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[center Have you ever wondered what it is like in hell? Well guess what? you are looking at it! Yep this is Hell, Well the Academy for all of Hades Creations and children...

[size50 Hell's Academy]

[+green Student Skeleton]]

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[center [+green Teacher Skeleton]]

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[+blue 5.] Label your Skellie PM 'Living in Hell'
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[center [size30 Dorms]
[+red NOTE: All Teachers get there own Dorms]

[+red NOTE: Up to five creations per dorm]

[+blue Boys]


[+FF00BB Girls]


[+634DF0 Teachers]

Anna Urwii
Shanna Urwii
Manna Urwii
Chaos Deatheart
Castiel Brightside

[size30 Students]

Username: KyleeTraynor
Name: Jayden
Age: 10
Race: Vampire / Werewolf mix
Ability: Enhanced Strength, Senses, Speed, Flight.
Colors: [+red Voice] [+hotpink Thoughts]

Username: TheShogum
Name: Kairi
Age: 8
Species: baby fox
Abilities: foxfire, seduction power, cuteness, summon soul fires
Gender: female
Colors: [+green Voice] [+red Thoughts]

Username: TheShogum
Name: Fadyn
Age: 14
Species: fox girl
Abilities: despair aura, stealthiness
Gender: female
colors: [i Voice] [b Thoughts]

Username: TheShogum
Name: Azrael
Age: 20
Species: dark elf first, now demon-cursed
Abilities: control of shadows, including shadow teleportation, master bladesman and assassin, summon shadow raven storm
Gender: male
Colors: [+silver Voice] [+grey Thoughts]

Username: TheShogum
Name: Kawai
Age: 18
Species: pixie/elf/poro
Abilities: adorableness, summon poro army
Gender: female
Colors: [+pink Voice] [+blue Thoughts]

Username: LunaBloodRose
Name: Liam Teatherscoot
Age: 184
Species: Vampire/incubus
Abilities: Can steal someones soul, Heightened speed/senses/strength, can see aura's and change his human look.
Gender: Male
Colors: [b Human] [i Thoughts]

Username: KyleeTraynor
Name: Trix
Age: 13
Species: Dhampir
Abilities: Regenerative healing factor, Disease Immunity, Daytime walking, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Combat, Danger intuition, Enhanced Beauty
Gender: Female
Colors: [+931E1C [b [i Voice]]] [+931E1C [i Thoughts]]

Username: KyleeTraynor
Name: Kalypso
Age: 15
Species: Daughter of Hades
Abilities: Total control of all darkness
Gender: Female
Colors: [+873C8F [b [I Voice]]] [+873C8F [I Thoughts]]

[size15 Child: [pic]
Adult: [pic]]
Username: TheShogum
Name: Mina
Age: alternates between adult and 14 year old
Species: vampire princess
Abilities transform into adult fighting form and all the natural powers of a vampire princess.
Gender: female

Username: Hal0
Name: Nio
Age: 15 Years Old
Species: Reaper
Abilities: Strength, Teleportation, Speed, Invisibility, abillity to hack any type of technology by looking at it, Can fly, mind read and shape shift
Gender: Male

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Silana Bellerose
Age: 17 Years Old
Species: Beast Girl - Hedgehog
Abilities: Sonic Speed, Heightened Reflexes, High Durability, Transformation
Gender: Female
Colors: [+0A0060 [b Voice]] [+0A0060 [i Thoughts]]

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Yuriko Myst
Age: 49 Years Old
Species: Centurian Rabbit Beast
Abilities: High Durability, Super Strength, Nature Magic
Gender: Female (Futanari)
Colors: [+0a9931 [b Voice]] [+0a9931 [i Thoughts]]

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Indigo "Vivi" Vynrik
Age: 108
Species: Vampire
Abilities: Transformation, Flight, Super Speed, Super Strength, Blood Magic, Darkness Magic
Gender: Female
Colors: [+4f275d [b Voice]] [+4f275d [i Thoughts]]

[size30 Teachers:]

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Anna Urwii
Age: 90 Years Old (16)
Species: Cat Demon
Abilities: Wind Magic, Super Speed, Heightened Reflexes
Gender: Female
Colors: [+b7154c [b Voice]] [+b7154c [i Thoughts]]
Subject: History
WITS: Lore, History, Study of important events
Classes: Morning

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Shanna Urwii
Age: 90 Years Old (16)
Species: Cat Demon
Abilities: Fire Magic, Super Strength, High Durability
Gender: Female
Colors: [+b7151f [b Voice]] [+b7151f [I Thoughts]]
Subject: Phy. Ed.
WITS: Exercising, Sparring, Target Practice, Military Training, Obstacle Courses
Classes: Morning

Username: Vlanderson
Name: Manna Urwii
Age: 90 Years Old (16)
Species: Cat Demon (Fusion)
Abilities: Wind Magic, Fire Magic
Gender: Female
Colors: [+721d81 [b Voice]] [+721d81 [I Thoughts]]
Subject: Demon Biology
WITS: Habits, Strengths, Weaknesses, Magic, Diet, Origins.
Classes: Afternoon

Username: Kasou
Name: Chaos Deatheart
Age: 1000 years old
Species: Demon
Abilities: Strength, speed, scythe summoning, creates and controls insanity, Different magics
Gender: Male
Colors: [+blue voice [i thoughts]]
Subject: Magic
WITS: Basic, Specilized magic, Magic Protection, High Level Magic
Classes: Afternoon

Username: Lilona
Name: Castiel Brightside
Age: 26
Species: Generic medic demon
Abilities: Regeneration, medical touch
Gender: Male
Colors: [+gold thoughts] [+DARKTURQUOISE voice]
Subject: School nurse

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Chaos had just finished working in his classroom, placing a dimensional rift spell on his personal office and preparing for class. He walked out of the room and began roaming the halls when he heard the sounds of footsteps. He quietly fallowed them, fallowing the noises he heard to a classroom and knocking on the door before entering. He noticed a bunch of students were inside but the teacher seemed to be missing. [+blue "Are things alright in here? Where is the teacher?"] he asked.
  Chaos Deatheart / Kaosu / 5y 52d 9h 19m 29s
Liam had his pen going non-stop on his notebook. His face seemed to be fixed in a glare, his eyes ablaze, as he took in every detail. [i Having super speed comes in handy some times.] he thought as he continued to write. Here and there he would hide a smile, amused at the teachers remarks and side stories that the demon dog would taunt her in to.

[b "Once you get your book turn to page sixteen. I want you all to read the first chapter by yourself. Please feel free to write notes. When you are all done we will begin a small quiz to see what you retained."]

Grabbing the book he did as instructed, paraphrasing the little text and answering any questions on the pages. Soon the teacher came rushing back, and before he could finish writing his sentence, locking herself in the closet. The vampire from earlier asked the teacher if she was alright. Only sobs replied. Sighing a little bit Liam stood up then sat back down and leaned against the door.

"Please do not cry. Ladies of such intelligence should not shed tears of sorrow, especially here where having something to cry over is so rare. Come now Miss Anna, share what ails your heart so."
  LunaBloodRose / 5y 53d 19h 42m 45s
Anna's eyes popped wide open. She witnessed a student of hers join her class in an unusual way. She quickly expressed boredom just as suddenly as Nio appeared. "Sit down!" the teacher hollered. She began pacing back and forth. During that time she mentioned briefly about what it was like in Hell over 100,000 years ago. Spike questioned how she'd know what happened that long ago in which she reminded him that she studied history for a living. That and she knew some old demons. Anna's tail waved nervously. She was still adjusting to being by herself. Vivi seemed less and less interested as the class progressed. Anna lectured a little more before instructing the class to go and collect a history text book from the shelf in the back. "Once you get your book turn to page sixteen. I want you all to read the first chapter by yourself. Please feel free to write notes. When you are all done we will begin a small quiz to see what you retained," Anna explained. The first chapter consisted of fifteen pages, but half of that was either pictures or diagrams.
During this time Anna snuck out of the classroom. She ran in the halls to go see her sister she missed so much. Upon arriving in the gym she saw something terrible. One of Shanna's students had her pinned to the floor. From the younger twin's perspective this looked rather suggestive. She turned and ran back. Shanna wasn't even aware she had a visitor. "I guess you win. Didn't think I'd be out wrestled," Shanna spoke. Anna returned to her class quickly, but she locked herself in her closet. Loud sobbing could be heard from said closet. Viv looked at the door curiously. "Hey, Miss Urwii?" she asked. She received no response from the saddened teacher.
  Vampire / Vlanderson / 5y 54d 4h 19m 16s
Kawai grabbed the poro that Vivi tossed, and looked her over to see that the little darling wasn't hurt. Seeing that she wasn't, Kawai said, without looking up [+pink "Thank you for returning her unharmed. See you in class some time."] Kawai turned away and walked down the halls to her classroom, delighted to start class at last. [+blue Well, I guess I will find Jayden and Iris later then. Poros come back to me. Now I wonder what class I am in right now?] she thought as she wandered toward the classrooms.
  Kawai / TheShogum / 5y 60d 22h 48m 0s
[+blue "Seems someone in impatient"] Chaos said as he turned around to look at the student. [+blue "Well, your questions wont be answered till class time, which is this afternoon, Nio"] he said and the held two crystals in his hand. [+blue "But the fact that you have only seen so little shows how much you haven't begun to use its full potential. There have been no secrets that I have shown you, reaper boy."] he said as he placed one hand on Nio. [+blue "But when you improve, be weary. The last person that tried to delve in too deep was consumed by the insanity beneath the waves"] he said before activating the first crystal, slowing down time so that he was moving faster than the world itself. He then activated the second crystal, sending Nio to the class he was supposed to be in.
  Chaos Deatheart / Kaosu / 5y 65d 5h 15m 3s
Nio walked out of the shadow's in Chaos's classroom, deciding it was a good idea. "I want to ask you something, Mr.Chaos. What type of magic have you learned?" He asked. "May be very Superior to reaper magic, but i may never know. Also, about knowing your secrets, they come to me when i look at you, your mind is weak to me, easy to get inside."
  Nio / Hal0 / 5y 67d 35m 4s
Chaos gave a sigh when Shanna left, thinking about what he was going to do that day. He then remembered how she had mentioned fire and began seting up candles in parts of the classroom so that it was something he could demonstrate during class. He then walked over behind the desk, opening the safe that he had that was magically enhanced for safety and was his own personal items that he had brought. When he looked inside, he saw dark stones inside. He put his hand in and pulled out a stone, watching as it began to glow red as it made contact with his skin. [+blue "Good day as any to see what I will be dealing with"] he said as he slowly began setting them out on the teachers desk in-front of the class.
  Chaos Deatheart / Kaosu / 5y 67d 3h 18m 48s
[left [pic]] Shanna lifted herself off the door. She was amazed to see it lift back into place. The only magic she and her sister could do involved a special ritual. They understood it well, but never practiced it for their own.

[center [+blue "So, other than spying on me, is there something you need?"]]

[#B7151F [b "Well... Um... I was just on my way to the Gymnasium when I notice your class and thought to say.. hi?"]] the last part sounded more like a question as if she was unsure. After a brief moment of silence she opened up the door. Her cat years twitched nervously. [#B7151F [b "Nya. I do hope the first day goes well for you. Nya. I'd hate it if the students started burning everything,"]] Shanna tried to sound concerned. She tiptoed out the door with an even more awkward smile than before. Once on the other side she gently closed the door. [#B7151F [i "Oh.. boy. I really shouldn't have done that. That was... awkward. I forget how weird I am without my sister around,"]] she thought. The cat demon continued her journey to the gym. It wasn't long before she got there. She went to her office to get ready for her first class. She was already missing her sister. It just was too quiet. Too... weird. Too. unfamiliar.

[right [pic]] While Anna slept she began to purr. She also started to drool some. She was having such a pleasent dream when the students started to come into class.

[center [b "So Teach, what will you be teaching me this fine day."]]

With the sound of the loudest Anna bolted awake. She jumped from her seat, causing her to fall onto the floor. She hissed at what appeared to be her chair before standing to her feet. [#B7154C [b "Oh? Umm..."]] the dazzed teacher wipped the drool off of her face. [#B7154C [b "I'll be teaching History and Lore. The stuff that happened a long time ago. Not just in hell either, but in other worlds that had an impact here too. And maybe some odds and ends for fun,"]] she said this in a sleepy manner.
Anna regained her composure. At that point her self-esteem had taken a hard ht. She waited for everyone to sit down before taking roll call. Her eyes glanced over to the students then back to her desk. She scanned her papers to make sure every student had arrived. [#B7154C [i "Peculiar,"]] she thought. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. No matter how many times she checked there was still someone missing. [#B7154C [b "Anyone seen Indigo?"]] Anna asked. Some of the students shook their heads.
[b "Maybe she's allergic to you, ya damn cat!"] a skranny boy called out. He had a very fluffy tail. His ears were just as fluffy. Anna recognized the student whom bursted out. His name, Spike. Not a ver creative name for a Dog Demon. It was no surprised that a cat and dog couldn't get along with each other. Anna hissed at the boy, [#B7154C [b Watch your tone with me, MUTT!"]] She glared at the dog with dagger eyes. She wasn't used to being harassed without her big sister to back her up. [#B7154C [b "I will assign homework to only Spike today. And lots of it,"]] the cat girl was being extra ornery at the Dog. Spike groaned under his breath.

[left [pic]] Vivi calmed herself down. Class was about to start and she didn't want to be late. A true noble as herself had to be dignified. Crying in the bathroom was not proper. Vivi floated over to class in a quick manner. She flew through the door rather than opening it. She was known to phase through physical objects.
[#4F275D [b "Just on-"]]
[#B7154C [b "You're late!"]]
Anna interrupted Vivi. The vampire looked puzzled. [#4F275D [b "WHAT?"]] she stuttered. [#B7154C [b "Sit down. I'm going to begin class shortly,"]] Anna responded. The vampire sighed and did what she was told. There were no assigned seats so the students had freedom to pick where they wanted to.

[#ffffff 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000]
[#ffffff 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000]
[#ffffff 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000]
[#ffffff 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000]

[center -__________________________________________________-]

[#0A9931 [b #0A9931 = Yuriko]]
[#0A0060 [b #0A0060 = Silana]]
[#4F275D [b #4F275D = Vivi]]

[#B7151F [b #B7151F = Shanna]]
[#B7154C [b #B7154C = Anna]]
[#721D81 [b #721D81 = Both]]
  Vlanderson / 5y 67d 4h 39m 17s
[#0A9931 "I-I'll be here.... for a while. I'll go to class later..... I'll... be fine,"] The centaur replied to Liam's question. Smiling he waved at her then headed in the direction of his first afternoon class.

He wasn't sure which way to go after wandering for a couple hours, so he pulled out a small map that the front office had given him. Finding where he was and where his first class was suppose to be he began walking again. The bell rang, causing Liam to frown. [i Why does it have to be so dame high pitched? Always the same, even here in hell. Makes no sense. Why not use a roar from a beast? That would get some of the others moving.] He thought, a small smirk on his lips.

He finally found the room he was to be in, and noticed the female teacher sleeping, knocking on the door he waited before opening it. He walked in and plopped down in a chair.

[b "So Teach, what will you be teaching me this fine day."] he said, hoping to startle the cat-girl awake.
  Liam Teatherscott / LunaBloodRose / 5y 72d 10h 18m 52s
As Chaos had moved into his classroom to prepare for the future classes, he heard the first bell go off and heard a crashing sound, looking to see that Shana had crashed through his door. [#B7151F How are you doing?] she asked and saw the fake smile she gave off. He gave a quiet grown but knew that getting completely enraged wouldn't help. [+blue "Fine, before you went crashing through the door. You could have knocked."] he said and sighed as he slowly walked over to the door. He then chanted a few words, having the door get up off the ground and putting the door back into place as well as fixing it. [+blue "So, other than spying on me, is there something you need?"] he asked as he leaned on the door he had just fixed as he looked at her with a slightly angry face. He wasn't completely excited to see her since he could have guessed the relationship between Shana and her sister after meeting them before the school year started but Chaos knew that he would have to deal with her the entire year he was teaching.
  Chaos Deatheart / Kaosu / 5y 73d 2m 36s
Yuriko felt her underside exposed. She was quick to become scared, though she found the Vampire's strength to be much stronger than hers. She twisted her lower half of her body so at least he couldn't see her underwear. Luckily for her she wasn't exposed just yet. She kept in mind the words he spoke earlier, but she was more focused on her current issue. Once Yuriko was set onto the ground again she felt overwhelming relief.

[center "I must go to class, will you be okay?"]

Yuriko didn't realize how long she was in the Nurse's Office. She turned her attention towards the boy that just spoke to her. [#0A9931 [b "I-I'll be here.... for a while. I'll go to class later..... I'll... be fine,"]] the green girl spoke nervously. She circled around the room until she found the right spot to sit. She didn't seem to notice anyone else after that.

[left [pic]] Silana kept smiling nervously at the other creatures in the cafeteria. Her eyes caught a glimpse of a princess. The blue hedgehog's mind began to stir up all sorts of crazy ideas. [#0A0060 [i "I'll bet she'll want a maid. Right? She looks like she would,"]] Silana thought. She vanished and reappeared next to Mina, or rather the Beast Girl simply ran too fast to be seen. [#0A0060 [b "Hey! I'm Silana. Nice to meet you. What's your name?Whatdoyouthinkofthisschoolsofar?DidItellyoumyname?Ihopewecanbefriends?"]] Silana started off talking slow enough to be heard, but she soon picked up a momentum to where she sounded like she was a chainsaw with teeth. She sat down next to Mina without asking if it was alright. [#0A0060 [b "The bell might ring anytime for the first class. I hope I'll get to see you again. Umm... I think I might be ahead of myself. What was I doing?"]] Silana asked. She looked around with a very puzzled expression.

[right [pic]]

[center "I don't know you vampire, but I wish you to release my poro. Your hurting my little friend. I dont want to fight but I will."]

Vivi stopped biting and looked down at Kawai. The Vampire was shocked at the tiny army she saw before her. It still wasn't enough to unhear what she heard in the classroom just moments ago. Vivi's face easily could be read like a book. [#4F275D [b "T-take this f-filthy creature!"]] Vivi shouted. She tossed the Poro at the other female. She hugged herself tightly as she tried to flee the scene. She flew up into the air. Her body phased through the army of Poros like a ghost. She looked very transparent at this point, even more so than usual. The Vampire passed through physical objects as if they weren't even there. She eventually ended up in the girl's bathroom where she regained her solid state. [#4F275D [b "I... I... never... wanted to hear... that.."]] Vivi cried.
The taste of blood lingered on the Vampire's lips. She desired the flavor of fresh blood. Vivi pulled out the packet she received earlier. The blood pack was quite cold from her body temperature. The Little Vampire sucked the pack dry. It was delicious, but it tasted differently than fresh.

[left [pic]] The twins finished their yuri deed and quickly fixed their clothing. They smiled to each other as if to say 'It's our little secret'.
[right [#B7154C [b "I wish you didn't have to leave me."]]]
[#B7151F [b "I hate having to be separated from you for even a little bit."]]
The twins gave each other a tight hug before parting ways. Anna unlocked her classroom door to let Shanna go to her office. The older twin slowly walked towards the gym. She was taking her time in silent protest. She noticed Chaos was in his classroom. [#B7151F [i "It might be worth while to say hi,"]] the girl thought to herself. She pressed her face against the window and peaked in. Her cat ears twitched as her tail waved back and forth. Shanna could hear a voice in the back of her head telling her to get ready for her first class. The girl sighed softly. The loud ringing of the first bell spooked the Cat Demon a bit. She jumped into the door by accident, causing Chaos's door to his classroom to fall in. [#B7151F [b "Whoops,"]] Shanna giggled. She looked up at Chaos nervously. The next action she took was to lay down on her side and appear relaxed. [#B7151F [b "How are you doing?"]] Shanna asked with a wide grin. The smile she wore looked obviously fake.

[right [pic]] Anna slumped back into her chair once she was alone. She had everything set on her desk ready for her students. The younger twin liked being prepared way ahead of time and often prepared herself the night before. Now was the waiting game. She had doubts that anyone would want to go to a class about History and Lore. Moments later she began slumping over her desk. Her eyes became droopy with exhaustion. The Demon Cat fell asleep. Even the noise of the first bell didn't seem to shake her. She'd been too excited about classes starting again to sleep the last week. That and it was easy to stay awake when her older sister was around.

[center _]

[#0A9931 [b #0A9931 = Yuriko]]
[#0A0060 [b #0A0060 = Silana]]
[#4F275D [b #4F275D = Vivi]]

[#B7151F [b #B7151F = Shanna]]
[#B7154C [b #B7154C = Anna]]
[#721D81 [b #721D81 = Both]]
  Vampire / Vlanderson / 5y 73d 5h 23m 26s
Nio sighed and walked out of the room, having been left alone there. He enjoyed the silence, unless it was a lecture, but it didn't matter. This place was going to be boring, nothing interesting seems to happen. Why did he have to come, he didn't know. Darkness better suited him. He walked over to a shadow and faded, and appeared in his dorm.
  Nio / Hal0 / 5y 74d 1m 58s
Kawai flinched as she felt the pain one of her poros was feeling, via her mental link to them. [+blue Now where are you, my little darling? Who or what is hurting you?] she thought. [+pink "Poros, find your injured friend"] she commanded her mass of poros. They flowed out of the corridor and down the hallways in a bouncing rolling mass. Finally they came upon the vampire Vivi, biting one of the poros. [+pink "I don't know you vampire, but I wish you to release my poro. Your hurting my little friend. I dont want to fight but I will."] she said, readying her poros for an attack.
  TheShogum / 5y 60d 22h 54m 30s
Azrael sank into the shadows, intending to make a quiet and stealthy scouting run of the school. He ghosted from shadow to shadow, noting the creatures he saw. [+gray Okay .... There are a lot of vampires here. I wonder if any of them have ever been to the North. What is that green creature? It looks so odd. ..... There are so many of those little white things around. What are they looking for? .... More vampires. .... Ah, the little white things were trying to find the fox girls. Okay . A classroom? What are those teachers doing? Never mind....] he thought to himself as he traversed the halls. Finally, he stopped outside of the school and calmly surveyed the place he would call home for the next few years.
  TheShogum / 5y 74d 10h 12m 36s
After Chaos finished his conversation on the phone, he hung up and slowly put it on the table. He gave a long sigh has he leaned back in a chair and processed his own thoughts. [i [+blue "So, a half breed vampire. Must be hard for her"]] he thought to himself. He had reminded himself of how he was taught about the fallen noble vampire had detested them and maybe even had killed any he found. It was if it was only yesterday when he was told this....

[b [+blue ~Flashback~]]
[b "...he would kill the very half breeds he hated whenever he found them out, or the rumors say"] said his master, who was sitting at across from him as a book on vampire history was laid before him. [+blue "You know, vampires seem all to familiar to the humans they know as food"] Chaos said and his master gave a questioning eyebrow. [+blue "You would think that since they believe they are so much better, you would think that they would forgo discrimination but they act like the human lives they had before."] Chaos finished and his master chuckled. [b"Like how you left your humanity to become the next chaos?" ] he asked and Chaos froze and slowly turned to the window to the dark world. [+blue "I left because I found a better calling and became tired of what humanity had to offer"] he replied with and his master walked over, grabbing his arm and rolling up his sleeve to show a bloody cut on his arm. [b "Did those demons do this again?"] his master asked and he pulled his arm back, rolling the sleeve back down. [+blue "They only got my arm before I knocked them all out"] he said and his master gave a sigh. [b "I'll see if I can contact the school and see what I can do to resolve this"] his master said but he chuckled. [+blue "Don't bother, they wouldn't give a care in the world if I died for being what I am"] he said as the memory soon began to end.
[b [+blue ~Flashback End~]]

When he came back, he was still sitting in his room. He saw the time and sighed as the time seemed to have passed a bit to fast for him. He pulled out a paper from his table that had what was on the itinerary for his first day of teaching so that he would be prepared for the day.
  Chaos Deatheart / Kaosu / 5y 74d 23h 30m 1s

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