn't after other people like us, no. In fact, some of the most high-ups wouldn't even so much as entertain the potential thought of people like us until yesterday. Moira brought me along in hopes of helping the government capture Shaw, because he apparently has... well... people like [u us] working for him. Those two you likely saw, and then one who was bellow."] She shifted, not liking the thought of anyone be they human or different, working for that sick monster she had read all about in those files. [b "A telepath like me—someone who can read, project into, and potentially control or kill someone through their minds,"] She paused, poking a hand out from beneath her warm blanket to tap at her damp skull with her finger a couple times, [b "And then two others. I couldn't figure out what there mutations were, but from their minds I got the vaguest visual of red-smoke and tornadoes from their surface thoughts."]

She shifted her weight upon her feet a bit. Pulling her blanket closer around her body. The brunette was almost warmed up fully, but she feared that if even the slightest bit of wind hit her she'd get freexing cold once more. [b "...There's also my little sister, Raven. She's naturally blue, with orange hair and yellow eyes. She can shape-shift into any man, woman, or child on this entire planet! You'll love meeting her, but she is a handful if you get her into a bad mood."] Her smile turned fond an exasperated at the same time yet again, but she continued, [b "She's an adopted sibling. Just turned sixteen a couple weeks ago! Well, we assume she's roughly seven years younger than me so that's why she just turned that..... When we found each other as children she didn't know her age, so we picked by what looked right due to our height differences, and made her birthday that same night. It was the best day of my life, finding out I wasn't the only one who was different."] That small smile slowly grew into a warm, fond, reminiscing grin as he glanced away from the man she had saved mere minutes ago for a brief tick of a minute.

Suddenly she would look back at the German male, and a look of excitement would start to overtake her features, [b "All of us, all people with no biological relation, yet all of us are mutants. Isn't that fantastically brilliant? I mean, if there's our small group then there is bound to be even more! There could be hundreds, thousands. Maybe even a third of the planet could be made of people like us! Isn't that fantastic thought, Erik?"] Charlotte had slowly become more animated throughout her little gushing fest of words, her British accent ringing ever true, and by the time she had finished speaking a bright grin was lighting up her face and the twenty-three year old was practically vibrating with happiness at her own thoughts of there being so many more people like the both of them. If given any more room for his excitement to grow, she might even start bouncing up and down from joy.
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Eirk opened one of his eyes and looked at her from the corner of it, raising an eyebrow. She had been meddling again, if she could see he was anxious. [b "For starters, please try and stay out of my head as often as possible. I can barely comprehend my own conscience, let alone a stranger's poking around as well."]

He said it in the most polite way he knew how, but it still perturbed him that she could read whatever he was thinking at any given point. Erik's thoughts were not exactly innocent, and hadn't been for a long time, and it's not something he's willing to share with someone he's known for all of ten minutes.

This woman - Charlotte - seemed to know more information about these strange abilities they possess than Erik had ever heard of before. [b "I take it you're a scientist of some sort? Do you study people who can lift cars, or set things on fire with their minds?"] he's being sarcastic, but he's internally desperate to know that there are more like them; that he isn't truly alone in this. As much as it's a comfort that she is the same as he is, it would be even more of a comfort if he knew that there were thousands, or millions out there. It would make him feel less alone.

[b "What exactly is Miss Gun-and-Badge following you around for? Are you sent to capture people like us?"] It is clear that Erik is on edge about this. It wouldn't be the first time a person with authority tries to eliminate him. [b "If that is the case, I'm afraid it won't end well for anyone aboard this ship. You may have saved me, but I'm not one to go without a fight. For your sake, I hope that there is a better explanation for all of this than what I'm interpreting."]
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His reaction to her power made her grin right and happily. One of those sort of beaming smiles that people might assume makes a person fake, but her's was nothing but genuine and real. She truly was excited! Who could blame her? It was only just then that she realized she'd picked up on his astonishment and general thoughts so easily, and resisted being too shocked. [i Wow, my mind isn't even that easily compatible with Ravens! ...Damn, that means I'll have to put blocks up so I don't read his thoughts on accident.] She then resisted the urge to not pout, and the blue-eyed female returned her attention to Erik as he spoke and shifted his physical position. [b "Well alright, I suppose that will make sense. If I talk into all the technical information you'd probably fall asleep—my sister claims she does and, in fact, does whenever I get 'too smart' in explanations."] Her words were slightly exasperated but still fond as she spoke of her younger sibling, and with a small yawn the Britain-born female would lean against the metal wall beside him.

There would be a few long moments of silence, but finally she'd glance up and over at the taller mutant. [b "...First off, you should know that I don't expect you to owe me anything so you can stop being anxious over that."] Her words were quiet. If Erik would look over at her, then he would see an honest, small smile upon Charlotte's face. She'd bring her hand up to brush some of the long, soaking wet, black, curly locks of unruly hair back form her face with a slight huff. [b "Second, if you want, you can ask me anything about myself you might want to know. As much information about me that would be needed to make you feel more comfortable."] She'd return her attention to him, her smile turning into more of a cheery grin, [b "We've got about twenty minutes until we get back to the port this barge came from, and then a half-hour drive until we'd be back to the base, so there's plenty of time."]

She'd shift to lean against one of her shoulder upon the wall rather than with her back, and would look at him expectantly with an excited look, [b "So! Go ahead and ask away, if you want. I know you're bound to be itching for some sort of information. Trivial things about my full name, my age, my height, my sister.... And more more thorough things like my profession or things of the sort?"] Her words went from excited to pondering, she puckering up her lips slightly in thought before returning her attention to be solely upon the Lehnsherr male.
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Erik looks up as the small woman re-approaches, and he stands tall to meet her. It confuses him even more when she says that she hadn't intentionally been looking for him, which makes his eyebrows furrow. Though he raises one when she taunts him about women chasing him. [b "Only if I haven't called them back after a night out,"] he replies sarcastically, not sure how to take her clearly outgoing personality.

Nevertheless, he extends his hand and shakes hers. [b "Erik is fine. You've saved my life, so I think formalities have been surpassed. Thank you,"] he adds with tight lips.

He doesn't like owing people, and last he checked, if someone saves your life, you're basically guaranteed to owe them in return. Not that he'd preferred to die, but being in debt to a stranger isn't exactly high on his 'need to do' list. [b "I'm still requiring an explanation. I heard you clearly, under water. That isn't possible."]

Just then, her voice rings out in his head, and he can clearly see that her mouth isn't moving. It's astonishing, really. He hadn't ever imagined that he'd find another person with abilities, let alone someone who can get inside your head whenever they feel like it. [b "Mutation?"] he asks, clearly confused.

His childhood had not exactly been rich with education, so her scientific explanation does nothing for his confusion. If anything, it makes him more clueless. He wants to ask her more, but the exhaustion is creeping up on him, and he knows he's not going to absorb any information she throws at him. [b "I think you have a lot to explain,"] he mutters, leaning back against the cool metal walls of the ship. [b "But perhaps, that can be saved for tomorrow."]
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A blanket that almost comically dwarfed her, due to her short height, was wrapped upon her the moment she was on deck. She couldn't help but bask in the warmth of it/ The military officer that had wrapped the blanket around her had moved her away from the edge of the deck to stand next to the magnetic-powered mutant, and upon being side-by-side with him she squinted whilst resisting the urge to pout.... She did pout the slightest bit though, even though knowing her reason for doing so was childish she couldn't help it. [i I knew he'd be taller than me, but does it have to be a eleven inches? Almost a foot? It really is a good thing I was dragging him in water and now land, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to move him at all. I feel like a twig next to him! Bloody hell, I could barely wrap my arm in a proper grasp upon him.] Her slightly sulky thoughts of her miles-a-minute mind soon came to a halt, however, when Moira came and began to scold the herself and the 'technical stranger' beside her as if they were school-aged children.

And soon Erik was questioning her, but before Charlotte could even hope to answer she was tugged away by Moira with a yelp. They only went a few feet a away, and promptly she was being chewed out for her behavior. [#9b43b6 "You're crazy, you know that? You may be a genius but, god, you're twenty-three and a civilian! How could I forget that? I should have known you'd do something reckless. Don't do anything like that again! I would have been better off bringing your sibling—even if she's a teenager, I bet she would have behaved better than you!"]

Despite being scolded in a way reminiscent to what her mother should have done throughout her life by someone she knew less than three days, the young professor simply flashed a grin, [b "Come now, Moira. You're only five years older than me, and what I did was not childishly reckless. You act like you wouldn't have done–"] He had begun to argue, but the look she leveled him with wiped the grin off his face. [b "...Yes, Agent McTaggert. I'll be a good boy from now on. Can I go play with my new friend?"] His words were sarcastic, and try as hard as she no doubt did he could feel the minor amusement roll off of Moira. Once she dismissed him with a wave of her hand he grinned properly once more.

She heard the other woman mutter something about 'Pulling a man out of the water doesn't make him your friend'. Charlotte would of course send back a mental projection of [i [b /+// It most certainly does. //+/]] into the other's mind, and the Xavier woman didn't even have to look over her shoulder to know the other woman had jumped and was now glaring at her for scaring her. It took all of the telepath's self will to not burst out laughing, but she bit her lower lip in a failed attempt to muffle a brief snicker all the same.

Walking back over to the male, and standing in front of him she would pull the blanket-that-was-only-comically-large-on-her-and-that-really-wasn't-that-fair closer around her body as a strong breeze blue over, she shivering a bit from the chill, but would then look up at him with a genuine, bright smile forming upon her face. The faintest trace of dimples popping to life upon her face. [b "To answer you from before I got dragged off and scolded, no, I was not looking for you. In fact, I didn't know who you were until I was pulling you out of the water. And I brought you up onto the barge, and saved you, because you don't deserve death. Also, is it a common thing to have women chasing after you?"] Her first words were honest, and her last sentence playful as her grin became a little cheeky as she tried to hopefully relax the male's obviously tense nerves.

The blue-eyed female would slowly manuvere a hand out from beneath her blanket, and held it out towards him in an offering for a handshake, [b "My name is Charlotte Xavier, like I said earlier, and it is still lovely to meet you. Do you mind if I call you Erik? Or would you prefer 'Mister Lehnsherr', or something else entirely?"] Her inquiry was simple, with nothing seemingly out of the ordinary.... Besides for the fact she apparently shouldn't be able to know his firs or last name. As far as the male knew should be possible, anyway, if she was being truthful about not having been looking for him.

But then, in that instant, that was when that "odd thing from earlier" happened once more. That wonderfully odd, yet brilliantly wondrous thing.

[b [i /+// Also... as for your other two questions? You have your tricks, and I have mine. //+/]] Her thoughts rang out, she projecting them into his mind with that blanketing sensation of her powers once more and, with her smile becoming soft and kind, she'd keep her hand out in further offerings of that handshake before projecting further, [b [i /+// The most potentially proper phrase for what I am, and what you are, is a "mutant." I hope you'll believe me when I say that more than you or I, what we are, exist. Before tonight I thought it was only myself and my sister who were this way. //+/
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 4y 203d 16h 5m 0s
Erik didn't answer, but suddenly felt how the cold water was affecting his body. He'd been so focused that he hadn't realized the intense shaking and chattering of his teeth. He'd be lucky if he didn't have a minor case of hypothermia. He'll just have to be careful, and wary of these people until he was back to normal. Then, he could demand answers.

So, he willingly accepts the help, and allows himself to be pulled aboard the ship. Immediately, a crew member wraps a thick woolen blanket around his shoulders, and his body practically goes in to shock with how glorious the warmth feels. His teeth clash together as he tries to get his muscle spasms under control. [b "Thank you,"] he mutters with his eyes closed, listening as they pull the girl aboard next.

[i "You're both insane for even thinking about going in to that water. The temperature alone could kill you,"] the other brunette woman scolded, hands on her hips as she stared them down.

Erik notes the gun holster on her belt, and a badge. A cop. A scowl comes to his face, and he's immediately guarded. [b "I have my reasons,"] his voice is low and serious, not intimidated by her presence.

[b "How did you know about me?"] Lehnsherr's attention goes back to the woman who rescued him.

He had never been particularly careful with his powers. There were quite a few occasions where he even showed off just for the hell of it. But still, he's quite sure that he's never done anything sloppy enough to draw the attention of authorities. He'd been thorough enough to keep his motives hidden. [b "The only explanation I can find for you finding me and bringing me up here is that you've been searching for me."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 4y 205d 13h 25m 8s

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