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[center [#D867ED Welcome to Love ~A LA Mode~ Everyone is welcome as long as you follow ES rules and don't fight with each other~]]
[center [#BCFCFF Suicide is quite the person when she wants to be and she is quite fun. Come get to know her and the many others here that are with her and goals will be met.]]

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[center [#F41D9B Weed Wednesdays is an occasion that happens every week brought on by Suicide herself, just for this chat! Have fun toking up with Suicide and the other stoners in here!]]

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[center [#7FFFD4 WE NOW HAVE A DISCORD! Never miss the chat. We have multiple channels, and will be having Voice Chat's every Saturday. Join the channel and have fun with everyone in the chat. Learn, Love, and Make lots of Friends! Click the link Below!]]
[center [ Love ~A LA Mode~ The Discord]]

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dear mother of god it looks like almost all the chats im in is bloody dead lol
  Punk Mulan / Yang_Xiao_Long / 32d 22h 9m 58s
  OOC: Lance / Twin_Lance / 3y 175d 6h 20m 3s

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