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Cavezie continued to swim around a bit longer then he popped his head out of the water He called to Lenali "Come on in. If you do not mind getting wet a second time." He then did a dunk and was under the water. He let the water settle down before he brought his head back up waiting for her to come into the water. He knew that he was pushing is luck but he wanted to see if she would take his bate. He needed to know how far she is willing to go just to be with him. He did not understand why he was going to such lengths
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 131d 17h 13m 1s
Lenali smiled. Was that an invitation? If it was, she was curious a for what. She watched as the clothes left the room, then hurried out of the room. She silently kept her was into the pool room, locking the door. She sat down near the door, though. She was curious... Very curious.

In the back of her mind, she was wondering what this feeling was. It was foreign, she couldn't even remember half the emotions she had. The moon glistened into the pool water, radiating a gorgeous sight. She could only watch...
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 133d 6h 9m 54s
Vhen she was put into new cloths he moved away from her. He said before she went to sleep "I am going to take a very long and cold skinny dipped swim in the pool." He then asked the one that brought the cloths for Lenali "Will you please burn the cloths I am wearing now once they are remove?" He needed to feel fresh and better at the same time. He then removed his clothing without really thinking. He went to the pool that was inside. He then started to swim without thinking really. He needed to think on what to do next.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 132d 3h 17m 52s
From the knock on, she followed his lead, being sure that she could keep up. The stench had gone, and she was all yet grateful.When she was fully clothed, she could manage to sit for a drink. Lee have her the cup, and she drank, feeling the color return. With that, all she could do was sleep.

For hours, she felt the peace within her take root. She basked in the sublime paradise. And when she awoke, she could dwell in her momentary sleep, before arising from her bed. She sighed some because of the fresh air she inhaled. She felt wonderful.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 133d 6h 40m 50s
Cavezie held her gently while their lips were together for a while. He asked her "Are you feeling better now?" He new that it was an idiot of a question but he would have liked to know before he herd a knock. He said "It looks like the new cloths are here. Come let us get you dried off so you can get dressed." He got up from the side of the tub and got a towel as well. He opened it up to her and then said outside "Just a minute." He knew that it would be less then a minute for Lenali to get up from the bathtub and dry off but he waited non the less for her.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 133d 8h 9m 32s
When a pair of lips touched hers, her body jumped. When she felt his hands wrap around her, she gasped. And when her Hannawrapped around him, she thought she would faint. Tears fell on her face as she hugged him tighter. So, she was right... He was the one.

When their lips parted, she took her time breaking their eye contact and rested her head on his chest. With everything that she was, she could finally feel the weight of her own doubt shed away. She couldn't bring herself to say anything. She was only grateful, she could finally end her search.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 133d 8h 18m 29s
Cavezie said calmly to her "Then you do not understand what I by revenge. I plan on taking those that are the most important thing to the family. After my revenge my plan is simple repay my debt. However for some reason you make me feel alive after so long not feeling it." He then said in a growl "The reason you see Giever's face with my own is because he happens to be one of my decedents. He was apart of my original family." He then said "I have not felt this passion in the last 100 years. Every time that we are even in the same room.." He did not explain further and then leaned over the ledge and kissed her right on the lips. He held her gently as he did so not caring what the others would think at that time.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 133d 8h 36m 56s
She growled back. "IT WAS NEVER POWER, VEZ!" The very voice of her shook the house. "I felt that you were something more... Something worth it, and it has. But, what will happen once you do take your revenge? Huh? What will you do when you realize you took down the house and there's none to kill left?" She stared at him for a minute. "I try to make a difference for my family, for the humans. I'm what protects them at the bottom line. And I needed humans to be on our side. They live here! They strive by reproducing, willingly or not, and those lives counts. They make a difference just as well as I do." She stared at him, making sure he understood. "Let me tell you a little something about me, Caveziel. "I don't take pride in our ancestors. I don't take pride in the humans ancestors, except mine... I picked you because there was something there... A closer memory of my human life... " she stared at him before sighing. ""Something in my past keeps coming up... You're face..." She looked to him. "Its the face of Giever..."

She stared at him. "When I first saw you, I had to find out if you were real. That there was a possibility that you were the Giever I loved. The man who was kind, selfless, loving... His eyes glittered every time he saw my face... But, years had passed, his joy was gone, it died after he was turned... I wondered if greed would kill me, too... But, it never did. I thought you were my Giever... I wanted you to protect me the way I protect them" she pointed out the door. "I'm sorry I presumed. Maybe, its true... I'm damned to know no love..."
  Bloody_Eve / 4y 133d 10h 4m 30s
Cavezie sighed once more and said "Do you really think that Godfather was my goal then you are wrong. Severally wrong at that. I was given that title by those that just recently betrayed me. Never forget that." He then took a deep breath and asked her "Did you think just because you gave me more power that I would abuse it?" He then growled before she even could answer him "I only desired that power for revenge nothing more. If you think that I want more power after what you have given me then you are mistaken."
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 133d 11h 7m 45s
Her eyes opened, but her head wouldn't move. "Genetically altered..." She said, but it was too low to hear. Suddenly, everything he had explained made sense. She shut her eyes again. "I know... But, you don't need to explain. If you came from my time... I don't care. I never bit you, so I couldn't know. Just .." She shook her head slowly. "...use it to gain your spot as godfather. That's the only thing you can do for me..." A silent tear fell. "I knew better than to try again." She muttered to herself. Inside, she could feel the very heart of her break. "... I knew better"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 133d 12h 56m 13s
Cavezie sighed a bit and said before she left "Very well. Mind if you get something for me as well. I need a very cold swim after this encounter." He then sat down beside Lenali He asked "So what do you want to know about me now?" He wondered as to how he will explain on the transformation. He could always say that he just learned that he has that ability and will try not to use it unless in emergency but he did not know if she could tell it is a lie or not. He would try to lie to her but he would not know what she is capable of.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 133d 14h 6m 47s
She closed her eyes. As she did, she relaxed her senses, going onto a docile state. Rajah and Lee ran downstairs and checked on her. "get the blood"Rajah ordered. Lee nodded and took off for the kitchen a she looked her over. The stench of her capture radiated off of her. Lee gave her the cup of blood and ran upstairs. Rajah ripped away the stinky clothes and hurried her to a hit shower, where they sat her down in the water. Rajah looked to Vez. "Watch her.I'll pick out clothes" she said and hurried off.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 133d 15h 41m 40s
Cavezie continued to run without stopping till he was no more then a few feet form the door. He then said in the mind "I ask that you do not tell the others. I will explain after you get your sciences back to normal and your mind has calmed down." He then took a deep breath and said "This is going to hurt." He then forced himself to change back into his human form once more. He was glad that the cloths that he wore before the change did not break only stretched out a bit. He wanted to growl at the pain but he did not. He called into the house calmly after he finished the transformation "Somebody hurry up and bring some fresh human blood." He lifted her up gently and carried her into the house.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 133d 20h 9m 18s
Intoxicated by the aroma of Baby's Breath, Lenali's senses were blurred and clogged. She couldn't tell the time as fast as she used to, and to make matters worse, she saw the true form of a Pale Skin. She coughed as she shut her eyes. Her mind, although, did not slip the fact that this wolf mysteriously appeared and it has Caveziel's scent. He had allot more explaining to do. If he was genetically altered before she turned him, it was possible that she only boosted him, and her greatest fear was realized... He could become Giever.

This fear took over her. This would be the third time she had been betrayed. If she had to come to terms with the fact that her long and far fetched dream to have a family may never come true... Heaven knows what it meant. It would possibly mean the greatest lesson that even Lestat had learned through all his might... She may never love again... That she would forever face eternity alone.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 134d 2h 8m 47s
Cavezie did not even hesitate and moved away from the two easy enough. He did not even look back while he was running. He did not know how long it has bean since he was in that form. He does not know how long it will be before he shows up in front of the others. He had to change back but he knew that he would have to explain the reason as to why he was in the form of a wolf. He did not know how to explain it though. He could not remember the last time he did not have the ability to change his body structure from a human to an animal.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 134d 8h 38m 44s

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