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[center [font "Times" Anna's mouth opened, her lips parting and forming into a light O as she exclaimed her wonder at the being. "[+brown Ohh, how wonderful!]" she mused, blinking as she watched the little thing climb down from the top of the aircraft and then inside. The twins' eyes followed Geym with their quiet animation.

They glanced at one another, their expressions keeping the still. Each was rather enthused to see the good, relatively gentle nature of the other being. Their orders were to detain and bring her into the operations headquarters- and the two were more interested in studying the pretty little thing themselves out of curiosity rather than for any higher purpose. Hydra loved thinking that the two were adherent members. It was very entertaining. That was also the reason that they didn't care for the object that Geym was actually guarding, or keeping, that they were told to investigate. It mattered little when they had a new life to explore.

Anna's pallor went a little more pale as she felt the presence of her own interplanar being slip into her body, her eyes darkening a bit as she glanced outside. The voice of her companion had slipped out from exploring the interior of the black Cathedral and back through the shadow of the helicopter back up into the cab. "[B [I Were you not told to do more here?]]" it asked her as its presence settled over her. She folded her hands in her lap and didn't answer, keeping her face unchanged.

"[+brown Only if we are allowed to study you back.]" Anna replied to the little female sembling creature with a smile, tilting her head to the side.

"[+maroon We are curious people. It's only fair.]" Matthew chimed in as he slipped into the cab of the vehicle across from Geym as his twin slipped in on Geym's other side.

"[+brown As far as we are aware we're general human beings,]" Anna said as the pilot started up the engine. It whined a bit, whirring as it started to feed power to the rotors and Matthew shut the door, cutting out some of the sound as the machine started up off the surface and then pulled forwards off of the building and into the air.

"[+maroon Well,]" matthew began, turning his eyes outside for a moment, "[+maroon it will take some time for us to get to where we are going. Faster than going along the ground but it will take about an hour and a half or so depending...]"

*I have an idea for jumping them to the Hydra base because I wonder how Absinthe would react to Anna's and Matthew's "companions"

[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/14/ec/c5/14ecc5089a5a2e50f8b612809f51396c.jpg]
[pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]
[pic http://th03.deviantart.net/fs43/200H/f/2009/137/4/e/Scarred_Girl_by_Samiross90.png]

"[B [+darkgray We've certainly been called worse.]]" The Corporal sighed as he ushered her gently outside and towards the black sedan as the Lieutenant led the way and opened the back door for her. Absinthe slipped inside and the door was closed, both agents rounding the front of the vehicle. The Lieutenant slid into the driver's seat, and Dr. Arndt into the passenger. He turned his masked head towards the mumbled voice of the girl, "[B [+darkgray Don't say that.]]" he said, resisting the urge to reach back to her and give some sort of comfort, but he knew the situation wasn't stable, nor would it be appropriate. "[B [+darkgray You will find something.]]"

[pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]

The drive took roughly an hour in which the lieutenant and the doctor spoke sparingly and quietly. Absinthe looked exhausted and they didn't know how light of a sleeper she was. Pulling up to the military base that Hydra had appropriated. They stopped at the gate, the security men glancing through the tinted back windows at Absinthe briefly and then waved them through. They pulled through and then stopped in front of an edgy new building, tinted glass windows covering most of the rectangular surfaces. The rest of the military base was buzzing with activity, vehicle movement, such things.

The Lieutenant turned off the engine and sighed, glancing outside and opened the door. On the opposite side Dr. Arndt as well opened his door and then rounded the vehicle to the side of the car that Absinthe wasn't on. "[B Wake her,]" Gweniviere said.

He looked at her, "[B [+darkgray Me?]]"

She nodded, "[B You saw how she reacted. You do it.]"

The slight man sighed, his gloved hand reaching for the door and pulled it open. Hesitating he reached out and tapped her gently, trying to rouse the dark haired young woman without touching her too much. The two were aware with how on edge she was beforehand and were concerned about her reaction to being awakened now.

[B ...]
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[center [pic http://imgur.com/bLnsJU4.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 [b [#F08080 "My skin is immune to burning."]] She pressed her arms against one of the still warm blades to prove her point. [b [#F08080 "But thank you for your concern."]] She hopped down, brushing her skirt off and looking up at the two. [b [#F08080 "Although I do not fancy the noises your machine makes I see no other way down. I suppose I will just have to deal with it."]] She stepped inside, taking a seat and looking out the window. [b [#F08080 "I will miss the little birds. I wonder if they will visit me while I am away."]] She looked out of the window, frowning slightly. She was glad to be gone though...away from her masters and their trouble. The entire place was contaminated with their energy. It was a confusing energy, and she did not like it much. You could never tell if it was truly evil or just a darker good. ]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 She was glad to finally be rid of it.]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 She hums softly to herself, smiling. [b [#F08080 "How far do we have to go?"]] She asks, looking over at the twins. They were peculiar and strange. She wanted to learn about them. Maybe later. When she had the time. She hummed softly to herself, eyes cast out of the loud machine. ]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 The book was still inside. She'd been told to guard that book with her non-existent life and yet there it sat, alone. Unprotected. The sides of her mouth curled up as she looked back down at her feet. She didn't feel like she'd miss it. She also didn't feel like she'd be in trouble for it, and so saying goodbye was...honestly, quite easy. [b [#F08080 "What species are you two?"]] She asked, looking up at the twins. [b [#F08080 "Will I have time to study you?"]] She tilted her head, and her smile didn't fade.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [pic http://imgur.com/y6FTd2D.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 All the words were swimming in Absinthe's ears, and they were hard to make out. She couldn't focus. A...side effect of losing control. Instead of forming a response to the sentences she had no way of knowing she understood, she got in the vehicle, and focused on her shaking hands. She [i hated] feeling this weak...this...unstable. She cursed Augustine and her horrible medications. She cursed the powers she'd been given. She cursed herself for killing her mother instead of rushing Hem to the ER. All of this could have been avoided, and yet all she could do was curse the past.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 She sat in silence for a few moments, trying to stable herself enough for her mind to...stop what it was doing. The air was ripping and shaking around her. Just around her. It was enough to make one dizzy. [b [#B22222 "Hydra...sounds kind of like a bad place...like I'll be fighting for the wrong side. But what would I know? I've been stuck in an asylum for years...and then that house. I obviously don't get out much."]] She mumbled, finally able to digest the words in her head. [b [#B22222 "I don't care much, though. Life is pretty damn meaningless and who's to say that mine has any significance anymore?]] She leaned her head against the side of the car, closing her eyes.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 [b [#B22222 "Wake me when we get there."]]]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 It took everything to be able to actually fall asleep. Behind her eyelids were monsters and beasts and things she could not speak of. She called this the other plane. Something about it was impossible to dismiss as only illusions. Certainly they couldn't be. Certainly they were real. Some were friendly. Some were not. Some were scary...some were cute. Some were both. Some threatened her. Some protected her. There was...no possible way...that all of this just existed in her head. Was there?]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
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[center [font "Times" The corners of Anna's lips curled in a bare ghost of a mannered smile, "[+brown The memory of others is often surprisingly vulnerable.]" the young woman murmured before dropping the subject and letting her eyes move elsewhere in a glance to her brother.

As Geym continued, now it was Matthew's turn to give a slight smile, dipping his head again in a light gesture. "[+darkred We live to intrigue.]" he said in a gently formal tone balancing on the edge of more.

Anna tipped her head in a thanking gesture, smiling at Geym, "[+brown The 'ruby red' kind.]" she said, unfolding her hands from one another and accepting the stone. "[+brown It's gorgeous. And a wonderful color match,]" she said, raising her dark eyes back to the being, "[+brown you've a good eye, miss.]"

As Geym made her way away from them, the twins exchanged a quiet look before following her, climbing back up through the belltower. On their way there they spoke to one another quietly, “[+darkred She doesn’t like the helicopter.]”

“[+brown Evidently. What do you propose we do about that?]”

“[+darkred There is your acquaintance.]” Matthew reminded her.

“[+brown Can you reckon how that would change her opinion?]” Anna asked, arching a brow at him.

Matthew gave her a long look before glancing away at what he is doing. “[+darkred I don’t want to involve myself in your pet project.]”

Anna chuckled gently, “[+brown I don’t think that’s a very applicable name for it.]” she replied calmly, “[+brown You are as much a part of this than I am.]” she chided him gently.

As they emerged, "[+darkred What else would you prefer?]" Matthew asked her as he came up to her finally.

Anna's smile was mild and vacuous as she watched Geym, the fascination evident in her eyes only, but apparent as she seemed to revel in the act of it. “[+brown Dangerous up there,]” she said presently, glancing at the pilot. “[+brown the engine hasn’t cooled down since we got here. You might get burned.]”

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/14/ec/c5/14ecc5089a5a2e50f8b612809f51396c.jpg]
[pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]
[pic http://th03.deviantart.net/fs43/200H/f/2009/137/4/e/Scarred_Girl_by_Samiross90.png]

The Corporal looked back at her and, seeing how unsteady she was, held out his elbow in case she felt bold enough to take it. “[+gray Careful.]” he said, looking back towards the Lieutenant as she pulled open the door again. The man ducked his head a little, his pupils snatching themselves closed sharply at the flood of light, and then straightening again.

He glanced around at the few people he nodded to them cordially. The man stuck out sorely, he knew, and the Lieutenant wasn’t much to blend in either, over six feet tall and physically young despite the stark whiteness of her hair, but they both were in uniform leading a young girl out of a shuttered house. He hoped it didn’t look too bad, they had their insignias on their shoulders. His head turned again to try and locate the sedan. Just a little farther… It was then he realized he was being spoken to, “[+gray Hydra Operations.]” the man replied in his quiet, intuitive voice, making an effort to keep it light. “[+gray Well, one of the nearer facilities. We won’t be going to Berlin just yet. We have business here yet.]”

The Lieutenant led them, opening the door, gaze swinging over the area, scrutinizing the faces she saw with stoniness. Taking a moment as the Corporal came up behind her, the smaller man peeking over her shoulder out in the sun before the tall woman moved and he was able to exit. The Lieutenant took out a car key and clicked the button, from down the street came the reply beep.

"[+gray Well,]" Corporal Arndt quickly corrected himself, "[+gray as in the Lieutenant and I will be here, I doubt you would go with us.]"
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[center [pic http://imgur.com/bLnsJU4.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 How long had she been waiting for them? She thought it over. A very long time. She’d been waiting for centuries. [b [#F08080 “They wouldn’t forget. But perhaps I am no longer needed.”]] She tilted his hair, her eyes still stuck to the entity before her. Strangely enough, the longer she stood near his energy the more she began to relax. Perhaps they weren’t that dangerous after all. But she didn’t trust it. [b [#F08080 “If they do not need me, I suppose there is no point to me staying. And you two would be an interesting thing to study.”]] She looked over at the female this time, smiling slightly.]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 They were strange, but they were also interesting. And…as she thought about it, she did realize it was quite boring here. She’d like to know what the rest of the world was like. She turned to examine the woman, humming softly. [b [#F08080 “Your hair is pretty. It reminds me of Sphalerite.”]] She formed one in her hand and handed it to the woman. [b [#F08080 “I assume you’ll want us to leave in your loud machine?”]] She sighs. [b [#F08080 “I’m not fond of them. But I suppose it’s the only way out.”]] She looked back at Mathew, tilting her head. [b [#F08080 “I am much interested in seeing what you’re world is like. We should go.”]] She turns, going to climb up to the roof to find their loud machine.]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 It was strange. It was supposed to fly, wasn't it? She peeked inside, looking around. It didn't have doors. Was it supposed to be like that? It had propellers on top...how did they work. She climbed up to the top, looking at the strange metal things. [b [#F08080 "Strange."]]]]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 She probably wasn’t supposed to be on top of this.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]

[center [pic http://imgur.com/y6FTd2D.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]

[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 Absinthe trembled, and her demons hid behind her. As they started to leave, Absinthe shakily followed behind the man, since he seemed much [i safer]. But...nothing really seemed safe to her as her fear got worse. She went from following a strange man to following Hemlock for a moment and she could swear her legs were going to give out from beneath her.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 Outside was quiet and uncomfortable. The few people outside stared at the figures with curiostity, and Absinthe wanted to fade herself out of their vision. But she couldn’t control anything. Her emotions were to strong to give herself any control. The darkness shook around his and she did her best to stop trembling, but it was…hard.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 [i This] was exactly why she had hidden in the shadows for so long. Her illusion of Hemlock clung to her, and it just made her feet heavier. [#B22222 [b “So where exactly are we going?”]] She mumbled, her voice having no strength as it had before. Her illusions had gone a bit wild and begun tormenting her. They pulled at her hair and hissed, but she didn’t flinch. She focused all her energy into forming a pebble in her right hand. It wasn’t much, but it would get her through this.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
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[font "Times" [center Anna offered a tilt of her head and a twitch of her shoulders in a bit of a helpless shrug, “[+brown I’m afraid that is the only way we could get here without following the definition of ‘sneaking’.]”

“[+maroon We supposed you would find that quite imprudent.]” Matthew added, his brows rising in earnest.

At her mention of her masters the twins’ expression changed, Anna’s brows arching to match her brothers that had quirked in confusion. The two exchanged a look before looking back at what they presumed was a female as the being continued, as much a slave to the gender binary of their culture as any other despite their awareness of higher knowledge of the fact. “[+brown Your masters.]” one began.

“[+maroon How long have your masters kept you here waiting for them? This place is entirely abandoned, you know.]” the other finished, as if reminding her of the obvious fact.

“[+brown If you’d allow me to broach this, I believe you’ve been forgotten, my dear.]”

Matthew nodded, “[+maroon We only learned of you through an obscure tome my sister came across in the underground library.]”

They again took pause, gazing at Geym for a long few moments. “[+maroon We do have names,]” Matthew proffered gently.

“[+brown and we in fact told you then just earlier.]” Anna added, hailing the knowledge of the being before them with an affirmative and approving dip of her head, shifting her weight a little and folding her hands in front of her. Neither’s tone was antagonistic, nor insulted by the being’s apparent lack of interest in either of them. They were aware of their own unimportance, but also of their subsequent importance.

He dipped his head in a quiet gesture of acquiescence to Geym, the barest of touches of a smile in his eyes as he addressed her cordially, almost turning up the corners of his mouth as well. “[+maroon I am in fact a Matthew.]” he affirmed, “[+maroon And I thank you, my mother thought it fit as well, it would seem. I shall tell her that you approve upon our next meeting.]”

“[+brown Hm.]” the other twin mused, tilting her head a little. “[+brown Custom would have you address us as the doctors A. and M. Hackett, but we don’t suppose you entertain societal custom...]”

“[+maroon we don’t care much for it either.]” Matthew addressed, nodding his head to the side and keeping his eyes on her as quiet as his sister was. Both assumed quiet, polite ambiguity as a default method of locution, Anna turning her head a bit towards Geym now that she had approached her twin.

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/14/ec/c5/14ecc5089a5a2e50f8b612809f51396c.jpg]
[pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]
[pic http://th03.deviantart.net/fs43/200H/f/2009/137/4/e/Scarred_Girl_by_Samiross90.png]

Gweniviere held the gaze of the girl, catching onto the particular attention she was being paid. It wasn’t unusual for the woman to be pinioned as an imposing or fearsome figure- her image was nothing like the procured stereotype of a woman. The German was tall, pushing 6’4”, and strongly built, with scars on her throat and face and peculiar golden eyes. Standing out as she did she was often afeared of. This did not make her endeavor to change that fact. She was a tool, rendered a tool for so long and being stigmatized as a villain so long that she no longer cared to appeal to the horrendously disfigured ideals that any society instilled upon their people, having gained a cynical disgust of the idea even as she was able to fall slave to it.

She could cover the scars and wear contacts but that would serve her no purpose. The woman was no longer beautiful in society’s superficial sense even though her appearance was youthful and not entirely unappealing with her androgynous, angular features. But that was a rare judgment to be made- Gweniviere did little to pursue any appeal, any approval she would not gain or deserve. Her label of the villain had burnt away any desire to change an opinion based on anything but her actions, or her words.

“[+gray I don’t think you understand.]” The neurologist attempted again. He was the most soft spoken of most of the operatives that Hydra had working in the field, at the level that he and the Lieutenant worked at. He also had a prerogative as a hailed theoretical biologist and neuroscientist in Hydra- that was the only reason he was alive, was his valuable intellect. Hydra had no choice but to grant him his say, even though they would imply their duress over him physically, indentured as he was in a vague sense of the term.

Gweniviere’s eyes dodged to the corner that the girl looked to and then around the room, uncertain where to point her attention with whatever was going on. She was feeling chills start on her scalp with the fear of not knowing what was going on. [i So this was why Hydra had taken an interest in this girl.]

Corporal Arndt turned his head so his immobile eyes could see what wasn’t there, the shadowy forms that the girl was conjuring. His fascination flared beyond his discomfort, relaxing his stance. Was she creating this all with her mind alone? Were they tangible, like the creatures that the twins had access to? He was hardly able to catch what Absinthe said to herself as she did. “[+gray Who-?]” But his attention was snapped immediately to her as she spoke again, his head turning back to her. Both seemed relieved that she had acquiesced, shown in the Corporal lowering his hands, some of the tension draining from his shoulders, and the Lieutenant’s head turning away a bit, her gaze glancing away before returning to Absinthe as she spoke again.

“[+gray Yes,]” he offered quickly, feeling slightly guilty about the very likely possibility that Hydra would not allow her to follow through with her search. Their computer systems were sophisticated, and their surveillance and information network spanned globally. But often, unless Hydra itself was concerned, they were prevented from being used. An ironic security method for the organization to keep it from being used ‘wrongly’. They would most likely recruit her for their intents and purposes. Both he and Gweniviere felt a pit of empathy yawn open for her as they knew what they were trying to draw her into. But they had orders. “[+gray whatever you need. I’m certain Hydra is capable of helping you.]” he said, gesturing to encompass what he meant. Sure, Hydra was capable. That wasn’t a lie. He was getting good at that omission of blatant lies.

Gweniviere met Absinthe’s gaze with stoniness, but uncertainty clenched her hands at her sides and kept them there. It was a show of solidarity with the girl’s request and threat, and it was a preventive movement to keep her still. Her gloved hands raised slightly from where she had them, opening to show her acquiescence and that she had nothing in her hands. She wouldn’t touch. If these things were anything like the ones she knew she didn’t want anything to do with them. The Lieutenant kept her face unreadable as she spoke. “[B I’ve no interest in touching you.]” she said impatiently, a snap barely repressed from her voice, not intending to do anything of the sort in the first place. Gweniviere wasn’t good with physical contact.

Her eyes flickered to the things next to Absinthe, a tightness crawling up in her chest as she fought the urge to simply extract herself from it, a muscle leaping in her jaw as she swallowed the apprehension shifting in her eyes. Turning them back on the girl the Lieutenant’s gaze became glacial, not taking to being threatened, and straightened up to her full height, intent on gaining back authority. She held her head straight and gazed down stonily at the short girl across the room, using the full force of her presence. “[B But you will understand- Hydra is fully capable of offering you asylum from the people who are pursuing you, and they can find your man-]” she inclined her head down, leveling her gaze with Absinthe. “[B but you will have to [i think] a moment before you threaten, or you won’t make it to your goal with those illusions.]” the woman impressed sternly. “[B Do you understand me?]” she spat the words with cynicism. It was both a promise and a warning to the girl, from both adults in the room. Gweniviere looked the youngest, having been preserved in her early twenties, her features only showing the wear or stress and physical trauma, where the Corporal really seemed to have no face at all behind the tinted surface of his respiratory mask.

The Lieutenant had read the girl’s file and knew that the violence that had been acted hadn’t been perpetrated, to date, by any of these illusions directly as far as the sparse documentation detailed. She was intelligent enough to know an incomplete file when she saw one, though, and wasn’t ruling out possibilities. Gweniviere was trying to convince herself with them standing right there, so close to her, that they weren’t anything more. They weren’t real, but their presence was virulent and too close to things she herself had conjured mentally in a dream state, taking the place of faces and people she would have loved. It only fueled the darkness in her expression.

The Corporal was getting antsy. Surely he and the Lieutenant had stood out to somebody… His slight body shifted, his hands drawing up and twisting together in front of him. Once the Lieutenant stopped talking he almost interjected and gestured for Absinthe to come over, “[+gray Please, please we must leave. We must get you safe as soon as possible.]” he implored, desperate both to get her back and then to start observing the fascinating girl.

Gweniviere turned and left the room, her footsteps creaking on the wooden floors, starting to check the area to be sure there was no suspicious movement. It was a bit of a rash mission, sending only the two of them, but operations would have preferred it not become something larger than it had to be. They were still trying to be somewhat underground, despite their recent emergence in almost taking down one of their largest adversaries.
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[center [pic http://imgur.com/bLnsJU4.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 [i Energies are neither good nor bad.] Geym raised an eyebrow, but dismissed the comment. Perhaps it was true, but there was energy that felt safe and energy that didn’t. There’s felt…iffy. It felt different and she did not trust them. She straightened, stepping forward. [b [#F08080 “Even if your loud machines are off the energy that machines give off with their electrical wires and such makes me dizzy. And that said, I am not allowed to leave. My masters made me to be here and therefore I will be here until they tell me otherwise.”]] She murmured, not really that interested in what they were saying. [b [#F08080 “And even if I was allowed to leave, what energies would you expect me to change? I am not human nor do I care much for the fragile species. Although I suppose it would be more interesting than sitting around here. Just barely, though.”]] She tilted her head, her eyes forever stuck on the two.]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 They were strange. Perhaps stranger than her own masters. They were certainly…nicer looking, though. She preferred the look of faces to pure darkness. She stepped closer and examined the humans…humans? No, she wasn’t sure what they were. [b [#F08080 “What are your names? Do creatures like you even have names?”]] She decided now to let them amuse her. After all, what did she have to lose? Her life? She had no perception of death and therefor did not really care what happened to her. She stepped close to one of them, a male, she assumed. [b [#F08080 “You already told me, didn’t you? I suppose I wasn’t paying much attention. But you look like a Matthew, and I much like the name.”]] Her lips curled into a slight smile.]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 Even if they were intruding and would soon leave empty handed, she had to admit they were interesting. She liked the color of their hair. But she couldn’t make sense of their energies. It was unlike that of her masters. It was hard to tell which was good and which was bad. Or, if there were no such thing as good and bad, which was safer. Either way, she supposed it didn’t matter.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [pic http://imgur.com/y6FTd2D.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 Absinthe did her best to stay calm. Her eyes were stuck on the female form even as the male spoke. [i “We haven’t moved.”] He told her. But she still saw the woman as a threat. She tried her best to focus on the words. Surely Calloway would be disappointed to see her in such a state of fear when perhaps it was not needed. [i “We’re giving you a chance to come out of the shadows.”] It was several seconds before she was able to digest the words and form a reply. [b [#B22222 “A chance to come out of the shadows? Why would I need that? I’ve got people looking for me, you know. And I’d rather not…”]] She trailed off, her eyes falling to her brothers limp corpse in the corner. She froze, staring silently in fear. [b [#B22222 “H-He’s not there. That’s not really him, Absinthe.”]] She tried to convince herself, but to no success. [b [#B22222 “He’s been dead for longer than this and there’s nothing you can do.”]] She shook, and so the room shook with her. Her “demons” gathered around and she glanced back up at the forms, eyes watering.]]]

[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 Perhaps it was time to man up. Maybe the chance they were giving her wasn’t so bad and maybe she wouldn’t have to be near this female for very long anyway. [b [#B22222 “Look, I don’t know what the hell you want me for but I’m getting nowhere here. Any information about the man I’m looking for has been erased from all existence. If you think whatever you want me for is better than me searching for Calloway, so be it. I’ve really got nothing to live for anymore anyway.”]] She stood on shaky legs, but didn’t take a step closer.]]]

[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 She stared directly at the female, along with the illusion creatures beside her. [b [#B22222 “But don’t think for a second that you’ll get away with laying a hand on me. I will have my curse rip you to shreds, just like I should have done to Augustine.”]] ]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
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[center [font "Times" Anna and Matthew both blinked, looking not necessarily affronted but affected. That was before Anna smiled, arching a brow, “[+brown Energies are neither good nor bad. They are simply what they are, driving forces.]” she said, inclining her head a little, “[+brown You cannot personify something without sentience.]”

“[+maroon Unsafe?]” Matthew asked, arching a brow and looking almost amused, the tiniest bit of amusement, the lok sparkling in his sister’s eyes. But they made no move to argue, nor for that matter did they confirm.

“[+maroon The machine is off, my dear.]” Matthew noted, nodding to her stiffly. Both siblings nodded to Geym as she wondered about her mortality, as if agreeing with her in their own regard. “[+maroon No, I suppose it doesn’t matter either.]”

The twins glanced at one another at the request of the tiny thing, each quirking a brow as if communicating silently. Anna’s arm started to prickle a little as she felt the mark under her skin react to the nearing presence of her companion. “[+brown No...]” she mused. Her arms, folded behind her back, came apart and she flexed her right hand a bit at the rather uncomfortable sensation, glancing at it and then back at Geym, “[+brown We,]” she began in an informational tone, giving the creature a calm look, “[+brown have no interest whatsoever in killing.]”

“[+maroon For what purpose would that serve other than to rob this world of a glowing presence.]” Matthew added, tilting his head to the side.

“[+brown And to dirty our energies, as you say, more than you already think.]” she said, her brow quirking in amusement, still reeling from that statement from the humanoid creature.

“[+maroon We simply want to speak with you about a possible opportunity.]” Matthew continued, gesturing at her lightly.

“[+brown To bring you out into the world again and see perhaps what you think of it, at first.]”

“[+maroon And then, if you’re so keen on energies, we could see what your impression is.]” Matthew added.

“[+brown Then change it.]” Anna finished, tilting her head.

[pic http://th03.deviantart.net/fs43/200H/f/2009/137/4/e/Scarred_Girl_by_Samiross90.png]
[pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]
[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/14/ec/c5/14ecc5089a5a2e50f8b612809f51396c.jpg]

When Absinthe dropped the gun so did the super soldier, lowering its point and slipping it back to its place on her right hip. She did not, however, raise her hands and instead kept them relaxed at her sides. Her gaze was stony as she gazed at the girl crumpled on the floor. The Corporal, however, was the one to speak, “[+gray We haven’t moved.]” he reminded her gently, lowering his hands a little and gesturing at her gently before letting them down softly at his sides.

At the threat, the synthetically augmented man hesitated, wondering if the dissertation he read on the simple existence of illusions was wrong. He tried to convince himself that she was only, most likely, bluffing. Corporal Arndt glanced at his partner, standing taller than him, and then back at Absinthe.

Gweniviere’s expression was a stony calm. She was experienced in keeping her features from expressing too much. After being alive as long as she had, in her profession, one gained skills like that. The woman noticed how the Corporal was being ignored and that most of the attention was being focused on her, tilting her head a bit. Was this a phobia? The file, for what it had, hadn’t mentioned anything too specific. She glanced at Fitz next to her before answering Absinthe. “[B We know.]” she explained, snapping the loop back over the butt of the gun, securing it in the holster. “[B We are here to offer you an opportunity to come out of the shadows.]” Corporal Arndt nodded his head enthusiastically beside her, folding his hands in front of himself. He had forgotten the paperwork in the sedan outside, if at all they would be needed at this time. The Lieutenant was an authority figure, even to him, and he was used to being a secondary to her, and apparently he was less than interesting at present.
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[center [pic http://imgur.com/bLnsJU4.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 Geym stared, scared, and in shock. She wasn’t used to having her orders be ignored. Then again, she wasn’t used to giving ordered. She gulped, backing away as jagged gems formed around her. [#F08080 [b “Stay back! Your presence is occupying my home and it is not welcome. The energy around you is disgusting and unsafe and I do not like it much.”]] Her voice was steady, but no matter how she tried it remained soft. [b [#F08080 “What do you want? What is your purpose for coming here? You are not any of my masters and therefor do not belong in my temple.”]] The crystal shards around her grew larger, surrounding her so that she was protected and mostly unreachable.]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 The creature stared down the intruders. Something about them was off and yet she couldn’t tell what. Were they human? Were they not? Either way, she didn’t seem to like them much. [b [#F08080 “Your loud machines give me a headache. Go back to it and leave.”]] Suddenly the gems fell and she sighed. And what was the point in all of this? Surely if she was unsafe someone would have stepped in by now to save her. Where were her masters, she wondered. After all…she hadn’t seemed them in a long time. Although…a long time to her was in fact no time at all. Time was strange and useless and she could play with it as she wanted to.]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 She took a few steps forward, expression more numb now than fearful. [b [#F08080 “State your business and leave. Should you try to kill me I will have you know that I really don’t care and if you’re doing it for a reaction it is pointless. I am like a jellyfish and do not have any emotions toward dying. Or perhaps not even like a jellyfish. I’m not sure if I can die. But I suppose it doesn’t really matter, does it?”]]]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [pic http://imgur.com/y6FTd2D.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 Absinthe trembled, tears welling in her eyes as only fear coursed through her. The room burned red and shook. Reality torn at itself and showed in the form of the red light tearing as if it wear cheap fabric. The gun fell from her hands and dissipated to flower petals on the floor. The red faded to darkness as she backed away slowly. [b [#B22222 “S-Stay back, please.”]] She pleaded nervously, legs shaking beneath her until all they could do was give out.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 She looked up from the floor, a terrified shell of a woman. [b [#B22222 “If you shoot me I’ll melt your bullets and if you come any closer I will have demons drag you down. Stay back.”]] She hissed, despite knowing very well she had very little control now. Her emotions were a mess. So messy, in fact, that she could see Hemlock’s lifeless corpse in the corner. Her fear was amplifying itself and that was never good…for her, at least.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 She slid back into the farthest corner she could, back pressed firmly against the wood. Her hands dug into the floor boards, now covered in pebbles. At least she could have something to feel safe…in perhaps her final moments. It never really sunk in when the male said he just wanted to talk. A female in the room seemed to be only person she acknowledged. [b [#B22222 “Wh-What do you want? I’m not causing any trouble here.”]] Unless, of course, looking for an asylum patient who was probably dead was considered trouble. Who honestly knew what people considered trouble now days?]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
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[center [font "Times" The two stopped, blinking at her sudden appearance but otherwise undisturbed. “[+brown Mm? What does she want?]”

He looked over the little wisp of a being indifferently, tilting his chin up a bit as if in acknowledgment of her. “[+maroon I believe she wants our names.]”

“[+brown Ah. Seems we’re not welcome anywhere anymore.]” the young woman stated, sounding vaguely disappointed though her expression changed none, gazing at the being with as much detached interest as her counterpart.

“[+maroon The world is a changed place, you know as well as I.]” he informed her.

She hummed a note of either dissent or acknowledgment, nodding towards her brother absently. “[+brown At any rate, I am Anna Hackett, and this is my brother,]” she said, turning her body a bit towards him, “[+brown Matthew.]” He nodded to her cordially when he was mentioned.

The Hackett twins seemed to consider her a moment longer before they exchanged looks, “[+maroon She would have us vacate this area.]”

“[+brown So I heard,]” Anna replied before her gaze slid back to the lith-voiced little slip of a creature she was only able to identify as human, though her intuition was telling her different. Her conscience, however, was around here somewhere, “[+brown and what, exactly, are we intruding upon, would you say.]” Anna asked, keen on the answer as she tilted her head a little.

Matthew’s eyes moved from having slid as well to the occupant of the temple along with his sister’s instead to the area surrounding them with curiosity, but hardly seeing the area for its beauty. Anna had said it was chilly. “[+maroon And where is your companion in all this, then?]” he mused to his sister, but more the air itself with his subdued, thoughtful tone.

Anna didn’t take her gaze from her subject as she flicked a nod briefly at her brother, “[+brown You’ve already asked me that, dear.]”

“[+maroon Ah, of course. I should remember by now.]” he mused, looking down now at his shoes absently.

[pic http://th03.deviantart.net/fs43/200H/f/2009/137/4/e/Scarred_Girl_by_Samiross90.png]
[pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]
[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/14/ec/c5/14ecc5089a5a2e50f8b612809f51396c.jpg]

The Lieutenant’s hands immediately flashed to her side, a blur of black, and she drew the firearm now that she was faced with one. Her expression twisted into one of resignation as she held steady, turning her head just to the side to focus through one eye at the girl. “[B Stand down.]” she said in a commanding tone, neither having the patience nor the stomach to shoot a girl point blank today.

The Corporal gasped in what seemed like wonder, "[+gray Did you see that? Did you? She summoned it out of the air!]"

"[B Corporal.]" the Lieutenant warned, not taking her eyes off of Absinthe.

"[+gray Oh.]" He easily put his hands up, growing still, and gave a little murmur as if he was put out somehow. “[+gray Oh dear.]” he mused, his own face hidden behind the mask that kept him intact, rendering his usually soft, too soft to hear alone, voice a bit harsher through whatever mechanism that amplified it. The Lieutenant’s own voice was rough and a low alto, but indeed feminine, she had the scars heavily marring the skin of her throat to serve as evidence enough of what had happened to render it so. “[+gray Please don’t.]” Corporal Arndt implored gently, keeping his hands visible.

The Lieutenant ordered again, “[B Put it down.]”

Fitz felt himself grow uncomfortable- this wasn’t at all the entrance he wanted for this. “[+gray Please, please-]” the American born Hydra operative began, his shoulders drawing up a bit in discomfort, “[+gray this isn’t at all what we intended. We just want to talk. Can we? Please?]” he kept his tone as calm as he was able.

Gweniviere didn't move just yet, save for glancing quickly at her companion before returning a vigilant gaze on Absinthe. She nodded in affirmation to show the girl her own preference of discourse.]]
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[center [pic http://imgur.com/bLnsJU4.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]
[center [font "Courier New" [size15 [b [#F08080 "I'm sorry little bird, but you really can't keep pulling at the pages. You'll tear them out and I'll get in trouble."]]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 The being sighed, shooing the little creature off of her logging book. This was the routine everyday. The little birds didn't know when to leave her alone. She closed the book and stood, taking the book back to it's resting place on a little, crooked shelf. When there were loud noises and the shelf starting shaking, though, she tensed, narrowing her eyes and looking around. [b [#F08080 "We've got a visitor, but it's not the usual kind."]] She mumbled to herself. She knew those sounds were not her masters, for they were quiet when entering her sanctuary. ]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 The human-like creature scurried out of the room, going up a set of stairs that she normally did not trust, up into the where the top floor used to stand proud, where she could lay down and peek peek through the remaining beams and spy on her intruders.]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 Eventually her eyes caught movement, though closer to her than she would like. Her eyes cast up to the sight of two beings. What appeared to be a man and a women, who looked very much alike. Gentle black eyes narrowed as she pushed herself up from the ground. She originally intended to run, but for whatever reason she decided to stay in her place. [b [#F08080 "Who are you and what do you want?"]] She demanded, but her voice was not nearly as intimidating as she felt it may need to be. Her voice, as always, was a soft petal on the unchanging world. In all honestly, it was barely there at all, if you thought about it. Then again, she was barely there at all. Nobody was.]]]

[center [font "Courier New" [size15 The being took a few hesitant steps forward. [b [#F08080 "You're not welcome here. You are intruding. Leave now with your loud machine and do not return."]] This time her voice was a bit more powerful, but not by much. It never was.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mIvsvnK.gif]]

[center [pic http://imgur.com/y6FTd2D.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 There was nothing. No new information on Calloway. Only hell knows what happened to that boy and yet the information should have been hers. [i It should have been hers.] But no matter how much Absinthe looked for any mention of his name anywhere, in hospital files, social media, or anywhere else...there was no trace of him. Any trace had been deleted. Doctor Augestine certainty covered her tracks well. [b [#B22222 "Damn bitch."]] She grumbled.]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 The female, a short little thing, sat perched in a desk chair, five computers around her as she searched [i everywhere] for the male she hadn't had the chance to save. But she could do nothing. She ran a hand through her hair, shaking it and making it make a mess again. To calm her frustrations, the rooms floor replaced itself with illusion pebbles and she looked down upon them, sighing. [b [#B22222 "Calloway: name meaning a path made of pebbles."]] She sighed, and the pebbles faded.]]]
[center [font "Poor Richard" [size15 She rolled her shoulder and started searching again, and dismissed the squeak she heard in the floor boards. That was until [b "Miss?"] The girl jumped out of her seat and turned, stumbling back into the desk behind her but not once cringing. [b [#B22222 "Wh-Who are you? What the fuck do you want?"]] They looked dangerous...and oh god...that was a female voice, wasn't it. [b [#B22222 "S-Stay the hell away from me!"]] She shouted, shaking her hands as a gun appeared. [b [#B22222 "I-I'll shoot! Don't fuckin' doubt it!"]]]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NRlRdhZ.png]]
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The helicopter touched down on the roof of what looked like a Cathedral in the middle of the ancient forest, which frankly wasn’t truly very ancient, but had sprung up all around the building in a matter of a few decades to its present glory. The humanoid form that stepped out of the aircraft gazed around, eyes alight with the sun glancing off of the canopy of leaves stretched all around them. “[+brown Isn’t this [i lovely].]” came the gentle sigh, or rather shout over the sound of the rotors powering down as if the engine that had made such a ruckus starting up didn’t want to go to sleep again.

Her companion stepped backwards out of the cabin instead of the straight hop that she had made. He looked around, rather underwhelmed, and gave a short hum of indifference. “[+maroon I suppose so.]”

She hummed back presently, that mild smile of dreamy, wordless appreciation on her face as she took in the warm sunlight. Otherwise the shadows were cold and wet, the sunlight thin, but surprisingly powerful on the warmed stone she was standing on. The brunette head swiveled around then, dark eyes turning down to the stone she was standing on, getting a cue from her other companion who was already inside and glanced up at her twin, her mouth twitching wider. He sighed, letting go of the handle that he had used to help himself out and let his arms down at his sides, gazing at her expectantly. Her smiled widened just a tick, more of another twitch, and she spoke again in that smooth, cultured lilt, holding his gaze steadily. “[+brown There’s a bell tower over there. We should find a way in through that.]”

Both Hydra agents were dressed in their lightly tactical gear, keeping a relaxed look about them by exchanging the harsh, mesh suits for general missions that one would expect any form of combat from. However, these two wore black slacks, and white button down shirts underneath their coats, usually one or even sometimes the both of them would be in skirts and light, vintage military attire but they had elected, in partial exploration mode- for pants and boots. They both looked rather professional without the militant attire, one straight faced and brushing a hand over his hair to be sure it was still in the slicked, gentlemanly part he had it in before the helicopter ride, and the other, shorter with that placid, inquisitive smile on her face with her hair a gentle mess of an up-done roll at the back of her head, a lady’s hair style.

Their voices echoed over the gentle, reverberating sound of the water that ran in a meandering creek. They had passed a fountain that had been broken down by neglect whose waters still spilled from wherever its spring was underneath what remained of the floors, now more earth than floor it seemed. Sunlight slanted through broken glass panes, some stained, others clear and now gaping and throwing the shafts of light and dark about the place pleasantly. “[+brown Rather chilly, isn’t it.]” she mused, her shoulders shifting as if to make the chill slide off. Her hands were in the pockets of her coat. His was longer, more of an greatcoat than hers that was simply an overcoat.

“[+maroon We’re inside, you know.]”

“[+brown I know. It looks rather abandoned, doesn’t it?]” she said, her head turned up, looking around at trying to catch the fleeting forms of the birds she could hear among the foliage.

“[+maroon It does.]” he replied, that same distanced placidity in his voice. “[+maroon It makes me wonder if anyone’s here anymore.]”

“[+brown We were promised someone.]” she reminded him.

“[+maroon So we were. But there doesn’t seem to be anyone.]”

“[+brown Though we know there is someone.]” The female reminded him again.

“[+maroon There could be anyone.]” he proposed, inclining his head with the severity of the possibility he suggested as if to emphasize though she was in fact not looking at him. His slender, angular features thrown in and out of shafts of sunlight to bloom slight warmth over his gentle skin before passing out of it again.

“[+brown But you know she’s here.]” Her slender, sharp features sought movement, though expected stillness, comforted by it as far as she was aware. It was a peaceful area they were in, though chilly, and made her slight frame start every now and again as if to awaken the body from its dozing in the discomfort.

“[+maroon Of course.]” he affirmed, arching a brow and casting his gaze around the grass as they strayed hear what looked to be a bridge across one part of the creek. “[+maroon So we were told.]” he looked at his twin, “[+maroon And where is [i your] companion in all this?]”

“[+brown I’m sure I don’t know.]” she mused, letting her gaze wander the shadows, “[+brown But I imagine we’ll find out soon enough.]”

[pic http://th03.deviantart.net/fs43/200H/f/2009/137/4/e/Scarred_Girl_by_Samiross90.png]
[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/14/ec/c5/14ecc5089a5a2e50f8b612809f51396c.jpg]

The Lieutenant’s head rose above the Corporal’s noticeably, but it wasn’t a big difference. She stood at an easy 6’4” in the steel heeled boots she had on, not one for casual attire, and the Corporal stood at 6’2”. The amount of time that was stretching on from when the super soldier had knocked until now was growing, and as such she was growing impatient. Corporal Arndt was rather easy to pick out of a crowd, augmented as he was, and so was the German woman with her short, white hair and golden eyes, not to mention the scars across her face. She sighed as the Corporal fished in his pocket with one gloved hand and took out a small roll of leather in which he had lockpicking supplies.

The lieutenant then turned to the side, her gaze travelling over the quiet suburban street, and made sure no one was staring and folded her hands behind her back. After a few minutes of fiddling, Fitz felt the lock give under his hands and his pick slipped into place. “[+gray Ah ha.]” he murmured presently. Gweniviere turned back to him, looking down as he turned the handle arbitrarily and pushed open the door a little, quietly. “[+gray There we go. Ready when you are, lieutenant.]”

“[B Fine.]” she said, waiting for him to get up and out of her way before she pushed the door open and entered into the dark entrance hall. The sunlight from behind them slanted onto the plain, threadbare carpeting and the imposing super soldier stepped into the semi-darkness. Ger gaze scanned the interior, finding sparse furniture and dust. It was already bothering her throat and she fought the urge to clear it. Her pupils reflected the same ghostly pale light that would an animal, made for combat in the dark. The Corporal’s vision adjusted behind his mask a bit worse than hers, only one eye enhanced enough to allow him sight, so he kept one narrowed, and the other stretched open to catch as much as he could. He followed his partner inside and gently pushed the door closed, not latched, but closed to keep the light from filtering in any more than it had been so they wouldn’t announce their presence too quickly. Both took a moment to adjust to the light that reached through the slats of the blinds before moving forwards.

The Lieutenant’s head twitched to the side when she heard a gentle clacking of a keyboard, though not as rhythmic as one would hear someone else typing. But it was the first noise she could hear, her hand hovered at her hip, ready to draw her firearm if needed, it was an instinct that she fought- this wasn’t supposed to be combative, and she hated using the pistol anyways. Her head on a swivel, the woman moved towards the back of the house. Progress was slow, both making an attempt to keep their footsteps and shifting weight from squeaky floorboards.

Eventually they traversed the entrance hall and moved into the doorway of a room darker than the rest, but illuminated with the sharp, uncomfortable glow of a computer screen. Gweniviere squinted a little and curled her hand into a fist to keep it from flickering towards her gun. “[B Miss?]” The German asked, her accent hovering over her words, but not hindering them.

Corporal Arndt peeked around her at the still form attached to the computer. That was right- attached. There was a cable that disappeared behind her somewhere and ran into the console, his head cocked a little. [i How peculiar!] "[+gray Now what do you suppose she's done that for?]" The sight of the technology attached to the girl pulled a little bit of an uncertain, sick look from the tall woman as the Corporal edged around her grim form filling the doorway. She shook her head a bit. No idea. Now it was Fitz's turn to speak. "[+gray Miss?]"
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