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It wasn't too long before Rajah had managed to find some things to help. Some bloodpacks, i.v., and saline, and had thought of adding extra. D, Lee, and Matheus had found their way into the other rooms, finding books of the like of poisons so Eutharian could read. Matheus, D, Lee, Asmodian and Rajah then took it upon themselves to tend to Lenali and Caveziel, who had caught some of the poison. Matheus and Asmodian managed to lay him next to her, while Rajah set up two i.v's, one for her, one for him. Then, she attached another iv to their other arms, and allowed their contaminated blood to drip into a bin. Surprisingly, the bin could fit both of their collective blood, so Rajah would keep a watchful eye, while the others would put up more cameras, more previsions, and more traps.

Asmodian, D'angelo, Lee, Matheus... They had to go out, after finalizing the traps, to get more blood packs and the like. They had to get food in the house, and knowing Rajah as the type to have a fetish for water, they knew she would almost slow them down. Right now wasn't the time to be sidetracked. Their alphas needed them, and they needed to keep them safe.

Along the way back, though, despite the lingering eyes of assing humans, Matheus seemed to catch someone unfamiliar staring at a distance. It didn't smell of human... And it definitely didn't smell of Memphas... At least... Not one he could recognize. As he peered back, he spotted a few tell tale signs... This was definitely not a Mempha... It was a vampire/demon. The scent on it was too faint for even a vampire to catch, but his sharp nose caught on quick enough... This was none other than-

"Ay, Matheus... What's holdin' ya? we gotta get back to the house on the double" Lee called for him. Asmodian looked back to Matheus to see a telling look on his face. He has spotted something, and it wasn't any better than Giever.

"Yea, Matheus, we need to get back pronto." Matheus looked to Asmodian before nodding and following in suit. Asmodian thought it best b not to ask now.. Whatever he had noticed would surely follow them. So, they all walked silently, but diligently to the house, and assured themselves that they weren't followed. Instead of asking him what he saw in front of D and Lee, Asmodian had tapped his shoulder and put the bags of groceries on the kitchen counter.

"What did you see?" he asked low, so others wouldn't hear. Matheus looked to Asmodian and sighed as he looked over his shoulder to see if others were nearby. "I don't know, maybe my senses are off, but... I think we were spotted by something... It wasn't a Mempha, but it wasn't a vampire either..." he said as he looked to the table. Asmodian tilted his head. "Can you describe what the smell was?"

"It was what Lenali had described before... When she met the Pariah... But, they weren't angels at all... it had a stench like Lucifer..." Asmodian had furrowed his brow. "We'll talk about this later... " he said as the doorbell rang. D'angelo had opened the door to see woman there, bags in hand. She looked at the five that were in the living area, then sighed... Lee furrowed his brow... She asked for Caveziel.
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[i alright but it will be hard to do so]

Cavezie finished up the blood and wiped the rest from the mouth. He grunted a little bit feeling sudden pain. He looked down to his arm and noticed his own blood veins are turning black. He knew then that he has taken in poison and knew that if he is to get the cure he would need his sister. His body has started to change back to his human form once more and he growled a few times before leaning against the bed. He sent out a silent message to his sister to the mind since they are the only ones that are able to communicate at very long distances. He told her what has happened and to use a teleport item to get to them. He then closed his eyes and was started to dream once more.

Cavezie's sister, Rose, got a sudden mind message while she was doing business and was a bit surprised. She knew who quickly enough by the voice alone and knew quickly that she needed to close up for a little while. She sent a mental message back saying that she will be there ASAP. She finished up the business that she had and then locked up with a large close sign on the door itself. She then went into the back and grabbed an old teleport item that has not bean used in a while. She cut her left thumb with a knife to make the teleport item work. She put her own brother's image into her mind before saying the words that were needed to move and then was in front of both Cavezie and Lenali and noticed their conditions herself.
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Eutharian had gasped when a wolf had appeared through the door. Matheus growled some against him, but after a few whiffs, he managed to calm as the wolf made its way towards Lenali.

Lenali's cough was weak, almost inaudible. She couldn't even open her eyes. Her lips were stained in the human's blood, but it seemed as though her body was rejecting it, because as Eutharian lifted her dress to check on her swelling belly, there were dark lines going about it, like she was being malnourished. She was wheezing, barely breathing. She convulsed, arching on the feeling of pain so fierce that her fangs glinted in the light. As soon as Vez bit down into her neck, her labored breathing was cut off, almost pained as she coughed up more blood. [i Come back to me Lenali. I will take care of you.]

She grunted in pain, straining at first, before coughing out the last of the blood before going limp against the bed. Everyone's collective gasp filled the room. She was unable to keep consciousness, and Eutharian sighed a moment. "I suppose it is better that she is unconscious. It'll give us time to figure out what had happened to her."

After tucking her in, Eutharian had left and went to see about the sample of her blood. Asmodian and Matheus were guarding her door around the clock. Rajah, D'angelo and Lee were making provisions.

Everyone worked tirelessly throughout the night, and through the day. The next night, Eutharian had emerged from his room, growling in anger. Rajah, D, Lee, Matheus and Asmodian had been caught off guard of their duties, and approached him. "What happened?" Asmodian asked.

"What did you find?" Lee asked. Eutharian sighed before looking to them. "Giever did this... He spiked her blood... Gave her a virus... Had done something terrible to her. I think he infected her with a certain poison, a poison that forces her to have to consume exceptional amounts of blood to sustain herself."

A overwhelming growl filled the room. "What? How do we get it out of her?!" Rajah exclaimed. Eutharian huffed. "Well, Vez had the right idea. We had to drain her blood, give her a blood transfusion. Otherwise her hunger and thirst will get worse and worse... Until she will be as barbaric and primal as the basterds we're trying not to be like. Remember, we're not vampires."

Everyone looked to each other. "Lenali really needs our help... Its either we aid her or else both Caveziel and Lenali will suffer a loss far greater than mortality. I don't think she'll be the same if she loses the child"

They nodded. "How much time do we have" D asked. Eutharian sighed hard. He looked into the room, seeing Vez sitting at her bedside, watching attentively over her... Over their baby. Eutharian could see the worry on his face. "Not long. We can either hope a blood drain and transfusion will work, or we hunt down Giever and force him to give us the antidote."

"I would kill him for what he had done to her" Rajah growled. D and Lee looked to her. "Calm down, Raj. Its not a good idea to be so hot headed. We've been this way for months, now... Has it made us any progress?" Rajah sighed frustratingly. "Exactly. We need to calm down, assess the situation, and come up with a plan. Lenali needs us. We can't rush into the fight on a clouded mind"

[i Don't worry about the post. Focus on Lenali. This is like a dialogue before the next challenge]
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Cavezie was surprised that Lenali was not with them but he had to expect it. He could not say anything at the time Eutharian was done talking. He was about to say to find her when he was told the rest of the ordeal. He was pissed at himself now since he put Lenali in that situation and made her condition worse then when he left her to get the Onyx. He sighed a little bit and then said calmly to them "I will be there in 3 hours. Give me your location." He got the location soon after words sighed a little bit. He then went into an ally and removed all of his cloths. He really liked the cloths that he got. He tied them on his back with the Onyx and then changed into his own wolf form. He sniffed the air only once and then bolted from the ally to the street itself.

He did not let up at all when he bolted to the location. He growled at anyone or anything that got too close to him while he ran. He did not give them any time to think only reacted to his growl. It had taken him a little bit under three hours to get to the location. He caught the scent of blood soon after and rushed in while he was still a wolf. He saw Lenali in bed and moved to her side. He licked her cheek gently and changed his wolf head to a mostly human like one and said calmly to the others that are in the room. "She needs a blood drain." He did not give them time to react to what he said ether and did a bite on her neck and started to drain the blood itself to help her regain her thoughts. He said in a mental message to her through the bite "Come back to me Lenali. I will take care of you."
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Oh, no... Rajah had spotted Eutharian's phone blinking. She knew immediately who it was. When she looked to him, they both were staring at each other. Eutharian was the type to never lie. She knew that he would tell him, no matter the consequences.

"Hello" Eutharian answered.

Sure enough it was Vez. She knew they were doomed.

Vez gave him the rundown that he was at the airport payphone. He wanted to make sure that they weren't being chased. Eutharian almost hitched his breath when he had asked if she was alright.He sighed on the phone and looked to Rajah.

"We would know... IF she was here..." he said, almost regretting the words as soon as he spoke them.

There was a long silence between the lines. Eutharian knew those weren't the words he wanted to hear. What Eutharian had to say was not too happy either. Before Vez could say anything more, Eutharian had to spill it. "The moving around had her sick most days... She had been hoisted from house to house all throughout the state, and... It wasn't sitting well with her fatigue. She hadn't spoken to us since you left. Most times, she'd have this nightmare... The same one every day... And earlier... We went to check on her and... She was not in her room. We suspect that she's only taking a walk because there were no evidence of forced entry, a struggle... Not another smell to detect." he sighed before looking to Rajah. "We've got the family looking for her... If she walked, she couldn't have gotten far-"

D'angelo and Lee had ran back with Asmodian. "She's been found! Matheus has her hemmed. She's been attacking people! I think she's killed some mobsters that got too close to the turf"

Eutharian looked up in shock... She was killing people? Now? Rajah had taken off. Eutharian huffed. "We found her... But, i think she's out of her mind... She's killing people!"

He took off running towards the target, and what he saw... He could almost cry. Matheus was in his wolf form, in front of a fire, keeping Lenali at bay while she cursed and sported her battle fangs against them. The bodies were mangled, dried out, all broken and destroyed. She was cowering against boulders, her eyes looked vacant and hungry. When Matheus saw Rajah approach, he backed away from her, and Lenali looked at the humans cowering... The thugs were her prey.

Asmodian had knocked them out cold.

Eutharian looked as Matheus and Rajah surrounded her. She struggled against them, but Matheus yipped once in her ear to stop her. "Please... Just let us help you"

When she finally calmed down, Eutharian sighed hard before looking back to the phone. "Get your ass home now... We'll figure out what's wrong with her. We'll let you know anything if we find something before you get back,but one thing i know is that she's docile and calm when it comes to you being around. Just get here... Okay?"

He hung up. This wasn't going to be a good night. She was feeding on humans now... Humans that were trespassing... It wouldn't be long now. Whatever that was going on with her was making her act primal, almost barbaric. Eutharian looked her over once they got back to the house... She was breathing erratically, labored, as if she was dehydrated. The light shown a array of gashes and red spots, as if she had been running through trees and debris for some time now.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Lenali looked at him, the vacant stare that could clearly read a no to him. She was primal... and they had to find out why.

"Rajah, get a syringe.I have to see if its residue"

"Residue?" Lee asked

"The residue of the attack with Giever... There might have been something he'd done to her... We just didn't find it"

Matheus watched as Lenali's head fell back, and she started coughing uncontrollably. Everyone exclaimed her name as she coughed up blood. Her body wasn't used to that much consumption of blood... And definitely not as rich a human blood. She was clearly unable to sustain the blood she took. Something was wrong with her, and Eutharian was gonna find out.
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In the 10 days

It had taken longer to find the materiel then Cavezie wanted. It had taken 5 He knew that the metal that he was looking for will kill anything that has cursed blood including himself and Rose. It also has a the ability to never rust or even break then again the metal itself is rare among rare. Pure black Onyx. He is not waiting for those that took a liking to him because he was their guard only as a cover up. He really did not need them any longer but he would not kill unless it was needed to and at that moment it was not. His only desire when it comes to killing to to fill himself up with pure pleasure after getting his revenge from those that have betrayed him as well as tormented Rose and himself over the years.

It was a couple of days after finding the rare metal he mined it himself and knew that he would need to find a way out from the group soon enough. He saw his opportunity soon after he collected what he would consider enough to make at least 5 pairs of throwing knives as well as two blades that he could be able to carry in both the open as well as hidden if he needs to do so. He took the change to leave the group at night and found it much easier to do so then what he normally does to do so. He did not need to change, or even put the one that was put on first watch to sleep. He noticed how quite his feet has become since he joined the group and wondered if it was because of what he has become or of something else entirely.

It was another 3 days after leaving the group did he get to the closest airport. He was right by a payphone when he got a gut feeling that something was off. He used the payphone figuring that it would be a good idea to make sure that if anybody was lessening on his phone or Lenali's phone or one of her children's phone they would not be able to trace where the call is coming from or even hear the conversation for that matter. He dialed the number that went to one of the children but he could not remember which one it would be at all. He said calmly "Hey there it is me. I am at an airport right now using a payphone. Do not ask why because I will not say. I am calling to check in on how everybody is doing. I know that I have left rumply and I am sorry about that but I had to find something that will help with those that have decided to join in the hunt after so long on the side lines." He did not like talking a lot but he did to make sure that he does not go insane at all. He then asked "So how is she doing?"
  Black_Storm_Prince / 340d 13h 34m 11s
Ten days and nights...

Lenali could've been irate, but for some reason... She just couldn't bring herself to even move, let alone speak out on the matter. Rajah had hurried to her side when he had left, seeing the hurt stretch along her face, then her body began to show it. "We will have to start moving" she said. Asmodian, Matheus and Eutharian looked amongst themselves. "He said to keep moving her around... Do you think it's safe in her condition?" Asmodian asked. Eutharian looked at Lenali lying along the couch, seemingly worn and tired. "I should say not... Her condition is not a good one to be moving around so much... But..."

D had only listened to the matter while Lee was trying to get into the room without being noticed.

He crossed his arms and sighed hard. "I don't suppose we have a choice in the matter. The Alpha has given his orders... We must abide" he said simply before looking them. "We must make sure she is safe. Not only that, if she is indeed carrying his child, it is imperative that we make sure she is protected. Us six may need to adhere. "

D'angelo sighed as he looked to Lee, who was paying close attention to the conversation. "I'll get cameras."

Lee nodded. "I'll pack the weapons"

Matheus sighed heavily before nodding. "Then, let's get packing... We shouldn't wait until tomorrow."


Four the past six days, the plan had been working. Each night, Eutharian would pick a location to move to by dawn. Each day, they'd rest, just to move her again. Lenali was showing clear signs of discomfort, but she still kept strong. She would follow silently, only speaking when spoken to, preventing herself from making herself into a liability. She had been going with the program.

This was the eighth night.

She was finally asleep in the master room, and Rajah had went downstairs after assuring that she was safe. Matheus and Asmodian had been keeping guard of the house, making sure things were safe. Lee had made sure to keep provisions with both security and food prepared. Eutharian would come in the room from time to time, to make sure she was alright and comfy. Each time, he could see the tired woman become more and more unbearably ferocious. She would be silent until he'd give her blood, then her fearful side would approach. She hadn't realized that she was doing it, of course, but he was sure it was out of fear of them, the child, and Caveziel. She had gone through so much... She didn't really need anymore stress.

So most times, after he'd feed her, he'd leave her to rest.

Around dawn, around the time they would be getting ready to make another move, Eutharian attempted to check in on her... Only... She wasn't there.

There was no sign of intrusion. There was no sign of struggle. But, she wasn't in the room, nor was she restroom provided. "Rajah, did you see her?" he asked. Rajah looked up from the suitcases with surveillance cameras in them. "Lenali should be in the room" This caught Lee's attention. "What?"

"She's not here..."

Asmodian looked next. "What? What do you mean she's not in her room?" Eutharian walked down the stairs in a hurry. "She is not in her room... But, there is no sign of forced entry or a fight."

"She may have walked around to get air..." Matheus said slowly... Eutharian looked at him hard. "That's not good, Matheus. WHat happens when any of those vampires smell her? We gotta make sure she is safe... Vez will have our asses if we don't make sure they're safe"

Asmodian nodded, alongside Rajah before they took off out the door in search of her. Matheus took off in the opposite direction with Lee at his heels, out the back. Eutharian and D continued to search the house, all the while packed the truck they were traveling in. Eutharian was praying that nothing happened to her. Vez will kill them if it was foul play. D nodded. "Let's not lose hope... Let's pray we find her before any of those bastards will"
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Cavezie found Lenali in the living room and found her looking at the tv. He was about to go into the room when he heard a specific name. When Cavezie herd the name Lu, he instantly felt pure rage. He knew the name well enough and the person as well. He walked into the living room to see if it is the same person and was surprised that it was. He truly growled right then and there. His voice changed from human like to something that was nether beast nor human "So that bastard is still alive." His own fingers changed into claws that could slice through anything at that moment. His body grew a little bit. He still looked like his human self though he is taller as well as more muscle showing as if he was pure muscle without any fat on his body.
He turned around quickly feeling the door frame touch his head and knew that he needed to get out before he ripped any of his new family's throat. His voice was still the same when he said "I am going to kill that bastard for what he has done to my sister and me." He then called Lenali
He did not give anybody to talk to him at the moment and left them to think. As he walked away from them to go outside he called his sister and told her who he just saw on the tv. The sister was surprised to find out that the one vampire that they thought that they killed was still alive. Both knew then that fire will not do it with this one they had to do the one thing that was impossible for them to do at when they escaped. They had to go for the heart and head this time around.
Cavezie hanged up on his sister after words and then got outside. He did one yell that sounds like a howl of pure pain, suffering, hatred, and all the negative emotions that he had been holding in all of his both natural and unnatural life. He knew that he was going to need a specific type of blade and a material that he needed to find. He then called Lenali on her phone and said "I am going to be gone for a little bit. I am sorry but I need to find a specific type of material for my sister to create a sword that will kill that bastard for good this time. Please do not worry about me. I will return within 10 days and nights. I ask that you and the rest of the family to keep moving around. I have safe houses around the entire town as well as the rest of the world if need be. I am sorry for this once more. I have forgotten to mention that the one that was just on the tv was one of the vampires that my sister and I have been torched by when we were humans. We were the ones that have left a scar of fire on him before he had the ability to be immune to it. If we knew that he survived that day we would have finished the job. Contact my sister and say ‘Raven’s Den.’ She will understand that and take you to where you need to be." He then hanged up and went onto his journey.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 61d 9h 48m 58s
Lenali was in the living room, with the coven surrounding the flat screen while the news anchor spoke of a fire breaking out in downtown. She watched as the camera's shakiness revealed a figure coming out of the fire. She then saw a wide smile... She exhaled... Oh, she wished it wasn't this one...

"Lenali...?" Rajah asked. Lenali stared at the TV intently, trying to verify who it was... She sighed in frustration when it was who she thought. "It's a calling card... " she said slowly. Rajah furrowed her brows. "From who?"

"Only bastard that can walk through fire and comes out completely unharmed" she huffed impatiently. "I was wondering when Lu would show up"
  Lenali Shepard: The Rogue / Bloody_Eve / 1y 129d 11h 53m 51s
Cavezie was glad that Lenali was enjoying herself with what he have given her. After making love with her he went into a deep sleep. He had not slept like that in a while.

It was an hour after sunset did he wake up. He noticed that she was not in the room and was wondering where she went. He got up and put on something to cover up. He then left the room and went on the look. He was a little bit hungry but he did not know what he was hungry for. He did know that things are going to get interesting real soon.
  black_storm_prince / 1y 136d 12h 31m 44s
Blushing now, Lenali had taken him into her arms. He showered her with kisses, with all the love he could muster. And she was taken over the edge when he had made love to her that day.

Sunset came, and so did the hustle and bustle of the house. Lenali woke up first, seeing the clearly fatigued yet satisfied slumber Vez was having. She smiled softly before sliding on her robe. She went quietly downstairs and to the kitchen, watching the boys having a regular teenage day. They were riding to music, playing videogames, challenging each other having a good time. Lenali smiled to the sound... It just seemed so... Normal.

Just then, as she sipped the blood she had just pulled from her microwave, she felt... nausea. The little Paleskin boy had just came in, grabbing a glass for himself. "Hi, Ms. Lenali! I will go to my room, just getting something to drink" he said. Lenali smirked a bit. "Why not play with the boys on the video game?"

Curious, the young paleskin ventured into the living room. No... It wasn't him... It bothered her nose, but it wasn't him making her nauseous. She hurried upstairs, into the room and to her restroom, where her glass of blood plopped to the bathroom granite sink as she doubled over the toilet, and heaved. She quickly flushed and grabbed mouthwash. She was glad Vez didn't notice. It would've been embarrassing. Still, the thought returned. As she did she laid down beside him then, turning on the TV so to distract herself from the question she didn't have an answer to.
  Bloody_Eve / 1y 137d 7h 29m 24s
Cavezie noticed a certain look in Lenali and smiled gently at her. He kissed her lips back gently without a second thought. He noticed the bottle then and wondered what it was. He took the bottle and noticed what it was then. He was a bit surprised to see something like this. He was a little worried now. "What do you think you are doing using this sort of this. If you need something to help remove the edge then come to me. You know you can trust me on that my love." He touched her gently once more before setting the bottle down and then he started to do his thing with her.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 137d 8h 53m 59s
Him offering himself had Lenali shiver a bit. She made sure not to take too much, but she didn't want to pull out the siphon without returning the favor. After grabbing her fill, she kissed the wounds closed, then kissed him. After which, she had materialized a bottle and a cup, drinking some to keep her sedated. She then had a thought. If she was carrying... What would it mean for Vez? For the pack? For her? How much in danger is she in? When will the Styx coven become a bigger threat? She shivered and hugged herself before looking away. Emotions rushed to her lashes and to her cheeks. What could she do to protect them all, including herself?
  Bloody_Eve / 1y 141d 17h 25m 26s
Cavezie noticed the hunger that was taking over Lenali and sighed a bit. He moved his neck to her fangs and made her puncture his skin. He flinched a little bit to her fangs but nothing else. He was calm when he patted her head "Drink up. Your thirst is showing. You need to feed." His own fangs started to ache but he did not say anything to her. He wanted her to be happy and to be able to think. He touched her gently while his own blood was going into her throat while she feed from him. He did not know how long it will be before she was full.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 1y 142d 8h 15m 54s
Her face was bright, looking up as the shadows on his face complimented his features. [I "I would love nothing more. Those Angelvamps had to have been watching me... Remiel is so secretive , but Phanuel likes me to where she always find ways to help. It is odd i can see Giever in my dreams. "]

She looked back to him, and kissed him. [I " Has anyone told you you're handsome? The light is absolutely gorgeous on you"] She seemed hazed out. Whatever was on her had her loose, wanting, desiring... It was creeping up her spine, and her fangs wouldn't retract. They ached, her lips being pricked by her fang. What was going on?
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