Secrets and Lies

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[center [pic]]

Recently the FBI have been watching the Teller family. Alexander Teller is the father of two boys, and secretly a girl [i from a formal fling] and no one has seen or heard from Alexander at all. With that being said and done, the boys are both in charge for the time being. The boys are also in a relationship. One is married and the other is seeing someone for years. The FBI assumed that the third girl, [i [u My Character]], is one of the boys secret lover. for she’s always around. Of course, only to get to know more about her real family.

They sent [i [u Muse A]] undercover to find out what’s the family is up too. They even want to know where the hell Alexander is hiding and what on earth is he up to! Things get complicated when the family ends up getting blamed for another mafias murder. No one knows about the new mafia. [i [u Muse A]] helps them clear their name. No one knows why, but him. He fell for Rose. He's doing it for her. Rose leaves before things got messy. But she also left with a secret...

Almost three years have passed and [i [u Muse A ]] is still undercover, the allegations from another mafia’s crime were resolved and she’s back but she’s not alone…

[i [center Alexander inherited his role at the age of 19. He was young and reckless. It took him forever to learn how to be the man he is today. It took him to lose more blood relatives to grow up. During his marriage he had a fling with a woman named Linda. Linda ended up pregnant and kept Alexander a secret from him. He would've made her abort it. He doesn't want to have a bastard child like the way his father did. Alexander eventually found out about it. Years later, because Linda's husband told him thinking he would get money out of it. The girl noticed she was being followed and ended up finding out about her biological father when she spazzed on the goons who followed her. Alexander finally showed up and told her the truth. Eventually, she meets her brothers. - Everyone else can build their own story. You may lay it all out in your intro or slowly tell it.]]

[center [u The rules.]]
[center – You will have to double! I do not wish to accept a lot of people and have the RP die. You will have to create a male and a female! I [u will] be doing the same.] [center – This RP will contain romance, violence, cursing, and grown up shit like marriage, cheating, pregnancy… etc.] [center – Please let me know if you’re not going to be able to post, going away... etc. It wouldn’t be right to keep everyone waiting. If we know ahead of time we can control your character or have them take a “trip” to keep the RP going.] [center - We will be using Real pictures. I would appreciate it if the pictures are freakishly huge or overused. I hate seeing the same picture over, and over, and over, and over again. Do you understand what I’m saying?] [center – The char limit will be set to 1200.] [center – I would love it if we can keep making up plot twists and drama. Message me or another person who’s a part of the RP to make up things. If you do plan things with someone else let me know. You do not have to tell me if you don’t wish too, but I would like to know beforehand. Is that too much to ask for?] [center – PM your skellies with the name of the RP as the subject.] [center - Any sexual scenes needs to be time skipped or taken elsewhere! Do not make your character immortal. He/she will get shot, stabbed, beaten and they will feel everything and bleed and possibly be close to death. Also do not GM!]

[center [b [u Skelly]]] [center [b Username:] [i url & username [b DO NOT LINK THEM!!]]] [center [b Name:] [i First, , Last]] [center [b Age:] [i 21 & up]] [center [b Likes:] [i 4 or more]] [center [b Dislikes:] [i 4 or more]] [center [b Skills:] [i If you have any. It can be anything: shooting, cooking, making love… etc]] [center [b Love Interest:] [i We'll decied who will be with who. Obviously whoever plays the undercover FBI agent will be with my female character.]] [center [b Secret(s):] [i At least 1, but you can have up to four.]] [center [b Color Code:] [i What color code are you going to be using for when your character talks? EX: #0000FF]]] [center [b Bio: [i Tell me anything and everything about your character. At least write 6 sentences!]]

|| The Tellers || Lovers
Rose| FBI agent undercover: Open
Chris| [i Wife: open]
Middle brother: Open | Gf: Open]

[b [u Accepted Skellies]]

[b Name:] Rose Mari Lopez, [i she’s a Teller]]
[b Age:] 24
[b Likes:] Movies, cars, baking, dancing, music, kids, shopping, planning
[b Dislikes:] Spiders, shit talkers, seafood, rats aka snitches, cops, her mother, and stepfather
[b Skills:] Dancing, baking & cooking, cars, hacking, fighting
[b Love Interest:] [i Waiting to find out his name…]
[b Secret(s):] Was raped when she was young, has a baby girl, is hiding from Linda and the drunken a-hole
[b Color Code:] [#800080 #800080]
[b Bio:] Rose didn’t have a peachy life. It wasn’t luxurious like how her brothers had it. Her mother was never around, the stepfather is an abusive drunk, which is why they moved a lot and she was raped a few times because her stepfather needed money for his booze and pay back gambling debts. Her mother started doing drugs to get away from the problems. She was bullied as a kid, which is why she started boxing at a young age to release some anger. Hitting the gym even helped and helped her stay in shape. The girl loves dancing and learning new things. She’s a YouTube star along with a friend named Kim for their dancing and having real conversations about anything/everything. When she was 17 she found out about her father and by 19, she met her brothers. To keep her safe from the craziness they didn’t tell anyone who she is. As for the reason why she left, [i [u Muse A]] had a secret. One that broke her heart. She found out when she went to go bail a friend out of jail. That same day she found out one of her brother and [i [u Muse A]] got arrested and she froze seeing him being buddy, buddy with the cops. It wasn’t weeks later she left everything behind she was pregnant. The girl kept it a secret from everyone. Now that her baby is getting bigger it is time for her family to know about her the latest audition of the family.

[b Name:] Chris Teller
[b Age:] 30
[b Likes:] Boobs & ass, females, s*x, cars, gambling, spending money, blowing shit up
[b Dislikes:] Clingy females, time being wasted, his things being blown up or shot at, being played, kids
[b Skills:] Blowing shit up, carjacking, amazing in bed
[b Love Interest:] [i N/A, but will be dating for over a year less than five]
[b Secret(s):] Has a gambling problem, got a girl pregnant but hired someone to take care of the problem, scared of marriage and being a father
[b Color Code:] [#4682B4 #4682B4]
[b Bio:] Juan is the oldest Teller. He is a womanizer. He loves being flashy, having expensive things and, of course, the sexy ladies. He is a big flirt, despite the fact he’s in a relationship. He does love her, but he’ can't help but to continue to be a ladies man. Part of him knows she deserves someone be better. He Although he's married the guy is isn't to crazy with the idea of starting a family of his own. Not with his lifestyle. It was crazy growing up the way he did. Not to mention the danger that's going on now.

[left [pic]] [b Name:] Ariella Sophie Lopez
[b Age:] 1 ½
[b Likes:] Cartoons, balloons, coloring, music, dancing, laughing
[b Dislikes:] Spiders, clowns, sleeping in the dark, thunderstorm
[b Skill(s):] Being adorable, sleeping
[b Love Interest:] Mickey Mouse
[b Secret(s):] Hide mommy’s favorite ring in her teddy bear along with a secret picture of her and her father
[b Color Code:] [#FF00FF #FF00FF]
[b Bio:] There isn’t much to say. Ariella only knows her mommy. She never saw her father. After all, no one knows about her, but one of the brother’s girls who’s close to her mommy. She loves Disney movies, just like her mommy. She even enjoys helping out in the kitchen. Especially when her mother is baking.

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