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[h3 [font "Times New Roman" WELCOME TO A PLACE OF MAGIC]]

[size10 For centuries magic has existed within the shadow of humanity. Sealed in secrecy for generations, humans have labeled myths and magic as nonexistent and only a matter of imagination. However, this isn't the case. Magic is widespread across the world and protected by spells that get stronger as the years go by. Many schools help teacher those with the ability to know and use magic, but our story will focus on a not so famous one: Silhouette Academy.]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" SILHOUETTE ACADEMY]]

[size10 Located in the Blue Ridge mountains, it rest far from large cities. A spell casted by the first headmaster keeps the school hidden from human eyes and viewable to those of supernatural lives. The school itself is a giant castle-like manor with several smaller building around it for dorms. A large lake is settled in front of the school while a crown of mountains surround the whole academy. A small forest cut off from the mountains by a river acts as the main training ground for the more destructive forms of magic. A large stable that is near the dorms holds the larger forms of Sociuses.]

[h3 [Font "Times New Roman" RACES, TERMS AND MAGIC TYPES]]

[size10 [center [b RACES :]]]

[size10 [b Witches:] The most common types of magic users. They often have great control over spells, but lack at physical strength as well as boosting the power of spells during their early years of magic practice. Live up to a five hundred years on average, but some have gained immortality. Very human like in appearance.]
[size10 [b Wizards:] They're very human like in terms of appearance, but have the best control over magic. It takes years of practice to become a skilled wizard, but the long journey is worth it as higher trained wizards are seen as famous figures. They usually create new spells of great abilities, but younger wizards take years to gain these powers. ]
[size10 [b Demons:] Although, not necessarily evil, they are often confused to being hell born do to their wild nature. They can easily have large amounts of power, but have poor control over it. Fire, dark, and earth magic is the most common type of magic that demons master. Can look human, but also can appear more beast-like. The beast-like ones are often captured and used as Sociuses. Demons tend to live up to a thousand years or less.]
[size10 [b Werewolves:] Another common type of supernatural life form. Although not usually magic wielders, recent generations have been more active with magic abilities dealing with the four main elements earth, fire, water, and air. Unlike myths, they can transform at anytime and tend to look like what humans call "furries" due to being more wolf-like with human's bipedal structure.]
[size10 [b Dragons:] Younger dragons are hatched to be sold as higher class Sociuses, but can appear in the wild. On occasion, some have developed the ability to communicate in many languages and control many types of magic. Each dragon can control at least one type of magic and learn two languages. Sizes vary from being one foot all the way to the size of a mountain. Although often mentioned by Anti-Sociuses groups, dragons aren't hunted and are protected by several laws. Plus a wild one is a mad mother fucker to challenge.]
[size10 [b Vampires:] Although they usually cannot use magic, some cases of vampires being listed as having magic abilities have been documented. Legend says that they even invented blood magic. ]
[size10 [b Angels:] Human-like beings who are often known for their delicate and peaceful nature. Although they aren't necessarily related to a higher deity to human belief, they do focus on the good and well being of others. They aren't strong physical wise, except for their wings, but they make up for it in healing magic. However, due to a recent habit in some groups, angels have been kidnapped only to have their wings ripped off of them and sold to others to were the buyer can use them.]
[size10 [b Elves:] A race who is very intertwined with nature. Not only are they skilled at the main elements, but they can also master a secondary element, such as ice and lightning. They also serve as excellent socius tamers seeing that they have a special aura that mixes well with most creatures. However, they can be highly aggressive to those who do not treat the Earth correctly and tend to enter the human world as strict environmentalist despite other races not wanting anything to deal with humans.]
[size10 [b Anima Lector:] Latin for "Soul Reader," these guys tend to act either as the police of the supernatural races or as some of the greatest threats. Not only can they read what race you are, but can take away anyone's powers for up to an hour. Other than that, not much is known about them since they are believed to be either good at hiding or very rare. ]
[size10 [b Hybrids:] Surprisingly hybrids are common since most races aren't limited to what they can fall in love with. Human hybrids seem to be the most common with any race. For the sake of this roleplay, hybrids will only have half the powers and abilities of each parent. (EX: Human/Demon hybrid would have low powers since humans contain no magic abilities.]
[size10 [b Other Races:] There are many more races to be discovered. ]

[size10 [center [b TERMS:]]]

[size10 [b Socius:] Latin for "partner," sociuses are creatures similar to pets that aid in the quest and training of magic wielders. Races can vary from a common cat with minor powers all the way to a giant dragon. Most have some powers that grow as they travel with their Captors. Most are treated as pets and even become romantic partners depending on race . Most common are quadrupedal beasts such as low class dragons, griffins, unicorns, chimeras and even magical wolves. Usually one of the top things a young magic wielder in training needs. Many schools offer free low class sociuses to students who cannot afford to buy or tame a feral one but will match them to ones with similar auras and personalities to help form a stronger bond.]
[size10 [b Captor:] "Owners" or partners of sociuses. Usually are the leader of a pair and can have multiple sociuses if able to afford them. In order to truly pair up with a socius, a chain-like spell is created after a Captor's aura blends in harmony with the socius' aura. However seals do exist to where a Captor can force a socius to link with them without having their auras mix. This can lead to an aggressive relationship and the socius may try to break free if it feels that it can over power the Captor. These seals can vary from a large, sturdy beaded necklace to summoning. Forced linking is usually banned from schools.]
[size10 [b Exponentia Cast Tournament:] Name of a highly important competition held annually that invites near by schools to send a certain amount of students to compete against others. Students may choose to fight and it isn't a brawl to the death. Several categories are planned to provide different things for students to show off in.]
[size10 [b More terms will be added even after the roleplay has started!]]

[size10 [center [b MAGIC TYPES:]]]

[size10 [b Fire:] One of the primary elemental types of magic. Very powerful, but hard to control. Demons usually master this type, but other races like elves can as well. Weak against water, but grows powerful when used with air. (Air=oxygen)]
[size10 [b Water:] One of the primary elemental types of magic. Decently strong, but the easiest to control with the right concentration. Common in most races except demons and angels. Weak against earth, lightning and some what air since large guest of winds can blow water back, but very effective against fire. Makes a great combination with lightning if used with it rather than against it.]
[size10 [b Earth:] One of the primary elemental types of magic. Hard to use at first, but grows easier as the user gets used to it. Can focus on plants, rock, or both. Weak against fire and air, but great against lightning, water, and even light. ]
[size10 [b Air:] The final of the primary elemental types of magic. Very smooth and and gentle to control, but if the user isn't ready to go to the next level of power, it can literally blow out of hand. Weak against earth, shadow, fire and light, but great against earth, water, and even fire in certain ways.]

[size10 [b Lightning:] Very strong, but highly unpredictable magic. Takes many years to even get the slight hang of it and often harms the user greatly if not protected correctly. Weak against earth and light since it has little to no effect on it and space, but strong against water, blood and shadow.]
[size10 [b Ice:] Surprisingly this is actually a newly developed magic. It is weak against fire, earth, and lighting, but super effective against air, water, and even ]
[size10 [b Blood:] Rare and highly lethal type of magic. Allows the user to literally control the blood and tissue in a person's body with ease. Users tend to kill others while angered since it takes little effort to bust a human heart. Vampires were believed to be the first to developed this magic and seem to be the ones with the highest amount of users. People with this magic often hide it since many races kill those who possess blood magic. ]
[size10 [b Light/Healing:] One of the three godly types of magic due to its traits. Although it cannot be used to bring back the dead, it can be used to heal server wounds that can be lethal. This magic type can also control light and heat in some ways.]
[size10 [b Shadow/Darknesses:] Although humans see darkness as evil and mysterious, the magic community sees it in a different way. Shadow magic has many forms and is one of the most wide used type of magic, especially for protection. Have you ever felt that you were being watched in the dark? That was probably a lower form of a shadow protection spell commonly used to drive off humans from a certain area. Weak against lightning, but effective against air and has shown signs of blocking blood type magic.]
[size10 [b Space:] Highly rare and so far only three cases of users have been documented. According to poorly written notes, it is said that the user not only controls the stars, but also create the elements needed for life. Users are said to be master of all magic types and even some that haven't been documented yet. Some say that the users disappeared into space to live else where in the universe. ]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" SCHOOL RULES]]
[size10 1.) Students mustn't practice spells that are not copied in school spell books. This is to provide protection to not only the caster, but others surrounding them.]
[size10 2.) Race does not label someone and their true abilities. See them for who they are inside rather than outside. ]
[size10 3.) Students may visit the dorms of the opposite gender until curfew (10:30pm). If a student is found in the opposite dorm after curfew, punishment will occur.]
[size10 4.) Do not use your abilities to harm someone. If a student attacks another in such way, the victim(s) have the right to defend themselves. Fighting may only occur outside school borders, during a class with a teacher'a supervision, or during the Exponentia Cast Tournament.]
[size10 5.) Sociuses of a certain size may stay in a students dorm. If larger than a hound, they must be kept in the school stable. Forced linking is banished and those caught with sociuses captured with such method will be punished.]
[size10 6.) Humans mustn't be brought anywhere near the school. Human hybrids are allowed, but may need help getting past the shield surrounding the school depending in how much human blood (genes) they contain.]
[size10 7.) In case of an emergency, students must report wherever their teachers tell the class to go. If not with a teacher, report to one of eighteen shield bubbles or underground in the safety passageway that leads to several hidden rooms. Leave all belongs behind. Life magic is rare after all while spells can easily repair lost items.]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" THREAD RULES]]

[size10 1.) Minimum of a [b paragraph] per post. Please wait until [b two others] have posted before you post again.]
[size10 2.) Sex scenes isn't allowed however it can occur if it fades into black and not described in posts. Blood, gore, drug usage, and dark themes will occur.]
[size10 Unlike other magical crap, words used to cast spells aren't used unless dark summoning. Think of magic in this roleplay as bending in Avatar since it uses motion and concentration rather than fancy, dancy words.]
[size10 3.) Be sure to check to see if the race you plan to be has a limit. Anima Lectors have the most limits and cannot be in the roleplay as students unless you somehow manage to convince me.]
[size10 4.) PM completed skellies to me. Do not get mad if your character is rejected since I am pretty lenient and it usually means something serious is not right about your character if I turn it down. Multiple characters are allowed! If your character isn't a race listed than leave a small description with your skelly! I will make a page that lists these races.]
[size10 5.) Socius can either be a second character of yours or you can pair up with another person and their character!]
[size10 6.) Plot twist are welcomed as long as you message me about them first.]
[size10 7.) HAVE FUN YOU SWEET SEXY BITCHES. c; [size5 nice butt btw.]]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" PLOT, POSTING ORDER, AND DROPPING OUT]]
[size10 [center [b PLOT]]

The plot is fairly simple. The roleplay will begin with the first day of a new school year with out students either being new students or returning students. Our fort few posts will be about their first day which they spend to unpack in their assigned dorms, bond with a sociuses if they do not have one yet, and roam around the academy either with a group tour or by themselves. After that we'll slowly sink our way through the school year with the villain characters coming in. Other than that I'm free with having this roleplay going with the flow of our posts. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me to make sure that it is acceptable.

[center [b POSTING ORDER]]

Until I see how many people join, the only limit for posting is to wait until TWO others post after your last post before you post again.


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If you must drop out PLEASE OH PLEASE PM me! If you have a situation like me to were you can't get in for a few days, tell me about that as well so we can make it to where you won't hold others up.

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" SKELLY]]

FULL NAME: (first-middle-last)

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED STUDENTS]]

[b [size14 [center .: Anastasia Mikhail Motkova :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Anya, Ann
[b AGE:] 17
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Demon
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Dark, earth
[b EXTRA:] An energetic and bubbly troublemaker with a dark sense of humour, Anya is a student from Moscow, Russia. She is a Troian, a Russian demon that attacks at night. She is rather indolent and lazy during the day, usually preferring to sleep through her classes, but when the sun sets she is much more active. She is sometimes found hunting through the mountains that surround the Academy for prey, which is an activity that gets her placed in detention several times. She only gets along with a hand-full of students, while the rest are either the subject of her mockery or her indifference. When she is exceptionally agitated or when she goes hunting properly, she takes on her more demonic form.

[center [b [size14 .: Jason Blitz Donner :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] - - -
[b Age:] 17
[b GENDER:] Male
[b RACE:] Wizard
[b EXTRA:] - - -

[b [center [size14 .: Hath'ai :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Hath or Ai
[b AGE:] Seventeen
[b GENDER:] Male
[b RACE:] Agram
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Earth and Fire.
[b EXTRA:] A rather sarcastic, and at times rude, young man, Hath'ai is often disliked for his somewhat surly behavior, although if one actually tries to get to know him, he's actually rather friendly and just shy, hiding that behind his blunt and brusque "personality". Being an Agma, Hath'ai has been hunted down for or his pitch black wings or for 'socius' uses.

[center [b [size14 .: Nightstar Blood Kitle :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Star or Night
[b AGE:] 16
[b GENDER:] Male
[b RACE:] Angel-Wolf hybrid
[b MAGIC TYPES:] shadow, fire
[b EXTRA:] He has visions about the people he cares about so he can protect them

[center [b [size14 .: Phillip Qiang Beifong :. ]]
[b NICKNAME(S):] Phil
[b AGE:] 20
[b GENDER:] Male
[b RACE:] Wizard
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Earth and Healing
[b EXTRA:] - -

[center [b [size14 .: Zaleria Penelo Youngflower :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Zal
[b AGE:] 16
[b GENDER:] Demigirl
[b RACE:] Demon-Elf Hybrid
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Earth, Fire
[b EXTRA:] ---

[center [b [size14 .: Winter Beth Decon :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Winny or Win
[b AGE:] 18
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Werewolf/succubus hybrid
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Shadow/Darkness and minor Fire
[b EXTRA:] Winter is often reserved and will speak very little. She has also been unable to find a Sociuses with a compatible aura.

[b [size14 [center .: Emily Victoria Wilkins :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Emi or Ems
[b AGE:] Fifteen-years-old
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Sphinx
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Lightning, Earth
[b EXTRA:] She's a second year student but new at Silhouette Academy since she transferred from another school. Although she can shift through her forms with no problem, she tries to stay in her human form since her race has had issues lately in the magic community.

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED TEACHERS]]

[center [b [size14 .: Jacob Nathaniel Fredrick :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Mr. Jay for his students, Jake/Jay for his peers
[b AGE:] 29
[b GENDER:] Male
[b RACE:] Wizard
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Shadow, Lightning, Ice, (with a rudimentary
understanding of the core elements)
[b SOCIUS:] Rumored to be partnered with a dragon that lives in the mountains nearby
[b EXTRA:] Jacob, never a man of many words, has remained a mystery for the three years he has taught at Silhouette. Though passionate about his class and the students that attend it, he is not one to deviate from studies and holds his students at the highest standards. It is not uncommon to fail his class. Because of this, he is not a very popular teacher among the student population, but he does demand the respect of those who are serious about their studies. It is rumored that he has a chained partnership with the large orange dragon that lives in the mountains, one that he will neither confirm nor deny.

[center [b [size14 .: Yeva Mirabelle Laforet :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] 'Miss Laforet' for students, Yeva or Mira for peers
[b AGE:] 25
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Demon
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Fire, Dark (specialty) and Air
[b EXTRA:] Yeva discovered her first affinity (fire) at a very young age. Unfortunately she lost control and burned the house down that evening; friends of her parents took her in and raised her alongside their own children-- as a vampire like them, to hide what happened for as long as possible. Her last name also changed, to keep up the charade. Though thankful, Yeva still applied to be a student at the Academy in order to develop her abilities and live as a demon. Years later she has decided to come back to the academy as a teacher, in order to give back to the place that helped her and continue developing her skills .

[center [b [size14 .: Arrow Greenwood :.]]
[pic ]]

Nickname: N/A
Age: 24 (assumed)
Gender: Female
Race: Witch
Magic: Lightning, Water, Blood, and Healing
Extra: A very to-the-point type person. Arrow is also distant most the time. She pushes her students to the limit, and seems to be cold, but can become a huge softie when she sees her students successful. Yet something also seems to be off about her.

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED SOCIUSES]]

[center [b [size14 .: Ash Withcott :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Wolfy and Doomsday
[b AGE:] Roughly one-hundred-years-old
[b GENDER:] Believed to be male, but hasn't been proven
[b RACE:] Demonic Wolf
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Fire, Air, and Shadow
[b EXTRA:] It is unknown how Ash managed to wind up at the academy. He's been there for several years without being unable to connect with any student as their socius.

[b [center [size14 .: Lupita Moira Olvera :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Lulu, Momo.
[b AGE:] 23
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Dragon
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Water, Lightening and Healing.
[b EXTRA:] Brought up in shallow waters, Lupita was tamed by locals who often came across her whilst fishing or even a dip in. Soon curiosity took the better of her and she was found wondering around the area of the Academy looking for the delicacy which now has been named for her - garlic bread. However being the often cautious and cowardly dragon she is, quickly escaped the arms of students who had seen her and slithered into the darkness of the deeper waters. Although her mother tongue is of growls and hisses, she does speak fluent English and often is found near the bridges or ports and is able to be caught as a Sociuses by any student that wanders by, but of course, only if she lets them.

[center [b [size14 .: Nyx Ashling :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Nyx, The Wailing Witch
[b AGE:] Appears in her early 20s, believed to be around 600-700 years
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Siren*
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Sound**, Dark, Water
[b EXTRA:] Although she has a natural power over the water, Nyx detests it. Within the water, Nyx loses her humane appearance, taking on her true siren form. [ ]
[b EXTRA:]She has been at Silhouette for only a few years, but has been unable to find someone who won't fall dead drunk on the words of her songs. Nyx is normally quiet and reserved, tending to blend into the background of things. It is not uncommon for her to use her voice as a charm to get what she wants, often more snacks or hushing people who see her visiting the lake after curfew. She often loiters in the sick ward of the school, singing to soothe the patients. Her words cannot heal the sick, but it can dull their senses to block out the pain.

[center [b [size14 .: Rhaegos the Warm :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Ray
[b AGE:] 150
[b GENDER:] Phoenixes have no gender, but if they did, Rhaegos would be a "male".
[b RACE:] Phoenix
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Fire, Air, Earth
[b EXTRA:] ---

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED VILLIANS]]
AGE: 307
GENDER: Female
RACE: Jibakurei
MAGIC TYPES: Knowledgeable in all but space
EXTRA: A spirit that wonders the school ground by night, she is on file as a student and appears on registers but teachers tend to ignore her name. According to her file, she was a talented half witch that was pelted to death by the other students using books from the library, this has resulted in her being rather violent towards any students she comes across but she seems to respect teachers and otherwise obey the rules, she has studied more magic then most living creatures are able.

Meaning literally "earthbound spirit", a Jibakurei is a spirit in Japanese mythology that is strongly attached to the place of its death.
As a spirit/ghost they lack any physical body and are nearly undetectable by humans, they are naturally skilled with magic and immune to all things none-magical and physical based magic, they also can't physically manifest most types of magic so no matter how much they learn most can only be used on other spirits. Blood, darkness/shadow and space are the only type's of magic they can use, equally Light/healing, Darkness/shadow and Space are the only ones able to harm them.

[center [b .: Pre-death :.]
AGE: 14
GENDER: Female
RACE: Half Witch.
ROLE: Student
APPEARANCE: EXTRA: Lurline is well studied, able to pick up magic very quickly and is very creative in its applications, she is however a loner and an easy target for bullies.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

Anya sniffed the air around her thoughtfully, her purple eyes jumping from one prickly evergreen bush to the other, her lips turned downwards and her fingers twitching subconsciously by her side. When the thrumming scent of the rabbit’s blood subsided to the scent of soil and sap, the infamous Troian demon of Moscow switched to relying on her hearing, as she pricked her ears up and raised their sensitivity with a simple thought. Soon the sounds of the forest opened up to her, as if a thick curtain was pulled to the side; the water droplets of dew that slide down the grass, the tinkling steps of insects crawling about, the quiet murmured chirps of baby birds bundled on high branches. The sounds were loud but pinpointing the thumping gait of the huge, silky brown rabbit she’d spotted a few minutes ago was a simple task for the trained hunter. She turned her head slightly to the left and picked up her pace, heading closer to the outer portions of the forest that lined the reaching mountains lassoing the Academy. She walked quietly, creeping over patches on the ground that would alert her presence and stepped over an overgrown tree root before she saw her prey sniffing at something near its foot. It’s hide stuck out like it was inviting her to sink her sharp teeth into it and Anya could feel her stomach grumble and her mouth water. Her fingers twitched more now, and she was about to take the killing dive when another sound infiltrated her senses, followed by a smell.


With a silent and graceful twist of her right ankle, Anya took refuge behind one ancient, giant oak whose dark bark was gnarled with holes and watched as the creature came launching out of their spot and quickly ended the rabbit’s life with their monstrous claws. The she-demon continued to watch as the werewolf prepared their meal, sighing softly and sadly at the loss of her brunch. Oh well, she’d saved some cold cuts back in her dorm anyways. Fresh kills were always favoured, though.

Anya made her way out of the forest, not bothering to keep quiet of her presence, but she noted the werewolf’s scent and vowed revenge over her lost meal. Just something small and simple to start of the new year. No one said being one of Silhouette Academy’s resident troublemakers was an easy role. She brushed a twig out of her thick black hair and squinted as the light of the sun, which had been blocked behind the arching shade of the trees in the forest, bounced off her pale skin and proceeded to enact its full influence on her. Anya hated the mornings; scratch that, she simply hated any point of the day where the sun insisted on beaming down and sucking all her energy out of her body like a leech. Being a night-dependent demon attending a daylight school was probably, in hindsight, not the greatest idea she’d come up with. But hey, she was coming back now for her third year at the Academy, so she had nobody to blame but herself for putting up with it all; sleeping through her morning and afternoon classes, missing events and newsletters, using open spots where she didn’t have class to curl up somewhere absurd for a nap.

Oh and of course skipping some of those daylight classes to take a stroll through the forests in hopes of finding a meal she could keep in her private fridge in her dorm until the night finally settles and she is rejuvenated. Strolls that, if she were caught, would no doubt be just another case added to her impressive folder of detention slips. She was going to break the record this year, she swore to herself, a record held by a demon-elf hybrid who’d miraculously graduated a couple years before she’d started the Academy.

It wasn’t like she’d started out with the goal of purposely doing risky and rule-breaking acts; she was simply struck with the realization, after one year and 30 detention slips, that it was just way more fun and exciting to do so, something to liven up her life, as well as the lives of the staff and students although they won’t admit it.

Anya made her way to her dorm on the girl’s side of campus. She was returning to the room she’d had last year--a wide space with enough distance between her bed and her roommate’s bed, a decadent closet and a well-furnished and beautiful bathroom. Her fridge sat near the foot of her bed and was locked with magic. When her last roommate, a small and shaky vampire, had tried to open it without Anya’s consent, she’d had to walk around school with a black cloud over her head that rained down hail until a teacher uncursed her. Which efficiently squelched any creature’s doubts over the Troian demon’s vengefulness and malicious humour.

Anya wasn’t evil, per say. She was just the type of character to draw a line and make it clear that you should never cross it.

After brushing her hair, washing her face, clinching on her one signature gold earring that fell over her shoulder and throwing on a black tank top, matched with red pants and black peep-toe flats, Anastasia Motkova felt ready to face the new and the old of Silhouette Academy.

Outside, the sun continued to beat down with a blistering humidity but Anya was prepared. She’d smeared some magic-infused, earth-bound cream on her skin, her own invention, and slid thick, black sunglasses over her glowing purple eyes. She trudged around the campus, eying, with a wicked smile, the recently-admitted students, that came in all shapes and sizes and auras, that milled about or where shown around by tour guides, their eyes wide and twinkling with unbound nervousness and excitement.

Ah yes, fresh meat is truly the best meat.

She skipped over the teachers’ demonstrations, keeping her eyes to the ground. It was rare for Anya to get along with any student, rarer still to get along with any teacher. Most knew her by reputation, other’s by interacting with her, and frankly she was no favourite to them, either. Some teachers like Mr. Jay and Miss Greenwood, whose rooms Anya avoided like the plague, were especially resentful. She was glad her talents lay in Earth and Dark; she had to only deal with teachers like Miss Laforet, who was...acceptable, to put it as nicely as she could.

She finally made her way to the stables where they kept the Socius, a large building mostly made up of wood injected with powerful wards. A small group of students, some that looked familiar and others that were very obviously new, had gathered around the entrance, awaiting access. This was a part of the 101 week; allowing the students to take a peek at what prized partners the Academy kept for them, well-fed and groomed, for their picking should a link be made. Anya had never shown interest in being connected to another being in such a manner, the concept making her shiver with unpronounced uncomfort. It was properly handled and safe, but the Troian found she wasn’t as drawn to it like most. Luckily for her, none had matched her aura during her first year and she hadn’t bothered to come back to see if the new Socius faired a better chance of being matched to her.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the stock this year. Especially since she spotted the werewolf that had snatched her meal in the small crowd around the door to the stable. Cracking her neck, she stepped behind the group, keeping away from the door so the smell and sound from within wouldn’t overtake her like they sometimes did when she got too close, and watched as a blind, barefooted man made his way to the front. Anya recognized him by face, but not by name, and hoped she wasn’t wasting her precious first day on a boring tour.
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Winter had waited at the entrance of the stables for a while, before a barefoot man who seemed to be an instructor came to the stables. She noticed his nose twitching, and wondered if he would notice her. Her ears and tail were still damp from her swim and she had slept in the forest the previous night.

Grabbing her tail and bringing it to her own sensitive nose, Winter sniffed the gleaming fur. Smelling her human smell she concluded that the man would indeed be able to smell her if he were close. The stables oozed with different scents. Mostly wet fur or skin. [i Depending on his sense of smell would determine if he smells me or not.] The girl thought as she continued to wait.

The lady in the front office had told her to bring her things to her dorm room then gave her a slip to show the guide and the stable keeper. Winter had only her bag so she had headed straight for the stables. While she had been waiting, before the shoe-less appeared, she had tried to peek in to the building, but found both doors sealed and nothing to stand on to see in the windows. After failing to see anything the girl had sat down next to a tree a little ways from the stables doors. Now that the man had shown up she rose and walked over to him.

"Are you the guide?"
  Winter Decon / LunaBloodRose / 5y 54d 21h 25m 50s
Ever sighed and looked up at the celling as she lie awake in the middle of the night. [#0000cc No matter how hard I try, I just cant sleep. Dammit.] She punched the sheets beside her, exhaustion pulling at her eyes. She hummed softly in a futile attempt to fall asleep, thinking back to her mother. Mamma Moore always sang Ever a lullaby. Ever frown. Remembering her past was not something she liked to do, but she always did. The thoughts running through her mind kept her up, altering her mood at the drop of a pin. Tears welled in the back of her eyes and she closes them tightly. [i I mustn't cry. I can't. I must be strong] She lay in her bed for another hour before the dead-like sleep pulled her into its grasp.
She woke to the sun shining through a small slit in her curtains and warming her cheek. [#0000cc Ah sunlight. How I hate it.] She slid off of her bed and closed the small gap. [#0000cc Waking me up now are we? Do you expect kindness from me?] She sighed again. [#0000cc Why must Mother Nature hate me so?] She shook her head and frown. [#0000cc I suppose I can run on the pitiful one hour of sleep.] She walked to the bathroom it the pitch black room. Peeling her nightgown of she turned the shower on, waiting for it to warm up a bit. As she stepped into the stream of water she sighed, as it woke her tired bones. She took her time washing. As she finished she stepped out, hair dripping, and grabbed a towel. Gently patting her hair dry she slipped on her dress. She sighed, pulling the fabric around to try and make the clothing more comfortable. She tried to remember the reason she went through such a hastle to put on the dumb dress. [#0000cc Ah yes. It was a gift.] She had finally fixed the gown and slipped on her shoes when she felt a ray of sun peek through her window. [#0000cc Well it seems we have an issue. I will have to fix it later.] The girl stalked out of her room, the sudden light temporarily blinding her. Her pupils went crazy in their sea of baby blue. She sheilded her eyes against the dimly lit hallway. [#0000cc I much prefer the dark.] She said, wet, white hair flopping against her back lazily. She sighed and walked down the hallway, not sure what she was doing.
  Angel Kirkland (london) / Angel_Kirkland / 5y 39d 17h 24m 2s
"Gimme back my nocturnality." A demon mumbled boredly, yawning for the--"how many times did I yawn already? Gods, I lost count." Hopefully that was the last time today . To think from now on she was a teacher; in the end would it really be worth the sleep deprivation? Surely this wouldn't have to happen every day. Was it too much to ask for lecture time slots all in the afternoon?

She yawned again, rubbing an eye before finally standing up and getting ready for the day. Wasn't the tour for new students supposed to start soon? They would begin at the stables and then see each part of the campus. That included classrooms and optional teacher demonstrations. What a pain. Not to mention with all the teachers introducing themselves one after another like that, no way they would remember all the instructors' names; let alone probably care even if the subject taught interested them.

First impressions were the most important, after all. "I sure like being a pessimist, don't I?" She could easily picture screwing it up by simply introducing herself to the students in such a boring and unmemorable way. "You know what? I'm technically new too." she said, tying her hair up and donning more casual clothing. The idea forming in her head grew increasingly interesting as it brewed. Yeva left for the stables on campus; what better way to start her teaching career than to 'firstly get on the level of a student' and informally meet her class?

She approached the destination, looking both ways to see if anyone was already here. "You'd think with how long some of you all have been here, you'd have nicer living quarters." The demon recognized a few of the Sociuses that she'd first met as a student.... real student. Had they still not fed yet today? They better be glad no one here was a vampire, or that would hideously backfire, wouldn't it?

Yeva couldn't help but smile a little at the thought, before walking around some more in search of anyone else. There was a smiling kid who was barefoot already here-- was that really the only other person? Just how many people were going to be taking this tour anyway? It was pretty early, she wouldn't blame anybody for still wanting to sleep .
  Yeva Mirabelle Laforet / HowPosh / 5y 61d 19h 41m 1s
"Alright everybody, keep close to me! Don't worry, the school is just past this forest!"

Phillip was in a happier mood than usual as he led a group of students through the forest, grumbling random obscenities along the way. Just past the forest huh? Easy to say when you had the level of endurance that being a geomancer brought, which unfortunately the younger students did not. “This doesn’t seem right.” One of them piped up as he attempted to lock onto one of the many glowing puffballs that kept flying just out of their vision. The forest around them was abuzz with life, from exotic birds to mushrooms that walked around and trees that seemed to be breathing.

After what seemed like an eternity, the group reached the edge of the forest and, as if a bulwark to the uneasy feelings of the forest, it stood. The sounds of the the students’ excitement behind him caused a smile to show itself, he was there before and he could only remember the first time he visited the school..

..Silhouette Academy

He let out a sigh as they basked in it's beauty, it wasn't just a school, it was like a sanctuary. He could feel the sunlight that glistened from it’s walls even from here. Then screamed in abject horror when half of one tower exploded and fell to the ground! The day was only beginning and he knew that he had other duties to attend to.

They ran down the steep hill to the front gate and Phillip unloaded the children onto a proper guide and advisor, some teacher for magical defense if he heard correctly.

"I can't believe you did it...AGAIN!" As he made his way further towards the entrance, he heard an older woman scolding a child, who was sniffling and probably very sick.
"Hehe...Bless me?"

"Honestly, next time if you're sick...please stay home."

Phillip smiled as he made his way, with his usual confidence, through the halls of the Silhouette academy. Like many of the others with a high level grasp of Earth Magic he was barefoot and wore only practical clothing, in his case a sleeveless shirt and loose fitting jeans that, despite his condition, actually matched!

The feeling of marble beneath him was exhilarating, it was cool and smooth and through it he could feel the heartbeats of every student that walked the halls with him as well as everyone on any form of earth for three miles. It also allowed him to see where walls and obstacles were as he made his way towards his homeroom, where he would be tasked with leading a group of students to the stables near school.

[i Much better than the mush of the forest..] he thought to himself [i It’ll take me ages for my feet to feel clean.]

Thirty-nine. Forty. Forty-one.

Counting steps wasn’t needed for him any longer but helped keep his mind off of the people and the new scents they brought along. Perfumes and colognes, some smelled nice while other aggressively demanded his attention with such force that his eyes watered.

After a while he made his way to a set of marble stairs to the second floor and quickly went he went up as quickly as he could, as he did he could feel a few people stare at him and responded with a cheeky smile and lazy wave, surprising the students enough that one of the made an odd noise.

When reaching the second floor, he wandered around in relative silence as the hall he was currently in was reserved for other geomancers and there were few. He checked in with a superior and was handed his next assignment, one that he didn’t particularly enjoy but found better than the boring introductions teachers gave to their first year classes.

With a shrug, he ran a hand through his red hair and laughed, since there would be no one that would stop him now.

With a certain sense of urgency he followed his steps and made his way outside of the school and followed the smell of wet fur and meat to the stables that contained the Socius. He had never bothered with finding one for himself and usually never came near the stables as the smell was usually unbearable. Fortunately, to help with the smell the staff had promised not to feed the beasts inside until after the tour was completed.

"[b Here we go..]" he whispered to himself, a cheerful smile growing on his face, waiting for the students to appear.
  NakedWizard / 5y 55d 4h 44m 18s
In the sub-oceanic the blue corralled dragon swam around the Green Fort Port which was south of Silhouette Academy, as well as a well-known marketing village in which sold goods of wizardry to the institution. The dragoness' webbed claws powerfully pushed herself onto a nearby fossiled rock which was covered in limpets that made it somewhat easier to climb her whole slimy body onto the rock, leaving a trail of algae which had caught on her whilst she had checked out her territory for any others which had come to challenge her. The marine animal, slightly tired from the morning swim/bathing, went on her side as a dog would do after chasing its' tail repeatedly - although Lupita would never say it was the similar situation.

She was a fearless warrior, something of greatness... in her least dragon populated lake. However if such an incident would happen, it was mostly smaller reptiles or such water creatures that would enter as prey than predator. If someone bigger than her then she would be in the terms of "screwed". She was a coward and a terrible sour loser if engaged in any sort of battle which was much known with fishers who tended to get to her meals.

Lupita watched as the markets set up for the morning, planning to draw in inexperienced students to their highly priced simple spells. Some markets were genuine however selling and trading fairly but others would take advantage and greed was infectious. Lupita, herself, was rather valuable to have a socious; a water dragon with lightening and healing powers... a great defender but as she never really practiced, her lightening skills of what a young student would currently be graded as.
[i Ah... The students seem excited... ]

Arrow milled outside the school, taking a break to smoke. She watched slowly as the students trickled in. Some seemed excited for their first year of school, others on the other hand, seemed used to the routine.

Smoke blew out of her mouth as she put out the cigarette, waving it out of her face before she popped in some mints. It was a nasty habit, but it hasn't killed her yet. How long she has done it, she didn't know. The centuries all blurred together after a while. Arrow placed her black sun hat over her head, and watched for a little while longer as the students walked in.

Some would look away from her, others would force a nervous smile. Honestly, she didn't blame them. Her ways of teaching were tough, and maybe she would come off as little bit scary, but that was her job as a teacher. She wanted them to learn, and by scaring them she was teaching them through fear. How to handle things while scared. Her classes weren't easy. Her eyes flickered around the area, observing the new faces and the old ones.

Some were past students that didn't bother taking her class again. Those who were brave enough to take it again she liked. It was rough, she definitely didn't make it easy for them. Sometimes she would have her more open days, but those were rare.

Arrow checked the time and decided to head back inside. Most of the students would be going to the stables to see the Sociuses, some even eager to find a partner of their own. Arrow didn't have one now, but she did long ago. A dragon, she remembered. He was a good partner, but circumstances took him away. Arrow put a hand over her heart and made a small prayer to her deceased friend, and then went inside.
  Arrow Greenwood / FinalRebel / 5y 64d 8h 28m 51s
[center [size10 [ [- Cue Music -]]]]

[size10 A single figure strolled her way up a steady and easy tree covered hill. Untamed grass tickled the bottom of her feet as they slid into the arch of her foot and in between her toes. Sandals were far from being the best footwear for walking in thick forests. She wore the cheap sandals you could easily buy at a human ruled mall for only twenty bucks a pair. The coffee brown footwear bent and slid around while its woven straps tugged at her. They twisted around her ankles like angry snakes, hungry for their next meal. An impression of the woven pattern was even printed around her ankles in a red tone of her skin.

Although she had flown most of the trip in her beast form, she made sure to walk the last two hours of her short lived odyssey. She knew good and well that her teachers would know what her race was, but she didn't want anyone else to know about it. Major issues had occurred against her race that she would rather not think about, nonetheless worry about them. If any other student came across her now, whether they see her by air or on land, they would only see her hot and sweaty form of a human. Not a single trait about her looked odd.

A hot drop of sweat trickled down her face like a quick, salty tear. Emily didn't stop to set her bags down so she could free a hand to wipe it off. She kept going. Personally she did not care about how sweaty she was. Brains and abilities got you good grades in school, not looks. She wanted to get to the academy as soon as she could to get the jist of things at her new school. She knew that she would have to get a socius of some sort. Her old school didn't provide the chance to bond with one like this academy was said to do.

The thought excited her. She always wanted to be paired with a socius, possibly a more human one, but could never find the chance of a natural bond. Sure there were plenty of illegal markets, but to her that was slavery.

Suddenly a group of angels broke the light of the sun from her. She looked up to see their massive white wings flapping in the air. A large feather even floated down to her. The girl couldn't help but to pick it up and hold it. Its soft texture felt smooth against her fingers as she careful slid a pair of fingers up it. Seeing this as a sort of a good luck charm, she tucked the feather carefully into one of the two bags on her back before continuing her way towards the academy.

Emily trudged her way through the woods even faster. Droplets of sweat were emerging much faster on her body now than how they were before. Taking heavy huffs for the oxygen that powered her blood, she plowed her way to the bottom of one of the many mountains that rested in a circle around her. At first it seems wild and untouched, but after a moment a pathway appeared.

[I "Hmm, pathways hidden by shadow magic. Interesting," the tired girl thought.]

Emily didn't hesitate to take the pathway. Not only did it prove to be a much faster way up the mountain but the gentle path was far more easy on her feet since rocks, twigs, and grass didn't poke and jab at them. Soon enough she stood before the main gate of the entrance of her new home. The blond released a sigh of mixed with happiness and exhaustion as she walked through the tall gate. Immediately she was surrounded by others compared to how she was alone during her travel. Clusters of tour groups walked by while pairs of friends walked together while chatting. She stayed alone as she marched her way to the main female dorm. In the brochure, it said for new students to go to the main dorm of their gender to pick up what room number they had. It didn't take her long to find the building. After all she did have a feeling as if something was leading and pulling her towards it.

A tall, double headed Cyclops greeted her as she strolled into the large and enchanting structure. The architecture was breath taking. Inside was a large tree that stretched its way towards a window roof. Its moss covered branches even reached the railings of the floors. Heck, even the main office in the dorm was built into the ginormous trunk.

[b "Excuse me miss,"] the Cyclops spoke.

Emily didn't even realized that it had spoken to her until the beast talked again. Instantly a blush of embarrassment rushed over her hot cheeks.

[#9acd32 "Oh! Sorry about that ma'am!"] Emily gushed out.

The Cyclops chuckled by how the girl was taken away by the building's appearance, and then spoke, [b "It's pretty isn't it? Even to today I still am astonished by this lovely sight."]

[#9acd23 "I can easily see that."]

[b "Yep, now lets get to the main point! Your room is number 1008 on the tenth floor in the dorm building next door. Your roommate hasn't checked in yet so there could be a chance that you might not have one. Oh and don't worry about keys. Your dorm will automatically open up for you."]

Emily seemed a bit taken away at how the Cyclops knew what room see was in, [#9acd32 "How did you?.. Oh never mind miss. Oh what time may the group tours to the socius barn start?"]

The Cyclops blinked slowly, [b "They should begin one hour. Three will be taken today with each tour being their for two hours."]

[#9acd32 "Thank you very much. That'll give me just enough time to freshen up and unpack before the second tour,"] the student said before heading back out.

She quickly rushed to her room and just like the Cyclops said, the dark oak door of her room instantly opened up with a creak. Cool air washed over her skin as the blond entered the surprisingly large room. Two giant beds sat on the dark wooden floors. Each had thick frames made from elegant wood with carefully carved designs in them. A vine plant with glowing flowers made itself home on the brick wall behind the beds. A large wall-sized window rested behind a set of heavy brown curtains, which Emily kept closed shut for the meantime.

The bathroom was what really made her happy. She didn't know it was the fact that she was drenched in sweat or the beautiful appearance that made her love it, but she didn't care to figure that out. Quickly she hopped into the shower and cleaned herself off. A fresh pair of clothing snugged her pale skin after her got out of the shower. she knew her hair would take an hour or so to air dry, but she thought she could use that time to unpack. Silently she began to arrange the contents of her luggage while she waited for time to go by.
  [EMILY V WILKINS] / SenpaiSickle / 5y 65d 18h 48m 16s
It was day one of year four, and Jake was already sick of hearing the chatter of a thousand students fill his normally peaceful school grounds. Even the stone walls of his classroom could not seem to keep the noise out. There was something about the first few days that infuriated the man, sometimes even made him wonder why he took to teaching in the first place. Lowerclassmen were always lost in the crowds, and everyone who was acquainted with the school’s grounds was talking about their summers, their lives, and their fun. Even the teachers seemed bubbly, excited to start a new semester with new students. Everyone acted as though the new school year was the start of a brand new life, and people were optimistic. The first week was always set aside for introductions and friendly chatter to get the students comfortable with the classroom, the teachers, and one another.

This was not the case in Jake’s classroom. Set off at the far side of the campus, Jake taught some of the hardest subjects in magic and did not have the luxury of taking it easy for the first week of school. Jake taught upper-level Lightning and Ice, two almost impossible magics to learn, let alone to master. His students always poured into class with heavy frowns; Jake had a reputation at the school for being an extremely difficult instructor. He was not one to tolerate anything but a focused and dedicated set of students. His class had the highest drop rate, the highest fail rate, and his students were the ones most commonly found in the central office with detention slips. When it came to his magic, Jake taught his students as his father taught him and he held these teenagers to the highest standard.

Jake himself was a wizard of very high standing, something he attained after many years of training alongside of his father. He believed that with dedication and hard work, anyone could become a skilled wizard. It was his mission to build his students into proper wizards that would one day surpass even him. Only once had a student been able to master the class and surpass the teacher, the only recorded 4.0 in Lightning and Ice. It had been done once, and Jake believed that it could be done again. He was always looking for a student that could exceed even his expectations.

Jake was not solely a man without feelings, as he could often be found in the teacher’s lounge bragging about his students and their abilities. When they put forth the effort in class, Jake goes out of his way for his students, taking them on dangerous field trips and treating them as adults. He sometimes even goes out into the world and talks up certain students, creating a reputation for them so that, after graduating at silhouette, they are able to quickly find high-end societies to take them in.

Every year, however, brought new headaches for Jake to deal with. There was always one student that would have to be sent to the Center Office on the first day, and there would no doubt be another that would be completely incapable of grasping the simple concepts. Though he tried very hard to teach at a low enough level for everyone to understand, at least at first, he often looked into the eyes of confused and frustrated students. Stupidity, to him, was self-inflicted and he would not tolerate it; he would sooner kick a student out of his class than allow that student to hinder the furthering of his or her peers. It was a dark philosophy to have in a classroom, but it was important for Jake to create magic wielders who could go out into the world and become something.

Jake sat at the front of his classroom and shuffled through paperwork as the clock ticked above his head. There would be tours coming through soon, something Jake never looked forward to. He was not a dog in a show and, unlike the other teachers, refused to show any of his abilities to the new students as they passed through. Some tour guides learned to avoid Jake entirely, showing the groups only the outside of his door so that they would know where to go if they got the unfortunate assignment of being his charge. Not everyone reads from the same sheet of music, however, and Jake understood this better than most; he was betting on at least three different groups to come through on this particular year. He sighed softly and started placing textbooks on the desks, trying to block out the outside noise by focusing on the ticking of the clock.
  Mr. Jay / VisualViolence / 5y 65d 22h 51m 12s
Winter's morning started about two hours before dawn, when she had been awoken by her growling stomach. Groaning, the white-haired girl rose then stretched. Twitching her nose she smelt a rabbit in the near by forest. [i I did not pack enough food... Damn it.] She thought as she took off the sundress she was wearing and transformed.

Shaking her fur she quickly followed the scent and killed the rabbit. She lifted the dead beast, turned back the way she came and started a small fire. While the rabbit was cooking she bathed in a near by stream and redressed. Returning to the fireside, she took a bite of her catch.

[i I should save some for later, just to be safe.] She thought. Wrapping up a few pieces of the meat she packed her small bag and headed towards the school. She reached a few hours later. After entering the office and getting her papers and such, she was told to head towards the stables. [i Will I be rejected again? Guess we will see] smiling ruefully as she thought this, she walked in the direction of the stables.
  Winter Decon / LunaBloodRose / 5y 67d 23h 39m 2s
[center Hath'ai awoke with a start, sun colored eyes widened and brisk breaths wrenched themselves painfully out of a dry throat, causing the Agma to splutter and cough until he reached out for a glass of water and took a few sips.

Irritation flashed across the winged male's features as he tried to stand up with major difficulties, a look of pain soon replacing that irritation. With a loud huff, the male attempted to get out of bed, but instead he stopped as he felt one of his wings pull back. With one loud grunt, the male shoved himself off the bed, wincing as a few of his feathers were pulled out in the meantime.

After a moment of holding his breath in, the male stretched his sore and sleepy limbs, as well as his wings.

After stretching, the male demon-like being made his way towards his bathroom, shedding his clothes once he was there and throwing them in a corner for later. The males back was littered with scars of all shapes and sizes, but one in particular stood out. It was an upside down triangle at the base of his wings, probably from where his wings had started growing, but it could also be from something else.

Stepping into his shower, with soft slaps of bare feet against the tile floor, a pale hand with pitch black nails reached out for the button to turn the shower on. Once it was turned on and hot water poured out and hit the demon's nude body with an incredible force, a satisfied sigh could be heard from the being. Black hair grew shiny from the droplets of water and sagged down, covering his eyes. It didn't take long for the male to finish showering, and once he did, he stepped out, his soaked body making water drop all over the floor.

Drying himself off, Hath'ai padded over to his luggage that was in a corner of his room, pulling out a pair of black boxers and a pair of black socks. The boxers easily slid over slightly muscled legs and fit snugly around his waist. The socks were also pulled on, hiding pale feet with black sharp nails from the discriminating human eye.

Going back to his baggage, the Agma pulled out black skinny jeans that were ripped on just the right places and an orange shirt that was just slightly too big for him. The jeans were the first to be put on, and they fit his figure even better than his boxers. Next was the shirt, and as it was slipped on the various scars were, them too, hidden from the piercing gaze of strangers.

The being, whose complexion was naturally pale, often stood out from the rest of the population, golden orbs and black feathered wings aside, of course.

Hath'ai slipped into the bathroom and threw the clothes he had slept in somewhere in his baggage, before closing it and dragging it downstairs with him.

Saying Hath'ai was excited for his first day of school was [i preeeeetty] exaggerated. He had been fine all these years without a single minute of school but his foster parents just thought it would be a great idea to go out and meet new "kids". They didn't know what he was, in fact, half of the time, the Agma even forgot he was a different specie altogether. How? Well simply the fact that his "parents" treated him like any other child.

They had died a few weeks ago. Hath'ai wasn't really that devastated about it, Agma didn't really have these human feelings. They were more often than not irritated or annoyed. Sadness or grief was something that they almost never felt.

A small sigh escaped the young Agma, black wings drooping down ever so slightly. The male really didn't want to go to school, but he had promised his Jim and Mary that he would go, so go he would.

Brushing a snow white hair through pitch black hair, Hath'ai stretched his wings out one last time before they disappeared, invisible to the human eye, and all other creatures of course. A black feather floated slowly to the ground, and the Agma bent down to pick it up, twirling it between his fingers.

[i "Alright, let's go then."]

With that said, the male made his way towards the school he would be "learning" and living in.

It took him awhile to find the place, it wasn't exactly near anywhere, so it's not like it was easy to get there either. But once there, the male stood at the gates and with narrowed golden eyes, judged the academy ever so slightly. After a moment, he walked into the premises.

There he was.
Silhouette Academy.
  Hath'ai / Tea / 5y 68d 1h 29m 48s
8:00PM: Read to the younger students, then sing them to sleep.

10:00PM: Visit the lake and clean yourself off. Try not to get caught.

10:30PM: New guard on ground shift tonight. Drag him into the lake, say a few pretty words, let him go. Never deal with him again.

12:00AM: Finally finished cleaning off the smell that is dirt and sweat. Take a walk.

2:00AM: Got hungry, went berry hunting. Not much luck.

3:00AM: Way past curfew, head back to the stables.

4:00AM: Made it back to the stables. Time for bed.

Following a night of adventure, Nyx returned before sunrise to her corner in the Socius Stable. The stable was a little worn down and it smelled like musky wet dog a lot of the time, but the small corner of the stable was what she called home. Aside from her dark Scleras, Nyx looked like your average human; However, instead of the student dorms, she preferred to make sanctuary with the other Sociuses, far away from the normal students. Nyx tucked herself into the corner, exhausted, drifting off into a well deserved sleep...


[i 'Oi ya finally wake up ya big boy?']

You've gotta be joking, he's already here? Nyx shifted in her spot, stretching. The beams of new light just barely reached her feet, a welcoming warmth tickling her toes. How much sleep had she gotten? It was still way too early for anyone to be up. Couldn't she have just a few more hours of sleep? Her eyes creaked open, begging her to let them rest more. Great, now they're chatting it up with each other. Although, she didn't much mind the baritones of the wolf's voice, as much as she detested the sound of that particular Watcher's throat.

[i 'Breakfast will be after the tours...']

...Oh wait, what? Tours? She forgot that was today. The start of the new semester. This would be her 3rd or 4th time going through this little showcase. What a drag. The sound of steps and a door closing signaled to her the coast was clear. A small yawn escaped her as she called out to the wolf.

[b [+darkturquoise "... I don't envy you, Child of the Wolf. First they deny you your meal, and now you're to be a doll on display."]] She yawns again, extending her legs into the heat of the sunlight.

[b [+darkturquoise "Another semester of you traumatizing some poor soul that I'll eventually have to sing to. Would you mind easing up on the brutish acts? It really is a pain to unwind the knots you tangle in them."]]

Nyx stretched to relieve stress in her shoulders, still weary and tired from her nightly activities. It was unfortunate that she'd have to entertain the children in her current state, but you reap what you sow. Maybe if she stayed quiet enough in her corner, they wouldn't even notice her; Another year of peaceful loitering.
  Nyx Ashling / Momma_Alice / 5y 67d 19h 46m 16s
[size10 As beam of newly lit sunlight hit the closed lids of a beast as white as snow. For a moment or so it did not budge, only taking deep breaths slowly, but soon enough the great giant rose from its slumber. It took a large stretch while spreading out its long limbs with a heavy yawn all around its part so called den. As it did so, the bright glow of vein like patterns appeared on the wolf's arms, legs, and mouth. When he finally settled back down on the ground with a thud, he opened his eyes to reveal a pair of solid black pits. They seemed endless and had shadow-like wisps trickled around the edges like black smoke. The only time that they changed colour was when he was either using fire magic or caught in a rage.]

[size10 [b "Oi ya finally wake up ya big boy?"] a voice called from behind a wooden door.

The beast recognized the voice. It belonged to one of the watchers of the socius stables who often chatted with the wolf. Soon enough on of the door slid open to allow even more light. The wolf winced and gave a thick glare at the sudden entrance of the rays of light for a second.

[#CC2900 "Yes,"] the beast started off. It's powerful voice rumbled through the room, [#CC2900 "Are the freshings here already?"]

The wolf referred to the newer students as "Freshings." Often had they wanted to pair up with him due to his rough and powerful appearance, but couldn't due to either being unable to sync with each other's aura or just being flat out annoying. The socius did have a captor at one point during his younger years, but due to tragic events the captor was long gone.

[b "You'll be correct Wolfy. They're already starting to arrive and the ones that do not have sociuses should be here soon. Who knows, maybe you'll find the one."]

[#CC2900 "As if. Anyway as long as I get my breakfast I'll be fine for the rest of the day. Captor or not."]

[b "Breakfast will be after the tours to the stable this year my friend. I think its bad, but hey, not my decision to make. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the more wild ones picked off a student to snack on. See ya,"] the man said before walking off.]

[size10 The wolf huffed out a breath of dislike. Food was on of its most favorite things. However, it could wait on it until later. Unlike some others in the stable, it could control its hunger for an hour or so.
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