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Following close behind Viper as they entered the restaurant, Jess looked around at the place. It was nice, beautifully decorated, though it did hold a fairly decent amount of other costumers. This was good for the business, she was sure, but for her it just caused a little of her paranoia to begin to annoy her in the back of her head.

Trying her best to ignore this, she just pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind, and tried to enjoy herself. Besides, what were the odds that anyone from SHIELD would ever find her here? Reassuring herself of this, Jessica was able to relax a bit more, as she followed the waitress and C to their seat.

One they sat down, the ginger again looked around at the place, fascinated by what she saw. At the agent's question, Jessica continued to look around, occasionally looking at some of the other costumers as she answered in a casual tone. [+blue "I guess you could say that. It's just that I can't really trust anyone, well almost anyone. That and, I had spent so much time on my own that, I just came to prefer the solitude." ].

Smiling at C comment, Jessica rolled her eyes with a slight laugh. [+blue "No, I am sure you could defend me. I just don't..well, I don't really like other people. There have only been very few people, and I mean very very few, that I have come to like. Never trust, except for you and Basil that is, but more like tolerate most of the time then like." ]She added this with a laugh, and a slight shrug.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 268d 14h 2m 48s
The woman hummed absently as they entered, holding the door for Jessica before entering herself and waved down a waitress to take them to their seats. She frowned internally at herself, angered at the slipup. It could put Jessica on edge. But she had been thinking about her in the position of an acting agent and had forgotten that Jessica hadn't been indoctrined, or at all adhered yet. She immediately kicked herself for thinking that way, while still hesitating over making it too obvious. It was a delicate situation- if too many people found out about the girl's powers while she was in their care they may not want to let her go. SHIELD could be persuasive just as they could be- only difference was Hydra wasn't against dubious consent.

"[+magenta Well, that's the nature of your existence up until this point.]" Viper replied as the menus were set down and she swept into her seat, pushing her long braid out of the way. It was starting to make her neck ache. Sighing a little she smiled a bit at the thought of maybe getting rid of it.

"[+magenta Are you scared by the mere presence of people?]" the elder woman asked, tilting her head a bit with an inquisitive frown. "[+magenta Or do you not think that this old bag can protect you, is that it?]" She continued in mock offense.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 268d 14h 21m 10s
When they arrived to the restaurant, Jessica grimed widely, before frowning slightly at C's comment about hopefully helping her overcome her social anxiety. However, the agent quickly apologized and rephrased her comment, leaving the ginger to let it go and smile again at the nice looking eatery.

[+blue "I don't..To be honest, I am use to staying away from people, and most of the time I think I prefer it that way. But, I do like you and Basil's company." ]Smiling as she added the last part, the young female awkwardly exited the car, as she looked nervously up at the restaurant now. [+blue "I am ready to eat..Though I guess this is were getting over my social anxiety would be a good thing..Heh.." ]ignoring her anxiety and paranoia at being caught for once, Jessica smiled and went to follow Viper inside.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 268d 17h 11m 25s
Viper nodded, clearing her throat as she pulled into the lot at the restaurant and put the car in park. "[+magenta Well, I can only hope that we can help you overcome that.]" She then blinked, looking surprised and gave a nervous laugh. "[+magenta Oh, I apologize [i if] you want to get some help with that.]"

The woman then unbuckled and gave Jessica a slight smile as she got out and onto the rain wetted asphalt with one fashionable boot and shut the door again. "[+magenta Ready, kiddo?]"

The restaurant was a good looking place, decorated as best it could be in a pleasant, Chinese style.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 268d 17h 23m 30s
Looking up at the agent, Jessica gave her a confused look at her first comment, but then nodded when she explained that being in the military usually caused people to act like the lieutenant did to her. [+blue "Yea, I guess you're right.." ]she didn't want to think about what had happened anymore, and only wanted to enjoy the night for once.

When asked if she had social anxiety, Jessica smiled sheepishly up at C as she gave her response. [+blue "Yea..I do. Being out on the streets and even in the forest for so long, avidly avoiding as much human contact as possible kind of tends to do that to a person. I couldn't trust anyone, and I couldn't risk blowing my cover so speaking to as few people as possible was just always more ideal for me.." ]shrugging her shoulders, the ginger realized how lonely her existence has been, but she was use to it by now.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 268d 18h 27m 27s
The woman nodded, humming absently. She felt only a little bad for forcing an answer out of her, coercing the young woman into speaking. But she had been doing it for so many years, it was just a matter of fact, a part of her personality, and she was much better in her approach than others, even the Lieutenant. Gweniviere's tactic was very much different - the woman was one who insulted the others' intelligence until they shouted and made them angry enough to spout out whatever she wanted just to prove it to her. It was a tried and true technique, and it was a very intimidating one. C tried to make it as much conversation as she could, unassuming and simple.

But the idea of the intimidating woman was one that sent a shiver of anticipation through the driver, and pushed a crooked grin across her lips. "[+magenta It's fantastic isn't it.]" she said, shaking her head a little. She quickly lost it again and became serious, glancing at Jessica with sympathy. "[+magenta But I do understand. She really isn't the most pleasant person. I suppose military service does that to you.]"

"[+magenta Gee, I would think so!]" Viper replied, her brows coming together over her eyes, "[+magenta But I didn't see it as really stressful-]" she glanced over at Jessica, "[+magenta Do you have social anxiety?]" That would definitely affect her place in Hydra, if they wanted her, or if [i she] even wanted it, not that that had stopped them before. She would know.

The Hydra agent smiled and shrugged, "[+magenta Bodies are bodies, they do what they do.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 271d 15h 16m 38s
Looking down at her hands, Jessica know that she was going to have to give a better answer now. [+blue "I'm just being sensitive is all...I'm not use to people..and she is kind know..scary.." ]sighing, she felt ashamed that she was being so weak, but she felt better too for saying it.

She smiled when C agreed with her about music, liking that they had more in common now. Things she realized they could probably talk about tonight. When they arrived, Jess looked up excitedly as she climbed out of the car. [+blue "Tell me about! One of the longest days of my life." ]agreeing with Viper, the ginger suddenly blushed as her stomach gave out an audiobal growl. [+blue 'Uh..sorry.." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 274d 13h 9m 16s
Viper frowned at her a little, giving Jessica a longer look as her mind leapt to more than one conclusion. "[+magenta Did she do something to you? Or...]" her eyes trailed a bit, "[+magenta Does she just scare you?]"

The woman frowned a little, confused. Maybe Jessica was just being sensitive. She was clearly not used to people, obviously, and the Lieutenant was... complicated to say the very least.

Viper grinned, "[+magenta Talk to me about one of the most important things on earth right there, honey.]"

The woman laughed a little as they pulled into the Chinese restaurant's parking lot and shut the engine off. She felt the gnawing of hunger's teeth on her stomach and got out of the car. "[+magenta Ugh, give me everything. It's been a long ass day, man. Even though it kind of hasn't.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 274d 13h 16m 47s
When asked if she didn't like the lieutenant, she couldn't help the inward hiss that she did as a result of being taken off guard by the question. This was Viper's boss, and she didn't want to speak badly of her, especially sense the woman was granting her sanctuary within her base. Not knowing how to respond, she chewed on her lower lip in contemplation on how to respond.

[+blue "I don't know...I feel like she...I just..I don't know.." ]Unable to find the right words to use without offending C, Jessica went silent again. She relaxed when the conversation turned to music. [+blue "Yes I agree, I feel like music really does feed something so important in my soul, and I freaking love it." ]

Laughing lightly at her own response, Jess looked up at C when she asked her if she was ready to eat. Grinning widely, she nodded her head in excitement. [+blue "Yes, totally ready for this! Thank you so much for bring me out to dinner, C." ]she thanked the agent sincerely. a soft and bright smile on her lips as she couldn't wait to see where they would be eating.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 274d 13h 38m 10s
C nodded, "[+magenta Agreed.]" She also noted the colder tone that had taken hold of the younger woman's voice and frowned a little bit, glancing at her as she pulled into the part of town where the restaurant she wanted to bring them to.

"[+magenta Don't like the Lieutenant?]" she prompted a little, making an effort to keep her voice light as she tried to enquire and probe a little bit. She kept herself conversational, giving a little quirk of her brows.

"[+magenta It has been said that music is the food for the soul.]" the pink haired woman said with a gentle smile. "[+magenta Lucifer was God's favorite angel, after all. I'm not sure what other religions say, but I know that it's all godly stuff.]"

Viper let her take control of the radio, pulling around the corner, "[+magenta Not much longer, ready to go eat?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 274d 13h 52m 18s
Jessica glanced at C briefly when she shared her empathy for the man who had just gotten an earful from the lieutenant, then she shared her empathy for the lieutenant herself. [+blue "Shouldn't have bothered her in the first place with something so stupid. I would have been annoyed too." ]after putting in her two cents, she went back to staring out the window.

At the agents comment about how dinner was going to be quiet, Jessica winced ever so slightly. She didn't like her flaws being pointed out, and she was more then aware that he silent personality was a flaw. However, she just took the comment as something to strive to prove wrong.

She was going to be more social tonight then she had been, well ever. As soon as she was given permission to listen to the radio and it was turned on, the ginger instantly started searching for the perfect station. [+blue "I love music. It makes me feel good." ]she said this with a satisfied look on her face, as she found the right station.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 274d 14h 38m 46s
Viper hissed a little as she pulled away from the gate and shook her head, "[+magenta Poor sod, shouldn't bother her with that. Poor [i Gweniviere], more like. The lieutenant is a busy woman.]" she said, sighing and adjusted her position in her seat. She looked at Jessica discreetly, noting her reaction.

She arched a blushed brow and nodded, "[+magenta I see. Gonna be a quiet dinner, then.]" Viper said, feeling her excitement ebb a little. The agent wanted to converse with Jessica a little, she was a talkative person, and it made it difficult if others weren't. Agent C wasn't really someon for discomfort with a lack of conversation, but it did make things a little awkward and made her endeavor to make more conversation.

"[+magenta Knock yourself out, maestro.]" Agent C said, cicking a control switch underneath the dash to enable the radio. Sometimes if they got hit they turned on, which was absolutely not good when on anythign stealth related in your car, so there was a killswitch.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 274d 14h 49m 3s
Unfortunately called the lieutenant on them, making the ginger sigh out in irritation. Was it really hard to believe Viper when she said that she would return her? Was she known for lying about stuff like that before?

Either way, it didn't matter, as the angered voice of the German woman could be heard loud and clear. She sounded angry for being called about something so stupid, and for once aquamancer couldn't agree more with the female on being annoyed by this. Soon they were allowed through the gates of the base, and finally they were out on the open road.

Jessica remained silent after that, not being use to talking a lot sense she rarely had a chance to do so before she met C. So when the agent asked her if she was alright, the ginger looked at her confused before realizing what the problem was. [+blue "Oh! Yea I'm fine, just not use to talk a lot..Sorry about that." ]offering up an apologetic smile, Jessica turned her attention to the radio. [+blue "May I listen to some music?" ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 274d 15h 52m 28s
Viper's expression lit a little at her recognition, feeling a little more secure in speaking to her now that she knew that Jessica was a little more aware of such things. It had almost made her hesitate- how [i long] had she been on the street? Thoughts of schooling had leapt into her head immediately, concern tightening her features before they jumped into a more relaxed look when she had spoken up. "[+magenta Yeah, those! The bears.]"

The man unfortunately called her on it, or rather the Lieutenant, and then he winced on the phone, giving Viper a hard look which she returned with a 'why are you looking at me?' gaze, her shoulders shrugging and her mouth open slightly before she hissed through her teeth. She could just barely hear the exclamation of why the fuck he was calling her about something like that... and the receiver was lowered. "[+magenta Ooh,]" Viper offered with a sheepish smile at him and shrugged a little. He waved them on with a deep frown pursing his lips. Viper pulled forward and away from the campur edge. She glanced at Jessica briefly. It would be one of her last times outside for the next two days.

Jessica had been quiet for some time, C initially assuming it was just because of the security measures, but when they passed them and had continued towards the city she had still been quiet. C swallowed, looking a little concerned, and glanced at the aquamancer, "[+magenta You okay there, kiddo?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 274d 16h 3m 20s
[+blue "Oh! I have heard about those actually! Yea, I have yet to ever see those stars." ]Laughing at how she didn't remember those two constellations, Jessica shook her head at herself. Her smile faded again, when the agent told her to tell her after another war if things could ever be bright again, but she otherwise did not comment any further on the subject.

While the car was started, and as they past various check points, the ginger didn't speak anymore and only interacted when she needed to show her ID. She was lost in thought over Viper's last comment, and she couldn't get it out of her mind, no matter how hard she tried. But when they made it to the last check point, she Jess was reminded why she needed to let the thoughts go, and just enjoy herself for once by playing along with the agent's story.

Looking up at the last guard, Jessica smiled shyly up at him as agent C promised him that she would return her after dinner. She kept the smile after Viper told the man that she had permission from the lieutenant herself, but on the inside she was now worried that he would call to confirm this. If he did, she hopped that the lieutenant wouldn't through them under the bus.
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