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[i From what I sensed from Emma, she—and likely the other two—have all been with Shaw for a very long time. There might even be a chance they've been with him since they were children.] Charlotte thought to herself, being very careful to make sure her thoughts stayed to herself as she settled the newest mind-shield she had made back up. She pondering to herself if it could have been possible that, if Erik hadn't been liberated before Shaw could escape with him, that the metal-using mutant might just be one of Shaw's pawns as well. [i It seems a blessing that didn't happen. He's such a nice man, I can tell that already, even if he might be rather naturally rude.]

When he held the folder out towards her the short woman reached over the space between their beds and began to read over the paper he had indicated. [b "Moira mentioned something about that with a general. She had seen him in Shaw's Hellfire Casino place, and then when she called her boss that same general was suddenly across the country in DC. Hmm..."] She hummed in thought, biting her lip a bit before a thought struck her. [b "Maybe one of the other two mutants with him is some kind of, um, oh what is the word...? ...A teleporter! You know, like on that new Star Trek show?"] The 23-year old genius offered up, wondering his opinion on the matter.

She looked back at the papers, having nodded her head along when he mentioned that there seemed to be no pattern to Shaw's movements. [b "The only thing that the randomness could represent might be some sort of secret meetings, maybe? If a teleporting mutant [i does] exist, and is in Shaw's employment, it could be completely possible."]

Sudden the woman froze, then blinked before letting off a soft sigh. [b "Raven is on her way here. In fact she will be here in about three seconds... two... one...!"] She trailed off, puckering her lips slightly in wait, and as the door to the room slammed open she couldn't help the grin that spread across her face.

A teenage girl with wavy, blonde hair stood in the doorway. The female's eyes immediately zeroed in on the 23-year old telepath and, once they did, she'd hurry into the room, shut the door behind herself, and rushed over to where the fellow female sat and began to inspect her over.

[#c43112 "Charlotte, why the hell did you jump in the ocean?! Oh, of course you would jump in, and I shouldn't have expected less, cause despite being a genius it seems you will always be a dumb–"] The apparent blonde stopped abruptly, blinking a couple of times as her eyes finally landed upon the other person in the room. [#c43112 "...Well now, who are you?"] The girl's voice was airy with surprise and innocence, but the one she had been yelling at mere moments before couldn't help but roll her eyes. She didn't need to read her mind to know where her thoughts were (unfortunately) beginning to wander to.

[center [i [b /+// He is like us, but he is also much too old for you. He's almost 14 years your elder. That's a big 'No, no', sister dear. Especially since you're still a minor. //+/]]]

In response the girl spun towards him, cheeks flushing as she smacked her older-yet-shorter-than-her sister's shoulder with a pouted look. [#c43112 [i You're always such a kill-joy, Charlotte.]] Her sister smirked in reply, the blonde stuck out her tongue, but then what else her sibling had said struck her. [#c43112 [i He's like us?]] The older of the Xavier females nodded, a smile on her face, and the younger soon wore a bright smile herself before both members of the Xavier family would return their attention to the him

[b "Erik, this is my little sister, Raven Xavier."] The short woman introduced, gesturing to the blonde in all of her glory, [b "And Raven, this is Erik Lehnsherr; the reason I was dumb and had to jump into the ocean."] Her words were blunt yet playful, she smirking cheekily back and forth between the two. Raven snorted in response to Charlotte's words and with a roll of her eyes declared, [#c43112 "Please, like you actually need a reason to be stupid? You'd step on lava if you ever got the urge, you duntz."] Charlotte quickly mirrored Raven's own pouting look from earlier, and the girl rolled her eyes at the sight of it before returning her attention to the metal-user. [#c43112 "It's nice to meet you, Erik."] She smiled, holding out her hand in the offering of a handshake.

She waited for when the male would take her hand for the handshake and, since she was feeling mischievous, the moment their hands would clasp she would decided to do a little show. The moment skin touched skin her flesh would begin to shift and change, so within moments of the contact there no longer stood a pale, blue-eyed and blonde haired girl, but rather a blue-skinned-with-minor-scales, red-haired, and yellow eyed teen ages who's pupils resembled a bit closer to a lizard's then an average person's now.

Charlotte had held a feeling her sister would do this, and shook her head in found exasperation mere moments before Raven had, and simply focused upon what Erik's reaction might be. She dearly hoped it wouldn't be anything negative. [i If the reaction is negative, I won't be his friend.] That was her immediate decision, for despite her great like for the man already, she couldn't like him if he didn't like her sister.
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Another telepath. [i Fantastic], Erik thought to himself. As if it wasn't hard enough getting anywhere near Shaw, let's just add a woman who can hear when they're about to attack. That just makes everything so much easier. [b "Perhaps if we find a way to take her out, we can get closer. If he loses his eyes, so to speak, then there is nothing to help him anticipate our plans."]

He gives her privacy as she finishes cleaning, flipping silently through the file pages while he waits. One thing he hadn't been anticipating is the sheer power of Shaw's recruits. If the damages totaled on the finance sheets were anything to go by, he had some serious muscle backing his plans. Shaw must have been busy with recruiting mutants, in the same way the government appears to.

He glances up briefly at Charlotte as she rejoins him. [b "So they're willing to die for him, no questions asked. That only feeds his power. If they fear nothing, then they have nothing to lose. Shaw's brainwashed them to fight for his cause, no matter how twisted he is,"] he drawls out.

At her question, he gives a faint shake of his head. [b "Nothing that surprises me, really. Shaw has always been ruthless, and willing to do whatever it takes to gain power. What's concerning me is just how mobile he is. Look at this,"] he hands over a manila folder. [b "Spotted in San Francisco on the morning of June third, only to be in Venice that night? Even with advanced planes, that's quite the jump. And with him being on a wanted list, there's no way he could just waltz through an airport without raising suspicions. They must be using some form of their own transport, by-passing all of the border patrols."]

It was a frustrating thought. If they couldn't get a good estimation on where he was heading next, how were they going to find him. [b "As far as I can tell, there is no set pattern in how he travels. It seems completely randomized."]
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[b [i /+// There was only three things I could figure out about that woman. Her name is Emma, she has a strong amount of loyalty towards Shaw so I can only assume she's been with him many years, and she's apparently a telepath like me, //+/]] Charlotte replied telepathically, she having left those newly created shield she'd put up open so she could hear his loud thinking if he had decided to go that route.

On the topic of the woman she had mental contact with for all of two seconds, she couldn't help but be a little thrilled at the thought that mutations could be repeated in other people—even if now knowing others besides she and her sister did indeed have abilities—which means that the amount of possible people with powers really could be becoming infinite! [b [i /+// I know that last bit cause she forced me out, tried to get into my own head in return, and I blocked her out as well. //+/]]

Regretfully she turned off the shower. [b [i /+// I'll be out in a minute or two. Give me a moment. //+/]]

It actually took five minutes, but soon enough Charlotte emerged. Wore that same large bathrobe she'd gone into the bathroom in, but it was left untied to revealed the over-sized Oxford sweater that as bunched up at her wrists greatly, and just as over sized Oxford sweat pants that were bunched at her ankles just as greatly, that were now making her small and petite frame look even more as such. No one could blame her for wanting huge clothing to sleep in, however, for it is a comfortable thing.

[b "To continue what I was saying earlier,"] She paused, hanging her damp tower over the end of the bed she had deemed her own, [b "It's not just her who's been with him a long time, but all of them. It was loyalty mixed with something else... another emotion I couldn't place."] She'd sit down on the edge of her bed she she could face towards his own across the room from her, she starting to rack her fingers through her damp, curly locks of dark hair.

Reaching into her suitcase and rummaging about to find a hair-tie, she soon morphed her hair into a messy braid before tying off the end, before questioning and then suggesting after the question, [b "You find any new information in that? It's not as if we won't find out more of course, and if there's anything in there you know that isn't there we could make notes or something."]]
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At least there'd be some peace and quiet in the room while he went over the files. Every experience he'd ever had around teenage girls had led him to learn that they could be some of the loudest individuals on earth, and he didn't want to have to frighten the poor girl if she was a chatterbox. He needs to concentrate, and she would only serve as a distraction.

As Charlotte excused herself to shower, Erik spread the contents of the thick file across his bed. Some of the documents were blacked out for redacted purposes, which would make things slightly more difficult. Photographs depicted Shaw in various parts of the globe; no doubt hunting for new mutants to recruit. Just the look of the smug expression on his face makes Erik want to rip his throat out.

To those who didn't understand the monster that Shaw was, he'd appear like any important business man. Crisp, tailored suits seem to be his favourite, judging by the lavish wardrobe he donned in all of the pictures. And the woman he was with appears in every photo, giving Erik reason to believe she was important. [i I want to find out more about this woman. She's far too close to Shaw to not be of concern,] he thinks as hard as he can, hoping that Charlotte hears him. He'd rather not knock on the door and impose on her.

Settling back against his pillows, Erik picks up one of the documents to read. Nothing far too surprising jumps out at him. Bribery and laundering cash was almost guaranteed when it came to Shaw. It's frustrating that he hadn't found any new information yet. At least, nothing that would help them track him down. His travel patterns were far too spontaneous and randomized to calculate where he might head to next.
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Once Erik had entered into the bathroom with the door shutting behind him was when Charlotte began to strip out of her own clothing quite quickly in order to shed away the uncomfortable, heavy, salt-water ridden clothing that was starting to irritate her skin.

It was just as she got down to being fully naked, moment away from pulling on some clean undergarments, that she heard the water start up for the shower. [i Hmm... good idea.] With that in mind she simply rummaged into her suitcase, pulled out her navy-blue bathrobe, and pulled it on to cover her bare form. Pulling her damp hair back into a ponytail, she'd wait until about three minutes after she heard the water stop running before she had finally knocked on the door to let him know that she was decent.

[b "Oh, she should be alright enough. Raven won't even know that I'm back until either Moira finds her, or I send out a little 'mental phonecall' to let her now. And don't worry about her being back any time soon without me letting her know, by the way."] It was there that she'd pause her words, grinning in fond amusement as she scooped up her dry clothes from within her suitcase, [b "For that brat is currently on the other side of the FBI base, changed into one of the 24/7 janitors. She's going into rooms, doing their job, and then leaving just before the real person comes in. So, in short, we'll worry fully about the topic once she gets here."]

The short brunette pranced off into the bathroom, set her things down, and came back out. She'd go back to her suitcase and pull out two things; one was a towel that she draped over one of her shoulders, and the other was a thick manila-file with a red and white label upon it. And, of course, bits of papers with tags separating and labeling documents within the folder just as visible. [b "Here it is, like I promised. I'm gonna go clean up now, but I guess if you have questions.... you know, want to ask anything at all before I'm back out here, feel free to either shout through the door or think [i really] hard. I should answer one way or the other."] The 5-foot tall brunette held the folder out to the male and, once he'd take it, she'd turn and leave off into the bathroom where she'd shut and lock the door behind herself.

Shedding her robe, setting her clothes on the counter, and removing her black curly-wavy locks from her haphazard hairdo, she started up the water and was soon sighing happily as the warm shower water started to melt the lingering chill out of her bones.
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Erik let a small smirk appear on his lips at her teasing. However, he quickly wipes it off of his face when he sees Moira eyeing him suspiciously. Then again, seeing as she is aware of Charlotte's powers, it no doubt must make her think they're plotting something against her. So, he goes back to melodramatically looking out the window as the car pulls on.

To be honest, he had been expecting a much more lavish building for the FBI to work out of. The place they are lead to looks more like a prison. And when he's handed a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, it feels like a prison as well. A flash of the striped clothing of the camps comes to mind and he gives his head a shake to remind himself of where he is, and who he is with.

[b "No tour?"] he remarks dryly when they are led right to their room.

Their escort only rolls her eyes and walks away, leaving them alone for the night. [b "Not exactly a five star hotel, is it?"] he comments to Charlotte, stepping in to the multi-bunk room.

The bathroom was attached to the far end by the small, singular window of the room. Erik doesn't question her orders and disappears behind the door, relieving himself of the wet, heavy clothing he was still wearing. He debates just pulling on the dry clothes, but decides to take a hot shower first to rid himself of the chill still in his bones.

The room quickly feels with steam and he relishes in the warmth. He stands under the steady flow of water until he realizes that she may want to shower as well. Reluctantly, he dries off and gets dressed, making a face at the bland clothes when he catches sight of himself in the mirror. While they were comfortable, they weren't exactly what he's grown accustomed to.

He waits patiently for her knock to come, only exiting the bathroom once she's confirmed to be decent. [b "Will your sister be alright with me in here?"] he finds himself asking.
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[i [b /+// If it's any comfort to you at all, I do have the ability to cause people to believe their chickens and other various things for a record totally and hour. I've never attempted full amnesia, but if anything rotten does go on know I got us covered. //+/]] She projected this as gently into Erik's mind as she could manage, doing her best to not startle him since no matter how many times she's done so that night already, he still didn't seem use to the sensation.

Then again, she's been doing it to Moira for over 24 hours now and the woman still jumped. The telepath just assumed her expectation of someone not minding it after a couple of times was just a bar raised to high by her little sister years ago.

After a few minutes of silence in the car she'd add with the slightest bit of mental cheekiness in hopes of easing his nerves partially, [b [i /+// You should also know there's a good 60% chance that you'll be sharing the quest quarters with myself and my sister, rather than getting your own room. Each room is for six people, so it makes sense. Will make showing you that folder much simpler. //+/]]

It didn't take long for the two mutants, their FBI escort, and their equally FBI driver to get to the Floridian headquarters, and soon enough both Charlotte and the Lehnsherr male were being led inside of the bustling four-story building. Moira had the both of them wait in the main lobby of the building but roughly ten minutes later the older woman returned with a plastic bag that she handed to Erik.

The plastic bag holding a change of clothes for him. Just standard FBI sweat-wear, but it be at least something dry to wear until morning. It then took another five minutes to lead them to their rooms Once there the McTaggert woman gave a nod to Charlotte before leaving after casting a sort of 'better not do anything to her or anyone' sort of expression.

Once the agent was gone the 5"0 tall Xavier woman rolled her eyes, open the door, and walked into the temporary guest quarter she, herself, and now Erik would be roomed in until the plane ride bright and early the next morning.

[b "If you don't mind, you can go change in the bathroom, and I'll change out here and knock on the bathroom door to let you know when I'm decent. I'd let you change in the main room, but when my sister inevitably barges in I would rather her she see [i me] almost naked than a man she's never met before."] Charlotte's words were pretty logical to the naked ear, but anyone who's known her longer than ten minutes could easily spy the cheeky, teasing, genuinely playful grin that she was barely suppressing.
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Erik would have to get used to that mind power of hers, or he was going to keep tensing up every time he heard her voice in his head without seeing her lips move. He doesn't dwell on that long however, with his thoughts immediately turning to her offer. Any information was better than nothing. Glancing to make sure Moira wasn't looking their way, he gave her a faint nod of appreciation.

[b "I think we've had enough of bad diner food and coffee. Can we go now? I don't like just wasting time here when we could be doing something productive,"] he announces to the table, falling right back in to his sour mood so that the agents wouldn't be suspicious.

[i We can meet alone to go over the information. The less prying eyes, the better,] he passes Charlotte the message in his head as he rises from the table so she can get out. He drops a thin wad of cash on the table to cover the bill, courtesy of the dockhand that he'd pickpocketed earlier that night.

In the car, he makes Moira and Charlotte get in first so he wasn't crunched in the middle again. [b "Off to prison we go,"] he mumbles under his breath, watching the buildings as they pass by.

[i "Not prison. A safe place,"] Moira comments back while reading a file.

[b "I've heard that before,"] his eyes grew dark as memories of the 'safe camps' pass through his memory, and he absently rubs at the numbers tattooed in to his left forearm.

The car grew silent and tense, with the driver glancing awkwardly in to the backseat through the mirror. [i "Well...this place is different,"] Moira asserts her answer sternly.

[i We'll see,] he thinks to himself gruffly, not even realizing that there was a chance Charlotte would hear him.
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At his genuinely impressed tone, she couldn't help but smirk in response. [b "I'm a pacifistic at heart, but nothing will ever get between myself and a decent burger—even if that 'nothing' ends up being my own small mouth vs. the sandwich's size."] And with that, she was about to go back t her food... but then the short jokes had started.

Short jokes that lead all the way to referring to the Wizard of Oz. The Xavier woman promptly, though she would severely reject the truth of it, pouted at the taller mutant. That pout remained, but suddenly her face went innocently blank as she returned her attention to her food. Acting as if she wasn't plotting the best way to grant revenge.

She waited, and as Erik began to drink from his coffee cup once more, she made her move.

[b "Well I'd rather be the short height I am than at any other. Besides..."] She paused, and a shockingly wicked grin spreed across her face, [b "If a woman's too tall, they could never properly know the joy of climbing a man like a mountain."] That shockingly wicked grin was followed by an eyebrow waggle, she having only spoken loud enough to allow Erik to hear before, snickering, she returned her attention to happily eating her burger.

Usually, Charlotte wouldn't say something like that to anyone beyond her younger sister, in a joking way, but she thought someone like the man beside her could easily take such a joke. ...That, and she thought him potentially sputter-choking upon coffee was definitely worth it. Even if it caused her to blush a little herself, she thought it was worth it.

The 5"0 brunette would be silent for the next couple of minutes, taking her sweet time as she munched halfway through her burger before, setting it down, she'd sip at a glass of water on the table. As she began to drink from the glass, and she having noticed Moira was still talking to the other agent, she let her cerulean-blue orbs flicker over towards him so she'd be able to stare at him just barely.

[i [b /+// If you want... //+/]] She began hesitantly, using her telepathy as gently as possible as she began to speak into his mind for she didn't want to startle the Lehnsherr male. [i [b /+// I do have a file on Shaw that Moira gave me. It's not much, and a good hunk of it might be things you already know about him, but I'll let you read it once we get to the base. //+/]] With the offer in place, she'd set her cup of water down before looking over at him properly. A single eyebrow arched as she awaited for whatever response he might give her.
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Erik raises his eyebrows in surprise when the small woman manages to take a bite clean out of the giant burger. It was far from the ladylike image she had put off so far, and it amused him greatly. [b "That burger is as big as you are. I can't believe you actually managed that,"] he says, his voice conveying how impressed he was.

And there is the usual tall joke. Rolling his eyes, he takes a bite of his own sandwich. [b "It's not always fun. The air is much thinner this high up. Plus I'm always walking in to wires and such. It's hard being a giant,"] he answers, playfully sarcastic.

His food is greasy but delicious. Something about late night diner food was always a warm welcome. The aching in his stomach was slowly going away with every bite. He wanted to savor every bite. [b "Though it must be a lot more difficult being of your height. Anything higher than five feet must really be hard for you to grab. Top shelf items are probably your sworn enemy,"] he says around a mouthful of sandwich.

Moira looks pointedly between the two, obviously not sure if they were actually fighting or just playfully bantering. She watches them for a moment before going back to her own conversation. [b "Do you get mistaken for a munchkin frequently? I believe I saw you in that Wizard of Oz film. You were one of the girls in the Lullaby League, weren't you?"]

He was slightly proud of himself for making that reference. The Wizard of Oz had been the only film he'd had the chance to see before Shaw and the Third Reich had ruined his childhood. [b "You were quite a good actress in that. I was completely convinced that Munchkinland was real,"] he finishes his retort.
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Since Moira was still continuing her conversation with the other CIA agent on the other side of the table, the two mutants were indeed still left to their own devices even after the food had been given.

Charlotte gave a non-committing hum in response to Erik's suggestion on the woman's attitude towards her, simply nodding her head as she pulled her plate closer to herself, but at his sudden bout of joking she blinked in shocked before bowing her head for, quite promptly, she broke into a fit of soft giggles. [b "Ah yes, grade-3 'Break a Heart 101',"] She sighed dramatically in an obviously fun way to match his own tone and manner, [b "I remember it like yesterday! It isn't nearly as intense of 'Make Him Your Maid' courses taught to grade-8 British girls, though. It's much more taxing."]

When he looked in the direction of the rude and grumpy waitress she glanced over, shook her head a bit whilst giving a shrug.

[b "It's rude to so much as think, which makes it definitely unkind to say aloud, but I can't help but agree with you."] With a grin she'd look away from him briefly, picking up her knife and slowly slicing her burger straight down the middle. Once that was accomplished she picked up a half, squinted at it briefly, and then after whatever judgement she'd made had been passed, she opened her mouth and, somehow, managed to take a proper bite from the huge thing.

The chewing of her food led to a few moments of uncommon silence from the telepath, but once swallowing she'd faintly lick her lips in a discrete little movement before looking over at the Lehnsherr male once more. She enjoyed the fact he finally seemed willing to talk on a level where he wasn't being constantly sarcastic or snarky, but she knew she'd have to tread a bit lightly to keep the lightness going.

Puckering her lips in search of what to say, a playful little spark would flicker to life in her eyes before she'd innocently question, [b "So... what's it like being as tall as a skyscraper?"] However, despite her 'innocent' tone, the Xavier woman couldn't keep from cheekily smiling a small, playful smile that was as dimpled-cheek as common for her.
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Erik is surprised to find he's happy to have a lulled conversation with Charlotte, once Moira's attention went to another agent. The female mutant wasn't quite so bad when she wasn't chattering on a mile a minute. [b "Perhaps one of you cruel British girls stole her childhood love. I've heard you English are quite cutthroat when it comes to getting what you want,"] he sends her a neutral look with a glint in his eye.

He digs in to his food mercilessly, not remember when he'd last had a full meal. He'd been surviving off of canned soup and apples for the most part, both being cheap and easy to pack when constantly on the go. To have a sandwich and french fries was a luxury.

[b "I was once married to an English girl. She left me brokenhearted when I found her kissing my best friend. It was a cruel moment for myself as an eight year old boy. Our divorce was quite the gossip on the playground. I can't blame the waitress for having her grudge,"] he spoke around a mouthful of sandwich, still with a playful tone.

Is this what it was like to have a normal conversation with someone? It's been years since Erik had spoken to anyone without the intent to manipulate them, or get information from them. It seemed like he was doing okay so far. However, he's still not completely sure that he can let his full guard down around her, especially since Charlotte can read his mind without even much effort.

[b "Would it be unkind to say that if she has an attitude like this, it wouldn't surprise me that she's had bad experiences with Brits? Not exactly one for manners, is she?"] he notes as he watches the waitress snap at the cook before placing herself on a stool with a milkshake and a magazine.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 4y 197d 23h 55m 14s
The moment she had what was left of her coffee in her grasp, and of course having given a proper little roll of her eyes at the older mutant's pouting mouth, she released a relaxed, contented sigh as she sipped the warm liquid. The cup was dry in a matter of thirty seconds, so the cup was placed back down upon the table as she'd curl up in the blanket once more, closed her eyes, and lulled into silence as the bickering went on between two of the three others at the table.

[b "Perhaps I'm pondering how to hide a first-degree coffee burn and a paper cut from my nosy little sister? Also, weren't you just complaining not too long ago that I made too much noise...?"] A cheeky half-grin fluttered to life on her face as one of her blue eyes cracked open to look at him. [b "That's not what I'm really quiet for, though. It's because I'm keeping a very concentrated tab on the waitress to try and make sure she won't try to harm me through my meal once she gets it from the cook."] Her words were honest, only murmured loud enough to allow Erik to hear.

Wince Moira was chatting with the other agent seated beside her who had been made their driver back to the base anyway, the low and soft tone wasn't noticeable by the two officers.

Charlotte soon had both eyes closed once more. [b "It's not even British people she doesn't like as I initially thought, just British [i women]—seemingly related to some sort of childhood trauma or so with one of her parents, but I'm not gonna dig deeper than that,"] After saying that, she couldn't help but instinctively add, [b "I wouldn't even know that much with how lightly I'm tapping in, but she's thinking about the memories constantly while waiting to bring us our food. And... yup, thankfully she's not gonna murder me through my burger."] Her cheery grin that had begun to fade from concentration bloomed back to faintly-dimpled brightness once more, and it was less than a minute later that the four of them seated at the table indeed all had their meals.
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Erik had been smirking behind the mug of coffee, satisfied that Charlotte appeared to be on his side. He could see Moira's stoic face soften slightly as she takes in the mutant's comments, realizing that her position might not be entirely fair. He's almost ready to open his mouth to hammer the final nail in the coffin of this debate, until Charlotte turns on him, making his pout return.

Sliding her half-full mug towards her, he sulks back in to his chair. [b "I'll just get another coffee,"] he mutters, raising his hand to the waitress, gesturing for another cup.

[b "Tell me Agent MacTaggert, will there be rooms for us to stay in, or will we be ushered to the basement with no windows so we don't frighten anyone?"] he can't help but make one last jab at the officer.

Moira is entirely unimpressed with him. [b "Charlotte's room will have large windows with a view, but you'll be lucky if I assign you anything other than the coat closet,"] she snaps back.

His smirk reappears, but it's out of amusement at the banter instead of smugness. [b "Just as long as it has some puffy coats for pillows."]

The second coffee is placed in front of him and he wastes no time in dumping a large amount of sugar once more in to his drink. [i "With all of that sugar, I'm surprised you're so sour,"] Moira taunts.

[b "Just imagine if I had no sugar at all, Agent MacTaggert,"] comes his reply before a gulp is taken of the hot liquid.

The table falls in to silence as the warmth starts to spread through him again. [b "You're quiet,"] he murmurs to Charlotte, who hadn't said anything in a few minutes. It was unnerving since the woman had not stopped talking in the hour that he's known her.
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Charlotte had remained silent the entire time the two bickered, taking this time to finished putting up the mental shields between herself and Erik that she had been working on since they'd left the ship.

She hadn't lied when she claimed that their minds seemed shockingly compatible, and this was the first time she ever had to focus so greatly on making a mental shield against someone—beyond making a shield to stay out of her sister's mind thanks to her request, but that one didn't have to be as strong and had taken maybe five minutes. And her mind had been connected with Raven's for years! She honestly couldn't tell if this was irritating or interesting. But as for now, not contently but silently, she listened to the bickering as she finished up the task so she wouldn't accidentally be reading to much of his mind any longer.

[b "...Moira, when did the colonization of America begin?"] The woman asked only loud enough for the group at the table to hear, and the FBI agent looked at her oddly in a bout of confusion at such a random question before answering. [#9b43b6 "Sometime in 1492? Why?"]

[b "And when was slavery officially declared as abolished?"]

[#9b43b6 "At the beginning of 1863. Now, why are you asking these things?"]

Raising her head, the tiny brunette would look at the woman she'd been slowly becoming friends with over the past two days, and would bluntly ask, [b "And how have all people who are from different countries—particularly those of color—treated by the United States? Treated nearly world-wide?"] The abruptness of the question, and the still seeming randomness caught the FBI agent off guard and had knocked her into silence.

Thanks to the silence, the young professor continued, [b "People of white tones, and form 'first world countries' have had centuries to get used to people that are still different from them, and in the last 100 years there's been two worldwide wars just because people with egos couldn't get along,"] She'd huff a sigh with a small shake of her head, [b "You have to admit Erik has a point, and I personally believe—even if I'd love to illusion otherwise—that you can't expect everything will suddenly be hunky-dory just if mutant biology was studied, widely known as a fact, and taught to others... even if I hope that'll be the case. It took nearly 1000 years after the end of slavery before children were able to attend the same schools no matter their skin color, yet as of right now public places as simple as measly [i bathrooms] still have the right to be segregated, for pities sake."]

[b "I doubt it's the ability to understand that the sourpuss beside me is worried for, and that doesn't worry myself either, it's rather the way we know we're gonna be received all thanks to the world's history. There are good people in the world, but not even all of them are fully open-minded and accepting."] She looked away from the other woman and the Xavier female turned her gaze onto the Lehnsherr male. [b "Moira has a point as well though, Erik. Making people fear us doesn't give acceptance, it just causes more hostility. However I gotta admit that there's nothing wrong with doing powers in little ways like that—magicians can do tricks of moving things across tables, and I assume a couple of them are mutants are actually those magicians. I've made a few bucks with my 'parlor trick.' Feel free to be open about, just subtly. Don't lift a block of cars or anything, yeah?"]

Then arching a playful eyebrow, the blue-eyed woman would hold her hand out towards him, [b "Now if you don't mind, can I at least have the last half of [i my] cup of coffee? ...And the sugar and creamer? Either that or finish off the cup and ask the waitress for a glass of water for me—I'd rather not have the bint poison me or something."] Her words were blunt, she freely using that European slang for 'bitch' aloud for the only other European person to hear and understand. She usually didn't use that word so freely beyond the rantings of her mind, but as of the current moment she believe the situation happily called for the use.
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