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[center Quest Outline

~ Participants:
~ what's happening?
~ what people will be doing
~ whose doing what?

[center [size30 [+red Quest 2]]]

[b Participants:] Everyone who wants to be part of it.

[b What's happening:] Zeus and Poseidon have been kidnapped, and taken to a hidden forest on an uncharted island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, by huge insects. The forest is made of man eating plants the size of skyscrapers. This all was created by the goddess of growth and nature, Demeter, who had inhaled rare and dangerous pollen from a plant, none only by the gods called the Bereavement, which means death. Demeter has inhaled the pollen of the Bereavement, this causing her mind to scatter and causing her to do capture her brothers and try to take over Olympus. And now it is ounce again time for the demigods to save not only Olympus but the world again.

[b What people will be doing? :]
[b [i Phase one ~]] The first group will be sent into the heart of the forest to save Zeus and Poseidon, but this will not be simple, they must fight monsters and man eating plants, and maybe even themselves if they are not careful. Return back to camp with the two gods until further instructions.

[b [I Phase two ~]] after the first group has returned with both gods, group two will be guided by Hecate to find the magic herbs to create an elixir to give to Demeter, which will clean her system of the poisonous pollen.

[b [I Phase three ~]] Another group will be sent to help protect Zeus and Poseidon along with group one, as they return Zeus and Poseidon to Olympus, while fighting monsters along the way.

[b Who’s in which Group:]

[I Group one:]

Mea Elliot

Cain Atlas

Rose Nata

Ellie Forhoward

[I Group two: ]


Helene Irone

Ace Park

Tara Nata

[I Group three: ]

Irene Karma

William Barrus


Kaiden Wirth


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Roleplay Responses

Quest 1

Participants: Everyone who is in the rp as of date,

what's happening?

1) Everyone is sick, well everyone that's in Olympus that is.
2) Depending on whom or dad/mom is, is what you'll be doing.
3) We have 3 weeks.

what people will be doing

Asides collecting ingredients for Apollo, we must bring them in order or else it won't work.

whose doing what?

first phase of the quest

Ellie Forhoward
Kaiden Wirth
Mae Elliot
Hannah Cather
Irene Karma
Helene Irone

- They will be journeying to hell, somewhat slip past Hades, kill one of his hell hounds (sorry) take its heart, before someone is going to have to jump in every single one of the rivers of hell. (ouch) One person only will be allowed to jump into all rivers of hell.

Second phase

Ace Park
Minseok Lee
Helia Duids

-They will be going to Tokyo where they'll have to kill what.... 4 dragons all hidden somewhere, before finding Hermes who is hiding out and hiding a secret message leading to the third phase.

Third Phase

William Barrus
Liam Silverwood
Rose Nata
Danielle Clause

- Kill a Titan. ANY. *look at phase two*

Fourth Phase

Isha Yuki
Eyla Nirav
Biana Lorelie
Irene Karma

- Ransack Camp Jupiter, and try not to get killed. What you'll be looking for would be a golden dragon. That and Luke is back from the dead and he's currently residing inside Camp Jupiter you'll need his help if you want to get out of Camp Jupiter.

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