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Eirk opened one of his eyes and looked at her from the corner of it, raising an eyebrow. She had been meddling again, if she could see he was anxious. [b "For starters, please try and stay out of my head as often as possible. I can barely comprehend my own conscience, let alone a stranger's poking around as well."]

He said it in the most polite way he knew how, but it still perturbed him that she could read whatever he was thinking at any given point. Erik's thoughts were not exactly innocent, and hadn't been for a long time, and it's not something he's willing to share with someone he's known for all of ten minutes.

This woman - Charlotte - seemed to know more information about these strange abilities they possess than Erik had ever heard of before. [b "I take it you're a scientist of some sort? Do you study people who can lift cars, or set things on fire with their minds?"] he's being sarcastic, but he's internally desperate to know that there are more like them; that he isn't truly alone in this. As much as it's a comfort that she is the same as he is, it would be even more of a comfort if he knew that there were thousands, or millions out there. It would make him feel less alone.

[b "What exactly is Miss Gun-and-Badge following you around for? Are you sent to capture people like us?"] It is clear that Erik is on edge about this. It wouldn't be the first time a person with authority tries to eliminate him. [b "If that is the case, I'm afraid it won't end well for anyone aboard this ship. You may have saved me, but I'm not one to go without a fight. For your sake, I hope that there is a better explanation for all of this than what I'm interpreting."]
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His reaction to her power made her grin right and happily. One of those sort of beaming smiles that people might assume makes a person fake, but her's was nothing but genuine and real. She truly was excited! Who could blame her? It was only just then that she realized she'd picked up on his astonishment and general thoughts so easily, and resisted being too shocked. [i Wow, my mind isn't even that easily compatible with Ravens! ...Damn, that means I'll have to put blocks up so I don't read his thoughts on accident.] She then resisted the urge to not pout, and the blue-eyed female returned her attention to Erik as he spoke and shifted his physical position. [b "Well alright, I suppose that will make sense. If I talk into all the technical information you'd probably fall asleep—my sister claims she does and, in fact, does whenever I get 'too smart' in explanations."] Her words were slightly exasperated but still fond as she spoke of her younger sibling, and with a small yawn the Britain-born female would lean against the metal wall beside him.

There would be a few long moments of silence, but finally she'd glance up and over at the taller mutant. [b "...First off, you should know that I don't expect you to owe me anything so you can stop being anxious over that."] Her words were quiet. If Erik would look over at her, then he would see an honest, small smile upon Charlotte's face. She'd bring her hand up to brush some of the long, soaking wet, black, curly locks of unruly hair back form her face with a slight huff. [b "Second, if you want, you can ask me anything about myself you might want to know. As much information about me that would be needed to make you feel more comfortable."] She'd return her attention to him, her smile turning into more of a cheery grin, [b "We've got about twenty minutes until we get back to the port this barge came from, and then a half-hour drive until we'd be back to the base, so there's plenty of time."]

She'd shift to lean against one of her shoulder upon the wall rather than with her back, and would look at him expectantly with an excited look, [b "So! Go ahead and ask away, if you want. I know you're bound to be itching for some sort of information. Trivial things about my full name, my age, my height, my sister.... And more more thorough things like my profession or things of the sort?"] Her words went from excited to pondering, she puckering up her lips slightly in thought before returning her attention to be solely upon the Lehnsherr male.
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Erik looks up as the small woman re-approaches, and he stands tall to meet her. It confuses him even more when she says that she hadn't intentionally been looking for him, which makes his eyebrows furrow. Though he raises one when she taunts him about women chasing him. [b "Only if I haven't called them back after a night out,"] he replies sarcastically, not sure how to take her clearly outgoing personality.

Nevertheless, he extends his hand and shakes hers. [b "Erik is fine. You've saved my life, so I think formalities have been surpassed. Thank you,"] he adds with tight lips.

He doesn't like owing people, and last he checked, if someone saves your life, you're basically guaranteed to owe them in return. Not that he'd preferred to die, but being in debt to a stranger isn't exactly high on his 'need to do' list. [b "I'm still requiring an explanation. I heard you clearly, under water. That isn't possible."]

Just then, her voice rings out in his head, and he can clearly see that her mouth isn't moving. It's astonishing, really. He hadn't ever imagined that he'd find another person with abilities, let alone someone who can get inside your head whenever they feel like it. [b "Mutation?"] he asks, clearly confused.

His childhood had not exactly been rich with education, so her scientific explanation does nothing for his confusion. If anything, it makes him more clueless. He wants to ask her more, but the exhaustion is creeping up on him, and he knows he's not going to absorb any information she throws at him. [b "I think you have a lot to explain,"] he mutters, leaning back against the cool metal walls of the ship. [b "But perhaps, that can be saved for tomorrow."]
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A blanket that almost comically dwarfed her, due to her short height, was wrapped upon her the moment she was on deck. She couldn't help but bask in the warmth of it/ The military officer that had wrapped the blanket around her had moved her away from the edge of the deck to stand next to the magnetic-powered mutant, and upon being side-by-side with him she squinted whilst resisting the urge to pout.... She did pout the slightest bit though, even though knowing her reason for doing so was childish she couldn't help it. [i I knew he'd be taller than me, but does it have to be a eleven inches? Almost a foot? It really is a good thing I was dragging him in water and now land, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to move him at all. I feel like a twig next to him! Bloody hell, I could barely wrap my arm in a proper grasp upon him.] Her slightly sulky thoughts of her miles-a-minute mind soon came to a halt, however, when Moira came and began to scold the herself and the 'technical stranger' beside her as if they were school-aged children.

And soon Erik was questioning her, but before Charlotte could even hope to answer she was tugged away by Moira with a yelp. They only went a few feet a away, and promptly she was being chewed out for her behavior. [#9b43b6 "You're crazy, you know that? You may be a genius but, god, you're twenty-three and a civilian! How could I forget that? I should have known you'd do something reckless. Don't do anything like that again! I would have been better off bringing your sibling—even if she's a teenager, I bet she would have behaved better than you!"]

Despite being scolded in a way reminiscent to what her mother should have done throughout her life by someone she knew less than three days, the young professor simply flashed a grin, [b "Come now, Moira. You're only five years older than me, and what I did was not childishly reckless. You act like you wouldn't have done–"] He had begun to argue, but the look she leveled him with wiped the grin off his face. [b "...Yes, Agent McTaggert. I'll be a good boy from now on. Can I go play with my new friend?"] His words were sarcastic, and try as hard as she no doubt did he could feel the minor amusement roll off of Moira. Once she dismissed him with a wave of her hand he grinned properly once more.

She heard the other woman mutter something about 'Pulling a man out of the water doesn't make him your friend'. Charlotte would of course send back a mental projection of [i [b /+// It most certainly does. //+/]] into the other's mind, and the Xavier woman didn't even have to look over her shoulder to know the other woman had jumped and was now glaring at her for scaring her. It took all of the telepath's self will to not burst out laughing, but she bit her lower lip in a failed attempt to muffle a brief snicker all the same.

Walking back over to the male, and standing in front of him she would pull the blanket-that-was-only-comically-large-on-her-and-that-really-wasn't-that-fair closer around her body as a strong breeze blue over, she shivering a bit from the chill, but would then look up at him with a genuine, bright smile forming upon her face. The faintest trace of dimples popping to life upon her face. [b "To answer you from before I got dragged off and scolded, no, I was not looking for you. In fact, I didn't know who you were until I was pulling you out of the water. And I brought you up onto the barge, and saved you, because you don't deserve death. Also, is it a common thing to have women chasing after you?"] Her first words were honest, and her last sentence playful as her grin became a little cheeky as she tried to hopefully relax the male's obviously tense nerves.

The blue-eyed female would slowly manuvere a hand out from beneath her blanket, and held it out towards him in an offering for a handshake, [b "My name is Charlotte Xavier, like I said earlier, and it is still lovely to meet you. Do you mind if I call you Erik? Or would you prefer 'Mister Lehnsherr', or something else entirely?"] Her inquiry was simple, with nothing seemingly out of the ordinary.... Besides for the fact she apparently shouldn't be able to know his firs or last name. As far as the male knew should be possible, anyway, if she was being truthful about not having been looking for him.

But then, in that instant, that was when that "odd thing from earlier" happened once more. That wonderfully odd, yet brilliantly wondrous thing.

[b [i /+// Also... as for your other two questions? You have your tricks, and I have mine. //+/]] Her thoughts rang out, she projecting them into his mind with that blanketing sensation of her powers once more and, with her smile becoming soft and kind, she'd keep her hand out in further offerings of that handshake before projecting further, [b [i /+// The most potentially proper phrase for what I am, and what you are, is a "mutant." I hope you'll believe me when I say that more than you or I, what we are, exist. Before tonight I thought it was only myself and my sister who were this way. //+/
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Erik didn't answer, but suddenly felt how the cold water was affecting his body. He'd been so focused that he hadn't realized the intense shaking and chattering of his teeth. He'd be lucky if he didn't have a minor case of hypothermia. He'll just have to be careful, and wary of these people until he was back to normal. Then, he could demand answers.

So, he willingly accepts the help, and allows himself to be pulled aboard the ship. Immediately, a crew member wraps a thick woolen blanket around his shoulders, and his body practically goes in to shock with how glorious the warmth feels. His teeth clash together as he tries to get his muscle spasms under control. [b "Thank you,"] he mutters with his eyes closed, listening as they pull the girl aboard next.

[i "You're both insane for even thinking about going in to that water. The temperature alone could kill you,"] the other brunette woman scolded, hands on her hips as she stared them down.

Erik notes the gun holster on her belt, and a badge. A cop. A scowl comes to his face, and he's immediately guarded. [b "I have my reasons,"] his voice is low and serious, not intimidated by her presence.

[b "How did you know about me?"] Lehnsherr's attention goes back to the woman who rescued him.

He had never been particularly careful with his powers. There were quite a few occasions where he even showed off just for the hell of it. But still, he's quite sure that he's never done anything sloppy enough to draw the attention of authorities. He'd been thorough enough to keep his motives hidden. [b "The only explanation I can find for you finding me and bringing me up here is that you've been searching for me."]
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Finally, the hold that was keeping her from dragging the man up was release. The man kicked away from her, which disoriented her a little as she got shoved back in the water a bit, but she quickly start kicking upwards. Her soul focus at the current moment being to the surface for some desperately needed air, but on the way their he could pick up the slightly babbling thoughts of the other that seemed brimming with caution, but curiosity and wariness, and also maybe some wonderment? She understood all of those emotions, but she hoped the more positive ones would work out.

Those were all absent-minded thoughts, though, for the current moment the forefront of her mind as occupied with expelling the little bit of water that made it into her lungs so she'd be able to breathe properly once more.

A searchlight from the ship was on them in an instant, but the Xavier male didn't focus on that. Oh no.... She focused her blue eyes upon the man she had just saved. Now that she allowed himself a moment, he couldn't help but marvel at how easily his mind had been able to connect to the other... to connect to Erik. She was kicked from her own musings by his line of near back-to-back questions, and after a few moments of contemplation she decided to best way to do this would be to act as if she might with anything. The brunette continued to hover in place in the water, her arms wading to keep her afloat, and gave the equally soaked-and-half-drowned person with her a warm, inviting smile that spread to life widely across her face.

[b "Hello, it's lovely to meet you! Well, I hold no doubt it be [i much] more lovely if the entire, y'know, thing didn't just happen but... yeah."] She babble slightly, and if she could have scratched a hand through her hair she would have. It was a sort of nervous tick she had, and it did help her collect his thoughts if she ever felt a little frazzled. [b "My name is Charlotte Xavier, and you, my friend, are likely heavier than you look, and likely much taller than me on dry land. I hope I'll never have to drag you when not in water—I doubt I'd be able to lift you."] It was at that moment the boat, which was more like a barge now that she thought about it, got within roughly twenty feet of them.

The woman opened her mouth once more, about to answer the other two questions Erik had asked of her, but was cut off by another voice.

[#9b43b6 "Charlotte, you're a lunatic!"]

A familiar-to-her-ears voice shouted, and the blue-eyed female couldn't help but grin before looking for the source. [b "Moira! Should we be lifted out one at a time, or is two capable at once?"] Her voice was cheery, overly innocent, shameless of the fright she knew she must have caused the agent, and she didn't need to be a telepath to know she was exasperating the older woman. The answer to her question was granted when a one-person life float, secured on a strong chain, was tossed into the sea mere inches from herself and the Lehnsherr male. She'd grin at it before returning her attention to the person she was in the water with.

[b "Well, you inhaled a lot of water, and were in this freezing ocean much longer than me as well. So how about you go up first?"] Her words were honest and then, to placate the man, she'd add, [b "I promise I'll explain your other two questions once we're both on the deck."] Her expression remained as kind as it had been once she'd first started speaking, but it had turned more gentle and (hopefully) easing. She knew at times her cheery, kind disposition often made people weary of her. They often thought her fake, as if trying to use them for something, and she hoped that wouldn't be the case with this man.
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The water weighs him down, gathering in his lungs as he tries desperately to hold on to the ship. He couldn't let him get away. Shaw had already taken everything from him. This plan had been perfect, and Erik would be damned before he let it go wrong. Years have passed with this hatred sitting in his heart, and he wants it to end. Once and for all.

Images of the last time he saw his mother pass through his mind as he loses his breath. Her expression of pure terror as the gun is pointed at her. He had tried to hard. He remembered feeling hopeless as he attempted to stop the bullet with everything in him. He could still hear the sound as the shot rang out in the small room, echoing in his ears as his mother's body fell to the floor.

Erik had sworn that day that he wouldn't stop until Shaw was dead. He had planned many different ways of killing him. Torture, a quick gun shot, choking him with his own hands. Anything to make him suffer the way Erik has for the past decade and a half. He won't let go. He's not about to let him get away again.

And then he hears the voice. For a moment he thinks its his mother's voice finally speaking to him after years of searching for some remnant of her to keep close. But this voice is new. And, Erik notes, is attached to a body trying to pull him away. The fear in her tone make him hesitate, realizing that he would die before he could get to Shaw.

Begrudgingly, he lets it go, and frantically swims for the surface before his remaining ounce of air runs out. As he breaks through the top, he gasps in as much air as he physically can. He opens his eyes and sees the stranger for the first time, also desperate for air. [b "Who are you?"] he manages to rasp out.

Erik swims a little further from her, suspicious and wary. How does she know him? Better yet, how had he heard her clearly under water? [b "How did you do that?"]

Surely, she couldn't be like him? He was a freak of nature. A mistake of genetics. There couldn't be more...could there? [b "What are you?"] his voice mixes together with curiosity and wariness.
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Sometimes, a young British-woman, Charlotte Francine Xavier, often wondered if she should perhaps reevaluate her life in some way or another.

She liked excitement and action, but also doesn't mind a calm evening at home with her younger sister, tea, and a good book. She is very smart In fact, it had been the day prior to the current one that she had been overseas, at Oxford University to gain her acceptance and her entrance speech officially into the scientific community. She had been top of those in her doctorate class, and she had received the highest of honors. ...She had also had some "oral" fun with all in her doctorate class, men and women alike, but nothing beyond that.

Despite those few bodily distractions, the 5"0 tall young woman was a fully titled geneticist at just twenty-three! The curly-haired brunette had been the first woman to succeed such a thing so early on in life , and one of few who had been given respect by professors already in the field before she'd ever entered into it properly. And a part of earlier that evening, as she stood before hundreds of scientists, had been not only the end of her speech and thesis, but the vow she wanted to contribute to the community:

[b [i "Mutation is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. This process normally takes thousands and thousands of years! ...But every few hundred millennium, evolution leaps forward. It is my goal in life to find out those leaps, be they past or present, and be able to find not only where we go from here, but also the true details about how far back we do come from, and why."]]

Charlotte had been tempted, in the whim of a drunk moment weeks before, to mention she is in fact a person with mutated DNA—she and a member of her family each representing those genetic leaps—but once sober she mentally cursed out her drunken self. The female didn't have to be a telepath in order to know that would be met with some kind of negative effects that would be life-altering or life-threatening.

It had been after that acceptance speech, with many back-pats and bows granted towards her in greeting in congratulation, that she would leave to properly celebrate... by having headed to the bar with her sweet, adopted, but blue-skinned smart ass of a younger sister named Raven Xavier who, due to her own mutation, was in her usually worn blonde and blue-eyed form.

After drinking and laughing for roughly half an hour with her university friends, she had proceeded to attempt getting a partner for the night. She batted her eyes at a couple men with unfortunate failure, so after the third failure she headed towards a rather pretty woman. The Xavier woman 'Groovy Mutation' line about that woman's eyes—her sister laughs at her for it, and she knows that it is indeed a stupid tactic, yet, damn it, that line works 9 out of 10— but then went on to experience not only being turned down, but the woman she had attempted to swoon was soon saying she was from the American government. The accent was obvious on the American part, but the government bit? Not expected, since she had been glancing at her mind at all. And she went on to ask if the younger woman could in anyway help her prove to her boss that humans with superhuman abilities actually existed! At this point she did, in fact, go into Moira's mind. And what she saw there? It made her almost want to cry from shock and glee, for she saw other mutants in her memories. The other woman speaking her name returned her to the current place and time, though.

Now it would be new if Charlotte Xavier wasn't a show-off at times. And so, with one little mental sentence into Special Agent Moira McTaggert's mind later, she and Raven were driving off with the American woman to who knows where.

That "where" was to the sibling's home, and then to the airport.

Within the hours of one night, she and Raven were packed up, on a plane with Moira, and off to Langley, Virginia of the United States.

Long story short, things were discussed with high government officials, herself and Raven both outed themselves as mutated humans, and they were technically 'arrested' and put under the watch of an overweight, older man named Oliver Flemyng who Charlotte actually found the mind of amazingly pleasant to listen to. He brimmed with all of the excitement of someone who had never been believed, and had proof showed to his non-believes. This man had apparently been trying to prove to his few higher ups that mutants exited for a long time—since near the beginning of his career. The telepath already enjoyed the man greatly because his desire to prove wasn't hostile at all, but just wonderment and excitement.

The man apparently known as the Man in Black by most of the government had said arrangements had to be made before the two could come to his base further off in Virginia, in Richmond, and that worked perfectly for it had been moments later that he "allowed" Moira to whisk away Charlotte and Raven for another plane ride.

They trio of females arrived at a military base on the coast of Miami, Florida after the sun had set into night and, though it was not that relevant, both of the siblings had horrible jet lag from so much plane travel over the past 48-hours already.

Once having at least settled down her luggage in a room in the base, the elder of the Xaviers was whisked away by Moira to further reaches of Miami. The federal agent who, with her, had left her younger sister had eventually dragged her and soldiers onto a giant boat to go look for a man named Sebastian Shaw. The Xavier female had read up on the files during the second plane flight, and what she read had made her want to shudder in disgust. This man Moira had pulled her along to help her hunt truly was despicable and vile.

The blue-eyed, curly-haired brunette's' job, once Moira found out she was a telepath and she had reassured her that she was not a danger, was to try and find Shaw's mind. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't find it, but she found those with him....

And upon feeling the other threes' minds she'd nearly [i whooped!] with joy, for they were mutants just like she and Raven were! Bloody hell, one of them was even a telepath as well. But almost as near instantly as the joy came, she made herself remember they were working for Shaw, so she quenched his instinctive happiness.

A mutant with the power to create tornadoes sent small ones towards there ship and all who were capable were filing bellow and into the hull, but Charlotte stopped and raced back to the deck of the whilst she was battling back and forth with Shaw's own telepath The two women and the soldiers still on deck would watch as Shaw's boat began to be destroyed by it's own anchor floating into the air, demolishing it, and revealing the very top of a submarine and began to sink underwater.

[center Charlotte knew the reason for this, and she knew it for certain. It was another mutant. She heard another mind in the area.]

She instantly noted this person was a mutant as well, but what she felt coming from them killed any joy at the revelation before it even began. A mind full of grief, sorrowed pain, and such a low amount of self-worth that it made her knees wanna buckle. And the repetitive memory at the forefront of this person's mind of a woman getting shot in cold murder... It made her blood run cold. Somehow, her blood managed to run even colder as he realized what this person was doing, and read all of those surface thoughts running through his brain. She fully allowed her powers to flood and overflow into his mind like a blanket. Being there and obviously pleasant, but not doing harm.

It was without thinking that the short woman had dived into the water, and she probed only a little deeper into the other mutant's mind:

He was a male, age twenty-nine, and his name was Erik Lehnsherr. Sebastian Shaw killed his mother in front of him in cold blood Then that monster proceeded to apparently do horrible things.... The memories of those horrible things being something that Charlotte instantly ran away from in the male's mind, slammed the door on from her view, and threw away the keys, for from just a glimpse she was a little rightfully terrified to her very soul.

She didn't have time to really think for within moments she seemed to have finally swam-up behind the older adult, and without thinking the shorter Britain-born woman wrapped around him from behind, under one of his arms since she couldn't wrap it fully around his torso, and attempted to drag the poor bastard to the surface before ended up drowning himself. The man—Erik, her thoughts reminded him—was still holding onto Shaw's submarine, and that was when Charlotte realized the specifics of this fellow mutant's abilities wasn't to just move things like she had thought at first sight of the anchor action, but to be able to control metals in specific! She'd gush over that at an appropriate time, for now was not that time. No, now was the time for some slightly invasive measures to make sure he didn't die, and that she didn't die trying to save him. It was the only way.

[b [center [i /+// You can't. You'll drown! You have to let go. I know what this means to you, but you're going to die this way. Please Erik, calm your mind. //+/]]]

Charlotte projected her words as calmly into the metal-manipulator's mind as possible, but she was starting to lose that peace an natural calm of herself due to the fact her lungs were starting to burn from lack of air. Not only was her lungs feeling the effects, but her mind as well, for even as she spoke these words into the Lehnsherr male's head? She was beginning to feel extremely light-headed from a lack of air.
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