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These Prompts are all from [ Here]! and I am willing to do an rp with anyone as long as the pictures are anime!

1. Start a story or script by repeating the name of the love of your life twice before anything else.

2. You wake up suddenly to find the "one that got away" sleeping quietly beside you. First thoughts that come to your mind.

3. You walk into your apartment or house to find your greatest love and your best friend are undressing each other on the kitchen floor. How do you react?

4. Re-enact your first date with the love of your life.

5. You have just recognized the girl or guy in the elevator with you. She/he is the person you loved from afar in high school but never asked out. The elevator stops between floors. You two are alone and stuck for at least an hour. What do you do?

6. The person who completely broke your heart is meeting you for coffee in an hour. Describe the next three hours.

7. Your most awkward, embarrassing school dance. Go! :)

8. Your best first kiss, the lead up, and the aftermath.

9. You and your secret crush debate the topic, "better to have loved and lose then to have never loved at all."

10. Losing your virginity, the lead up, and the aftermath.

11. Use the words of a song that make you think of the one who got away as a frame for a story that shows you going through a box of old things.

12. You sit down for lunch with the Devil. Yes, the Devil! He gives you a choice: to spend the rest of your life with the man or woman who got away but you lose your soul, or you keep your soul but you will never have another chance with that person. Weigh both options in your head, decide, deal with your choice.

13. Your best friend within your sexual preference has just declared his or her long-standing feelings for you. Describe the conversation that follows.

14. After casual sex with your office or classroom crush, your crush says the words, "I love you." What happens then?

15. You are waiting for the love of your life to walk down the aisle. Your love's mother comes in with a note. He or she has gotten cold feet. Describe dealing with the two families afterwards and the resulting emotions.

16. Describe a trip outside of your home country that you took with a romantic partner.

17. Describe a memorable drug or alcohol experience that you had with a romantic partner.

18. Imagine that the person who broke your heart the most came crawling back. How would you react?

19. The most passionate intimate or sexual experience of your life! Have fun with this one.

20. The first time you told a non-family member that wonderful and scary phrase, "I love you." The lead up, and the aftermath.

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