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Jessica didn't respond as the doctor first prompted her to speak, seeming almost worried. Instead, she continued to fight with herself over what to do. Fiddling her fingers around together, she began to give the pros versus the cons of telling the truth of her abilities.

When prompted again, Jess glanced at Greenway, but then again looked away as she went back to thinking. She was suddenly aware of the android behind her, having forgotten that he was there, and now she felt even more pressured and now exposed. Looking up when she was asked if she was working under pressure by SHEILD to do something here, Jessica again became annoyed.

She took the offered seat then, determined now to clear her name and prove that she was not working for SHEILD. [+blue "Look, I'm not working for those guys and they aren't forcing me to do anything but continue to attempt to get away from them." ]taking a deep breath to calm herself, Jessica looked at the lady and then back at the android, before glancing down at her hands. [+blue "They are after me because..because.." ]sighing in hesitation, the young red head couldn't bring herself to look up from her hands, feeling ashamed and scared about telling this person about her powers.
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Bedelia sat there and waited for her to speak, keeping eye contact with the young woman. Her brows started to come together as she realized that the other wasn't speaking at all, taking in her features. She then took another moment to hesitate before tilting her head down, "[+blue What is is, my dear?]" Dr. Greenway prompted again, frowning and gazing at her a little.

Another few moments passed before she pursed her lips, making a decision to prompt again. Something was niggling at the back of her mind with the look from the other, the woman leaning forwards and lacing her fingers in front of herself, leveling a serious look with her. "[+blue Is someone putting pressure on you- has SHIELD forced you to do something for them?]" To her knowledge SHIELD hadn't the nerve to do that, especially in their sorely diminished number as it was now. "[+blue I can't help you if you cannot tell me.]"

Robert standing behind her gazed at the young woman curiously from his position by the door behind them.

Dr. Greenway cleared her throat and gestured with one hand to one of the chairs in front of the desk, "[+blue Have a seat.]"

[size9 sorry it's so short! D:]
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Jessica looked down at her hands as doctor Greenway muttered that she wanted to believe her, which only meant that she didn't in the red head's mind. Glaring down at her feet, she silently thought of what she could say to prove that she wasn't lying. As she thought this over, the older woman's words and question caught through her focus like a knife.

She looked at her hesitantly, hewing on her bottom lip as she thought about telling her the truth. [i [+blue "I can't tell her the truth though..I mean, what if she thinks I am only lying and gets me kicked out? But..maybe if I tell her and she believes me, not only will they all know that I am telling the truth but...then maybe they'll see some reason to keep me longer?" ]]as she thought this over, she looked back up slightly at the woman, her eyes clearly showing that she wanted to say something, but was uncertain if she should, before she again looked down in an internal struggle with herself.
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~//Yaay Maggie Smith! ♥♥♥ My queen, the both of them! And now they are frieeeeends, I didn't know that! But I approve of it mightily!//~

Dr. Greenway gazed at her a few moments, her hand having risen with her spectacles to touch the edge of her glasses on her chin a bit in thought. "[+blue Well, my dear.]"

"[+blue I am want to believe you,]" the Englishwoman murmured, narrowing her eyes a little pensively. "[+blue You do realize that this is a very serious situation that we were not aware of- the fact that SHIELD is hunting you down like this with such fervor. I've not known them to kidnap.]"

The woman's lips twitched a bit, adjusting in her seat, "[+blue What do they want with a young woman who is no different than anyone else on the street? Have you stolen something from them?]"

"[+blue I am concerned of what unknowing responsibilities we have taken on by bringing you into our custody, my dear. I worry.]"
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As the older woman removed her glasses, and smiled pleasantly at Jessica, introducing herself, the red head couldn't find the words to reply to her at first, but then she did so after a moment. [+blue "Uh H-hi..." ]blushing, she felt like slapping herself for being so stupid with her response.

However she was unable to do any better, as the doctor stopped smiling and became serious rather quickly. When asked for some cue to allow Greenway to continue speaking, Jess did so by nodding her head in understanding. [+blue "Of course, please continue." ]She spoke the words with less hesitation now.

As the doctor spoke, Jessica felt her jaw tighten along with her fists in sudden anger and shock. She felt like she was just slapped, as she heard what she was being accused of. Tightening her eyes slightly, she opened her mouth to defend herself. [+blue "Doctor Greenway, I can assure you nothing of what happened last night was done on purpose. It was an accident caused by the carelessness on my part completely. I was following the lieutenant and Viper when the waitress that had attended us came out and called me over, reminding me that I had nearly left my hoodie in the restaurant. After I retrieved it, the SHIELD agents took advantage of my lack of common sense and took their chance to try and take me after that." ]

After finishing her explination, Jess shut her mouth and tightened it again, clearly not happy with herself or the fact the she was being accused of trying to intentionally put Viper and the lieutenant in harms way. Her of all people, who was on the run from the other organization, wanting to harm two Hydra agents? Especially the one who had helped her to escape the Shield agents, not a chance and she was beyond upset that this is what people were now thinking of her.
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~//Okay so initially for Bedelia I hadn't ever imagined anyone for this role, so I don't have a picture for her so I'll just stick with Robert so long as he is present, and he will be, but like imagine Maggie Smith or some sort of older lady with a scar on her temple.//~

The older woman smiled pleasantly, removing her reading glasses and folding her hands. "[+blue Hello my dear. I am Dr. Bedelia Greenway.]" she said, tilting her head a little and shifting into a more professional seat.

Robert stepped in behind Jessica and the door hissed shut behind them, then with a final locking click. "[+blue Now, I don't mean to stall for formalities, I'm sure you understand, this is a rather important manner.]" she said, nodding seriously at Jessica and seeking her permission to go on.

"[+blue I have heard that there was a situation last night regarding two SHIELD agents who were after you, the same that were reported to be after you before you were offered this conditional asylum.]" she said, her brows crooking in a look of concern and confirmation. "[+blue Agent Sarkissian has informed me that you had deliberately left she and her accompanying agent's presence and have suspicions that you may have [i purposefully] or accidentally put yourself and them in harms way.]"

Dr. Greenway's mouth shifted a little as she looked at the young woman. "[+blue I need to know what has happened regarding that event, to know if you've put my agents in danger with purpose.]"
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As if his smile could not grow any wider, the android found a way to do so eer so slightly, making the red head glance away briefly in discomfort. When she was told to follow, Jess had to do so at a more quicker pace, seeing as her legs were shorter then the android's. It appeared that he was leading them towards the main building, which didn't surprise her in the least.

The size of the building had her feeling a little more intimated however, as it loomed over them the closer that they got to it. As they entered the building, she was quickly gestured into an elevator, which took them further and further up the building complex. Once on the right floor, they briskly made their way down some hallways, each time the areas they entered growing less populated.

Jess was a little more then creep out by how the android managed to maintain it's smile the whole time that it lead her around. Finally they arrived to their destination, and had to wait for the AI to allow them into the room. Upon entering it, Jessica was caught off guard by seeing an older woman in a chair, looking so politely at them both. Jessica stared at her with slight anxiety, as she took a hesitant step into the room, waiting for the woman to speak first.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 190d 13h 28m 59s
He straightened, holding himself erect and pert as she looked at him a moment, patiently awaiting for her to speak. When the cryomancer agreed, his smile widened just slightly and he nodded, "[#a46d8f Great, come along.]" the android said, gesturing towards the doors before he turned fluidly on his heel and set off at a brisk pace towards the main building.

Approaching it, Robert led her inside and through the front buildings, his aim the tall building at the center of the new architecture complex. His path was to the lifts, Robert calling one and gesturing her inside politely when it arrived. Choosing their floor, they ascended. They had passed through a series of hallways, going up to the upper floors in the main, tall building. Once there, the quieter hallways were opened to them, less people milling about in them.

The man led her down the hallway, his smile still ever on his face, keeping that bright, effervescence about him. And finally he took her to an office at the end of a corridor of its own. Stepping to the side he turned to the panel on the side and started through its security. "[+blue Who is it?]" came the automated voice of the AI, Vox.

"[#a46d8f Robert Bristol, I have Miss Bell for Dr. Greenway as requested.]" he replied.

"[+blue A moment.]" came the AI's polite, gender neutral voice. There was a pause as it seemed to think before the sliding, mechanical door made a noise. "[+blue The doctor will see you now.]" and it opened to them. Inside was a large desk, in a formal office, behind which sat an old woman who looked up at them with a vaguely pleasant smile in a wheelchair, hands folded in her lap. She glanced up at them from over her spectacles, adjusting them on her nose, and sat up a bit as they entered.

[center [pic]]
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Jessica looked at the, robot as she assumed, as he spoke giving him a raised brow over how his voice sounded. When he told her that he was sent to take her to some doctor to talk about SHIELD and her relation with them, Jess gulped slightly in sudden nervousness. She wanted to refuse to go with the thing, but knew better then to do so, as she was positive that the lieutenant most likely had something to do with this.

Getting to her feet hesitantly, she packed away her things and slung the satchel across herself, before turning to face the man. [+blue "Alright..well lead the way, I guess." ]she waited for the thing to lead her to this doctor that he spoke of, all the while she began to clench and unclench her fists lightly as she felt nervous over what could possibly happen once she met this doctor.
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~//Yesss I wondered if you would recognize him! A little different from the movie, but he's interesting I at least think. >_> we'll see//~

Robert's smile widened a bit politely, straightening from his half bow towards her when leaning in to ask her name and tilted his head to the side. "[#a46d8f Good morning, Miss Bell.]" he said in the same sort of a tone an announcer for an infomercial or an automated voice on a phone took. "[#a46d8f I've been sent by Dr. Greenway to request that you meet with her on the matter of SHIELD and your relations thereof.]"

"[#a46d8f I've been sent here to escort you to the doctor's office so that you may speak in private and help you through whatever security would get in your way with your level 1 pass.]" he gracefully swiped his arm in front of himself as if in an offerance, though the gesture was held closer to his own body than would be politely accessible to look one's arm with as he gave one of those small bows again. The little, what looked like ears, on either side of his head continually clicked and moved slightly, the rest of the clean machinery that framed his face, separating that from the rest of his head, did similarly, as if reflecting his thought process and cognitive activity as his bright, intelligent eyes were trained on her, awaiting her answer. "[#a46d8f Would you please come with me.]" He let his eyes fall half lidded then, giving his smile something of a darker nature though it in itself hadn't changed at all,

[#a46d8f #a46d8f]
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Jessica had found a spot on a chair in the far corner, where she felt no one would disturb her, but at the same time a spot were she was sure C would see her upon entering the lobby. As she took out her sketch book, she saw Espen walking out of the building through the lobby. Shrugging, she was sure she was off to do whatever it was that she did on the campus.

Opening up her book, she took out a basic pencil and thought for a moment over what she should sketch. She had used sketching as a form of escape from the world for many years now, basically sense she could remember, and it was something she was deeply passionate over. After a few minutes of thought, an idea popped into her head and she quickly began her latest work.

After a little while, she was ripped from her concentration and work by someone calling her name. Looking up slightly annoyed, she was taken back by the person..or thing standing before her. Looking at him, she hesitantly replied to him. [+blue "Um..yes that's me.." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 190d 14h 48m 4s
Espen just glanced up at her and nodded silently, letting her roommate go about her business. Presently she finished her food, cleaned dishes and left to go out to her own duties on campus, crossing the lobby threshold and leaving out through it.

The little agent with the hijab was working at the desk again, humming quietly to herself as she managed the desk, and what work the building gave her, calls from those who lived there, etc.

Eventually there was, out of the people who had come and gone in the building, a young man with an amount of technology around his head, glancing around with a vague on his face. His pretty-painted and rosy face turned in a glance over the room, catching sight of Jessica, and his brows quirked in recognition, walking over to her. "[#a46d8f Jessica Bell?]"
  Robert Bristol / Tweedy / 4y 190d 15h 27m 9s
As they continued to just stand there, the tension and awkwardness of the whole moment could be clearly felt. However, for once Jessica didn't really feel like she cared so much at the moment, in fact the only thing that she was hopping is that Espen didn't ask her what was wrong with her. She didn't like openly talking to strangers about her problems, so when the agent escaped to the dinning room like area, the red head let out the smallest of relieved sighs.

Finishing up her food, Jessica quickly but thoroughly cleaned up her mess, then she went back in her room to get her wallet and a satchel that held her sketch book and various utensils. Walking out of the room again, her black hoodie now on with the hood over her head, she made her way to the door. Just as she opened the door, she glanced back at Hellstrand to announce that she was going to explore for a bit.

[+blue "I'm going out to check the place out. Thank you for letting me use your microwave." ]After thanking the woman, she closed the door behind her and went about roaming the area. She wondered if she would find Viper along the way, as the woman she was sure had said that she would meet up with her that day. Remembering this, she sighed and instead decided to just hang out in the waiting area that she was at the day before.
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She stood there, feeling more and more awkward and clumsy and ridiculous by the second, and tried to avoid eye contact. It didn't seem like Jessica was keen on it either, but the very thought of it was the last thing Hellstrand wanted right now.

Espen's expression suddenly tightened- [i She better not be expecting me to ask about her problems or whatever.] The foreigner thought to herself defensively, her shoulders hunching. She gave Jessica one last glance before hiding, literally escaping and crossing the kitchen to go into the tiny little eating area behind the couch with her bagels and coffee.

She was never good with confrontation, and the emotions of other people made her nervous. Especially the emotions of people she didn't know. The woman had been so focused on her academics to get where she was now more than anything. They had preached competition, so it wasn't her concern.
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Jessica let out breath of relief, as the Dutch woman gave her permission to use the microwave. As she went to put her food into the microwave, she had noticed the way she was being looked at. She knew that look all too well, and she didn't like it one bit, but she was use to it at this point as well.

Sighing, she kept her eyes on the food that was spinning as it was being heated, trying to act like she was not aware of Espen's staring. She was sure the agent had questions for her, and she would have allowed her to ask those questions, but at her current state of melancholy she was just not up to answering any questions about her abilities.

As soon as her food was reheated, she turned and looked at Hellstrand. [+blue "Thank you.." ]and with that, she turned and leaned over the opposite counter to the roommate and began to slowly eat her food, and at times pick at it.
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