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[center [+orange Welcome to Camp Halfblood]]

As we all know this camp is pretty much the one true camp for Demigods such as you and I. Because as much as we wish we were normal we're not because Unlike humans we are all wanted dead by either Gaia or some blood crazed monster where you accidentally killed it's child or love etc.

[center Camp Halfblood is the only camp that will keep you safe from that.]

Then again, it is our job at Camp Halfblood to train you so that you don't get killed. That and our numbers are running low again. either way that doesn't stop us from being the kids of gods/goddesses which much to our sadness wish they hadn't had us. Most of us never get the chance to meet the deity which is as such our parents .

So why have we summoned you here?

A) Camp Jupiter wants to destroy Camp Halfblood
B) Someone somehow woke up a Titan.
C) The gods/goddesses have fallen ill and are very much so neglecting their duties because their all in bed sick.
D) A human stumbled across our camp and has told everyone.
- not so great when your trying to save the world and not get killed at the same time.

So what are the rules you ask?

A) no god modding
B) no instant romance
C) no killing each other without prior permission
D) swearing is fine, just don't do it too often
E) Quests will come and go, and some people before hand will be Pmed saying it's their turn
F) Post within 4 weeks or risk getting booted out.
G) if you decide to leave and go your own way Pm me or Kylee with the title : [+red I'm outta here]
F) no copying any ideas cause their mine and Kylee's respectively.

If you haven't already seen the Skelly.

Residence: Camp Half Blood
Pics: As close to human as possible
[center [ Accepted Characters]]

[center [ QUESTS]]

[center [size30 Possible Parents]

[center [size30 [+grey Nyx]]]
The Goddess of the Night

[center [size30 [+navy Styx]]]
Goddess of Hate
Protector of the River Styx in the Underworld

[center [size30 [+red I[+orange r[+yellow i[+green s]]]]]]
Goddess of the Rainbow

[center [size30 [+red H[+orange e[+red p[+orange h[+red a[+orange e[+red s[+orange t[+red u[+orange s]]]]]]]]]]]
God of Metal Work and the Forge

[center [size30 [+skyblue Zeus]]]
God of the Skies, Thunder, Lightning, Hospitality, Honor, Kingship, and Order

[center [size30 [+blue Poseidon]]]
God of the Sea, Earthquakes, Storms, and Horses

[center [size30 [+bloodred [+red Ares]]]
God of War

[center [size30 [+black H[+grey a[+black d[+grey e[+black s]]]]]]]
God of the Dead, the Underworld, Riches

[center [size30 [+green H[+blue e[+green r[+blue a]]]]]]
Goddess of Marriage, Women, Birth, the Heavens

[center [size30 [+pink A[+hotpink p[+pink h[+hotpink r[+pink o[+hotpink d[+pink I[+hotpink t[+pink e]]]]]]]]]]]
Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Procreation

[center [size30 Phobetor]]
God of Nightmares

[center [size30 Calypso]]
Goddess of Silence

[center [size30 Thanatos]]
God of Death

[center [size30 Pandora]]
Goddess of Curiosity

[center [size30 Hermes]]
God of Trade, Thieves, Travelers, Sports, Athletes, Border Crossings

[center [size30 Morpheus]]
God of Dreams

[center [size30 Demeter]]
Goddess of Agriculture, Fertility, Sacred Law and the Harvest

[center [size30 Hecate]]
Goddess of magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the moon and crossroads

[center [size30 Apollo]]
God of Music, Poetry, Art, Oracles, Archery, Plague, Medicine, Sun, Light and Knowledge

[center [size30 Dionysus]]
God of Wine

[center [size30 Athena]]
Goddess of Wisdom and War

[center [size30 Oceanides]]
Fresh water nymph

[center [size30 Hegemone]]
Goddess of plants, specifically making them bloom and bear fruit as they were supposed to

[center [size30 Gaea]]

[center [size30 Not Able to be a parent but able to be blessed by]]

[center [size30 [+brown Artemis]]]
Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, Archery

[center [size30 Hestia]]
Goddess of The Hearth, Home, Architecture, Domesticity, Family, and the State

[center [size30 Eros]]
God of Love

[center [size30 Psyche]]
Goddess of the soul


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Roleplay Responses

Akira wandered to the dining area, and went sniffing for food to eat. At camp, the food was always good, but sometimes would run out for no properly explained reason. [+hotpink "I hope they still have some sandwiches to eat. Those things are sooooo good"] he said to no one in particular. Rakia sensed his partner's thoughts and immediately went sniffing around for some food to eat.
  Couple / TheShogum / 5y 66d 13h 44m 1s

Rose turned to see a little girl come through the gates of camp with a scroll in on hand. The girl was running her way, and her face was lit up with a wide smile. “Tara! What are you doing here?!” Rose yells to the girl in shock. She picks the little girl up into her arms and looks her in the eyes. “What’s this?” She asks the little girl and snatches the scroll from her.


“Hey! Sissy, that’s for every one to read, give it.” Tara says her head swinging with frustration. Though she hugs her older sister.


[i To: Camp Half Blood

From: Olympus

Dear godlings, the gods need your help ounce again. Lord Zeus, and Lord Poseidon have been captured, and taken to an unknown place. Please send a group of your own to find them and save them. Also something is wrong with Demeter, she seems to have in hailed the pollen of a very dangerous flower, we need you to find some items for a cure. Thank you brave ones, and please, something threatens to take over Olympus, we need warrior, thank you.

Sincerely, Hera. ]
  Ace Park / Alisen / 5y 68d 21h 43s
Ellie watched as they all walked to the lake, she hid her confusion when he detached, and walked forward with Mae and over to William. She glanced down in the water and caught the eyes of her reflection. She stared into her own eyes for a moment before turning and replying to Mae.

[+grey "I actually don't hear the screaming anymore. Let's just stay here. It's pretty. They can save themselves." ] She listened to the sounds all around camp. The wind rustling through the trees, or the sounds of animals crawling through the brush, or birds flying over the skies it actually made Camp seem like a normal human camp. Especially now that there wasn't any screaming going on.

She watched Mae through the sun peaking between the trees, and a pang of guilt washed over her. Her friend has never been able to hear these sounds of nature, one of the things that makes life beautiful. Ellie sighed and turned back to her reflection in the pond, her grey eyes were searching her mind for a distraction to keep her mind from feeling too sad for the girl.

Despite her daydreaming, she noticed the change in atmosphere. Almost as if someone was twisting the scenery. She shook her head and glanced higher, closer to the light and noticed that it all went back to normal.
  Ellie Forhoward / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 74d 15h 55m 42s
[b ~Ace~ ]

Ace nods “Thanks, see ya around,” Ace says and slowly turns around toured his cabin, his old line of thought out of mind. He slowly sits on the steps and studies the sword, *whoa, first a demigod, then a quest, a cool brother, and a new sword, weird.* After looking at it a while he looks through a box labeled Lost and Found by a speaker pole and takes an old sword case, which he slides the sword into and hangs it up in his cabin next to the exit door.
  Rose Nata / Alisen / 5y 78d 19h 8m 55s
Akira surveyed his new brother with growing respect. [+hotpink "I see a lot of potential for you Ace. Being cool-headed is a very valuable trait if you want to survive on quests and in the outside world in general. However, I think that we should be moving on. I need food for one thing, and you should be on your way. See you later"] They were both interrupted by a loud bark from at their feet. [+silver Oh, I almost forgot about Radkia... I bet hes hungry too.] Talon strode off, his dog Radkia [pic] trotting along at his heels, heading in the direction of the dining area.
  akira / TheShogum / 5y 79d 12h 7m 41s
Eager to find the excitement of the camp, Mae strutted with a bounce in her step. The anticipation of chaos was all she had at the moment. The humidity radiating from the lake, the lack of a breeze in the air, even the dimming time of day. All were beautiful, spooky, and most important of all, boring. Even the leaves and sticks crunching beneath her shoes had a dull sound to them. What was the point of pretty scenery if you can't feel any of it? Besides the warmth from the woman beside her and the beating of her music, the world seemed like a cold painting. She was there, but she couldn't feel the air in her hair; the leaves rustle between her feet; the birds singing their song. The world was a stranger to her.
But that didn't matter right now. If all went well, she was on her way to start a fire. If someone screamed, then they must be in trouble. If they're in trouble, there must be a situation. If there's a situation Mae could handle it. Throw herself into the action. Fire on her skin, blade through her flesh, bones breaking in her body. A song in the air, resonating within her core.

Anything to make her feel normal again.

Smile stitched on her face, Mae gripped Ellie's arm tighter, finding comfort in her warmth. Ellie was a strange girl, but it was the sort of strange that Mar enjoyed. An outcast, of sorts. She felt Ellie's heat rise when she grabbed hold of her and again when William did. Only this time, a wave of little goose bumps the played along her skin at his touch. Mae knew that Ellie was talking, but honestly, it felt better to feel her talking, rather than actually listening. Ellie's voice was soft, but it had a genuine innocence to it. She suspected that, like herself, not many people got very close to her. A giggle escaped her lips as she snuggled up to Ellie to better hear her ramblings. To be so close to another person, besides her father, without the threat of being shanked or otherwise incapacitated was a feeling long forgotten. It was...nice.

Mae had been so focused on Ellie's heat, she had almost not noticed the three of them stopping at the Lake. Her eyes scanned around for anybody that looked in distress, failing to find them. The strange boy detached himself from the other side of Ellie and approached the lake. From what little Mae could tell, he parted from them saying some words, but she could not catch them in time to make them out. She looked to Ellie, unsure what was going on.

[b [+olivedrab "What's up with him? I thought we were going to a party. Is the party underwater?" ]]
  Lilona / Lilona / 5y 80d 10h 45s
William happily followed Ellie, hooking his arm around hers as Mae did. The air was utterly still, aside from the dull roar of campers continuing to settle themselves, without so much as a breath of wind to stir the comfortable humidity. It felt less like a good omen and more like the calm before a long brewing storm. A wise man would read the signs and stay away but few in the Camp could rightfully claim wisdom. As much as he might hope otherwise, William was no exception.

As he walked the grounds of the camp with thought of little beyond the pair of campers he was with. Silk canopies created shadowed stripes across the sunlight drenched pathway. To one side, and a stream meandered lazily within the harsh, straight confines of a granite channel. The atmosphere around it was dizzying from the thriving population of fish within. William tarried nearby until his head felt light from the fragrance of the deep pine smell. The fantastical shapes of the woods around them seemed to twist into more sinister forms around him as he walked.

He quickly changed their course in search of clearer air and stopped before the expansive lake, which in the daylight made their palatial home seem twice as large. At night, the gardens were little more than a dark smear under the shining heavens above. Even the lights in from the cabins seemed like just so many more stars. He bowed to his own image, trapped in the water among the glistening light of the sun. Such beauty when your head isn't spinning from the crowds of the Camp. “You two should go on without me, I’ll be here awhile long. I’ll catch up with you!” He called out, stepping closer to the water.
  The Prodigy / NakedWizard / 5y 80d 11h 30m 27s

His blue eyes widened as he slowly took the sword. “Your serious?” He asked even though he was pretty sure Akira wasn’t kidding. “Wow, thanks, and I hardly ever loose my head.” Ace was amazed, grateful, but amazed he’d never gotten anything but the knowledge of him being half god. Of course the perks that come with that, but nothing from another person who didn’t care he was a demigod. He looked at the sword then tested its weight after backing up a couple spaces so he wouldn’t hit anything. He made a cut in the air, it was light and that made it easy for him to move quickly. He liked it.
  Rose Nata / Alisen / 5y 80d 17h 48m 37s
As Kaiden slipped his hands down he watched the barrier melt before his eyes. He's only ever made one of those before, he grinned, his mom would be so proud. He admired his handiwork and nodded.

[+orange "I just made a perfect rainbow shield! Wow! My mom would be so happy!" ] He jumped around excitedly, ignoring where he was for a minute.

Kaiden soon realized that the girl in the room was a demigod, he relaxed slightly and melted his shield into his hands again.

His eyes widened, [+orange "Wait. Who are you? Why are you here? Why is Hades in a cage? What's going on?" ] He touched the cage doors, [+orange "Did you do this?" ]

His fear of Hades and the situation melted away completely and wonder took over.

[b [center Ellie ] ]
[pic ]

Smiling she nodded her head, it was nice to know that he remembers her as well. She felt Mae's eyes on her and she turned, [+grey "This is William." ] She turned back to William and gestured to Mae, [+grey "She can't understand you if you mumble." ]

She blushed at the feeling of Mae slipping her arm through hers. Being a child of Hephaestus, normally the most human contact you get is a head pat, maybe. So this was closer than she normally got to people. She squirmed and started rambling off.

[+grey "I don't hear the screaming anymore. But I think it was coming out of one of the big three cabins. And I mean we should go and check it out. Although I think I saw someone walking over there already. Wow. The sun is sure burning today, huh?" ] She bit her tongue and smiled nervously. [+grey "Let's get walking over?" ] She started marching over to the cabins with Mae and William on her sides.
  Kaiden Wirth / Triscuit_Biscuit / 5y 80d 20h 25m 35s
[i "Well, I'm an engine that's wondering anything you sneak."]

...What? No, she must have heard him wrong. What the hell did he just say to her? Mae tilted her head at the man, with a puzzled and awkwardly forced smile on her face. Just great, the guy mumbles. As if lip reading wasn't hard enough with trying to figure out how names are pronounced, now there are people who speak with soft lips. She nervously glanced at Ellie for help, trying not to appear rude as she looked back and nodded at his quizzical statement. Hopefully it was a statement, otherwise he'll be waiting there for a while while Mae nods.

[i "Always nice to see a familiar face!"]

...Oh. She heard that one just fine. Maybe he just doesn't like new campers. Figures. Despite being around them often, Mae did not have a particular fondness for people younger than her, specifically young children. They broke too easily and mince 'n mashed their words too much. It gave her headaches trying to listen to all of them. It must be get old for the senior campers to deal with newbies, understandably so.

[b [+olivedrab "I'm Mae, by the way. Daughter of Calypso. Good to meetcha, strange guy. Sorry to bother ya."]] Mae apologized, turning to Ellie as she was tapped on the shoulder.

[b [+olivedrab "Hella! If there's screaming, there must be a party,"]] she said to Ellie, linking arms with her. [b [+olivedrab "And what's a party without a fire starter?"]] Mae asked, somewhat cynically.

The muffled obscene music could be heard by Ellie as it pounded into Mae's headphones. Normally, Mae would have already begun dragging them to the 'party', however she did not actually know where the noise came from. So for now, she looked to Ellie with puppy eyes, eagerly waiting for her to lead the way.
  Mae Elliot / Lilona / 5y 80d 22h 24m 12s
Akira thought for a moment. [+hotpink "Yea don't lose your head either figuratively or literally."] He said with a grin [+hotpink "What I mean is, stay calm, and listen to your leader. They usually know what they're doing. And never go questing alone. You can ignore the rule of threes if you want. I form a questing party totaling 5 members. Also,"] he drew a short-sword from his pack and held it out [+hotpink "this might help. It was forged by cyclopes, and holds a mild electrical charge for a little extra force. Take it"]
  Kairi / TheShogum / 5y 81d 1h 6m 20s
William, having been in dazed state from the singing, came too and approached the pair of girls he sat with during lunch. The Siren, Mae was her name, was talking as excitedly as he could only assume was her usual demeanor. She was rather...loud. Thankfully, the gifts from his mother could easily protect his ears. "Well, I imagine it's wonderful anytime you speak!" He said, quietly.

At the appearance of Ellie he bowed slightly "Always nice to see a familiar face!" he stated, almost shouting. For whatever reason, the sight of more experienced campers was relieving; as if there was nothing more reassuring as someone who understood their gifts through experience and the teaching of the headmasters. He shook his head yes at her idea to check out the sound, though slightly confused as to why she made herself visible to Mae, surely the girl could hear you.
  The Prodigy / NakedWizard / 5y 81d 20h 36m 59s
[i [b ~Rose~ ] ]

With a tiny shy smile left over from looking at the sleepy, and cute boy she looked at Ajax. Her smile grew bigger as she sunk down to be eye to eye with him. “Well hello, I just got here today.” She loved to see little kids, ever since her little sister had been born. As Rose looked at the little boy she thought about his age, when she looked into his eyes she could tell he was ten, he had that same look her little sister always did when she was excited.

[b ~Ace~ ]

With his blue eyes slightly wider then normal he studied the sword, then looked at Akira “Nice. I really haven’t been anywhere other then here and Texas.” Ace says rubbing the side of the neck. “Wow, ever since I’ve gotten here the cabin was empty.” Ace says to himself more. He smiled “This might be pretty cool.” He says his smile bigger “Do you have any advise for how to fix nerves about my first quest?” He asked.
  Alisen / 5y 83d 14h 37m 34s
[center [pic]

[center [size30 Helene]]
Helene looked up at the male as he walked over, when he said [+54EB39 “Hello! My name is Cain and I am a child of Nyx, and as I know that you are the child of Aphrodite, what is your name?”] she was star struck. [+AC498F [I Cain is beautiful!] Helene thought as she opened her mouth to answer, saying only [+AC498F I…I am… Helene]] as she started to blush.

[center [pic]

[center [size30 Irene]]
Irene looked down at her father and gasped. She had absolutely NO idea how she did that the only thing that had happen was that the young boy had burst in saying that he had heard something and then started screaming that he was sorry and that he wasn’t going to come in here again all while shooting rainbows out of his hands! Irene was confused, She looked at the young boy’s Bubble thing around him, asking [+FB0604 So… What happen?] being totally confused.

[center [pic]

[center [size30 Ajax]]
Ajax looked up at the girl named Rose and said [+634DF0 HI! I’m Ajax and this is my sister!] as he goes and hugs Helene. [+634DF0 This is my second year here! How long have you been going here?] Ajax asks as he tilts his head slightly.
  no character / KyleeTraynor / 5y 83d 16h 58m 26s
[+hotpink "Another Zeus kid, interesting. This should be fun then. I am another child of Zeus, but i'm not around camp much. I usually am out questing, and generally exploring the world. Would you like a blade, or some armor? I picked up a few items while exploring, and also learned a bit of crafting."] He drew a meter long hand-and-a-half sword and twirled it absentmindedly. [+silver Well, I guess this new guy is pretty cool... but I wonder if there are any new attractive girls here]
  akira / TheShogum / 5y 84d 12h 9m 1s

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