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Erik didn't bother biting back the smirk at seeing how unsettled the man was at her trick. [b "Would you like to see a magic trick from me, as well?"] he asked with faux innocence.

With a wave of his hand, the quarters in the cup holders rose to eye-level with Fred, turning into the form of a gun. [b "Bang,"] Erik raised his voice to a near yell.

Fred let out a scream, swerving the car into oncoming traffic before straightening the wheel back out, sweat forming on his brow. Erik barked a laugh, letting the coins fall back into their place. [b "Fun little party trick, wouldn't you say, Fred?"]

The poor driver looked like he was about ready to either wet his pants or pass out at the wheel. Erik looked to Charlotte. [b "I don't think he enjoyed my trick,"] he pretended to be sad. [b "Perhaps another, Fred?"]

[i "No sir! No more tricks,"] the man squeaked out. [i "I think I've seen plenty for one night. I'm just going to focus on what I'm doing."]

A button clicked and the black screen went up to separate the front of the car from the backseat. [b "There goes our fun,"] Erik sighed, turning his gaze to look out the window at the too-crowded streets. [b "Where is this next one we're meeting? Not another club, is it?"] he asked, seeing how many nightclubs lined the main road.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 154d 22h 52m 33s
Charlotte was silent a few long moments, eyebrow arched at Erik as if teasingly saying she wouldn't, but then she glanced at the driver when the human wasn't paying attention, and made a show of bringing a finger up to her temple to let Erik be able to tell she was using her powers.

[center [i [b /+// ...Actually, he's wondering if either of us are similar to Captain America. He's rationalized that some sort of mutant gene must have been used to create a super-soldier. Which... honestly... makes sense. Huh. Rather astute correlation. I never thought of it before. //+/]]]

She lounged back in her seat, expression thoughtful as she absentminded leaned against Erik. Such thoughts had honestly never occurred to her before, but it really [i did] make sense for Captain America to have been created from some sort of non-human gene being used in the rumored serum that had created him. In fact, she wondered if it might be possible for one of the Howling Commandos of WWII was the possible mutant in question.

She glanced at the driver through the rearview mirror as he looked back again, and offered a smile before saying, [b "No, we're not. We're very different types of 'super', if you will."] She said innocently, seeing the man's eyes widen and cheeks go pink. And if she felt Erik silently chuckling, she encourage it for once by gently patting his knee. She deciding it wasn't so bad to indulge him when it wasn't his desire to kill first and ask questions later.

After all, flustering people in general was something she enjoyed anyway. If it kept Erik entertained as well, she didn't mind one bit.
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 155d 7h 30m 7s
Erik huffed a laugh. [b "Don't think I didn't look at your personnel file before we left on this little mission. 'House' is a term I'd use lightly, for your homestead. 'Mansion' would be more accurate. And here I thought you couldn't get any more posh."]

It was playful banter, though his tone was just as monotonous as ever. The car that was waiting for them was another black Cadillac, with an agent behind the wheel to act as chauffeur. [b "At least we don't have to drive ourselves around this place,"] he muttered as he dropped their bags in the trunk.

Their driver, a portly man with a moustache who introduced himself as Fred, was mercifully quiet for most of the stop and go drive. Though, Erik noted that his eyes kept darting to their reflection in the mirror. For the first time, he wished he had Charlotte's ability to read minds.

Bored out of his mind while stuck in traffic, he leaned towards her. [b "Our friend keeps looking back here like he's waiting for a magic trick. Or at the very least, like he wants to ask us questions. Why don't you take a peak in his head and beat him to the punch? Give him a little spook."]

He knew it was likely going to freak Fred out, but they'd been travelling for almost two days straight, and they could use a bit of a laugh. He would pull out his own party tricks to show the agent, but he figured causing a car wreck wouldn't be quite as enjoyable.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 156d 22h 11m 34s
When he had first asked that question in a mixture of a grouch and a whine, she didn't answer until several seconds had passed and they had both slipped their lugage over their shoulders. [b "...I only tickled you a little bit."] She grinned up at him, giving him a good-natured grin.

Charlotte didn't so much as bat an eyelash as her smaller hand was held by his larger one, she just allowing him to slowly lead the way out of the crowds and out of the airport. She made sure to hum along in agreement with his words of travelers being revolting along the way, not seeing the good in agruing and he [i was] preventing her from being lost. Besides, she didn't enjoy airports either.

[b "Yes, there's a car waiting. I hate driving in New York the few times it's happened, and try to avoid it whenever I can,"] she said, huffing as she glanced at some paper... but then let out a squeak because Erik had stopped while holding her hand, jerking her to a stop as well. She glanced up, seeing his confused expression, and explained, [b "My father was American, my mother was British, so I have a dual citizenship I've maintained. Though I grew up primarily in Britain because of school, I live in the United States. The entire reason Raven has an American accent is because she stubbornly made sure it stayed that way. I have the house I grew up in off in Manchester, New York. It's not that far from New York City."] She shrugged her shoulders a little. [b "If you're that curious I could show you the houe sometime. Not now, for obvious reasons, but at some point." There's a giant satelite dish a few miles away from it. Maybe you could have some fun with that...?"] She trailed off, giving him a smile. [b "Can we go to the car now? It won't wait forever, and as I recall I owe you a lunchdate for winning our bet."]
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 157d 6h 15m 19s
The surly man wasn't entirely sure when he'd passed out, but the poking at his ribs was enough to jostle him awake. [b "Who's it-"] he blurted, smacking his knees off the seat in front of him as he jumped up, only to be pulled back into his seat by the belt across his lap.

Groggy and disoriented, Erik frowned at everyone around him. [b "We're here?"] he asked, unbuckling the seatbelt and wiping the small bit of drool from the corner of his mouth. [b "Did you actually tickle me?"]

Unsurprisingly, he was not a morning person. Or an afternoon person. Generally, any time he was woken against his will was sure to guarantee a moody man. He gathered their overhead bags and guided the way off the plane, keeping one hand in hers because she was so goddamn small that he'd likely lose her in the crowds.

[b "People are animals,"] his nose wrinkled in disgust as he caught sight of a well-travelled man cleaning his underarms with water from the fountain meant to drink from. [b "Airports may be the single worst destination in the world. Is there a car waiting for us?"]

He was sticking with consulting her for all logistics regarding the mission. She had more of a hand in the scheduling with the government officials, while he'd been off being difficult.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 177d 22h 14m 12s
[#cc0092 "Sir? Miss?"]

Charlotte startled at the sound of the foreign voice, blinking to clear her blurred vision, and soon she was looking up at a flight stewardist. ...Slowly, the brunette realized her head was resting agaisnt something, and she glanced up to see she was practically in Erik's lap, his arms curled around her like a possesive child held onto a favored toy during naptime.

[#cc0092 "We've landed, miss. You and your husband can depart now!"] The stewadist gave a cheery smile, and Charlotte let out a groan. She tried to wiggled out of the others hold, so she could grab her carry-on, but.... she couldn't budge. Because the German-male was still sleeping like a rock and not letting go of her.

[b "...Erik? Darling?"] She asked, still half asleep with a yawn. The fact the endearment had slipped hadn't even changed her mind. [b "Erik, you need to wake up... we have to get off the plane, it's landed...."] She yawned again, and then not knowing what else to do, she had the most sophisticated and mature solution pop into her mind; she moved her hands to tickle at his ribs. Abruptly, mercilessly, and without a single care for how ticklish he may or may not end up being. She needed to pee, damn it.
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 178d 5h 55m 11s
[b "Don't get used to it,"] he play-acted stern. [b "Once this plane touches down, it'll be back to Violent Erik, throwing things at people whenever they annoy me."]

Later on, he would be ashamed to admit that he jumped upon hearing her voice in his head. His knees smashed against the food tray, almost spilling his drink. It'd been so long since she'd spoken to him in such a way that it was jolting to come out of nowhere.

[b "Leg spasm,"] he gruffly explained to the elderly woman across from him, watching with concern over her coke-bottle thick glasses.

At the teasing about the suit, Erik groaned and fought to keep from rolling his eyes. [b "First no violence, and now I have to put that monkey suit back on?"] he glared at her. [b "Now you're asking too much of me. What if when we're out, we're attacked? I can't exactly fight when I have a stupid tie flailing about, and a jacket impeding my movements. If I can't use my powers, I should be able to wear sensible fighting clothes."]

The conversation dwindled the longer the flight went on. Erik wasn't even remotely bothered when her head slipped to his shoulder as exhaustion claimed her. Hell, he even adjusted her neck so that she'd be at a more comfortable angle. Unfortunately, he didn't take into account the effect her warm breath on his neck would have on him.

His eyes fell to his lap, widening in surprise before slapping a magazine to cover the [i problem] she was causing. [b "Goddamnit,"] he huffed, forcing his eyes shut as he tried to think of anything other than the bloody woman poking through his brick wall.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 182d 22h 41m 13s
[b "Look at you, not using violence. I'm so proud of you. I wish I had film to record this moment on,"] Charlotte sniffled dramatically, playful, but then her expression became soft and genuine.

[b [i /+// That was brilliant, you know. It really was. Bravo, Erik, bravo. //+/]]

She gently used her telepathic speaking for the first time in over a week on him – there really had been so much tension the past few days. Even if it had been jarring for Erik to feel at the beginning, it might possibly be some sort of relief for him to feel once more.

The brunette grabbed for a piece of bread from her meal tray, idly chewing on it, and then took a sip of her drink. [b "I suppose I'll be taking you on a dinner date once we get to New York, then. You willing to put that suit back on? I swear I won't look like a prostitute this time."] She giggled a bit, sticking her tongue out at him just slightly before pushing his plate closer to him.

It wasn't long after they ate and bickered a little more that Charlotte seemed to realize just how exhausted she was after a previou night of no sleep following a mini panick attack. So, against her will, she found herself slowly nodding off and, by the time there was maybe an hour left in their flight, her head tilted to rest on Erik's shoulder as she breathed in her gentle dreaming.
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 183d 6h 18m 53s
Erik's posture grew completely straight at the challenge. It was pathetic to get competitive at thirty thousand feet in the air, but they were crammed in this sardine tin so they may as well have fun with it. [b "You're willing to buy me dinner, if I win?"] he glanced wickedly at her.

Cut off by their delivery of food and wine, he forced a smile on his face. [b "This doesn't count,"] he muttered, gesturing to the meal.

Taking a deep breath and focusing his attention, Erik's eyes drifted closed. The resonating ring of the cutlery was easy enough to single out. However, eliminating sound was not something he was accustomed to. He was usually the one causing it. His fingertips twitched on his lap. Slowly, he heard the clanging silverware fade until it was a dull thud.

[i "Hey,"] the kid frowned, noticing the lack of noise.

He tried banging the forks together, only for the same dullness to play. Almost like a finger tapping lightly on a table. [i "Mom, are you seeing this?"] he elbowed the woman next to him.

[i "For the love of christ, Jacob,"] she snapped, moving the complimentary eye mask she'd been wearing. [i "I don't care about the goddamn forks, alright? Be quiet! For ten minutes, please just be quiet!"]

A smirk tugged at Erik's lips, satisfied as he watched the boy throw himself back into his chair in a huff, the forks dropping to the tray. [b "Not as satisfying as using them to tie his hands together, but I'll take it."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 184d 23h 43m 35s
If the Britishwoman was honest with the universe, she'd admit that the clanging the young teenager was causing really was rather irritating. And, considering that Erik could probably sense the metal getting clanged, she knew it must be even more irritating for him to endure the same experience.

[b "...You can put an end to Ringo Star's performance. If-"] Charlotte tagged on quickly, not wanting Erik to possibyl do something violent, [b "-you can do so by stopping the resonating vibration of the forks that are making the 'clinging' sound exist. If you do that, it'll change it into just dull thunking."]

She knew Erik liked a challenge, and she liked to think this counted as a challenge. And if he [i didn't] count it as a challenge, she turned it into one wordlessly a moment later by arching her eyebrow at him with an innocent little grin, saying, [b "That is... if you can."] She acted as if she was inspecting her nails, thanking a stewardness as the woman said they had apparently been randomly selected as one of two coach members to receiver free alcohol and first-class meals.

'Randomly' being a lie, but in a way it was randomized. It's not every day a mutant with the power to read and manipulate minds existed on an airplane, after all.
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 185d 5h 22m 54s
Goddamnit, what was it about this woman that left him so charmed? He even felt a smirk pulling at his lips more than once. She made several good points; they were definitely the opposite of each other. Everything about her more laid back nature conflicted with his constant fight or flight mode. Conflict resolution through words had never really been his way of handling things. It was easier to get information through physical threats.

He downed his second beer before rising from the table. [b "We'd best not be late, then,"] he threw cash down for the bill.

The second plane was mercifully roomier. His legs weren't as cramped, and his shoulder didn't bump hers as the plane was taxied to the runway. [b "Remind me to request first class seats, next time,"] he mumbled to her, still uncomfortable with being in such close quarters with so many other people.

If the government authorities were going to be sending them all over the country, the least they could do was spring for luxury accommodations. Two rows ahead of them, a preteen boy was drumming on the meal tray in front of him, using metal forks. Erik's eye twitched with every clang. [b "You're still in charge, so I'm begging permission to put an end to Ringo Starr's solo up there,"] he looked at her.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 187d 23h 26m 36s
Charlotte rolled her eyes a little, [b "You know, every time I try to have a serious conversation with you, Mr Lehnsherr, you bring up my social class. Didn't you promise to listen to me and what I have to say completely this morning [i before] being cheeky?"] Her smile was gentle, letting him know she wasn't actually mad or anything.

Shifting, she held up a bottle of hot-sauce and then her own glass of water. [b "You operate from a place of rage, Erik, and it's completely understandable. Rage is powerful even to normal people– adrenaline, hormones pumping, low impulse control. That's the main difference I see, Erik; you operate in rage, and... I operate in what I consider serenity,"] the Britishwoman swirled both of the containers a little, setting them both down. [b "Could you imagine what would happen if someone like [i me] operated in rage? I could burn myself and others into nothing. Rage and serenity, Erik. The two of us combined almost make a normally functioning, mentally sound adult. ...Almost."] Charlotte giggled a little at her joke. [b "I'd be a liar if I didn't say rage and serenity was the most powerful option, though. Calmness and anger alone are powerful, but combined? Like a good man who goes to war, that would make demons and angels run all at once."] She arched an eyebrow herself, shrugging, and then glanced up as the flight call to begin boarding for their flight started.

[b "I believe it's time for us to head to New York, hm?"] She smiled, standing up and stretched out her back a little before scooping up her luggage bag.
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 189d 10h 10m 47s
Erik pictured the vibrant young girl waiting for them back at the compound. He had noticed that her eyes held more than what her smile let on, but now it made sense. Raven had been treated as a throwaway, nothing more than garbage. She held more strength on her shoulders than most men he'd ever met. She was a survivor, and he felt a great deal of empathy for the girl who felt the need to hide.

[b "You're quite right that we had to work to train ourselves. Controlling what we are given is not guaranteed,"] he stared into his beer. [b "I spent years in small, cramped rooms practicing on coins and scraps, and anything else I could get my hands on. And now, I can use what I've learned to eliminate Shaw, for everything he's done; to show him the boy he ruined is now capable of far more than he ever imagined."]

Erik looked up at her, crooking an eyebrow. [b "One difference? Ms Xavier, I can assure you that there are at least ten differences that I can count between the two of us, none of which even touch on the social classes we come from."]

Her mansion was far greater than the two bedroom apartment he'd had with his parents, above a bakery in a small German village. Her clothes were nicer than anything his mother had ever kept in her wardrobe. Even her language was proper, and more eloquent than his own vocabulary.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 189d 22h 39m 49s
[b "...Raven told me, once, that the earliest memory she has of actively shifting form was when she was a toddler. Three years, maybe less... Her mother had tried to dump boiling holy water on her,"] Charlotte sipped down the rest of her vodka-a-cola. [b "She was still blue and yellow eyed before that, though, which means that like all talents or gifts, it would have come with time. But, like all traumas, it caused more powerful reactions to be the response quite quickly. It took her years to gain the skill she has--shifting so easily from one form to the next. Shifting into just one in-and-out used to tire her."]

The Englishwoman ate the rest of her sandwich, wiping her mouth off, [b "And you had the tingle of metal in your fingers before Shaw traumatized you, and I had headaches for years until I learned how to block out from reading other's minds as much as was possible to do so. Our traumas gave us an intense access to our powers quite quickly, but it didn't give us skill and control. Without our traumas, they all would have come with time, as any talent does. ...One day, I hope to be able to provide that safe time for people so they can grow without the pain."] She shrugged her shoulders, eyes soft as she gave her therory of teh whys and hows.

[b "...Thank you for trusting me, Erik. [i Again.]"] It was with that thanks and the vodka on her tongue that Charlotte allowed herself to giggle a bit, she giving him a tongue-in-teeth grin. [b "I think, however, there's one place that we differ in regards to our abilities. ...Besides, you know, the fact they're completely different skills."]
  Charlotte Xavier / animechick98 / 1y 191d 4h 2m 7s
[b "Powers that manifest as a result of trauma are often stronger than those that develop naturally,"] he explained. [b "They are jump started to act as a protective barrier against whatever poses a threat. Most of the time, the powers are much stronger because of the sudden need for them."]

Erik relayed his own story to her, of the exploding gun and Nazis invading, and of his mother's warning to keep it a secret. [b "I didn't have my powers long enough to control them by the time my own family was taken. They were separating us to put on trains to send us to the camps. I was pulled from my mother's arms, and I was fighting to get to her as desperately as I could. The officers tried closing the gate between us, but I was running on so much adrenaline that I caused the gate to collapse in on itself."]

His jaw tensed as he recalled being summoned to Shaw's office. [b "Shaw was running experiments on people like us. He was told what I did, and I was brought before him to prove my worth. Everything was so new that I couldn't do as he requested, and my mother was killed for it. That gave me motivation to master my abilities as much as I could. Now here we are."]

His beer tasted a little more bitter after his recollection, so he turned to his burger. [b "The more we understand each other, the better we will work together,"] he explained after a few mouthfuls. [b "If we know where the other is coming from, we can put ourselves in their shoes. We've both suffered in our youth, which sparked our mutations. I think that makes us have a bit more in common than we initially thought."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 1y 194d 23h 14m 50s

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