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The words that were said shook her. She felt asthough she made another mistake. She simply nodded and sighed. "if you want to kill him, do it" she walked past him and slowly made her way to her library. There, she holed herself up, pouring her attention into the books that surrounded her.

As she studied, hours into the day to sunset, she began smelling baby's breath, but it seemed to be strong. When she turned her head to see what it was, she was knocked out cold.

Rajah was the first to wake and wanted to check on her. But, when she went downstairs, there was no sign of Vez or Lenali. She went to the office door, but the doorknob seemed decayed. She pushed the door open to smell baby's breath. She growled. No way!
  Bloody_Eve / 3y 173d 18h 44m 13s
Cavezie said back to her in an even tone "What I have told the kid is the truth nothing more. As to what the kid said Think of all the legends that humans at least herd once. Does the name 'Slender Man' that's what the pales skins legend name is." He then got a packet of blood for himself and poured it into the glass of wine that he had and drank that. He sighed even bigger. He then said "Look you know for a fact that I wanted this power for revenge no more that. I am in your debt because you are allowing me to have my revenge on those that betrayed me."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 173d 19h 7m 17s
Little Ethan stared at Vez. "I know there is a matter of time, but I know I never wanted to be like this." He said before Lenali could say anything. "Mr. Joker looked very talk, so Ysl he couldn't stand up without putting his head through the ceiling. He was scary because the paint on his face looked like joker, but I didn't see eyes or a nose, not even a mouth"

Lenali stared at him add she thought. "Okay... You watch TV, me and Vez will talk for a minute"

The kid walked away as she put the popcorn in the microwave. "that's very nice Vez. Scare the kid. I know there's a chance that he could change. Why can't you not focus on the worst case scenario?"
  Bloody_Eve / 3y 173d 19h 23m 8s
Cavezei said calmly and in a matter of fact tone "All this blood has done is delay the decay of the mind nothing more. Sooner or later the artificial blood will not be enough to satisfy your hunger. I am telling you this here and now that way when the time comes that you become dangerous for those around you I will be the one to remove you from this world." He then looked at Liliana and said still in the same tone "It is only a matter of time before you are forced to kill this one. Do not forget what I have said to you." He then said to the both of them "I have seen what you are talking about but which version are you talking about?"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 173d 19h 43m 14s
"He looked like Joker" the child said. Lenali stared at him. Joker my favorite villain."

Lenali nodded before looking over to Caveziel. "Do you want to watch Batman on DVD?" The child's face lit up. "Can I have some more and some popcorn?" he asked. Lenali looked to the child and smiled. "of course" she said softly. The child smiled back. "My name is Ethan"

Lenali nodded. "I'm Lenali. His name us Vez. We're vampires, the good kind"

The child nodded. "And I am pale skin. But, aren't you gonna kill me?" Lenali stared. "If you began decaying when I gave you blood, yes... But you didn't"
  Bloody_Eve / 3y 173d 20h 11m 54s
Cavezie was a little bit surprised about the transformation itself. He said "Well then the child will keep the mind from decaying for a while but that decay will happen sooner or later. There is no stopping it what so ever. You can only delay it no more then that." He sighed a bit and then touched the child gently on the skin. He said "I am sorry for what has happened to you child. The creature that has done this do you remember what it looks like?" He knew that he was taking a chance with the newborn but he had to try something.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 3y 173d 20h 54m 17s
Lenali looked to him. The child looked up to her. For some reason, she saw the child's skin come to life. She smiled as she ran get fingers through his now curly red hair. "Its synthetic blood. It nurtures but is ineffective. It keeps his illness from getting any worse. It helps with pure blood infants. Keeps then from having a insatiable thirsty before their first flux." She looked to him. "Imagine if Rajah was a newborn. Bitten newborns need it too, because they can't take the taste of real blood" she looked to him. "He won't need real blood. He hasn't decayed yet"
  Bloody_Eve / 3y 174d 10h 57m 18s
Cavezie sighed a bit more. He knew that things are going to get complicated soon enough. He said to her only loud enough for her to hear "Once a newborn tastes something that holds blood that hunger will get worse. You should have killed this one while it still had a mind. Now the decay of the mind will truly begin." He did not say anything else and let her discover what he meant by that. He did give her a choice to ether feed the creature or kill it right there. He had to think of something though to make sure that the creature does not get wild just yet.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 174d 12h 22m 9s
She stared at him a moment before looking to the child. She had no idea what they eat. The books never explained that. But, she did notice that he did stare at the pack of blood fir awhile. maybe, that was what they feed on. A moment later, she stood and made her way to the child. He looked up at her, as if afraid. She looked to the pack of blood and grabbed it. "want to try this?"

The child nodded and sat back. She grabbed his cup and filled it then passed it to him. At first glance, the child seemed disgusted, but after a few second, he smiled and began drinking some more. Ah... So, that was what they eat.
  Bloody_Eve / 3y 174d 13h 32m 38s
Cavezie sighed a bit. He said "I will talk to the child. You go back to the couch." He then walked over to the kitchen and called to the child. He said calmly "Come now young one. I know that you are hungry but there are some things that even you cannot eat." He then walked over to the child and asked "Do you desire to join those that have departed from this world?" The child said "I wish to join them but I am hungry as well. I do not know what to do." Cavezie smiled gently at the young one and said "Let me decide that for you. Just stay here for a bit" He then left the room and went to her side and said "He desires to join the others that we have killed but he is also hungry. He does not know what to do now. I am letting you decide if we kill him now or watch him become more and more hungry to where he will attack anything moving."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 174d 14h 45m 36s
She looked to him before setting her glass down. "I turned you because your heart wanted me to. It called to me, saying that you were one that could make a change... For all of us" suddenly, the sound caught yet attention. "its not just you" she whispered before she stood and slowly began to advance towards the sound.

She hissed when the angel came and turned the corner to the kitchen. Sure enough, it was the child that smelled of baby's breath. She silently watched as he grabbed for cereal and went to the fridge to get milk. It astonished her. He didn't freak out when he saw blood packs. She slowly backed away and looked to him. "its the kid. He's hungry"
  Bloody_Eve / 3y 174d 14h 57m 46s
Cavezie took a deep breath once more and then looked around. He asked "So is it always this quite or is it just me?" He then asked without really thinking "Why did you change me? I mean other then what I am capable of. It is with my connections?" He had many more questions but he did not asked them for reasons of his own. He had to make certain the reason as to why. He looked around some more and wondered a few more things. He herd something that he did not know what it was. He asked "Is it me or do you hear something that I am hearing?"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 174d 15h 16m 6s
She obliged to take A sip. She smiled. It was lovely, very elegant and strong. She took another sip as she relaxed on the couch. It had been so long since she had good wine. She drank some more, watching the TV.

For some reason, she didn't feel nervous around him. It was as though he was home. She leaned back into the couch, drinking the rest of the wine before pouring another. This was a good day. It was silent, peaceful. There was no way that this was a dream. She was quiet, though. The quiet air was music to her ears.Him being around made it more enjoyable. She never felt this way before.
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Cavezie brought back the wine and poured it into the class. He then poured himself one soon after words and took a sip. He sighed with both relief and pleasure at the same time. He said without thinking "Damn it has bean a very long time since I had some good wine. Go ahead and try it you will not be disappointed." He then took another sip this one deeper. He sighed again and then stretched out a bit. He then took a deep breath and then pulled out a book of his own that he had not read in a while. It was in a very old tongue that is more old then Latin itself.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 174d 16h 10m 29s
Lenali watched as he grabbed the wine. She finished her glass before setting it down. In all honesty, she pretty much was embarrassed because she was so bold and straight forward about her feelings. But, she taught herself that it was better to admit it now than to have him wander around thinking of a thousand possible motives as to why she turned him. Besides, she sought to find and eligible person to hold down the fort if anything happened to her. But, with him, it seemed clear that she was always needed. That maybe there will be peace. She took a seat, allowing him to take the floor. She was curious about him, it was her turn to learn a little more about him.
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