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She arched her brows and looked at her, "[+magenta Ursa Major and Ursa Minor? The big bears in the sky, apparently?]" She almost laughed at her statement, her shoudlers shaking a little with the quiet sound. "[+magenta Well, in the stars at least.]"

Viper's eyes slipped towards Jessica for a few moments and exhaled slowly, "[+magenta Well, it's a tough matter. I'm sure you're right. But tell me to that after another war and we'll see.]" she said, turning her gaze towards the young woman.

The pink haired woman chuckled and turned the engine on, pulling out of her spot and starting towards the streets, passing through the checkpoints, requiring them to show their identification and such things. "[+magenta I'm taking this one out to dinner, and then I'll bring her right back, I promise.]"

"[+magenta I have permission from the Lieutenant.]" Agent C lied easily, offering him a little, hesitant smile and hoping that that sufficed. And also really hoped he wasn't going to literally call her on it, and if so that the woman would be cool about it, or rather not [i cool] as she usually was, but willing to play along.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 275d 14h 24m 15s
She simply nodded silently to the agent's comment, as she thought over how easily one could forget the world around them when caught up in this hectic life. [+blue "I've never even heard of that one before. It's like the people who can find them, must have some powers of their own." ]

Turing to face the woman beside her, she was able to catch the look of regret and sadness in her eyes, as she agreed with her in that things did use to be much brighter before. [+blue "Yea, I know..But it's pulling through the problems that we face that matters. Perhaps then everything will be ,almost as bright as it once was." ]She said this in a hopeful tone, but something deep inside her told her that nothing would ever be close to as bright as it once was.

Once in the car, Jessica buckled herself in, smiling at C as she reminded her that she had promised earlier that she was going to come back to take her out for dinner. [+blue "Yea, I remember. I'm glad you didn't forget!" ]smiling, the young ginger looked out the window, excited to finally be able to eat a proper meal for the first time in the last few months.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 275d 14h 45m 12s
Her gaze dulled, "[+magenta Yeah. You just don't- remember the world around you a lot of the time. Especially when you're trying to change it.]" she said a bit distantly.

Laughing a little bit, she let her head fall, "[+magenta Yeah, I've never been able to find the Ursas or anything. Not once. People who can find them amaze me.]"

She then frowned a little, her expression almost turning into a wincing, regretful smile. "[+magenta Yeah... A lot of things used to be brighter. And we don't even have it the worst, you know?]"

Opening the door she smiled a little again and got inside the drover door. "[+magenta Good. Now let's go and have a good time, huh? I [i told] you I would come and bring you to dinner.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 275d 15h 36s
Jessica looked back up at the stars, as she listened to Viper speak. [+blue "Yea, it really is hard to remember that they're there a lot of the times. And it really is super hard to look for any of the constellations that you see on the little maps." ]Smiling as she continued to watch the stars, she heard and noticed the deep thought sigh that C let out, but didn't comment on it.

[+blue "Yea, I know what you mean..They use to be much brighter when I was a little girl.." ]Thinking this, she suddenly felt a slight sadness again, as if she had lost something. Shaking her head, she looked at the agent beside her as she asked her if Chinese American was alright. [+blue "Sure, that sounds great to me." ]

[B [i Ooc: Yea I plan on maybe bringing them back real soon ] ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 275d 15h 27m 43s
Viper's steps slowed a little, her eyes searching for patterns, constellations she wouldn't be able to find. They were always detailed for you on maps and such, but she could never find them on her own. Maybe one of the dippers or maybe the belt od Orion, but never anything else. Her expression softened and she couldn't think for a moment. But she hummed absently at the comment, "[+magenta You kind of sometimes forget it's there.]" she replied quietlly, her gaze tracing the band of stars above them. "[+magenta It used to look different when I was younger, you know?]"

She rememebred looking back at it... whenever. She didn't think back at it enough to feel like she could remember a lot. Viper thought that perhaps that was a little weird? Maybe? Not wanting to dwell on it much she let her eyes linger for a few moments more before sighing a little and quietly walking towards the car.

"[+magenta Mm, Asian sounds actually really perfect right now.]" the agent said, pusring her lips a little. "[+magenta Would you mind Chinese American? I know a place.]"

[font "Times" ~//Do you want to ever reintroduce your other characters for this? Or later? Or something?//~]
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Looking away from Hellstrand, Jessica shrugged her shoulders at what Viper had said. [+blue "Yea, I guess that could be it." ]Looking up, she also started to stare at the night sky, enjoying the stars and the moon. [+blue "It's been so long sense I last looked up at the sky.." ]

She was was pulled away from her thoughts as she heard C something about Espen, making the ginger look back towards the other agent. She frowned slightly, knowing that C pitied the girl. She hated being pitied, and she was sure that so did Hellstrand, but it's not like she could do anything about it.

Jess figured, if the girl really wanted to be part of Hydra, she was just going to have to get use to these situations. Looking back at the agent beside her, Jessica thought about her response. [+blue "Well, I love Mexican food, Asian food, and basically everything!" ]Knowing this wasn't very helpful, the aqua-kinetic rethought her answer. [+blue "But..I kind of feel like eating something Asian today..If that's alright?" ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 275d 16h 56m 5s
The Hydra agent shrugged her shoulders a bit, slipping her fingers into the pockets of her well fit pants, how far they [i could] go, they were women's pants after all and had terribly punitive little pockets. "[+magenta Guess it just reads as an old people thing to most folks.]" she suggested, letting her head turn up towards the clear sky.

Now with the slight situation at hand, Agent C. Viper noticed that Jessica wasn't looking at her and figured that was a sign not to ask. Sighing a bit she shook her head. That agent is going to have to get used to mortification. They all had to at one point, some definitely more than others. "[+magenta Poor girl.]" she murmured to herself, sliding an empathetic glance towards the straight bodied form that passed them quickly, shoes tapping earnestly on the concrete path.

Hellstrand glanced back at them as she passed, hearing Viper's quiet statement and felt a shiver of humility and frustration edging in behind it. She [i pitied] her. Espen didn't want to be pitied, it was a horrible place to be, a place she had been all her life. Pulling her mouth tight she wondered if she really had changed at all from that little girl and curled her hands a little tighter as she made her way back to the dormitory.

The two women who were leaving campus soon found themselves across campus, finally, and at the parking lot in front of the main building where Jessica had gone to get her security detail. C pulled out the plastic toggle for the car and unlocked it from a distance away, the lights flashing silently and the barely audible thump of the locks lifting was heard as they approached it. "[+magenta Well, as interesting as it was, your answer doesn't really help me at all. What sort of food do you [i like], then, if I have to be so specific?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 275d 17h 12m 32s
Shaking her head lightly with a smile on her face, Jessica laughed lightly as Viper continued to play along. She liked not having to keep going over a mistake in her head, and being able to just laugh it off so quickly after it happened. [+blue "Am I that easy to read? Haha." ]

[+blue "Like I said, most people are. I guess I just don't seem like the kind of person to really be kosher.." ]Then again, not a lot people ever spoke to her, and sense she rarely got the chance to eat a proper meal, not a lot of people got to see her eating preferences either.

As they made their way through the building, the ginger couldn't help but notice that Espen was no where to be seen. She wondered how the Dutch was doing, but otherwise tried to keep her attention on the agent beside her. Once outside in the parking lot, Jessica quickly spotted Hellstrand, and watched her as she walked by them, as if she was avoiding them. Frowning, she wondered again if she should have asked C if it was alright to at least try to invite the other female.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 275d 17h 23m 26s
Viper scoffed, giving Jessica a toss of her head. "[+magenta Sure. I can definitely see that.]" the woman said, brushing a hand over the mass of teased hair at the top of her head. She clucked her tongue, keeping her pace lax as they made their way down.

"[+magenta Well, it's something [i I] didn't expect.]" she continued with a shrug of her shoulders. Agent Hellstrand was nowhere to be seen inside of the building and the main desk was illuminated with a few warm looking lamps, a young man behind it who glanced up from his computer screen.

However when they were making their way down one of the paths, the dark, straight form and dark coat was coming down the path towards the building, towards them. Her fingers were pushed in knuckle deep in her dark hair and her face was pale in the moonlight, eyes dull as she passed them and avoided their gazes. Viper tilted her head a little, watching her body language. She wondered if she wanted to invite her as well and glanced at Jessica.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 275d 17h 35m 28s
Jessica again rolled her eyes at how lightly C was taking the events that had just accord, but she guessed it was better then lingering on the past, something she was far too good at. Letting it go for once in her life, she returned a smile of her own and a sarcastic comment as well. [+blue "Oh sure, I've seen plenty of these misunderstandings in my time." ]

When Viper reacted to what the ginger had said about what she couldn't eat, the young female shrugged lightly with a shy smile. [+blue "Yea, that's something no one expects, heh.." ]Following C out of the room, Jess looks back once after closing the door, wondering if they should have invited Hellstrand, so she could get her mind off what just happened. However, she didn't want to make C feel pressured to invite anyone else, when she already felt bad that she wouldn't be able to help pay for her meal.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 275d 19h 59m 57s
The bright haired woman had begun to place a pout on her lips when Jessica finally reacted to her and sucked her lips back in.

She grinned a little, letting out a low giggle, "[+magenta What, you've never seen the immensely stressed misunderstandings of a military intelligence agent before?]" she was making light of the situation as was her way. It was in the past. She only felt bad for the dark haired younger agent who seemed to have been embarrassed the most, poor thing. But she would have to get over it. It was only a small trifle anyways.

Viper arched a very surprised brow, blinking a little, "[+magenta You're kosher?]" she asked. Seemed a bit odd, somehow to the agent. Well, she supposed that it didn't matter, often shrimp, lobster and crab were a bit expensive so in her vagrant situation she imagined it wasn't any problem at all anyways.

Straightening up, she pulled her bolero straight and then started down the hall, trying to start them heading towards the parking lot if she could.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 275d 20h 12m 20s
Once the lieutenant was out of sight, Jessica instantly let out a sigh of relief mixed with irritation. She kept her eyes on the spot where the woman had just been standing, thinking over what she had said. She was aware of the woman's states in the agency, but the ginger didn't care, in fact it only made her dislike the woman more now.

When Viper asked her if she was going to tell her anything soon, also adding in a calm tone that she needed her input on where they were going to eat, Jess looked up at her with a still annoyed look but it was more softer now. When she didn't say anything, C teasingly asked if the lieutenant had taken her tongue with her, to which the ginger simply rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Then the agent pointed out that now she felt concerned, so Jessica let out a small sigh and offered up a small smile.

[+red "Fine, I guess I can talk to you..I'm just kidding, I'm fine..just a little rattled is all. As for what we should go out to eat? I eat pretty much anything, well anything that has no pork, shrimp, lobster or crab that is. Otherwise, I'm pretty open." ]Once she gave her response, she uncrossed her arms, allowing herself to relax a little more now. She felt comfortable and safe around, though she supposed it was just because the lady had helped her out, and still continued to do so.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 275d 20h 38m 17s
The woman had said it insensibly, just speaking to speak almost, if she were to try and analyze her motive. She had been in her position for long enough to become numb as she outwardly seemed to be. This was simply the cherry on top of a terrible evening, as it were. Something Jessica would know nothing about. She could practically feel the hostility from the other. She knew the cryomancer hated her, and she wouldn't be the first. But Gweniviere would not be afraid of the cold that had suddenly swept over her, evidence of the change in the regard of the other. The lieutenant had dealt with worse- she remembered it. Jessica Bell didn't scare her. Gweniviere scared herself.

With one last indifferent look, the scarred woman turned away with the file in her hand and headed out of sight.

Viper cocked her head and tried to catch Jessica's eye. her long braid falling over her shoulder and brushing the wooden floor slightly. "[+magenta That's a scary look you've got there. You wanna talk to me anytime soon? I gotta have your input on where to go to eat, you know.]" she said in her apparently unaffected, conversive tone.

"[+magenta C'mon, what's the matter? Did that big old kraut take your tongue with her?]" The woman frowned a little, placing a pout on her face, "[+magenta Oh please, I'm concerned now.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 276d 14h 46m 38s
Watching silently as Viper stepped out of the room, Jess felt even more uneasy as she was no longer standing beside her. She kept her head low, as Gweniviere began to make her way out of the room. When the German woman told her that she was going to have to forgive herself at some point, the young ginger felt all the color drain from her face.

She knew that she was talking about almost hitting her with her ice, and the tears she had been keeping down sprung to her eyes once again making her job harder. Ignoring what she was told, she simply stood there as C invited the woman to join them, grateful when she heard her reject the offer. The German made her feel constantly on edge whenever she was around it seemed, and if she had joined them for dinner Jessica would have hated it.

Suddenly she heard as the lieutenant mocked Espen, and Jessica clenched her fists. She felt that the woman found this entertaining, and this made her want to throw some ice fractals at her, but she held back. The only deference now, was the rapidly cooling weather. As C came back to her side, Jessica kept her same position, wanting to leave as soon as they could.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 276d 15h 1m 40s
The pink haired woman gazed at Jessica for a few more moments, looking a little concerned but figured she shouldn't press it. She did however note the hesitation that came after the glance in the German woman's direction. She stepped out of the doorway so that the impressively tall woman could leave if she so chose.

Gweniviere hummed, outwardly indifferent, and returned her gaze to Jessica, frowning a little in confusion. Why is she crying? "[B You're going to have to forgive yourself eventually.]" she said as she exited the apartment and started down the hallway.

Viper then poked her head out the door after her, "[+magenta Do you want to come to dinner with us? I'm driving.]"

The woman turned back, rerolling her sleeve back up above her elbow, the scars on her forearms obvious in the relief of the lights in the hall. She glanced between the two of them, her brows coming together in a bit of reluctance, "[B I'd rather not, actually.]" Agent C had an energy about her that somehow just wore her down, and the other agent looked about to fall to bits. Why on earth would she want to force herself to deal with that. "[B I've got work to do.]" and with that the white haired woman nodded at the two of them and started to turn away. "[B Do tell me if I've mentally scarred Agent Hellstrand.]" the woman said with a bit of ruthless humor, her tone stoic and cool as she said it.

Viper then turned to Jessica again.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 276d 16h 57m 26s

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