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Espen nodded, the Dutchwoman leading the way as she was expected to and mounted the stairs, taking her sudden roommate up to the landings and hall entrances, visible through the glass windows in the doors that each had their floor numbers printed on them.

She slowed a little, glancing back once again at the other to be sure she was keeping up alright, and brought her up to the floor, passing the quiet doors, only a few open and revealing their occupants inside. Being intelligence agents they even on campus rarely let themselves be examined. Being rather antagonistic, at least historically, they were often infiltrated for one reason or another. In the military intelligence and experimental sciences industry, loyalty was a very porous term. It was surprising what people would do, if it would save themselves, to you regardless of loyalty, or as a facet of that idea.

At the door that had [font "Times" [B Espen Hellstrand]] printed on the small information sheet to identify whose room it was, Holland printed immediately after it, Espen opened the door into a relatively small but livable apartment. Two small rooms and the kitchen and small dining area. Inside Espen gestured to the door at the left of the short hall that led into the interior, "[+red Mine there, and yours next to it.]"
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 305d 16h 1m 1s
Jessica looked uncertainly at the girl, as she glanced back at her and smiled as equally uncertainly back at her. When told that she would be taken upstairs, Jess simply nodded and accepted the information. [+blue "Alrighty then." ]

She followed the females eyes, as she spotted the stairs that she was guessing they had to go up. When told that there were no elevators and that they would have to walk up to the forth floor, Jessica nodded her head silently, as she prepared herself for the walk. She looked back at her roommate, and instantly noticed the look of amusement that flickered in her eyes and expression.

As she was asked if she was sure she didn't want any help with her bags, Jessica simply smiled slightly and shrugged her shoulders slightly. [+blue "Nah, I'm use to lugging this around everywhere. Thank you, though." ]She added that last part so that she wouldn't be rude to the female, as she waited patiently for her to start leading the way.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 305d 17h 33m 8s
Espen Hellstrand's gaze dodged back after the bright haired woman who left them to go report, or do hatever it was that she had said she was going to accomplish.

Turning her gaze back to Jessica, she nodded a bit, giving another flicker of an uncertain smile. "[+red Alright, well,]" she looked towards the staircase that wound up the sides, mirroring itself in its direction around the raised front desk, and up out of the lobby room. All in a dark wood set against the off white of the walls. "[+red I'll bring you upstairs then.]"

She then started towards the case, "[+red No elevator, unfortunately, in this old building. So we'll have to use the stairs to get up to level four.]" another quick glance over made her tilt her head, a tiny bit of amusement flickering in her eyes for a second as she fished her key from the pocket of the long, dark coat. They were long, steep and had the small steps of a truly old building. "[+red Are you certain you don't want help?]"
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Jessica looked between Viper and the young female that she would be bunking with for the remainder of her forty eight hour asylum, and noticed the instant spark of recognition as she noticed agent C. This made her wonder, just how famous was the agent that helped to keep her safe from SHIELD? Jess also took quick notice of how her temporary roommate kept looking at her, almost as if she was glaring at her.

This made her uncomfortable right off the bat with the girl, but she forced herself to ignore her discomfort, pinning it off as just paranoia. Instead, she crossed her arms behind her back and respectfully waited for C to finish speaking with younger agent. If she was going to be bunking with the girl for the next two days, she needed to stay on good terms with her.

Towards the end of their conversation, C clapped Jessica on the back, as she explained where she had to go then suggesting that her and the younger agent go out for dinner some time. Jess wondered if she meant to include her in the plans, but she was alright if she was not to be included either way. After all, there was no point in really become good friends with someone if she was never going to see her after the asylum was over with.

She only just caught the look of discomfort over the idea in her roommate's eyes, before she hid it behind a polite smile and agreeing to the plan. Jess wondered if this lady was uncomfortable in public places. She was debating on if she should ask about it, when the girl suddenly asked her if she needed help with one of her bags. [+blue "Huh? Oh! Um, thanks but I can carry them." ]Jessica felt like the girl was already a little unsettled by the changes being put on her, and so she didn't want to burden the female more then she had to. So when she polity refused the help,she gave the lady a shy, yet sincere smile of thanks.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 305d 19h 26m 39s
Espen's dark eyes flickered down to the bags. They looked full, blinking she weighed the possibilities of this one being up for further consideration. Strange... asylum and yet she seemed to have much more stuff than four days required. Perhaps she was just one to pack heavy. Glancing over Jessica she noted a glaze of unfamiliar discomfort over the other's pretty face. Agent Hellstrand placed a polite smile on her face, about to say something, but quieted herself when Jessica turned to Viper instead.

She swallowed when she realized that the woman in front of her was the renowned agent... known really only regionally by her alias and codename Viper. Someone who had a name like that, or like the Lieutenant whomever that was, a name that most agents knew of must be pretty impressive. Espen felt a swell of awe in her chest, but also a touch of jealousy- who was this little redhead to be in the company of an agent like that when she didn't even seem to want to be here? What was going on? Glancing at Jessica again, Hellstrand was determined to find out. And she seemed easy enough to get to talk, she supposed.

[center [pic]]

"[+magenta Cool. Thanks.]" she replied to the young agent in front of her.

Hellstrand returned the polite gesture and the vague smile, "[+red Of course.]"

Pulling her hand back, the pink haired woman noticed that this agent's handshake was stronger than expected. She crossed her arms in front of her, noting also the bold eye contact. Considering that Viper hadn't heard of this agent she must be rather new. "[+magenta How long have you been with Hydra?]"

Hellstrand immediately caught the whiff of interrogatory tone and kept her face polite. "[+red Three years.]" the Dutch woman answered in a flat tone.

Viper gave her a warmer smile, seeing the body language change. "[+magenta Oh, alright. Cool. Well,]" she glanced at Jessica, clapping her on the back of the shoulder before looking between the two new roommates. "[+magenta I have some paperwork to go through regarding this one here which will take me a while. But maybe we can go to dinner sometime.]" she suggested, looking back at the Dutch agent.

Hellstrand softened her exterior, but felt her hands tighten a little. She wanted to watch her. Who [i was] this Jessica Bell to be so protected by such a renowned agent as Viper? But the idea of going out with people bothered her some more than the distaste the appearanceof the other agent with this nobody did. Espen didn't like being in crowds and things. They made her nervous. Her hands tightened on the sides of her coat. "[+red Sounds lovely.]" the foreigner lied through that polite smile.

When Viper left she finally turned back to Jessica, swallowing uncomfortably. And now there was a stranger in her room... Great. "[+red Um, can- I help you with your bags?]"
  Hellstrand (Espen) / Tweedy / 4y 317d 20h 13m 43s
Jessica looked at the young woman before her, as she took the offered hand and shook it. When the girl told her that they were to share a room for the next forty eight hours, Jessica finally understood who this person was before her. [+blue "Oh, okay. Well, I just have these two cargo bags.." ]

Getting to her feet, Jess gestured to the two cargo bags that were strapped to her person in answer to the female's question. After that, Viper stepped in and introduced herself to the girl before asking where they were going to be staying at. After that, Jessica turned back to agent C with a small smile. [+blue 'Well, thanks, for helping me out I mean...I guess I'll see you later then." ]She thanked C awkwardly again, as she was still not use to doing so.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 347d 17h 23m 20s
She extended her hand to Jessica for a shake. "[+red Well,]" the young woman continued, looking down at the papers in her hand, "[+red apparently we are going to be sharing a room for until your asylum extension runs out.]"

Letting the documents down she glanced over Jessica again, "[+red Do you have anything with you that you need to bring up?]"

Viper then stood up, her long braid shifting down her back as she did, "[+magenta Well, I suppose I'll get going now.]" She turned to the cryomancer again, "[+magenta See you later then!]" then back to Hellstrand, "[+magenta Viper.]" and extended her hand, "[+magenta What room are you lot in?]"

Agent Hellstrand accepted the gesture, nodding. "[+red Fourth floor.]"

"[+magenta Cool. Thanks.]"
  Tweedy / 4y 347d 17h 51m 34s
Jessica looked up at agent C, listening to her words intently. She knew that she was right, and that she would be alright. after all she had been on her own for awhile on the streets.[+blue "You're right, I'll be fine on my own. I mean I've been alone for a while in the streets, so I can handle being alone for a while." ]

After reassuring C, and herself, Jess saw another woman walk into the building, but then just went back to talking with Viper. Jessica smiled slightly at the agents reassurance that she would come around and peek in on her, feeling a little better. [+blue "Alrighty then." ]

After her simple reply, the young woman from earlier suddenly appeared in front of them. Looking up at the lady, Jessica looked at her confused when she said her name. [+blue "Uhm..Yea, that's me.." ]
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 4y 347d 18h 49m 49s
Viper gazed at her for a few moments, her mouth pursing in concern, "[+magenta Are you sure? I mean- I'm sure that you're going to be fine on your own, I don't doubt you at all or anything.]" she said, waving defensively.

The woman tilted her head with a knowing look, arching a brow and trying not to be condescending about noticing the mask. "[+magenta And I'm not leaving forever. I just have to go and report, you know. Paperwork up the wazoo.]" she said with a helpless shrug. "[+magenta I'll come and peek in.]"

The little woman behind the desk was picking up phones, calling one specific number of a newer recruit who hadn't yet been assigned a permanent roommate. The young woman answered the phone as she got out of the black sedan she had, coincidentally, driven up a few minutes ago. Getting out the tall young woman answered her phone as she was called into the building.

[center [pic]]

Through the doors that Viper and Jessica had entered came the sound of hobnailed shoes as a tall, dark haired young woman entered and went up to the desk, speaking with the little woman behind it. She reached into the inner pocket of the long, dark double breasted coat she was wearing over a red button up and handed it to the woman. "[+red Agent Espen Hellstrand,]" she said in a Dutch accent, brushing a hand over her short, butch hair.

The woman behind the desk gestured to where Viper and Jessica were seated, handing back her ID. The pale young woman turned, blinking placidly and then crossed to them, tucking the ID back into her coat and glancing between the two of them before her dark eyes landed on the redhead. "[+red Jessica Bell?]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 5y 9d 16h 46m 44s
Jessica watched the conversation that was going on between the two women, feeling a little self councious as the smaller women looked at her. She was holding out her identification papers to her, and she hesintly took them back. Gulping, she looked around, not liking even the slightest amount of attention on her.

When they were told to go wait either in the waiting area or outside, Jess looked up at C for directions as to where they were going to wait. She followed her to a corner and then sat in a seat across from the agent, frowning slightly when Viper told her that she had to leave soon, as well as Destailleur. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of being in this place alone, not after the weird welcoming she had recieved from both Withmen and the general.

[+blue "Alright, I understand..I'll be fine on my own.." ]She kept her voiced controled and as leveled as she could manage, pulling her features into an emotionaless mask as she did not want C to know how she was feeling. After that, she waited in anxious silence to be told if she would be able to have a room to stay in for the next twenty four hours. The thing that Jessica hated most, was the unknown and being utterly alone.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 5y 11d 21h 43m 1s
The young woman received the paper with a delicate, caramel hand and looked over it, glancing up at Viper, "[+blue She is staying here?]"

The bright haired agent nodded, "[+magenta For the time being. She just needs somewhere to crash.]"

"[+blue Crash,]" the littler woman replied, turning her eyes to Jessica, handing the identification document back to the aqua-kinetic. "[+blue Well, most of the dormitory rooms are full, but I can find you someone to stay with for the time being.]" She started tapping on the computer, glancing up at both women, "[B Can you- wait a moment while I look at the roster and see if anyone is due out for 48 hours or if we have a single?]" she glanced between the both of them as she started on the computer again. "[B Have a seat anywhere or wait outside.]"

Viper smiled and nodded, then retreated to a cool corner of the lobby area, taking a seat on one of the long, wooden benches and crossing her knees with a sigh. She checked her watch, "[+magenta I can probably stick around for another twenty minutes- but then I really have to report back to Operations.]" she shrugged her shoulders a bit, "[+magenta Same deal as Destailleur.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 5y 33d 1h 9m 58s
Jessica looked at with wide eyes, her mouth hanging open slightly, as she processed what she was just told. [+blue "Clones? Woah, I did not expect that.." ]As she muttered this to herself, she nodded her agreement as the agent told her that the two women were very smart.

As Viper told her what the next two steps were, Jess looked down confused at first, then it clicked and she looked back at the female slightly ahead of her. [+blue "Wait, so does this mean that I can just...roam around freely? Without someone having to keep a constant eye over me?" ]She was both nervous and slightly excited with the idea of being left to her own devices in the Hydra HQ.

As C continued to lead the way to Jess's temporary room, Jessica took the time to look around at the places that they passed. She gaped at the black plain that was being landed, and wished she could have stayed to watch the people working around it. Soon, they made it to a quieter place, were the buildings appeared to be older then the rest around the HQ. Jessica watched as they made their way to a building with younger agents, all just scattered around the place. As they entered the building, she instantly compared the place to a police station, making herself uncomfortable as they approached the front desk.

As Viper said something to the young woman behind the desk, Jess opted to look around the room they were in, not paying attention to the two women. As she looked around, her attention was finally brought back to the two, when she saw turn to her. Looking between the two, it took a second for everything to click. [+blue "Oh, sorry! H-here.." ]Taking the id that was on her, Jessica showed it to the woman behind the desk.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 5y 38d 17h 36m 28s
"[+magenta In a way. They're clones.]" she replied easily, shrugging her shoulders, "[+magenta Of each other, or of someone else I don't know, but that's the word. College graduates each with a masters, very intelligent young women.]"

"[+magenta Secondly, I bring you to your temporary dorm and then it's free range from there.]" she said, "[+magenta After which I have to go check in and report about bringing you back from the city.]" She said as she led Jessica out of the main building complex and into the daytime, the echoes of their footsteps soon giving way to the breeze as she started them across the campus, her long braid swinging pertly behind her just off-time with the woman's gait.

They walked past one of the large military hangars in which a large, ray shaped black plane was being backed, its engines screaming and lowering as they slowed the craft down to put it in place. Passing that at a distance they entered into one of the quieter complexes of the Hydra campus amongst the older buildings. There were a few trees here and there, almost all of them old as if they'd been there when the base was originally built.

She approached one of them specifically around which some younger agents were scattered, talking amongst themselves and either awaiting their launch days for missions or on short leave. Viper led Jessica inside through the open front doors into the cooler lobby, darker than the outside, her shoes now echoing on the wooden floor. She approached the desk at the front, the building looking much like a police station with its front desk standing in a formidable wooden display, standing higher than a normal desk above the heads of the women, or rather just above eye level with Viper.

"[+magenta Asylum subject,]" the woman announced, folding her hands in front of her. The young woman in a hijab at the desk turned to her, her pretty face soft and concerned as she looked at the unfamiliar face.

"[+blue Papers?]" she asked, glancing between the two of them. Viper looked to Jessica, who had her identification on her person.
  Viper / Tweedy / 5y 45d 17h 18m 36s
When the two females told her that nothing was wrong, then asked her why, Jessica let out a very small breath of relief. [+blue "Just wondering..." ]She told them, not liking their eyes on her.

A few more words were thrown around amongst what appeared to be the twins, then she was handed a small document and told not to lose it. Nodding her head, Jessica took the document and held it close. After that, C asked if they were done, making Jess hope that they were. When the girl in the white shirt told her that she was indeed done, her sister then looked over at Jess and also confirmed to her that she was done.

Smiling slightly, she bowed her head slightly. [+blue "Thank you.." ]After that, she followed Viper out of the room, glad to be done. [+blue So, first are they twins? Second, what happens now?" ]Jessica asked this after they had left the office and the two girls behind.
  Jessica Bell / Okami_san_16 / 5y 45d 17h 44m 57s
Viper and Cybil turned to her, "[+magenta Nothing.]" the woman replied, looking a tad confused. "[+magenta Why?]"

Cybil 2 then finished up at the computer, turning back to her sister and held out her hand, "[#99ee00 Papers, papers.]"

The wavy haired one in the white turned and handed them over, "[+lightcoral Here, here.]" she said, lightly mocking the expectant tone her sister had given her. The young woman accepted them and started through the information, inputting it into the computer and then handed them back.

Cybil 1 then pulled out the smaller document and handed it to Jessica, "[+lightcoral Here's your validation. Don't lose it.]"

Viper clasped her hands in front of her, looking animated, "[+magenta All finished?]"

Both Cybils nodded to her, "[#99ee00 Yup.]" the second said, leaning her head against her hand and running her fingers through her stylized hair, turning her eyes over to Jessica again, "[#99ee00 You're good.]"
  Viper / Tweedy / 5y 45d 17h 58m 53s

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