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[center Bring your Animals To Life with Animal Jungle!

This is a Family of Wild animal half humans and full wild animals as their pets.

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[+darkviolet Skellie]
Type of creature:

[+darkviolet [size30 Accepted Characters]]

User: [ TheShogum]
Name: [ Kairi]
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid wolf/fox
Powers: conjure fire, hypnotize
Spot: Pet

User: [ KyleeTraynor]
Name: [ Erik & May]
Age: 15 & 2
Gender: Male & Female
Type of creature: Tiger boy & Tiger
Powers: Can Talk to any cat
Gf/bf/crush: May & Erik
Spot: Brother & Pet

User: Triscuit_Biscuit
Name: Jack
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Type of creature: Kangaroo and Human
Powers: A super jump, and super strength.
Spot: Brother

User: Lilona
Name: Red
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Type of creature: Rabbit hybrid
Powers: Can speak to other rabbits, unnaturally strong
Spot: Sister

User: Carbon
Name: Pete
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Type of creature: Panda-human
Powers: Can control/bless plants
Spot: Brother

User: TheUser
Name: Miako
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Type of Creature: White Tiger Hybrid.
Powers: Super Fast and Very strong.
Spot: Sister

User: TheShogum
Name: Eira
Age: 14
Type of creature: Frost Fox
Powers: snowball and mist form
Spot: Sister
GF/bf/crush: none currently

User: NakedWizard
Name: Conall 'Wolfie' Botewulf
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Type of creature: Werewolf
Powers: Superhuman Strength and Above average body warmth
Spot: Dad

[size30 [+darkviolet Posted?]]]

[yes ] Kairi
[yes ] Erik & May
[yes ] Jack
[no ] Red
[yes ] Pete
[no ] Miako
[no ] Eira
[no ] Wolfie

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Jack watched her move and followed behind her with his arms out just in case she fell. He stayed silent and noticed her change in demeanor, the poor thing looked helpless and lost.

Once they got to the spot in the sun, Jack slipped out of his jacket and laid it out in the sun to dry faster. The Kangaroo plopped down next to her and started to unwrap the bandages to get the ready to wrap, [+orange [b "'ope that this don't 'urt too muc' for ya. Tell me if it does." ] ] He tried to be as gentle as he could pressing gingerly to her head. Thankfully there didn't seem to be quite as much blood as it looked.

He waved his hand, [+orange [b "Don't cha worry. I'm more ashamed that I didn't see you comin'. Besides, I've 'eard something's around 'ere that they're monsters'n stuff 'iding out 'ere in the bushes. Just watch your back." ] ]

His golden eyes concentrated on her head, he wrapped it cleanly and tapped it down, [b [+orange "All done, you should rest 'ere for a bit and regain your senses." ] ] He sprang upward and brushed off his back, and scooped up his jacket, [+orange [b "I'll be on my way. Stay outta trouble, now." ] ]
  Jack Bates / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 71d 12h 7m 4s
A concussion? Really? Another cherry on her bad luck cake. Slowly she nodded at the boy, wearily standing up in the cold water. Her clothes felt like a slimy blanket on her, but thankfully nothing underneath was visible through the fabric. Darkish fabrics were her only saving grace of the day. The rocks in the creek were smooth and slippery, it was a miracle Red made it out without killing herself. Her ears hung low in shame at her state, as she wiped the blood from her neck, trying to keep it off her clothes.
Without much strength left in her noodle legs, she plopped down on the dry ground, flinging the water around her and sending another pulse of pain into her head.

[b [+lightpink "Ah... Tha-thank you for helping m-me. I-...I-I'm sorry I knocked you into-to the creek... Lots of...Lots of stuff has happened in the last f-five minutes and I p-p-panicked and just started running... I didn't think I would... Run into anyone over here..." ]]

Red shivered as the cool air brushed past her. The light of the sun sparkled through the trees, illuminating the ground around them. Even the speckles of blood looked like little scarlet jewels, trailing to her.
  Red Rabbit / Lilona / 5y 71d 21h 2m 28s
Eira spun is a slow circle, marveling at the sight of snow falling around her. [b [+aqua I wonder where my other friends are. I hope they got here ok. Wait what's that!?!?!?!?]] she was startled by the sound of someone moving among trees. Instinctively, she cloaked herself in frost and assumed her mist form so she couldn't be hurt, if whatever had made that sound turned out to be , or want to hurt her.
  Eira Fadyn / TheShogum / 5y 72d 9h 48m 10s
Jack continued poking around till he heard her voice call out. He glanced up and gestured to her head, [+orange "I can't take away all that pain. You might've gotten a concussion or somethin', ya know? That would take a day, 'cause I don't 'ave any medicine." ]

He took a small note that she was a little jumpy and took time to slow down his motions. Jack didn't feel comfortable with some bunny girl with blood running down her face running around the forest.

He pulled out a small spool of bandages and cheered in his head that they were still pretty dry. [+orange "'Ere. I got 'em." ] He moved a little closer to her to put the bandages on her head and remembered that they were sitting in the middle of a creek.

He gestured over to spot where he was sitting before, [+orange "Do ya wanna go and sit ov'r there? In the sun, so ya can dry off? Then I'll wrap your 'ead?" ] Jack wasn't used to talking so much so he stopped where he was and stood looking down on her rabbit lady. He would have to get her name soon so that he wouldn't to keep calling her rabbit lady or random girl.
  Jack Bates / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 72d 13h 46m 5s
Lights fluttered in the rabbit's eyes as she tried to bring herself back to reality. [i Dear crickets, my head is pounding... I'm wet, there are predators everywhere, and now god is speaking to--]

The gloved hand landed on her shoulder and Red's eyes snapped open on the young man. If it wasn't her her killer headache and noodle legs, she would've taken off running yet again. She was trapped. Silently, she stared down the boy, waiting for the opportunity to high tail it out of there. The boy didn't appear very threatening, but those gloves were strange.
[i Think Rabbit, think! What is he...]

The boy removed his gloved hand, searching his pockets. This was her chance is get away! Red quickly shifted herself away, but the sudden movements sent a sharp note of pain into her temple.

[b [+lightpink "Holy cabbage, my head... Why does my head hurt so much???"]] Red asked, grabbing at her head, finally noticing the warm slickness of her blood.

[b [+lightpink "...Oh..."]]

Pathetically, she looked back to the golden boy. Maybe if he hadn't eaten her yet, he couldn't be that bad... Red swallowed her instinct to run, ready to face her fear. Her clothes were soaked through with the cold water, her head pounded with the wrath of a thousand suns, and she had no idea what she was gonna have for dinner. Honestly, what's the worse that can happen at this point?

[b [+lightpink "Y-you... You said you had something? Can-Can you make the p-pain go away?"]]
  Red Rabbit / Lilona / 5y 72d 14h 26m 52s
Jack enjoyed watching the creek, small fish were swimming up and down through the water. The stones on the bottom were round and smooth to the touch. He traced patterns into the water to calm himself, the rings bounced off creating more and more like a round.

He felt serene and the feeling of calmness traveled through the air, his eyes traced the fish swimming through the clear water. It had soft golden scales, it's tailfin was long and swayed to the side of where it was swimming.

When the fish suddenly started to swim away frantically, Jack looked up for just a fraction of a second before a blurred figure rammed into him sending him flying into the creek. His head was swimming as he sat up quickly ignoring the chill of the water. Great. He was wet. Jack shook his head to rid his hair of the loose water that was trapped in it. He felt around his body to make sure that nothing was broken, and when he was sure that he was alright he glanced over at what had hit him.

[i Seriously. I got taken out by some bunny? ] He thought angrily. The blond had been training for months out in the forest so that he would become a better fighter and he's taken down by a bunny. [i Nobody can know this. ] He muttered in his mind while wiping the water from his eyes. He stood and squatted down in the water in front of the bunny slowly, she seemed panicked so he kept his movements slow.

[+orange "Ey. Ya alright, kid?" ] He put a gloved hand on her shoulder to stop her from shaking too much. The wound on her head looked pretty bad, he frowned and started to dig through his pockets. Hopefully the bandages that he carries aren't all wet. [+orange "Ya seemed to 'ave gone and cut up your head. I think I 'ave somethin' for that." ] He cursed himself in his mind for his stupid accent. [i She'll probably have a hard time understanding me.. ]
  Jack Bates / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 72d 21h 56m 59s
The bushes trembled with the sound of danger. Oh no, not this again! This was THE last straw! First the deathly beast of terror wakes her from sleep, then a strange bear cub started talking to her, and now comes another predator to take her head! Oh, what a sinful rabbit she was! It must be against the rules of nature to be this adorably wanted!

Before the vile carnivore could cook her for dinner, Red turned tail and ran into the forest with the speed of a thousand bunnies. There was no way she was gonna stick around to be eaten! The tree blurred behind her as she fled, deeper and deeper into the forest. Running, running, she had to get away. If she could just find something to hide in, maybe she could wash her scent off. That would really throw those rabbit eaters off. Yeah, that was a good ide--

Red, lost in thought did not notice she happened upon a creek. She was unaware that she was speeding towards an unsuspecting boy with gold hair. It wasn't until she had rammed into the sturdy boy with all 105lbs of her, knocking them both into the creek.

JESUS THE WATER WAS COLD. Red flailed around in the shallow water, more panic setting in. Once she finally found her way upright, the rabbit sat in the water, trying to regain her bearing. A warm liquid ran down her face, and a killer headache pounded around her skull. Now she was wet, too. How bad could this day get? What even was that thing she hit? A brick wall? In the middle of her forest? The world spun around red, it felt like that one time she ate those smelly weeds. That was a trippy day. She shivered as the warm liquid continued to leak from her head; poor little Red.
  Red Rabbit / Lilona / 5y 73d 13h 25m 28s
Jack felt that he had been walking for ages. He punched a tree and blinked as it splinted in half. He cursed and ran away, [+orange "If no one 'eard that then it didn't 'appen right?" ] He shook his head and slowed to a walk.

Sitting by a small creek he stuck his hand, well boxing glove, through the clear water, he could feel the coolness sink through. He drank some and stood again.

[+orange "I never thought that bein' alone for so long would drive me crazy." ]
  Jack Bates / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 72d 22h 11m 28s
[+silver That was a good nap, but now I want to go meet other people. I think I will go back and introduce myself to that bunny person. Maybe she wont be so scared of me this time.] With a hiss, Kairi uncurled from a ball, and bounded back toward where she left the bunny girl. As she bounded through the trees, she automatically summoned three foxfires to protect her and light her way. When she reached the spot, she stopped, surprised by the sight of a panda boy standing there. [+blue "Who are you, panda bear boy?"]
  Kairi / TheShogum / 5y 75d 11h 11m 55s
The tension in her ears let up a bit as the boy tried to reassure her.

[b [+lightpink "Oh..S-Sorry, I didn't mean to look so afraid of you. I just... Well, pecking order, you never know when you're about to be someone's new favorite snack."]] She chuckled.

Red dusted herself off, still a little weary of the child.

[b [+lightpink "I didn't know it was a fox that landed on me.. I-I guess I panicked and just sorta chickened out."]] Red blushed, embarrassed.
  Red Rabbit / Lilona / 5y 75d 23h 2m 34s
"I wont eat you I only eat Bamboo... in case you were wondering..." Said Karl obviously not wanting to scar the little adorable bunny. "I want to help you! I saw you get scared of the little fox... it was an unusual fox... it had nine tails... just strange..." he fades off starting to think about how strange the little fox was.
  Karl Panda / KyleeTraynor / 5y 78d 1h 12m 39s
As the ghastly horror leaps from her head, she opens her eyes ever so slightly to watch the now adorably cute fox swagger out of sight. Her ears twitched in confusion as a roller coaster of emotions flooded out of her.

[b [+lightpink "...What even just happ--HYA!"]]

Another squeak escapes her lips when the young panda unexpectedly surprises her. Red turns to her visitor, only to be faced with a young cub. She holds back the tears welling in her eyes from her never ending heart attack. This morning was just much too stressful for a little rabbit.

[b [+lightpink "...Oh...H-Hi there..."]] she whimpers.

[b [+lightpink "I'm Red Rabbit... B-but you may call me Red. Everybody calls me Red,"]] she says softly, ears pinned to her head. Obviously, the little rabbit was still on guard for predators. This little creature smelled like a bear, and bears eat rabbits. But maybe, since he was still a child-- No. Actually... Children are more likely to eat rabbits, because they are small and easy to catch. Slowly, Red stood up, preparing herself to run for her life against this creature.
  Red Rabbit / Lilona / 5y 78d 2h 23m 38s
Karl walked up behind the Bunny girl "Hi!! I am Karl! What is your name?"
  Karl Panda / KyleeTraynor / 5y 78d 10h 59m 13s
[+blue "Well, I was gonna sleep on your head, cause it was comfortable, but I guess I will find somewhere else."] she said. Kairi turned without another word and bounded off back into the forest. [+silver Why are people afraid of me?] she thought with a sigh. She finally settled down in a tree, in a cluster of branches 10 feet up, curled all 9 tails into a ball around her, and began into her lonely nap
  Kairi / TheShogum / 5y 78d 10h 55m 27s
Jolted out of sleep by the fluffy fox, Red lets out a sharp and pitiful yelp, bringing her knees in close and her arms protectively around her face.

[b [+lightpink "I'm sorry! Please don't eat me,"]] she cried out in panic.

She trembled beneath the furry animal, awaiting her impending doom. Surely today would be the day she was eaten. Her life was so short. It was only yesterday she took her first hop into the world. For all of this to come to an end, just because she wanted to nap! Oh, life is a cruel mistress! Anytime now, the beast would sink its' fangs into her neck, draining her life until the world became cold and dark.

Anytime now...

  Red Rabbit / Lilona / 5y 78d 11h 26m 20s

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