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Jessica continued to struggle against the two agents, her mind completely panicked and keeping her from focusing on creating some ice without her hands. Suddenly all three of them froze, as a knife lodged itself into the door that Woods had just opened. As they turned their heads, Jess froze as she saw the lieutenant and Viper coming right for them.

The read head paled as she watched the lieutenant making her way over, the rage in her eyes not just directed to Woods but to her as well. Meanwhile, Salvador saw that Viper had aimed a hit towards his head, and so he quickly dodged it, barely saving himself from serious harm or worse. As he let go of Jessica and began to engage the Hydra agent, Sherly had Jess pulled away from her as the well known German woman landed a swing on her.

Stumbling backwards, Jessica watched in shock as the Agent Woods tried defending herself in vain, and as Salvador also struggled to keep his own against agent C. As the two SHIELD agents realized how unlikely it would be for them to come out of this alive if they continued, with a silent agreement they pushed the two rivals away from them before retreating into the car. [+purple "You just made shit worse for yourself kid! When we get you, don't you dare say I didn't warn you!" ]after Sherly warned Jess, she quickly pulled out of the parking lot and sped away.

They were wounded, but with treatment Jessica knew they would be back on the prowl for her soon enough. After watching their car vanish, Jessica slowly turned around to face the two women who had rescued her. Holding her hands together like a child caught stealing candy, the young red head gulped and looked down at the pavement. [+blue "I-I'm sorry..." ]she whispered this, as she waited for whatever it was that the Lieutenant would say or do to her now.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 213d 16h 12m 27s
They paid and made their way towards the car, across the lot. The two women stuck close to Jessica as they moved, only moving past her to get to the passenger and driver doors of the car, but apparently it was long enough for the young woman to make a very stupid decision...

Gweniviere immediately stood out of the car again, head snapping towards Jessica leaving across the parking lot. Her teeth ground together- [i what a stupid, stupid litte]- and as soona s the thought was processed she saw the two SHIELD agents and hissed audibly, fingers tightening on the car door and scraping some of the paint with her fingernails.

Viper followed suit once she realized that her question had gone unanswered and looked across the lot. "[+magenta You've gotta be fucking kidding me.]" With that she threw her coat off, now in a tank, revealing the bright, tattooed sleeves of her arms, contoured with muscle. The ex-WWE fighter feeling irritation, her disbelief having been squashed with Jessica's shout.

They heard her as she was restrained and the Lieutenant's hand flashed to the holster of her knife in the band of her pants and with the flick of a wrist flung the item an impressive distance towards the car and sinking it into the inside of the door as it was opened. Viper was already off and running towards them, pulling off the fake mass of hair at the back of her head, the braid, and swinging the weighted weapon around, the faint, dull click of metal links in a chain sounding now that her hands were wrapped around the weapon and swung it at the nearest agent, aiming for their head. They wanted to make this quick.

The Lieutenant was coming after her, rage in her eyes both at Jessica and at the very [i appearance] of a SHIELD agent in her midst, and made a grab for Jessica. Her first priority was to get the young woman out of the immediate situation at hand- both she and Agent C could handle themselves, and easily handle their adversaries. After that she would use what momentum the movement would give her to slide into a sturdy stance and take a much desired and much deserved swing at the nearest agent who had a hold of the cryomancer in general.

~//[i I see this as not being a huge lot, seeing as it's just a Chinese restaurant, so it would be easy to hear Jess and cross within a few paces if running fast enough.]//~
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 221d 15h 14m 49s
Everyone stood and followed C to the front to pay for the food, then afterwards they started heading out to the parking lot. Once outside, Jessica got the feeling that they were being watched again, but when she looked around she couldn't see either agents or any familiar car. Sighing, she turned back towards the two women she was with staying behind them slightly.

As they almost reached their respective cars, Jess heard a very faint whistle, one she was sure she had only heard, and turned to see where it came from. As she turned, she spotted the waitress that had served them waving her bag that held her ID back into the HQ. [+blue "Oh crap, how could I forget that." ]

Muttering this to herself, Jessica went over to the woman without remembering to tell Viper or the Lieutenant. Once she reached the waitress, she let out a relieved sigh and gave the older woman a slight smile. [+blue "Oh thank you so much for returning this!" ]

[+green "No problem, thank you for eating here. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening, and come back soon!" ]After the woman, went back inside, the ginger jumped suddenly as a voice came from behind her. [+purple "Hemm, hanging out with Hydra now, are we?" ]

Turning quickly, Jessica found herself face to face with the two agents that had been hunting her down sense the moment SHIELD had heard of her. [+green "That isn't going to help your case, Miss Bell." ]Gasping, Jessica looked around for Viper and the Lieutenant, as she mentally slapped herself for straying away from them.

[+purple "Na uh uh, you don't want to get your little friends involved, it'll just make things worse for you, Jessica. Just come with us, you'll be better off anyway, trust me." ]After Agent Woods said this, Jessica snapped her head back towards the woman and glared at her. [+blue "Yea like I will!" ]

As she spat this out at the female, Jess lifted her hands, fully prepared to take them on, but then Agent Salvador was a step ahead of her and he was able to pull both her hands behind her back. [+blue "Let me go!!" ]Jessica struggled against the male agent, as the other one tide something around her mouth to keep her quiet. [+purple "Keep quiet, we don't want your friends hearing you, now do we? Now stop struggling, you'll only make Fury and the others less likely to trust you if you fight." ]after saying this, Sherly began to lead them towards their car, fully prepared to take her away.
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C got as many leftovers as she possibly could from the table eaerly, of course allowing Jessica to have whatever she wanted as well, and boxed it all up. She had been chatting with the young woman animatedly throughout the dinner. Gweniviere, on the other hand, who wasn't as involved in the conversation did notice them leave, but had no way of knowing that they were yet outside. She did of course answer when she was called upon to speak, but wasn't much for conversation, not knowing either of them well enough, nor having the energy to become involved too much.

She got up so that Jessica could leave and glanced around habitually, putting her coat back on. C went up to the front and paid and handed out fortune cookies to everyone. Both women, though deceptively casual, were lingering close to Jessica because they knew that it was likely that the SHIELD operatives weren't far away. They had seen Jessica, and they had seen both other operatives who could possibly recognize Viper, if even less likely the Lieutenant who was more of a ghost story than anything.
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[i Sorry if this come out shorter then I expect it to! X ]

Jessica was able to enjoy her food so much, that not only did she become okay with the Lieutenant sitting next to her, but she was able to even forget that they were being watched. She had gone far too long without eating a proper meal, and she was loving every bite of her meal. She forced herself to save some leftover, enough to not only eat for later but to offer some to Hellstrand if she wanted any.

After asking for, and receiving a box for the leftovers, Jess looked up at the two women with a much more relaxed and calm smile. [+blue "Thanks for letting me join you, I really appreciate it." ]after thanking C for bringing her along to dinner, she waited for the agent to lead the way out. Little did she know, the other agents that were spying on them, had gotten up and left just before them. They stood waiting in their car, so they could follow the small group back to their HQ and take the young ginger when no one was watching her.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 241d 18h 39m 52s
Viper smiled at her, "[+magenta Good, I'm glad. Less leftovers, though I am not condemning the existence of leftovers. Like if I was here myself, I would be in heaven for a week of leftover Chinese. Or Thai, well...]" she thought for a moment, her fork tapping gently against the edge of ehr sweet and sour dish before she shrugged a little. "[+magenta Or really almost any Asian food, I guess. Good stuff, that.]" she said, glencing between the both of them with a nod.

Gweniviere gave a hum, turning her eyes down towards the little floating bits of tofu in the bowl, nudging it and gathering it in a spoonful. "[B I'm partial to szechuan. Thai utilizes too much coconut in my opinion.]"

Gweniviere was quiet for a time. Viper gazed at her discreetly, knowing the woman was aware of her being aware of her. but she patiently waited for her to make a verbal note of it, bringing her golden eyes up to the bright haired woman. "[B [i Qu'es-ce que c'est?]]" the woman asked, her words turned to French*.

Viper looked up at her, swallowing her current bite of food and frowned at her. "[+magenta [i Je ne parlais pas.]]"

The woman gave her a patient look, pursing her lips a little and exhaled as she finished her soup.

*I'm not gonna bother with translating much, mostly because my French is so rusty, and I'm more up to date with German than anything because I'm actively taking classes, so I wouldn't want to try and butcher a conversation and I refuse to resort to Google Translate because that's tacky and it's generally wrong. I'll fill in what I can remember, and the italics will signify French, is that alright?
For now though, those were respectively, [i What is it?] and [i I did not speak.]
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As C winked at Jessica, the red head simply rolled her eyes playfully before turning her head to the waitress that arrived with their food. Although she wanted nothing more then to dig into the food, Jess did feel rude having something to eat while the Lieutenant was just going to sit there and watch them eat. However, she was reminded that the German woman did have something to eat, as the woman herself politely dismissed Vipers offer of food by showing the soup that had been offered to her already.

Looking down at her food, it took everything within Jessica not to just attack her food and gorge it down. Instead, she forced herself not to eat like someone who hasn't eaten properly in months. Picking up her fork, she gently stabbed a bit of meat and rice, then she popped in her mouth. She was unable to stop herself from closing her eyes and smiling as she enjoyed the crash of delicious flavors that washed over inside her mouth.

[+blue "This is good!" ]After she said this, the ginger went and took another delightful bite of her food, now able to fully ignore what was going on near them. Near by, at the table with the two Shield agents, they attempted to watch Jessica carefully, as they began to form an idea on how to get her without the lieutenant catching them.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 253d 17h 13m 46s
Viper glanced at her, shrugging her shoulders a little, "[+magenta Oh, here and there. They're both temperate places, you know.]"

"[+magenta But to actually answer you, I'm from the Pacific Northwest. It's a lot less hot there, you know? But it can get warm enough.]" she smiled, winking at her.

[center ♥♥♥]

Gweniviere glanced at Jessica, noticing her stillness, and then caught a glimpse of the confusion on her face and returned it with one of her own. Gracious, what sort of a person did she have to be to be surprised by that? It wasn't as if Gweniviere expected her to like her. Very few people did, if anyone. There was a fine line between desire and actual connection. She wasn't bothered by it. Not much, anyways. Years of experience tended to teach one about themselves.

Agent C winked at her efore pulling her hand back. Gweniviere's eyes went to a waitress as she approached and set down some food for the two who had originally been there. The Lieutenant looked up at her, sitting back so she could reach the table easily, and glanced between the dishes. Viper looked at her, "[+magenta Want anything?]"

Gweniviere blinked, shaking her head. "[B No, thank you. I'll busy myself with this,]" she said, bringing her longfingered, scarred hands around the warm little cup fo soup for a moment. She had to eat something to look like she was supposed to be there, not like she was [i supposed] to be there to help them keep an eye in the SHIELD agents.

Looking over at one of the decorations on the wall she exhaled. It was one of those pictures on the walls with interior lights that made the water look like it was running. It held her attention for a brief moment, the buzz of convesation between the other two women but background noise now- but she quickly shook herself of her reflections and paid quiet attention to their surroundings instead.
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As she listened to talk about her favorite season, Jessica smiled slightly at her words. Then, at the mention of living in warm place, her attention perked up more. [+blue "Where exactly is it that you live at, you know, if I know?" ]she didn't want to be rude, so she let the woman know that she was fine with not being given an answer to her question.

[B ~~~~~ ]

As Gweniviere thanked Jess for allowing her to sit next to her, Jess gave her a confused look at first before relaxing slightly and nodding her head politely at the woman. She didn't expect the German woman to thank her, or to see her so relaxed and different then she had been back at the HQ. [+blue "Yea..No problem.." ]

After their little exchange, Jessica went back to just listening to the woman speak. Soon C turned to her and reassured her about how it was good that Lieutenant was there with them. However, she frowned slightly at how Viper had just pointed out her dislike for Gweniviere right in front of her. Not wanting to keep the attention on her, she looked at the agent calmly. [+blue "Yea..Better safe then sorry." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 254d 14h 59m 34s
[font "Times" ~//Also new picture on the way for Viper because the animated thing was bugging me against the realistic pics we've got for the others.//~]

Viper smiled, "[+magenta Is it really? Hey, that's great! Fall is so pretty. I'm just not sure I like how cold it's getting you know? I love showing my sleeves, man.]" she said with a wink. "[+magenta So I feel you about the whole winter thing. Such a depressing season. I [i do] like summer thought. Nice thing about living in a temperate area, well not [i here] obviously] but where I actually live, nice thing about that is it doesn't get as fucking hot as it does, you know? Unless it's an El Niño year, you know?]"

She set the extra little cup of soup aside.

[center ♥♥♥]

Gweniviere looked at Jessica, "[B Thank you very much.]" she said, nodding to her with a sincere quirk of her brows. "[B I was in the area, actually, so I headed over.]"

Viper visibly relaxed when the pale haired woman entered the booth and gave her an easy, energetic smile as she came in and nabbed the extra little cup of soup. "[+magenta Always glad to help. I just- you know. Things happen. Little miss here saw some friends of hers.]" she said, dropping her voice discreetly at the utterance. "[+magenta Glad to see you.]" she said, setting the soup in front of her.

Gweniviere blinked, a little surprised at the offering, and looked up at C. "[B Thank you. Goodness.]" she said, shaking her head a bit. The bright haired woman always surprised her with how just generally affable she could be.

Viper glanced over at Jessica, seeing how uncomfortable she was and reached out, tapping the table near her hand in an assuring manner. "[+magenta This was we're guaranteed, you see? Better safe than sorry.]" She gave her a sympathetic arch of her brows, inclining her head a little towards the aquamancer, "[+magenta I know you don't like her much, but I'm glad to see her.]"

Gweniviere made no comment, glancing over at Jessica briefly, her expression of calm unchanged at the mention of the other's distaste. It wasn't as if it was really unnoticable, after all.
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Jessica smiled when C agreed that it was alright to like more then one color, then had to think when she asked if she started liking the lighter colors because the season was changing to colder weather. [+blue "No actually, I don't think season change has anything to do with it. My favorite season happens to be Autumn, because of the colors and overall peacefulness of it. I hate winter though,because it's so cold that even I can feel it, and I hate summer because it's too hot." ]after saying this, she felt like she found something else in common with the agent, and something they didn't have in common as well.

As Viper kept up a steady stream of conversation, Jessica became more relaxed. Soon their complementary soup arrived, and Jess stared at it cautiously. She had never had the soup, so though she was nervous about it she was also carious. As C order another soup, this time hot and sour, Jess wondered about how that would taste like as well.


After a short moment, the door to the restaurant opened up, making Jessica turned to look at who had come in. The moment she spotted the lieutenant, she felt herself go stiff with sudden unease. She was worried about the reason behind the woman's unexpected arrival, as she looked back towards her soup.

Sooner then she liked, Jess heard the German woman come over to them, and felt as she placed her hand on the back of the both seat where she was sitting. Looking up at the lieutenant quietly, she wathed as greeted her. When asked by the lieutenant if she could sit with her, the young ginger nodded slightly. [+blue "Yea, sure. Hold on." ]as she said this, she made room for her, then she went back to being silent while she listened the two women speak.
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She smiled, "[+magenta I can agree with that.]"

"[+magenta Have they? A little yearning for th ewarmer seasons now that they're turning towards the cold?]" Viper asked curiously, "[+magenta I actually really like fall and winter, you know? I like standing out from my surroundings. When everything's bright and junk I'm just the same as the rest.]"

Viper kept chatting to her for as long as she could. Presently their complimentary soups came in their little, warm cups. Egg flour soup, it was, set down in front of them. And Viper smiled, asking the waiter for one more cup of soup if she could, regardless of the charge. "[+magenta Hot and sour this time, please? Thank you.]"

[center ♥♥♥]

It was then that the door opened to the front of the restaurant and the tall, imperious form of the Lieutenant entered. Her tall, straight body filled the doorway for a moment, now dressed in a dark suit coat over her white buttonup, dark gray pants yet tucked into her knee length boots. The white haired woman's golden eyes turned over the situation and passed easily over the two she wanted to meet and then crossed towards them.

Viper smiled warmly at her, her head coming up from around her position leaned on top of the table. She came up from Jessica's back, laying a hand on the booth back and glanced in at them. "[+magenta The eagle has landed.]"

Gweniviere gave her a quiet, patient look and looked down at Jessica, "[B Might I sit with you? Please.]"

Viper frowned, "[+magenta What have I pulled you from?]"

The German woman turned her odd golden eyes towards the pink haired woman. "[B General business. You've actually saved me a video meeting with Dr. Greenway. My thanks.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 262d 12h 26m 10s
Jessica wondered what C was looking at in her phone, it seemed like she was waiting for something or someone to respond to whatever it was that she had done or sent. But she was unable to ask, as the woman turned her attention back to her and teased her lightly about liking two colors. [+blue "What can I say, sometimes one is just not enough." ]

After responding to the tease with a shrug of her shoulders, Jess listened as C told her about her favorite colors. [+blue "I love dark colors too, but light ones have been catching my attention lately. Mainly light sea foam or mint green, and really light blues but the the ones that aren't so light that it actually looks like white instead." ]as she put in her two cents, the waitress finally came over to them and Viper order them a tea.

Suddenly the agent turned to her and asked if she even liked tea, to which the ginger shrugged slightly in more embarrassment. [+blue "I don't know, to be totally honest..I've never had tea before.." ]as she admitted this, Jess gave Viper a shy smile.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 262d 12h 54m 16s
She pursed her lips and hummed absently, glancing down at her phone before turning it over again and setting it face down again as if it didn't matter. Her bright green eyes turning back up to Jessica, listening politely.

She snickered, grinning to herself, "[+magenta There now, trusting my intuition! I knew you'd probably be a warm color girl.]" But she frowned a little, "[+magenta Two colors? Can't have just one, can you? Greedy girl.]" Viper said, laughing a little.

"[+magenta I'm partial to color pallettes, myself, as well. Single colors are hard to pick. But I like dark, midnight blues mixed with things, like bright or pastel pinks and yellows or greens, but around a the dark base.]"

Shifting in her seat as the waiter approached them to take their order, Viper looked up and ordered a kettle of Oolong tea and some cups for them both. Then she gestured towards Jessica to allow her to order. "[+magenta Do you like tea? They'll bring two cups, but I'm curious.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 262d 13h 23m 35s
When told not to make a scene, in order to perhaps get the attention off of them, Jessica nodded her head slightly, but didn't feel any better. She could tell that the agents had already recognized her, and that they were just waiting for an opportunity to come get her. However she trusted C, and so she just did as she was told.

She watched as the agent pulled out her phone, explaining to her how things were going to go. She acted calm and relaxed perfectly, and so Jess tried to mimic her as she allowed herself to relax against her chair. [+blue "Alright, I think I can do that." ]

She smiled slightly at Viper's question of her favorite color, smirking as she said that she didn't want to assume it was blue. [+blue "Good thing you aren't assuming then, because my favorite color is actually red and black. What's your favorite color." ]as she answered the question, she found that it was easier for her to feel relaxed when her focus was being used on answering questions.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 262d 13h 59m 48s

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