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Jessica snapped her head up, as the lieutenant said that she was only there in the first place to collect some reports on the activities of SHIELD. Curious, she watched as Espen went about getting said file, and then handing them over to her higher up. When she excused herself and left, Jess looked at her, worried.

Still her own emotions kept trying to escape her, but she fought back the tears. She was just not use to being around people in the first place, and now having been involved in a little misunderstanding was overwhelming her. However, when C asked her if she was alright, Jessica glanced over at the lieutenant hesitantly before looking away.

[+blue "I'm fine.." ]She could easily tell the German woman did not like seeing or dealing with emotions, so Jessica was trying to keep hers under control. She just wanted to leave the area as soon as possible for a little while.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 276d 17h 26m 52s
Agent Hellstrand's hands slipped down to cover her mouth and she didn't look at anyone. She didn't say anything. Standing absolutely still she glanced hesitantly at Lieutenant Nietzsche as she exhaled and ran her fingers through her hair.

"[B Well, I am only here for Agent Hellstrand's report on S.H.I.E.L.D.s activities now that she has returned.]" the German woman said, glancing at Jessica and saw the tightness of her expression, how hard her lips were pressed together, trembling just slightly. She must be mortified. Her eyes went to Hellstrand then, who looked almost sick. Huffing out her breath with frustration, she rolled her eyes and awaited the young woman's response.

Espen looked at her, but immediately dropped her eyes and nodded dumbly. She turned and went into her bedroom and nabbed the file she had taken off of the counter earlier. Handing it meekly to the woman she swallowed a bit and glanced between the rest. "[+red Excuse me.]" she said, brushing past them and into the hallway. Her fingers brushing a flyaway of her hair and didn't say anything more.

Viper looked at Gweniviere, blocking out the rest of what was happening, before she looked at Jessica. She realized that she looked on the brink of tears. Her expression fell away, "[+magenta Are you okay?]"

Gweniviere's gold eyes lingered on the young woman for a few moments before she averted her eyes. She couldn't stand emotions, anyone else's or her own. Clearing her throat a little she shifted her weight and figured she should take her leave...
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Jessica didn't look up as the lieutenant stood up, getting off of the younger dutch agent. When she was told that it was alright, Jess looked over to Espen, still worried as she noticed how mortified the young woman looked. Standing there in awkward silence, she wondered briefly if she would now be kicked out for nearly attacking the lieutenant.

Gulping silently, Jessica felt stinging begin in her eyes. Realizing that she felt her eyes tearing up, she forced the salty liquid back with her abilities as best she could. She already screwed up big time in front of the lieutenant, she didn't need to do further damage by crying like a baby in front of her. When C spoke up, asking the ginger if she wanted to go get dinner, she quickly looked up at the agent with confusion, then back to the still mortified dutch agent.

Not wanting to remain in this tense atmosphere, Jess gave the lieutenant one last quick glance, before looking back to Viper and nodding her head vigorously. Walking slowly over to C, she didn't dare look back at the intimidating woman behind her. Once she was beside the agent that had helped her out earlier, she stuck closer to her then before, ready to leave as soon as she was.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 276d 19h 38m 53s
Hellstrand was mortified, absolutely, inexorably and impossibly embarrassed and she felt a dry, gasping sob pull at her. She went limp underneath the German woman and her head laid on the floorboards, feeling grit from their shoes against her skin.

Gweniviere's head raised as she heard the door open and noted the young woman's hands flexing and putting ice in her palms, giving her a threatening look. Immediately her hand flew from holding Hellstrand, a blur of pale, and pulled out her firearm to point it at the ready at Jessica, cocking it audibly.

Hellstrand's raised a bit, turning to look up at her even with the side of her face pressed against the floor and gaped at the display of supernatural power she caught before it vanished.

But just as suddenly, the young woman stopped and let her hands down. She had been recognized. Hesitating a moment longer, Gweniviere finally let the weapon down and shifted back, off of the dark haired Dutchwoman. Her gaze was sharp and trained on the younger woman, her expression tense and hard as it usually was , rising to her feet again and nodded curtly. "[B It's fine.]" Her gaze moved over the ginger American with a tiny bit of hesitation as she took in what she had just seen. [i So it was true.]

Hellstrand immediately scrambled to her feet and pressed herself against the wall, her hands going to her face in embarrassment. She didn't bother going to go pick up her gun that was thrown away from her on the floor. Wrenched clean from her hands by the incredibly string, elder woman and officer. [i I just pulled my gun on the Lieutenant. I just threatened Lieutenant Nietzsche because I was too stupid not to realize who she was.] And she had done it inf ront of Agent C, or rather Viper. Her mouth twisted tight on her face. She felt sick, she felt like she wanted to cry. Her vision blurred a little. Espen wanted to run, to go hide and never be seen again. Not only was Gweniviere a senior officer, so was Viper, she was [i Viper]. How many things had she heard about the woman, how much did she want to be as important, as regarded, as [i interesting] as she was? And now the first time she had been face to face with her she had fucked up, as the English term was. It made her want to die.

C paled at the reflex and her hand instinctively twitched towards the holster on her hip before she fought the movement and pasted a calm smile on her face, looking at Jessica. "[+magenta Wanna go to dinner?]"
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Jess was staring out her window, just lost in her thoughts, when she suddenly heard a loud thud coming from Hellstrand's room. Getting to her feet, Jessica remained still as she listened out to see if everything was alright. When she heard loud voices, she paled and became worried sense she couldn't understand what was being said.

When she heard Espen pleading out that she was sorry, the young ginger ran out of her room, as she didn't know what else to do. Her hands were quickly forming ice, as she was prepared to fight. Once outside of her room, she saw Hellstrand being held down by someone.

[+blue "Let her go!" ]As she shouted this, Jessica began to raise her hand, ready to shoot out her ice at the would be attacker. However, she hesitated when she finally took notice of agent C at the door. Confused, she looked back and noticed with a hiss of both shock and shame, that she had almost hit the lieutenant.

Dropping her hands to her side, she let her head hang as she hopped that the tall woman would not kick her out for speaking to her like she had, and for very nearly hitting her with her ice. [+blue "Lieutenant, I am so sorry! I thought you were someone who was attacking agent Hellstrand!" ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 277d 15h 18s
Espen heard the television get quiet. Jessica must be bored. Sighing a little she hated herself for making such a weird welcome. That wasn't tactful at all, it wasn't useful, it wasn't [i good]. Things had been so frustrating since the Academy- she had graduated top of her class so why was this simple interaction, for simple information even! Just a practice for goodness sakes, why then was it so [i difficult]? Was her English bad? Was it because she wasn't very pretty that people didn't want to speak to her? Just wanted this clay faced foreigner to leave her alone? Had she come on too strong?

It was starting to make her chest tighten, stomach twisting in agonized discomfort and she tried to shake it but couldn't. Espen groaned to herself and grabbed her coat again. She needed out. The agent turned to leave and opened the door to be met with someone's face inches from hers, hand raised to knock.

[center ♥]

The woman had raised the back of her knuckle to rap at the door when suddenly it was pulled open and she froze, brows arched in surprise. The form that filled the door was none other than the pale face of the lieutenant herself, golden eyes looking down at the Dutch agent who was a good handful of inches shorter than the woman, who stood at 6'3" easily.

Hellstrand yelped in shock and leapt back, her hand dodging to her hip to grab her weapon. The Lieutenant immediately fell into action and grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her and slamming the young woman to the ground with a shuddering thud on the wooden floors, on one knee above her.

"[B Wapenstilstand Agent!]" came the woman's husky, sharp order in Dutch. The words were cognate with the German, save for the pronunciation was just slightly different- in German the word for weapon was [i waffen], and [i wapen] in Dutch, and agent was the same.

Espen was mortified, her face stone pale as she felt the woman's strong hands restricting her and let out an instinctive, confused whimper. "[+red Het spijt me, I- I'm sorry!]" she exclaimed, at first in Dutch, as she was addressed in it, and then reflexively changing tongues.

Behind her in the doorway, Agent C stood in the doorway now, looking down with no small amount of shock at the German woman, her eyes now freed from her yellow glasses from earlier shown to be a bright green blinked in surprise as she leaned her hands on either side of herself in the doorway.
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 277d 15h 22m 21s
When Espen told Jessica that she didn't know who Basil was, Jessica realized that the dutch woman seemed to be losing her nerve. Confused, she was about to ask her if she was alright, when the agent suddenly walked away from her. Jess watched as her temporary roommate walked to the kitchen then back to her room.

Not knowing what to do, after a few minutes Jessica just went back to watching tv. However, she couldn't shake the feeling that Hellstrand may have been trying to interrogate her somehow. The thought didn't sit well with the ginger, and she wondered why the dutch agent would ever want to do that. Shaking her head, she convinced herself that she was just out on the streets for too long, and it was making her paranoid.

After awhile, Jess became bored with the tv and turned it off. Getting off the couch, she wondered if would come back to check on her, while she wondered over to her room. Once in her room, she looked out the window into the nearly dark area. She wondered how she was going to make it outside once her sanctuary was over with.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 277d 16h 34m 3s
Espen gazed at her a little, a lack of recognition freezing her features for a moment before her eyes drifted a little and she lost her nerve, swallowing again. "[+red I- don't know who that is.]" she said quickly before retreating from the wall and going back to the kitchen area. She grabbed one last file that had been left and went back to her room to put it where she wanted it.

Once inside she swallowed, feeling hesitation branch through her again, glancing at her bed she felt the need to get coat off of her. She was making it awkward instead of being the interrogator, like she had seen the Lieutenant do it. Frustration tinged in caustic nervousness gnawed at her and she pulled her overcoat off, letting her red button up and black tie take precedence over the previous monotone of her outfit.

Tossing it on her bed she at once regretted the decision and took up the garment and hung it in the closet, sighing and turning to lean on the door a little. The Dutch agent ran her fingers through her hair and went over to the desk in front of the window, leaning her hands on it and looking outside as the sun began to inch towards setting.
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 277d 16h 53m 25s
Jessica saw a flash of satisfaction and mistrust in the dutch agent's eyes, before a mask of indifference replaced her features. She could tell that Hellstrand did not like her keeping secrets from her, and even that the young agent may not like her very much, but Jess was not about to give up her life story or her reasons for being here to some stranger. The only reason why C somewhat knew why she was here, was because she had witnessed SHIELD chasing after her and what powers she had.

Looking down at her hands, Jess tried to ignore the uncomfortable feeling she felt under the stare of the woman she was to room with for the next two days. She didn't exactly like this agent, but she didn't dislike her either, seeing as she didn't even know her, so Jessica just felt indifferent towards her. When she repeated her words, Jess looked up at Hellstrand, confused. However when asked about who she was talking about, in reference to Viper's partner Jessica perked up.

[+blue "Oh, her partner Agent Basil Destailleur. He seems like a really cool guy too, just like Agent C." ]As she said this, she fell silent again, not knowing if Destailleur was an important agent or not in Hydra. She didn't really even know that C was so well known around here either, so she didn't realize how much Hellstrand seemed to dislike the fact that Jessica was in her company.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 277d 19h 34m 3s
Espen gazed at Jessica for a few moments, keeping her features neutral and shifting into what she hoped was her neutral expression. Good practice for interrogations with the lieutenant.

It bothered her, as it likely did any other agent here, to have a no-name, unaccounted for security threat on the campus. Jessica must be getting the idea that she is something dangerous, and in a very dangerous position herself. At present, where Espen was, she didn't care much about this woman who had comehow caught [i Viper] of all people's attention. Outside of general human decency, Espen couldn't care less.

"[+red Some people.]" the Dutchwoman repeated, arching a slender, dark brow and glancing over the other. That could mean a lot of things- and the secrecy, if warranted she supposed, was unwelcome. Espen was unconvinced... of what exactly? Really, of anything about this ginger woman.

She tilted her head, "[+red Partner? Who was that?]" she inquired, glancing over Jessica. Who else had she been in contact with?

*[i Also, did we have any romance set up for this? I honestly can't remember if or what...]
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 286d 17h 8m 6s
Jessica also noted the other female's hesitant and nervous nature, and she hopped that she wasn't making things worse for her. When told that she was allowed to watch the TV, she smiled gratefully and gladly turned on the TV. She had been unable to watch TV properly in so long, that doing so now, was like she was taking a hit off a of some drugs for the first time in years for a sober person. She watched the show she put on with a small smile, taking it all in.

She soon forgot where she was, and everything that had happened to her to make her get to where she was now. Deep inside, where part of her was still rooted to reality, Jess was thanking the Dutch agent over and over again for letting her watch TV so easily. She was brought out of her world and back into reality, however, when she looked up to see Hellstrand leaning against the TV.

At the question, Jessica rubbed the back of her head and inhaled in thought. She wasn't willing to tell this stranger her whole life story, or to go into detail of how she came to be here, but she knew that some small explanation was in order. [+blue "Well, let's just say I got on the wrong side of some people's radar, and Agent C and her partner kind of helped me escape from getting caught.." ]She knew that her explanation was really short and pretty vague, but it was all she could think of saying without saying too much.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 291d 16h 28m 38s
Hellstrand had been gazing at the kitchen, her hand curled as if she had something in it. Blinking and suddenly brought out of her thoughts, the Dutch agent turned her head towards Jessica, arching her brows in question of being summoned to attention. "[+red Hm?]"

She listened, noting the slight hesitance in the nature of the other one. It made her worry about how to approach her a bit, not wanting to make it worse with her own uncomfortable nature. Swallowing a little, she nodded a bit, "[+red It's fine.]" the taller agent said, dropping her gaze a bit to glance towards the little niche living room.

"[+red Go right ahead.]" she said, having taken a moment to gather herself, gesturing towards it. "[+red Make yourself at home.]" Espen said, folding her hands in front of her a bit. Back in her own room, the agent busied herself with cleaning for a little bit until the tension had left her fingers and she felt the knot loosen a little in her chest.

She had been wondering during this time about this Jessica Bell until her curiosity got the better of her and the dark haired Dutch woman took a breath and rounded the corner, entering the hall again and approached the little TV niche. It was rarely used, as Espen's learning English was only so applicable with how grievously fast a lot of the native speakers conversed. She leaned against it, crossing her arms over her chest.

"[+red So, I'm curious.]" Espen began, tilting her head to the side. "[+red Are you an agent here, or what?]" She frowned a little, perplexed, and really very curious as she hoped her probing question would get an answer, and she hadn't packaged it negatively.
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 304d 1h 32m 47s
Jessica was still laying down on her temporary bed, just staring off at the ceiling, when she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. She could hear the other room being opened, then closed again. Sitting up, she wondered if she should at least try to be a little social with the other female she was to share the small apartment with for the time being.

Not knowing what else to do, Jess got out of her comfy bed and stepped out of her room. She wasn't expecting to see Espen right outside in the little hallway, so she was a little taken a back, but quickly composed herself and gave a shy smile. [+red "I know this is probably not easy for you, it isn't for me either really, but I just wanted to say that your apartment is really nice and so tidy and so, I promise that I'll try and not make a mess." ]

Jessica kept the smile, but otherwise looked away as she made her way back to the front room. Noticing the couch, she sat down and looked at the tv before her. Not wanting to be rude or impose, she turned to the other female in the room. [+red "Is it alright with you if I watch tv?" ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 305d 15h 5m 14s
Espen continued inside after gesturing to the door and turned back when she was spoken to, glancing at Jessica's door. She nodded, "[+red Alright.]" and left her to it. Going into the kitchen, she set her keys down in the bowl here she kept her relevant small items like that and then turned towards the small couch pushed up against the far wall underneath the window.

Sighing quietly she tried to consider the fact of the kitchen, wondering if she should clean it more? It was already relatively tidy, but Espen felt the press of anxiety about it. Maybe it looked bad. Before she hadn't had a roommate and the place went generally unseen for the most part so she hadn't thought to keep it really presentable. There were boxes of tea everywhere, and fruit and bread and food things in general, and dishes drying on the rack. Would the other think it messy?

Swallowing a little she stared at it again with a look of concern on her face. It wasn't really messy... but it also wasn't organized. There were some papers and pens and electronic things and- she got up, taking the papers in her hands, gathering them together and then crossed to her door, pushing it open and then putting them on the roll top desk, closing it again, and sighed. She hesitated with her hand on top of it and looked back through the doorway and the sliver of the kitchen she could see around the corner. What else?
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 305d 15h 16m 27s
Jessica was relieved when her roommate began to lead them up the stairs. She kept up fairly well, as she was used to going anywhere and everywhere with her two cargo bags always filled. And as proven earlier she was also use to running with them strapped to her as they were now.

By the time they reached the correct floor, Jess was only slightly tired from the climb, but otherwise was unfazed. As they continued down the hall, most of the doors were shut, but some were left open. Jessica avoided looking into the open rooms, not wanting to be nosy or to get into trouble by any of the residents.

Eventually they made it to their own room, and Jessica was able to see that her roommate's name was Espen Hellstrand. She found the name interesting, but her mind quickly dropped the subject as it focused on the apartment behind the door. Granted the place was small, but it would fit two females nicely, and either way it was the first safe and [i properly ]livable space that Jess had had the luck to stay in.

Smiling, she nodded her head when told where her room was. [+red "Thanks, I'm going to go settle my things down." ]Giving Hellstrand a parting smile, she walked into her room and was instantly satisfied with the layout. After placing her bags on the floor beside her bed then laying down, Jessica let out a sad sigh, as she dreaded the idea of not being able to lay in a decent bed,or a bed for that matter, after her forty eight hour asylum was over.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 305d 15h 47m 29s

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