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Dylan was always obsessed with horror movies, ones that mostly got his attention were ones with ghosts, something about them was just in his opinion straight out awesome. He's seen a few before and bought his first night vision camera when he was 13, reading up on the afterlife, Satan, curses, full spectrum gear, orbs, paranormal hotspots, just anything that had to do with death and the paranormal is all he would ever read.

Dylan tried to get his friends to tag alongcept the only friends he had we're Craig and Blake, both who wouldn't do that hospital investigation stuff. They said they didn't have to time to be possed or whatever deomns do, but the plan was; head to an old psychiatric hospital with a very dark history. Full of lobotomys, murders, shadow figures, and full bodied apparitions, a production crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital that's supposedly haunted - and it might prove to be all too true.

Wanting to find answers in any shape or form, any evidence at all, he put up flyers, emails, everywhere all over school, the rival high schools, the local arts center, the art school for film, music, and other art.

The other location was the old Colorado state penitentiary, he heard some creepy ass shit happened down there

This is a horror RP so there will sketchy shit and possible deaths
1.Make it sketchy but also have a good story I mean just c'mon, jump after jump after jump, just gets old and my life revolves around ghosts and paranormal
2. Death will happen
3.Ghosts and full bodied apparitions will chase you down, possibly dismember you, posses you, kill you in anyway shape or form, or just make you crazy...that's just how some apparitions are

Position: Ex. Driver, Investigator, Demontologist


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