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Bedelia huffed her breath out, using her hands to shift her useless hips into a more comfortable position and cleared her throat. But that was just as the young lady in her midst slammed her own fist down on her desk. Dr. Greenway jumped back, her hands leaping up in shock. She raised her eyes to Jessica, now standing above her. "[+blue How [i dare] you-]" she began, but was again cut off by the aquamancer's rant at her.

Robert gave the Lieutenant a sidelong look as she walked out. But he jumped as well at the sudden sound and the yelling. The Lieutenant spun around in the doorway, hearing the commotion from the office, a confused look on her face.

"[+blue You have no idea what you are talking about, young lady.]" the elderly woman exclaimed, glaring at her, "[+blue Because neither do you know what you are talking about. The fact of the matter is that the Lieutenant has elected to ignore a protocol and will be prosecuted as proper!]" she countered. "[+blue You don't know [i anything] about this establishment and you are lucky that I haven't confined you as it is!]"

Suddenly she felt a shiver down her back, the woman's breath pulling in a cloud. Bedelia sat back, looking down a little in shock. It was there that she noticed that there was frost layering across her desk and papers. The woman pulled a sharp breath, looking back up at her. "[+blue Stop this immediately.]" she said in a cold, commanding tone.

Robert the android stepped forwards, "[#a46d8f What are you- stand down.]"

The Lieutenant stood in the doorway, not knowing what to do and highly compromised in wanting to assis the situation. "[B J-]" she began, but her words left her. Her anger was gone, but she wasn't entirely sure what to do. And she would not act unless she was required to, even then...

[#a46d8f #a46d8f]
  Robert Bristol / Tweedy / 4y 179d 12h 44m 26s
Jess watched as the doctor nodded her head, before returning her eyes back to Gwuen. As Greenway asked her question, Jessica paled and finally turned to look at the lieutenant, but only slightly as she waited to hear her response. She wanted to apologize so badly, but knew better then to speak at that moment.

The red head winced slightly as the lieutenant was interrupted in mid explanation, the doctors words harsh. Then she felt her eyes go wide as a ginger was jabbed in her direction. [+blue "You're the one who basically made me talk after accusing me of thing's that's not true! I would never dream of telling SHIELD anything about you guys!" ]Jessica hated being accused of things and blamed for things that weren't her fault at all.

At the woman's last words about being just some pretty face that was picked up by Viper on the streets, Jessica pulled in a sharp intake of breath as she felt a sting to her heart. She fell silent after that, as old wounds opened again. She felt like she just basically got called a rat, the words coming out on obvious disgust from the older woman's mouth.

After that, she just listened on in total silence, as the two women continued to argue between themselves. She began to feel pure dislike for the older woman as she spoke so cruelly to the Lieutenant, feel I g that she was blowing everything out of proportion. She began to wonder of she was doing this all on purpuse, as of she just wanted a perfect reason to be horrible towards the German agent.

When doctor Greenway slammed her hand down onto the table hard, Jessica jumped halfway out of her chair with a loud yelp, her body going cold and her face draining of all color as she listened to the woman say that she was suspending Gwuen. Eyes wide and mouth gaping, Jessica froze in place. She didn't say or move at all, until after the lieutenant just barely walked out of the office.

Getting to her feet so fast, the chair went crashing behind her, Jessica glared at the older woman before her. [+blue "You can't suspend her! You're blowing all of this way out of proportion!! The Lieutenant wasn't aware of the whole story behind me, alright?! You can't just suspend her and have her sent back somewhere else, when she belongs here!! What is you problem?!" ]as she yelled at the doctor, her own fist went slamming down on the table, her anger causing the table to begin to form frost around her fist and spread throughout the table, and the temperature of the room quickly began to turn bitterly cold.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 179d 13h 38m 34s
"[+blue Alright.]" Greenway's head dipped in a nod, returning her gaze to the Lieutenant then and arching a brow at her. "[+blue And what do you have to say for yourself, lying to your superiors and putting this whole campus in danger. Putting [i Hydra] in danger.]"

Gweniviere swallowed stiffly, "[B I hardly think I've compromised the entirety of Hydra-]" she began, shaking her head.

"[+blue I [i do not] care what you [i think] you've done, Lieutenant. The fact of the matter is that you have [i lied] in your report regarding a possibly level 2 security infringment!]" the elderly Englishwoman then jabbed a finger at Jessica, "[+blue See how easily she speaks. I have little doubt in your brutality regarding SHIELD, lieutenant, but [i what if] she had been taken for your and Agent Sarkissian's negligence, and [i what if] she had lost control of herself as she has explained to me. Does the health of your comrades really mean so little to you to compromise them for an attractive young face Viper met on the [i street]?]"

The Lieutenant's mouth drew tight, cringing in insult and frustration, hatred thrumming between those other two lines of emotion as she pulled a deep breath. She inclined her head in a nod, dropping her gaze a moment, brows coming together. "[B Ma'am,]" she said in understanding. "[B it was not my intention to compromise you and Hydra in this manner. I didn't think-]"

"[+blue Exactly,]" the woman said, "[+blue Because you [i didn't] think! And now she has intelligence on Hydra, and we have nothing as a means of a response to this disaster!]"

"[B Dr. Greenway,]" Gweniviere said sharply over her words in a commanding tone. The woman stared at her in first shock, then devolved into deep, deep umbrage as the Lieutenant continued. "[B This is [i exactly] what I was planning on preventing!]" Gweniviere snapped, "[B This mess. She is here for [i one] reason, and that is the asylum extension. Nothing else. We are [i not] some school program for gifted citizens like SHIELD is, they are not our problem!]"

"[+blue Enough!]" Greenway responded, pounding a frail looking hand on the desk, the appendage snapping open as she did so, teeth tight. "[+blue I will have your suspension finalized by tomorrow. For now you will go to your office and you will pack your things. You will be deported back to Operations in Berlin for your court martial, do you understand me. You've endangered your cooperatives for the [i last time] by electing to omit what you thought wasn't [i prudent] at the time.]"

The Lieutenant's body was deadly still with rage as she looked hard at the woman across from her. If she was not who she was, she would kill her right now. "[B Permit me to say-]"

"[+blue Denied. You are dismissed.]" the woman said sharply, giving her a dismissing gesture. "[+blue This is over. If you want another session you may [i file] for my time.]"

With that Gweniviere stood there a moment longer, tempted, so [i tempted] to lash out. To remind the woman that this was a grossly overblown situation. She knew that the both of them were keenly aware that she was using this as an opportunity to abuse the Lieutenant's conditional status. But the tight clench of her fists made her only tempted, reminding herself of the retaliation of attacking a head sphere director. With that she turned on her heel and left without a word.

Greenway exhaled a bit in relaxation now that the woman was gone, despite her own very real and animated anger. She was waiting for the day that that beast would attack her, and pressed a hand to her chest. Her sharp eyes then turned to Jessica, wondering now what to do with her.
  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 4y 179d 14h 24m 50s
As Greenway kept staring at her, Jessica became increasingly uncomfortable with every tick of the clock. She wanted to look away, wanted to get out of that sufecating room, but she was forced to stay and forced to keep looking back at the doctor before her. Gulping, she let a tiny sigh of immense relief when the woman looked away from her.

However she only looked away to fix her sights on the lieutenant instead. Bruising her lips on a tight line, she didn't dare to look back at the German agent behind her. She could only imagine how enraged she must feel with her at that moment. She didn't blame her, but she also wished she could let her know that the doctor basically gave her no choice but to divulge the truth.

Jess jumped slightly when Greenway spoke up and asked her the question she was dreading being asked. Looking at the doctor, she opened her mouth to answer, but then closed it in fear and thought. As soon as those intense eyes were back on her, Jessica's breath hitched, and she had to respond through a slightly tight throat. [+blue "Sh-she knew..part of it..I don't think she really knew the whole extent of know..abilities.." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 179d 15h 40m 4s
Dr. Greenway stared at Jessica for a long few moments, expression having gone lax. Presently her fingers twitched back into motion and drummed on the table a bit, removing her gaze from the other, and cleared her throat. "[+blue Good, alright.]" the woman said, adjusting her position in her seat again. There was a plan forming in her head, mind going eight ways at once, as she considered her options. Giving Jessica Bell back to SHIELD was not one of them.

After another moemnt her attention returned to the Lieutenant behind her, the woman swallowing once more, a muscle leaping in her jaw as she tightened it, features drawing back into that stony coldness as her eyes returned to the woman. A hateful coldness. "[+blue Now tell me again-]" she woman said slowly, with a prompting roll of her wrist towards Jessica, "[+blue Did the Lieutenant [i know] about these powers of yours, and what they did, before she sent me the papers here in my hands, regarding your security clearance...?]"

Gweniviere swallowed, hesitation entering her, but her face showed nothing. She didn't move, she didn't speak, but held Dr. Greenway's eyes as if challenging her. [i Nothing you could do to me would be worse than what you've already tried, or what I have already experienced, or had envisioned myself. You cannot surprise me.]

Bedelia's eyes returned to Jessica, waiting for her answer.
  Tweedy / 4y 186d 14h 11m 52s
Jessica flinched, knowing that her attempt the subject would be mote. However, she didn't expect this big of a reaction. Gulping, she leaned back against her chair, her face turning red as her eyes widened in fear and anxiety.

There was no avoiding the whole story now, and she knew better then to try and avoid it again. [+blue "F-fair enough.." ]she stammered out her reply of understanding, and taking a breath she opened her mouth to speak.

However, her words got caught in her throat, her breath hitching as the door slid open. Not daring to turn her head now, the young red head became aware of the lieutenant standing only a few feet behind her. As Greenway looked back at her, waiting for her to begin, Jess again became aware of eyes glaring at her momentarily.

Lowering her head, she took a shaky breath and gave a short summery of why she was being pursued by SHIELD. [+blue "I am being followed because...I almost drowned a whole village in water and snow...I had just lost someone and I lost control of my powers..It hasn't happened sense, well not nearly to that scale at least..Anyway, SHEILD obviously found out, and have been chasing after me ever sense. They don't want to get my side of the story, I fear they just Want to lock me away forever and experiment on me or something.. " ]that was all she was willing to give, and she really didn't Want to be prompted for more.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 186d 15h 6m 19s
Dr. Greenway's eyes widened some, surprised by the sudden nerve that emanated from the young woman and sat back in her chair, beginning to get irritated. "[+blue Well, be that as it may, I feel seeing as I have been [i lied] to by agents unto some of whom I have entrusted the security of this facility I feel I have a right to know now that the cat is out of the bag [i why].]" She tilted her head, "[+blue Wouldn't you?]"

"[+blue You've just told me a very grievous detail that ahs me concerned. Either I suggest you negate these claims by explaining some miraculous err on SHIELD's side,]" the woman said, sitting forwards very slowly, not breaking eye contact with Jessica and folding her hands in front of herself on the desk. "[+blue or begin to become comfortable with telling me exactly why I shouldn't treat you as a security threat to the people who live and work on this campus. Do you understand me.]" Her brows had come together in concern. She wasn't sure what else to make of this situation other than pressing for an immediate explanation. Jessica had [i just] told her that she had a possibly dangerous disposition to lose control of a very powerful element, according to SHIELD's treatment of her she could only guess, or that she simply was so inefficient that she simply literally couldn't control large bodies of water. Dr. Greenway intended to know why or she would have to call-

The door slid open at the back of the office, followed by a familiar adjusting click, and then followed by another as the Lieutenant clicked her heels together, standing attentively in the doorway. "[B Dr. Greenway?]"

The woman's eyes turned to Gweniviere, the golden eyed creature hulking in that doorway and an immediate turn of disgust welled in her stomach, pulling a similar twitch to her mouth. "[+blue Yes, I'll get to you in a moment, lieutenant.]" she said, sitting back and spreading her hands on the desk surface. She didn't invite the white haired super soldier to sit down, instead leaving her with Robert at the back and returned her eyes to Jessica, awaiting her explanation.

Gweniviere's head twitched in a stoic nod. Her eyes then turned down to see Jessica seated in one of the chairs in front of the desk. Considering that she was here now brought a turn of discomfort into the woman's stomach, folowed closely by a twinge of fury. [i After making the effort to conceal her powers in an attempt to protect that little wretch.] She pulled her chin up just slightly more, adjusting her position and stepped out of attention, shifting into an at ease stance and folded her hands behind her back, face stone as ever. Beside her, Robert stood, eyes on the ire behind the head director's eyes and a string of joy shifted through him, excitement at seeing what was to come.
  Gweniviere Nietzsche / Tweedy / 4y 186d 15h 31m 19s
Her eyes were over her shoulder again, as she chewed on her lower lip nervously, wondering when the German would come striding into the room. Suddenly, Greenway's question caught her attention, and she slowly gave the woman a side glance. [+blue "Umm..It's a long story that I'd rather forget.." ]

She knew that she would likely be forced to tell the whole truth, now that she already started that ball going, but it was worth a try to attempt to avoid. When she was told that it wasn't her business why the lieutenant was being brought to the office, Jess gave the doctor a nervous shake of her head. She wanted to say that it kind of was her business, if it involved her then it was in her opinion, but she kept her mouth shut instead.

She watched as she snatched a folder off of her desk, wondering what it held. Was it about her? Most likely, she thought to herself. She wanted to get up and leave so badly, to go back and just hang out with C and Basile, but she was afraid that that was unlikely to happen.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 186d 16h 44m 51s
She cleared her throat, pulling her expression into a patient look. [i Was this young woman insistent on slowly breaking this terrible truth to her piece by piece and making her realize exactly] how [i much worse this situation was getting for her?] She closed her eyes, "[+blue I see.]" and took a moent before opening them, leaning her elbow on the desk and gesturing towards Miss Bell. "[+blue Are you telling me, and correct me if I'm wrong, that SHIELD is after you because you are viewed as dangerous?]"

Dr. Greenway frowned a little, arching a brow. "[+blue That is none of your concern. I need to speak to the Lieutenant regarding her report...]" the woman said, pulling her hand back to the controls of her chair and shifting it to the side a little, reaching a hand over the desk to nab a document and bring it over in front of her.
  Tweedy / 4y 186d 17h 7s
Jessica watched as the doctor before her prossesed what she had just told her, noticing the confusion that crossed her features before turning hard and serious. She became nervous as the woman suddenly looked up and over to her android. Once she called him to attention, asking him to bring the lieutenant, Jessica went pale and looked at Robert as he left the room.

She looked at Greenway as she spoke to her, her face still pale as she vaguely listened. [+blue "I mean..kind of, not really sense I don't have control over it..." ]her words came out as of she was barely paying attention anymore, her mind focused on what the lieutenant might do.once she gets into the room.

[+blue "Umm.. W-why did you have..Robert go and get the lieutenant?" ]She asked this nervously, as she kept glancing back over her shoulders at the door. Sweat was faintly npteable on her forehead, but she tried her best to remain calm.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 186d 18h 12m 14s
Dr. Greenway gazed at her for a long few moments, brows slowly coming together and sitting up in the chair, her throat of softening wax moving gently as she swallowed. That was not something that the Lieutenant, nor Agent C, nor Agent Hellstrand had brought up. And it was Lt. Nietzsche who had put her paperwork in for consideration. It had seemed such a small matter, and Jessica said that that woman [i knew] that she was this powerful without bothering to mention it, same with the rest. Hellstrand may not have known, Agent C likely knew because she brought in the girl, and then the Lieutenant... when had she learned of this? Who was the usurper of authority, who was roped into it? The super soldier wouldn't have been cowed by a lesser agent to keep her mouth shut, as far as she knew, so that meant she had elected to hide it from Head. Why? Bedelia turned her eyes to the android. Her fingers twitched in motion, drumming a little on the table, "[+blue Robert,]" she began, getting his attention.

His eyes flickered to her a moment before he brought his head up, "[#a46d8f Yes, ma'am.]"

"[+blue Get the Lieutenant.]" she told him in a hard tone, giving the man a decisive, dismising nod.

The machinery around his head clicked in response and he nodded to her, disappearing out the door.

She then returned her eyes to Jessica, sitting back in her chair. "[+blue Well now, those are very powerful abilities, aren't they.]" the woman said, glancing over Jessica a bit, her head tilting slightly and her brows quirking in what looked like concern for the redhead. "[+blue And, based on conjecture, I can only imagine SHIELD wishes to ensure that you won't use them to your own ends.]"
  Robert Bristol / Tweedy / 4y 187d 14h 5m 13s
As the seconds ticked by, Jessica thought that the doctor was going kick her out or something due to the lack of words, but soon the silenc was cut by Greenway. Her question left Jess looking at her dumbatruck, she had been expecting her to react like other people who fou d this out about her. However, first C and her Basile then the lieutenant, and now this woman didn't seem to care so much about this discovery.
Feeling confused at the mention of the real name that she assumed was Viper's, it took her a moment to answer the question asked of her. [+blue "Um..yes, they know.." ]

She hopped that this fact didn't affect her allowance to stay in the facility, and that it did not get anyone in trouble. Once asked to be more specific about what her powers were exactly, she spoke with less hesitants. [+blue "I can control water. With or without my hands, though I still don't have control over my powers. I can make the water boiling hot and I can make it into snow or ice...I can also control big bodies of water, but..that I really have even less contr over, so I don't ever do it." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 187d 15h 22m 48s
Bedelia Greenway was silent for some moments, struck slightly odd by the statement. She blinked a little, bringing her brows down from where they had shot up towards her hairline. [i That was it?] And frowned a little in a bit of self-chiding for her expectations of larger. However, it wasn't so small of an issue that led to what [i kind] of powers did the young woman have. She cleared her throat a little, Robert's eyes snapping to his mistress, expecting an order as the elderly Englishwoman sat back and leveled a sidelong look with Jessica. "[+blue Is that it.]" She said, giving a little huff, "[+blue Well, that's a matter entirely different, isn't it?]" she said, lightening her tone a little. Again, she didn't know what [i kind] of abilities this young woman had.

And... more importantly, "[+blue Did Agent Sarkissian and the Lieutenant know this?]" she asked, tilting her head and giving her a quizzical look, "[+blue Does-]" she glanced at the document on the desk, "[+blue Agent- [i Hellstrand] know this?]"

"[+blue What kind of abilities, would you be so kind to explain,]" she asked gently- [i would lead SHIELD to seek you out so aggressively]. They only did that with dangerous people they thought could threaten other people.
  Tweedy / 4y 190d 15h 53m 16s
Sweat began to bead at her forehead, as Greenway told her that she needed to know if she was putting the agent and the lieutenant in danger. Prusing her lips, Jessica knew that she had to tell the truth. Especially sense the doctor seemed to be thinking she stole something, which was completely untrue as she only stile food and other things that she absolutely needed, and she only did so when she was desperate.

Shaking her head, hating herself for being the way she is, Jessica finally opened her mouth to speak. [+blue "I have...abilities.." ]her words came out in a whisper, as she remained looking down, afraid that she would be judged for being different.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 190d 16h 33m 33s
"[+blue Then what.]" Dr. Greenway continued gazing at her, eyes flickering between Jessica's as she awaited again for her to speak. The elderly woman pursed her lips, frowning a little. "[+blue Miss Bell, if it is putting my agents in incidental positions to be possibly hurt I must know why.]"

She of course knew that the Lieutenant and Agent C, as she had begun to call herself, were very capable agents, but they were still mortal and able to be wounded. And she wasn't about to put them in harm's way, nor let this campus be put in danger for the sake of one young woman who had somehow managed to nestle herself under their skin.

"[+blue Have you stolen something from them?]" The young woman wouldn't look at her, Greenway's mind flying to a number of different possibilities for what she could possibly think of regarding this [i stranger]. SHIELD knows her face, and had reason to pursue her through whatever agents they had on hand who could possibly identify her.
  Tweedy / 4y 190d 16h 45m 1s

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