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Espen turned around,her cup of coffee in her hand, looking at Jessica nervously. Bringing her head up she swallowed her mouthful and nodded quietly. "[+red Go right ahead. Make yourself at home.]" She couldn't get out of her head the ice that had been so close to wounding the Lieutenant and [i herself] yesterday. How quickly the other had come to blows like that- it had been a while since she had felt that same jolt of terror that had lurched in her stomach when Gweniviere had tackled her. How hard she had hit the floor underneath the might of a super soldier, she was terrified. Hellstrand's first taste of it was when she had met the woman, not a fear of failure, that came later, it was a terror for her life in front of someone she couldn't combat. That same feeling had dropped in her stomach when she had realized what was in Jessica's hands. Hellstrand hadn't known that Jessica was gifted.

She swallowed a bit anxiously and then retreated to the counter by the toaster, waiting for the bagel to pop up from the toaster. When it finally did, Espen quickly took it, slapped some jam and cream cheese on it and then went into the corner of the kitchen to munch on it, leaned up against the counter, sneaking a glance at Jessica.

The Dutch agent knew that she was quiet and withdrawn, as far as she was aware, but something seemed worse about her.
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 193d 14h 35m 19s
That night she dreamed of the day she had had, with a few twists and turns that indicated it was just a nightmare, causing Jessica to have a rough night and repeatedly waking up. Eventually, she was awoken to the muffled sound of an alarm going off, and after that she was unable to go back to sleep. Sighing, she just laid there, listening to her roommate go about the apartment.

She never made a move to leave the room, waking up still feeling depressed and now exhausted. However, the smell of coffee came filtering into the room, and her stomach growled, begging her to feed it. Sighing, she slowly got out of bed and got herself dressed in some ripped black skinny jeans, a blue flannel, and her old black converse knee high boots. She barely ran a brush through her hair before just leaving it alone and walking silently out of her room.

She knew that Espen wasn't exactly happy with her being there, and so she was hesitant to have a cup of coffee, as she was unsure if she would be allowed to. Instead, she stepped into the same room as the agent, her left hand holding her right arm, and made her way to the fridge to get a little bit of the left over from last night. [+blue "Good morning. Um..may I use your microwave, please?" ]

Jessica spoke politely, yet hesitantly, as she wondered if she would be allowed to heat her food up. After all, she was only here for one more day, this wasn't her place and so she felt she had to ask if she was allowed to use anything in the apartment before using it. She needed this day to better, so she waited patiently to see if she would be having a good or bad day today.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 193d 15h 54s
Hellstrand listened to the muffled voices by the door, initially shocking her and pulling her shoulders up in surprise. But upon relaxing she strained lightly to listen, recognizing the Lieutenant's voice. Why... was the Lieutenant outside her door?? What was happening. But the conversation was short, short enough for her to just freshly recongize the voices before the heavier footsteps she assumed were Gweniviere's retreated. Another moment and the door opened. Espen looked up at her... roommate as she entered, a question in her eyes, thumbnail in her mouth.

Jessica seemed in a bad mood. It made sense, they weren't exactly [i comfortable] together, Espen having her literally dropped in her lap for 48 hours... She hadn't signed up for it at all explicitly, but it was apparently not a normal occurrence, this asylum, so perhaps it would end quickly.

She nodded silently, not bothering to rise to the melancholy in Jessica's demeanor and let her go.

[center ♥]

Agent Hellstrand's alarm went off sharply at 8am and she got up, taking her clothes into the bathroom quickly and showered, pulling them on before she left again. Without a roommate she would have left her pajamas on and had gone out to turn on the perculator, start this or that, but she felt vulnerable. So she came out fully dressed, her agent's garb of fit black pants, and her black tank top underneath her uniform coat, left open. A sigh escaped her as she pushed her fingers through her hair, brushing it to the side and then starting those internal chores.

She nabbed her notepad, glancing over what she wanted to get done today. Practice, a meeting, stationing as security that day on patrols... yadda yadda. General day.

She turned her phone on and started checking messages as the coffee started, its smell beginning to fill the apartment along with the bagel she was toasting.
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 193d 15h 30m 11s
As Jessica heard the woman exhale through her nose, she knew that the lieutenant was feeling impatient with her. As the woman spoke, she could hear that she was clearly trying to keep back for of a negative feeling then she was letting on. After she left, Jess felt herself deflate. She felt as if the lieutenant didn't like her, more so then Jessica had herself at first.

Sighing, she turned and entered the apartment. After closing the door and turning, she instantly spotted Hellstrand seated while reading a book. Walking up to the fridge, she put the leftovers in silently and then faced Espen slightly. [+blue "I brought back leftovers, if you want any it's in the fridge.." ]

With that, she turned and slowly walked to her room, wanting to be alone and just get this horrible day over with. After changing into her faded pj bottoms and a black tank top, Jessica let herself fall back onto her bed. She would have been so happy and over the moon over being able to sleep on such a comfortable bed, but her mood had dropped back into depression.

Letting out a shaky sigh, she sluggishly crawled under the covers, her mind filled with the fear that after tomorrow she was back out and on the run from SHIELD with no protection once more. Closing her eyes tightly, she forced her mind to go off into her own world were she could daydream of a better, more normal life. Slowly, she fell into a rough sleep, her last thoughts on somehow figuring out a way to prove to the Lieutenant that she was worth keeping around for at least a little longer.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 193d 15h 54m 57s
Gweniviere followed her, glancing around a bit. They walked in silence until Jessica reached the building and they drew to a stop. The woman sighed slowly through her nose, turning her head a bit and looking down at Jessica. Her mouth tightened a little as she suffered the apology, nodding a bit impatiently. Something about this woman kept rubbing her the wrong way, Gweniviere fighting the feeling abortively. "[B Yes well, I would hope that you will be more aware in the future.]" the woman said with a stiff nod.

With a sigh she looked at Jessica a moment, looking like she wanted to say something, but clearly decided to remain silent and instead shook her head, dismissing the idea. "[B Goodnight.]" she said, and turned away to walk away.

[center ♥]

Upstairs, Agent Hellstrand was seated, curled up on the couch in the main room, chewing on her thumbnail with a book in her hands. She was in soft pants and a loose tshirt, the lamp on beside her.
  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 4y 193d 16h 17m 18s
As the papers were taken from her hands, Jessica folded her hands together and waited for them to be allowed back into the hq. She focused her eyes ahead of her, as the man at the gate went to make sure that she was indeed the person on the documents, never having liked it when people just stayed staring at her. Once he looked away to stamp their papers and let them through, she instantly relaxed and let out a breath of relief.

She accepted her papers back, and then looked out her window as the lieutenant drove into the area. Once they were parked, Jess stepped out of the car and looked around. Spotting the building that she came out of with Viper, she smiled slightly at the idea of not having to take forever to try and look for where she was temporarily rooming. Leading the way into the building and up to the apartment that she shared with Espen, Jessica turned and faced the German woman.

[+blue "I um..I wanted to apologize for everything I did today..and thank you for helping me out when I was stupid enough to get caught by SHIELD.." ]Blushing in shame, the red head looked down at the bag with her leftovers in it. Now all she wanted to do after such a long and complicated day, was to go into the apartment and go to bed so she didn't have to worry about anything anymore.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 193d 17h 1m 49s
She nodded in acknowledgment of Jessica's words, "[B Good.]" At least she had [i some] notion of what was around her, with the papers and such. The Lieutenant would do nothing for her elsewise, she could do nothing, and wasn't about to stick her neck out for a smalltime aquamancer. Viper said she wanted to keep with her because SHIELD wanted her, and the Lieutenant would cooperate. On the matter of pride and bitter resentment for SHIELD alone, Gweniviere would likely be swayed easily to defend her simple for that.

The Lieutenant reached over and accepted the papers in her hand before passing them towards the man at the gate booth. He glanced over them, glancing at the Lieutenant and then leaning around the tall German woman to glance over Jessica specifically before stamping its admittance and then handing them both to the Lieutenant. Gweniviere accepted them and handed them back to Jessica before pulling through the gate when it was opened. She then turned down towards the lot that she had pulled out of to leave when Viper had contacted her.

Once there she pulled into a spot and put the vehicle in park, glancing at the redhead. "[B Alright,]" the woman said, nodding towards the direction she thought that Jessica was as she unbuckled and got out, unfolding her long body from inside. She reached into the back of the car and pulled out the long, dark navy uniform trench coat from the back seat and put it on.
  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 4y 193d 18h 22m 48s
As the lieutenant spoke, she kept a calm and relaxed state about her, almost as if she was not as upset as the young red head had originally thought her to be. Still feeling unsure, Jessica didn't respond to the woman at first, until shortly after she finished speaking. Looking ahead of herself, she tried to remember if she had brought her proper identification for reentry into Hydra headquarters.

Sighing silently in relief, she remembered that she did in fact bring the papers along with her. [+blue "Alright, I'm sure I'll remember better once I see the place again. Oh and I do have my security papers with me." ]after that, she went silent just as the German beside her had done.

As soon as they arrived to the front gates, she turned and got out her needed documents from her back pocket. Pulling them out, she turned to Gweniviere and looked up at her, ready to hand the papers over to her. [+blue "Um, here are the papers for reentry.." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 193d 20h 23m 45s
Viper winked at her, "[+magenta If you can.]" and turned with a wave towards her own vehicle.

In the car, the Lieutenant drove relatively silently, her hard aurelian eyes on the road. She allowed the silence to settle over them until she asked her question, eyes sliding over to the young woman in the car next to her. She gave a hum of acknowledgment, tilting her chin down slightly in the same manner. "[B Well, one of the buildings around there, at least.]" She said. "[B You can direct me when we get there.]" Gweniviere pulled up to a stoplight and glanced around. "[B I won't, because of your security issue right now, let you walk back tonight on your own, at least. I don't know if you even remembered your security papers when we left.]"

The Lieutenant wasn't at all pleased with the current situation with SHIeLD s easily recognizing Jessica and coming after her. It was strange to see them so aggressive, but it was simply more fuel for her hatred of them. And the Lieutenant, if not every other agent on the campus, wouldn't let her be pulled into their disgusting haze of hypocrisy. She was too vulnerable.

But other than that, the Lieutenant was calm and relaxed in her seat, keeping that expression on her face. The fight hadn't been an issue at all, the streak of blood across her knuckles going unbothered as she was heading back to the campus, where it would be no issue.
  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 4y 205d 20h 29m 54s
Jessica looked up the agent when she put her hand over the top of her head, and listened to her talk. Her words made her feel better slightly, and she was glad that she had not ruined her day. She was also silently shocked, yet pleasantly surprised that the woman wanted her to stay alive.

Smiling, and trying not to laugh at the comment about her temporary roommate, she took her box of leftovers with a more relaxed aura about her. [+blue "Thank you, and I'll try not to be so mopy, just for you then." ]she thanked her not just for the food, but for her kind words, and promised to make an attempt at being less mopy.

She hadn't expected to take to the agent so quickly, or at all, but she felt like she might actually have a real friendship blossoming for once in her life. After Viper left, Jess walked beside the German woman, and entered the car after she did. Once she was strapped in, Guewenivier asked her about where she was staying. [+blue "Oh, um, yea I believe so." ]she replied in shy, but respectful manner, as she was sure the woman was still not happy with her actions throughout today and didn't want to further upset her.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 206d 19h 33m 25s
"[+magenta Psh.]"

Viper smiled at her gently, pressing the palm of her hand into the top of Jessica's head. "[+magenta Good. I want you like alive and junk, girlie.]" the woman said. "[+magenta Past is past, so lighten up a bit.]" She continued, tilting her head, "[+magenta Can't have you all stiff and mopey, that's Espen's job.]" she said, snickering a bit at her reference to Jessica's obligatory roommate.

The woman then handed over the one styrofoam box out of the two to her unlikely little comrade and winked at her. "[+magenta Alrighty. Talk soon, ice queen.]" she said, winking. "[+magenta And it totally isn't ruined. I got to kick ass for like two seconds, that's like a good day for me.]"

"[+magenta Catch you later children!]" Viper called, "[+magenta Be safe out there in the wide world!]"

Gweniviere nodded at her and unlocked the doors to the black sedan, "[B Alright. Come on then.]" she said, slipping into the driver's seat. She waited until Jessica slipped in next to her, glancing at her and turning on the engine. "[B You're in building five, right?]" she asked, turning around in her seat to back up.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 213d 13h 47m 6s
Before Jessica got to the car she felt a hand land on her shoulder, making her jump slightly as she turned to face C. She listened as the woman spoke to her seriously, looking down in shame as she just nodded her head whenever she needed to. She knew that Viper was right, and that she needed be a lot more careful from now on.

[+blue "I know, and I'm really sorry..I'll try to not let it happen again.." ]After saying this, the red head only just then took notice that the agents long hair was no longer attached to her head anymore. confused, she thought about asking about it, but decided now was not the time to inquire about, so she would ask tomorrow.

After they finished speaking, the Lieutenant asked who Jess was going with. Looking at C as she left the decision up to her, Jessica looked between the two as she thought. She was still very cautious of the German, but she didn't want to keep C from getting home as soon as she would like because of her. Making her mind up, she glanced at Viper and thanked her for bringing her along for dinner.

[+blue "Thanks for dinner, and sorry again for ruining it..May I please have my left overs?" ]As she apologized then politily asked for her food back, Jess had decided she would be going back to the HQ with Guwenivier.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 213d 14h 4m 15s
Agent C looked at her a little, giving her a gentle grimace before following her with her gaze. Glancing down she noted the box of leftovers and bent to retrieve it, humming in satisfaction as she looped the weapon of the weighted hairpiece off from around her shoulders adslung it over just the one. Sighing a little, she then followed after Jessica.

Viper reached out and stopped Jessica for a moment, a hand on her shoulder, and gave her a patient look. "[+magenta Hey you know, I gotta say something here, kiddo. Now that these folks are on your tail, you have to be ready to be snatched. Like until you can defend yourself you gotta make an attempt to stick with us or whoever is with you, alrighty?]" Her expression was pretty serious as she looked at Jessica. "[+magenta Like, I know that this is different than you're used to, but like, people are after you now more ever than before. Okay?]"

Viper tried for a sympathetic look, quirking her brows at her, "[+magenta Just be aware, alrighty? You're gonna have to do it yourself sometime.]"

Gweniviere reached the car she had taken to the restaurant, on the driver's side, and turned back to C. "[B Who's taking her?]"

Viper shrugged, "[+magenta You're going back to campus, right? I mean- I'm headed home after this unless I'm taking her.]" She looked down at Jessica. "[+magenta Verdict?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 213d 14h 19m 3s
After the two agents left, and the Gwenevier let go of Jessica, the young female wasn't giving the chance to react as the German began to scold her. First she spoke in German, so the red head couldn't even understand what she was being told in the first place, but then the woman spoke in English again. Jess looked at the lady before her in shock, sure she had just been scolded at, but that was it!

She expected much worse for being so careless, for being so stupid! As the lieutenant turned and began to walk away, Jessica let out a quiet sigh of serious relief, before jumping slightly as the woman order them to follow her. Glancing at C once real quick, before ducking her head in shame, Jess did as she was told and just silently followed the women back to the car.

Sitting in the back, she quietly fiddled with her fingers as she was still shaken with everything that just happened. She was feeling so ashamed and stupid for letting herself go off on her own like she had without telling either person what she was doing. She should have been more careful, especially if her goal was to try and convince the German woman in the front to allow her to stay longer.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 213d 14h 55m 39s
Viper threw the chained weapon at the agent, missing his head as he dodged it and quickly pulled it back. In the same movement, the swung it behind her head, ducking slightly and threw it again, cathcing him by the ankle and tripping him.

The Lieutenant ground out a note of fury as she swung at the small woman, catching her in the jaw and sending her flying back to tumble on the ground. Being a supersoldier, the Lieutenant hardly felt the impact on her hand as she threw the woman away and strode after her fallen body, grabbing the woman by her collar and hoisting her up, "[B Big mistake.]" the German agent hissed, curling her fist again and then turned, throwing the woman's entire body at the other agent who had fallen to Viper's weapon.

Viper pulled her weapon back, the thing swinging around her shoulders twice and then around her hand before catching it in her palm. "[+magenta You've got a lotta nerve, punks. Kidnapping a kid.]" She shook her head with a hiss, "[+magenta Look at you.]"

But they didn't fight back, instead they quickly scrambled up and dove for the car. Gweniviere made one long stride towards Jessica and grabbed her, pulling her towards herself as they peeled out with their last shouted words.

Neither agent was phased as they did, Gweniviere just shaking her head and releasing her tight hold on the younger woman. Viper sneered at the escaping vehicle, tossing her head and running a hand through her now much, much shorter hair, holding the false braid in her hands. She shifted her weight into a comfortable stance, exhaling. "[+magenta Tch. What wusses. I landed like [i one] hit. You'd think the people who stood up to Hydra before would be a little more hardy, you know?]" She hissed a little, "[+magenta I'm disappointed.]"

Gweniviere's expression was stone cold as she turned her hard eyes towards Jessica, "[B Du bist ein [i dummes] Mädchen.]" she hissed in German before tossing her head. "[B You're young, so I don't expect too much of you. But try and think a little next time.]"

The snowy haired German turned and headed back towards the car. "[B Let's go.]"

[u Translation] *You are a [i stupid] girl.
  Viper / Tweedy / 4y 213d 15h 39m 22s

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