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Agent C gave her a sympathetic look, pushing her lower lip out a little. "[+magenta Yeah, I bet. Especially with-]" she gestured vapidly, not necessarily wanting to bring it up in detail again.

Swallowing slowly she frowned, pursing her lips and took a glance at the restaurant waiter who was coming their way. "[+magenta Then don't make a scene, and perhaps they won't.]"

Viper shifted in her seat and slowly took out her cellular. "[+magenta I won't leave you alone. So just don't look at them and we'll continue, eat, and be done with this, shall we?]" the young woman asked in a low tone. She clicked in a relaxed manner through the security in her phone and turned the item to the side and quickly typed up a message, sending it off. "[+magenta Not too many people on tonight...]"

Turning the phone right way, she then locked it again and smiled at her. "[+magenta What's your favorite color, then? I don't want ot assume it's blue because that seems stereotypical, but I'm curious.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 262d 13h 48m 14s
Glancing up at C as she points out that she can tell that she's been alone for awhile, Jessica chewed her lower lip nervously. She was ashamed to admit that she had been running for a long time, but knew that it was true and that Hydra now most likely had that information on her. [+blue "Yea..It's been a long time spent on the run.." ]

Keeping her eyes downcast, the young ginger kept on listening to the female before her, only looking up slightly when she warned her. When told her that she only wanted her to be protected, Jessica searched her eyes to make sure she was telling the truth, before just looking down again in thought. Her attention was returned to the agent when she told her that joining would mean protection from SHIELD.

Just as she was about to say something, a movement from the corner of her eyes caught her attention. Looking over as subtly as she could manage, the aquakanitic realized with a quickly paling face that they had been being watched the whole time. Turning her eyes back to C, she gave her the most calm mask that she could manage as she spoke quietly and as indiscreet as possible. [+blue "Speaking of Shield...Both the agents that have been tracking me...they're sitting near by watching us..." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 262d 15h 41s
"[+magenta I can tell.]" Viper replied, nodding to her, "[+magenta And with good reason. You've been on the run for a few years now, haven't you?]"

"[+magenta I mean-]" she sighed heavily, "[+magenta That's the nature of things to an [i extent]. Normal protocol I'm not supposed to tell you about that. But consider yourself warned.]" The pink haired woman said, holding Jessica's gaze gently. "[+magenta I just want you to be protected.]" The woman then leaned closer, lowering her voice even further as she tried to keep quiet. "[+magenta But they will protect you from SHIELD- I promise you that.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 262d 15h 30m 54s
The ginger shook her head at the agent with a small smile on her lips, laughing lightly as the woman counted victory. [+blue "Sure, we'll go with that." ]She said crossing her arms, having no need for the menu anymore.

When C asked her where she has been all this time, Jessica laughed nervously. She was a little embarrassed that she had stayed away from civilization for so long, and was a little shy to respond. [+blue "Uhm well...I stick to where there as few people as possible for long periods of times. so you tends to lose out on what's going on around the world.." ]

When C snapped at her a little, while giving her a serious look, Jessica jumped slightly in sudden fear. Her eyes slightly wide, she looked at Viper as she continued to inform her about everything. Looking down at her hands, she didn't know what to say or what to think. When she had come with these people, she hadn't really fully realized what could happen if someone was to find out she had abilities.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 262d 19h 23m 28s
Agent C's grin but widened at that, settling on her arms on the table and dipped her head. "[+magenta Good, I have become victorious.]"

She laughed again, a loud and hearty sound as she let herself feel the amusement. Jessica was so [i literal]. She hadn't met anyone yet like that. "[+magenta My goodness, where have you [i been]? I don't mean that condescendingly but- gracious sakes.]"

Jessica seemed to have taken her advice some, coming to some sort of a conclusion. She nodded to her once more, bringing a hand up to brush over the mound of hair atop her head. "[+magenta Hey.]" she snapped a little, giving her a serious look. "[+magenta What do you expect? Honestly. There are mercenaries everywhere, in interviews, in jobs everywhere. This is no different save for the obvious, as you know.]"

"[+magenta This isn't a game, Jessica. Not [i everyone] is like that, but some people are. People suck, as I'm sure you know.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 263d 12h 14m 59s
Placing her hands playfully in the air, as if to say that she surrendered, Jessica lightly giggled at their small banter. [+blue "Woah, I stand down. Heh, I won't mess with you again." ]she added that with a bright grin as she put her hand down.

When she was told about what Chad meant by going Dutch, Jess actually face palmed herself with an embarrassed smile. [+blue "Sorry, I've never heard of these expressions before." ]she apologized with a laugh, as she realized how little interactions she must have been going without to keep messing up on the simplest of terms and meanings.

Jess nodded her head as C gave her a suggestion on how to deal with Hellstrand, already thinking of what she would say to her. However her planning was cut short, as she was told that if Espen talked, she might be targeted for recruitment. [+blue "Wait, what?!" ]

Feeling the sudden panic in herself build, she remembered where they were and shut her mouth. She hadn't ever once considered joining Hydra, and still wasn't sure she wanted to now that she was told that she could be put up for recruitment. As this was going on, she had to fight against the ever mounting feeling that they were being intensively watched.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 263d 12h 29m 48s
The woman snickered in a challenging way, "[+magenta I suppose. I won't press the matter, but I'm positive I know someone who could knock you on your can.]" her lips curled into a purring grin as she looked down at the other with satisfaction, it seemed.

Viper laughed aloud, brushing her hand over her eyes, "[+magenta No, no, not Dutch food, [i going] Dutch, like splitting the bill. You know?]"

"[+magenta And plus, you'll be around after your three days in teh city at least,]" Viper shrugged a little, placing another grin on her face. "[+magenta maybe you'll somehow come across a Dutch restaurant here somewhere. I've not heard of one just yet.]"

The pink haired agent nodded back at her, acknowledging her understanding, and exhaled. "[+magenta Well, that depends. There are ears everywhere. I suggest maybe talking to her? Maybe you'll come to an understanding-]" She glanced to the side, realizing that this was sensitive information, but without context it would be useless to overhear. Strange, perhaps, but little more. "[+magenta But if not just sort of keep an eye on her. I know I will, I'll tell Basil and the Lieutenant and we'll see what happens.]"

Exhaling she crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat, shifting her position, "[+magenta Well, that depends on who she goes to. She probably knows that because we are there that the both of us know about that thing so... she might even just come to us to ask about it. But, you could be targeted for recruitment.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 263d 12h 56m 4s
Jessica pretended to pout, as C said that she may or may not doubt her skills, but then smirked when she reacted to her last comment. [+blue "I know, I'm just that good." ]she laughed at herself, feeling like she sounded a little dumb at that moment, but she didn't care for once.

She had never had Dutch food before, and as tempting as that sounded, she doubted that she would be here long enough to find out if the food was good or not, seeing as she only had two days before she had to leave the Hydra base. [+blue "Sure, I've never eaten Dutch food before." ]still she agreed to the possible idea with a smile, not wanting to linger on serious topics.

However, her desires not to remain on unwanted conversations were dashed, as Viper gave her a serious look. As Jessica was reminded about what the Lieutenant had told her, she slowly nodded her head to show that she remembered, before shrinking ever so slightly as C leaned in closer to her in order to avoid being overheard. As she was told about Hellstrand, she gulped and again nodded her head to show that she did want to remain unnoticed.

[+blue "Yea..What happens now then? I think she did see me...What happens if she says something?" ]Saying this in a low tone, Jessica felt herself become worried. Suddenly she got the sensation that they were being watched, but she ignored the feeling, as she thought that she was just being paranoid by what agent C was telling her.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 263d 13h 25m 46s
Viper arched a brow, "[+magenta I may or may not.]" and crossed her arms. She then pursed her lips, pushing them out a little and turned her head to the side. "[+magenta Oh, that's cold.]" she replied, hissing in a teasing manner.

She then tapped the tip of her chin, humming to herself. "[+magenta Hmmm. Well, perhaps then we should arrange a second date and go Dutch next time?]" Shrugging her shoulders, the woman leaned out of the booth and tried to find one of the waiters if she could.

Viper's eyes moved up to her with a serious look, "[+magenta You can't be serious.]" she set the menu down and looked at her, "[+magenta Do you remember when the Lieutenant made note of expressing her restraint in her report.]" She leaned forwards, lowering her voice and leaning on her arms on the table. "[+magenta Hydra is a large organization. It houses many sorts of people, and agent Hellstrand is a new, zealous recruit. I don't know where she is yet. That is if she even noticed- but honestly there's so little chance she hadn't seen that that we have to consider her position. That means we have to either lean on her or carefully ensure your anonymity. I think you had wanted to remain... unnoticed?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 263d 13h 52m 41s
Jessica glanced over at C as she doubted her skills for the sarcasm arts. [+blue "Oh, so you doubt my sarcastic skills? That's cold, and I should know about cold." ]Smirking at her own joke, Jess rolled her eyes playfully as the agent warned her to be careful with what she said, or else she'd have the people she knew challenge her for title.

When told to choose whatever she wanted, she nodded her head slowly. [+blue "Okay, and thank you. I'm sorry I can't help pay for my own food.." ]frowning slightly, she looked back over the menu. When she found what she wanted, she placed down the menu with a smile.

Her smile yet again faded as quickly as it had appeared, shifting into one of confusion and concern for what C had told her. Looking at her with her brows knitted together, the young ginger spoke in a cautious tone. [+blue "What do you mean?" ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 263d 14h 27m 0s
Viper snickered, "[+magenta [i Queen] of sarcasm? Oh, I don't think so I know a few people who could give you a definitive run for your money.]" the woman said, waggling her brow a little. "[+magenta Be careful what you say about that or I ight have them challenge you.]" The woman winked, "[+magenta Bitter people are the best at it.]"

Blinking she noted that Jessica had found her looking and exhaled, letting her eyes fall away from her face. It wasn't a hidden fact that now that she was involved with Hydra, even for this small courtesy that she wouldn't be subjected to scrutiny should it get out, or if the organization would easiy let her leave if she had shown her powers to anyone else. If Agent Hellstrand decided to report anything that she had seen.

She smiled at the other, "[+magenta Choose whatever you like. I'm buying. If anything we could go family style, but I wouldn't want to make you accidentally mix some of the non-kosher food with whatever I've got.]"

"[+magenta You know,]" she said, glancing up at Jessica. "[+magenta Agent Hellstrand is involved now. With your powers and all that. You're relying on the goodwill of a good handful of people. Basil, myself, Hellstrand...]" she looked at her, "[+magenta Anyone else?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 263d 14h 38m 15s
When Viper pointed out that she had only been acting sarcastically, Jessica blushed and laughed lightly at herself, scratching the back of her head awkwardly. [+blue "Oh wow, I should have guessed. I am the queen of sarcasm after all!" ]She had given herself the title, as she had always indeed been a very sarcastic person by nature.

Looking the agent, Jess noticed that she seemed to have something on her mind, and considered asking her about it. However, she just let it go, and stuck to looking at her menu again. Again she had to laugh at herself, as she had forgotten where they were, making the agent point out to her that they were in Chinese restaurant.

[+blue "Oh yea! I forgot where we were! Ha, I feel so dumb right now!" ]Shaking her head at herself, the ginger looked back over the menu like an excited child to look for something else to eat.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 263d 16h 2m 28s
~//OHHHH I look forward to these developments//~

Agent C gave her a teasing look, "[+magenta I think you've got a thing or two to learn about my brand of sarcasm, my dear.]" she arched a brow at her and flipped the page of the rather extensive menu.

She was scanning all of her comfort foods. The day had been rather strange, the woman felt strained in front of the Lieutenant, rather more than usually strained that was. It had been a very strange day- too many misunderstandings. Between Hellstrand and the Lieutenant, her hesitation about the woman and her special request... it was something that she would have to undertake. If Gweniviere hadn't asked, someone else even less savory would have. It was only a matter of time, really, in thsi business.

"[+magenta Ah, well,]" she said, flipping to the soup collection, "[+magenta that's fine so long as they [i have] it. It's a Chinese restaurant, after all.]" Her eyes trailed back up to the younger woman over the top of her menu. She had soft eyes, Jessica did. Viper wondered genuinely how long that would last.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 263d 16h 11m 42s
[B [i Ooc I know I've noticed that as well, and I'm sorry about that! X But I've just been bidding my time, and I do have a plan. I promise that I will have it play out real soon. Should be by today, just got to wait for the perfect moment. >:3 Muwhahaha!! ] ]

Jessica smiled slightly as Viper consented that it made sense that, once you became use to a certain way of things, you only tended to like a certain kind of people. [+blue "Exactly." ]. Her smile quickly faded to one of confusion, as C told her that she now knew that the ginger didn't like her, but that stating it like she had was a bit cruel.

Knitting her brows together, she tried to remember what she had said to make Viper believe that she didn't like her. [+blue "What are you talking about? I do like you, you and Basil both. You guys helped me out when I needed a way to get, well away from those Shield agents." ]after saying this, she also picked up her menu and began to look through it.

At the agent's question, Jessica shook her head. [+blue "Not that I am aware of. That does sound good, but I think I would like a bowl of French Onion soup..Is that alright?" ]She didn't want to order something expensive, as she didn't want to make C pay for more then she needed to.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 263d 18h 16m 58s
Agent C sort of laughed, rolling her eyes, "[+magenta I kind of figured. Once you have a taste for a certain kind of person you lose taste for the rest, you know?]" She shrugged a little and then picked up the menu.

Viper stuck her tongue out a little, "[+magenta Now I know you don't like me, but stating it candidly is a bit [i cruel] isn't it?]" she said, scrunching up her face a little. Tilting her head a bit she pulled the menu open and began to look through it. "[+magenta Any allergies aside from bottom feeders and cloven hoofed things?]" she asked, glancing up at her dinner companion.

"[+magenta I'm a fan of beef and broccoli myself, it's one of my favorite dishes. Good thing lots of restaurants have it.]"

~//Now I know we have literally just started this, but we've been without conflict for a while and I'm itching. Any ideas?//~
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