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Kriv had seen her drop everything she had, forgot that she was worried and began climbing on top of him. Sure it wasn't much of a climb, but still it annoyed him lightly. Hearing her giggle though indicated that climbing something was something she never did in a long time. Quickly shaking her off he turned to normal, only being unclothed for a split second before his clothes popped back on him.

Looking down at the girl who was now on her back from being bucked off his back he had his arms crossed. [+purple "Done having your fun now?"] He said as he took hold of her gun and started to unload it.
  Kriv Moonshadow (Dragon) / havick / 5y 81d 17h 56m 3s
Seeing the guy turn into an actual dragon suddenly activated her little kid instinct and she climbed on top of him, leaving her gun and anything that might explode on the ground, giggling the whole climb. when she got on top she was amazed at how fun it was just to climb! The last time she had ever climbed something was in boot camp at the beginning of her training, but that was just a normal climbing wall, climbing something that was actually alive was another thing. It made her giggle all the more.
  Izuma Naoko / KyleeTraynor / 5y 82d 19h 35m 18s
Kriv just rolled his eyes as she started to pat him down. [+purple "Is this really required? I mean...Really? Look...Perhaps this would be better."] And with that he turned into his dragon form, that was roughly the size a a lap dog, and all his clothes were dry, clean, and neatly folded on his back. [+purple "Perhaps now you'll have an easier time searching them? I still don't understand why you need to search me.. I could easily eat you youknow. I don't really need anything fancy to do so with."]
  Kriv Moonshadow. (Humanoid.) / havick / 5y 82d 19h 47m 16s
Izuma looked behind her and said [+FF00BB SHOCK? Well that is only part of it! A normal person is not sent out into the woods to find a dragon only to have said dragon come up to her and say hi.] Izuma states plainly doing her best not to scream again went and started to pat him down, like a cop would do at an airport after going through a metal detector.
  Izuma Naoko / KyleeTraynor / 5y 82d 19h 56m 3s
Kriv just shook his head. [+purple "I doubt you d-."] He was interrupted by her scream and run and he just chuckled following her with a normal walk. [+purple "I understand your shock...Not all the time you see a dragon in his human form walk up to a human."] He said as he was now within arms reach of her.

One thing was for sure though, even though they had a human form, didn't mean there strengths were still there. He could still do everything of a dragon, however he just looked like a human.
  Kriv Moonshadow. (Humanoid.) / havick / 5y 83d 21h 21m 28s
Izuma looked up and say the 18 year old as he stated [+violet "We meet again."] She was confused [+FF00BB "Do I know you?"] she asked him. Then she realized that the rain had suddenly stopped and looked up, seeing his wing, and she screamed.

[center [size30 [+FF00BB "AH!"]]]

Izuma started to run just wanting to be away from the strange male, and as she ran she thought [+FF00BB [i Mabye he is nice? Mabye he can help me find the 'dragon' that was following my squad.]] and she suddenly stopped.
  Izuma Naoko / KyleeTraynor / 5y 86d 16h 52m 37s
Kriv, was watching from afar, a small sigh escaping his lips. [+purple[i "Those humans don't know how to lead....All they care about is power..."]] He thought to himself, as he was watching the same sort of scenario for about a year now. It sickened him that the one person there, that 'Sergeant Major' was still around. Normally he would of avoided human contact to begin with, due to him being labeled as a 'monster' and 'threat to society' and was hunted down due to that one fact.

The interesting thing was, normally he would of avoided a place such as a secluded military base out in the jungle, yet instincts were telling him otherwise. Years back when he was still a hatchling, he did hear story's from the elders about dragons choosing humans as a pair, creating dragon riders. They were said to be the strongest bonds alive, and both benefited from it. What they were, no one knew as it differed between the two. He himself, had no clue about that, and all he could assume was the main reason he was at this base, and even was in it for a few days as a 'visitor' only to somehow 'save' one person from different issues, that it was said bond the elders had told the hatchlings long ago. No this wasn't love, but different, it was one of those things that one could never fully understand, but love was differently not what caused said bonds.

The sound of thunder could be heard in the distance, the sound of a pretty bad storm about to show up, a type of storm that easily told dragons of it's a no fly zone bad. Dragons were the masters of the air, and could easily out maneuver, out race, out everything human aircraft could, due to they were biological, and could easily adapt to surroundings unlike man made equipment.

The sound of thunder, quickly was followed by the sound of gunshots. Assuming it was there normal day at there firing range, he was surprised as the Sergeant Major, the one in command of the ordeal of trying to find and hunt down him, started executing all the privates. [+purple[i "That guy is just sick...Executing members of family and loved ones....And more importantly loosing manpower to try and find me.."]] He was glad for some reason however, that one manged to escape, the one he was 'following' for the past year, and before long manged to leave the base entirely, but to his surprise no one followed after. Shrugging he decided now was the better choice to try and introduce himself.

Hopping down from the tree, he started to follow in the same direction the girl went in. The wind picking up, and the first few drops of rain started to come down. Kriv's wings were folded up neatly, and his hands were stuck in his pockets. Human clothing was scratchy, but it did do a good time at hiding the stuff that would take to much energy to use his powers to conceal, his tail, and wings. However, sometimes they wouldn't and like he had to do with the clothes he had, he sliced out slots for them to fit though.

The rain turned into an all out downpour, and anything in the rain would quickly get soaked in a matter of seconds. Walking up to the girl, he extended a wing out shielding her from the harsh, cold, stinging rain. [+purple "We meet again."]
  Kriv Moonshadow. (Humanoid.) / havick / 5y 88d 17h 25m 49s
Izuma was out in the jungle, [i Again] she thought to herself as she sat their huddled up into a ball. This was her second time out in a jungle, the first time was when she was still part of the military, [i part of the killers] she thought as she remembered the Sergeant Major come down the line with his pistol shooting all the Privates one after the other, until only Jack and I were the only Privates standing, and as he shot Jack point blank into his forehead I ran, not knowing what else to do, feeling scared and confused. [i The Sergeant Major was suppose to take care of us not kill us for some dumb show of power to all the First Sergeants] she thought as she shivered. [i And know i am being sent back into the forest to find a creature that doesn't exist!]
  Izuma Naoko / KyleeTraynor / 5y 92d 11h 16m 45s

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