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She giggled before releasing him. "We'll see... The doors are locked" she toyed. She parted from him and walked her way towards the water, little by little, stripping away clothing. The last were stripped away after she was completely submerged in water, and she began swimming, until she was in the deepest side. She stared to him. "Are you willing to take that invitation? Because i know your simply toying with me" she joked, hoping he would take the invitation.

She flashed her fanged smile. "Don't be shy, love"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_eve / 3y 161d 17h 22m 12s
Cavezie chuckled again and kissed back with greater passion then when they first kissed. He held her gently and with his hands under her cloths. He touched a few spots and said "If we did not have these cloths we might be doing what I desire to do right now other then swimming." He added a bit of pressure to prove his point. He added after he added the point to the skin "If you had your hands under my towel then you could tell what I desire at this moment." He kissed her lips a second time to let her think it over.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 3y 161d 17h 36m 23s
With the question, her eyebrows went up quickly... With the change in wording, she arched an eyebrow. "I don't know, Vez. What do you think I'm thinking?" she stood up as she asked, knowing what he was thinking. She smirked as she closed the gap between them, and planted a kiss on his lips. "Don't hide how you feel or what you want. Nine time out of ten, i just might be thinking or wanting the same thing" she said as she wrapped her arms around him. She then kissed his again, trying ro prove her point.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_eve / 3y 161d 18h 38m 6s
Cavezie continued to swim for a bit longer then got out of the water. He then got out. He grabbed the towel and dried himself off. He wrapped the towel around himself and started head out. He asked "So what are you planning right now?" He corrected his question "I meant what are you thinking right now?" He got a feeling that what she is thinking might be what he is thinking about her. He could not help but look at her a specific way. He undressed her with his mind and wondered if she was doing the same with him and he wondered if his imagination was right on or if it was off a bit.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 163d 20h 32m 16s
With this new found feelings she had, she didn't mind him diving into the water. She continued to kick her feet in the water, feeling as gleeful as a newborn child again. In her hands were the feeling of warmth, in her head was no longer stress, and in her heart was nothing but possibilities of a better future.

Her eyes kept on Caveziel as he swam, wondering the possibilities of a better future once again. She saw the ripples in the water hit her legs and go the opposite direction, and all the while, she felt peaceful.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_eve / 3y 164d 11h 49m 20s
Cavezie chuckled a bit and said calmly "I knew that I had to talk about these scars sooner or later. As for the scars I gained them over the years. I may have bean a person that had gained eternal life that does not mean that I was a true immortal. Over the years I have bean in wars. Those that are known and those that are not." He sighed a bit and sat down "I have a very high tolerance for pain so when ever I have to infiltrate an enemy I was normally given the orders through capture. I still do not understand as to why I accepted that last part every time I was given the order. I almost forgotten I could heal any part of me if I concentrated long enough in a certain spot." He showed what he meant when a small group of certain scars were removed. He then said "It does get tarring though after a certain amount of time of concentrating. That is why I keep the scars you see before you. That and the fact that I want those scars to remind me where I have bean. That includes the new ones that I have received from the bullets just recently." He then sighed a bit and then leaned back a bit. He said "Thanks for letting me swim. I really needed it after so long not being able to." He then got up and dived back into the water. When he dived into the water it was as if he was an arrow and did not make a sound nor a splash. Some waves happen but they were small ones. He then lifted his head back up again and then started to swim once more
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 3y 164d 22h 6m 41s
She stared at him a moment before flashing a reassuring smile. "I'm alright. It's... This is just something new." she said as she looked over him. "Well, whenever you want to swim, this will be open to you" she said. "I just keep it locked because of Rajah" she giggled.

"Rajah was turned in the time of the old west. The first child i turned. She never seen water that vast where she was... She has a water fetish..." she giggled again.

"And don't get me started on Lee and D'angelo" she said and looked to him. "Those two are twins. They were the sons of the great sultan in the deserts. They were turned because the two tried to kill each other as order of their father to realize an heir to his throne. But, i knew they didn't want to fight each other. They loved each other too much" she looked to him. She smiled some. "I know you won't talk about it... But, how did you get those scars?"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 165d 11h 39m 41s
Cavezie noticed the small action with the hands and said calmly to her "Well I don't swim that often. I do that when ever I can but it has bean rare lately. Before I even considered making a family of some sort I swam a lot just for the heck of it." He finish pulling himself out from the pool letting her see all of him including some scars that were not seen before hand. He then sat down and looked at her some more. He asked "You alright? I ask this because you do not like well." He touched her gently as he asked the question.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 167d 7h 22m 54s
She started to question about the scars... But, something in her told her not to. The water that spec from him distracted her add she kicked her feet in the water. She tight a moment before looking to him. " you didn't seem to be the type to swim on the regular" she said add she looked back to the water. In the peace of her mind, Lenali quietly thought, but her hands somehow began hugging herself, as if nervous of what might come. She looked up to him. " do you think that the plan could be completed?"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_eve / 3y 167d 9h 50m 42s
He lifted his head up from the water once more. He said "I swim when ever I can. I am surprised that you are asking no about that." He then got out of the water and let her see all of him letting her see the scars that he bears as well. He beard a good number of scars over the years. He may have bean immortal but does not mean he would heal completely. He had a good number of them on his chest as well as his back but he did not care if she saw them at the moment. He would have to explain his scars sooner or later anyway.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 3y 169d 22h 7m 39s
Curious as towhat his plan was, she stood and began walking towards the pool. She sat on the side,, allowing her bare feet to soak in the water. She smiled as she watched him swim, and blushed some. "How many times do you swim?" She asked. Since they were getting closer, she fought opportunity to know everything about him, from his past, to his favorite color, to his favorite movie. She never felt this wonderful in a long time. In this moment where the attacks die down, she wanted this opportunity.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 170d 11h 18m 59s
Cavezie continued to swim around a bit longer then he popped his head out of the water He called to Lenali "Come on in. If you do not mind getting wet a second time." He then did a dunk and was under the water. He let the water settle down before he brought his head back up waiting for her to come into the water. He knew that he was pushing is luck but he wanted to see if she would take his bate. He needed to know how far she is willing to go just to be with him. He did not understand why he was going to such lengths
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 170d 21h 2m 5s
Lenali smiled. Was that an invitation? If it was, she was curious a for what. She watched as the clothes left the room, then hurried out of the room. She silently kept her was into the pool room, locking the door. She sat down near the door, though. She was curious... Very curious.

In the back of her mind, she was wondering what this feeling was. It was foreign, she couldn't even remember half the emotions she had. The moon glistened into the pool water, radiating a gorgeous sight. She could only watch...
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 172d 9h 58m 58s
Vhen she was put into new cloths he moved away from her. He said before she went to sleep "I am going to take a very long and cold skinny dipped swim in the pool." He then asked the one that brought the cloths for Lenali "Will you please burn the cloths I am wearing now once they are remove?" He needed to feel fresh and better at the same time. He then removed his clothing without really thinking. He went to the pool that was inside. He then started to swim without thinking really. He needed to think on what to do next.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 171d 7h 6m 56s
From the knock on, she followed his lead, being sure that she could keep up. The stench had gone, and she was all yet grateful.When she was fully clothed, she could manage to sit for a drink. Lee have her the cup, and she drank, feeling the color return. With that, all she could do was sleep.

For hours, she felt the peace within her take root. She basked in the sublime paradise. And when she awoke, she could dwell in her momentary sleep, before arising from her bed. She sighed some because of the fresh air she inhaled. She felt wonderful.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 172d 10h 29m 54s

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